by Lobo De La Sombra

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Storycodes: MF; F/m; plant; bond; gag; capture; cockring; sex; climax; sci-fi; startrek; cons/reluct; X

“Lieutenant Daniels, please report to the bridge immediately.”

Sighing, John Daniels rose from his bunk and slipped into his uniform shirt. Turning, he stepped through the door separating the sleeping quarters from the bridge.

“Commander, why bother to use the intercom?” Daniels knew the question was useless, but felt compelled to ask it anyway. “Why not just holler?”

Commander T’Serra glanced toward him, one elegant eyebrow rising slightly. “’Hollering’,” she said in her even tones, “is neither proper procedure, nor is it a logical method of communication. We are approaching out destination. Please take your station.”

With another sigh, Daniels sank into his seat at the helm. Bad enough, he thought, that his first assignment out of the Academy had to be this tiny, two-man search and recovery ship. Why did they have to pair him with a Vulcan? Daniels had nothing against T’Serra personally, but, after a six week trip, her company left something to be desired. Actually, he thought with a wry grin, it left a lot to be desired.

“Dropping out of warp,” he said, working the controls to return the ship to normal space.

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” T’Serra pressed a button on her command chair. “Ships’ log, supplemental. We have arrived at our assigned destination. Preparing to begin scans for possible survivors of NCC-19003 USS Onondaga.”

“Why was the Onondaga out this far, anyway?” Even as he asked, Daniels was dropping the ship into orbit.

“As it is, or, rather, was, a scout class vessel,” T’Serra replied, “its presence in this sector would seem to be obvious. This sector, while not extensively explored, does fall well within safe boundaries.”

Nodding, Daniels activated the ship’s scanners. “No life signs,” he reports moments later. “I am seeing a fairly extensive debris field, though. It looks like she hit the surface pretty hard.”

“Are sensors able to locate any working power sources or signals?”

“One signal, very faint.”

“Perhaps the source of that signal will give us information as to what caused the Onondaga’s destruction. Please locate a suitable location and begin preparations to land.”

One nice thing about being on such a small ship, Daniels decided as he stepped from the open hatch, was the fact that it could land on a planet’s surface. No need to use a shuttle, which they didn’t have anyway. Opening his tricorder, Daniels scanned briefly, then pointed toward a nearby meadow.

“Over there,” he said. “Right in the middle of whatever those plants are.”

T’Serra glanced up from her own tricorder. “I am detecting no native animal life,” she said. “However, I suggest we proceed with caution.” Drawing her phaser, she advanced into the meadow, Daniels close behind.

As soon as they began wading through the waist high plants, Daniels noticed a strange smell. “Pollen?”

“Unknown,” T’Serra replied. “However, sensors detect no hazards. Let us proceed.”

In the center of the meadow, they found the source of the signal. It was Onondaga’s emergency message buoy.”

“Looks like they didn’t have time to launch it,” Daniels remarked. “What could have sent them down that fast?”

“Unknown.” T’Serra aimed her tricorder at the device. “There is, however, information stored within the buoy. Apparently, the crew had time to record a report, but were unable to launch before the crash.” Opening a panel on the buoy, she touched several controls. “Retrieving stored data,” she said.

Once they had the information recorded, the two returned to their own ship. Pausing near the bow, T’Serra arced one eyebrow. “Lieutenant,” she said, “did I not instruct you to remove this?”

Daniels grinned. Ships this small weren’t considered worth the effort of naming. Their ship was known only as SR15079. Needing a bit more, Daniels had added something to the exterior decorations just before they started on this run.

“Yes, Commander,” he replied. “But this is our home, at least when we’re on a run. Don’t you think she deserves a name?”

“The naming of a vessel of this class is not authorized,” T’Serra replied. “Nor is painting such a name on the hull. I am, however, curious as to your choice of names. What, exactly, is a ‘Fido’?”

Daniel’s grinned. “It was once a popular name for dogs on Earth,” he replied. “I thought it appropriate, since we are, basically, retrievers.”

“Please see that this is removed immediately on our return,” T’Serra instructed, stepping through the hatch into the ship. “In the meantime, please get us underway while I analyze the data from the buoy.”

“Lieutenant Daniels, please report to the bridge.”

Groaning, Daniels stepped from the galley to find T’Serra standing beside her command chair.

“Yes, Commander?”

“Lieutenant, I am removing myself from command, effective immediately. You are to select the most suitable compartment aboard to serve as a detention cell. Once selected, you will prepare that compartment to be occupied until we arrive at our destination. You will then lock me inside and assume command.”

Daniel’s eyes widened. It had only been two days since they’d warped out of orbit around the planet holding Onondaga’s remains. “What’s wrong, Commander?”

“Unknown. However, I am able to sense my control slipping. I would suggest you prepare a suitable compartment quickly, for your own safety.”

Puzzled, and more than a bit concerned, Daniels made a fast survey of the ship, finally settling on one of the two storage compartments as most suitable. Quickly, he cleared the room, stacking supplies along the short corridor. Finished, he returned to the bridge.

“Ok, Commander, your room is ready. Let’s……” Daniels froze at the sight that confronted him. T’Serra still stood beside the command chair, but now she was completely naked. For a moment, Daniels couldn’t help but stare at her trim body, his attention centering on her high, firm breasts. Not at all bad, he decided, for an old lady of 79.

“Commander? What’s wrong?”

T’Serra’s face appeared strained. “Apparently,” she replied, her voice husky, “some element in the pollen of the plants we passed through has triggered a most unexpected reaction. I have entered pon farr, and am no longer in control of my actions.” So saying, she stepped forward and reached for Daniels. Before he realized what was happening, she had his cock out, stroking it into full hardness.

“Commander,” he protested, trying to draw away, “please don’t do that. You are my commanding officer. I can’t…..”

“I am well aware,” she replied, interrupting his protests, “of human limitations. Therefore, while you were otherwise occupied, I made suitable preparations.”

Suddenly, Daniels felt something cold encircle his cock. Glancing down, he saw a slender ring of some kind of metal wrapped around the base of his cock. Even as he saw it, the ring tightened.

“If my admittedly brief study of human sexual practices is accurate,” T’Serra continued, “this device will enable you to maintain yourself for the length of time required.” So saying, she gave Daniels a shove.

The impact with the bulkhead nearly took his breath away. Daniels flailed his arms in an attempt to keep his balance, one hand coming into contact with the weapon rack. With T’Serra approaching him, a nearly mad gleam in her eye, he said a fast prayer, pulled a phaser from the rack and fired.

Luckily, the phaser was set for stun. T’Serra melted to the floor without a sound. Gazing at her unconscious form, he considered his next move.

Simply locking her in the storage compartment was no longer an option, he knew. Like most Vulcans, T’Serra was a computer expert, and loss of control did not mean loss of knowledge. Once she woke up, it would probably take her only a few seconds to defeat any locks he could set up. After considering his options, Daniels carefully lifted T’Serra from the floor and carried her from the bridge.


Daniels glanced up from the helm. Still naked, T’Serra sat in the command chair, her wrists secured behind her with restraints taken from the ship’s small security locker. A leather panel, also taken from the locker, covered her mouth, straps around her head holding the gag in place.

“It’s your own fault,” Daniels said shortly, turning back to the helm. “If you hadn’t been yelling so much, I wouldn’t have had to silence you.”

It had been nearly twelve hours since he’d been forced to stun T’Serra. Seeing no other options, he’d decided his best choice was to restrain her and keep her in sight at all times. Not that he minded the view, really. After all, she was an extremely attractive woman. She was also his commanding officer. As a dedicated officer himself, this made him feel more than a little awkward.

As he looked over the helm, verifying their course and speed, Daniels suddenly felt himself knocked from his chair. He rose shakily to his feet, only to stagger as T’Serra backed into him. He felt her fingers dig into the waistband of his uniform pants, and then she lurched forward violently, ripping the pants from him. Stunned, he could only watch as she spun, one leg lashing out to sweep his feet from under him.

Breath knocked out of him by the fall, Daniels looked up to see T’Serra straddling his body, a feral look in her eyes. Even as he considered trying to twist away, she dropped on top of him, her body squirming against his. His cock remained trapped in the metal ring, keeping it hard, and he could feel her striving to align their bodies.

“Commander, stop!” Even as he spoke, “T’Serra gave a grunt of satisfaction, and he could feel her envelope him. Desperately, he tried to push her away, but she merely squeezed him between her legs, rendering any such attempt futile. He could only lie helplessly beneath her as she began thrusting herself onto his cock.

All too soon, he lost all interest in resisting. His hands grasped her hips, his own hips thrusting up to meet her downward plunges. His human body, however, was unable to match her stamina or energy, and he wound up lying exhausted beneath her as she continued to ride him.

Daniels had no idea how long T’Serra rode atop him, but, finally, her back arched, she threw her head back, and he knew she had reached orgasm. Her muscles gripped him so tightly he thought she was going to rip his cock off. Finally, her body relaxed, slumping to one side, allowing him to slide from beneath her.

Keeping a careful eye on her, Daniels stepped into the sleeping quarters and replaced his ruined pants. When he returned to the bridge, he found T’Serra sitting up, watching him with eyes to which the light of reason had returned. At her quiet gesture, he removed the gag.

“I have regained control,” she said calmly. “Please release me so that I may cover myself.”

“Are you sure?”

“Quite sure,” she replied, rising to her feet and turning away from him. Doubtfully, Daniels removed her restraints, relieved when she immediately moved to the sleeping quarters and dressed herself. Once she had made herself presentable, T’Serra stepped back onto the bridge.

“Lieutenant,” she said, facing him squarely, “you will remain in command until we are able to contact the proper authorities. At that time, I will surrender myself for punishment.”


“I have acted in an unforgivable manner,” T’Serra replied. “I must receive suitable punishment for my behavior.”

Daniels shook his head. “I don’t think so,” he replied. “You were not in control of yourself. If I’m in command, my log entry will state that you were under the influence of an alien substance, which, according to regulation, would qualify as a medical emergency. Especially considering the fact that you could have died if you hadn’t acted as you did. My report will state that we were able to resolve the emergency ourselves, and that the matter should be closed.”

“Course laid in.” Daniels glanced up from the helm, turning to face T’Serra in the command chair. After much argument, he had finally convinced her not to request punishment for what had happened. Now, underway toward their next assignment, he found himself glad she had finally seen things his way. Things might be awkward between them for a while, but, overall, he could think of no other place he would rather be.

“By the way,” he continued, “we received a report from the science team sent to that planet. Those plants do contain a previously unknown element. The team identified it, and the proper warnings are now in the system.”

“Acknowledged.” T’Serra gazed at him calmly, her Vulcan control somehow seeming more certain than ever. Perhaps, he thought, her loss of control, and with a human, might turn out to be beneficial after all.

“I have a question. Why did you insist that I refrain from seeking punishment for my actions?”

Daniels shrugged. “Three reasons,” he replied. “First, it wasn’t your fault. You had no control over your actions, thanks to those plants”.

“Second, it would have ruined your career, and you’re too good an officer to lose.”

T’Serra nodded. “Logical reasons,” she admitted. “The third?”

Daniels grinned. “Purely selfish,” he said. “If I admitted that I was overpowered and sexually assaulted by a naked, bound and gagged woman, I would never live it down.”

T’Serra’s eyes clearly displayed her opinion of such an illogical reason, but she refrained from commenting. Instead, she chose to change the subject.

“I see you removed the name,” she said, referring to the “USS Fido” logo that had previously adorned the ship‘s bow. “However, I also see that you have replaced it with a new name, in a language I am not familiar with. What does ‘Rrafnop’ mean?”

Daniels grinned. “Absolutely nothing,” he replied, “when said that way. But if you reverse the letters…..” He saw T’Serra’s eyebrow rise. “Exactly,” he continued. “Rrafnop if pon farr as seen from the other side.”

T’Serra stared at him for long moments in silence, then nodded and busied herself with a log entry. However, she did not ask him to remove this name.


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