The Magic and Miracle of a Day Off

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2021 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; fpov; collar; cuffs; hobble; gag; mitts; denial; leash; display; shave; public; cons; X

Techie’s Day Off

First let me explain about a “day off”.

Techster and I have been married for 50 plus years and we both know that many sexual activities do not happen as they did 30 years ago, so in the interest of keeping the “magic” in our relationship we started giving each other “days off” weekly.

On my day off I am naked, in bondage mittens, hands behind my back, hobbled with a collar and leash and possibly a gag. Since this day is all about me, my husband, Techster’s sex is locked in chastity.

On my “day off” Techster washes me in the shower, he brushes my teeth and fingers my clit to keep me on the very edge of an orgasm.

Teechster can massage and pinch my nipples and play with my sex with both a vibrator and orally doing his best to let me enjoy edging or taken almost to an orgasm, but stopping just short of it. Also he feeds me and cleans my personal areas.

I play with his balls and nipples with my tongue and do my best to tease him. Since his cock is locked in a male chastity device it is a full tease. Then in the evening I will stand, naked on the one bar prison on display for his friends to admire and watch me wiggle when they treat my sex with a strong vibrator and watch me wiggle and moan and beg for sex.

The next day it is Techster’s turn for a day off.

Techster’s “day off”

When Techster wakes he strips and I lock his wrists in handcuffs with his hands behind his back. Then I wash him in the shower, brush his teeth and shave his face and pubic area and install a butt plug tail, a long fluffy fox taiI. I love the look of his ass with a plug-in fluffy fox tail. Then he is hobbled, that makes him take short steps and prevents him from climbing stairs or running, along with a collar and leash.

Now the fun begins as I play with his cock and balls taking him to the edge of ejaculation and leaving him on the “edge” several times.

Later in the day I may put clover clips with small weights on him to keep him from getting bored. If he complains I will put a penis gag in his mouth to remind him that I am in control.

If I have one or more of my girlfriends coming over for afternoon herbal tea I will use a carabiner clip to secure his leash to the hinge of the coat closet by the front door so he is on display and we can all admire my naked “boy toy”. 

In the evening I may take his leash and lead him naked down the street over to a friend’s home while I enjoy a glass of wine and he will be on display once more.

It keeps our relationship amusing since we each “trade” control over the other.


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