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“Now we can proceed,” I say firmly.

I click my heels on the wooden floor to where Vanessa is hanging naked from the ceiling, a position that I am very familiar with. I have been here many times myself; naked and vulnerable to the whip.

“Repeat your name.” I demand of my naked captive.

“Vanessa Ross.”

“Do you willingly submit to the discipline that you are now to receive?”

“Yes, Mistress Crystal.”

“What instrument did you choose?”

“The whip, Mistress Crystal.”

“What is your safe-word?”

“Class, Mistress Crystal.”

“Good. Have you ever called your safe-word?”

“Yes, Mistress. When I was first new to the scene, before I developed a need and a craving for pain,” Vanessa answered.

“I understand, Vanessa. I promise that I won’t hurt you,” I tell her.

“I’m sure you won’t, Mistress Crystal.”

“Then kiss the whip, and prepare to be disciplined,” I order Vanessa.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I offer the wooden handle to Vanessa’s lips, and she kisses the whip passionately, like she has done this many times before. She has already told me that she has been neglected by Mistress Joyce; who after all should be here to witness her use by me. Her absence speaks volumes, although Mistress Morgan has not commented on the fact. Perhaps there is some plot between them to test both of us? Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

My next move is to step back and let the whip uncurl onto the wooden floor. I then snap the whip into the air to gauge its length, and then I face Vanessa directly, looking into her eyes.

“You will count out each stroke, Vanessa, and there will be a penalty if you miss one. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, prepare yourself.”

Swish, tap. “One.”

For my first stroke I have struck Vanessa’s left breast with nothing more than a light tap. I could do this all day long on her entire naked body and not leave a mark behind.

Swish, tap. “Two.”

My second stroke is just as gentle and lands on her right breast.

Swish, tap. “Three.”

My third stroke lands on the outside of her left thigh.

Swish, tap. “Four.”

My fourth stroke lands on the outside of her right thigh.

Swish, tap. “Five.”

My fifth stroke lands between her legs, onto her exposed, naked pussy. Unlike the previous ones this is delivered with a little more force and makes Vanessa writhe within her bonds.

Besides the sounds of the chains suspending Vanessa from the floor there is only the sound of her breathing, anticipating what next is to come.

“Are you now ready for some real punishment, Vanessa?” I ask of my prisoner.

“Yes, Mistress,” she answers.

“Good, since you have never been under my whip before, and I am new to being a Dominant myself, I thought it best to start slowly to test my abilities, and yours.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I then circle around to her back, and take aim. I will only strike the shoulder blades and buttocks, avoiding the kidneys where I can cause real damage.

Swish, Crack. “Six.”

Swish, Crack. “Seven.

Swish, Crack. “Eight.”

Swish, Crack. “Nine.”

Swish, Crack. “Ten, owwww.” Vanessa cries as I land a hard stroke across her back that leaves a red stripe behind.

“Silence, Vanessa. We are just getting started. Surely you know how to take more punishment than this,” I tell her.

“Yes, Mistress, but it has been a long time since I have been whipped properly,” Vanessa replies.

“That is something that we are here to rectify tonight, Vanessa. Steel yourself.”

Swish, Crack. “Eleven.”

Swish, Crack. “Twelve.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirteen.”

Swish, Crack. “Fourteen.”

Swish, Crack. “Fifteen, owwwww.”

I have learned my lessons well from being in the scene for three years. I can make the whip land exactly where I want it to, and with an exact amount of force behind it. My last five strokes were again delivered to her shoulder blades and bottom. Now I shall alter my targets once more.

Swish, Crack. “Twenty, owwwww.” I next land a stroke on Vanessa’s right breast that makes her writhe and cry out.

Swish, Crack. “Twenty one.”

Swish, Crack. Twenty two.”

Swish, Crack. “Twenty three.”

Swish, Crack. “Twenty four.”

Swish, Crack. “Twenty five, owwwww.” I have now duplicated my first five strokes when I merely tapped Vanessa’s breasts, thighs, and pussy. Except that now I have left red marks behind that sting and make her squirm against her implacable chains.

“From now on, my strokes will only get harder, Vanessa.”

“I understand, Mistress Crystal,” Vanessa replies.

Swish, Crack. “Twenty six.” I now expertly take aim at the sensitive skin of her underarms, because I want her to sweat in fear.

Swish, Crack. “Twenty seven.”

Swish, Crack. “Twenty eight.”

Swish, Crack. “Twenty nine.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty, owwww.” I leave an angry red stripe behind in her right armpit. It will sting, but not do any permanent damage.

I will not embarrass my charge to suggest that we stop now. She has told me privately that she wants a harsh session, and this is just a warm up for her ordeal to come.

Swish, Crack. “Thirty one, owwww.” I stripe her back once again, leaving an angry red mark behind.

Swish, Crack. “Thirty two.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty three.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty four.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty five, owwww,” Vanessa screams, but does not use her safe-word.

With each stroke I feel the power growing in me. I watch as I cover her naked, vulnerable, exposed body with the whip that she has chosen herself. I know that she is becoming sexually charged by her ordeal. That Vanessa, like me, craves pain because it is the flip side of pleasure. Because we are wired differently than most people. Something that I did not believe until I had been in the scene for a while.

But now, even though I had initially resisted the idea of being promoted. That I would be expected from now on to regularly discipline other submissives like myself, gave me a new sense of power that I had never expected before.

I glance at Mistress Morgan, seated in her throne. She has been intensely following my every move, watching as I discipline my captive and how I control her by the use of the whip.

There is no need for words to be exchanged between us. I have learned what it means to be on both sides of the whip. I have now held both the handle and subject to the tip as well.

Swish, Crack. “Thirty six, owwwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty seven, owwwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty eight, owwwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Thirty nine, owwwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty, owwwww.”

Tears have now begun to form at the corners of Vanessa’s green eyes. I walk close to her naked, striped form, and with my hands I fondle and pinch the nipples of her punished breasts. With my right hand I reach between her legs to her already sopping wet slit. Being whipped has sexually aroused Vanessa, Far from hating her whipping, I know that she actually enjoys it. I understand that some women who have been in the scene for a long time are said to be unable to climax unless they have been severely whipped first.

Sweat drips from the pores of Vanessa’s naked and punished body. The exquisite pain from her ordeal has made her heart race and her breathing shallow. I know, based on my own time under the whip, what I must do next.

Swish, Crack. “Forty one, owwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty two, owwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty three, owwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty four, owwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty five, owwww.”

I circle around Vanessa, making her think that I am again to hurt her breasts and thighs with harsh strokes, but that is not my intention. That is only what I want her to think. I have something else in mind.

Swish, Crack. “Forty six, owwww.” I now begin a series of very harsh strokes on her shoulder blades, designed to leave an angry red stripe behind. I glance at Mistress Morgan. Does she think that I mean to actually hurt Vanessa?

Swish, Crack. “Forty seven, owwww.” I want Vanessa to now scream with every stroke, and I want to leave a mark behind as well.

Swish, Crack. “Forty eight, owwww.”

Swish, Crack. “Forty nine, owwwww.” Vanessa screams with all the air in her lungs, her naked punished body covered in stripes and sweat.

Swish, Crack. “Fifty.” Vanessa screams out the final number of her punishment, her naked body is now well covered in marks from the whip.

For the final stroke I have circled around to the front of Vanessa’s naked body and I land a moderate stroke to her exposed pussy that releases her pent up orgasm, that I know has been building up within her from the very first stroke of the whip.

Vanessa writhes within her chains, fighting them to be free but there is nothing that a naked girl can do against leather and steel holding captive. One orgasm after another rips through her naked body, making her cry with both tears of joy and pain.

Within my PVC dress I too am sweating and overcome with arousal. Until now, I have been a submissive craving the punishment that my Mistress has given me. But tonight, holding the whip, the most fearsome instrument that can be misused and hurt if used incorrectly, I have made an important discovery about myself.

I enjoy Domination as well as submission.

Vanessa is overcome by the combination of pain and pleasure coursing through her naked and chained body. Try as she might, she cannot free herself of the leather and steel that holds her prisoner. Her bondage only increases the orgasms that she is now experiencing.

She had asked me for a harsh session with the whip. I hope that I have satisfied her desire.

“Bravo,” complimented Mistress Morgan, who had stayed silent throughout the entire session.

“Thank you, Mistress Morgan,” I reply, and execute a slight bow.

Mistress Morgan rises from her throne and clicks her heels over to the two of us: Mistress and submissive.

“Very good, Crystal. I always knew that you had it in you to progress to the next step.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I turn to my charge and ask, “Vanessa, are you all right?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she answers weakly, “thank you.”

“Mistress Crystal, why don’t you go upstairs to your room and take a shower; and I’ll release Vanessa and give her a bath, and prepare her for your further use. Get some rest and I’ll take care of everything.”

“But Mistress Morgan, I’m still your submissive.”

“Not tonight, darling. You’ve earned it.

“Thank you, Mistress Morgan.”

“You’re welcome, dear.”

It is now two hours later, and I am in my bedroom. Mistress Morgan has outdone herself in giving me a night that I will always remember.

On my dresser is an ice bucket with a bottle of white Chardonnay, my favorite. There are also cheese and crackers.

Next to them is a small selection of sex toys that every woman should own. There is a riding crop; a dog whip; a flogger; a red rubber ball-gag; nipple clamps; a couple of leather straps; a vibrator; blindfold; and lastly a leather harness for me to wear with a rubber penis. There are also a few foil wrapped latex condoms for the rubber penis to make clean-up a snap.

I have laid these out for Mistress Morgan many times as she entertains submissives after they have been disciplined in the playroom. But now it is my turn.

The wine & cheese are just the appetizer. The main course is naked and on the floor waiting for me.

Vanessa has been bathed and perfumed by Mistress Morgan. Her wounds have been tended to (the whip marks will fade over time); and her aureole have been rouged and lastly her pussy has been sprayed with perfume. She is on her knees, silent, waiting for me to begin her use.

She is wearing her collar and wrist and ankle bracelets. Her hands are locked behind her back.

I am wearing a kimono robe and a pair of slippers, and nothing else.

Tonight, Vanessa will belong to me.

“Good evening, Vanessa,” I greet her.

“Good evening, Mistress,” she replies.

“Did you enjoy our session in the playroom?” I ask.

“Yes, Mistress.”

It seems incredible to ask if someone has enjoyed being placed in bondage and whipped, but the two of us belong to a different culture than most people.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, Mistress. I’ve been whipped harder before, until I bled,” Vanessa answered.

“But that isn’t right. What Mistress Morgan practices and I learned from her is that we are not to break the skin and cause permanent damage,” I tell her.

“Not everyone in the scene is as conscientious as the two of you are.”

“It must have been horrible,” I observed.

“Women are tough creatures, my wounds were tended to, and I survived to be whipped another day, Mistress.”

“I suppose so.”

I thought that I was the only one who had undergone severe punishments in my quest to leave my background behind. But here was someone who had gone down a very different path than I had.

“Well tonight I am going to have my way with you. I’m sure that you already know how to please a woman in bed, or else I’ll have to further train you in the arts of pleasure. I already know that you are experienced in the arts of pain,” I tell her.

I get to my feet since I was seated at my make-up table, and stand directly in front of Vanessa. I open my robe to reveal my 32-21-31 figure, and I then remove my robe and place it on the bed. I am totally naked in front of my charge.

Next I move towards Vanessa and open my legs to her. She needs no further prompting and buries her face between my legs and begins to suck at my pussy, her tongue entering me and finding my clitoris, teasing my love button with her efforts.

“Ahhhhh.” I moan in response.

If she fails in her efforts to give me an orgasm or her attention falters; then I shall surely use one of the instruments of chastisement on the dresser. But there is no need for that as she demonstrates that she can pleasure a woman.

“You’re going too fast, if I come too quickly you’ll be whipped.”

Vanessa slows down her efforts. After all, the night is young, and I have much ground to cover. I want to have plenty of orgasms, just not too fast.

She presses her face into my sex, and feel her bite my outer lips, making me squeal with pleasure. Then sucks at my pussy, inflaming me to arousal, and I know that I am juicing in response. But when her tongue massages my hot button, I am roused to passion. I shudder in reply to her efforts.

Even though she has slowed down, I am still highly erotically charged from my use of her in the playroom. It will not take much to tip me over into an orgasm, and Vanessa soon brings me off.

“Aaaaaaah,” I moan with pleasure as the first orgasm takes me, and my naked body throbs with passion.

“Aaaaaaah,” I moan again as Vanessa’s tongue brings me pleasure.

Finally, I am spent and I withdraw my pussy from her face, which is coated with my juices. I help Vanessa to her feet, and unlock her wrist cuffs.

“I’ll clean myself in the bathroom first,” I tell her, “then it’s your turn.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I do as I tell her, running hot water and cleaning my wet pussy with a washcloth. I leave the bathroom, and Vanessa goes inside first to pee in the toilet, and then she cleans her sex of her urine, and finally she washes her face of my secretions. There are no bodily secrets between Mistress and submissive.

“Let me see you standing up,” I tell Vanessa, as I’m seated on the couch.

I look at her naked, beautiful body, which I cannot wait to get my hands on. Vanessa is truly lovely, and I try to place her at the Cotillion Ball. Was this the same girl in a white dress on the receiving line just like me?

“Turn around.”

Vanessa does what she is told, and I see her marks, old and new. I nearly gasp, because she has been whipped many times, and they have left white marks that will not so easily be explained away.

“May I serve you wine, Mistress?” Vanessa asks.

“Yes, Vanessa, and pour a glass for yourself, and then you may join me on the couch,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Mistress Crystal.”

Vanessa pours two glasses, hands me one, bows, and then sits down next to me. Two naked girls drinking together on the couch.

We both take a long sip, and I enjoy the cold wine as it slips down my throat. I don’t need any alcohol to lower my inhibitions, and neither does my naked companion.

“When was the last time you were with a woman?” I ask.

“Two months ago when Mistress Joyce loaned me out to her friend Mistress Rachel. She gave me a good session, then took me to bed afterwards,” Vanessa answered, “more neglect,” she sighed.

“You could leave her, break your contract,” I tell her.

“Then it will be very difficult finding another Mistress again. No, I’m going to run the clock out, and when she dumps me, then I’ll find another Mistress or Master who wants a new submissive,” Vanessa answers.

“How long do you have left?”

“Three months,” Vanessa answers.

“I certainly hope that you find somebody new that you’ll like to serve.”

“I want a new owner who’ll keep me whipped and in chains and in her bed. That shouldn’t be too hard. More wine?”

“Yes, and some cheese and crackers. We need fuel for tonight,” I tell Vanessa.

“Yes, Mistress, we do,” Vanessa answers.

Since Vanessa gave me my first orgasm when she was on the floor, it is now my turn to make love to her. She lays back on the bed with her legs open, waiting for me.

I take the riding crop; ball-gag; nipple clamps; and dildo harness and place them on my night table beside my bed. Vanessa smiles at me, knowing that she will be the recipient of the use of those sex toys in our lovemaking.

I begin by kissing her on the mouth, and holding her tightly to me. I inhale the scent of her perfume, and she does the same with me. Her skin is soft and scented, even though she has been recently whipped.

Our breasts rub against each other, and I take her right orb in my right hand. I playfully knead it with my fingers.

Next, our pussies rub against each other, and with my left hand I reach down to her sex and massage her pussy lips, and play at the entrance to her slit.

I move downwards to her neck, and plant kisses there, and playfully bite her flesh, leaving small teeth marks behind. I reach her shoulders, and then her breasts.

My mouth sucks at her right nipple while my left hand plays with her left one. Both are erect, showing that Vanessa is aroused by my lovemaking.

“You taste so good,” I tell Vanessa.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

I then suck her right nipple, seeing how Mistress Morgan has rouged both her breasts. My Mistress has also applied perfume between her breasts, so my lover smells so good in bed.

Planting kisses down her belly, I soon reach her pussy, which is also scented with perfume and the scent of lust. I suck at her outer lips, while my tongue reaches inside to stimulate her love button. Vanessa moans in response to my efforts.

Taking a short break, I quickly strap on the dildo harness and unroll a condom over the simulated male shaft. I only wish that I had met a man with an impressive tool like this. Better yet, one that stayed hard.

Earlier today I had worn a latex dildo pantie in the morning while doing my chores, and it had kept me in a constant state of arousal. Now I was going to use a dildo harness to make love to another woman.

Next, I use the dildo to probe the entrance to her wet slit. Vanessa opens her legs to accommodate the massive rubber organ.

I plunge the shaft inside her, and Vanessa begins to moan and buck in response to the massive invader inside her sex.

“Oooooooooh,” Vanessa cries as the cock impales her.

I drive the dildo inside her, pull it out partially, then drive it inside her again. Then I start a regular rhythm of thrust and withdrawal, and she moans from my efforts.

“Oooooooooh,” Vanessa moans each time that she shaft is driven deep inside her.

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” I cry in response.

I kiss her on the lips while our breasts are crushed together, our scents mingling together in the heat of lesbian passion.

Finally, I sense that Vanessa is almost ready to come. I can tell based on how her naked body shudders when I drive the rubber cock deep inside her.

Now I could be a mean bitch, withdraw the cock and deny her the climax and instead beat her with the riding crop. But I have learned from Mistress Morgan that a D/s relationship is an agreement between two people, and Vanessa, after having been whipped, does deserve her pleasure.

So I drive the rubber cock again and again deep inside her, and finally I feel her naked body begin to really shiver, and she begins to cry out in the throes of orgasm.

“Oooooooh. Oooooooh. Ooooooh,” Vanessa cries out, her climaxes all the more intense because of the discipline that she has just so recently received.

I hold her close to me, impaling Vanessa with my rubber cock. This is not the first time I have used such a sex toy, but it is certainly becoming my favorite one. Now I understand why almost every Mistress will use one to fuck her submissives.

Soon, Vanessa stops moaning and shaking, and I realize that her orgasms have passed. She opens her eyes and looks at me, and I withdraw my cock from her pussy.

“Thank you, Mistress Crystal,” Vanessa tells me.

“You’re quite welcome, darling.”

“How come you didn’t take me from behind?” Vanessa asks.

“Because we’re not done for the night, sweetie. Now you’re going to make love to me properly, and I’m going to use the crop on you, and then I’ll fuck you again, this time from behind,” I tell Vanessa, “but first I want you to clean your pussy again and another glass of wine is called for.”

I lay back on my bed, and Vanessa is repeating my lovemaking. Except that I’m holding a riding crop in my left hand, tapping the flat leather pad on her back to spur her on. Not that she needs any encouragement.

To spice things up, I have placed clamps on her nipples, which are held together with a small chain. I give that a mild tug whenever I want to get her attention.

Vanessa has been well trained, and displays none of the petulance that her Mistress told us about. She is good under the lash, and just as good in bed. Perhaps one of them is lying, but it is not my place to say who. One day, when I am a Mistress, I may be in a position to do so. But for now, I’m still owned by Mistress Morgan, and I will do nothing to endanger that.

I eagerly accept her kisses and our tongues mingle. I think that I still taste myself on her lips, or is it just my imagination? Then Vanessa's lips travel down my naked body, to my neck, my breasts, my belly and finally my pussy.

I open my legs to admit her entry to my sex. She playfully bites my outer lips, mixing a little pleasure and pain. However, both of us are familiar with pain from the whip.

“Oooooooooh,” I moan with pleasure as Vanessa makes love to me.

I tap her back with the crop, and Vanessa buries her head between my opened legs to begin playing with my love button. This is what I have been waiting for. I cry out with pleasure as I feel myself stimulated to orgasm.

Vanessa is skilled with her tongue. She teases me, and just when I think that I will achieve an orgasm, it is denied. This happens several times, and each time I get frustrated I tap her ever harder with the riding crop.

Just when I was really beginning to get annoyed, and thinking of using the crop for some real strokes that would hurt, Vanessa suddenly changes her ministrations.

Her mouth covering my slit, her tongue begins to rapidly stimulate my clitoris, and I am driven to a rapid series of climaxes that leave me moaning in pleasure.

“Oooooooh. Oooooooh. Ooooooooh,” I cry out as I tap the crop on Vanessa’s back.

I am in the throes of one orgasm after another, and I realize that my companion must be an expert in the arts of love. How else to explain her behavior?

What Mistress could possibly complain about a submissive who responds so well under the lash and in bed?

“Open your legs,” I tell Vanessa.

We have both cleaned up after she pleased me, and now I am using Vanessa from behind. She is on her hands and knees on my bed, and I am behind her, with my hands on her hips. The chain from her nipple clamps dangles from her chest, and I sometimes reach forward and give them a mild tug.

A new condom is in place on the rubber cock, and I enter her from behind. I’m a sucker for nature shows, and I have learned that we’re the one species that copulates face to face. Every other animal species on Earth does it from behind.

Vanessa moans as she feels the shaft inside her once again. I could have gagged her, but it did not seem necessary. Many times when Mistress Morgan takes me with the dildo harness she straps the rubber ball inside my mouth, reducing my power to speech to mere grunts. What the ball does is to increase my pleasure, not subtract from it.

Every time that I drive the shaft into Vanessa, her breasts bounce from the impact. I love watching that happen, and they are only enhanced by the nipple clamps and chains hanging from her breasts.

I flick the chain on her nipple clamps, making her moan with excitement. Being stimulated twice in one session is truly an art in lovemaking. Her clamped nipples and the shaft within her pussy must be driving her wild with excitement.

“Ooooooooh. Ooooooooh. Ooooooooh,” Vanessa cries out with each thrust of the dildo inside her.

Since both of us are already sexually aroused it doesn’t take much for my constant fucking of Vanessa to bring her off. She is already filled with sexual desire, and the combination of everything that has happened to this point makes it easy for her to climax.

Again, I feel her naked body shudder whenever I drive the shaft deep into her cunt. Finally, I impale her with one giant thrust and she screams with pleasure as the orgasm that has been building within her lets loose.

Holding onto her hips, I feel her body shudder in response to my constant pounding and the orgasms rippling through her.

Sweat pours off her, and her breathing becomes ragged as she tries to suck in enough air to meet the demands of her wracked body.

“Oh god,” she exclaims, “Thank you, Mistress,”

I pull my cock out of her, and we both collapse onto the bed together, both of us gasping in passion.

Being a Mistress can be very nice indeed.

Mistress Morgan is seated at her library desk, and I am seated directly in front of her. She is not wearing any fetish gear, and I am in my black satin Maid’s uniform. The only piece of fetish gear that I am wearing is my collar.

“I’d again like to compliment you on the way you handled Vanessa. You used her very well indeed, and both Mistress Joyce and me are quite satisfied in the way you handled her. You gave her a good session with the whip, Crystal, without hurting her in any way. Her marks will fade over time, of course. From the look on her face, I’d also say that you two had a good time in bed later,” observed Mistress Morgan.

“Thank you, Mistress. That is high praise indeed.”

“You’ve earned it. I realize this was all very sudden after Betsy had to leave, but she had family problems and had to leave my employ. Is there anything that you want?” Mistress Morgan asked.

“Yes, Mistress. I’d like a severe session with you myself. I’d like a good session with the whip and a striped back. Just so I don’t feel neglected.”

“I think that can be arranged,” Mistress Morgan replied, with a smile on her face, “now that you are my Maid, I have to place my marks upon you, to show that I am your owner.”


“I want rings in your nipples, your name tattooed above your right breast, and a ring through your inner labial lips from which to hang a medallion denoting my ownership. Here, I’ll show it to you.”

She opened the desk drawer, and removed a small box in which jewelry would be given for an engagement ring.

“You may take it, Crystal. After all, you’ll be wearing it between your legs soon enough.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I rose and took the box, but did not open it until I was seated back in the chair, which smelled strongly of leather cleaner and furniture oil.

When I opened the box and took the silver medallion in my fingers I saw that one side read “Crystal, Property of Mistress Morgan”; and the other had an engraving of a coiled whip and two riding crops.

“The Medallion will have to be detachable so you don’t set off an airport metal detector, which might lead to some embarrassing questions,” Mistress Morgan explained. 

“Thank you, Mistress Morgan.”

“You’ve earned it, Crystal. There will, of course, be a lot of fringe benefits in being my Maid.”

“I’m sure of that,” I answered.

“But should you disobey my orders, the punishment will be very strict indeed,” she cautioned.

“I’m looking forward to it, Mistress.”

“I’ll bet that you are,” she answered, smiling at me.

I had finally found my proper place in the world. Not behind a desk at an investment firm, but instead in the service of a Dominatrix who would use me as I deserved, a wanton bondage slut.


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