The Pink Straight Jacket

by Jya Byrd

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© Copyright 2017-2018 - Jya Byrd - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; straitjacket; oral; rope; gag; rom; cons; X

Author's Note: I really like these two. I hope there is a demand for more of this storyline because, frankly, I want to see what happens next.


He had forgotten the tickets! So they had to hurry through their dinner and drive back to his place in a car whose heater didn't heat. Alice fumed in the front hall as Henry rushed around his house searching for the passes.

The chances of there being a second date were shrinking by the minute.

Alice looked around the front hall. It had a full-length mirror, a boot caddy and a closet door. Inside the closet she found a pair of rubbers, a pair of boots, two brown coats, one black and one pink.

Pink was not a good omen.

It didn't matter if the coat was his or some girls, Alice had had it. It was time to call a taxi. She started to close the door, then threw it wide open. The pink coats sleeves extended to the floor and ended in buckles.

It wasn't a coat, it was a jacket, a strait jacket!

An instant later, Alice was holding the coat against her gown as she admired her reflection. Apparently they had more in common than Beethoven's music. What was this material? Not cloth or leather, woven so it wasn't plastic. Whatever it was, it felt wonderful.

"Found them!" Henry happily yelled from somewhere deep in his house. Wanting to hide her snooping, Alice returned the jacket and closed the door.

"Sorry it took so long." Henry said in a rush. "Are you all right? You look a little flushed."

"Just getting warm, "Alice replied. "Shall we go?" As they drove to the concert hall, Alice's thoughts were on the jacket. Why was it in the front hall? Why was it pink? When would he mention it? Most importantly, when would she be in it?

The only question she didn't need to ask was 'Why did he have it?' Obviously he was a kindred spirit. Bondage and Beethoven. Who knew?

To avoid the insane lines for the ladies room at the concert, Alice had them stop at a fast food restaurant. In the bathroom she found her panties were already soaked. She fashioned a make-shift pad out of tissues and tried to think clean thoughts. The gown was new and she did not want to leave pussy prints.

Despite the philharmonics masterful interpretation, Beethoven's Ninth didn't transport her as it had always done in the past. She started to fantasize Henry using his bow-tie and cummerbund to bind her for the drive back to his place. She wanted her song of joy to be muffled by a gag.

She was used to getting what she wanted, a delay, no matter how understandable, was very hard to take. The conversation on the drive back did not improve matters.

"You're awfully flushed, I better drive you home," He said.

"No," she hurried answered, "Not yet, I left something in your front hall."


"Something feminine." She answered truthfully.

"Okay, if you really need it. Then it's straight home and no back talk."

"Yes Sir." She said softly.

"That's better. Wait, what?"

Alice didn't answer, she just stared out the window humming a Rossini overture.

At his house, Henry gave directions then caught her coat as she dashed to the ladies room. After a few contortions, she was able to unzip her dress and drape it over the shower rod.

It was still dry. A few layers of petticoats were not, but they were easily washed, so not a problem.

She quickly used the facilities and then paused. She wasn't debating on whether to go ahead with her plan, but rather…nude or in lingerie?

As both her pantyhose and panties were sodden, she decided on commando.

She breezed by Henry sitting in his easy chair. "It's a little chilly in here, think I'll put on a jacket." He made no reply, just stared with his mouth hanging open. Although she acted calm, she could hear her heart and that little voice finally spoke up.

'Hello…first date? Ax murderer?' She ignored it and opened the closet, removing the restraint.

Her arms slid into the sleeves and she was able to shrug it over her shoulders. Then she was stuck…and not in the way she wanted. "Henry?" She said in a playful voice, "Would you do up my back? How they expect a person to do this by themselves is beyond me."

A tent had appeared in his lap and became more noticeable as he shot to his feet. "I'm didn't mean not intend no when how are…"

Alice was taken aback. 'I think I broke him.' She turned, offering her back. "Henry please, I'm all exposed. What will the neighbors think?"

"No. You don't have to do this."

She turned and crossed her arms behind his neck, letting the long sleeves slap his back. "Do I look like I'm being forced? Ever since I saw this in your closet, it has dominated my thoughts. I NEED this. Now, please, do me." She pulled him to her for their first kiss. His hands went behind her and fumbled for the straps, finally getting one buckled. She arched her back in bliss.

"Too tight?"

"A little tighter would be heaven," She breathed. He moved behind her to secure the other straps. "Sir," She asked, getting deeper into her role, "Will I be gagged?"

"Of course not."

"Why not?" In all of her fantasies, she was always gagged at some point.

"Um…I don't have one."

"I'll bring mine next time."

He spun her about. "You own a gag?" He asked incredulously.

"And a blindfold, collar, handcuffs…" Alice wondered how honest she should be about the details of her toy box.

"But you're nice."

"Thank you." She said curtly.

"Nice girls don't want to be bound."

"I can't speak got every woman, but I have fantasied about this ever since I watched Bull Durham."

"Never heard of"

Cutting him off she continued, "I wrap socks around my wrists so I can sleep in my cuffs without leaving marks. Some nights I torment myself by wearing five pairs of panties."

"How would that…"

"It's a bitch to try and finger yourself through that much cloth. I'm a bondage slut, I want to be YOUR bondage slut," ."

"No." He said, and her world shattered.

"No." He repeated. "You will never use that word again. I forbid it. You are not a slut, you are my angel. My bondage angel."

To have had her dreams answered, then crushed, only to be restored tenfold was too much for Alice. She threw herself into his arms, sobbing uncontrollably. They fell onto the couch where he held and rocked her until she calmed. She wanted to wipe her eyes, but was reluctant to use her sleeves. Fortunately, he used he hanky to dab her eyes. He held it to her nose.


"Yes Sir, but I might leave teeth marks on your belt."

He laughed at pulled her closer. "I am never going to let you go."

She indicated her covered hands. "Then I'm going to need a bigger keyboard."

"No," He insisted, "No hands, no arms, no freedom!" He stood and crossed her arms in front of her, wrapping the tummy strap around them. The sleeves were fed through the side loops to where he buckled them together behind her back. "This is why you are in this predicament." he said, rubbing her sopping pussy.

She shuddered at his touch. How could a light brushing feel so damn good? She ground her pubes into his hand, needing more.

"No, stop that." He teased. "You are not that kind of girl. I guess I'll have to lock it away before you get the wrong idea into that pretty little head of yours."

"Do you really think I'm preeeeeeeTAH!" She cried as the crotch strap was pulled between her legs. The wonderful cloth rubbed against her clit, pussy and anus, forcing her to the brink of orgasm.

She felt a bit light-headed and slowly fell to her knees. 'Besides,' She thought, 'A good subbie is always kneeling.' She searched for the proper thing a submissive would say, but heard herself blurt. "Why are you still in that damned tux?"

He laughed. "I'll be right back."

"No, please, Sir. I'd like to watch you undress."

"Okay." He said a bit doubtfully. "Okay." He then said in agreement. A single yank took off his bow-tie. Alice lifted an eyebrow at his not using a clip-on.

"Internet." He explained. His coat was laid over a chair and suspenders were moved off his shoulders as she eased off his shoes. Trousers and shirt were carelessly placed onto of his coat, leaving him wearing only a pair of black bikini-style undies.

The old joke: 'He dresses well, and quickly too!' came to her mind. Blushing slightly, his last bit of clothing hit the floor and she was rewarded by the sight of bouncing cock, waving a few feet from her.

She knee-walked forward and, after a few tries, was able to capture his dick in her mouth.

She hadn't given many blow jobs in her life, and they had always been with the guy on his back and her being able to use her hands. His penis kept pushing itself to the top of her mouth, and that's where her teeth were!

She licked and sucked and tried to deep-throat him, but that was a bad idea.

Not the gag she was hoping for.

After a while, she stopped licking his cock and started the tight-lipped head thrust she knew would make him cum. She set a rhythm and felt his dick harden as his breath quickened. She realized she was going too slow when his fingers laced through her hair and forced her to bob faster.

She had barely tasted the salty pre-cum when he exploded in her mouth. He tried to pull away but she would not allow that. She sucked herself on him, swallowing everything he had. He finally broke contact by dropping to his knees and easing her on her back.

A hug and a roll and her bound body lay on top of him. "C'Mere you" he commanded, pulling her up so he could kiss her.

"But I'm covered in jizz." She protested.

"I only taste your sweetness," He said. "That was…" He searched in vain for the right words. "Everything." She tried to answer, but needed her mouth for kissing.

Later, she lay on his chest listening to his heart slowly return to normal. It had been perfect. Well…a gag and an orgasm or two would have been nice, but she was too relaxed to complain.

She had never been so at peace and yet so screamingly horny.

"I'm sorry, but it's time to free you." He said sadly.

"Must you?"

"I must." He held her on her side and unbuckled the crotch strap. As he pulled it from her body it felt like she had just finished a great book. It had been so wonderful, why did it have to end?

He gently placed her on her back and pushed her legs open. She was still consumed with her thoughts and was not prepared for his tongue.

Suddenly she couldn't breathe. Her lungs wouldn't work, All she could do was gasp as he sucked all her juices off her nether lips. His tongue bathed her, sucking down all her moisture as she had done to him.

His tongue discovered her spot, just below her clit. Time after time his tongue would caress her there, and slowly lick her clit.

How could she have lived so long without feeling this? How could anyone say they were truly alive if they had not felt this pleasure?

She had wrapped her legs around his head and used her heels to urge him deeper. This was more pleasurable than any orgasm could possibly be.

And that scared her. She felt the orgasm coming. There was no way to stop or even delay it.

And she knew it would kill her. No soul could handle that rapture and live. She might have been able to deny the pleasure, but he slipped a finger up her ass that put her over the edge.

She surrendered to it, offered her life as the orgasm burst upon her. The sky cracked and the ground split as she crashed into nothingness, screaming in pleasure.

Some time later, a light was hurting her eyes, she tried to twist away, but his hand prevented it. "Don't move." He commanded in a very serious tone.

"What, what are you doing?"

He moved the flashlight aside. "Checking for a concussion. You really banged your head there."

"I did?" Alice asked feeling a bump on the back of her head. 'Hey, the jacket is gone, when did that happen?' She wondered. "So now you're a doctor?"

"Ex Boy Scout." He admitted. "Wanna see my knots?"

"Oh god yes, but could I have a cup of tea first…and some aspirin?"

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

"No, I'll be fine. Just as soon as I figure out what planet I'm on."

"The planet of bondage."

"Then I'm home." He helped her to her feet. She moved carefully to the bathroom as he put on the kettle. She examined herself in the mirror. Had she ever looked worse or felt better?

Her purse was…elsewhere, so she pulled her fingers through her hair a few times and washed off what little make-up was left on her. Her panties and hose were still damp and frankly, too much effort to put on. She pulled on her petticoats and bra, (Fortunately, it was a front hook) and followed the happy sound of a kettles whistle.

She heard the tea-ball clanking around as he emptied the kettle into a teapot. "I thought you could use a strong black tea right now." They waited in silence for the tea to steep. It was hard to begin a conversation after all they had shared. And they still knew so little about each other.

"This is exactly what I need." She said, breaking the silence. The dark liquid sliding down her throat was soothing. She looked at the still-naked man sitting across from her.

"So." She said simply.

"So." He replied, "May I beg for the pleasure of a second date?"

"No." She answered. "You will never beg. I forbid it. Of course, don't expect me to beg either. I'm not that kind of girl."

"The night was magical for you?"

"It's what I have always wanted, no…It's what I deserve. But, I also deserve a gag."

"So I noticed. Hopefully, the neighbors didn't."

"I did mention it. Feel free to gag me anytime."

"That may raise a few eyebrows at work."

"Oh, at work I am still your supervisor," She admitted, "But here I am your bondage angel."

"Then I better get my angel home."

"Actually, I was hoping to spend the night here…wearing pink."

Chapter Two

'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Alice screamed in her head. 'Why did I let myself be so fucking stupid?'

Alice adjusted the water in her shower for the tenth time, trying to feel clean.

They had barely spoken since she woke up to feel him loosening the buckles of the jacket. He had driven her home through the early morning frost. They had exchanged a few pleasantries, but both had acted as if the previous night had not happened.

Alice waited until she was under the soothingly hot water before her self-loathing began.

Just because she hadn't had a good fuck in over a year and hadn't been bound in…well…ever, was no reason to throw herself at him.

She knew, She KNEW that he would tell everyone what a slut she was.

Then the jokes would start. She'd find toy handcuffs on her desk and the cafeteria would serve her spaghetti ties in a knot.

Damn! She had worked so hard to earn her position, now she'd have to move away and start all over again.

But…She had been helpless, so deliciously helpless. She kept waking to feel his arms wrapped around her bound body.

'That is all I ever wanted out of life,' she cried. 'Why does it have to be wrong?'

She touched the back of her head and found the lump she had given herself during the orgasm. It was NOT the kind of knot she liked.

It was Friday, and that was always her special day.

The day she would wear something restrictive under her clothes…with the only key on her bedside table.

It was only last Friday when she had worn her locking corset and thigh cuffs that she saw the pair of tickets hanging from the bulletin board. She quickly learned that Henry couldn't get a date for the concert so he was giving them away.

She had taken the tickets and asked him to accompany her. If she had only held on to the tickets, none of this would have happened!

Alice shook her head as she dried her hair. No bondage today, maybe not ever. Look where it had gotten her.

Disgraced. Maybe unemployed.

Probably unemployable.

Usually, she used the time on the subway to prepare for the day. But today she could not focus on anything beyond the mess she had created. By the time her stop arrived, she was ready to submit her resignation.

The day was maddeningly normal. No half-heard comments, Henry did not lurk nearby and leer, no 'funny' gifts left. That is, until she arrived home.

A package was waiting for her at the desk.

A dozen pink roses.

She waited to get into her apartment before reading the card.

"To my Angel in Pink. Thank you for the freedom to dream. Henry.

Well fuck.

Maybe, just maybe he didn't brag about it. At the very least she had to call him.

He picked up on the first ring.

"Hi, I uh, got your flowers, they're beautiful."

"I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by sending them…"

"Those bonds are just fine. So you didn't tell your friends?"

"What???" He sounded genuinely shocked. "Of course not, what we had was magical and meant for only us. I will never forget last night!"

Alice had found her dreams by being bold once…why not twice? "What do you like on your pizza?"

"Cheese, pep, mushrooms and onions. Why?"

"Oh…no reason." She couldn't believe she had spent all day berating herself and after one bunch of dead flowers and she was going to eagerly make the same mistake. "I'm just going to order a pizza, take a shower and lock myself to the bed."

The phone was silent.

"I don't think I'll order onions…never know when I may kiss someone."


"Of course, I'll be all tied up and will be helpless to prevent anyone from kissing me…anywhere."

Still silent…She wondered if she had broken him.

"Are you still there?"

"…Yes." came the shaky answer.

"What time will you be here?"

"Let's see…You live forty minutes away and if the lights are with me…I should be knocking on your door in about seventeen seconds."

"I'm going to need at least an hour," She said as she laughed. Then a very naughty idea struck. "What should I be wearing for you?"

"Wh…wh…what?" He stammered.

She wiggled at his reaction. This was just too good. "I have a closet full of…garments that don't dare wear outside of my apartment. What would you like to see me in?"

She could almost hear his erection over the phone. "Confess, what is your fantasy?" She asked, teasing him further.

Alice had expected an immediate answer, but it took him thirty seconds to finally answer.

"You" He said simply.

Alice wondered if he could hear her panties getting wet. "I think I can offer a few surprises," She said. "Remember, at LEAST an hour. Oh…and I expect to see you wearing a bit of latex. Several inches worth… Understand?"

"I should stop at a drug store?"


She hung up, called for a pizza, let the guard know to let him up, and then ran to her bedroom.

Tonight, she decided, Henry's fantasy would come pre-wrapped.

A bit later she was struggling into a black dress she hadn't worn in years. She chose it because it perfectly hid most of her other choices. Only her black boots and gloves were visible.

The only problem was getting the stupid zipper up. She needed both hands to pull the dress closed, a third hand to pull the bottom down and a fourth hand to pull the zipper up.

Not being a twin, she was short-handed.

Her gyrations were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"That was not an hour!" She yelled.

"Pizza!" Answered a strangers voice.

She opened the door and spun around. "Ten buck tip if you can zip me up!" She said. This was no time for modesty…she needed help.

He looked at the straining fabric. "Make it twenty."

Ten minutes later, Alice discovered another minor flaw: Body heat.

"Well…If I keep sweating, I won't need to go to the bathroom." She looked at the wall clock for the twentieth time. "Just because I told him to take his time, why is he taking his time?"


Some time later she thought she heard a tentative tapping at her door. Either that or a mouse was applauding her cheese selection.

There stood Henry; Love in his eyes, a suitcase in his hands and a bulge in his pants.


"What's in the bag?"

"Your… I mean THE jacket. You know, in case you want to…"

She took it from him and kissed his cheek. "Thoughtful as always." She lead him into her apartment. She playfully spun, displaying her long black dress.

"You like?" She asked as she twirled again. When he did not immediately answer, she pouted. "Well then I'll just take it off!"

Unfortunately, The dress was just as difficult to unzip as it was to zip.

She admitted defeat after a few, fruitless seconds. "Little help?" She requested.

"Oh no, please continue. I'm enjoying the show. I never realized that a dress could be a restraint by itself."

That made Alice pause. She WAS unable to get out of the dress, but she was hardly in bondage. At least, not in any way she had ever fantasized.

She gave him The Glare.

"Okay, okay," He said, trying not to laugh. He spotted what he would need to bind her.,"I read about a variation on a rope dress called a DrangonFly Cage. Let's see if I can manage it." He made a harness that pulled her shoulders back. It was a simple loop that ran behind her back from shoulder to shoulder. A quick cinch pulled the ropes taut.

"How does that feel?" He asked.

"It has possibilities," She admitted. "I trust this is just the beginning…?"

"Definitely. Would milady take her seat?" He asked, motioning her to a ladder backed wooden chair. He tied the harness to the top of the chair, then pulled the end of the rope down and secured it to a rung at the bottom. He could have stopped there, she was already trapped…but, what fun would that have been?

He had found the longest piece of rope she had left out. "This might work…" He said to himself. He located the middle of the rope and made a loop about two foot long. He placed this over her head with it hanging down in front of her.

"I'm guessing you are going to be busy for a while. Be a dear and adjust the air conditioning. The controls are on that wall."

"How low do you want it?"

"If you can find something sub-arctic, that would be nice."

"Sorry, let's try something else." He reached to untie her.

"Don't you dare! You have my hopes up and my panties wet. Just no hoods yet. Not unless you brought so dry ice with you."

"Sorry, we'll have to depend on your AC." He tied a knot in the front rope then looped the long ends around her arms and tied it off again. "Do you know why we call it Air Conditioning and not Air Cooling?"

"Your dirty-talk needs work." She said sarcastically.

Ignoring her response, he continued to talk as he made more arm-trapping loops in front of her. "A textile company used an early version to control the humidity in their factory. They needed the right conditions to protect the thread." He used the last of the long piece to bind her wrists together. Making her arms form a V in front of her.

"Seriously?" She snapped. "You have a helpless, WILLING partner and you want to lecture me on Air Conditioning????"

"No, not that…it's just" He stammered. "You are the sexiest person I have ever known and if I try and tell you how turned on I am…I'm going to mess myself."

The absurdity of the situation was too much. She laughed as loudly as her constrictive clothing allowed. Fighting to get a word out, she eventually managed to gasp; "Go fill your shorts with ice or something. That cock is MINE tonight!"

Wordlessly he headed to the kitchen, only to return a moment or two later. His knees were far apart as if he had been riding a fat horse for hours.

Holding back a giggle she said, "Now tell me how pretty I am!"

"After I finish!" Alice stared at his crotch which bulged with the jagged corners of many ice cubes. Some men show their love with flowers or quoting Shakespeare. Her Henry proved his love by freezing his wee-wee.

She heard herself sigh. He WAS her Henry, and she was his Alice.

She knew she had been bound by more than mere ropes.

Henry had been busy roping her legs together. After securing her ankles, he had looped his ropes over her dress and tied it off. The final strands were close enough to her bound wrists for him to tie her hands down.

Alice tried to move.

Perfectly delightful immobility!

After wiggling as much as she could, and loving how much she couldn't; Alice saw that Henry was staring at her.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"No," He said softly. "Everything is just fine. I won't take your picture, because someone else might see it, so I am memorizing every detail of the most beautiful woman in the world."

Alice wished he had used a gag; then her being speechless wouldn't be so obvious.

"Kiss me." was all she could think to say.

He appeared next to her, bending to taste her lips.

She had expected him to shove his tongue halfway down her throat, but his kisses were soft, tentative. His hands were on her shoulders, behind her head. She thought he'd be squeezing her breasts; mauling her.

Instead, she was being…treasured.

He continued to kiss her until she murmured, "Make you a deal."

He leaned back, "Yes?"

"Let me show you what else I'm wearing and you can…" She paused. She couldn't think of anything to add . "Er…watch?"

Henry smiled. "May I drain my shorts first?"

Alice deflated a little. "Did you lose control?"

"What? No!" The ice melted."

Then why didn't…? Alice brightened as she realized what that meant. "How much latex did you bring with you?" She asked with a sly smile.

"Enough." He admitted as he headed to the bathroom. Alice heard the splash as he emptied the water, followed soon by Henry's cautious approach.

Alice admired his body, the tight red latex shorts, and especially the rubber tube that emerged from the front. A very nicely filled tube.

That bounced!

It was almost perfect.

"Lose the socks." She suggested.

"Oops." He said as he took off the last piece of his 'normal' attire.

Alice lightly licked her lips, imaging his reaction to her outfit. Instead, he started kissing her again.

He was a good kisser, no doubt about that…but she wanted…she needed more! Her breasts and pussy needed grabbing. Alice wanted to see his reaction when he realized what she had on under the boring dress.

No, all she got were "End of first date" kisses.

As much as she disliked "Topping from the bottom." it was time to move on.

"My shoulders are getting a little cramped." She said, "Can we try a new position?"

Alice immediately regretted the lie as Henry frantically untied her, apologizing over and over.

"It's okay, it's okay," She said, trying to calm him. "I just want to show you my underwear!"

He paused in thought for a moment, then returned to attacking the knots even faster.

A minute later, Alice was able to stretch, enjoying her few moments of freedom. "Now, as I said before I was so rudely interrupted…" She lifted her hair to show the back zipper. "Little help?"

With a few grunts and groans, Henry was able to lower the reluctant zipper. Although some of the groans may have been in reaction to what was revealed.

With the zipper finally denied its mastery of her, Alice playfully pushed Henry into her recently-vacated chair so she could strip for him.

First she pulled off her long, black satin gloves, revealing white leather wrist gloves. She unzipped her knee-high boots, displaying her white silk stockings.

Then she peeled off her dress, proudly showing the white leather corset that fought her every breath.

Alice had been so proud of her panties. Insanely expensive, they seemed to be made of clouds, Light, frothy, barely covering her sex. They were more rumor than reality.

When dry.

Now they were a sodden mass of fabric that dripped.

…A rain cloud.

Henry's dreamy smile told her that he didn't mind the wetness. Actually, he was mesmerized, watching the heavy drips form, then stretch their way down.

None of that was helping Alice. She had the horny and he had the cure.

She slowly pirouetted before him. "Don't you love how these clothes allow me the freedom to move?" She teased. She leaned forward, pressing her confined breasts against his arm, "Wanna do sumtin' bout it?"

His eyes, which had been relaxed and half-closed, opened and hardened. "Oh yes." He said softly.

Alice fought to hide her disappointment as Henry picked up his suitcase. The strait jacket was wonderful, but she had spent hours in it already…didn't he have something else?

"If milady would lead me to her sleeping chamber?" Henry said gallantly.

With an inward sigh, Alice lead him to her bedroom. He set the case down and helped her settle in the middle of the bed. "At least I won't bang my head." Alice thought.

Henry carefully lifted the pink garment out of the bag. "Is it all right if I hang this in your closet? We may want it later."

"S-sure" Alice stammered. What the heck?

"if my sweetest one who remove the barrier that prevent my access to the gates of heaven?" He asked.

"Oooooookay…" Alice said in confusion.

"Lose the panties, sweetheart." Henry lisped in a perfect imitation of Bogart.

Alice thought, "Add a blindfold to that voice and I am in BUSINESS!" Meanwhile, the panties landed beside the bed with a soft sploosh.

After hanging the jacket, Henry lifted a leather stick from his case. Alice's mouth went dry. She knew a paddle when she saw one and had no interest in being on the receiving end.

"What is that?" She asked, grateful that she wasn't bound. She doubted Henry would force her…but you never knew.

"It's a variation on something I read." He proudly gave her the paddle. "See? It is two pieces of leather, riveted together." He took another out of the suitcase with some straps. "I slide this leather in the gaps between the rivets and I can easily bind any two things together. It's both comfortable and inescapable."

"I thought it was a paddle." Alice admitted, returning the piece.

"Sorry, I don't own one." He smiled, "There are many things I want to do with your ass, beating it is not on the list."

"What does make the list?" She asked, intrigued.

He didn't answer, he just placed the double strap on the outside of her lower leg and used five straps to bind it in place.

"Comfy?" She nodded yes. He placed her foot on his chest and leaned forward so her knee was against her corset. He placed her arm alongside the piece and used another five straps to secure it.

As she tried to free that arm, he busied himself strapping the other.

She twisted and tried to escape but there just wasn't any slack. It wasn't that it was too tight, it was the two straps working against her. The only way it was coming off was when he decided to remove it.

With both arms trapped, he stepped back to watch her squirm.

Alice laughed in delight. She lay on her back with her legs spread high and wide. She could close them somewhat, but the bondage made "wide legs" position the most comfortable.

He moved to the foot of the bed, she didn't try to obstruct his view.

"Please, before you start. I really need to be gagged."

He looked around the room. "Where…?"

"Top drawer. Pump it until I open my eyes." She licked her lips in anticipation. She knew she was topping from the bottom again…but she wanted that gag!

There is was, held a few inches from her mouth, his hands spreading the leather mask open, ready to buckle it closed.

All she had to do was open her mouth and the gag would slip in, become part of her, control her.

She closed her eyes and opened wide.

Her mouth closed when she felt the bladder touch her tongue. She leaned forward and felt the soft rubber press against her face. He fumbled a bit with the twin buckles, but that was all right.

She was where she was supposed to be.

The chin strap made sure she would not be able to open her mouth and ease the pressure.

"You ready?"


Ffffffffffffffsshhhhhhhhh. His first pump gave the bladder its shape. Her tongue caressed the sour rubber as her teeth ineffectively bit the hard stem.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM.' She moaned as the second pump forced the gag along her tongue.

It wasn't pressing against the roof of her mouth; FFFFFFFFFFFFFssssssshhhhhhtttttttttt. Until it was.

She debated. This was as large as she usually made it…should she…?

Fffffffffffffffssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht. Her eyes flew open, then, languidly closed. Her mouth was full.

"One last detail…"


The soft leather padding was gently pressed over her eyes, hiding what was to come. She could no longer see, only feel.

Alice heard the squeak of Henry's shorts being removed. She smiled inwardly, she had wanted to see that.

She felt the bed shift as he moved on it, she tried to open a bit wider. "Oh yes, please," Kept running through her mind.

This was the moment that had long been denied her. Helplessly bound, totally loved.

Her back arched as he entered her, no longer a gentle lover, He took what he wanted. Every thrust was hard and deep. Her inner muscles clenched at him, not wanting him to go, not even for the smallest amount of time. What she wanted no longer mattered. She had submitted to him and all he offered.

And that was all she needed.

Alice realized her orgasm had started the instant she had been penetrated. It didn't matter if she was coming or not. She was loved, she was bound and she was …


She was unable to move yet no longer bound.

His cock was lifting her with each stroke. She could taste him on the gag, feel his hips as they rubbed against her stocking and hear his labored breath increase as his orgasm was rushing to join hers.

They came together and they would never be apart.

Not in any way that counted at least.

The End.



Alice could not stop smiling. It was Friday and this was one of the rare weekends where neither of them had and projects due.

Henry had transferred to another department of course, and had quickly established himself as a man going places.

It was amazing what having a devoted woman could do for a man's confidence.

But tonight he was all hers…well…technically, she was all his.

Henry loved seeing her in latex panties, and frankly, they were the only thing she could wear that would hold in her excitement.

Without them, she tended to leave little puddles.

She pulled them up her well-powdered legs, knowing their caress would be a constant reminder of what she would feel that night.

And the next day.


Even better, Henry had found a copy of "Passage to Marseilles," A Bogart movie neither of them had ever seen.

She'd be in a strait jacket while they were watching it…and afterwords…well…

Sweetheart would lose her panties.


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