The Meeting

by Ballgagger

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© Copyright 2006 - Ballgagger - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

She was nervous.  She’d never done anything like this before.  It started online.  They’d been IM’ing for a month now.  She looked forward to her afternoons.  He was so patient.  He seemed to know exactly what words to say, what photos to share, what fantasies to explore. It was like they were connected.  But it was always so anonymous and disconnected.  Then he asked the question.

“Why don’t we meet?”

She declined immediately…the first few times.  He didn’t press.  He would just casually suggest it again.  One time in one of their online sessions, she connected a webcam and let him instruct her.  She thought it would bring them closer.  It did.  But despite spending the afternoon in front of her camera, with her panties in her mouth covered by tape and her hands handcuffed while she typed…she still wanted more.

That’s why she was standing here today.  Room 426 of the Days Inn…in Johnsonville, the halfway point between his town and hers.  She took a deep breath as he wrapped the nylon rope around her wrists so tenderly.  “How did I get here?” she thought to herself, as the electricity pulsed through her body with each turn of the rope.  She was scared…but at the same time…a peace came over her as he started to bring her elbows together and tie them tight. 

“This is what I wanted.”

She left an extra copy of her keycard with instructions for her roommate at the front desk.  She knew Cassie would come to the desk and ask for the envelope in one hour.  It was her backup plan, just in case.  But right now…she was getting lost in the moment…

“Open wide…” he said.  She knew he’d brought a ballgag.  She saw it in the bag of gear he opened earlier.  She’d never worn one…but had seen plenty of pictures he had sent her.  Her lips wrapped around the ball as he buckled the strap tightly under her hair.  

She looked at herself in the hotel mirror.  “Who is that creature looking back at me?”

He reached around and unbuttoned her blouse.  His hand brushed against her breast…and she thought she was going to jump to the ceiling.  “oh God I want him to grab me!” she dreamed.  He was tender.  He knew this was the culmination of weeks of preparation and fantasy.  He knelt down and quickly, expertly tied her knees and ankles together.  She felt a little dizzy…not sure if she could balance.

A little saliva bubbled out from the behind the ballgag…landing on her chest.  He used his finger and wiped it from her boob.  He smiled…then kissed her under her ear…just above the strap.  “Please don’t stop,” she wanted to say…but it came out “pglbmm dmtph tipp”. 

He gently caressed her left breast in his hand.  She moaned in agreement.  “Nnnggghh”.  He slipped the bra strap off her shoulder, exposing her chest.  Without saying a word, his hand swooped down into her waistband.  He had her jeans unzipped and unbuttoned so fast she didn’t know what was happening until his fingers found her dripping wet, penetrating her.  She came so hard at that moment she thought she would pass out.  He grabbed her, lifting her off the ground and laid her gently on the bed. 

“Now that you can’t see the mirror…I don’t see a reason you shouldn’t be blindfolded, “ he whispered in her ear, just before wrapping a black silk scarf around her head and eyes.  He pulled her jeans and panties down to her tied knees…exploring with his fingers.  She came twice before she heard the sound of his zipper being lowered.  “Yes!  Please!  Take Me Now!” she thought-screamed in her head. 

Just then…a knock on the door.   “Jennifer!”  “Are you in there?”

“My roommate!  I forgot to call the front desk!”

Then the sound of the keycard in the slot. 

This was about to get interesting…


“My roommate is at the door!” she thought to herself, as she lied on the hotel room bed…bound with her hands and elbows behind her, gagged with a ballgag in her mouth and blindfolded, her jeans pulled down to her knees.  “I was going to call the front desk and have them hold the envelope, signaling everything was okay.”

She heard her captor get off the bed and open the door.  She had told her roommate to come by the hotel at a designated time.  She was to ask for an envelope with her name on it that contained a keycard to that room.  IF there was no envelope, she was to assume everything was just fine.  It WAS fine.  It was MORE than fine.  While she had shared her particular fantasy with her roommate, she wanted this time to be special…she wanted it by herself.

She heard them talk quietly…heard her roommate giggle, then the door closed.

“I told her to come back in two hours.” He whispered into her ear.  “Now where were we?”  He untied her ankles and knees and completely removed her jeans and panties…then retied her ankles crossed.  He flipped her over and untied her arms and wrists…but only long enough to remove what was left of her clothes.

She now laid there…naked on her stomach, hands and elbows tied tight behind her.  He then tied a length of rope from her elbow tie to her crossed ankles, severely arching her back and spreading her legs.  She let out a “nngghh” from behind her gag.  “What is he doing to me now?  He can’t get to me this way!”

At that point, she heard a new sound…a distinct one she was very familiar with.  The buzzing of a vibrator filled the room, then filled her.  She came immediately, finding that despite the tight hogtie, she could still move enough during an orgasm!  

“Let’s see how many of those we can create?” he said to her.  

In fifteen minutes, apparently three more.  He rolled her onto her side…exposing her completely to him.  She felt him kiss her…on the nipples.  Then down her stomach.  She felt his tongue between her legs, entering her.  She tried to tell him what she wanted by spreading her legs as far as the ropes would let her.  With his expert hands, he reached down while tonguing her and untied her ankles….it seemed only seconds, and he was inside her…pounding away. 

“YES!”  She screamed into her gag….sounding more like “EFFS”!  She was then taken on a ride…her head started spinning, she lost all control and enjoyed her first huge wave of bondage orgasm…one that seemed to go on and on and on.  She was pretty sure she was crying.

He untied her elbows and let the blood flow back into her arms.  He untied her wrists, but then retied them with a beautiful silk scarf.  She had to suck in the saliva when he unbuckled the ballgag and popped it from her mouth.  He kissed her…for what seemed like an hour.  He sat her up, and gave her a drink of water.  “Rest a moment…there’s lots more where that came from.” 

She was tied 2 other ways the next two hours.  First on her knees…with ropes encircling her chest and breasts.  She wasn’t blindfolded at first.  He wanted her to see her chest wrapped the way they were.  She felt her first crotch rope, knotted and parting her lips between her legs.  He then added a blindfold, a sleep mask you’d wear on an airplane.  She found out why she wasn’t gagged when he stepped in front of her, guiding his hard cock into her mouth gently.  She’d given head before, but she wanted to perform like she never had before.  He came and came and came…and she drank in every aspect of the experience.

Her last tie came soon after…as she was tied to a comfortable chair.  He again wrapped the soft nylon rope around her breasts and tied her arms and wrists to the back of the chair.  Her legs were tied apart and knees were secured to the edges of the chair.  She was again ballgagged…but this time he put a couple of pieces of tape over the ballgag.  A blindfold was placed over her eyes.  She then heard the telltale buzzing, as he placed a vibrator just to the edge of her moist clit, and taped it to the chair.  He whispered in her ear…”don’t go anywhere…I have an errand to run.”  She heard the door close.  

Panic came over her.  “Oh my God.  He’s left me here.”  

She started thinking of every scenario.  She lost track of all time, partly because of her panic, and also because of the incessant vibrating between her legs.  After what seemed like hours, but was actually 25 minutes and 2 orgasms later…she heard the keycard in the door again.  “MMMpphhh!” she said behind the ballgag and tape.  She wanted to say..”I’m glad you’re back…but don’t do that again.” 

When she heard her roommate say “Now look what you’ve got yourself into.”


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