by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2017 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; drug; gag; kidnap; straps; cuffs; toys; predicament; electro; chastity; tease; reluct; nc; XX

Part One

"Hey Tess, lil' service?"

I automatically pulled a bottle of Bud from the ice, popped the cap and slid it to Jason. I was focused on the game, and frankly, I was scared shitless.

I had been on a bad streak, losing games by a point and making foolish bets to make it back. Tonight was supposed to cover all my losses and more.

I bet, I bet more than I could ever pay back if I lost, but the game was a sure thing! New York was a bunch of pussies! Chicago would easily cover the five point spread.

Except they were losing with only two minutes to go in the game.

I had been getting Plan B ready since halftime. The register and the safe were all but empty. I'd pay it all back…with interest!…once I got my game back. Until then, I needed cash to disappear.

"Lady needs a break!" I called to the bar, and headed towards the Ladies Room. I grabbed my backpack and slipped out the side door, crossed the parking lot, down an alley and across a field, hopped a fence using the shopping cart I had placed against the fence last week and stepped to the edge of the entrance ramp with my thumb out.

With any luck I'd be on the road before the barflies got thirsty.

My luck had changed, in less than a minute the perfect ride pulled over. A minivan with a middle-aged lady at the passenger window. "Where ya headin' honey?" She asked.

"North!" I answered.

The side door slide back and I took a step inside and froze.

Herbert was sitting there, a serene smile on his face.

"Teresa! What a pleasant surprise! Please, won't you come in?" He held out his hand to help me.

I could have run, I could have screamed, I could have begged for mercy. I almost wet myself.

Why make it worse? I accepted his hand and sat beside him.

"How has your evening been Teresa?" He asked as the van drove up the entrance ramp.

"Not the best, Sir, my team lost." He knew I had lost as he also knew I was running away to avoid the debt to him.

"How unfortunate." He said softly. They used the next exit and we were only a few blocks away from the bar. "Quickly now, how much did you steal and from where?"

I told him everything as I pulled the bills from all my pockets and my bra. He handed the pile to the woman. She hopped out of the van and used the door I had exited by just five minutes earlier.

As we drive off I heard a moan from the cargo area behind them. Two women were bound and gagged. One was unconscious and the other was aimlessly moving in my bonds.

"Damn, this is about to get unpleasant. Do you need more time to make your decision?"

What decision?

"I'll take the thief." The driver said, speaking for the first time.

"I agree, It is your best choice. I'll prepare her if you would be so kind as to drive me to The Pit."

"Sir?" The driver asked, making sure he did not offend Herbert, "If you don't mind, I'd prefer to be the one to prepare her, later… You understand so I can…"

"Of course, I apologize for not considering it myself." Herbert paused for a moment, then continued, "Actually, your suggestion has ramifications that may well prove extremely beneficial to all concerned."

Herbert turned back to me, "Mr. Addams has saved you from a most distasteful experience. You owe him your gratitude and probably your life. If you displease him in any way, I will not hesitate to lock you in The Pit."

The Pit terrified me, and I had no idea what it was. All I knew was, men went by invitation and women went in chains. And it ALWAYS was a one-way trip for the women.

"Thank you Sir," I said honestly, "And thank you Mr. Addams. I will do whatever you ask of me."

"Would you like to visit The Pit?" Herbert asked.

Oh fuck, I was doomed after all! He obviously read my distress, "No Teresa, this is not a trick. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to help me transfer my two new exhibits to The Pit. You will be able to leave with Mr. Addams afterwords."

"Of course Sir, anything you…"

"However, I have an event scheduled for next Thursday where I will need her services. May I borrow her for the night?"

"Of course Sir." I wondered if anyone ever said 'No' to Herbert.

"Excellent, She will be sore for a day or two after, but I do not expect any permanent damage.

yay me…

Soon we were backing down a dark alley that ended with a large aluminum door. It rolled open revealing three stretchers covered in straps.

THREE stretchers.

The men shifted the girls onto the carts and I secured them. They had been hogtied using three sets of handcuffs. Herbert unlocked them before putting them on the carts.

Padded leather cuffs held their arms and legs to the side rails, while seven longer straps trapped their bodies to the thin mattress. Herbert gave me the six sets of handcuffs and directed me to place them on the front seat of the van.

The keys were in the ignition, I could have easily driven away.

And eventually I would have taken a ride on that third stretcher.

I returned to the men to see how else I could be useful. Herbert grabbed a heavy bag from the corner and stowed it under a stretcher.

"Let us hurry before they begin to…leak." He advised.

We pushed the gurneys down a dark corridor with the aluminum door rolling shut behind us. The sound of it slamming into the ground was followed by twin clicks of locks being engaged.

'Herbert never lies.' I kept telling myself. He said I would be able to leave, Herbert never lies…

A freight elevator stood waiting for us. There were no buttons on the inside. It closed and descended without our prompting.

One of the girls was tugging at her bonds and squealing behind her gag while the other was just beginning to fight off whatever drug they had been given.

"Teresa, I think they would enjoy this more if they were able to see. Would you please remove their blindfolds?"

The leather was easily unbuckled. The feisty one glared at me uttering garbled curses.

"Do you know what this is?" Herbert asked, holding up a complex leather strap.

"No Sir."

"It is used to prevent our exhibits from hurting themselves. The circular strap goes around their forehead. Then it is secured to the side of their bed. Try it out."

I tried it on the quiet one. I slid the circle of leather down their head and then tightened it when it seemed to be in position. There were buckles on the side of the stretcher that I used to tie down the main strap.

The other girl tried to fight me, but she had little movement and was soon immobilized.

"Well done Teresa! Now it is your turn." He opened the bag and removed a set of metal chains and cuffs. "This should fit you nicely."

I guess Herbert lies when he wants. I had blithely walked into his trap. Even if I somehow overpowered the two of them, I had no way to control the elevator.

"Charles, I believe you have the honor." He said, handing the restraint to the driver.

He walked between the stretchers and looked me in the eyes as the metal locked around my neck. I could feel the cold steel chains on my back as he lightly pushed my shoulders to turn me about.

My wrists were brought to the middle of my back where twin cuffs held them in place. Another set of chains ended in cuffs that locked above my elbows. The position of my arms forced me to thrust my chest out. I could see my nipples through my bra and T shirt I was wearing.

"I am a great believer in recycling." Herbert said. He handed a blindfold to Mr. Addams who put it on me. "I trust you understand. The only ladies who are allowed to see the interior of The Pit are those who will not be leaving. As your visit is temporary, you must wear the leather."

He adjusted it, pulling lightly on the bottom to remove the faint sliver of light. "Ah sweet Teresa. I do believe I regret Charles choosing to take you from me. Your chains and leather bring out a beauty in you that surpasses every other soul in here."

Something pressed against my mouth. Obediently, I opened my mouth and Mr. Addams worked the gag between my teeth. I had never been gagged before but I had read about them.

Unlike the stories, my tongue was not crushed to the bottom of my mouth, nor was I rendered silent. I was able to explore the ball with my tongue and I'm pretty sure I could make myself understood if I talked slowly.

The internet LIED!!!

Surprisingly, the ball tasted sweet.

Herbert tapped lightly on a wall, "Henri, if you please." I heard the elevators doors hiss open and sex filled the room. The funk of pheromones was overpowering.

And the sounds! Men grunting, women's cries of pleasure…and some of not-pleasure. I might have been blinded but I was being overwhelmed by what I could experience.

All this was happening before we had stepped out of the elevator.

"Thank you Serg, Coleman." I heard Herbert say as the stretchers were rolled out. Mr. Addams took my arm and led me into The Pit.

At least, I think it was Mr. Addams.

They led me deeper, describing some of the rooms as we passed. It became increasingly hard to understand what they were saying. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the sounds and smells.

"I said, please sit on this bar!" Herbert repeated loudly. I dutifully swung a leg over it and settled on the narrow metal. It was cold against my bare skin.

Um…what had happened to my jeans and undies?

"Lean back." Two straps were buckled around me to hold me against a pole.

"Begin peddling." Apparently, I was on a modified exercise bike.

Men are strange.

I quickly got to the speed I used at the gym. It was easy to maintain and…ohhhhhh the bar started to vibrate! The faster I peddled, the stronger the vibration. I felt the glorious fire start in my pussy. The warmth spread through my body in waves. Each crest was stronger than the ones before. My legs must have been a blur, but they didn't matter, all I cared about was the orgasm that was building within me.

I was sucking in all the air I could, but it never seemed to be enough! Every time I bit the gag in frustration, my mouth filled with a sweet liquid that only made the fire burn brighter!

And I peddled, and the fire grew and I peddled more!

Then it happened, the waves reversed and everything crashed into my pussy. I exploded! I ground myself against the bar, grabbing every bit of vibration. My legs lost their rhythm and flew off the peddles and I came and came and OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! FUCK!

"Teresa, you need to keep peddling."

Cramps spasmed through me, erasing my orgasm. Why would I want to peddle? Just get me off this fucking "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" I howled!

"Teresa, the Dickens will continue to shock you unless you peddle."

Okay, okay, okay…I found the peddles and shakily got them moving. The next shock never came.

But the vibrations returned.

No, I didn't need them, I didn't want them now. All I wanted was to keep the shocks away. I couldn't afford the distraction of an orgasm.

Ignoring my wishes, the fire started again.

I heard a warning buzzer. "You are falling below the minimum speed Teresa, A little faster if you please."

My legs were leaden, but I increased my speed.

Oooooooh that felt good. I had to find a speed that wouldn't make me cum, but didn't shock me either.

That speed was impossible. I kept it slow for as long as I dared, listening for the buzzers dire warning. But I found my speed increasing as my lust took over.

I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop myself.

I'd be safe as long as I kept peddling after I came…I'd just enjoy a few multiple orgasms…nothing wrong with that!

There was no warning. One second I could feel the orgasm building and the next I was cumming. I heard myself screaming as I lost myself in pleasure. My brain stopped analyzing and submitted to just feeling.

And it felt wonderful!

All my plans to keep peddling were forgotten. I didn't have the strength to move my legs, even if I could have found the peddles. I just hung in my restraints, as my nerves fizzed, waiting for the pain that I could not stop.

"Easy girl, easy…just lie here." Hands took me off the bike and put me on a stretcher.

So I wound up on the stretcher after all.

I welcomed the darkness of sleep.

Part Two (added: 2017/08/13)

I knew it was a dream.

I was running through a maze with my arms bound behind me. The exit was behind, and yet I ran from it as fast as I could…

No, that wasn't right…

My parents were fighting again, I hate that! I rolled over and crushed my pillow over my ears and…

No wait, They've been dead for years…then who? It's too loud to be my neighbors…and…it's just one voice and…

Screw all of that. I gotta PEE!!!

That at least, was real.

I made it just in time.

The voice was still yelling…phone?

While waiting to hit empty, I tried to remember how I got here…where ever here happened to be… And why I was naked. I always sleep in a Buffalo Bills T Shirt (Don't judge) and panties. There was a robe hanging on the door, Silken, silver and SHORT! But better than anything else I could use.

I belted it on and walked toward the voice. Why was my brain so fuzzy? I pour beer into glasses, not into me.

He was sitting in an easy chair, talking into a landline phone. "She's awake Herbert, I'll see how well she has recovered."

Wait, he had been yelling at Herbert?

I didn't know anyone could do that.

"Hello Teresa, how are you feeling?" He asked as he hung up the phone.

"Call me Tess," I answered automatically, "Um…where am I?"


That was not a useful answer. But before I could press for details he asked…

"What is the last thing you remember?"

Fighting through the fog, I groped for a memory. "The Pit, walking into The Pit." I hesitated, looking around, "Did I leave?"

He laughed, "Yes little one, you left after having quite an evening. So, you remember stealing all that money and trying to run away?"

Feeling very small I answered, "Yes Sir."

"Herbert was going to make you a slave in The Pit, until I paid off your debt."

I was almost smothered by relief, "Thank you Sir, oh thank you! I'll pay you back, every cent! And more!" My mind raced. If I could borrow a stake from this guy, I'd bet it all on New York losing their next game, no way they'd ever win two in a row. Then I'd take my winnings and…

"That won't be necessary." He said dryly.

I fought to keep my voice level. "Oh?" I managed to stammer.

"I have no interest in selling you." My throat closed, making it impossible for me to speak. What was happening to me?

"I've never owned a slave," he said, "It should be interesting. I have a few experiments I look forward to."

My terror must have cleared away the fog, because suddenly my mind was sharp. I looked around the room, seeing several doors and windows that offered possible escapes. The guy seemed to be in fair shape but I knew I could outrun him.

"Not a good idea."

Was I that obvious? "Oh?" I repeated, trying to sound causal.

"Herbert." was all he said. All he needed to say. No matter which way I ran, I'd be heading for The Pit.

I was a dog on a very short leash. I pulled the robe a little tighter. "My friends will come looking for me." I said bravely.

"You can use the phone and computer whenever you need," He said smiling, "But do you REALLY want to tell the people you owe money, how to find you?"

Uhhhh, not as such, no.

He acted as if the matter was settled. I guess it was. "Now for your duties. You'll do all the cooking and cleaning of course. Every Thursday you'll go to the local Farmer's Market and get whatever food we'll need.

"You'll trust me not to run away?"

He just looked at me. He didn't say 'Herbert,' he didn't need to.

"Will I be allowed clothes for these trips?"

"Of course. Do you want to go back to your apartment for the rest of your stuff?"

"No…Everything I'll need is in my backpack." I didn't feel like mentioning the Marshall's Notice that was taped to my door. I had been mildly evicted.

"And that just leaves my little experiment." He said happily.

"Sex." I guessed.

"Just the opposite."

What the fuck is the opposite of sex; Flannel?

"You don't get to orgasm for…a while."

"What's the catch?"

"No catch…well…maybe one." He looked lost in thought. "Or more." He added.

"But first, we have to get you ready!" He reached behind his chair and lifted a chastity belt. It was all silver and black metal.

"Why should I wear that?" I asked reasonably.

It really didn't look like it could stop me from playtime.

"Strip." was his answer as the metal popped into a few pieces.

I took off the robe as I walked to him. Well…as long as I was in this, he wouldn't be in me. As I turned sideways I saw a mirror placed so I could watch his every move.

Lucky me.

One side of the waistband had two small holes with a larger one in between them. The other end had a series of holes, first small, then large, then small again. He lay the two pieces against each other and adjusted it until it was snug around me. Then he put a metal plate behind the band so three metal posts poked through. Two small and one large.

Now I got it, the belt could be adjusted.

Now came the weird part. He pulled the crotch piece between my legs, causing me to get on my tippy toes. I knew I would be able to get a finger under the narrow band, so whatever devilment he had in mind was doomed to fail.

That's when he added a wide plate. He just slipped it on the narrow metal and pressed it against me. The three metal posts of the waist belt came through the top of the crotch piece. He fitted another plate over all the holes, with only the large post still visible. He took a small padlock and put it on that post.

A quick twist and I heard a solid "Click."

"There," He said, quite satisfied with his effort, "How does that feel?"

"I don't like the colors." He looked confused. I pointed to the belt. "I'm a Bills fan, these are Raiders colors."

"Typical woman, Gets locked in a chastity belt and complains that it clashes with her wardrobe!" He said. "All the more reason for you to want out of it."

"So how to I get it off?"

"There are two ways. The first is I will temporarily remove it when you bind yourself in a way that excites me. I will replace it after you have cum a few times."

"And the other way?"

'If you have not bound yourself for 365 days in a row, I will grant you your freedom."

"I see the catch." I said dryly.


"You can claim I am in bondage when I tie a ribbon in my hair, or someone equally innocent. It's a rigged game with no way for me to win."

He opened a drawer and pulled out a tangle of black leather. "This is a muzzle gag. Wearing this by itself would not be enough to qualify as bondage…" His gaze hardened, "I will see you wrap yourself in rope and beg me for release!"

I turned before the mirror, seeing the belt from a few angles. I hated to admit it, but I looked damn sexy in it. "So… after a year I will be free? No debt? Herbert won't grab me?"

He smiled. "If you have not bound yourself AND begged for my touch: I will unlock your belt and you can walk away a free woman." He leaned back in his chair. "I will even offer you a job so you can earn some money before leaving me. But every time you willingly submit, the year is reset."

"A year from now I'll be debt-free…and free as well." I smiled brightly, "Turns out I was the winner last night after all."

"Indeed, we both were!" He said as he opened a glass-fronted cabinet and hung a small key on a hook. He wrote today's date above the key and closed the door.

There was a ten-number keypad next to the cabinet. "Let's celebrate!" He cried. "Try on the gag."

I laughed. "You're not going to get me that easily."

"You misunderstand." He said a trifle annoyed, "When I tell you to wear something, you are not submitting, you are obeying. Put the gag on…Now!"

I nodded as I picked up the confusing mass of straps. There was a large square of leather with a pouch bulging out of it.

"Hold it so the upside-down Y is on top," He directed.

I maneuvered it and…knowing I had no choice…slid the gag into my mouth. It tasted sweet.

"Use the middle set first." He told me. The square had three sets of straps. I found the middle ones and fumbled a bit until I was able to buckle them behind my head.

"Next, the Y." I pulled the piece over my head and found a loop of leather on the middle strap that had a buckle on it. Got it.

Without waiting for his instructions, I pulled the bottom set behind my neck and…

"Stop. That's not how they go." He said angrily, "They cross under your chin."

I fixed it and completed gagging myself.

"Fine, now tighten all straps a notch."

After obeying him, the leather pressed in from all sides. I stretched my mouth to ease where it was getting pinched.

"You like?"

You have got to be kidding.

"Speak." He commanded.

"Oo aah ot oo ee igging" I repeated, this time aloud. I was actually fairly understandable.

"You will often be bound to help me. Now, go get dressed and then make breakfast. You can remove the gag when we are ready to eat."

I thanked him as best as I could and took a few steps…the fucking bastard!

The back of the chastity was a rod that nestled between my ass cheeks. Any movement I made caused that rod to lightly rub me.

I ADORE being touched back there (So I love anal, what ya gonna to do about it?) But I need my clit to finish the job.

How the fuck was I going to last a year of non-stop horny?

I had to keep this hidden.

I hurried to my room to find my backpack had been emptied… I pulled open some sliding doors to see my stuff hanging on one side of a large closet.

Most of the closet space was taken up by…clothes of some sort…I wasn't really sure. A lot of it was dark red or black, but there were bright yellows as well.

I'd investigate them later. (They are clothes, I'm a woman, It's what I do!) But for now, he'd get my basic job interview outfit.

I found my bras and panties neatly arranged in a drawer. (I wondered how much he enjoyed doing THAT?)

As I was already dripping, I put a liner in my most boring pair of panties and got dressed. I added a bra and finished with the jean skirt, white blouse, socks and sneakers.

I looked like a competent woman who was ready to be on her feet for a long time. As I usually worked as a waitress, this is exactly the image I wanted to convey.

Aside from the gag, of course.

Why couldn't I stop sucking the damn thing?

He rose to his feet as I walked out. "Wonderful! A perfect dichotomy."

I had no idea of what he said, but I felt flattered. I followed him to the kitchen, fighting the urge to sway my hips, but that damn rod teased me with every step.

The kitchen was impressive. After a bit of searching, I was started to make huevos rancheros with coffee.

I could feel his eyes follow me as I moved around. The bastard knew what was hidden under my skirt.

He didn't know the effect it was having on me. Did he?

I had no idea how I felt about that.

In a few minutes I slid the warm tortillas on the plates, covered them with the egg mixture and had a pair of steaming coffee mugs in place on a small table.

I cocked my head and he gestured that I could remove the gag. He handed me a most-needed napkin as soon as I slid the sodden leather from my mouth. There was a lot of drool.

More than he knew.

During our brief lunch I was able to ask a few questions. "You said I would often be bound to help you. What does that mean?"

"I'm an artist, you will model for me."

"Bound." I said flatly.

"Bound!" He agreed.

"Do I have a say in this?"

He leaned closer. "What part of the word 'Slave' do you not understand? If I hadn't bought you, you would be on display in The Pit. And after a week of being stared at, your hell would begin."

I was really regretting my comment.

"Did you know some people will pay to see a girl get tattooed? And a few will pay a lot if they get to be the one doing the ink."

I tried to apologize, but he was on a roll.

"Same thing goes for piercing… and shaving…and a few other violations that you really do not want to know about."

"Thank you." I managed to croak.

He ignored my interruption. "Then you'd start a month of modeling for him. Unlike what you'll do here, his models are never untied, just bound in different ways."

He took a deep drink of coffee. "Finally, after about two months of build-up, you'd have your first customer… or fifty."

I finally understood the horror I had narrowly escaped."Thank you! " I cried. "You saved me from endless torment. I may never be able to repay you, but I'll try."

"Yeah…" He said softly, "I hoped you'd understand. "

He dropped his napkin on the plate as he stood. "You do your dishes while I prepare the studio."

"Yes…Master?" I ventured.

A raised eyebrow was his only reply.

As I washed, dried and put away the dishes. (I was NOT in a hurry!) I considered my options. I could run, but I had no money, no change of clothes…hell… I couldn't even sell my body.

I could call the police. Probably not the best option after being caught emptying the cash register.

I could call a friend. I had emptied the purse of the last friend I had.

Or…I could call my mother.

Compared to her, The Pit didn't sound so bad

I finished my chores and wandered out of the kitchen in search of this studio.

I heard modern instrumental music coming from across a room, might as well give it a try. I walked in to find him adjusting a large wooden X that was attached to a wall.

"What the hell is that?" I asked without thinking.

"Juno Reactor." He replied.

How was that cross a…reactor?…Ooooh, That was the band…or the song…or something.

This guy was odd. Then again, I was the one wearing a chastity.

There were several cameras aimed at the cross. I gave an inward shrug. It was this or The Pit. Hopefully, if I didn't argue I'd get to keep my clothing.

I stepped on small footrests at the bottom and he began buckling leather straps to my extremities. There were bright lights aimed on me. I could only see a few feet in front. He was gentle, making sure my bonds were not too tight.

Finally, I had a guy who paid full attention to me and all he wanted to do was tie me down.

"So…you're an artist and you need me bound…What…er…gallery displays your art?"

"I'm not that kind of artist."

My arms were trapped and he bent to secure my legs.

"I do comic book characters."

"What company wants…?"

"I sell prints of Superheroes at comic cons. And before you ask, FEMALE heroes. In bondage."

"Oh. There's a market for that?"

He finished with a wide belt at my waist. I was trapped. Comfortable, but trapped.

"You'd be surprised. At the Detroit show a guy told me that all my art was copied from photos. I was going to argue but he had copies on his phone."

I was intrigued. "So, what did you do?"

"I bought you." He said smiling. "Now the poses will be original."

"Am I going to have to wear…" A gag interrupted my next question. It tasted sweet, like the other gags. This one had many straps that pulled the ball to the roof of my mouth and then forced me to close my mouth around it.

Who designs this stuff?

"Okay, you're the hero's girlfriend and you have to escape to warn him…GO!"


He motioned with his hands, "Struggle, try to escape…ACT!"


I acted.

I twisted my body as I pulled against the straps. I had enough slack so that I managed to get a nice rhythm going.

No freedom, but at least I kept to the beat of the music.

"Not bad…but let's spice it up…just a little." I stopped thrashing as he unbuttoned half my blouse, showing just a bit of a lacy cup. "More!" He commanded.

I tried to get free. But his five straps held me fast. I continued my battle until it slowly dawned on me what I was really trying to to.

I needed to rub myself, no… I HAD to!

I had been thrusting my hips forward, partly to get ANY friction, but also as an invitation. Maybe that old joke was correct. The fastest way to get a woman to do something is to tell her she can't.

All I knew, or cared about was he had two things I needed: a key and a cock.

I was bound and I was begging. "Please!" I screamed through the gag, "Fuck me!"

My world was reduced to lights, techno music, five straps and my lust.

I couldn't escape from any of them.

I struggled until my clothes were sodden from sweat and my muscles were barely able to twitch. I hung in the straps, sucking in as much air as I could, just wanting to be touched.

"What do you think?"

I looked up. He was standing there, holding a sketch pad. He had drawn me on his cross…but, not exactly.

On paper, I wore high heels and my skirt was slit up the side. You could just see the tops of my stockings and a bit of a garter strap. The bra under my blouse was black with a lot more lace and a lot less cup. I also had on a collar.

And my straps were now those thick metal things you see on prisoners.

But it was the look on my face. He had captured my submission. You could see it in my eyes. I was still fighting the bondage, but it had won. I needed to cu, oh God did I need to cum.

But I also needed to be gagged and bound.

As I flipped through the sketch pad I realized I was no longer bound. He retrieved his art and swatted my ass. "I set your alarm for two hours. Go have a little nap, then wash up and make dinner." I stumbled to my bed and collapsed on the covers, too tired to get undressed.

Drifting to sleep, I felt that I hadn't removed the gag either.

Felt nice…


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