The Posture Bar

by CK

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; collar; buttplug; trick; cons; X

The Posture Bar

There is a kind of security bar for cars that fits between the brake pedal and the steering wheel rendering both inoperable. Here’s a story involving one such security bar.

The few years I spent in college dorms were highlighted by this hot brunette who was a bit of an air-head. On one occasion she noticed the anti-theft bar for my car hanging on the back of my door. This bar had a heavy metal hook that hooked under the brake pedal and a latch that locked around the steering wheel. If someone tried to steal my car, they would not be able to steer or stop. Well, she asked me what it was. I thought to myself that it was a pretty dumb question and avoided answering it, but she continued to bug me about it. Finally I said, “If I tell you what it is, then you will have to use it.” She quickly agreed and I thought to myself, let’s try something outrageous. I said, “It is a posture bar.” It seemed like such a stupid answer that should have been totally disregarded, but my air-head friend examined it very seriously and asked how it worked.

Thinking on the run, and wondering how long she was going to believe this silly story, I explained that the big hook is inserted into your ass and the lock at the top is locked to a collar that fits around your neck. The hook end is adjustable, to fit the length of different people’s backs. When locked in place, you cannot bend your back at all. She took in the story with great interest and placed it down her back, I guess to see how it looked. She took the whole explanation very seriously and I went on to say that I used it all the time (in my car – but I didn’t mention that!)

“Now you have to wear it yourself,” I said. I expected her to say no way, but instead she seemed interested in keeping up her end of this crazy bargain.

“I guess it has to go under your clothes?”

I answered, “Yes. At first you should wear it under loose clothes, but as you get used to it you could wear it under almost anything. It’s really hard bending down to put on pants, so if you want to try it you might want to try it under a loose dress to start.”

I really doubted that she would go for it, but she said she had the perfect dress for it, and would be right back. Off she went to her dorm. She was back in less than ten minutes, wearing a loose fitting dress with a high neck. While she was gone I dug out the thick leather collar I used in my bondage fun, with a ring that I could lock the ‘posture bar’ to.

I helped to put the leather collar on making sure that it was snug and adjusted the length of the bar to fit her. Then she took the bar and headed into my bathroom to fit it. I tried to explain that I thought it would be difficult to do on her own, the first time. I was also hoping to see her naked, but she seemed confident she could do it on her own.

After a few minutes and a few groans from my bathroom I heard a call from her, “I’m having trouble getting it locked on the collar. Do you mind giving me a hand?”

“Not at all. It might still need adjusting. Come out and I’ll give you a hand.”

She opened the door, standing in her panties and bra trying to hold the bar up with the hook in her ass. She had pushed her panties to the side in order to insert the hook. I suggested that she take off the panties, but she was quite hesitant.

“This thing is going to be uncomfortable enough on its own. You don’t really want to add uncomfortable underwear with it.”

She reluctantly agreed, removed the hook and then took off her panties. I was surprised to see a blonde bush considering that she was a brunette.

She handed me the ‘posture bar’ and turned her back to me. I asked her to bend over a little while I fingered her ass to locate her asshole. She had a tight ass. I positioned the hook and warned her that it may be uncomfortable. I slowly pushed it in. The hook itself is about 5 inches long, and I pushed it all the way in until the curve was buried in the crack of her ass, then I told her to straighten up. I heard a little sigh from her as she stood up. I asked her if she was OK and she said, “I’m fine.”

Adjusting the height meant turning the upper half of the bar and since I wanted it to be strict and for the hook to stay all the way in, I adjusted it to be about a half inch shorter. As I turned the bar to adjust the length, the hook worked itself in her ass and she wiggled her ass as if she were enjoying it.

“Back straight and neck back,” I told her. I pulled her neck back even a bit further to get the bar’s lock over the ring on the collar, and with a definitive click, the lock was set.

She turned around and asked me how she looked. “You have perfect posture now,” I said, “as well you should with this bar. Take your bra off and your tits will probably stand straight too.”

“You’re seeing enough already,” she said, “where’s my dress?”

“You took it off in the bathroom.”

She walked, rod-straight, into the bathroom and came out in two seconds. “I left my dress on the floor and I can’t bend down to get it.”

I got her dress for her, and even helped her get it on. The collar showed quite a bit at the top, but she had brought a scarf with her which she used to cover it up. “How do I look now?” She slowly turned for me to get a full look.

I said, “Very straight and very proper, but can you go out in public like that?”

“Sure, I’ll be okay going anywhere.”

“Then how about you come back tonight around nine?” And I guided her toward the door. I’m sure she felt really strange, but she headed out the door anyway. “Take a walk around campus. After awhile you get used to the hook.” And we waved goodbye.

Less than a minute later I get this little knock at the door. It was her. “Ah, I left my underwear inside.”

“You can’t bend over to put them on anyway.”

“Ah, I guess you’re right.” She turned and quietly left.

I found out later that she had also left her keys in my room, but did not realize that until later when I had left, so she ended up spending from about 3:00 to 9:00 just walking around. She quickly discovered that she could not reasonably sit down, so she spent most of the time walking around.

She came back around 9:00 and told me a little about her afternoon and evening. She agreed that after a few hours you almost forgot the hook was there. After a little small talk she said, “This was all fun, but can we take it off now? Do I need to take the dress off again?”

I said, “For sure, in fact I was hoping to see if those tits were really perky too with your good posture.”

She untied the scarf and removed the dress. Then she turned around, for me to unlock the bar. I said, “Do you want me to help you with your bra?”

She turned around again and said, “You don’t give up easily, do you?”

I said, “I can’t seem to remember where I put that key…”

“Okay, I get it. You find the key when I lose my bra.”

I smiled back and she reached back to unhook her bra and dropped it on the floor. “So does good posture improve the tits too?” she asked.

I said, “Absolutely.” And I pulled the key out of my pocket. She turned around and I unlocked the bar and slowly removed it from her ass. Then I unbuckled the collar from around her neck. She seemed quite relieved to be able to bend again and stretched all around while still stark naked.

I offered her a beer which she accepted and sat down and enjoyed it with some conversation about her day before deciding to get dressed again. I assure you that I didn’t mind. She asked if her tits were still as perky as when she wore the bar and I had to admit that they were not. She said that perhaps she should wear the bar more often. I said that it could be arranged...


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