The Mansion

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Story from the 2018 Halloween Special

The dawn of the last day of October broke pale and weak. It tore ineffectually at the thick fog filling the vale. Hidden in the gray mist a faded mansion huddled, forgotten and alone.


Haley screamed in rage and wrenched the steering wheel hard over, the tires squealing as they clawed at the pavement. She fought to keep the car on the road, and, as she came out of the turn, the tires suddenly gained traction, and the vehicle shot forward. Haley smiled grimly as something did as she told it to.

The angry blond pounded her fist against the steering wheel. "How dare they! HOW?" She had worked so hard, planned and schemed, and they did nothing. She had slept with all their boyfriends and planted rumors, done so much to bring them down. And those bitches came through smelling like roses.

Those damn Tri-Delts, she had done so much to get them kicked off of campus. And what did the university do? Did they suspend the bitches? No! Did they bar them from school activities? No! Did they...

Haley's angry rant was cut short as the next turn caught her off-guard. This time the rear end of the roadster convertible slid off the pavement and dragged the rest of the car after it. The car spun round and round, the greenery slapping noisily on the fenders in protest of the car's the violent passage. Then everything went dark.

Haley slowly opened her eyes wondering why her head hurt. She tried to shake her head to clear it, the sudden pain telling her that was a bad idea. She waited a few moments for the pain to subside before slowly looking around.

She was still sitting in her car, but there were dirt walls all around her. Finally, it sank in that she was in some kind of pit. Looking up, she could barely see the sky for all the stupid plant shit.

Taking stock, she first tried to call the service built into her car to tell them to send a cab to whatever godforsaken spot she was at. It took her a minute of yelling at the car's dash before she realized that the stupid thing was as dead as the car itself. Swearing about useless junk that cost a fortune, Haley started looking for her purse and the cell phone in it.

Tossing aside the piles of leaves filling her car, she discovered that her purse was missing. In frustration she leaned forward and gingerly laid her head on the steering wheel.

After several minutes of rest, she felt like doing something more active. Releasing her seat-belt, the disheveled blond stood up and looked closely at the dirt walls. Upon close study, she realized that what she first thought was a pit was actually a deep gully. The sides were steep, and the rear as well, but to the front the slope was shallower. She should be able to climb out that way.

It took her far longer than she expected, but Haley finally managed to climb out. Looking around, she could see where her car had slid off the embankment above her and landed in the deepest part of the gully. She quickly realized that she was not going to be able to climb back to the road that way.

Turning, so that her back was to the embankment, she looked for another route. In the late afternoon light she couldn't see much besides bushes and trees. After a few minutes study she shrugged and moved off to her left. She vaguely remembered something about rivers running downhill and leading to towns. The ground sloped down in that direction.

She was getting tired when she noticed the light fog lying low among the vegetation she was walking through. As she continued, the fog became thicker, and the daylight dimmed.

The light was fading when Haley finally found the mansion. She could barely glimpse the outline of the roof through the fog. As she got closer, she found the vine-covered fence that marked the boundary of the property. She called out for help, demanding that someone let her in. The fog seemed to throw her voice back at her or steal it away to silence.

She couldn't tell if the fog was preventing her from being heard or if no one was close enough. She started wandering along the fence-line trying to find a way in. She almost missed the gate. It was heavily entrapped by vines, but opened when she tried it. The gate was small, just large enough for a person to get through, and the vines made the way narrower. With an effort, she was able to push her way through.

Once inside, Haley took in the surprisingly well-manicured grounds, at least what she could see through the fog. The gate let in on the side of the building, to the rear of which was what looked like a hedge maze on the far side of a wide patio. Since these areas appeared empty, Haley decided she would make her entrance through the front. After all, there was bound to be some kind of receptionist at a place... like this, though she couldn't be sure what "this" place was.

She made her way to the front door... or doors. They were wide and tall, built for intimidating anyone seeking entrance. The part of Haley that demanded to be the center of attention welcomed such doors. Coming in through such a portal was perfect for a grand entrance.

Haley's dream of parading in grandly to be acknowledged as a damsel in distress completely evaporated as the doors refused to budge. This was the final indignity. The distressed blond started screaming as she yanked and kicked at the offending barriers. Her tirade moved them not at all.

Finally falling against the right-hand door, tears streaming down her face, she begged to be let in. In despair she gave the door a single last try, and it opened easily. Haley stared dumbly at the slightly open door before coming to herself and quickly slipping inside.

She looked about a large foyer that resembled the receiving lobby of a moderate if old-fashioned hotel. There were several couches and a number of plump chairs around low-slung tables. To the back was a large desk where a greeter or receptionist could see the entire room. Even farther back were several open hallways. On the far wall there was a tall mirror, angled so that it could be seen but not reflect the room.

Haley never having met a mirror that wasn't her friend, immediately made for this one. As she stepped before it, she gasped in horror at the almost unrecognizable figure that appeared.

She looked hideous! Her hair was a complete shambles, windblown with leaves and twigs and tangles. And her face.... Dirt-covered and smeared with sap from the plants she had slaughtered when her car slid off the road. Her yellow silk blouse was stained and wrinkled beyond repair, her skirt ripped and dirty. This was going to take a major effort to put to rights.

There was something off to her right, to which Haley responded, "Yes, a shower would be good...." When she realized that she was speaking to a wisp of mist that was eddying at the hall opening to her right, she drifted off into silence. She could have sworn that someone had said that there were showers down the hall, but there was no one around but her. The oddity of the fog making its way into the building never occurred to her.

She gave herself a shake and immediately regretted it. Her head had not forgiven her the precipitous exit from the road her car had taken. Putting a hand to the wall, Haley used it to support herself as she made her way down the hallway, not quite realizing that she was following the wisp that she knew could not have spoken to her.

(The self-centered woman failed to notice that a different shred of mist had swirled around the dirt and debris she had tracked in. As the wisp coiled and twisted across the floor, the room was restored in its wake to a pristine appearance. Continuing as before, it swirled over the pile, which disappeared just as completely as all the other debris.)

Haley was lost in thought as to what she would do tonight to make up for the terrible day she was having. She planned on finding a good party and teasing all the jocks, making them want her before blowing them off and picking up some nerd to leave with. She chuckled with anticipation over screwing the poor nerd then raking him over with snide comments about how lousy he was.

All the while she was planning, the wisp was leading her down the hall past several staircases to the floors above. Presently they arrived at a changing room with benches. At the far end was an opening that led into the showers.

Haley saw a large pile of towels and looked forward to wrapping herself in a large fluffy one after a long, hot shower. She quickly peeled herself out of her grimy clothes and stepped into the showers.

The wisp that had been following her down the hall entered the locker room and cleaned up the pile of dirty cloth as completely as it had everything else.

The showers were in a most odd configuration, the doorway being in the short wall, which was barely wider than the door. The side walls angled outward, and the wide far wall was entirely glass, a large window running the full width of the room, floor to ceiling. The showers reminded Haley of a sort of reversed auditorium, as if anyone in the showers were showcased for those in the observation room beyond the window.

As Haley stood in the doorway, she could feel that she was being watched, and she turned to hide her front against the side of the doorway. The icy cold tile pressing against her large, full breasts was a shock. With a squeal, she jumped away and accidentally bumped against the other side of the doorway. Her backside found the tiles there no warmer, which brought another squeal and caused her to stumble into the room. She attempted to recover her dignity as she covered herself with her hands.

She glared about, looking for whomever was there. She could feel eyes watching her, but, look as hard as she might, there was nothing more than some wisps on the far side of the glass wall.

Forcing herself to forget the odd feeling that it was the wisps that were watching her, Haley turned to the nearest shower head. She turned the taps on each of them in turn, but the only one that released water was the one closest to the glass wall. Giving the flow a few moments for the water to get warm, she took the time to look for some soap. There were several bars of a nasty disinfectant-smelling stuff, but it was the only soap to be found.

She kept looking about, not being able to shake the feeling that she was being watched. But the only possible observers were those wisps in the viewing room.

Focusing on getting clean as the most important thing, she stepped into the spray. The hot water hitting her skin was a sensual release, her aches and pains melting away. She hated the smell of the soap, but needed it as the green stains refused to wash away with just the water.

As she washed, she again felt that she was being watched. Covering herself, she glared about, looking for whomever was intruding upon her privacy. The only things she saw moving were those odd wisps, of which there were an increasing number in the room overlooking the showers.

Thinking that, if she indulged the fantasy, she might drive away this ridiculous feeling of being watched, Haley started playing to the crowd of wisps. She stretched out first one leg and then the other, languidly running her hands up and down them. From there, she continued doing all the things she knew guys would use for their fantasies of her.

As she was shaking her breasts at the window, she flinched as if her unseen audience had erupted in cheers and rude comments. The humiliation of being leered at this way crushed her usual sense of being in control. She now felt like a helpless object, something she had never felt before. Always her rich and powerful family made everyone afraid to upset her, let alone outright offend her.

The wisp, having finished with the girl's clothes, came into the shower room and, with a lunge, wrapped itself about Haley's ankles. This anchored her feet in position at the exact moment the water turned icy. Haley squealed wanting to jump clear, but her feet were immobile, and she couldn't get out of the freezing stream. After several seconds of flailing she managed to turn off the water.

The wisp drifted off to one side, releasing her feet. Teeth chattering, Haley quickly made her way back to the towels. When she got to where she thought she had seen some large, fluffy towels, instead she found several stacks of small, worn hand towels.

Taking several at a time, she used them to wipe herself dry. Not having anything large enough made dealing with her hair difficult, but she managed to get herself dry enough.

Not looking forward to putting on her filthy clothing, the naked girl turned to where she had dropped them. She stared at the spot for several seconds before it finally hit her; the clothes not being where she knew she had put them could only mean that someone WAS here.

Haley's head snapped up, and, for the first time since she climbed out of her wrecked car, she actually looked at the world around her and saw what she was looking at.

The mansion was OLD... like old when her grandparents were born. The place was worn and faded, with a creepy vibe so that if she had been driving down a street and saw it... she would have turned around and never driven on that street again. She realized that she was standing in a windowless room, and no lights were on, but there was still light to see by. Not a lot, but a source-less presence that let her see while leaving lots of shadowed corners.

And the Silence! In a place where the only real sound was her panting, her mind was filled with screams and moans and insane giggling and other sounds she didn't want to identify. Haley opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. The feeling of being leered at returned stronger than ever.

For a time, she blacked out. When she became aware of things again she was huddled, whimpering, in a corner of the changing room. Her fears warred within her. Part of her was afraid to move, but the other part wanted to run as fast as she could. This second part might have won straight off had she been clothed, but the thought of running through this place naked kept her pinned.

Eventually the thought of hearing all those sounds that weren't sounds, finally drove her to move. Creeping along, she slowly made her way to the hall. Just before reaching it, she found a
plain white dress, but nothing more, no underwear or shoes.

Slipping it on over her head she could feel the cheap cloth scraping across her sensitized skin. She had never worn anything like it. Her chill-stiffened nipples were constantly being scratched and teased. No matter how she tugged and pulled, the cloth kept her aware of her flesh, kept her on edge.

With a shake, she pulled her mind back to the now, to escaping from this horrid place before those voices took up permanent residence. So she crept down the hall, trying to remember how she got to the showers from the lobby. Each corridor seemed endless, with countless crossing corridors each as limitless as the others.

Haley was becoming frantic. There was no way this place was large enough to hold all these hallways. Stairs. She remembered passing some stairs. She started moving faster and faster, running around corners and bolting down side corridors.

As she turned a corner she stopped dead in her tracks. Before her was a crazy woman, wide-eyed, with fly-away straw hair. It was only as she turned to run away from the creature that she realized that it was her own reflection.

As always, her reflection mesmerized her. But, this time, instead of being thrilled by the immaculately groomed image, she was horrified at her transformation. She slowly reached out less afraid of meeting another person's hand and more afraid of....

"What have we here?" A harsh voice came from behind her, and she spun about to face the speaker. It was a hatchet-faced older woman, her hair pulled back so tightly that it left her face looking stretched. A quick glance over Haley's shoulder showed her own reflection, but not the woman standing directly before her.

Looking closely, she could see that the woman was pale, washed out. Haley looked down at what should have been the woman's feet, but there was nothing to see. The woman had on a very old-fashioned nurse's uniform, one that should have gone all the way to the floor. Instead, the skirt just faded into a large wisp.

The nurse shook her head and gave Haley the same look a housewife would give a nasty bug found crawling across her kitchen floor. "What are you doing out of your room? It's late, and you girls are supposed to be secured after dinner."

Haley felt lost, unable to snap back with her usual arrogance. "What do you mean? I was...."

"No excuses!" the nurse thundered. "You are out of your room with no excuse and no escort!" The incensed woman almost vibrated with intensity. Haley would have fled, but her arms were grabbed. To either side was a vaguely man-shaped wisp. Both were burly, but, while solid enough to hold her, neither was quite opaque.

Their grip was like cold wrapped around her arm, a vague impression that was still solid enough to actually lift her up on her toes. Despite their chill touch, she felt flushed.

An anticipatory gleam entered the woman's eye. "Your disregard for the rules has earned you a punishment. You two bring her this way." The woman's tone was peremptory. She turned to lead the way down the hall. The two figures flanking Haley ensured that she kept close behind.

"What do you mean... punishment? I'm a victim. I need help! Please help me."

The laugh that came from the weird woman chilled Haley to the core. "My dear, we ARE helping you. Harlots like you are self-destructive and need a firm hand." The grips on her arms shifted, and Haley could almost feel individual hands holding her. But, oddly, even as her flesh chilled, she could feel herself becoming excited. Whereas she had been panting in panic, now she was panting in arousal.

The group traveled down the hall that Haley had just come along, but this time there was a door. It hadn't been there before. Inside the room was some kind of bench resembling a saw-horse -- a narrow, padded top, perhaps two feet long, with four splayed legs.

The nurse stood to one side and gestured. The two male figures half-dragged, half-carried Haley over to the bench. Her feet were bound to the back legs of the bench, and she was then pulled forward, bent at the hip, until her face was pressing against the bench. Her hands were pulled down and secured to the front legs.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Haley's voice came out barely louder than a whisper. She began to frantically tug and squirm against her bonds.

"Sweeting, we are doing what we can to help you." The nurse bent and jammed a wooden rod between Haley's teeth and fastened it firmly. Then the nurse took a moment to pull Haley's skirt up to expose her flexed ass cheeks. "Now, you be a good girl and wait for me right here. I have to consult with the Director." With a firm pat, she was gone.

"Hgr, gdthmdt! Sthdg hhdk...," Haley tried to call out, giving up when she realized it was impossible for anyone to understand a single word. Once again, she struggled against the bindings holding her to the padded bench. As she struggled, her pussy ground against the end of the bench. Without conscious thought, she pushed and rubbed, getting herself more and more excited.

As Haley's excitement rose, the two male wisps stood close by. She was shocked that she could hear them conversing.

"Juicy, isn't she?" a whisper came from her left.

"Ja! Zis von ist special." A Germanic-sounding reply drifted from her right. As it spoke, an icy sensation tracked up the inside of her thighs. Such a chill touch should have been painful, or, at the least derailed her building passion. Instead she responded as if a flesh-and-blood man were drawing his hand slowly up her leg, getting closer and closer to her steaming pussy.

Earlier their grip on her arms was a vague sensation, such that she couldn't feel anything more specific than pressure. Now she was able to feel individual fingers as they traced specific paths along her flesh.

Haley shuddered and moaned in response. Hearing the two laugh at her was possibly the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her. Despite the shame -- or maybe because of it -- she became even more aroused than before.

For the next several minutes, the two stroked and teased her, driving her insane with desire. With what little movement she had, she flexed her ass, trying to press her burning flesh into their chill grip.

Then the nurse's voice interrupted. "Ahem! It is time for the girl's punishment. Wait outside. I'll summon you when we meet with the Director." Haley heard the two men leave the room, and the door close behind them.

The woman stroked Haley's exposed ass as if checking for damage.

"You are the center of a whirlwind, sweeting. I will have to keep you very much under my eye." Haley was startled to realize that she could hear the woman's steps as she crossed the room. Struggle as she might, though, she could not see what the nurse was doing behind her.

An ominous swishing sound raised Haley's apprehension. "The Director has determined your punishment. Shall we begin?"

Haley grunted and shook her head to deny her consent. The only warning she had was another swish as whatever it was flew towards her. The strike was freezing cold, but, instead of pain, she was thrust into a memory.

Last night she had been at a party, and, while there, she had teased her way through all the guys. She made sure that no one suspected that she was there for Mark, the boyfriend of that bitch Katie, the President of the Tri-Delta sorority. Haley was there to seduce him and nail shut the trap she had been working on for weeks.

But this time, as she tried to seduce the boys at the party, SHE was the one rejected. With each rejection she became more frantic, looking for someone to find her acceptable. Her final chance was Mark. She managed to get him to a bedroom. But, despite her best efforts, she just couldn't please him. Laughing at her, he threw her naked out of the bedroom and her clothes out the window. As she fled the party, everyone there laughed at her, the humiliation was terrible.

The orgasm she had was staggering in its intensity.

Haley had no time to recover as she heard the swish of the next blow. Again, a memory of her taking a man and using him flashed past, but in a different way that left her ashamed, abused, and humiliated.

With each blow she had another orgasm.

Haley had lost count by the time she finally passed out. She was awakened by a very unpleasant smell as the nurse waved something under her nose. "You will not keep the Director waiting. You would not like what happens if you disappoint him."

The woman went to the door and snapped her fingers. The two orderlies returned to the room and released Haley from the bench. The exhausted girl was unable to stand on her own, but the two men easily lifted her and carried her along between them.

Haley was taken down a short hall and up two flights of stairs. She was not sure how, but she knew the hall they were in led to the rear of the building, that the office to which they were heading would overlook the gardens and any activity there. The nurse knocked in a perfunctory manner, then entered. With Haley between them, the orderlies followed.

The office was wide and would have been well-lit if there were daylight, but the only thing outside the windows was the thick gray mist. In the office, there was a couch to one side, which Haley had a good view of as the orderlies went in one behind the other and their movements turned her so she went through the door sideways. As they lined up properly behind the nurse again, Haley could see a heavyset man behind a large desk that looked proper for such a large office.

The nurse gave a curtsey to the man. "Director, here she is. Her response to the treatment was excellent. But I must point out...."

The man waved her to silence. "Yes, Mrs. Jones, I am aware of your dedication to our guests. Now, James, Hans, please present the young woman. I wish to examine her response to the treatment." He indicated the space right in front of his desk.

Mrs. Jones moved to one side, making space for Haley. The two orderlies set Haley in the spot indicated and backed away. Something about the Director, and the way he looked at her, terrified her. The terror gave her strength to stand, but her legs trembled with the effort.

The man stood up and came around the desk. For some reason Haley couldn't remember, it did not seem odd that he had no feet. Her exhausted mind couldn't seem to hold a thought. But, as he glided around her she could feel the chill that came off of everyone in this place. And, as before, she could feel her body stirring. Her breathing deepened.

Stopping, he leaned back against his desk and took a moment to look down and smile at his feet. As he looked back up, his eyes settled on the front of her dress. "Mrs. Jones, is that what I think it is?" He gestured toward Haley's fluid-darkened crotch.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Mrs. Jones nodded in reply. "Yes sir. As I said, the girl responded surprisingly well. She juiced herself multiple times. I'd say a right perfect harlot she is. She'll be needing lots of discipline."

"Mrs. Jones, I know you take your duties as head matron very seriously, but you will have plenty of time for that later." Mrs. Jones nodded as a smile came over her face. Haley really didn't want to know what the woman was thinking.

"But first things first, as they say," the Director pulled a watch out of a pocket in his vest and, after checking the time, did a count-down on his fingers. As he pulled in the last finger, there was a shudder and the room... rippled.

The Director smiled, and Haley liked that smile even less than the one Mrs. Jones had. "My dear young woman, I feel it proper that you know about where you find yourself. This Institute was a place where wayward young women were brought, where they were given purpose. Here they were accepted and given a home."

He leaned in so his face was just inches from her own. This close she could see that his skin was pale and unnaturally smooth. "This is now your home." He reached out and pushed her chin up. As his fingers touched her flesh it was if molten ice were poured down her skin. The icy flow traveled to her nipples, and they became dagger-hard. The flow continued on down to her pussy, and, when it arrived there, her muscles spasmed in lust.

As close as the Director was, Haley could clearly see how his face changed. His skin took on normal tones, and she could see pores appear. "Ah yes, you are a special girl. All kinds of delicious sexual energies in you." He took a deep sniff of her neck.

With his fingers never breaking contact, his hand stroked down her neck. His touch kept her body vibrating on the edges of orgasm. "Oh, yes, this is now your home. We will feed off you. We will feed, and, in return, we will keep you young and vital for all eternity."

He laughed.


The dawn of the first day of November broke chill and bleak. A thick fog filled the vale. Hidden in the gray mist a faded mansion huddled, forgotten... but no longer alone.

Edited by C. Lakewood

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