The Maid - The Rescue

by ZTVFemdomtales

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© Copyright 2021 - ZTVFemdomtales - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; gag; supernatural; demon; nc; X

Femdom spy sets out to save captive demigoddess

It has been six months since the abduction of demigoddess Demi Rose. An aspiring rockstar summoned her via an ancient ritual. 

“Well, hello there, you sexy little thing. What’s your name?”

“Black Lipstick.”


“Honestly, I have been thinking of changing it.”

“I should hope so.”

“How…how does this work exactly.”

“You need to sell me on your wish. Tell me exactly what you want. Leave nothing back. This is your only chance.”

“I want to be a rock star. A real one. A famous one.”

“So, you want me to make your career for you.”

“No, not at all. I can make it all on my own. All I want is the chance to prove it. My music is fringe. I am not and do not want to be mainstream. I want the mainstream to bend to me. All that I ask is for a shot. If my music could somehow play on the biggest rock stations, that should do the trick.”

“Willing to do the work, I like that. You have a deal.”

She leaned in and kissed the girl. She made sure to use plenty of tongue. A poof of blue smoke filled the air around them. 

“So sweet,” a woman said from the doorway.

“Who’s there?” Demi Rose demanded.

“That’s Bella,” she explained, “my Domina sponsor.”

Bella entered the room.

“Child, this bitch has nothing to do with our temple.”


“She’s not even human.”

“What, what is she then?”

Her body morphed, the lower half becoming that of a python. 

“Oh, my sweet pet. I am a Kaal.”

The demoness sent her tail soaring like a whip and knocked Lipstick into the corner before rounding on the demigoddess.

“If your wish was for an ass kicking then prepare to have it granted,” Demi snarled.

Blue smoke swirled like a storm, ready to be unleashed. Bella was faster. She grabbed Demi by the neck and dragged her close. The two locked eyes. Bella’s became colorful swirls. Demi tried to look away but could not. Her eyes became spirals too and she fell limp. The demoness became a black goo and swallowed up the demigoddess before disappearing down a crack in the floor. 

Now, after all this time, the call came. The Maid, as she was known, stood before Queen Val S. The Queen not only ruled over the island nation of Domina but was the head of the entire religion.

“I have just received a report from the Black Bunny,” she explained.

Black Bunny was the codename for a spy unofficially employed by the Temple. A member, like the Maid herself, of a task force called upon to solve problems for the nation and the Temple of Domina. They were often referred to as Femdom Inc.

“Swedish Bella performed an ancient ritual upon Demi Rose known as ‘The Bottle.’ In her current… state Demi is unable to wield her own power and is at the total mercy of whoever has her. We have located her and are sending you in to retrieve her. Get her back and make them pay.”

The Maid’s only answer was a smile. She was a cleaner. She made messes like this one go away and loved every second of it. She would make her Queen proud.

Nineteen-year-old Blake Thomas returned home from his economics lecture. He was too tired to notice the strange car in the driveway. Why the fuck did he pick a class at nine in the morning? What sane person was up this early? All those thoughts were expelled from his brain when he saw her.

“Wh…who…who are you?”

“What’s it look like, silly? I’m the Maid,” she giggled.

“I…we…don’t…have a…maid.”

“I’m new.”

“Yeah. Sure. That makes sense.”

Anything she said would have made sense. He was focused on her boobs.

“Take me to your room.”

That snapped him out of it.

“What? Why?”

“I need to clean it, silly.”

“Right. Right.”

She picked up her little bag and followed him upstairs. He nervously opened his door and let her in.

“As you can see it’s really not that messy.”

“Then what do you call that?” she scolded, pointing to a far corner.

He stepped into the room to get a better look. She slammed the door shut and locked it. 

“What the hell?”

“You weren’t supposed to be home yet.”

“The professor got sick. They sent us home.”

“Too bad for you.”

Her demeanor had changed. Gone was the giggly little bimbo. In her stay was a woman of frightening intensity. She shoved him onto the bed face down. 


She reached into her bag and pulled out a length of white cotton rope. She forced his arms behind his back and lashed them together. 

“What are you doing?”

His legs were next. The ropes were tight. He was starting to worry it was cutting off his circulation. She forced the bound limbs up and completed the severe hogtie. 

“Let me go!”

She pulled a ball-gag from her bag.

“Don’t you dare!”

She ignored his protest. She just pinched his nose. He struggled to catch a breath. None found its way into his nose. He was forced to open his mouth. She shot the gag in and strapped it down as tight as she could. He screamed at her through his gag. 

“Shut up. No one in your family deserves any mercy.”

What was this crazy bitch talking about?

“You help take a demigoddess of Domina? Vengeance will be had.”

Demigoddess? She then quietly slipped out of the room, leaving him to squirm.

Now whose car could that be? She hadn’t seen that car in the Thomas’ driveway in all the years she had lived next door to them. Maybe it was a porch pirate. That had to be it. It was a porch pirate. Maybe she should go over and investigate. Yes, that was it. She was going over there to investigate. Mallory smiled to herself. She was a good neighbor.

She was halfway there when she saw something slithering in the bushes. 

“Now what are you?”

“In about a second, Mallory,” a female voice answered from within the bush, “I’ll be you.”

The Maid continued her search of the home. The boy’s early arrival threw off her plans but did not derail them completely. She would just alter the tone of his interrogation. In the meantime, she had intel to follow up on. Alexander Thomas was a low-level ad executive until six months ago. A series of suspiciously shrewd business moves had landed him at the top of the heap. 

According to Black Bunny’s intel he was keeping the bottle in a secret safe in his study. She had just discovered the safe’s location when the boy arrived. She reached into her bag and pulled out two small plastic spray bottles. Both fit comfortably in the palm of each hand. She sprayed one onto the safe door and then the other. She watched as the two chemicals’ acidic reaction at the metal away. There she was. A small golden lamp shaped like a naked Demi Rose sat in the middle of his important papers.

She grabbed the bottle and rubbed between her legs. The bottle erupted in an explosion of blue smoke. Demi Rose stood before the Maid looking mightily relieved. 

“Oh, thank Domina.”

“Ready to go home?”

“You have no idea.”

“We just have one stop to make first.”

The Maid opened the door, revealing a still struggling Blake.

“Cute ass,” Demi Rose remarked.

He stopped moving, blushing at the sound of the new voice.

“Oh, Maid,” she continued, “when will you learn to play with your food?”

She snapped her fingers. Blake screamed in terror as his clothing transformed into blue smoke and faded away, leaving him naked before the two sexy women.

Demi Rose plopped down on the bed and began running her hands over his ass. 

“Very cute indeed.”

She gave it a good squeeze.

“A handful at least.”

He moaned at her touch and blushed harder at her words.

“I wish I could take him with me.”

“After I interrogate him, you can have him,” The Maid replied.

“Promises, Promises.”

The doorbell rang. The Maid went rigid.

“Who the hell is that?”

“Imm domm nommm,” the boy tried to say.

Straightening her costume, the Maid headed for the front door.


A gorgeous, tanned woman in a revealing yellow bikini stood on the porch holding a drink dispenser full of lemonade with lemons floating in it. 

“Yes?” The Maid asked in her high playful voice.

“Hi, I’m Mallory. I live just next door. I was hoping to drop off some lemonade for the Thomas gang.”

“Oh, how sweet! I’ll make sure they get it.”

“Can’t I come in? I would like to visit with little Blakey.”

“He’s not feeling well. Sorry.”

“Oh my. Can I check on him?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She sniffed the air. The Maid, already on edge, lashed out hitting the woman across the face.

“That’s not very nice.”

Mallory’s voice was no longer her own. It had morphed into something more sinister. 

She reached out her hand and Demi Rose screamed from within the house. Blue smoke shot past the Maid reforming the bottle in “Mallory’s” hand. She then transformed into a black, tainted mud, reforming into Swedish Bella in her Lamia form. 

“I was just going to take my bitch and go but it looks like I have a whore to crush first.”

She whipped her tail, sending The Maid crashing into the couch. 

“You should have stayed on Domina.”

The Maid jumped up and ran for the stairs. 

“Oh, don’t go,” Bella shouted, “we have so much more fun to have!”

She slithered after her at great speed smashing everything in her path. The Maid ran into the dining room, diving under the table. Bella forced her way in, clearing chairs with her tail. The Maid crawled along as wood shards showered the room. Just as she reached the end the table was thrown across the room.


The Maid grabbed a handful of broken wood and tossed it into her attacker’s face. As Bella recoiled, she dove into the kitchen.

“Fuck you, Bitch!”

She burst through the door but saw no one. She slithered around looking for the agent. The Maid leapt from a cabinet under the sink, butcher’s knife in hand. She slammed it into the lamia’s tale. The beast roared in pain. The Maid doubled back and took the stairs two at a time. She reached the bedroom and grabbed her bag.

“Let’s get you out of the way for a while,” she told Blake. 

He grunted in confusion. She opened her little bag and shoved it over his feet. His eyes widened in surprise as he felt them dangle in midair! Grabbing the handles, she dragged it up his body until he was swallowed up. Reaching inside she pulled out a small golden nipple ring.

Bella smashed through the door, binding her with her tail.

“Now where was I? Oh yes, goodbye, bitch.”

She began to crush. Struggling to breath let alone move she pressed the nipple ring into the coil. Bella screamed in pain. Her tail turned into tar, covering the floor but sliding off the Maid. 

“The Nipple Ring of Domina. This should take care of you for a while.”

“Fuck…you…” Bella snarled as she turned to tar completely. 

The Maid grabbed the bottle and tossed it into her bag.

Demi Rose sat on the edge of the Maid’s bed, playing with the nipple ring. It now hung from her left tit. 

“I’ve never really been a nipple ring kind of girl.”

“You’ll have to be,” The Maid told her, “Wearing that is the only thing blocking Bella’s control over you.”

“I guess it could be worse. Right, Blake?”

The boy just moaned. He lay naked on the bed face down, chained spread eagle. The ball-gag was still in place. The red ball now matched his red ass. The Maid, now naked herself, had been using her crop on him for the last three hours.

“The sooner you stop fighting and give me everything you know about your father the sooner Demi Rose can take you home and fuck you.”

“Don’t rush. I bet Blake here doesn’t know how this island works yet. You see, time doesn’t flow here. We can spend centuries at this and only a second will pass back home. So go ahead and fight, imagine how long we can make this last.”

Ivy lay panting. She never made out with another woman like this. She had fucked plenty of them but this one made her feel like Cuming before she even got her lingerie off. This sensual stranger, Bella, was laying on her bed when she came home from work. She had claimed to be friends with her brother Blake. 

That was a lie. Blake could never get a woman this hot. She had used him to get to her. She loved that. As he looked at the naked Bella once more, she noticed the woman’s eyes for the first time. They were colorful spirals. 

Bella laughed as the sister went under instantly. She bound her in her tail which turned to stick tar. Ivy sank to the bottom, vanishing from sight. She was now stored in Bella’s lair next to Mallory. She transformed, taking on Ivy’s image. This would be useful later.


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