The Protest

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2015 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; others/f; outdoors; leather; boots; jacket; boots; handcuffs; protest; bollard; public; climax; first; cons; X

Dalveer was as pure as the snow. Born and raised in the UK but with strict Indian parents. She had always been taught that her body should remain pure until the night of her wedding. Dalveer was 23 and in good shape and had recently moved away to study at University. She had been totally devoted to her studies and had only made friends with one English girl, Clara.

One day while sitting in the cafeteria Clara had been telling Dalveer about a demonstration she was going on to protest about the Power Station that was about 20 miles away, it was about to be expanded into some ancient forest land. Clara was committed to saving the trees. "You should come", she said to Dalveer. Dalveer instantly dismissed it as not being her thing and she was sure that her parents would not approve.

The morning of the protest Clara knocked on Dalveer’s dorm room door, the door opened and Dalveer was shouting down the phone in Hindi. She slammed the phone down. Clara asked what was wrong, Dalveer told her that her parents had disowned her as they heard a rumour that she had kissed a boy at University. Dalveer knew who had started this rumor as her cousin went to the same uni, and had had it in for her since they were kids.

Clara said that she would look in on Dalveer later that night when she got back. Dalveer looked at her, "Sod it, I will come with you. It’s about time I did something rebellious, but I should change".

They headed up towards Dalveer’s room. Once inside she opened up her wardrobe, but there was nothing really practical in there as a sari in a field would be ridiculous. She sat on her bed, and started to sob. "I am so sick of being Indian. Why can’t I just be like all the other girls, I want to do my hair and wear normal clothes".

Clara took her hand and led her back to Clara’s room. Clara opened up her wardrobe. "Help yourself, if you going to rebel then you might as well do it properly!"

Dalveer looked into the wardrobe, there was everything, short dresses, high heels, skinny jeans. Dalveer had no idea what to pick. "Here let me", Clara said. She then started to look through the hangers and then started to throw out clothes. "Here put these on", and handed Dalveer a pile. Dalveer went in to the bathroom and after a few minutes out came someone completely different. She had on a tight black t-shirt, short denim skirt, a studded belt. Clara then handed Dalveer a pair of leather boots and black leather biker jacket.

"I can’t wear these as they are leather!" Dalveer said.

"I thought you were rebelling", said Clara.

"You're right", she slid her feet into the boots and zipped them up, she then put the jacket on.

"How do you feel?" Said Clara.

"Sorry but I feel a bit slutty to be honest, I know they are your clothes and I’m sorry".

"You’re not going to be any good at this rebel thing are you?" Said Clara.

"I said I felt slutty", said Dalveer, "I did not say that I did not like feeling slutty".

"Great let's go".

They drove the twenty or so miles to the protest. It was as they expected lots of people holding signs and blocking the main gate. A man greeted Clara, "Great you’re here, and I need your special talents". He handed something to Clara but Dalveer did not quite see what.

Clara grabbed Dalveer and they made a dash right to the front of the line. They got to the main gates of the power station. There were some bollards in front of a solid high metal fence. "Come over here", said Clara to Dalveer.

"What are we doing?" Said Dalveer.

"Stand with your back to the fence and put your arms through like this". Clara helped Dalveer into position.

"What for?" said Dallveer. Just then she felt something strange, cold on her wrist. There was a clicking sound. "What are you doing Clara?"

"I have handcuffed you to the fence, don’t worry I will be right next to you". With that Clara went to the next bollard and snapped the cuffs on her wrists, so the pair were now handcuffed a few feet apart, with their hands behind their backs.

"Where are the keys?" Said Dalveer.

"Dunno", said Clara, "the police will cut them off at some point", Clara looked over to Dalveer and gave her a wink.

Dalveer felt odd. She felt something wrong, she could feel moisture between her legs, she was struggling to stand still, and tugging at the handcuffs, but each time her hands were abruptly stopped by the chain the worse the feeling got. She kept hearing the chain between the cuffs rattling, which made the feeling more intense. She tried not to think about it and looked over at her friend Clara, from the bottom up, boots, a short denim skirt, and similar leather jacket to the one she was wearing. The more Dalveer looked at her the more the feeling intensified. She was now hopping from foot to foot wondering what the hell was happening to her.

Clara looked over, "Are you alright?"

"Don’t know, I feel funny", said Dalveer.

"Sit down", said Clara nodding to the bollard just between Dalveer's legs. She squatted down to perch on top of. As she did she felt the top of the bollard was gently vibrating which must have been the power station making it do that through the ground. Almost immediately she felt like her body was going to explode, she tugged as hard as she could but the handcuffs did not budge, she fought with everything she had to stop the feeling, she looked over at her friend.

"Smile", she heard a gruff male voice there was a few flashes of light then she felt an explosion deep within her. She screamed as hard as she could but the feeling just got worse and worse, then everything went black.

She came round, and she was in an ambulance. "You passed out love", said a man in a paramedics uniform, "you should be ok now".

Clara said, "Let’s get you home".

They chatted in the dorm for hours, until Clara finally asked Dalveer to explain what had happened Dalveer tried as best she could, the feeling she had, once she had told Cara everything Cara looked her friend in the eye, "You had an orgasm!" said Clara. "Welcome to the club, you're finally sexually active, well of sorts at least!"

"Well thank god no one who saw me realised" said Dalveer.

"Thank god you did, it stopped us both being arrested!" said Cara.

The next morning the girls met up at the café for breakfast, both wearing long sleeve jumpers to cover the handcuffs that were still locked in place around their wrist’s but with the chain cut. When one of the other girls from the protest came over, "Hey we got some great coverage in the national press!" she said and threw a paper down on the table. On the front cover there was Dalveer, dressed as a western slut, wearing leather boots and jacket, handcuffed to a fence, and clearly in the middle of an intense orgasm with a suppressed but clear orgasm face on.

Clara looked at the picture, "Well at least your parents had already disowned you, but I think you finally got the hang of this rebellious thing, we have another one in a few weeks, you interested?"

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