The Ride

by Captain Lance

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© Copyright 2011 - Captain Lance - Used by permission

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It was another perfect day for a ride. Ashley and I had gotten up extra early to clean and polish our new Harley. This was to be the first time out for the new bike, and we were meeting our best friends that we usually rode with. They were a great couple. Young, super friendly, and both had that sexy air about them. Ashley found Bill to be a smolderingly sexual man, tall, rock solid, tough, tight, and gruff looking, but with a heart of gold. His wife Roni was a beautiful girl in her own right, the type that didn’t need makeup to be fantastic, but when she did, she was unbelievable. She was about 5 feet 4 inches tall, thin, and curvy in all the right places with straight mid back length blonde hair with a bright red streak in it. Her smile lit up a room, and frankly, she drove me to distraction, and seemed to love doing it. Every time we saw each other the sexual tension could be cut with a spoon. More than once I wanted to jump on her, drag her off into a dark corner and not come out for about a week...

My Ashley seemed somewhat distracted as we prepared to leave for our day’s outing. She had spent extra time last night making sure her beautiful dark brown waist length hair was set to perfection, her outfit was laid out after an hour of trying on everything in her play clothes closet. Last night she was so very attentive to me. We made soft, loving passionate love for hours, something that we hardly ever did anymore. Our time together had transformed to wham bam, let’s fuck. But not this time. This morning she made us both a great breakfast and afterwards she attacked me in the shower, we made wild anal love until we nearly fainted. She knew how much I craved her infrequent sessions as dominating; the feel of her strap on dildo penetrating my ass drove me insane, as my cock in her ass did to her. I didn’t know why her attentions had changed so drastically, but I was not going to look a wonderful gift horse in the mouth, so to say. She had entered the shower without saying a word, she took the soap and lathered us both up from head to toe. She pressed herself against my body and rubbed herself up and down my front. The strap on dildo that she was wearing slid on my stomach as she did her dance of lust. She then turned around, bent over and parted her ass cheeks with her hands and told me, “You know what I need” My soap covered cock found it’s way into her ready ass and together we moaned and groaned until she and I were satisfied fully. She then uncoupled and instructed me to do as she had done. Complying, I bent over and willingly accepted her dildo deep into my rear; She grabbed hold of my hips and fucked me like a crazed sailor until she made me scream with orgasmic pleasures. Finishing in the shower we dried off and I sat on the edge of the bed as my lovely lady got dressed. First she donned red latex dildo panties, something that drove her wild with lust whenever she wore them. Then, shiny white spandex micro shorts with a sexy red belt and a large silver buckle. She then slid into a red latex crop top with long poet sleeves and tight-ruffled wrists and a single snap on the front for closure. As the latex stretched across her ample breasts, most of them were exposed as the top barley covered due to the single snap in front. On her legs, she had a pair of white 1970's style knee high Go-Go boots with a high platform and chunky heels. She then asked me for help. On her dresser were heavy stainless steel cuffs and a collar. They were about an inch wide and about 3/8 of an inch thick, each with an attached “D”: ring and a hinged closure with a single screw to close them.

As I picked one up to put on her wrist, I was amazed by the sharpness of the insides. The outer portion of the bracelet was highly polished, like a mirror. Inside however, the bracelet was patterned with thousands of tiny pyramid like protrusions, made by numerous “V” shaped grooves that were cut in the surface both length and width wise. The result was a pattern of very sharp pointed pyramids of steel. As I closed it around her wrist, the bracelet was about a half inch too small to close easily. I showed her and told her that it would not fit. She smiled at me and told me to squeeze it closed and screw it together. As I squeezed it closed, I could see the grimace on her face as it shut. I inserted the screw and tightened it quickly with the tiny wrench that was supplied. I could see on her face that it was painful, as I had felt the tiny points bite into her skin as I shut it. She said nothing, but raised her other wrist toward me as a sign to fit the other bracelet to her, which I did. The expression was the same as the sharp points dug into her soft white flesh. Next was the collar, it was similar to the bracelets but wider, about 2 inches I guessed. Fitting it to her lovely neck, I again pointed out that it was too small, more than an inch small, and I doubted that I could get it closed. “Roni lent these to me, and she ands I wear the same sizes, so it should fit” Ashley told me. Positioning it on her mid neck, I gently squeezed it shut, it constricted her neck and I could see that it was making her breathing more and more difficult, plus it was really digging into her neck. She shook her head slightly and said to screw it closed at once. I did, and without a word. She was now totally locked into the steel torture implements. I asked her how she was doing, she replied, ” It hurts like hell, but I’m fine. Now, do the last of them”. Looking at the dresser I saw two more steel bands, much larger then the bracelets. I asked her what they were for, she replied, “My thighs, please.” Shaking my head, I took one up and repeated my task, I placed it just below the bottom of her shorts, and after tightening it, I did the last one. The tiny points dug so deeply into her that as I tried to turn one of the bands slightly, it was not moving, it was firmly dug into her skin and would not move. I asked her if she could stand these 5 torturous bands, and she said that she could, and that in fact she said, they were getting her very hot. I was amazed and pleased, seeing her in torment always made my cock hard! Speaking of hard, she told me to take the codpiece off my leather jeans that I had out on, exposing my cock to her. She took a polished steel collar, split in 2 pieces , it was about one inch thick, and about an inch and a half wide. She grabbed hold of my balls and pulled them downward. As they stretched, she slid the 2 halves of the split ring around the skin above my balls and held them together. She then took the 2 small screws and fastened the halves together. My balls were now stretched to near bursting, an inch and a half below my cock. “Hope you like that, it’s not coming off any time soon” she said. With that, she took the tiny tool that had come with the steel implements and dropped it into the toilet! We were now both locked in with no way out.

We finished dressing and left for the garage to start our ride. Walking for me was a bit difficult with my balls pulling and stretching as I moved. I was not sure if it was sexual or just pain, but it did feel exciting. As we started out of our driveway, Ashley whispered into my ear that the vibration of the Harley was already driving her dildo deeper into her and she was nearing an orgasm already. It was going to be a fun day, I thought. We arrived at our friend’s home quickly; they live only two miles from us and the drive is only about 10 minutes. They were standing in their yard awaiting us. Roni was amazing to see. She was wearing a purple latex pleated cheerleaders skirt that almost covered her behind, but not quite with hot pink latex panties under it... With matching purple latex short sleeved scoop neck top, and hot pink thigh high boots. Wow was all I could manage to say to myself. On her neck she wore an eternity collar with a very distinctive ring that I had given to Ashley some time ago, with matching bracelets on her wrists. The girls had switched their collars and bracelets for some reason.

Bill was as always, dressed in Harley gear, tight jeans, biker boots, and a black tee shirt. We dismounted our bike and started to small talk as the girls went into the house to prepare for our ride. Bill and I busied ourselves as we waited for their return. Nearly a half hour later, we had exhausted our topics of BS and were getting a bit pissed as we stood and waited. Soon our wait was over. The girls walked out of the house, hand in hand. Roni spoke up first. “We have a few things to tell you guys before we get going” she said. First, I guess that we owe you both an explanation of our behavior the last few days. We have been planning this day for about 3 months now. As you can see, we have switched our collars and wristbands as a sign of our desire to live in each other’s lives for a while. Ashley has told me in great detail about her life with fetish and kink as her daily routine, and this I find very exciting. I have told her about my love of captivity, bondage, pain and submission to the cruel whims of my Master, and the despicable deeds that I must endure. Ashley now desires to take that life on as her own. Secondly, we owe it to you both to admit that for the last two years the two of us have been lovers. Our times together are precious to us both and will continue. So, therefore, Ashley will be riding with my Bill today, and will be his to use as he sees fit for the rest of the weekend. I shall be yours, she said to me. I am to be used as your portal to pleasures and shall submit to your kinkiest desires without hesitation.

Ashley spoke up, “Any questions, guys?” I was dumbfounded to say the least.

Bill looked at Ashley and said, “ You know, I don’t play easy, if you are with me, it’s going to be a rough and painful road, little lady”. Ashley lowered her head and replied, “ Yes, sir, do with me as you please. I expect nothing but to serve your most selfish desires,” Bill looked at her once again and said,” I’m not sure that you understand what you are asking for. I do not believe in safe words, your screams, moans, pleading and begging only serve to excite me to greater levels of tortures for you. I intend to violate your body completely. I will use your ass, and your mouth for my cock’s pleasure; your pussy is destined to be ripped apart by my cock after I am finished with your other holes. Now, get on your knees”.

Ashley did so at once. Bill took a double chrome steel ring gag from his saddle bags. It was about 2 inches long and had a leather strap attached. He placed the rings deep into Ashley’s mouth, filling it completely. He then fastened the strap behind her head with the buckle on it. Dropping his pants to the ground, he pulled his enormous cock from it’s confines and with a few seconds masturbation, it grew to almost 10 inches long and nearly 2 ½ inches wide. Without hesitation, he thrust the throbbing cock into Ashley’s mouth, through the hole in the rings. Stopping for only a second to allow her to breath, Bill pushed his cock fully into her throat, leaving only his balls exposed. Ashley had taken the entire cock into her throat! Satisfied with her performance, he withdrew his cock, and removed the ring gag. “You’ll do for a novice,” he told her. He motioned for her to stand up. As she stood erect, he took his hands and placed them into the wide-open front of her latex top. He took her nipples into his hands and gripped them with his fingernails. “Place you hands behind your back and lock your fingers together. Make no sounds until I tell you to.” Bill squeezed his fingers together with all his might nearly piercing her nipples. The pain on her face was enormous as she turned bright red and started to collapse as he tightened his grip. Ashley wanted to scream at the top of her voice, this was so far beyond any pain that she had ever felt before, but she remained mute. Soon, Bill relaxed his grip and stepped away. Ashley regained her composure and then she walked to me and gave me a kiss, she spoke softly into my ear, “ I love you so much, but I need to feel the release that true submission and the glorious relief of my inhibitions that severe and unrelenting pain will give me.” With that, she walked towards Bill and mounted his bike. He quickly roared off with her holding on to his leather covered body. Roni approached me and smiled. She hugged me and asked if I was OK, I said, “I guess so...” and stood there trying to internalize what had happened. Roni then looked at me and said that she was mine, and don’t think about anything else till Monday. She would be coming home with me and that’s that! I asked if I would see Ashley at all, Roni said that we would catch up with them later today, and not to worry. She told me that she knew everything that I liked, all my kinks and fetishes and to let them fly, and not to hold back, she wanted to experience them all. Feeling like a kid in a candy store, I didn’t know what to do. I had lusted after Roni for years, and now she was giving herself to me, no strings attached! Taking her by the hand, I lead her into the house, and kissed her so gently. I pointed to the bedroom...

As she lay on the bed, I gently pulled her now very wet pink latex panties off her and spread her legs wide apart. Working my way up her body on my stomach, I was ready to eat her pussy to the brink of orgasmic bliss, when I did not believe my eyes...Roni had a cock, not a pussy! Frozen in my mind and body, Roni took me by the hand and looked into my eyes. “Ashley knew that your love of her fucking you with her strap-on would make us great lovers...You see, I am a unicorn in nature. One in a million, I am a chick born with a dick”. I am here to please you, and to allow you to use your fantasies as reality.” Stumbling for a second or two, I asked, ” Can you...” She stopped me. “Yes, I can, and I will, my lover” “Now lay on your tummy and let me place this pillow under your stomach”. I flipped over at once. Roni spread my legs, and quickly I felt the pressure of her hard cock against my behind. With a slight push, she entered me, and slid her cock to it’s full depth, then stayed deep inside me for a minute to allow me the full range of sensations that I was feeling. The feeling was wonderful, and intense. She pumped away at my ass with increasing speed and harshness until we were both groaning with pleasure. She soon let out a deep cry and exploded into my ass, shooting a shower of hot fluid into me. I was in total bliss. Resting for a minute or so, she withdrew and said ” My turn, baby!” She took my place and as she had done, I mounted her and returned the favor of fucking her ass with all my vigor and might. Ten minutes and hundreds of groans and moans, I exploded in her, filling her ass with my cum. I remained inside of her as long as my cock was hard, feeling the wonderful tightness and warmth of her beautiful behind. We were spent, and together we rolled over and fell sound asleep, sleeping the sleep of lovers. We awoke about an hour later, and with a gentle kiss on her lips I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly and wishing that I could pull her body into mine as one. We rolled around on the bad for a while, and wound up in a perfect “69" position. We simultaneously took each other’s cocks into our mouths and began to send them into another round of sexual bliss. Several minutes of sucking and nibbling and we were both ready to climax once again. Roni had such an effect on me, which as a person that normally came once, maybe twice at best, had been changed into a multi orgasmic fucking machine. It seemed, as there was no limit to what I could experience with her!

After our final round of play, we both hit the shower to clean off and get ready for the rest of the day. So much sex had made my bladder filled to the top. I could hardly wait to empty myself as I entered the bath. Roni was already undressed and standing in the shower. I smiled at her and instructed her to kneel down on the shower floor, which she did at once. Standing in front of her, I held my cock pointed at her neck and let my piss flow. The sheer amount of my piss was fully wetting her torso, she was very turned on by this new kink, she begged me to raise my cock and I did, wetting her face and hair as she hungrily opened her mouth to catch a shower of piss in her mouth. She swallowed every drop that she could catch, and the result drove me to put my cock directly in front of her wide-open mouth, filling it easily as she gagged down as much piss as she could. Finishing my flow, she got up and kissed me with her piss-flavored mouth. She was driving me crazier than before; her willingness to explore any kink was fantastic. I then kneeled down as she had, and looking up at her, she smiled and knew exactly what I wanted. I was masturbating my cock wildly as she pointed her cock at my face and began my shower. I was able to experience a wonderful wetting, covering most of my body, and filling my mouth a few times as well. We finally had our shower and went into the bedroom to get dressed once again. As I put my red latex tee shirt back on, and pulled up my black leather codpiece pants Roni stopped me before I could put my shoes back on. She went into her closet and brought out a pair of bright red vinyl lace up ankle boots, they had a 1/1 2 inch platform and about 5-inch heels. “ Please wear these for me, they are your size,” she said. I blushed as I looked at her. Yes, I loved these boots, and the idea of wearing girl’s sexy boots, at her request sent my cock to full erect in seconds. I placed them on my feet and laced them tightly to my ankles. “Yes, they fit perfectly”, I told her. She then produced a black latex catsuit, polished to a bright shine for her to wear. It had slash zippers across both breasts, zipped ankles and wrists, and a crotch zip as well. She slid into it and with my help zipped it up. It fit her like a glove, it was super skin tight, and fitted perfectly in every way. She then brought out another pair of the exact same boots that she had for me, and put them on her legs. This was totally sexy to me seeing her in the same boots that I was wearing. Reaching into her dresser, she brought out a heavily boned latex waist cincher, which I placed on her waist and pulled to its smallest size. It crushed her waist by nearly 5 inches, and made her hips and waist look so sensual. She placed a pair of latex gauntlet gloves with heavily studded gauntlets on her hands, and a small pad lock was given to me to secure the back zipper of her catsuit so that she could not remove it without my permission. I looked at her and shook my head with disbelief at how wonderfully sexy she was, just looking at her drove me to distraction.

“Feel like a nice big plug to finish off the outfits, baby?” she said to me.

“What do you have in mind,” I replied. “You know we have some riding to do yet today” With that, she produced from her dresser draws once more, a pair of spun aluminum butt plugs, both the same size, about 7 inches long and about 2 1/2 inches wide. “Wow” I replied, “They are big, alright”. “Don’t be a sissy,” she scolded. “If I can take it, so can you”

She then unzipped the crotch zipper of her catsuit, and with ample lube she slipped the anal plug into her ass. She moaned as it slid home, no doubt causing her great pleasure as it found it’s new home. She rezipped her suit and stood straight up and looked at me. “You’re next” she scolded. I dropped my leather jeans and bent forward to await her. I didn’t have a long wait; the cold metal point of the plug touched my anus and caused a shiver to run down my spine. Quickly, she pushed forward, and it quickly filled me. I had never felt such a filling before. It was wonderful; I wished for a second that it were bigger and fatter...

As a final piece of attire, Roni produced a black latex hood; it had mouth and eye openings and two small holes for her nostrils. “Put it on me, please”, she begged. I pulled it over her head and carefully zipped the back of the hood up. It fit very tightly, and looked so wonderful on her. I tucked the neck carefully into her suit and finished zipping her up. God, did she drive me crazy! A second trip to her dresser produced a combination gas mask, rebreather and hood. The mask had two corrugated rubber hoses connecting to the backpack type rebreather unit. She slipped the backpack straps over her shoulders and tightened them. Then, with my help we slipped the hood-gas mask over her already hooded head and zipped it tight. The mask had red transparent lenses, sure to change how she was able to view the world as we rode. The sound of her breath operating the valves in the mask made me very excited, knowing of how she was breathing in a very compromised way. IN a muffled voice, she directed me to turn the rebreather unit to “LOW”, so that very little new outside air would be available to her, We both knew that this would produce lightheadedness and a semi faint state in a short while, but breath control was a big turn on for us both, apparently!

I threw my arms around her and hugged her as tightly as I could. My endorphins were racing like crazy, she was making me her sex toy without trying, and I was supposed to be the dominant one!

We finally finished dressing and taking her by the hand, I lead her out to my bike. She mounted it and let out a small “ooh” as sitting shoved the butt plug deeper into her on the seat, this would be a good ride, I thought to myself. As I sat down, I felt the same rush that she had, the sensation of being so filled and now being plugged deeper was fantastic. I have to admit that Roni insisting that I wear her stiletto heel boots along with my leathers made me a bit excited as well, adding to the moment. Roni placed her arms around my body and whispering into my ear the location we were to arrive at, off we rode. The first 20 minutes of our ride were eventful to say the least; the heavy aluminum plugs were vibrating in sync. With the engine on the Harley, the result was like a super charged vibrator violating our asses. I nearly wrecked the bike as I experienced my first anal orgasm... I nearly blacked out as I came, and was not able to stop as the wave hit me, since we were doing about 70 on the highway at the time! I swear that Roni seemed to orgasm over and over as we rode, her purring changed to loud moaning and cries as we rode. Being that the temperature was nearing 90* and the humidity was like soup, I could only imagine the torture that Roni was undergoing encased in her head to toe latex catsuit, her entire head covered in tight latex, and the total coverage helmet that she was wearing as we rode. I guessed that she must have been swimming in her own juices by now, since the heat was making me sweat profusely and I was not so totally encased. We had a long way to go, and with considerable mental fortitude I was able to focus on my riding as we cruised to our destination. I kept wondering how my Ashley was doing, since this entire episode seemed to be of her doing...

Bill opened the throttle all the way, I held on for dear life as we accelerated to nearly 100. I wasn’t sure exactly why I was so alive with anticipation, nor why this ride, which should have normally scared the hell out of me, wasn’t frightening me. Yes, I do have a love of the unknown and edgy things do get me excited, but racing down a country road with the man who will shortly have me totally under his control, and using me as his very own slave toy was creating a feeling within me that was like nothing I had ever before known. True, I had conspired with my dear friend Roni to swap husbands for a weekend, so that we might both know and experience the lives that we live in each other’s shoes, at least for a while.

I had been very envious of how easily Roni seemed to describe the physical tortures that she experienced at the hand of her loving husband, Bill. Seeing her daily, wearing the very same steel bands that I now wear, and feeling the painful constriction they inflict was turning me on more and more as we rode to our unknown hideaway. I knew from Roni that should I allow this game to play out; my very existence could be in jeopardy. I had heard stories about some of the plights that she had endured, and how Bill loved to push the games further and further into the darkest realms of depravity. She had been whipped till passing out, caned endlessly until the blood ran down her back and legs. She had been nearly suffocated several times, pissed on, starved, covered in filth, and choked by a hangman’s noose. She had even been buried in their back yard, up to her neck in mud as bill stood by pissing on her face as she screamed through the ball gag he had stuffed into her mouth after drugging her to make her compliant enough to bury. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I was even more committed to seeing this out to the end, not that I had any other choice now. I was no longer in control of my destiny.

The bike began to throttle down, breaking my fuzzy state of mind and drawing my attention to the present. We pulled off the road into a dirt path with no sign. A short ride into the wooded area and Bill stopped the bike. And switched the motor off. “OK, time to get off” he said. I stood up and stretched my legs. My white micro shorts were soaking wet. My excitement during the ride was now evident, I had leaked so much that I had completely soaked myself. Bill saw my plight and just chuckled at me. “You know, I never thought that I would have my way with you, I had dreamed of being your lover and master for so long, but it was only a dream. Now, it is true, and I assure you that you will know and experience things that you never before dreamed of. You may not end up still liking me, but you will never again be the same girl that you are right now.” he said. It didn’t matter to me what he said, I just wanted to be his, completely and totally. If he had told me that he was going to paint me purple, it wouldn’t have mattered.

“Now, strip, Bitch,” he said with a very authoritative tone. I bowed my head and muttered, “Yes, Sir”.

“You will look at me when you address me, slut” he demanded. “YES, SIR”, I repeated.

With that, I unsnapped the single snap holding my red latex top together and let it fall to the ground. My endorphins raced. Never before had I been topless for a stranger. Taking a deep breath, I unsnapped the micro shorts that I was wearing and pulled them down, kicking them aside. I stood there in my boots and red dildo panties. “Now what, sir, I am undressed, ” I asked.

A slap across my face caught me by total surprise. I reeled and nearly fell down.

“ When I tell you to do something, I want it done. Take those panties off, and quickly, or you will live to regret it”. Standing there before him topless, and vulnerable was one thing, but now I was to be exposed. I was going to wipe the tears from my face, but decided that taking my panties off at once was much more important. I pushed my hands into the sides of the panties and eased them down. The feeling of the large dildo pulling out of my pussy was driving me to another spontaneous orgasm, probably the millionth one since we left home...

As I raised my leg to kick the panties away, Bill put his hand out and told me to hand them to him, which I did. In absolute amazement to me, he took the panties, opened his mouth wide and placed the dildo into his mouth and sucked away on it!

I could see the evident result as his crotch swelled, his cock straining to get out. Watching the man who was to be my tormentor worshiping my sticky, wet, latex dildo panties was amazing. I felt the rush of endorphin as I watched him suck away. His cock swelling as he sucked. Getting the best of me, I took my hands and stuck my fingers into my pussy and began to masturbate my clit. The sensations were instantaneous and overpowering. I climaxed in seconds. Bill looked at me and was a bit pissed, I was receiving pleasure that he had not authorized... he grabbed my hair and dragged me towards his bike. I was pushed down with my face planted on the seat, with my legs straddling the rear wheel. Legs set far apart; I could hear Bill unsnap the codpiece from his pants. His hands gripped my hips and set chills running across my back. I felt his huge cock slide into my soaked pussy, I gasped as the huge member filled me so wonderfully. All I could think was how for years I had missed the fabulous feeling that I was now experiencing. Size does matter!

As quickly as he entered me, he withdrew, leaving me feeling so unsatisfied. Seconds later, I understood why. I felt the pressure of his now soaking wet cock against the rosebud of my behind. A chill beset me, was he really going to impale me with that huge cock? It would rip me apart...then I felt the pressure increase. With a pop, he entered me. I gasped as the pain set in. He waited for a few seconds and then thrust forward, filling me to the hilt. I felt the presence of his stomach as it hit my back. He was fully inside of me with ten glorious inches of meat. Bill bent forward and whispered into my ear. “Are you OK, Ashley?.. I don’t want to hurt you, just fuck you until you scream for mercy”. His words echoed in my brain. What was I to say... was I to be coy, or innocent? He knew me too well for that, so I turned my head towards him and moaned “ No mercy, fuck me as hard as you can, rip me apart if you want”. I could not believe that I was saying that, it was like listening to a recording, but it was me, and it was real!

Bill obliged. He dug his fingers into my sides and began to thrust into me like a wild animal. I cried, screamed, and moaned as he used me. I could not yell any more, I just lay there soaked in sweat and pussy juices as he used me to the limit. I felt his body stiffen, and seconds later a groan emitted from his mouth as he shot his huge cock’s load into me. The red hot cum flowed in my pussy, causing me to follow suit and climax along with him. Both of us were spent, he collapsed onto my back as we lay there across his bike. His cock was till hard as he lay on me, the experience had not lessened his stamina. Bill stood up again, and slowly started his second attack on my ass. Gradually he thrust into me, gaining sped and power slowly as we enjoyed our second session of lust. I was so wonderfully lubricated by his huge cum load that we were able to continue fucking for what seemed like an hour. He had actually driven me to my second and third anal orgasm before he stopped, exhausted as I was. We were both covered in sweat and juices that ran down our legs. As Bill withdrew, he commented, “ Wow, I have to piss so bad I am going to explode” I had gotten up fro the bike and was looking at him as he spoke. Not saying a word, I got to my knees in front of him, raised my face towards him, and smiled as I opened my mouth wide. Bill took his cock in hand and pointing it at my forehead, began to water me. His steaming hot piss ran down my face, into my mouth and covered my torso. He played his cock around, making sure that no portion of my body was overlooked. He finished off by placing his cock directly in my mouth and allowed it to fill my throat. I did not spill one drop or his precious golden nectar. When completely emptied, Bill grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my feet. He pulled me towards a nearby tree and pressed my face against it. “Don’t move,” he commanded. He took my hands and wrapped them around the trunk of the tree and fastened the steel cuffs I was wearing together with a lock. My thigh bands were attached to the tree with a long cord that went through the “D” rings on them, and then around the tree trunk also. I was not going anywhere! Next, he took a blue rubber ball gag out of the saddle bags on the bike and stuck it into my mouth, fastening it with the leather strap and buckle attached to it. Turning my head as I could, I saw Bill take a large knife out of his belt and cut a thin branch, about 3 feet long. He carefully deleafed the branch leaving only a thin, supple shaft. Without saying a word, he raised the shaft to his shoulder and let it fly towards my shoulders. WHACK!!!... The snap of the branch against my soft skin was like a lightning bolt. I screamed as well as I could with the ball gag, but little came out. Again and again he applied the branch to my back, carefully leaving a beautiful pattern of chevrons from my shoulders to my thighs. The pain seemed to stop after the first ten or so hits, then the sensuality set in. There was no more pain at all, just the intoxicating sensations of sub space. I guess that I must have passed out, as I awoke in Bills arms, being cuddled and softly rubbed with lotion. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, this was my master, and I would do his bidding. There was no question.

Still naked, except for my boots, I was helped to my feet. I had regained my composure and was OK again. Bill told me to mount the bike; we were going to the cabin. Somehow, my nakedness never dawned on me; I simply mounted the seat and held onto him as we roared off. The stinging of my back and the cool breeze of being naked on the moving bike was making me hornier as we rode. I hoped that someone would ride by us, and see me, but it was not to be, the road was deserted.

We reached the log cabin home in about 15 minutes, it was beautiful, rustic but full equipped and modern on the inside. I was in love with it! Once inside, I was immediately ushered to the bedroom. Bill took bright red leather over bust corset that was on the bed and wrapped it around my body. It was very small, indeed. Pulling as hard as he could, Bill constricted my waist smaller and smaller. Breathing was a difficulty as the leather prison shrunk me to its desires. Tighter and tighter it shrunk, until it would go no smaller. My waist had shrunk to an incredible size; Bill could almost get his hands around my waist and touch each other! Next, a matching red leather hood was pulled over my head, it had small eye holes and a mouth hole, and was covered with straps and “D: rings and studs. Bill laced the back of the hood tightly, compressing my face and sending me into a second round of sexual arousal. I felt the straps pulling tighter and tighter has he buckled them around my head and jaw. The hood stopped just above my steel neck collar, and when he pulled the buckle on the neck strap tight, I was nearly choked. My head would not turn, nor could I take a deep breath. I felt my arms being drawn behind my back...Bill pulled a red leather arm binder up to my shoulders, and fastened the straps around them. As the binder was being laced up, I felt my arms being pressed together so tightly that no movement was possible. I was so helpless that he could do anything he wanted to me, and I could not help myself to escape, it produced no panic at all when I imagined the terrible things that could befall me, just more and more excitement. I began to hope that his ministrations would be cruel, painful, and imaginative. Do with me as you will, I said to myself. Then, I felt an invasion of my pussy; a large rubber plug of some kind was being pressed into me. My clit went crazy and I orgasmed at once. Next, I felt a matching insertion being pressed into my ass. The plug was wet and cold, the lube allowed it to slide home effortlessly. Looking down as well as I could, I saw two tubes coming from the rear plug, and one from the front one. Each plug was attached to an inflating bulb. I could only imagine what was next. Bill took the bulb and pressed it 2 or 3 times, it filled my pussy nicely, and the pressure was so nice against my clit. Then with an evil smile, he grabbed the bulb and pressed it 6 or 7 times more. I felt like I was being ripped apart. No pleasure here, just real torture. I cried out, begging him to stop. My pleas went unanswered, he just smiled and laughed. Finally, he dropped the bulb and took up the one for my ass plug, the same treatment was given, he pressed the bulb so many times that I felt the two plugs touch each other as the pressed my insides together with horrible unending cruelness.

The second tube attached to my rear plug was now being used...Bill took an enema bag filled with “warm milk and honey” as he said and connected it to me. The bag was clipped to my neck with one of the rings on my hood, and the valve opened. The inrush of the “food” was warm and sweet, my ass filled quickly as I had enema’d several times before starting my weekend as Roni had suggested. She had warned me of this method of feeding his salves. I was to be kept this way until it had been fully taken in by my body. Bill removed the bag as it emptied, and turned the valve on the plug off to insure no leakage. I could see bill’s excitement as I gladly kept my composure during my initiation; I was making my new master happy! Bill next took a chain and wrapped it around my waist; locking it together and attaching the “D:” ring of my arm binder to the front of the chain with a second small chain through my legs. The chain also insured that I could not force out either of my plugs. How wicked! A steel spreader bar was then attached to my ankles with the steel cuffs on the ends of the bar. My legs were drawn far apart, and locked. I was now truly helpless, and loving it! Finally, bill took a chain from a hook on the ceiling and bent me over 90 degrees so that my face was looking at the floor. It was clipped to my armbinders end, as was the crotch chain, insuring my continued posture. A second chain was clipped to my steel neck collar, to insure that I could not fall forward if I became faint. How kind of my Master! The milk and honey enema was causing terrible cramps now, but I knew that there would be no release; I had to tough it out. Peering up, I could see Bill’s excitement; his cock was rock hard and sticking straight up. In my best submissive voice I begged him to stick it into my waiting mouth ands allow me to service his needs. He came to me, took my head into his hands, and stuck his cock deep into my throat, as I stood there, bent forward, helpless. As his huge cock filled my throat, cutting off all my air, I could only hope that I could fulfill his needs before I fainted. He fucked my mouth only about 8 or 10 times before shooting his seed into my hungry throat. I swallowed every drop, as I wanted no waste of his precious cum. Bill stayed in me for some time, savoring the sensations of my mouth on his great cock. I amused myself by licking him slowly to regain his rock hard erection one more time. As I felt him begin to grow, he pulled out of me and admonished me that HE was in control, not me. I mumbled “Yes, Master” and secretly smiled to myself.

There I stood, bent over, supported by my arms and neck, and chained to the ceiling helpless. My mouth drooled cum and saliva as I stood there. If only this could last, I said to myself. I was hooked.

Suddenly, the sharp crack of a rattan cane struck my backside. The shock nearly knocked me over. Again and again it struck home, raising welts as it hit its mark. I could feel the icy cold and hot sensations as the skin welted. Chevrons of deep impacts were being applied to my rear, my thighs, and upper pegs. The stinging was so intense that I wanted desperately to scream, but made no sound. I wanted to please Master. When I thought I could take no more, the caning stopped almost magically. I then felt the cane rubbing against my inner thighs. I shuddered at what I knew was to be next. With a quick flick of his wrist, Bill took the cane and snapped it straight upward. The tip landed on my pussy lips, sending the most intense pain I had ever felt through my body. Two, three, four times it hit its mark. I was sobbing uncontrollably and crying as I stood there begging him for “More, Master”. I could not believe that I had said that. Bill finished off with ten unbelievable strikes to my inner thighs. I passed out and awoke with Bill holding my head in his hands and whispering to me that it was OK, and that he would take care of me. Nothing else seemed to matter then.

In the background I could hear the familiar sound of our motorcycle coming towards the cabin....

We pulled into the drive of the cabin and saw Bill’s bike there. As we stopped, Roni got off just as she saw Bill coming out of the cabin to greet us.

“Have a fun ride,” Bill asked Roni. “You bet, I am swimming in my own sweat, I came four times from the dildo in my ass, and I had to pee, so my suit is filled to the ankles” she said. “But” she continued, “We had the most intense sex at home before we left, I was fucked so hard, and so much that I blanked out into sub space and stayed there for some time. I even got to ass fuck my lover in the shower with the new strap on you got me, and receive a full body piss bath after I ass fucked him with my girl cock on our bed” she finished. “I feel lightheaded and giddy, my vision is all fuzzy from the sweat on my mask lenses, but I am great!”

We walked into the cabin, Roni stood there looking at Ashley in her predicament. I could see that her plight was exciting Roni to no end, she walked to Ashley, kneeled down and whispered something into her ears. Roni then stood up and faced me. “Masters, may I beg your indulgence? I wish to serve along side of my lover, Ashley. What ever you may, please do it to me here so that we can be together, please?” Roni humbly begged. My level of sexual tension was at its limit; so many perverted thoughts had flown past my mind that I didn’t know which to exercise. Then, a particularly evil one sprang forth. I asked Bill if her had what we needed, he was impressed at my ideas, and helped me to get what we needed. First, we found two small rectangular foot stools, each about one foot high and placed then in front of Ashley, spaced about 2 feet apart. Next we took two blocks of ice from the icebox and placed one on each stool. A board of about 6 inches width was placed across the ice blocks forming a platform. A length of strong rope was found in the shed, and Bill proceeded to tie the end into a loop about 12 inches in diameter that would not tighten if stressed. The rope was thrown over the beams of the cabin ceiling and allowed to dangle over the ice block platform. Roni looked frightened at the obvious prospects. “You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?” she pleaded.

I pushed a chair next to the stools and commanded Roni, “On the chair, bitch”.

She hesitated for a few seconds and then lowered her head, took my hand and I assisted her onto the chair. Bill took the rope and slipped the loop over her neck.

“On the platform, and be quick about it” I yelled out. “Please!’ she cried out.

Pointing to the wooden plank, she slowly stepped onto it and tried her best to get a good footing. The rope was pulled tight to her neck, causing her to panic a bit. As the rope was tied off, I told her that because I was so kind, I would not tie her hands behind her back, so that when the ice melted and the plank slipped away, she would fall, however, she might be able to grab the rope and save herself as she danced around on her noose. To ad to her plight, I reached behind her back and shut the fresh air valve completely off on her rebreather, telling her that I did it and that she may just pass out from lack of oxygen before she swung from her rope.

Ashley was begging us not to hurt Roni all the time we were instituting her new torture. She even begged to be allowed to take Ashley’s place at the end of the rope...

Bill replied, “That’s nothing compared to what I have planned for you, your torture will be a magnificent display beyond your ability to imagine.”

Looking at Roni, I saw that the ice was already beginning to melt, water was flowing slowly onto the floor of the cabin in the 90* heat of the summer’s eve.

As Bill watched Roni with delight, I kneeled down in front of Ashley and asked her if she was OK. Her reply was immediate, “Yes, sir, I am experiencing the first of my tortures with great delight. I would appreciate it if you would add to my pain that Master Bill has so lovingly applied” She went on to explain in great detail about her inflated plugs, her cramping feeding of milk and honey and how fantastic the welts felt on her rear. With my cock ready to explode, I unsnapped my codpiece and let it snap to full erection. I wanted so badly to fuck my wife in her ass, but I knew that when the plug was removed, a shower of milk and honey would expel out. I asked her if she could hold her feeding in if I deflated the plug slowly and removed it gently. I explained that I wanted to ram my cock deep into her and shoot my cum up her ass. I also told her that if she let even a drop spill out of her, I would let Bill torture her endlessly. Bill spoke up and suggested that we should take her into the woods behind the cabin, coat her with honey and tie her to a tree, or stake her to the ground near a large ant hill and allow the bugs to feast on her skin. I agreed completely, and Ashley looked very frightened indeed. Standing behind her, I slowly let the air out of her butt plug. It was so large that I was amazed at how she could stand the pressure it must have caused. I could see that she was fighting with all her might to keep the milk enema inside. The cramping must have been terrible. Gently, I pulled the plug out of her. As she was clenching her muscles to keep a tight seal, it was slow and difficult to do. Finally out, she squirted a small stream before closing her muscles again. Roni had been looking at her intently, as Ashley squirted, Roni became very agitated. She knew that her master did not kid around, if he said he was going to do something, he did it. I was standing behind Ashley, cock in hand. I pressed the head of my cock against her ass and with one shove, plowed into her. The feeling of the heated milk and honey on my cock was unbelievable. Ashley moaned with delight as I entered her and at once I began to ram into her. I thrust with all my vigor, slapping my body against her backside with each thrust. We both were lost in the throws of sexual bliss, feeling things we had never before experienced. With each thrust, a small amount of milk spurt out, it was unavoidable, and I didn’t care at that point. When I felt my climax coming, she could feel it too, we moaned and groaned and I shot my load into her milky sauce. Once again, I warned her of my task, and as I pulled my cock out, I shoved the butt plug back in and quickly inflated it to the max. Her screams told me that she was in sub space once again. The aluminum plug that Roni had placed in me had only added to the intense pleasure I had received from my first enema fucking!

Turning my attention to Roni, I saw that she was very excited sexually. She was rubbing her crotch as she watched Ashley and I fuck. The ice below her legs was rapidly melting, and she was having trouble keeping the board on the wet blocks.

Then unexpectedly, she looked at us both and said, ”I am ready now, my air is almost gone”. With that, she reached up over her head and grabbed the rope tightly.

She then lifted her legs up a small bit and with her right foot, kicked the board away, leaving her without any footing! She let her legs down, and as she looked at us, she let the rope slip out of her hands. Her arms lowered to her sides, she was now hanging but her neck and not attempting to do anything to help herself. As the rope stretched tight, the toes of her boots just touched the floor. Sensing this, she tightened her legs and put as much weight on her feet as possible. Bill and I stood there watching for signs of real trouble. Her weight was partly on her neck, but her feet were supporting her as well, she seemed to not be in any serious trouble, so we watched and waited. Ashley was crying as she saw her girlfriend hanging there, which only added to the scenes flavor. As we saw Roni begin to weaken and grow faint, I grabbed her body as Bill removed the rope. We lay her down on the bed and removed her gas mask allowing her to breath freely. In seconds, she came around and brightened up. She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her. “I love you,” she whispered.

Meanwhile, Bill was removing Ashley from her bondage. The heavy chains fell to the floor with a loud “clank” as she was freed. He helped her stand up, and started to remove her armbinder, leg spreader and hood. Standing freely for the first time in hours, she was a bit shaky, but totally satisfied, by the look on her face.

Ashley walked to the bed, and lay down next to Roni, pulling her tightly against her body. As the two girls lay there hugging and kissing, Bill and I went into the front room to plan what was to be next.

Sometime later, we heard the sound of hair dryers in the bathroom; we figured that the girls would be coming out soon to rejoin us. Soon, a sight to behold, our two lovely wives dressed in matching little schoolgirl outfits. Red plaid 9 inch pleated skirts, white tie tops that just barely reached the bottoms of their breasts, and white hooker shoes, ankle strapped with platforms. They came to us; Roni sat in my lap, Ashley in Bill’s. As soon as they sat, it was obvious that neither girl had any panties on; the shortness of the skirts gave us full view of their sex as they snuggled into our laps. Both Bill and I became excited at once, I wanted no more than to throw Roni over a table and fuck her lovely ass until she screamed. Her beautiful girl cock was at full erection as she teased and taunted me. It was not to be however, the girls got up from our laps as if they were programmed in advance. They disappeared into the kitchen and came back out with drinks for us all. Bill and I were parched, the drinks hit the spot. As we sat there, the girls put on a show for us both. Ashley lay on her back on the floor in front of us. Roni spread her legs and began to have intercourse with her as we watched! Ashley began to writhe and wriggle on the floor. She was moaning and touching herself as Ashley pounded into her pussy. I was so engrossed with their act that my own cock was leaking precum by the gallon. I guess the day was getting to me also as I was starting to get very, very tired. I recall that the girls were nearly finished with their act when I looked over at Bill and saw that he too was nodding off as he sat there. Soon, I believe that I fell sound asleep as well.

Upon awakening, I found that I was very disoriented. I was lying on my stomach in a bed. I was completely naked, my arms and legs were tied to the four corners of the bed, and a small rubber ball was stuffed into my mouth. Peering to my right, I saw that Bill was similarly bound and struggling to get free on the adjacent bed.

Looking upwards, I saw that the girls were standing I front of us, dressed in exactly the same outfit, each was wearing a very small pleated school girl red plaid skirt and a white tied top that barely covered their breasts. They had red patent ankle strap platform hooker shoes on to finish the outfits. Trying as I could to speak, Ashley came closer to me and taking her right hand out from behind her back, I immediately saw that she was holding a large pink rubber enema bag, which was obviously filled to capacity. The end of the hose had the familiar pump up dildo shaped butt plug attached. Turning my head again, I saw that Roni was also holding one of the fiendish bags in her hand and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

I also noticed that girls were wearing a black latex glove on their left hands. Ashley approached me and bent down. She proclaimed ” Glad you are awake, now it’s dinner time for you both. I hope you like milk and honey as much as I did”.

I tried to yell, but with no effect, as the ball gag was doing its job. Ashley then took her gloved hand, dipped it into a can of Crisco and with her fingers covered, stuffed three of them into my ass. The pain was immediate, and sharp, but she was oblivious to my plight, her task was clear and she was determined. Her fingers inside of me started to bring my cock to attention. The pain I had felt was gone, and the pleasure syndrome was kicking in. As she turned her hand around and around, the sensation was fantastic, something I had never before experienced. Ashley then pulled her hand out and dug out another fist full of grease, covering her entire hand once again. This time, I felt all of her fingers at the entrance of my rear, she told me to take a deep breath and hold it. With that, I felt the pressure build again as she twisted and turned her hand, all of her fingers were cupped together and drilling their way into my ass. Lucky for me, Ashley has small hands...I felt the knuckles, then the palm of her hand as it reached my opening. Then, a quick twist and a “POP”. Her entire fist was inside of me. I felt her fingers open and massage my prostate; I was so excited that I felt my cock shoot cum all over my stomach as I lay there. She pushed deeper into me, I was on a cloud, and the sensations were coming like lightening as I endured the sweet torture. Ashley bent forward and whispered into my ear...”I hope you are enjoying this, baby, there is lots more to come. I want you to feel what I have been so lucky to experience from Roni over the last year of our lovemaking. I know that you must have orgasmed like a wild man when she fucked you with her she cock, just like I do”. “She and I have fist fucked each other dozens of times, and her cock drives me wild with lust”

Turning my head to the side, I saw Roni approach us with her gloved hand extended. Ashley was still bent forward with her head next to mine as I saw Roni move beside Ashley. Roni’s hand was glistening with lube as she placed it on Ashley’s backside. I heard Ashley swoon as she felt Roni’s touch. Ashley stiffened her body slightly as Roni slid her hand in position at the entrance of her rear. I could feel Ashley’s body press against mine as Roni began her probing. Quickly, her hand was inserted up to her wrist, Ashley moaned and swooned as the sensations built deep within her. A rhythm began to build, as Roni pushed deep into Ashley’s rear, Ashley in turn did the same to me. We were serial fisting each other! Ashley came wildly, screaming and crying out as she hit her peak. I had long since climaxed and was just floating on my own cloud. Roni pulled out of Ashley with an audible “POP”. Ashley slid out of me, leaving me weak with all the sensations that I had experienced.

My ordeal was not over yet, the bag of milk and honey that had been prepared for me was next...I felt the large rubber plug slide into me, the inflator bulb filling it with air as it tightened inside of me forming it’s impermeable seal. The rush of the warm solution filling my bowels as I lay there, spent from my experiences. I filled quickly, the bag emptied it’s three quarts into my colon as I lay there awaiting the inevitable cramps Turning my head towards Bill on the other side of the room, I saw that his bag was deflated, he was writhing around as best he could, as I saw Roni remove and change his bag to a new, filled one. She was going to give him a second filling, and she had another bag lying on the table next to her. Roni left Bill’s side after saying something into his ear, then came towards me, bag in hand. I tried to cry out, but in vein. Roni cupped her hands around my bag and squeezed tightly, the result felt like a high pressure nozzle shooting into my rear as the evil concoction shot deep into me. She changed the bags giving me a second filling, I was not sure that I could stand this torture, but how was I to end it? Time passed as the girls left the room together, hand in hand. Time passed, as my second bag was now empty. My cramping was extreme, but subsiding to the point of tolerance as I saw Bill similarly adjusting to his plight. I have no idea how much time had passed, I was in a fog of sexual tension, pain, and disbelief through most of the ordeal. I was almost hoping that I would not be released until I had fully assimilated the entire filling. Even though my prostate had been milked of it’s ejaculate, my cock was still hard as a rock and begging for another release.

Then, the silence broke as the girls reentered the room. Roni spoke up first. “Well guys, Ashley and I have had a long talk and a few decisions have been made. You both know how much we love you, and how much we have enjoyed this unbelievable session. We have benefited from switching partners and have come to understand our secret desires that can be met by this switch. So, here it is. From now on, the first ten days of each month, we are doing exactly that. We are switching husbands Ashley will be living at our home with Bill, and I will be with you. We will give ourselves 100% to you both as your toys and sex objects.”

I was shocked, and amazed but very turned on by the ideas that I was hearing. I think knowing that my wife, Ashley would be used by Bill was the most exciting of all, but having Roni as my fetish slave wasn’t going to be too hard to accept either!

With that, the girls untied us, removed our plugs and allowed us to run outside to void the remaining filling of milk and honey. Life is sweet!

I can’t wit till next month, can you?