The Penultimate Truth

by [email protected]

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Courtney Latham, 27, admired herself in the bedroom mirror. She possessed black hair and matching eyes, weighed 120 lbs, and stood five feet four inches tall barefoot. Her breasts were a B cup that perfectly matched her figure, a narrow waist, flat stomach, attractive pussy and legs.

“Pain before pleasure,” she said to herself in the mirror.

She had just finished with a scorching shower that left her perspiring and her skin tingling, and now she briskly toweled herself off. Next she dried her hair, and tied her tresses behind her hair with a crunchy. This way her hair wouldn’t get in the way, when she placed a ball-gag in her mouth after she had placed herself in bondage.

Laid out carefully on her bed were her bondage toys. On the satin sheets were her collar, bondage bracelets for her wrists and ankles, ball-gag, and dildo harness for her sex.

This was just part of the bondage collection that she owned. It had all begun back at the University when she had been invited to a Halloween party at the last minute. At the Goodwill store not far from school, she remembered that they had a new black Maid’s uniform still in the original plastic in her size. So she hurried off campus, bought it quickly, and wore it to the party with a pair of pantyhose and matching high heels.

After that, she wore it whenever she had to clean her apartment, imagining that she was a Maid herself.

Then she became interested in Fetish clothing by seeing it online, and then buying it in person at a shop near school. Next was a latex maid’s outfit in black, and a corset that she could put on herself.

After she had completed her MBA, found a job and an apartment, did Courtney really explore her interest in bondage. She had bought her collar and cuffs, gags, handcuffs, dildo harness and chastity belt. This meant that she had all the toys she needed to enjoy herself in the privacy of her own condo.

After a party out in the Hamptons on Long Island, where she saw a demonstration of a Dominatrix and her submissive Courtney decided to seek out one herself. This way, she could experience what it really felt like to submit to a Dominant.

Tomorrow night, she would submit herself to Mistress Vera. Who would no doubt punish her severely for the offense of unauthorized bondage, punishment, and sexual climaxes.

Which was what Courtney wanted.

Seating herself on the bed, she placed the leather D-Ring collar around her neck, then took the small keyed padlock from her night table and locked it, enjoying the sound as it clicked closed. Then she quickly confined her wrists and ankles in the same manner, and locked a pair of three inch high heels on her feet, after first putting on a pair of peds. These too were locked with padlocks, and she definitely did not get these at Macy’s.

The red rubber ball-gag Courtney looped around her neck, and pushed the strap through the roller buckle, and closed it with the longest hole. She didn’t put it in her mouth, since that would have probably resulted in an immediate orgasm. Courtney was just getting started, and didn’t want to ruin her evening by coming too fast.

Courtney then picked up the flogger on her dresser, looked again at herself in the mirror, then she braced herself with her heels firmly planted on the carpet and then struck. With the flogger in her right hand, she flung the many leather strands (the knots at the end had been soaked in water to make them expand and sting) over her left shoulder to strike her naked back. With her skin softened from the shower, the flogger stung and marked her naked back.

“One,” she said to herself.




“Five,” she cried, using all of her strength to deliver a stinging blow to her back.

Courtney then placed the flogger in her left hand, and repeated the process, except now the flogger went over her right shoulder.





“Ten,” she cried out once more, giving herself another hard blow to her back.

Courtney then strode into the bathroom, and closed the door. There she could admire her handiwork using the mirror on the door and the medicine cabinet together.

“Not bad,” she complimented herself, “pity I can’t ask one of my lovers to give me a beating. I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.”

She then went back to her bedroom, and resumed punishing herself with the flogger.

Courtney held the flogger in her right hand again.






She passed the flogger to her left hand, and the flogger went over her right shoulder.





“Twenty,” she shrieked, as the knots found their mark from previous strokes.

“Now,” she said to herself, “Six of the best.”

Hard as she could, she delivered the next six strokes, half with her right hand, half with her left, enjoying the pain as the flogger inflicted its painful path across her naked back, leaving her panting with agony and excitement.

Courtney again walked into her bathroom, and admired the marks that she had inflicted on herself. After all, hadn’t people throughout history punished themselves for one reason or another?

“I suppose I won’t be wearing any backless dresses for a while,” she laughed to herself.

She wondered just what her co-workers would think if they knew that she enjoyed Bondage and Discipline. After all, she was an educated, upper class woman who was the product of a family that almost went back to the Mayflower. Who had graduated from the finest schools, finishing up with an MBA from Columbia University in New York City.

Back in the bedroom, she next prepared herself for the next ordeal.

First she picked up the dildo harness, and removed a latex condom from her night table. Courtney opened the packet, and unrolled the condom on the rubber shaft.

“At least you’ll stay hard,” Courtney chuckled to herself, and then she tried the remote control and watched as the rubber shaft vibrated, remembering what it would feel like inside her.

“Wouldn’t want the batteries dying halfway through my bondage session, now would I?” she playfully asked herself.

Having done this many times before, she locked the belt around her waist. Then she drew the crotch strap up between her legs, and inserted the rubber clad shaft inside her, finally closing the strap. The rubber cock was deep inside her, and wasn’t going anywhere.

“Every girl should have one,” Courtney observed.

The control was attached to the belt, so it wouldn’t get loose and go between her legs.

Next she fastened a gleaming, twelve inch stainless steel chain to the D-rings on her locking high heels, which hobbled her steps.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, am I the biggest bondage slut of them all?” Courtney chuckled as she inserted the red rubber ball-gag between her lips, and tightened the roller buckle so that the gag was held tightly within.

“Mmmmmph,” was all the speech that she could manage now.

Just for fun, she took a few steps around her bedroom, confined by her bonds. Courtney enjoyed the feeling of the rubber cock inside her.

Then she seated herself on the bed, and activated the control on her waist. The cock would vibrate at random intervals, so counting seconds would be useless.

For her final bondage, she took her special handcuffs and locked them to the D-rings on her wrist cuffs. They looked like regular handcuffs, and they even had a key. But push a lever, and the ratchets opened.

“Mmmmmmph,” Courtney moaned when the shaft between her legs vibrated.

She lay back on the bed, looking at herself in the mirror. Fantasizing that she was a sexual prisoner, writhing in her bonds, unable to escape the invader inside her. Every time the dildo vibrated it sent waves of pleasure through her bound, naked, helpless body making her moan with pleasure though her ball-gag.

It was going to be one nice evening at home, much better than watching television or drinking. She had a container of her favorite ice cream in the freezer for a final evening treat. But that would be after her bondage session. First pain, and then pleasure.


It was Saturday night at 9 PM, and Courtney was at the mansion of Mistress Vera, where she was being trained in the arts of submission.

Courtney was kneeling naked in Mistress Vera’s library, wearing nothing but a D-ring collar around her neck, matching wrist and ankle bracelets, and a pair of four inch black leather heels locked on her feet. Her legs were open, exposing her sex, and her hands were on her knees. Lastly, a red rubber ball-gag was locked around her neck for easy access.

“Did I give you permission to discipline or to pleasure yourself? When you submit to me, your body is under my control. I decide how you are to be punished, and if you are to be rewarded afterwards. Do you understand?” demanded Mistress Vera Archer.

“Yes, Mistress,” Courtney answered.

“Now I want to know the extent of your home bondage. It’s obvious that you flog yourself. What else are you doing at home?” Vera demanded of her naked submissive.

“Yes, Mistress Vera. It began when I was invited at the last minute to a Halloween party back at university. I remembered that in a nearby Goodwill store, there was a brand new maid’s uniform in my size still in the original plastic. So I ran out after my last class and bought it for the party. I kept it, and felt like a maid when I would clean my own apartment. Then, after I discovered bondage porn online, I started going to sex shops. I then bought a latex maid’s uniform, which made me feel even sexier. Soon I bought a collar and bracelets, a dildo harness, and a ball-gag and flogger. I first flog myself, then place myself in bondage on the bed.”

“How do you do that?” Vera inquired.

“I also have a pair of special handcuffs that actually lock. I can unlock them with a key, or turn a special lever that also unlocks them as well.”

“Lastly I bought a chastity outfit complete with metal bra, belt, and even thigh bands. I got the deluxe version which allows me to open the center section with a key. This allows me to go to the bathroom without having to remove the entire belt, as the both crotch sections are hinged and then held by magnets to the belt itself while I attend to my toilette.”


“Yes, Mistress Vera. I have a loose red dress that I wear over my chastity outfit. During lockdown when I had to work from home and engage in Zoom sessions my co-workers had no idea what I was wearing under my red dress. I now wear it when I go out and feel really naughty,” explained Courtney.

“It must have cost you some money,” Vera observed.

“Yes, Mistress. But I like to treat myself.”

“Now that you have explained what you have been doing, though you should have described that in your sexual history I asked you to write you understand that you must be harshly punished. But lately you have been asking for more painful sessions anyway. Why?”

“I feel that I’m ready for more pain, Mistress,” Courtney answered.

“There are no secrets between a Mistress and her submissive. Do you feel guilty about something that you did in life? Jilting a lover that you regret? Creating someone in business? Stealing a boy or girlfriend from someone else?” Mistress Vera listed some of the possibilities that easily came to mind.

“No, Mistress. Nothing like that at all.”

“You realize that I will cover your naked body in whip marks and make you scream in pain,” advised Mistress Vera.

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.” 

Mistress Vera Archer was 30 years old, had Black Hair and Green Eyes, stood 5’ 6” in her bare feet, weighed 125 lbs, and had been a Dominatrix for the last four years. She served an exclusive clientele of the wealthy, of which Courtney Latham was one.

She was wearing a gleaming sleeveless black latex catsuit that hugged every part of her luscious figure.

Standing on the right side of her library desk was her maid Sally Harper, aged 27, who possessed Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, stood 5’ 4” naked, and weighed 120 lbs. She was still new to the world of D/s, and this was her first job in being a Maid to an established Dominatrix.

She was wearing her black latex Maid’s uniform complete with white headpiece, and apron. What also made her uniform different from a regular Maid’s outfit was the D-Ring collar locked around her neck, which she wore at all times.

“Since you are so enamored of punishment, I think that we shall have a little demonstration before we go down to the playroom,” began Mistress Vera.

“Whatever my Mistress desires,” replied Courtney.

“Silence. I did not indicate that I wanted your opinion,” calmly answered Mistress Vera, “if you want to serve and learn discipline from me, that is first on the list. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better, Courtney. This is not a game, but serious business that has consequences. Now then, I want you to walk to the rack, and remove the cane. My Maid Sally is going to use the cane with you bent over the footstool. She will determine the amount of strokes that you get for punishment, and then you will pleasure her in my presence. That will be your sentence,” Mistress Vera ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,”

“Good, you know what to do. Begin,”

Courtney rose to her feet, and walked over a rack that contained an assortment of whips, riding crops, and canes. Plus nipple clamps, ball-gags, and other instruments of discipline,

She took one of the canes in her hands, and walked, head bowed, over to Maid Sally. She presented the cane to her with upturned hands.

“This humble submissive requests that you punish her with the cane,” ma’am.

“Do you willingly accept the punishment that I am going to deliver, without coercion?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What is your safe-word?”

“Bitcoin,” Courtney answered.

“Fitting since you work in Finance,” Sally observed.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Proceed,” said Mistress Vera.

“Courtney, I’m going to secure you to the footstool so you don’t get any ideas about running away from your punishment,” said Sally to her captive.

“Yes, ma’am.

Sally clicked her heels over to the rack and removed four pieces of rope. She motioned for Courtney to lay herself down on the footstool, which she quickly did. Her nostrils inhaled the moist scent of the leather, instantly inflaming her sexual desire. Sally quickly roped her limbs to the footstool.

Sally walked in front of her holding the cane in her two hands. She offered the curved handle of the cane to Courtney.

“Kiss it.”

Courtney did as she was told, and Sally walked to her left side so she could deliver blows with her right hand.

“Count, you disobedient slut,” ordered Sally.

Since Saturday was the start of her discipline weekend, Courtney wondered just how harshly she was going to be used by Sally. The cane was a fearsome instrument that could severely mark her skin, and even leave her bleeding. In which case, Mistress Vera would be unable to use her.

“One,” began Courtney. The first stroke stung her bottom, but wasn’t the severe blow that it could have been.





Sally began to strike not only Courtney’s bottom, but also the tender skin at the back of her thighs.

“Six, owwww,” Courtney cried out in response to a somewhat harsher stroke. She also tried without success to avoid the cane, but she was roped fast to the footstool.

“There now, that’s better, slut,” Sally observed of her naked and punished charge.





While it was true that Sally was striking Courtney with the cane, she was not inflicting any real damage. Courtney came to the conclusion that this entire scene was something that Mistress Vera and Sally had done many times before. Surely she wasn’t the first submissive who disciplined herself at home?


“Twelve, owwwww.”

“Thirteen, owwwww.”




“Seventeen, owwwww,” Sally was lacing the cane into Courtney’s bottom and the back of her naked thighs.

“Eighteen, owwwww.”

“Nineteen, owwwww.”

“Twenty, owwwww, thank you ma’am,” Courtney cried out when a particularly vicious stroke found it’s way between her legs and reached her sex. 

“There now darling, I don’t want to use you up for the night, after all the night is young,” Sally observed.

“Yes, ma’am,” hurtfully answered Courtney, who wanted nothing more than to massage her hurt bottom.

In spite of Sally using light strokes with the cane, they still marked, stung, and hurt. Courtney would be reminded of this night for at least a week before her marks healed. This was just the beginning of her ordeal.

“You may get up from the footstool, replace the cane on the rack, and remove a riding crop, Courtney. You are now going to pleasure me in front of Mistress Vera,” Sally ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Courtney quickly did as she was told. After getting to her feet, Sally handed her the cane. She walked to the rack, and exchanged the cane for the riding crop, an instrument that she was intimately familiar with.

When she turned around, Sally was standing by one of the leather chairs.

“Come here and undress me,” Sally ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Courtney presented the crop to Sally, who placed it on the chair. She then turned her back to Courtney.

“Headpiece first, then you may remove my apron, and then unzip my uniform carefully. Remember this is latex, and if you rip it, I guarantee that Mistress Vera will tan your hide like you’ve never been used before,” stated Sally firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Courtney replied fearfully.

Doing as she was told, she undressed Sally, removing each piece of her uniform in turn. The headpiece and apron were folded and placed on another chair. The uniform was placed on a hanger provided by Mistress Vera, and then hung from a hook on one of the bookcases.

Sally was dressed in a pair of black silk bra and panties, with a pair of sheer black hold up stockings. She took the riding crop in her hands, flexed the crop and stood before the chair.

“Get on your knees and remove my panties with your teeth, and then you may pass them to me in your mouth.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Sally stood with her feet less than ten inches apart, and Courtney then did as she was told. Using her teeth she got a hold of Sally’s panties on her right thigh and very carefully pulled downwards. Then she did the same thing on her left thigh, again pulling downwards. Once Sally’s panties had cleared her pussy, it was easy to pull them down her legs without fear of tearing.

“Very good, slut,” Sally observed.

When her panties were around her shoes, Sally stepped out of them. Courtney took them in her mouth, and offered them to Sally. She took them in her hands, and passed them to Mistress Vera.

“One day you’ll make a fine Mistress,” Vera complimented her maid.

“Thank you, Mistress. That will be because I had such a good teacher.”


Sally then sat at the edge of the leather chair and opened her legs, to show her trimmed pussy. She was already wet with excitement and desire.

“Proceed, my little hussy.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Courtney knelt in front of Sally and proceeded to make Sapphic love to her tormentor. Her tongue probed the outer lips of the female sex in front of her mouth. She tasted the female juices of arousal, and combined with the discipline that she had undergone made her horny as well.

“Mmmmmmph,” Courtney moaned as she explored Sally’s opened and sopping wet sex.

Her tongue penetrated deeper and soon found the bud, her clitoris, her pleasure center. From past experience with women even before she had begun seeing Mistress Vera, Courtney knew not to rush things. For a man, that would be like premature ejaculation, which had disappointed her many times when she had bedded a man. Now, here in the Mansion of Mistress Vera, bringing Sally to climax too soon would probably mean a beating.

So she took her time, her tongue playing with Sally’s erect clit, sucking at the fragrant female secretions of her lovers sex.

Every now and then, Courtney could feel the crop’s folded leather tip gently tap her shoulders, urging her to continue pleasuring Sally. She did not need any additional encouragement, since she genuinely wanted to delight the woman in front of her.

“Ooooooooh,” Sally moaned, throwing her head back as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

Courtney continued pleasuring Sally, and the only sounds in the library were Sally’s deep breaths and moans of delight as her sex was attended to.

Finally, Sally could not hold herself back any more, and she came. She moaned and sobbed, and vibrated in her seat. Tears of joy coursed down her cheeks, and she cried as one orgasm after another enveloped her entire being.

“Bravo,” complimented Mistress Vera from her seat behind her desk.

“Excellent,” breathed Sally.

“Thank you, ma’am,” replied Courtney, her face smeared with Sally’s female juices.

“But this does not excuse your disobedience, Courtney. Sally, after you have cleaned up yourself and Courtney, I want you both in the playroom downstairs in an hour. This little minx has to be punished severely.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sally answered, and Courtney shivered in fear.

One hour later, as ordered, Courtney knelt in the playroom. Before her, on a dais, was the wooden throne of Mistress Vera, which was currently unoccupied.

Standing next to her was Sally, again in her latex Maid’s uniform. In her right hand was a leash, attached to a D-ring on Courtney’s collar. Courtney’s hands had been locked behind her back by D-rings on her wrist bracelets. She was naked, befitting her status as a submissive.

Having been a client of Mistress Vera for some weeks now, she was familiar with all of the instruments contained in the Playroom. She had been chained to the wall, and hung naked from the ceiling. Courtney had been confined in the jail cell, and the wooden cage. She had ridden the wooden horse; with her entire weight resting on a small strip of wood. That had made her feel like she was being cut in two with her sex bearing the weight of her naked exposed body.

Then there was the wall rack that contained all sorts of things to discipline a submissive with. Whips, riding crops, canes, gags, clamps; all were designed to give a naked girl a painful time.

The playroom door opened, and Mistress Vera entered, still wearing her black latex sleeveless catsuit. She closed the door behind her, and carefully walked in her high heels to the rack from which she withdrew a riding crop before walking to her throne. Where she then sat down on the padded seat of her throne.

“Very good, Sally. I see that at least one of the females in this room is capable of following my orders.”

“Thank you, mistress,” Sally replied.

“But now we have the problem of this slut who can’t seem to obey me, no matter how many times I tell her how to conduct herself at home. Perhaps some stronger measures are called for,” observed Mistress Vera.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Courtney, you occupy an important position in a financial firm. Tell me, when you do something really wrong what happens?” questioned Mistress Vera.

“I would get a notice of discipline, Mistress Vera.”

“You have seriously disobeyed me, so what do you think you deserve?”

“A severe punishment, Mistress Vera.”

“And that is what you shall get, my dear. Sally, I want you to help Courtney to her feet, and then hang her from the ceiling with her arms and legs spread. She isn’t even going to get the choice of what I shall use on her. That will be the whip. I’m going to make her scream tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sally answered.

“You may proceed,” ordered Mistress Vera, “and you may use her in any way you choose.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Seated in her throne, Mistress Vera flexed the riding crop in her hands. She watched as Sally helped Courtney to her feet. Sally clicked her heels over to the rack, and removed two spreader bars and 6 keyed small padlocks. Then she walked over to the wall, and activated a small switch, and a chain descended from the ceiling.

Walking back to Courtney, Sally unlocked the leash from her neck. Next she unlocked her hands from behind her back, and let Courtney flex them to get circulation going again.

“Open your legs,” Sally ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Courtney replied.

Sally then bent down and locked the spreader bar to her ankles onto the d-rings of her ankle bracelets with two of the small padlocks.

Then she stood back up, and locked Courtney’s wrists to the other spreader bar. That in turn was locked to an eye hook in the bar’s center.

Sally then walked back to the wall switch, and the ceiling chain was gradually drawn upwards. Courtney’s naked and exposed body was drawn taut, and her ribs were made visible in her torso. The chain stopped its ascent when Courtney’s heels could barely touch the wooden floor.

Courtney was now hanging from the ceiling, totally naked, her beautiful body in the shape of an X.

The final sixth lock was used to attach the spreader bar locked to Courtney’s ankles to a hook in the floor. This would allow Courtney only the limited freedom to twist in her bondage to a limited extent.

Rising to her feet, Sally walked to the front of her naked and helpless captive.

“Bondage slut,” Sally observed.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I think you enjoy being in this position, totally helpless, awaiting the whip,” observed Sally.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Mistress Vera is going to severely punish you for unauthorized bondage and orgasms. Does that excite you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” Sally answered as she began to tease Courtney’s nipples and sex, making her writhe helplessly within her chains.

“Aaaaaaah,” Courtney moaned from her within her naked bondage.

Sally then abruptly stopped, and removed her fingers from Courtney’s sex, only to thrust them within her mouth.

“Taste yourself, you wanton slut.”


“I would give you a few strokes with the Riding Crop, but Mistress Vera is going to whip your naked body, since you’re such a tart,” taunted Sally.

“Yes, ma’am,” Courtney answered once Sally removed her fingers from her mouth.

“Bravo Sally, you have made excellent use of Courtney. I truly must compliment you. One day you shall make a fine Mistress,” praised Mistress Vera.

“Thank you, Mistress Vera,” Sally quickly replied, knowing full well that if she did not, a session with the whip would result.

“Now then, let’s get down to business.”

Mistress Vera rose to her feet, and clicked her heels on the wooden floor over to the punishment rack. She hung the riding crop by a loop attached to the handle, and removed a long, coiled black leather whip.

She felt the sinuous oiled leather in her fingers, knowing full well that it could deliver both pain and pleasure. Depending of course, how it was to be used.

“Since Sally has done a good job in stimulating that naughty pussy of yours, I shall have to use another part of your anatomy,” mused Mistress Vera.

From the rack she removed a pair of latex coated nipple clamps, joined together by a shining stainless steel chain, just a few inches in length.

“I’m sure that these will increase your erotic agony,” observed Mistress Vera, “Courtney.”

“Yes, Mistress Vera,” Courtney quickly replied, since she had been addressed directly. One does not ignore a woman holding a whip when you are chained, naked, and vulnerable.

“Yes good, Courtney. Had you not responded properly, I would have really laid into you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Courtney answered from within her steel and leather bondage.

Mistress Vera slowly walked over and faced Courtney directly, who did not look at her mistress directly, keeping her eyes down.

Holding the whip and nipple clamps in her left hand, Mistress Vera reached out with her right hand and began to pinch and fondle first Courtney’s left breast, and then her right.

“I see that these are your real boobs, Courtney. Have you ever thought of having them enlarged?”

“No, Mistress. I want to remain original. I’m quite happy with my body.”

“Does that include pussy alterations?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Are you afraid of complications?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’m considering having a ring inserted into your outer lips that I can hang an ownership charm from. Would you consent to that?” questioned Mistress Vera.

“Yes, Mistress.

“Good. I’m glad you haven’t had a boob job. Some of my other female clients insist on looking like porn stars which I find ridiculous, no doubt to show off on the beach or to please their lovers.”

“Yes, Mistress Vera, owwwww,” cried Courtney when her right nipple was squeezed hard by Vera.

“Very good, Courtney. Tell me, are you wet between your legs?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, then I shall further increase your erotic agony. Sally, come here and hold the whip as I place the nipple clamps on Courtney.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sally quickly complied.

Mistress Vera handed the coiled black whip to Sally, who was intimately familiar with the object. She had cleaned it many times; Mistress Vera had used it on her repeatedly; and she had even allowed Sally to use it on her other clients on occasion. 

Vera next placed Courtney’s right nipple, which was already erect, between the two latex covered ends of the clamp. Then she slid the retaining clasp towards the imprisoned teat, squeezing and holding it in place. Next came the left nipple, which received the same treatment.

Finally Mistress Vera pulled the center of the short chain that linked two two clamps together between Courtney’s erect breasts.

“Ooooooooh,” moaned Courtney.

“May I have the whip?” Mistress Vera asked her maid.

“Yes, Mistress,” Sally answered, quickly handing Vera the whip, still carefully coiled, like a black snake between her hands.

“Kiss the whip,” Mistress Vera ordered Courtney.

Courtney speedily complied, her red lips caressing the whip’s woven leather handle as if it were that of a lover. It would be caressing her naked and exposed body. Except that it would bring both pleasure and pain; both at Courtney’s request.

Mistress Vera then stepped back, and let the whip uncoil onto the polished wooden floor.

“What is your safe-word?” 

“Bitcoin,” Courtney quickly answered.

“Typical. All of you financial types ever think of is money. I have another female client who works as a CFO of a major corporation, and her safe-word is Gold,” Vera observed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Perhaps I’ll place a gag in your mouth, and then your safe-word would be to drop some coins I place in your hand. We haven’t done that yet, hove we?” questioned Vera to her captive.

“No, Mistress.” That was certainly something which Courtney would have remembered, and the fierce orgasms that the whipping generated she would have desired.

“Good. Stand ready and count as usual. I shall be increasing both the frequency and intensity of each stroke, since you have been such a disobedient little bondage slut.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Prepare yourself.”

“One, owwwww.”

“Two, owwwww.”

“Three, owwww.”

“Four, owwww.”

“Five, owwww.”

Mistress Vera circled around her bound and helpless victim, the whip striking a different part of her body each time. She noticed where Sally had left marks with her earlier punishment with the riding crop; and she did not hesitate to strike those areas with the whip.

“Six, owwww.”

“Seven, owww.”

“Eight, owww.”

“Nine, owww.”

“Ten, owww,” Courtney tearfully cried.

“Are you wet between your legs, bondage hussy?” Vera demanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” Courtney tearfully replied.

“We are just getting started. Remember, this is by your own actions and request,” Vera pointed out.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Eleven, owww.”

“Twelve, owww.”

“Thirteen, owww.”

“Fourteen, owww.”


Courtney fought against her chains, trying desperately to escape the whip, but to no avail. There was no evading the whip.





“Twenty,” Courtney screamed when the whip struck between her legs and reached her pussy lips.

Courtney’s naked body was now covered by a network of red stripes, some of which 

crisscrossed earlier stripes that Vera had delivered earlier. Mistress Vera was now increasing the force of each stroke, each one leaving a red stripe behind to indicate where the whip had been.

Her exposed body was covered in sweat, and tears ran down her cheeks.

“Sally, you may take a tissue and dry her tears. Courtney, this is why I didn’t want you wearing any eye makeup tonight. It wouldn’t have looked good to see eye liner staining your cheeks.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sally produced a tissue from her uniform and stepped forward and dried the tears from Courtney’s cheeks.

“You may fondle her breasts, Sally. Don’t be bashful. She is a wanton little cunt, after all.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

As if to further her own wretchedness, Courtney felt humiliated as her female orbs were again manipulated by another woman. Until now, her breasts had escaped the whip. But since Mistress Vera had given Sally permission to stroke them, it was apparent that they would be the next target of the whip. Her engorged nipples were imprisoned by the clamps, and all it would take would be a mild pull on the chain to make her scream in pain.

“Very good, Sally.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now then, shall we continue?”

“Twenty-one,” shrieked Courtney as the whip struck her right breast, making it quiver on impact.









“Thirty,” screamed Courtney.

Courtney’s naked body was now covered in sweat. She would twist in her chains, trying to dodge the whip without effect.

Earlier that day, Mistress Vera had a serious talk with her Maid Sally. She had explained that Courtney had specially requested a harsh bondage session. One that would leave her naked body striped with whip marks that she would carry for a long time, and that some might never fade.

Vera had explained that while painful, Courtney would actually not be seriously hurt. That a warm bath and some salve would heal her wounds.

But most importantly, Vera had told Sally that it was better that she had fulfilled Courtney’s request. Rather than going to someone who just might actually hurt her by accident trying to fulfill her request.

At no time did Vera break Courtney’s skin or make her bleed, only leaving stripes behind using the whip. That was the mark of a trained Mistress.

“Thirty-one, owww.”




“Thirty-five, owww.”

The only sounds in the playroom were the harsh breathing of Courtney, the swish of the whip, the sound of it’s impact, and the click of Vera’s heels as she circled her bound victim.





“Forty, owwww,” Courtney screamed when a harsh stroke striped both of her breasts at the same time with just one impact.

“Very good. Do you want to stop, Courtney?”

“No, Mistress,” Courtney answered as she choked back tears.

“Good. Now we’re going to continue, but with a ball-gag in your mouth, and holding coins for your safe-word. Do you consent?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Courtney painfully answered.

“Excellent. Now we’re going to see how devoted you are to be my submissive. Sally, you may proceed.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sally clicked her heels onto the polished wooden floor as she walked to the wooden rack. She removed a red ball-gag, and then walked behind the bound form of Courtney.

“Open wide, slut,” ordered Sally.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Courtney opened her mouth, and from behind Sally reached and placed the ball-gag around first her neck, and then drew it upwards into her mouth. Sally then threaded the leather strap through the roller buckle, and drew it tight so that her charge would not be able to expel it. She finally settled on the correct leather hole and pushed the metal tongue through, then drew the strap out the other side.

“Mmmmmph,” Courtney moaned.

From her uniform, Sally withdrew five quarters, which would make a noticeable noise when released. She walked in front of Courtney, displayed them to her in the palm of her hand, then placed them in Courtney’s right hand.

“Grasp them firmly,” Sally advised, “remember, they are your safe-word.”

“Mmmmmph,” was all that Courtney could reply, then she shook her head up and down in assent.

Sally then stepped away from Courtney.

“Courtney is ready to complete her discipline, Mistress.”

“You didn’t feel between her legs, Sally.”

“I didn’t want to release an orgasm, Mistress, and I wasn’t ordered to at this time.”

“Very good, Sally. You’re learning.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Sally, you may continue the count.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“Mmmmmmmph,” was Courtney’s response when the whip struck on her thigh, with an audible crack, and she fought helplessly within her chains. She held the coins tightly in her hand.





Mistress Vera began to circle around her captive, delivering strokes to both Courtney’s front and back.






Courtney again twisted in her chains, trying to avoid the whip and the pain that it left behind. She had downloaded a short video, obviously part of a larger one, in German. It showed a woman in the same position as she now was, receiving a hundred strokes with the whip. Courtney watched in awe as the woman was punished, and she drove herself to orgasm with just her hand between her legs.





Mistress Vera continued her circle around Courtney, and it was obvious that her breaking point was coming soon.







“Mmmmmmmmph,” when the sixtieth stroke lashed the tender flesh of her right underarm Courtney finally cried out, opened her right hand and released the coins, which fell noisily to the floor and scattered in all directions. Then a raging tide of orgasms that had been building up inside her finally broke, and she moaned and bucked inside her chains as one climax after another wracked her bound body. The combination of punishment, bondage, and being gagged, all had combined to produce a series of massive sexual peaks that were unstoppable. Her naked, striped, sweating body was powerless to stop the sexual storm within her.

“Mmmmmmmmph,” Courtney cried, again and again but the gag had taken away the power of speech, of resistance to her bondage, reducing to naked, punished body to a slave to her pain, pleasure, and hormones.

Minutes went by as one endorphin orgasm after another swept through her naked body, making her fight against her chains in a valiant effort to escape her bondage. She twisted her body in a vain attempt to free herself, her chains rattling in response. Her naked body shone with sweat under the lights, making her feel even more female and vulnerable.

The rubber ball-gag had removed her power of speech, and protest. She was only able to express her dismay and pleasure with a series of moans and grunts, and fragments of words.

Finally, the orgasms subsided, and she hung limp in her chains, spent.

Even with all of the punishment that she had endured, the clamps were still attached to her nipples. Her breasts bore the marks of a few carefully aimed whip marks.

“Sally, you may take her down, give her a bath and food, and let her rest before we use her in bed tonight. Courtney?”

“Mmmmph,” she replied, holding her head up straight.

“You performed very well tonight.”

Courtney nodded her reply.

“Remove her gag, Sally.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sally stepped behind her helpless charge and opened the leather strap that held the gag in Courtney’s mouth. When the gag was removed, Courtney’s chest heaved as she gulped air into her lungs.

“Sally, you may remove the nipple clamps.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Walking in front of Courtney, Sally opened first the right clamp and then the left. Both made Courtney cry out in pain as her female buds were relieved of their painful burden.

“Owwwww,” screamed the naked, bound, woman in the playroom.

“Thank you, Sally.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Sally didn’t need to be told to step aside as Mistress Vera walked in front of Courtney in order to question her.

“You screamed more when the clamps were removed, than while under the whip. Perhaps because you enjoy the whip?”

“Yes, Mistress Vera.”

“Very good, Courtney. I don’t have to place my finger in your sex because I already know that you respond sexually to the whip. Some women enjoy both pain and pleasure, like you,” Vera observed.

“Thank you, Mistress. That’s why I’m here, to explore myself sexually.”

“Being in bondage you will feel more of a woman than you ever felt before, in chains and under the lash.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Mistress Vera.”

“You’re just what every Mistress dreams of, a submissive who enjoys punishment. If I told you that I would give you a hundred strokes, would you consent?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have you ever been on a bondage horse, like the one I have by the wall?”

“No, Mistress.”

“It’s very uncomfortable with your entire weight resting on a narrow piece of wood, even with a little padding. Especially when you’re impaled on a rubber dildo. Would you like to try that tomorrow?”

“Yes, whatever my Mistress desires.”

“Have a nice rest,” Mistress Vera turned on her heels and left Sally and Courtney alone in the playroom. After all, it was Sally’s job to prepare the clients for use by Mistress Vera.

The End of The Penultimate Truth Part One


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