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Storycodes: Solo-M; amish; rite; F/m; diner; tease; strip; club; dance; foldup bed; trap; bond; rope; gag; force; sex; climax; storage; hidden; stuck; captive; cons/reluct; X

Be careful what you wish for. Most of us have heard this saying before. If Thomas Killian had his life may have turned out very differently. Alas no one can change the past but if one pays attention they can learn from it. For the most part Thomas grew up just like any other boy. He had a mother and a father; he had friends and a roof over his head. Yes Thomas had everything you could ever want except say for electricity. For you see Thomas Killian was Amish.

For the past sixteen years he had lived so far off the grid it hadn’t even been invented yet. It was a simple life but a good one none the less. But living this way was a choice and to make sure a young person could live with such a choice they had to know what they were giving up. Thus the Amish had the ancient rite known as Rumspringa. For the next week he was to live like the English (outside world). That had been a mistake.

The outside world was a strange one to Thomas. So much noise, so much color, so many people, so many different people; it was amazing. As he walked along one of the tightly packed city streets a strange and wondrous smell filled his nose. His stomach started growling. Turning to his left he spotted the Rosy Rivets Diner. The small eatery had a timeless feel about it as if one had stepped back in time about fifty or sixty years. Of course this was lost on Thomas. Everything looked so strange to him like he had stepped into the future. The food smelled heavenly, like nothing he had ever experienced before.

“Can I help you sweetie?”

Turning around he came face to face with an angel. She wasn’t very tall, 5’5” at best but she held herself with the confidence of a woman more than twice her height. She had a striking full face with large pouty kissable lips. Shiny black hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Her tight yellow waitress’s uniform accentuated her full drool worthy hips well. But what caught Thomas’s eye was her shirt which was open several buttons from the top showing off the deep valleys of her wondrous breasts. They had to be DD’s at least somewhere in the high thirties. All Thomas knew was they looked like he could fall in-between them.

“Can I help you?” she repeated.

“I don’t know everything looks so good.”

“Then I recommend the All American Burger it’s our specialty.”

“Oh that sounds good but I don’t have any money.”

“I’m sorry but …”

“But I can clean dishes to pay for the meal.”


“Where I come from we don’t have much use for money. If we want something from our neighbor we do something for them in return.”

“That’s old fashioned, I like that.”

After a brief pause she added, “The manager’s out today so I don’t see why not; one AAB coming up, right this way please.”

She led him to a booth in the back. He sat down nervously.

“Food’ll be here in a minute cutie,” she said before kissing him on the cheek and heading back to the kitchens.

Thomas’s face felt like it was on fire, but in a good way. While he waited he looked around at all the people dining with him that day. There were women in all manner of dress showing all manner of skin, a guy with a purple Mohawk wearing a leather jacket, a man who dressed like a woman, and god knew what else. He turned again to see boobs … her boobs.

“Here you go baby,” she said setting his food in front of him. It looked amazing.

“Just yell if you need anything,” she said before leaning closer to his ear and whispering seductively, “and I do mean anything.”

He gulped as she walked away. The strange tightening in his pants whenever she was around didn’t help his discomfort any. Sinking into his burger she let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. It was nothing he ever tasted before. The flavors poured over his tongue electrifying all his senses. He loved it. No sooner had he started then he was finished.

“All done?” she asked.

Thomas nodded.

“Follow me then.”

Through a small push door in the back they entered the cramped little kitchen. She led him over to the sink and a stack of dirty dishes.

“My shift ends in two hours. That should cover your bill and then some.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

She smiled, slapped him on the ass and got back to work. What a strange woman. The thought of her made him smile. As he worked she would stop by and check on him and chat him up. He learned her name was Diora Hill and she’d lived in the city her entire life. For her part she seemed fascinated by his Amish lifestyle and the rite of Rumspringa.

“Alright all done,” she said a short time later.

“Really, it feels like we just started.”

“Time flies.”

“Well I guess I’d better get going then.”

“Oh no, you won’t,” she said grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him to face her, “this is your first night in the English world. We’re making the most of it.”

Grabbing his hand she pulled him out the back door and down the street about three blocks until reaching a small door tucked under nearby concreate steps. Inside was a small apartment. So small in fact there was only two rooms and one of those was the bathroom. Without any warning she took off her clothes – all of them. One moment she was dressed the next she was utterly naked. The sight excited him but knowing the sinfulness of it he turned away. This made her smile.

“Oh how cute,” she said turning his head to face her, “You need to lighten up.”

She kissed him on the lips and started throwing on new clothes. Soon she was dressed in a tight revealing black dress.

“Let’s go.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door after her. Down three more blocks she shoved their way into a strange building over flowing with people, booze, flashing lights, and loud ungodly music. Thomas did not like it there.

His opinion did not improve over the night. People danced too close, drank too much and were all in all just plain wrong. He stood rigidly on the dance floor while Diora downed drinks and danced provocatively occasionally rubbing herself on him.

“God you need to lighten up,” she told him.

“I’m not the one that needs to change,” he told her looking around.

A woman falling out of a loose red dress walked up to him.

“Well hello cutie,” she said to him.

“Move along whore,” Diora snarled at her, “he belongs to me.”

She then threw her drink in the girl’s face, spun her around and kicked her in the butt sending her back out onto the dance floor.

“The nerve,” she said wrapping her arms around Thomas and pulling him close. She refused to let go for hours.

Finally taking his hand again she drug him out the door and back down the street to her apartment. By this point Thomas was starting to get worried. This girl was becoming way too possessive. He needed to getaway and getaway now. Unfortunately he never got the chance.

She dragged him back inside locking the door behind them. She whipped off her dress throwing it into the dirty clothes. Once again she stood before him happily naked.

“Now I’m gonna hop in the shower, be out in a sec.”

“Listen Diora you’ve been more than kind but I really must be going. I have a … hotel room waiting and a lot to do tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see you again.”

He turned back for the door.

“Oh no, you don’t,” she said grabbing him.

She tossed him onto the pull down bed which she then promptly shoved shut.


She then pushed a heavy table in front of it to keep him from pushing his way out.

“Let me out of here!”

“After my shower.”

Without another word she skipped into the bathroom. Alone in the dark he began to panic. Was this woman mad? Was she going to hurt him? Could he get away? What is she never let him back out? The English world was too intense for him. He was going back to the Amish as soon as he could.

Suddenly the bed pulled open and he fell face first onto the mattress. Before he could sit up she flipped him onto his back straddling him.


“Shut up and enjoy it,” she told him.

Acting quickly she began to rip his clothes off him piece by piece.


“Never!” she laughed maliciously.

Unable to stop her she soon had him just as naked as she was. She then grabbed and dragged him around till he was lying stretched out on the bed. Reaching under the bed she pulled up a length of rope attached to the bottom right leg and securely tied it around his. A second rope on the left leg secured his own while two more at the head of the bed restrained his arms. Unable to move he was now totally at her mercy.

“OK, now that I’ve got your undivided attention I’m gonna show you the best thing the English world has to offer.”

Smiling like a minx she straddled him and slid down on his sinfully accepting manhood. Sensations the likes of which he could never even begin to imagine. The worst part was … he loved it. A look of pure ecstasy on her face she began to ride him up and down screaming in animalistic lust.

“No stop! This isn’t right!”

“I thought I told you to shut up!”

To emphasize this point she leaned down and wrapped her arms around him forcing his head forward shoving the nipple of one of her tremendous breasts deep into his mouth blocking off all sound.

“Now suck baby,” she screamed, “suck!”

Afraid for his safety he complied and suckled her firm teat for all he was worth. The full heavy flesh of her breast covered his face cutting off his air supply. The rush of blood to his groin didn’t help his lightheadedness.

“Oh yeah! Keep going! Almost there!”

Finally in an explosion of passion he came. For what seemed like an eternity and a second he was lost in pure pleasure. Then he returned to Earth still panting. Diora however was far from done. She continued to ride him for another hour still holding his head to her breast. He was nearly unconscious when she finally came in an explosive climax. She fell forward panting still covering his head.

After a minute the panting became snoring. She'd fallen asleep! She fell asleep on top of him! He lay there exhausted and warm. Before long it was morning and she was moving. He had fallen asleep like that, and what was worse he was sad it was over. What had she done to him?

“Oh shit I’m late.”

Diora jumped up and started throwing clothes on.

“Hey, what about me?”

“Oh right, wouldn’t want the neighbors to find you.”

She picked up her panties from the floor and shoved them in his mouth. Then she took her big old dirty bra and wrapped it around his head one cup on either side like a hood. Suddenly he felt the bed lift up again and close into place.

“Be back later Stud.”

He heard the door close and knew he was all alone. Something else occurred to him, something far more terrifying. Diora was the only person he knew in the whole English world. His family would assume he had decided to stay and would never come to look for him. There was no way he could escape Diora’s lustful bonds.

But that was not the terrifying part. No the terrifying part was realizing that deep down he hoped he never would.

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