The Rope Customer

by CF

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Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bond; rope; oral; sex; blindfold; climax; cons; X

I'm a known rigger in my area of the world, organizing rope jams and teaching Shibari classes. Besides loving to tie, I also have fantasies about getting tied up and stimulated to a happy ending.

An email from Rose arrives: "Hi CF, I'm registered for your upcoming intro class and would like to get some rope to prepare." I reply that she can pass by my place to get some. We agree on a time after work in a couple of days.

That afternoon, the doorbell rings, and I let her in. She is a good-looking woman in her early thirties. I propose a cup of coffee, and we start chatting. She works as a nurse at a nearby hospital and will come to the class with a friend. To get a feel for it, she wants to get some rope to start playing with it. She will be the one tying, and her friend will serve as her model. She expresses herself confidently and seems to have a dominant personality.

I show her the various kinds of rope, and she chooses to take some lengths of the silky hemp rope I recommend for beginners. I show her how to run the rope through a carabiner to remove the initial stiffness you find with new rope. We pull the rope through a couple of times and chat about how to tie. We also mention BDSM, and I learn that she likes to have an active and dominant role. After discussing some practices and toys, I show her my collection of blindfolds and gags stored in a toy box on a shelf.

She has never tied anybody yet, but she is eager to get into it. I show her some simple knots. She is fast to pick it up and handy with it. I propose that she tries a basic armbinder on me as a model. She agrees enthusiastically. Her first task is to learn how to tie the arms in front of me, so that I can watch her work and correct errors. Afterwards, she will tie my arms behind my back for a real constraint.

After placing my hands together, I tell her to use a lark's head to tie them together tightly to prevent it from slipping. Then I direct her to wrap the rope around the wrists carefully a couple of times, forming a nice band. It is important for the tension to be regular and that the ropes don't overlap. I tell her to pass first between my arms, then between my hands to cinch the rope. She pulls the cinch tight, binding my wrists nicely together.

Having used less than half of the length of rope, I tell her to move up the arms and loop the rope around the upper arms, just above the elbows. This adds an additional constraint by pulling the elbows together. After two turns, there is just enough rope left for a cinch and the final knot, which she places well out of reach of my fingers. It feels nice and tight!

Rose removes the rope and repeats the exercise. This time, no help is needed, and my wrists and arms are tightly bound again. She is very pleased with her new skill: "Now I can tie your hands behind your back to make you really helpless!"

I get untied again for some momentary freedom. After turning around, she ties my hands again, this time behind my back. I feel that she is tying it looser this time, but don't say anything. Rose gets to the elbows, but struggles as the rope gets tangled in my t-shirt. Finishing the tie, it does not quite fit, and I manage to slide out of the ropes. We discuss the reasons it did not work out correctly. She understands that the tie was not tight enough, so the rope could slip, and that the shirt is getting in the way. She asks if I can remove it, and I agree. I slide out of it and place it on a chair.

We go for a second attempt. This time the ropes are nice and tight around my wrists. With the cinch, it gets even tighter; nothing is getting loose this time. She is pushing the elbows together with only an inch remaining. The two loops go around, and a cinch completes the tie at my elbows. I rarely had them tied so close together. The knot is up there in between, impossible for me to reach. My arms are now tightly bound behind my back. This is getting me excited, but my shorts seem to hide it pretty well. Rose is very happy with how it looks and how my arms are immobilized behind my back.

I propose to tie the legs as well. She finds this a great idea. Rose unrolls the yoga mat sitting in a corner and helps me sit down on it. The ankles get tied exactly the same way as the wrists. She starts with a lark's head, then loops around and finishes with a cinch. She does so carefully, and applies a tight band around my ankles and legs. My legs are soon bound together, and I am unable to move.

There is now some leftover rope dangling from my legs, exactly what is needed to continue into a hogtie. She helps me turn around and lie on my stomach. I tell her to use the remaining bit from the legs to pass between the arms and pull the wrists and ankles together. I explain that this creates a back-bend and renders movement almost impossible, if tight enough. She passes the rope from the ankle cinch between my arms and loops them around a second time. She pulls the wrists and ankles together a bit and asks me if this is too tight.

I mock her: "No, already out of strength?"

She says, "Oh, I see, you like it very tight!" and proceeds to pull with all her force, and now my hands touch my calves, and my wrists and ankles are closely together. She wraps the rest of the rope around my feet and ties it off, well outside the reach of my fingers. I'm tied up very tightly now and can barely move a limb.

I try to wiggle around, but am very limited in my movements. She pushes me over onto my side. I'm unable to resist and completely at her mercy. Suddenly, she notices the tent in my shorts. I'm at full mast now, and some re-cum is moistening the shorts. "You really like this, do you? Do you mind if I investigate?"

I reply, "I'm not really in a position to resist."

With a laugh, she starts tracing the outline of my dick through my shorts. "You know, I quite like you like this!"

She stands up, gets my toy box, takes a blindfold, and covers my eyes. Unable to see, I'm concentrating now on her moves. I hear her rummage some more, and suddenly I feel a rubber ball being pressed against my lips. When I don't open my mouth immediately, she holds my nose until I open it to get some air, then she pushes the gag into my mouth and closes the clasp snugly behind my head.

I start feeling her hands roaming over my body, inching closer to my groin. Suddenly, my belt gets loosened, and she slides my shorts down my legs. My excitement grows while she continues to tease me. She touches everything around my cock but takes care to avoid it, very frustrating and exciting. Then my underwear, now very stained from my pre-cum, follows my shorts down my legs.

I feel her fingers probing around my balls and slowly creeping up my member. They start to glide up and down my shaft as I moan with pleasure. Then I feel a string tighten around the base of my cock, then encircling my balls, and finally the shaft. This strengthens my erection and increases my excitement. I get more and more worked up. Then I feel a warm moistness around my member. It glides up and down my shaft until I explode into her mouth. Rose swallows it all and makes sure my cock is clean.

"Wow, this was fun! But it is my turn now!"

I get turned back onto my belly, and I hear clothes rustling. My gag is removed, and my head is pulled back. Suddenly, I feel her privates against my mouth and start exploring with my tongue. I start licking from her pussy to her clit, penetrating as deep as possible, then slowly moving up repeatedly. She grabs my head by my hair and positions my mouth over her clit. I get the message and concentrate on it, applying more and more pressure and going faster and faster. I hear her breathing more and more rapidly, until she suddenly yanks my head away, and a deep moan escapes her throat while convulsions shake her body.

She takes a couple of minutes to recover, still holding my head. My blindfold gets removed, and she releases the rope tying my hands to my legs. I get to stretch my legs. What a great feeling!

The action and her excitement did their part, and I'm hard again. Rose realizes this and turns me on my back while straddling me. She slowly moves her pussy up and down over my member, increasing my excitement. Then, slowly, she impales herself on it. With all the accumulated wetness, there is not much resistance, and I slide right in. With increasing speed, she moves up and down, squeezing my penis with her vagina. I feel my excitement rising. Suddenly, she is shivering and squeezing my member with a new orgasm. This brings me over the edge again, and I fill her with my load. She collapses on top of me to relax, and we almost fall asleep.

After a couple of minutes, she slides off me and unties my hands and feet. My hands and arms had lost feeling a while ago, and the awakening is painful, pricking like hundreds of needles. But one has to pay the price for the fun. We cuddle on the sofa for a while, agreeing that she certainly will have to come again to get more rope.


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