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A Mass Effect Story


The asari Liara T'Soni woke up in a cold sweat as she had that dream again, the one she had been reliving since their last fight together. Her breathing was fast and shallow as she stared at the ceiling of her bedroom on the Normandy. She closed her eyes and held her forehead to remind herself that the time of fighting was over and Shepard was no longer there. She had sacrificed herself to save all life in the galaxy and stop the Reapers. They still weren't sure what had happened on the Citadel, but there was no trace of Shepard's body and she was declared dead after a long investigation. It was thanks to her sacrifice, however, that organic life could exist side by side with artificial life.

"Liara, are you all right?" asked Edi's voice from the loudspeakers in Liara's room. The former artificial intelligence of the Normandy, which now had its own semi-organic body, had always been concerned about Liara's health ever since that day.

"Yeah, yeah, Edi I'm fine. Just had a bad dream," Liara replied, wiping away a lonely tear that rolled down her cheek. She rolled to her side and reached for the framed photo of Shepard and her that they had taken just before the war ended. It showed the two of them arm in arm on the Citadel, in one of the few moments when there was nothing blowing up or they were being shot at.

"It's been a year, hasn't it?"

"Edi you know very well it's been a year," Liara muttered, throwing a pillow towards the speakers, "If that's all, I'd like to be alone for a little while longer."



"I've been working on a program for some time and I've run into a problem that I'm afraid I can't fix. But maybe you could fill the gap."

"Edi I…"

" Pretty please."

Liara frowned. That was the first time she had heard Edi say those words. She rubbed her eyes and groaned before swinging her legs out of bed.

"Fine, send it to my computer," Liara mumbled and yawned loudly. Her blanket slid down, exposing her shapely breasts. Both were adorned with nipple piercings. Also a reminder of past adventures, but of a special kind in Shepard's apartment on the Citadel. She ran her finger over the metal and immediately felt her longing for their games together.

"Damn…" Liara whispered, pulling her finger away and reaching for her white bodysuit. It still fitted perfectly, as she always paid attention to her body. She zipped it up and the suit sealed her blue skin beneath it. At first, she found it very irritating to wear it, while the rings constantly reminded Liara that they were there. But now she enjoyed the feeling of being constantly teased by them.

"Well, it's already a bit more than that," Edi chimed in again and Liara could hear nervousness in her voice.

"What? Have you created new artificial life and it's now threatening the galaxy?"

"Well, not exactly, but…"

"Give me a moment," Liara groaned, annoyed, pulled on her jacket and opened the door to her quarters, only to come face to face with Edi's silver body. She was holding what looked like a pair of oversized designer sunglasses in her hand.

"You just have to put these on and wear them for a while," Edi said, pressing the glasses into Liara's hands.

"For what?"

"It's a secret," Edi said with a wink and shooed Liara back to her quarters and onto her bed, "Lie down and relax."

"Yes, but …"

"Please… it… it might bring you peace."

Liara looked at the picture with Shepard again, shook her head, but finally put on her glasses. Instantly, her entire room was bathed in murky purple and she watched as Edi turned around and plugged several cables into her computer. Normally, she would have let anyone who went to her computer, without asking, taste a biotic storm, but next to her, Edi was probably the most skilled with computers and Liara trusted her. The asari lay back down in her bed and Edi started plugging the cables into the sunglasses. Words and numbers appeared here and there on the purple lenses of the glasses, but they disappeared so quickly that Liara couldn't read them, although a few times she thought she could read Shepards name, but she was probably imagining it.

"What now?" Liara asked after a loading bar had gone through and the lenses of the glasses began to glow slightly.

"Hopefully a chance…" Edi said, and before Liara could ask what she meant by that, the former AI pressed a button on the glasses and Liara instantly lost consciousness.

"It's up to you now, Liara…" Edi murmured, gently stroking the asari's forehead before leaving the room to finalize her side of the project.


Liara opened her eyes and took a deep, greedy breath, as if she had been holding her breath. She blinked in confusion as she realized she was naked. But not only was her bodysuit gone, so were her beloved piercings.

Maybe it's for the best, I don't really want to explain them to Edi. Liara thought about it, but all that was quickly forgotten when she looked around. She was no longer in her quarters or in any other room. Everything around her was white, without depth, without furniture or objects and brightly lit. Liara's body didn't even cast a shadow and she had to reassure herself several times that she was standing on solid ground.

"Hello, Edi?" Liara asked into the emptiness, but no one answered her, "If she didn't just grill my head, I should be in a program, right?"

Liara frowned and raised her left arm, hoping to at least have access to her omnitool, and sure enough, the holographic omnitool materialized on her arm.

"At least, but what exactly am I supposed to do here, Edi? I think you need to work on the program a bit more before I can help you in any way," Liara shouted into the void and raised her arms helplessly. Suddenly, a football-sized ball of light appeared next to her. It resembled the drones used by technicians in battle.

"Is that some kind of combat simulation?" Liara asked, tapping the drone curiously.

"Hey, I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite business on the Citadel," the drone announced, and Liara stumbled back in surprise before starting to giggle. She remembered that all the stores on the Citadel had Shepard say that phrase to attract more customers. But unfortunately, it hadn't had the desired effect, as they'd been told from all directions that this was Shepard's favorite store. The customers weren't exactly thrilled and avoided the stores like the plague.

"Shepard," Liara murmured, lost in thought, and suddenly more drones appeared. Each of them echoed Shepard's voice. Recordings that were heard all over the galaxy, conversations that Liara had never heard before and those that only she knew about. Other voices were played back. Voices of her friends and enemies. Drone after drone appeared and the recordings merged into a wave of noise that crashed into the asari. Liara had to cover her ears when it got too loud and started to hurt, but it didn't help. It seemed as if the voices were being shot directly into her head. Screaming, she dropped to her knees and closed her eyes in pain.





"Li… ara?"

All at once it was quiet. Liara could no longer hear anything except her panicked breathing, but she didn't dare take her hands away from her ears, let alone open her eyes until …


The asari forgot to breathe when she heard the voice. This time it wasn't in her head or a recording, but sounded like Shepard was standing right next to her. Liara felt a hand on her shoulder and she flinched, startled. She opened her eyes and stared aghast at Shepard's naked form.

"You… how… How are you? What?" Liara stammered in shock and crawled away from the outstretched hand.

"Hey Liara," the figure said sympathetically, looking one-to-one like her Commander Shepard. The same shoulder-length red hair, the freckles, the red lips and green eyes.

"What… What's happening here? Edi, this isn't funny, get me out of here now!" Liara screamed as tears ran down her cheeks again, "It can't be, you're not real! Just a hallucination…"

"Like when we first met?" the figure interrupted gently and Liara fell silent immediately, "I am real, Liara. At least as real as you can be when your body is shredded into a thousand pieces and your mind scattered all over the galaxy. Edi found me and put me back together again. But it took a catalyst for me to become me again and not just a library of memories. It took you, the woman who has always been by my side and I love."

Liara stared at the figure of Shepard, stunned, before shaking her head and staring into space for a moment.

"Prove it. Say something only my Shepard can know," Liara prompted, crossing her arms. Shepard started to smile and walked towards her until they were standing very close to each other. She gently grasped Liara's hands and whispered, "Steak."

Immediately Liara's face turned bright red as she heard her safeword, which I guarantee no one picked up on, and suppressed a panicked gasp.

"Where… It's really you. It's really you!" she said, half horrified and half overjoyed, and fell into Shepard's arms. She returned the embrace and hugged the asari.

"I'm home," Shepard murmured and gently stroked Liara's head, "Well, not quite, since I don't have a body, but this will do."

"This endless emptiness is enough for you? I thought after you said my safeword…"

"Haha, yeah. You must have waited a long time. Don't worry, with a few small tweaks…" Shepard said, raising her left arm to activate her omnitool. Instantly, walls materialized into the void, forming the beautiful apartment on the Citadel where Shepard and Liara had spent countless sleepless nights.

"Wow…" Liara murmured and began to grin, "And this place is really…?"

Shepard smiled and nodded before leading Liara into the hidden room next to the bedroom. Their dungeon. Their perfect realm, far away from politics, war and, above all, boredom. Liara took a look at the furnishings. Everything was there, just as they had left it the last time. The St. Andrew's cross, the wooden horse, the cage and the bed covered with latex sheets. Even every single one of their toys was neatly in place. The asari couldn't stop marveling until Shepard hugged her from behind. Immediately Liara felt at home, even this simple hug felt so real.

"Can we…?" she asked longingly, but was interrupted when Shepard bit the back of her neck sensually.

"Not yet. There's one thing missing… two," Shepard corrected and suddenly Liara felt her left nipple being grasped. Liara felt a brief pain that took her breath away and when she looked down, there was the old metal ring. Shepard did the same to her right breast, causing the asari's legs to almost fold.

"Now we can start," Shepard announced and led Liara deeper into the room to the closet.

"Oho, are we going to get dressed up now?" asked Liara, watching as Shepard removed a shiny white garment.

"We'll dress you up. I suppose you've missed this for a long time," Shepard murmured.

"Not as long as I've missed you," Liara whispered, leaning forward for a kiss. Shepard closed the distance between them and it seemed as if time stood still for a moment.

Kudos, Edi… kudos. Liara thought as their lips parted. But before she could say anything, Shepard held up something the asari had been eagerly awaiting. She willingly opened her mouth and Shepard pressed a muzzle-gag between her teeth and locked it behind her head.

"Sure you didn't miss that more?" Shepard asked teasingly, causing Liara to blush and lower her head in shame.

"I'm only joking," she said, pressing a kiss to Liara's forehead before Shepard took the next item, "Arms behind your back."

Liara obeyed instantly and placed her hands over her ass. Shepard didn't wait and put the white armbinder on her. It was custom-made and resembled Liara's jacket. It hugged her shoulders and the high collar prevented the wide muzzle-gag from being opened. Her arms were caught with a quick tug on the zipper and the forced position meant she had to show off her breasts.

"Beautiful," Shepard commented, fondling Liara's breasts and giving extra attention to her nipple piercings, "I think I'll spoil you a little as a reward for your patience. But with what?"

Shepard turned around and opened a drawer containing countless vibrators on small pedestals.

"So much choice… I couldn't decide about anything before, but I think a small selection can't hurt. But how do I carry them all?"

Shepard glanced over her shoulder and grinned as she took a closer look at Liara's nipple piercings. She raised her left arm and her omnitool appeared. After a few quick inputs, Liara suddenly felt something pulling at her breasts and was dismayed to see that Shepard had conjured a tray around her body and chains ran from it up to her nipple piercings. It wasn't heavy or painful, but the constant pulling was definitely noticeable in her breasts.

"Hold on a second," Shepard murmured, lost in thought, and placed half a dozen vibrators and dildos on the tray. Liara immediately moaned into her gag and bit into it as a wave of sensual pain rushed through her body and made her squirm.

"Don't let anything fall, Liara," Shepard warned her without looking up. She was searching for the last piece of equipment for Liara's bondage.

"Ah, here it is," Shepard said, smiling in amusement at Liara's attempt to balance the tray and ignore the pain at the same time. She helped Liara to kneel down and pulled a wide white band over Liara's right knee, which could be tied together at the ends to tighten it. Shepard did the same with Liara's other leg and within seconds the asari's legs were caught in a frogtie. Shepard crawled around Liara, who was kneeling on the ground, and hugged her again from behind. Shepard's arms pressed on the chains and Liara moaned into her gag.

"And now that you can't escape, I can do whatever I want to you," Shepard whispered in Liara's ear and fished something off the tray. She released the tray and lifted the object in front of Liara's widening eyes. The metal item had a blue crystal at its end that perfectly matched Liara's skin. Liara immediately shook her head frantically when she saw the butt plug, causing the tray to shake back and forth and her to wince.

"Oh, but it always looked so good on you. Let me see it again," Shepard said, biting Liara's earlobe, causing the asari to nod unintentionally, "Good girl."

"MMMHP? PFHO PFHO PFHO!", Liara barked into her gag, but Shepard didn't seem to care.

The butt plug disappeared from Liara's field of vision and suddenly she felt cold metal at her backdoor as Shepard gently squeezed and twisted for entrance.

By the goddess. Liara thought and tried to relax as the pressure increased.

"Just a little bit more," Shepard murmured reassuringly until the wide part of the plug slid into Liara's ass and stuck firmly.

"I'm so proud of you," Shepard murmured, stroking Liara's trembling belly and massaging her chest.

"Now let's get to your real reward."

Shepard looked over Liara's shoulder this time and picked up a large vibrator, which she slowly guided down to Liara's crotch. The asari felt its tip begging to be let in and the next moment Shepard switched the vibrator on. Liara threw her head back as Shepard attacked her crotch, penetrating her deeper and deeper. Together with the sensual pain caused by the tug on her piercings, she was on cloud nine within seconds. Shepard's free hand traveled up to the tray, gave it a quick tug, causing Liara to moan into the gag again, and made a stop at Liara's breasts. Shepard began to massage them while kissing Liara's neck at the same time. All this brought Liara to the brink of orgasm, but the asari didn't want to yet. She never thought she would be able to experience a moment like this again and she wanted to savor it to the last second.

"I've missed you so much, Liara," Shepard whispered in her ear and that was the straw that broke Liara's camel's back. A bloodcurdling scream crept up Liara's throat and was muffled by the gag, but it could still be heard throughout the apartment. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she would have fallen over backwards if Shepard hadn't been supporting her. She wriggled in Shepard's grip until she slumped forward, breathing heavily through her nose. Liara was so dazed that she barely noticed Shepard lifting her head and kissing her gag. Exhausted, the asari blinked and looked after Shepard, who stood up and seemed to be looking for something. She grunted questioningly into her gag and Shepard turned to her with a smile.

"I had something hidden here for us, for after the…" Shepard fell silent and shook her head before continuing her search, "It should be around here somewhere. Ahh!"

Shepard came back with a metal collar with an orange button in the center. Liara gave her a questioning look, but got no answer. Shepard sat down on a stool against the wall and tapped her thighs twice.

"Come here and don't lose a single vibrator. Not even the one between your legs," Shepard ordered, as if Liara were a dog. Liara shook her head, exhausted by the order, but began to scoot forward on her knees. She continued to make sure that none of the vibrators rolled off and cursed inwardly every time she had to pause to realign the one between her legs. She wanted to get to Shepard as quickly as possible. With a particularly hasty step forward, the vibrator slipped and she looked down at her legs in panic, causing her tablet to tilt dangerously. She quickly got back into a straight position and slid backwards. 

Lucky, the asari thought and beamed happily at Shepard when she finally reached her.

"Well done," praised Shepard and pressed another kiss on Liara's gag. She took a vibrator and butt plug and inserted them both, while moaning, right in front of the asari's face.

"What do you think? An hour or so?" Shepard asked, setting something on her omnitool. Liara didn't understand what she meant until Shepard put the collar on herself and pressed the button on it. Immediately, glowing orange shackles formed around her wrists and over her ankles. From the collar, a metal frame sprouted around Shepard's jaw and stopped between the corners of her mouth. An orange ball sprouted between them and immediately gagged Shepard. Finally, her limbs were pulled up to the ceiling by the restraints, proudly presenting her crotch to Liara and pinning her hands above her head.

She tied herself up so that we could experience the same feelings together! Liara thought happily and looked up at Shepard's face, which suddenly didn't look happy at all.

"Mmmmhp?" Liara asked, not knowing what Shepard's problem was. Sadly, Shepard nodded at her crotch and when Liara looked, she knew for sure that this Shepard was not an AI, but real. An AI would never have made the mistake of forgetting to turn on her vibrators. Liara grinned under the gag and slowly leaned forward, her cheek grazing Shepard's thigh and she felt an excited tremor run through her. Liara cautiously reached Shepard's crotch and tried in vain to turn on the vibrator. Her eyes showed a desperate struggle, while the asari grinned in amusement under the gag. Shepard watched her and couldn't believe that her girlfriend was suddenly so clumsy, moving the vibrator back and forth rather than flicking the switch. Impatiently, Shepard pressed her crotch into Liara's face.

"Mh mh!" muttered Liara, mischievously, and finally pressed the switch. Immediately, the vibrator started up and kicked into high gear, making it Shepard's turn to throw her head back while Liara rubbed her head against Shepard's thigh.

It's just like before. Liara thought happily as Shepard was brought closer and closer to an orgasm while her own vibrator did the same for her. It wasn't long before they both climaxed together, their gagged cries echoing throughout the apartment.


Edi stood over her project and looked down with satisfaction at the body of a familiar red-haired woman. It had taken a long time to build her physical body, but the data from Ceberus from the last time had been very helpful to her. Many might think her actions were unethical and that she was playing God, but the galaxy could use heroes again soon, and this one especially.

"Now just load Shepard's consciousness in here and it's done. I hope Liara managed to put Shepard back together," Edi muttered, loading into her program to check on things. She blinked in confusion as she stood in Shepard's apartment.

"I guess it went off with less complications than I anticipated," she said, suddenly hearing screams, "Oh no…" She ran in the direction of where she heard the screams and skidded to a halt in front of an open door.

"Liara I…" Edi fell silent when she saw that Shepard and Liara were naked in the unfamiliar room. Both were helplessly bound and seemed completely unaware that she had just burst in. Edi immediately held her hand in front of her eyes, but the image was already burned into her memory.

"Must have worked better than I thought," Edi murmured and couldn't help but open a gap between her fingers to make sure that Liara and Shepard were really sitting in front of her. A longing cry from both into their gags made Edi smile.

"Well, maybe I can learn a little more from these two before I really complete the project," she whispered, biting her lower lip. At that moment, Shepard and Liara were startled to realize that Edi was in the dungeon with them and both were already preparing an explanation or excuse, but the former AI closed the door behind her with a broad grin and allowed herself to give them a hand.


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