by Techster & Techie

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; collar; gag; mitts; anal; toys; sybian; cuffs; nipple; remote; slave; oral; tease; cons; X

I think Techie knew it would happen: namely her being on display as a serving slave for me (Techster) and six of my friends as we watched a soccer game. 

It started off when she asked to see how bondage mitts felt. Of course I accommodated her wishes, but before she could say a word I pulled the laces tight, locked the straps around her wrists, using the small clips and chain her hands were bound behind her back.

She started to protest because she knew what would happen next, as I locked a ball gag in her mouth.

I told her. “Thank you for this opportunity for my revenge when I was loaned out as a “no holds barred slave. Now it is your turn to be a display toy and slave!”

She shook her head to say, “NO!” as I locked the heavy stainless steel collar around her neck.

“There’s no sense in fighting now you’re not in a position to complain!”

Techie relaxed, sat and accepted her position as I locked wide leather cuffs with a wide spreader bar around her ankles.

“Relax, stand up we’re almost finished with your outfit, but first let's give your new toy a workout.” As I pulled the Sybian out of its storage case and fitted a four inch dildo to the top of the Sybian and gave it a coat of lubricant (or is that lubricunt!)

 She smiled, stepped over and wiggled as the dildo slid into her.

“We don’t want you moving too soon before you’ve had an orgasm or two(or three),” I said as I put a strap that tied her ankle to her thighs. She knew there was no escape as the Sybian began a low hum as the vibrator stated and I set the “rotate” control to medium.

She had only ridden it once, when I was returned from my slavery detail and when it got too heavy-going after her first orgasm she simply turned the machine off and stood up. Now she could not escape the machine as she started to get to the edge of an orgasm. It was my turn to tease as I shut down the Sybian and left her on the edge of an orgasm.

Techie looked at me with an angry look as she sat impaled by he dildo and on the edge of cumming. I let her sit for about ten minutes before I restarted the Sybian, this time to a higher setting. Just as soon as Techie started bucking on the Sybian I shut it down, released her ankles and helped her stand.

I told her, “Now I am going to keep things interesting, so bend over so I can put a vibrator in you. We are going to Arthur’s home where you will be the serving wench whose job it is to bring cold beer to us as we watch the game.”

Techie bent over and I lubed and slid the vibrator into her vagina; and was also surprised as I shoved a medium butt plug with a long fox tail glued to it up her ass. She stood and shook her butt as she enjoyed the sweep of her tail across her thighs. Next I put an apron on her that covered her from her nipples to the tops of her thighs. She gave me a look as if to say, ”why?”

“That way the apron will have you legal as we walk down the street to Art’s home to watch the soccer game.”

She angrily shook her head,” No! NO!” as I clipped a leash to her collar and led her out of our front door. I gave the leash a hard sharp-tug as I led her and she realized that she was not on a position to protest. Techie being an older lady with a less than perfect figure, does NOT like being nearly naked in public and on display.

It was only a block to Art’s home and it was a warm day so she trotted along with a proud waddle-stride due to the spreader that kept her feet apart and displayed her sex and didn’t rebel until we started to enter Art’s home and she saw the ten men from our neighborhood there watching the soccer game.

The guys were all polite and greeted her with, “Hi there, Techie, like the outfit!” She blushed as I removed the leash, removed the apron and released her hands in the bondage mitts so she could beer and showed her where the refrigerator was located, “It is your job to bring us beer when we ask. Can you deal with that?”

 Techie shook her head, “Yes!” and brought me a beer.

I think she was starting to get used to being naked, gagged, on display and being accepted just as she was, nothing special, in spite of a senior tummy and a slight sag to her breasts. From time to time she would stop in mid-stride and moan into the gag when the vibrator stirred inside her.

Then one of the guys asked, “Why did she stop, shudder and whimper?”

I explained, “She has a random cycling vibrator in her and it gets her attention when it cycles!”

The guys would smile when she brought and pat her on the butt, commenting, “Hey Techie, that tail looks neat you should wear it more often.” She would turn, shake her hips, proudly wag her tail and of course that made the little bell that was on her triangle genital piercing ring. More than one time one of the guys would hit the bell with a hand or finger; it would ring and Techie would smile. Now in spite of her years Techie does have pretty, firm and well-shaped ass and she was enjoying being noticed for it and took her slavery and nudity in stride.

About 10 PM the game was over and I put the apron back on Techie and led her down the street to our home. When we came inside I removed the apron and the gag. The first thing she said to me was, “Thanks, I enjoyed being the center of attention and appreciated for what I am. It was humiliating but fun and after the initial embarrassment I felt really sexy in spite of being naked and on display.”

Techie’s take on being on display

At first I was taken by surprise and really pissed off when Techster paraded me as I was mostly naked as I waddled down the block. Then initially I was really angry when I found out I would be a “serving wench” or slave in front of ten of the men from our neighborhood.

But then when my nudity and helplessness were on display and appreciated I started to feel sexy in an exotic way, especially when a couple of the guys were so relaxed with me that hit the bell to make it ring and one of guys who was single actually fingered my clit and touched my nipples. That made my nipples hard and I felt horny and was looking forward to sex with Techster when we got home.

When we got home I asked him to strip and remove my gag so I could tease him. I knelt and took his cock in my mouth, licked the shaft and circled the tip with my tongue and when his cock got hard I stopped leaving him horny and said, “Release my hands and let’s make love!”

The night was one of warm passion and for a long-married couple we had great sex. In short it was a great experience but that’s why we are an active senior couple who aren’t afraid to try something new!


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