The Robbery

by Garden Variety

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© Copyright 2014 - Garden Variety - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; FF/f; bank; robbery; hostage; force; bond; breast; bdsm; nipple; vinyl; catsuit; electro-play; violence; oral; les; climax; cons/nc; XX

Cast of Characters

Gerry – A bloodthirsty, cruel Mistress and bank-robber not without finer feelings about Brenda Brenda [also known as Bren] - Her lesbian-lover and helper, crime-partner-a bit softer, not-much, article Bella – Bank manager and hostage led to help both sides at various times, slightly-chunky blonde beauty Guard, two other Guards, and FBI man, geek, and Cops, Dr. Hawkings, Mary, Teller- all small-part players

All characters were eighteen by the time of the story.


CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don't try this at home!


Chapter 1: "Doing"

Flame-haired lesbian Gerry pokes her likewise redheaded pal Bren. Returning to the car and getting in, poked in the boobs twice and once between the legs, for emphasis on each of the last three words. "You can't make an omelet, without [poke] breaking [poke] eggs [poke]!"

"Please stop that, Mistress Gerry, it hurts me awful!"

"You're going to shoot him, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'll shoot the guard, disarm him, and make sure he's unarmed…"

Gerry pulls in in front of the bank and says, "Next, what do you do?"

Brenda says she follows the bank employees to the rest room and locks them in there. Brenda notices that a petite brunette is waiting outside the soon-to-open doors. "She'll get in our way…"

Gerry says, "We'll take her hostage if we have to, might be a good idea to have one for awhile… Remember, the truck is our target and not the bank. We take the bank over, to get the cash delivery: Don't take the change. Make the guards carry the heavy change bags. Do you have all those zip-ties?"

Brenda says, "Yes. Look, they're opening up and letting that little woman in…"

Gerry says, "Let's go then, leave the work to me, except tying them up, and taking one of the cash-bags. Try to only call me ‘Legs' if you have to, and I'll refer to you by my favorite part of you, ‘Titsy'."

Brenda [getting out at the same time as Gerry and checking her cargo-pants pocket for her gun.] Groans.

They put on domino masks, step in and the bank guard, a uniformed older man, is standing nearby: Brenda, without a word, draws her pistol and shoots him in the upper leg! He falls and she runs over, quickly taking his gun. While she frisks the heavily-bleeding guard, he moans, "Why?" She doesn't answer but zip-ties his hands and ankles, gets up, putting his gun in the pocket, her gun came out of, turns to Gerry.

Her partner pulls from under her long coat a sawn-off ten-gauge, which she fires into an unoccupied desk and pumps. "Blam!" Desk gradually caves in, collapses. "Clack-clack!" "Everybody move down that way, toward the water-fountain. This is a robbery. We don't want violence, but we'll kill you if you resist." Stops a minute without turning her back to the bank, threads chain to close the two front doors.

Brenda, wearing a domino mask, follows, herding with her handgun, the two women employees, a teller and a yellow-haired female manager who was working the drive-in, to outside the rest-rooms, where she connects their wrists behind and says to the lone customer:

"You, too, honey… you're going to be our hostage…"

The lady starts shaking and crying. Says the manager, standing close to the petite for support, moves in front of her with sturdy body: "Mary won't make a good hostage, is too-easily upset. Take me instead."

"Titsy, you do that." Gerry confirms.

"Now you two [the teller and Mary] get in the john." Pokes hefty, blonde bank-manager in boob with end of shotgun. "Is that armored truck still scheduled for nine-thirty?"

"Ouch!" Says well-built, thirtyish manager. "…Yes, it's expected right now… Is that what you're after?"

Gerry: "In you go…" [Pushing teller and Mary the quivering, petite, brunette customer, into ‘Ladies.']
"You can wait in here for now. [Shoves manager in Men's. Reading tag on jacket.] "What's your name…'Bella'?" Feeding long bicycle-chain through door handles, locks both, on staff and customer.
"Take the chain back off the front door now, Titsy, the truck's outside. We'll want to let guards come…"

Two guards come in, sack in each hand, making it tough to get at their holstered weapons, are surprised by robbers standing to the sides. They drop their sacks, but before they can do any other moves, only starting to go for their weapons, Gerry waves her shotgun: Brenda sticks her gun in waistband, staying out of Gerry's line of fire, disarms Guards, juggling guns into pockets, zip-ties both in front, shunts two guards aside: "Over there," she orders with gun. Brenda says, "Legs, there's one more guard inside the truck: I saw his hands when they unloaded those sacks."

"We'll take care of that…" Cutting one of the two guards loose, says to him, "We shot him [indicating Bank Guard on floor] "and he's dying of blood loss, so hurry and get your third guy in here so you can get him [indicating Bank Guard on floor again] help ASAP, and remember, we're willing to kill your co-worker here, if we have to…" [Points at other, tied guard.] "Bring all the cash that's in the truck back with you!"

Guard leaves bank. Meanwhile, the two girls try to get the third Guard to tell them what's in the sacks: [Prodded with shotgun: "You see what I did to that desk. Want a big hole in you?"]

Guard: "There's negotiable paper -checks-stocks-bonds, on top of both sacks… a lot of cash, a whole payroll, underneath…"

Gerry asks ‘How much, and are those certificates any good, like cash?'

Guard: "Only the bearer bonds, and those are only a few… ten, fifteen, thousand, but the cash is about twenty-four, five, without the change."

"Do you know which ones they are, these bearer bonds?"

"No." Guard says, "But your banker would know…"

"Titsy, when you put the guards in the Men's room, I'll get Bella, that lady-manager, out."

The third Guard, a thinner, older, red-faced man, is brought in: Gerry covers him with her big gun, while Brenda removes his sidearm: Has two guns in each large front pocket. Removes remaining ties to shirt. The two newly-arrived Guards, tied up. From newly-arrived Guard: "You won't get away with this!"

"Hit him over the head, Titsy!" Gerry re-chains the front door. "Give those two Guards the change-bags to carry."

Brenda conks the older Guard with her handgun: He falls bleeding, but is semi-conscious. Bella the Manager is roughly extracted by Gerry, and Brenda poking gun, herds the Guard trio into the Men's. The two younger Guards, juggling the two heavy change-sacks in their front-zip-tied hands, try to support the wounded third Guard between them with their shoulders. As door closes, he slips to the tile floor, while other two separate a tad when they mush into small space, hobbled by their zip-tied ankles.

"C'mon, I'd as soon shoot you, Miss, as take you." Shouts Gerry at Bella, prodding her neat rear-end with the gun, as Gerry undoes the chain, nodding in a head-wave to Brenda: "Get out, drive the car."

Gerry pushes Bella, her hands tied, through a clot of startled, would-be bank-customers waiting outside.
"Don't get involved!" She warns them waving her shotgun. "I haven't killed anybody today…Want to be my first?"
Three customers: Two older men, a gray-haired woman, with head-shakes, decline, back up.

Brenda, rips opens the driver's door and jumps in, starts-up: Gerry, pushing Bella and leaping in back alongside manager, shouting, "Go! Go! Go!" Slamming the door. They take off fast, only to slow and come to a stop a few blocks away and change from the stolen blue one to their own green parked car.

"I'll take your gun, and mine…" Walks over to corner, throws both down a storm drain. "You never know these days, what those geeks can do…"

Chapter 2: "Home"

In a half-hour, Gerry is home saying to Bella: [her hands re-zip-tied in front.] "You can use the bathroom now… No, you'll see how much can be done with your hands front-tied." ..."Bren, what did they have in the truck?"

The Guard was told to bring back any money out in the truck, but there's only one part-full bag extra, besides the two cash-bags, and it's a fairly-heavy little bag, half silver.

Brenda says, "We're going to discard all this change, but there's" [counts] "probably five grand cash."

Gerry says, "Not bad, but should have been more… they got to us there, I ‘spose…" [Turning abruptly.] –"That broad is taking too long in the can." Goes over to the bathroom and finds it's locked.
"Bella, come out now and don't ever lock this door again!" [Toilet-flushing sound heard through door.]
Hears sink stop and unlatching.

Bella says, "Sorry, I'm not used to being tied-up, so it all took longer…"
Abruptly, Gerry smacks Bella's face twice, hard. "Smack! Smack!"
The light-haired, slightly-chunky manager tries to raise her zip-tied hands.

Gerry yanks them down, threatening: "Only a taste of what you'll get, two punishments you've earned now, Slut-Bella, one for extending bathroom-use with the door locked, and one for covering–up! With my training, you'll learn never to do either!"

Bella goes, "But, but… I was only…"

Brenda, sidling up to the cramped doorway, says, "She doesn't know any better, Gerry, can't you go a little easier on her, after all, we need her help with all that commercial paper, don't we?" Brenda kisses Gerry slowly and fully on the mouth, and leads Bella by her connected-hands to the seat at the table.
"We've got almost thirty thousand, isn't that nice? [To Bella] And we'd like you to tell us about bonds."

Still-masked Gerry says, joining the duo, "How about stripping first, Bella, you look promising but we don't know… what you've got in there, hmmm?"

Brenda, wide-eyed, looks as if she might defend Bella some more, …but is silent.
Gerry: "I can cut your hands loose." Gets a big knife and whacks the zip-ties in the center.

Brenda picks out and cuts the two loops around each wrist. While Bren is undoing Bella's hands, Gerry clicks a shackle on each of Bella's ankles with a heavy ball attached! "So you don't forget you're all ours, now, Baby…" Black-masked Gerry grins evilly.

Bella starts stripping her bank jacket-blouse-and-bra, showing a very-healthy pair: 36D. Large, reddish aureoles topped off with pink tips.

Brenda: "Nice, very nice, don't you think she's got great tits, Gerry?"

"Why don't you lick them for her, Bren?" After they erect mightily, Gerry suddenly clamps them.

Bella: [screams] "Aiee!" "Shut up, keep stripping… Don't you remember the punishments you earned?"

Bella looks at Brenda but gets no help. Keeps going, lowering and removing skirt, with lifting the heavy iron balls when floor is reached, necessary.

Gerry says, "All right, you can lick her belly now, save her pussy for me, though…"

Brenda licks all over Bella's slightly-protuberant belly, Gerry puts a large clamp on her navel.

Bella: "Uh, no!"

"But yes!" says Gerry.

Bella noticeably wincing, pushes down her panties. "I can't get them off."

Brenda: "We'll help Bella, won't we?"

Gerry nods and they scrunch down, both lift the iron balls as Bella moves off her scanties.

Bella thinks momentarily that while the two masked bank-bandits were hunkered down at her feet, She ‘could kick them each in the face, knock their heads together, and run for it'… but she would not get far with those cannonballs chained to her feet. Her face-kicks would be weaker with the snubbing effect of those half-foot chains, too…'And who knows if they have more guns, though they threw two away'…

Gerry removes her own clothes showing respectable 37B/C boobs– while Brenda's breasts are 35B/C and Gerry's putting on a dildo-belt contraption?

Brenda says, "It's part of why we're outlaws, we can't wear off-the-rack bras."

Gerry [yanks into kitchen, a heavy mate's chair, sits lubing her Strap-On]: "Now we'll eat you up."

Bella says "Please I'm not… even a Bi-sexual… I'm a straight heterosexual."

"Very well, we'll start slow." Gerry pats her lap: Bella sits yells, "Ohhhh!" as Strap-On forced into her.

While Gerry enters her from behind, saying "Now you work her sweet face and great tits, while I pump our nice chickadee…"

Brenda sits on top of Bella, making a triple-decker and driving the rest of the dildo into the blonde. "Ooofff!"

Kissing open-mouthed with tongue-flicks at same time: Gerry pumps up and is clitorally-stimulated by the small dildo-like appendage pointing back toward her. "Can I take off her tit-clamps?" Asks Brenda.

Gerry [huffing and puffing] …"No, work around them… Bella gets her desserts, aren't you, Baby-Cakes?"

Bella: [Getting very excited in spite of herself] "I wish I were with a man, any man… instead… I'm sorry…"

Gerry [annoyed] "Go ahead with her next punishment, the clit-clamp!"

Brenda licks, applies it saying, "So-o-o sorry, Bella…"

Bella's scream "Aieee!" bounces off walls this time.

"Gag her!" "…Argghh!" Gerry has an orgasm!

After fitting the stiff, huge ball-gag strapped around Bella's head, so does Brenda! "Argghh!"

Gerry: "Let's get her caught up… on getting-off…" They get out from over and under and through their victim and Brenda kneels in front of the chair, while Gerry unclamps all three, on Bella's boobs and clit, - causing sizzling, returning-circulation-hurts - Mixed pleasure and pain overcomes Bella! Gerry kisses her mouth, boobs and all around her neck, ears, face and upper chest: "Argghh!" Their joint efforts pay off!

Gerry asks: "How does our guest taste?"

"I'm in love!" Squeals the little Brenda!

Chapter 3: "Punishment"

Bank-manager Bella sifts through the paperwork and announces, "You have fifteen thousand in blank traveler's checks that are good as gold, and there's another fifteen thousand in those bearer-bonds, six nominated at twenty-five hundred each. The other checks and the stocks you probably can't do anything with, and it's too bad, because that's worth as much."

Brenda: "How do we get money out of our good stuff, Bella?"

Bella: [Thinking of her own problem's solution]: "If I was released, I could cash them all in at the bank, and you could rendezvous with me and pick up the cash?"

Gerry: "Right, and the FBI would probably close in on us immediately at that point!" [Laughs] "No, you're going to have to do better than that: You can have the money taken out as a ransom and we give you back, to some assistant, if you have one? Or leave you on the street near the bank… We could have you scream on a tape and play it for them! You still owe us a couple of punishments."

Bella: "No! What about those clamps I put up with?"

Brenda: "Yeah, Ger, Bella's already had two!"

Gerry: "I only count a half of one, but I'll be a sport and say it was one punishment!"

Brenda: "We could maybe try our ‘Dyne-Sizzler'?"

Gerry: "With the locking corset! That way, Bella could go to the bank and we would control her!"

Bella: "I don't understand at all… What is all this?"

Gerry: "We'll show you ‘cause it's easier than explaining, but you won't worry about anything…"

Bella is dragged into the living-room and laid down on the couch. First licking erect, nipples, both cunt-lips, her handily-outstanding, well-developed clitoris: A bunch of clamps with mini-locks are put on her and two more electrodes with locking clamps go to her asshole and into her cunt itself. All run by a wireless-remote: Very uncomfortable, a suit of armor especially when a locking-corset is added over all.

Gerry: [Holding remote.] "Shocks were much too much for us, even five minutes on "Very-High," because we both tried it and nearly had to have the doctor. Now I see only two minutes at "Very-High" is prescribed, but we're going to try "Medium" on you because it says forty-five minutes is all right at "Medium." You should be able to exchange the checks and bonds for money in fifteen minutes, right?"

Brenda: "What if there's a line?"

Gerry: "Don't be stupid, Bella-Slut is the boss, she can go right to the vault if she wants, correct, Slut?"

Bella: [Clamps bite worse than before, with locked, tight corset over them.] "Please trust me without the electrodes. I'll be good. You don't know… bonds take a notarized signature, that's six signings, the traveler's checks have to be registered to the bank and stamped… about a hundred and fifty stampings."

Brenda: "…But the bank has a notary and a stamp, right? Who's the notary? Is he around today…?"

Bella admits sadly that, she is herself ‘the notary and that it can be done in five or ten minutes, each, or fifteen to twenty minutes all told …if… everything went perfectly, nobody or nothing got in her way.'
Gerry turns on the remote and Bella screams, "No, take them off, they're burning me something awful!" Hops around jouncing shackled ankle-cannonballs: Trips on her own chains and falls heavily on her butt.

Brenda says, "Can we go down, perhaps one click from that setting?"

Gerry reduces the setting to "Medium-Low." "And that is all I'm going down on this…I'm being way too easy on you, Blondie-Slut!" Pokes her in boob but because of corset finger slips off: Is only half a poke…

Brenda: "Let's all get dressed and get it over with as soon as we can. O.K. to trash all the rest of this paper?" Bundling up the other checks and stocks and shoving valuable commercial-paper mass in a bag.

Gerry grabs bag, says she'll get rid of it in an incinerator. "That's stuff's dangerous, because it'll lead from the bank to us if we're near it." Blindfolds Bella. Gerry and Brenda take off domino masks and wigs, showing that their in-between butterscotchy-hair: Call Brenda a ‘dark blonde' and Gerry, ‘light-brownette'. Bella sightless: All have lunch first mostly Swiss-cheese sandwiches potato chips and drinks.

When they are all in the car near the bank, both re-mask and wig-up, releasing Bella of her blindfold: Gerry stops a block away and Brenda lets out still-"Medium-Low"-zapped Bella. Out window, "Come back with the dough right away, lovely Bella, and we'll unlock you and even give you a cut of the cash."

Bella [zinging all-over from the auto-zapping to her most-sensitive spots] says, ‘Thanks but no thanks.'

Brenda asks if Gerry ‘Thinks that they're taking too big a risk: With a hacksaw or a file, Bella could be free in a little while.'

Gerry says she ‘Thought of that and it'd take at least twenty-five minutes.' "She doesn't know where we live or our address. We'd have to get a new car, but we can afford that now. I'll turn her back up to "Medium" in fifteen minutes…[with sinister chuckle, heh, heh] …Bella won't be able to think after that."

Chapter 4: "Bank"

Bella doesn't intend for the checks to go through, but the FBI men and the cops both think they have a much better chance of catching them if they do, so she's convinced to get the cash, bring it back to the thieves. FBI want to have their expert electronics-man test her electrodes, so they can trace the signal. Bella hesitates, saying, "It's all under a locking corset and attached to the most intimate, sensitive parts of me." The FBI man says "Pick one or two, and we'll run with… your least-embarrassing private parts."

At the same time, Bella gives the Teller and a Cop all the checks and bonds to cash, in case she needs it.

Bella says her nipples have electrodes attached, that those might be the most accessible.

The FBI man and his geek - with some wires to a black box and a laptop, take her in a small back room and she begins peeling. Both men are astounded by her black-plastic cat-suited, fantastically-developed chest, but try to push their eyeballs back in, gulping madly. The black-plastic cat-suit corset has a small padlock keeping the zipper-ring up to her very-deep cleavage which lock, FBI man attacks with hacksaw.

"Be careful." Says half-disrobed, corseted, spectacular-36D-bosomed Bella in flat, mumbling tone.

"I will: It'll be only a minute." He promises while her nipples and sensitive spots are burning. "All right!" The lock is cut through. "I'm going to have to take this off now." Drawing ring down zipper, he exposes both Bella's nipple-clamped and wired, terrific-looking D-tits. "I'm sorry but it's necessary…"

He turns to the geek, who comes closer and sweating, bends down to within an inch of Bella's boobs, wraps a wire around each of Bella's nipple-clamps where the electrode is attached: Does it to her other boob. Goes over and taps on the computer keyboard.

Suddenly her wires-heat heightens, and Bella says, "I don't know why, but everything is burning me twice as bad…It‘s a killer! …They've turned their remote up to "Medium"?"

Bella sits down hard, and says [with a catch in her voice], "I'm …going to have to …give them …the cash."

FBI man looks at computer screen over geek's shoulder, "If you could only wait a couple of minutes…"

Bella [detaching wires, pulling up her corset ring-zipper]: "I can't…" Closing her blouse and rushes out.

Running by the desk where the Cop and the Teller are stacking the money, she asks: "How is it, did it go? Is it all here?"

Teller says, "That's all of it, thirty thousand."

Bella grabs it and stuffs it in her purse. Her heat heightens pulsing and throbbing all through even more!

"We'll be right behind you." Cop signals to plainclothesman near door, who waves to a detective car.

Bella exits. ‘My pussy is exploding and my ass… it's indescribable, that… sparking and surging sharpness! My worst dentist-visit can't compare…"

Out on the street, the flashes aggravate: Has to stop and lean on a mailbox. Pounding waves from her boobs to her clit mix pleasure with pain, and the surge seems to change to attacking her cunt-lips clips, "Zapp!", her asshole "Whap!" and inside-her-cunt-, "Blam!" -electrodes, sharply flaring-up a pure-white-hot torment. …Weakness buckles Bella's knees as wild sparks flow through, wringing each, every nerve.

Slips off the mailbox on the ground. Lying there, palpitating, ‘I'm dying right here in front of my bank, on a dirty sidewalk, an old bum: Bums feel bites, wallops, all over, like this? No wonder they're homeless!'

Gerry and Brenda in the car, parked on a one-way side-street. Brenda puzzled and worried, cranes her neck to peer out, says, "Bella's lying on the ground outside the bank, flinching like she's having a fit!"

Gerry says, "I put it up to "Medium-High" – …perhaps it was excessive for her, since she's a newbie." Turns off remote. [Looks to Brenda regretfully.] "…Taking another chance… turning it off…"

Brenda opens the car door for a better view, sees: Bella pulling herself up by grabbing the mailbox, yanking the door down and falling halfway, to one knee: Looks quickly, crosses the street weaving like a drunk, in their direction: "She's stumbling this way, now… Some car's trying to follow but they can't because of the wrong-way, one-way…They're parking and getting out… I think they're cops! ...Coming!"

Gerry thinks in most cases like this, why risk it: They've got nearly thirty thousand? It's so close, though, and Bella is a quarter-block ahead of the cops and practically in their laps! "Leap out, push her in here, now!"

Brenda does get out and the two cops yell, "Stop or we'll shoot!" Pushing Bella inside and leaping in after, Brenda bounces atop the soft, billowing, blonde Bella, quips: "We've got to quit meeting like this!"

…Brenda says, "You know, I think I'm hit."

Gerry speeds away, the cops shoot at them but miss: They run back to their car. "Bella, did you get it?"

"I did: All of it. But Brenda's bleeding…"

Gerry says, while turning on two wheels with screeches, "Bren, honey, are you bad or what?"

Brenda [ghostly voice]: "I'll be O.K. Want to go home, that's all…" [Whispers] "Kiss me goodbye, Bella?"

Chapter 5: "Waterfront"

Gerry asks, "Bella, can you tell where's Bren's hit?"

Bella says, "Since the blood's running down my cleavage, I'd say her neck…"

Gerry whips the car around and Brenda murmurs, "A little less-forceful on the turns, if you please?"

"I'm trying to lose those jerks who shot you, Sweetheart, and I've thought of a doctor for you, too."

Gerry does lose the cops by racing toward an opening-up bridge, ignoring a flashing STOP-warning, under a falling gate, peaking over the half-car-length opening-bridge gap, slamming down "Crash!" on other side, pitching both Bella and Bren on car floor in pile. "Ooh it was too much!"

"I hurt, too, Baby…"


In back, gripes, moans… Turns the car more slowly under bridge in dark area, stops. Gets out, knocks.

"Doc Hawkings there?"

"Who wants him?"

"Says it's Gerry and Brenda. – He'll know us!"

The steps recede and after a muttered discussion, the door opens. A middle-aged man in a soiled white coat appears in the doorway.

"Long time no see, Gerry… Got trouble?"

"It's Bren, she's been shot. …In the back seat… I think it's serious."

"Are you well fixed for dough now? How does three hundred sound?"

"If you can fix her up, it's well worth it!"

Hawkings says in lilting voice, "I see I left dough on the table again, what about a bonus of another hundred afterwards and I'll throw in a follow-up visit?"

"O.K., O.K."

The mysterious doctor goes back in: Reappearing, carrying a large, stick-like object. They go together, bring Brenda over to the door on a stretcher. "How come the masks and wigs? Well, never mind."

…[Seeing Bella maneuver out of backseat, man is discomforted.]
"Who's this lovely lady? Can you keep your mouth shut about all this, Miss? …I don't know you?"

Bella says, ‘To do what he has to do …and there won't be any repercussions' from her.

Says he after a quick exam, "The bullet tore side out of her neck, but could be worse… She'll make it, possibly needs a transfusion. Could be another fifty to seventy-five extra, depending on how many pints of blood we need… You know this'll leave a scar which a Plastic-Surgery consultant, friend of mine, would be willing to fix for a reasonable price..."


At home, masked and wigged Brenda wears a bandage around her neck and lies on the couch, asleep. Bella, wearing the shackled balls on her ankles, sits at the coffee table.

"You have the nearly-sixty grand now. You don't need me any more. Why are you still keeping me, Gerry?"

Gerry says, "We'd like to leave town but can't until Bren is better, and we are going to have to have another car, so you can help with all this."

Bella [irritated] says "You have to buy a car and you have to get out of town. I'm not in this. I'm a hostage, not an accomplice or gang-member. I did what I had to, and you're to let me go. Now."

Gerry asks, "Will you watch Bren for me while I buy the new car? And forget you ever saw it?"

Bella [happy] "Sure I can do that! When are you going, right away?"

Gerry says, "If only I thought you wouldn't get away… It could be the biggest mistake I ever make! Wait a minute, I'll rig up your transponders again."

Bella groans, "Please, don't do that to me."

Attempts escape: Gerry slaps face, punches belly, ending struggles to control Bella-breathes hard-says, "[Puff, puff] Don't try to fight with me: You're a big girl, but we're in the violence-business…"

Stripped, licked in all her near-perfect intimate spots: all her tits, large reddish aureoles, pink nipples, face and neck, and clit, cunt, thighs, with laughs, and the same seven places as before clamped to electrodes or with electrodes poked-in and taped-onto ass and pussy.
‘Might as well': Gag, blindfold, corseted, and zip-tied. Gerry turns on the remote "Very-Low."

[Moans comes from behind the gag of the Bella-bundle.]

Gerry: "Good. You'd make a great Slave-Slut if you trained. You are a bit overweight, but that's a really nice figure you've got..." [Runs her hands over plastic-encased breasts, waist, hips, under bottom, down both the insides and the outsides of Bella's slightly-overly, long, curvy, white thighs.] [Heh,heh-chuckles.]

"…You can't do much, so I'm leaving Bren at Hawkings, while I shop for the car. Perhaps I can have his Consultant-Plastic Surgeon estimate Brenda's neck: I'd like it to be smooth like before…" [Ha, ha-laugh]. "With any luck at all, you'll be free tomorrow…" Takes stacks of money, drops it in purse. Wakes Brenda, removes both their masks and wigs, leads her sleepily to the front door.

Brenda: "…Where we goin'?"


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