The Proposal

by Tiffini

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© Copyright 2014 - Tiffini - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; kidnap; captive; cuffs; hood; bfold; cell; strip; electro; toys; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

“Pillow talk”, she called it. The openness she showed after a night of awesome sex. The openness about what she was thinking, as well as her deepest fantasies. He was wanting to do something really personal to pop the question. People keep talking about “the romantic proposal”, but Devon wasn’t like that. She didn’t care about the roses, about the “girlfriend talk” about proposals. She knew what she wanted in a wedding, but didn’t really care about the proposal. This will work to his advantage. He started thinking about a way to give her a proposal that she will remember – not necessarily from a “share with the priest” perspective (we may have to make up a story for that one), but more for a “fulfill a fantasy” memory.

Fast forward a few months... She’s been kept in the dark about the vacation, he’s said that he’s got the tickets, but wants to surprise her with the destination. She’s thinking he’s going to pop the question, and how right she is about it, but has no idea what is about to happen before. But she’s nervous about the relationship, it seems he’s working more and more late at night, and isn’t as open about his money as he normally is with her.

She drops her daughter off at her parents the night before they are supposed to fly out to somewhere warm, and starts driving the back roads to his place. Another car comes up behind her quickly, then sits on her tail for a while, pacing her. Then she sees red and blue lights flashing and thinks “oh shit” and pulls over. She undoes an extra button on her top, and pulls her skirt up a bit, just to show a bit of leg. “What the fuck,” she thinks, “it’s worked before to get me out of a ticket”.

But no cop comes up to her window, confused she wonders what’s going on.

“Step out of the car with your hands in the air, facing away from me” she hears over a loudspeaker.

Confused she complies, and is directed to walk backwards, then stop.

She feels her hands getting pulled behind her back, and handcuffs being roughly applied.

“What’s going on?” she asks, and is promptly told to “Shut up”. They push her body against the car as they pat her down. Then she feels a black bag being put over her head, cutting off her sight, and secured around her neck. They put handcuffs on her ankles as well, and lay her down across the back seat of the patrol car. Then they start driving away.

What feels like hours later, they stop, open the door and pull her out. They bring her down some stairs, and push her into a concrete corner. They remove the handcuffs from her ankles and wrists, still holding her hands behind her back. She hears what sounds like a recorded voice telling her not to move. She’s told to count to 50 before moving and removing the hood, and that she will learn more in the morning about what’s going on.

As she starts counting, she feels the hands let go of her, then footsteps and a heavy door close and lock. After she finishes counting, she removes the bag from over her head, and looks around. She’s in a concrete room, about 5’ wide and 8’ long. There’s a bucket, a couple bottles of water, and a bed with a very thin mattress on one side. The walls are all painted black. There’s a very bright light at both ends of the room, with what looks like a thick piece of plexiglass covering it. And a camera at both ends, again, protected by plexiglass. On the wall opposite the bed, there are 4 O rings screwed into the concrete, 2 close to the floor, and 2 closer to the ceiling.

She runs to the door and starts pounding, screaming for help and to let her out… Behind her, she sees a TV screen power on – she goes over to it, and sees it’s also protected by the same thick plex. She sees what looks like a powerpoint start up. She sees the room she’s in from both cameras, and text start appearing..


She figures that John will be looking for her soon, so she may as well lay down and try to get some rest. As soon as she lays down, the lights and TV go off… leaving her in pitch black.

Day 1

She gets woken up quickly to the sound of an air horn. Both bright lights are on, and she has trouble opening her eyes because it’s so bright.

After her eyes adjust to the brightness, she sees different text on the screen


And then it changes


She quickly does as she is told. Not knowing who she is dealing with, until she can figure it out, she thinks it is best to comply. The blindfold goes on, then the hood, making sure the ball is behind her teeth. She reaches up, and ties the strings securely, then closes the leather strap over it, leaving her blind, and for all intents and purposes, mute.

She stands there, waiting, wondering what is going on.

She hears the door unlock, open, close, and lock again. She feels her hands being pulled behind her and tightly cuffed again with what feels like hinged cuffs. Then a chain is wrapped tightly around her waist, and the cuffs locked to the small of her back. She is pushed roughly to the ground, where a zip tie is put tightly around her knees, locking them together, then a pair of cuffs around her ankles. She is rolled over on her back, and her shirt is pulled up. She feels someone put something on the inside of her bra cup. Her shirt is lowered, and then the leg cuffs are pulled up and locked to her waist chain, leaving very little room to squirm.

The recorded voice comes back on.

“Devon, got many lessons today. Some will be pleasurable, some will not be. You will learn the rules for your stay with us, and you will learn what happens when you comply, and what happens when you don’t. Today will be a long day for you. The time is 8am. You’ve got 90 minutes to get unchained. The key is in your bra cup. If you get loose, you will get a pleasurable reward. If you can not, you will learn what punishment is like here. The choice is yours, and the time starts now”

She knows she doesn’t want to find out what their punishment is, but she also knows that there is very little chance of getting out of the handcuffs, locked on as they are. But she tries – she struggles to try to even reach her bra strap, thinking if she can even undo it, it may be easy to pull it around.

Before she knows it the voice starts again

“Your time is up. It’s been so much fun watching you struggle. You have chosen to learn about our punishments. “

She tenses up, not knowing what’s coming. She feels her skirt being lifted, exposing her tight ass. She hears a buzzing noise, then a loud SNAP and feels her ass has been stung with a thousand bees. She screams out in pain, then hears the voice again

“Now you’ve learned what a cattle prod feels like. We’ve turned it down to a 3 for this teaching moment. Any real punishments, it will be full powered. Trust me, it hurts!”

She lays there crying. She feels the chain being unlocked, and the zip tie cut. The cuffs are removed from her ankles, and her hands. She is stood up, and placed in the corner. She hears someone walking away, the door being unlocked, opened, closed, and locked again.

“Remove your hood and blindfold” the voice tells her.

After she does, she is told to have a seat on the bed.

“Now wasn’t that fun?” the voice says sarcastically, “Now, let’s see how much you’ve learned about obeying orders. Stand up, remove all your clothing, and place them by the door. Once done, you can have a bottle of water.”

She quickly removes her clothing, not wanting to feel the sting of that cattle prod again, and drinks half the bottle of water.

With tears rolling down her face she yells out, “You sick bastard, now what are you going to do to me?!” and runs to the door, pounding it.

She hears a calm voice over the speaker, “You’ve broken the rules already, You must like being punished!” She keeps yelling and pounding

“Stop it! No one’s going to hear you, and no one’s going to help you. You’re only making it worse for yourself” she hears the voice over the speaker say.

“Now, go put your blindfold and hood on. You can remove the gag.”

Sobbing, she walks back to the bed, and puts the blindfold and hood on, tying it properly around her head.

“I’m sorry you made this choice, Devon”, the voice says, “I didn’t want to have to do this.”

She hears someone come in. She is roughly pushed against the cold concrete wall. A handcuff is placed around her right wrist, and it is locked to the O-ring right above her head on the right. The same happens to her left wrist, leaving her exposed against the wall. They roughly pull her legs apart, and cuff them to the other O rings, leaving her hanging tightly naked against the wall.

“3 hours. You’ve earned 3 hours of this punishment for breaking the rules. If you need to pee, the bucket is on the floor under you. Have fun.”

She groans to herself, already very uncomfortable chained to the wall, knowing that it will get much worse before it gets better”.

A while passes, and she gets in more and more pain. She starts thinking about her predicament, wondering who she pissed off, or what she did to deserve this. Obviously this isn’t the police doing this to her. She wonders what’s next.

That answer comes soon enough, as she hears the door open. She hears the “click” of a camera taking pictures. Then a buzz starting. Suddenly she feels a Hitachi starting to attack her most private areas. She struggles for a moment, then feels her body betray her and she goes with it. They vibrate her to a few mind blowing orgasms, then stop, and leave the room.

After coming down from the high of the orgasms, her mind goes back to the pillow talk from a few months ago with her boyfriend. She remembers telling him about how it would “be fun” to be abducted, punished hard, and used, but wouldn’t be authentic if she was involved in the planning. She starts wondering if he’s involved.

Her thoughts are interrupted by them coming back in again with the Hitachi. This time they start playing with her first, rubbing hands over her body, working her up, then put the hitachi back on her. By the time they are done, she can barely stand (even less than she could before). They release her from the wall, and carry her over to the bed. They cuff her hands in front of her to a waist chain, and lock a cuff from her foot to the bed, and leave the room.

The dreams she experienced were out of the world. So raw, so sexual, they were invoking in her such emotion and energy.

She woke up to the feeling of someone laying naked beside her. After a while, she felt hands at her waist, slowly releasing her hands from the waist chain. She lets him put her arms above her head, and locks them to the headboard, as he slowly enters her. Slowly he strokes, in and out, until they both cum together.

He comes back into the room in a little while, and instantly she can smell bacon and eggs. He unlocks her hands, and recuffs them behind her back, and removes the hood, making sure to leave the blindfold. He starts feeding her, making sure she eats all the bacon and eggs he’s made for her.

He takes the cuffs off her, as the recorded voice says, “You’ve earned a reward, you can remove your blindfold”. She takes the blindfold off, and sees her boyfriend kneeling before her, on one knee, with a ring.

“I wanted to fulfill one of your pillow talk fantasies, and wanted to make it special. Will you marry me? I promise to give you a life full of fulfilled fantasies and love, and take care of you like no one else could.”

She starts crying as she says yes, hugging him.

Later, they are sitting on the couch talking about the whole situation, and she reminds him “Revenge is a bitch…. Now what are we going to tell the priest & our families?”

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