by Rosiane

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© Copyright 2001 - Rosiane - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cuffs; buttplug; force; hum; oral; anal; cons/reluct; XX

Well, where do I start?  My name is Rosiane and I am a 33 yo female. I work as an assistant for the same executive for 6 years now. I have always had a crush on him but he never hinted any interest on me and we kept our relationship like that, professional. That is until one day couple of years back it was his birthday, in the morning I entered his office to solve some issues and at the end I told him happy birthday and said I really would like to give him a special gift and asked him if he would accept it.  He look a bit puzzled but obviously knew what I was talking about.

Then I said I had a husband and was happy with him and also knew that he was married but I would really love to suck his cock, just as a birthday gift. He then said he would think about it, maybe later!!  Ahhh…I was so ashamed!!!   Here I am offering to suck his cock and he says he will think about it!!  That was pure torture.

I spent the whole day thinking about the situation I had put myself into!  I could have shut my mouth!

Later on the day he called me to his office.  He looked at me with a weird look and told me he was ready to collect his gift!  I was paralyzed and couldn’t move or say anything. When he said that I had to do it his way, I got slightly scared!  He told me to strip off all my clothes!  I did as told, not thinking much about what I was doing, I took my dress off, then I took my panties off (I wasn’t wearing a bra), and I only kept my high heels on.

Then he told me to turn around and I did.  He told me to put my arms together to my back and I felt cold steel on my wrists and a sound, he just handcuffed me!  I had never had someone tying me up before, let alone naked with high heels at the office!  Now I had my arms securely tied and he moved me to his desk. He sat down in his chair and told me to kneel down under his desk!  That was so humiliating I was naked under his desk with my arms tied behind me!

He was still completely dressed and he unzipped his pants, took his huge cock out and pointed at me. It was an inch from my face. He told me to suck but said that I had to swallow it all and that if I didn’t I would be very sorry!!…

I started sucking on his cock, he had a big cock, I was moving my head up and down his cock putting in my mouth the head and maybe 2 inches more, it was really a difficult task because I couldn’t use my hands and kneeling down my balance was unstable to say the least. With his left hand he grabbed my right breast and squeezed a bit..Then he started pulling and pinching my nipple, quite hard! I saw that he wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing; he seemed to be in a trance. 

Suddenly he grabbed me by the back of my neck with his right hand, pulled my head down and pushed his hip forward and upwards from the chair, the head of his cock pressed against my throat and I felt an initial resistance then the head went straight in and the whole cock was in my mouth and throat!!  I gag and choked, I kicked my legs around under the table but I fell forward from my kneeling position, pressing his cock further down my throat.  Suddenly I realized I could breathe with that huge cock there if I relaxed a bit. So I stopped moving and he did the same. I had his balls at my chin and my nose was buried in his pubic hair, there is no way it would go any deeper!

He then told me with a sweet voice “Calm down, relax, just keep it in there, this is the way I like it, I am violating your mouth like no one has done before and you are going to take it anyway I tell you too” well, like I had a choice!! Then he said to me “I will stay in your mouth like this and you will try to swallow my dick, this will make your throat press hard on my cock” then I tried once, I gagged and tried to pull my head back but he held me in place holding my head so I tried to relax and stopped moving and breathe again. Then he told me I ‘d better do it because he was going to be in there until he came so it was up to me to decide how long it would take. 

I tried again and again and I felt I could do it. I got a rhythm going, just swallowing and breathing. I could feel him starting to shake and suddenly he grabbed my head with all his force and squeezed his cock as deep as it would go and I felt it!!   His cock pulsated and he spewed sperm down my throat. I panicked because from that moment on I couldn’t breathe anymore, suddenly I felt my stomach contract violently and I felt like throwing up! He continued to spew his milk down my throat and after some awful seconds he took his cock out of my mouth and I vomited on the floor everything including his sperm!!

After a few minutes he helped me to my feet and taking me by my arm helped me to his bathroom through a connecting door, I stopped by the sink and (I was still handcuffed) he washed my face and cleaned me all over. He then sat me down on the sink and opened my legs really wide, now my pussy was exposed to him. He showed me a razor and shaving cream!!  He said he has going to shave all my pubic hair!!   Before I could complain he was already at it and in a couple of minutes my hair was all gone!!  I thought to myself  “How can I explain this to my husband!” 

Then he took me back to his office and sat me down on his sofa, and I rested a bit.  He said “You tried to please me but remember I told you that you had to swallow it all and that if you didn’t you would be very sorry, I have to punish you” I was in shock!  After all I went through and he now tells me I didn’t please him!! 

 He sat by my left side on the sofa and put his arm around me, and then he pushed me over his left knee facing down and put his right leg over my legs. In that position I couldn’t see anything because I was face down on the sofa and also couldn’t move because I had my hands still handcuffed and his leg was over mine, pinning me down. I had the real sensation that my ass was pointing outwards and was really exposed!!  He grabbed my left ass cheek with his right hand taking a full grip and massaging my ass, then I felt one of his fingers slowly working his way into my ass!!!  I complained saying that I had never had anything up my ass before, and I would like my ass to remain virgin!!  He laughed and said that my ass virginity was as good as gone!

Then he removed his finger and I felt him spreading some lubricant up and down between my ass cheeks, and stuck his finger up my ass all the way… I was amazed by how easily it slid in, although I was squeezing my ass cheeks together as hard as I could.  He pressed his finger in and out spreading the lubricant, and then he removed his finger and told me to look at something, he then showed me some sort of dildo (later I discovered it was called an assplug) and told me “This is going to take care of your ass!!”  Immediately he positioned the plug so as the tip were at my entrance and pressed a bit.  I saw then that it was not going to be easy and pleaded for my ass, but he continued to press firmly the lubricant made his job a lot easier and I felt a lot of pain while my ass was being stretched to accommodate that large plug!  I trashed a bit trying to free my hands from the handcuff and my legs from underneath his but the only thing that I accomplished was getting the plug a little deeper since he keep it at a constant pressure!!!  It was getting larger and larger as it went in and he pulled back a little and pressed all the way in, I felt a sharp pain and then I just felt full but the pain was gone, my guess was that the base (the larger part) was in. 

He then moved me to a position where my knees were on the floor and I was bent down over the sofa, he came behind me, pulled the plug with one firm tug, and I felt his cock at my ass.  He slid right in; his cock was as large as the plug only longer.  He grabbed my hair and asked me how I felt getting fucked in the ass for the first time, he laughed before I could say anything and slapped my ass really hard, he kept fucking me taking his cock all the way out and then all the way in. On the way in it’s painful when his entire length is in me because he is very long, and on his way out it’s an awkward sensation like going to the toilet, only never-ending!  He was pumping really hard now, pulling my head back by my hair, slapping my ass, calling me a bitch; he slapped my face twice too!

He came in my ass and left his weight over me for a couple of minutes, then he took his now limp cock out of my ass and as fast as he could slid the assplug again right in! 

He told me to get up and walk around, I was so ashamed, walking around naked (except for high heels) handcuffed and with this huge plug up my no longer virgin ass! And showing myself to this man!  I walked around a bit and had a very different sensation, I felt that when I walked I had my legs a little more open than usual and I wiggled my ass from side to side a lot!  I think it was to accommodate the plug better.  He told me I was really sexy walking like that. I asked him to go to the toilet , because I felt an urge to go, maybe because of his cum inside my ass, he told me NO!

He opened the handcuff and told me to go get my panties, I picked it up from the floor and he took it from my hand and put it in his pocket.  He said, “I am going to keep your panties and I want you to get dressed, underneath your clothes I want you to be wearing only the butt plug and nothing else. You will keep the plug in your delicious ass, because I want you to have my cum in you until tomorrow morning. When you came to work, you should come directly to me.”

I obeyed; even tough my ass was on fire and hurting me so much, and left without saying a word.