The Room Under the Stairs

by Sammy4187

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© Copyright 2010 - Sammy4187 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; cuffs; collar; metal; chast; outdoors; hum; cons; X

It was two weeks after the funeral when I returned to my Aunt’s house. Her sudden death hit me hard and this was the first chance to return to the house I considered home. My Aunt Sara had taken me in after my mother died. I had just finished high school and I moved in with her as she was my only living relative. The house is a two story Victorian in the country and I always love my time there, it was in great shape because of all the work my Aunt had put into it. The air was still and stuffy, it seemed sad and lonely. Aunt Sara must have had a second sense because she had recently gotten all her legal matters in order. I walked thru the house remembering all the good times I had with Aunt Sara, I considered more of a big sister rather that my guardian.

I always admired her for her intelligence and her beauty. She was older that me but she looked like my sister rather than my Aunt. As I walked from room to room, memories came flooding back to me. I would come home every chance I could from college to be with her. I loved her as much as I loved my mother. I finally made my way to her room, sat on her bed and remembered her with a sad heart. I went to the closet and look at her clothes hanging there. My hand ran over them as I thought about our life together. I walked to her dresser and there was her hair brush, there were still strands of her hair on it. I broke down and cried.

On the dresser was her jewelry box I opened it and saw many of the things she liked to wear and more memories came flooding back. In the top there was a small area with a lid on it. I opened it and found a key on a silver chain. The key was an old style and I wondered what it belonged to.

I had to start getting this place opened up and aired out. The first week was straightening up and getting things in order. I was contacted by a lawyer and had a meeting with him. My Aunt left me everything. I was shocked and had no idea at the value of her estate. I was also surprised to find out my parents had a trust fund set up for me that would be mine after I graduated from college. I had the lawyer handle things for me and I was able to concentrate on the house.

I left her bedroom for the last. I just could not bring myself to clean it out. With a heavy heart I opened the closet and looked thru her clothes. As I looked at the clothes I realized she was the same size as I was and I liked some of her clothes. I was about a week later after a hectic day of cleaning and running around getting things in order that the house started to feel like mine. I had taken a nice long bath and was getting ready for bed when I spotted the key laying near the jewelry box. I picked it up and look at it, wondering what it belonged to. It had been a long day and I was soon asleep.

I dreamt of my Aunt Sara, she came to me and had me get out of bed. She led me down stairs and to a small door under the stair in the hallway on the first flood.  The dream was so real I woke with a start. I went back to sleep but did not sleep well.

The next day I got dressed and went down stairs not thinking anything about the dream. I stopped I my tracks as I walked to the kitchen. There was a door under the stairs! I never remember noticing it before. I pulled at the door with my fingers but it was locked. Looking at the keyhole it looked like it matched the key upstairs. I ran upstairs and got the key, returning I inserted the key in the lock and turned it. It turned smoothly and the door move slightly. I slowly open the door expecting the worse behind it. I thought it would be filled with cobwebs and dust. Much to my surprise it seemed dust free but it was dark inside. I noticed a box on the inside wall with a switch on it.  I turned on the switch and a light came on.

I carefully peered in and was surprised to see what appeared to be a closet with clothing hanging along the left wall. On the back wall there were two chests of drawers and to the right under the steps going to the second floor boxes that looked like they would contain shoes. I started to look at the clothes hanging from the rod running across the left wall. I was surprised to find clothing made of leather, rubber, pvc and spandex.

“Aunt Sara, what were you into!”

I then went to the two chest of drawers and open the drawers one at a time. What I found shocked me! There was all kind of leather straps and other drawers contained things made of metal. I did know handcuffs when I seen them. Every drawer contained bondage equipment all neatly folded and sorted. There was so much of it I could not take it all in. I did realise one thing! All of the things in this little room were taken care of, it was clean and neat. My Aunt must have really liked all of theses things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude but some of the things I had never seen before. I closed the door and locked it. I had to think about what has just happened. I was almost afraid of what the room contained but I was also curious. I continued working on the house and I found I had more free time on my hands. My thoughts returned to the room under the stairs.

It was just after lunch on Friday when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I walked to the front door and walked outside onto the porch. The car door opened and a woman got out and walked towards the house. As she approached I could see she was very attractine and dressed in a very lovley leather skirt and heels.

“Hello my name is Susan Lee and I was a good friend of your Aunt. I have something for you from you Aunt Sara.”

She reached into her purse and brought out an envelope and handed it to me. I suddenly remembered seeing her at the funeral, she stayed in the back and I had wondered who she was, at the time she seemed very upset.

“Please come and sit on the porch with me, what is it?”

“It’s a letter that might explain things a bit”

I opened the letter and read it; it was from my Aunt explaining the room under the stairs. It basically said she and Susan were lovers and shared an interest in bondage and role play. If I was shocked and disgusted by what I had found, Susan would remove everything and I would never see Susan again. I closed the letter and looked at Susan.

“This explains a lot!”

“If you need time to think, just say so. I'll leave and you can call for me to pick the things up.”

“Actually I was just going to go and look at the things in the little room. Your timing is perfect. Maybe you could answer some questions I have?”

“Yes dear, of course I’ll answer any questions you may have.”

We walked into the house and I took the key out of my pocket and opened the door. We both squeezed into the little room and started to look thru things. We talked and talked, Susan related the fun and adventures they had together over the years. I would ask questions of Susan as I examined thing from the chest of drawers. I really found the handcuff and other metal restraints exciting. There was so much to look at. It was hunger that finally stopped our exploration of the little room. When I looked at my watch I was shocked we had spent 5 hours in the little room talking.

“Oh Susan please let me take you to dinner so we can talk more.”

“I’d like that very much; I know a really nice Italian place.” she replied.

We planned to meet in an hour and Susan left. She had given me direction to the restaurant and I looked forward to it. I decided to shower and dress a little; a nice skirt and blouse with heels should do it. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw her car and pulled beside it.

The restaurant it was very nice and the smells hit me as so as I entered. I looked for a moment and then saw her waving. She was in the back in a booth. As I walked back to her I realized how lovely she looked. There was a candle burning on the table and it felt very romantic. As we ate I realized how wonderful she looked and it suddenly realized this felt like a date. We talked and talked till late in the night over a wonderful meal. I asked her to come back on Saturday to continue our conversation and my learning and have lunch with me. We parted in the parking lot and was surprised when she gave me a warm hug and kiss.

The next day arrived and I was very excited with the expatiation of seeing Susan again. The day was warm so I wore shorts and a top that showed my breasts to there advantage. I felt like a teenager on her first date!

She arrived just before noon and I had a nice lunch prepared. I gave her a nice hug at the door and we went to the kitchen. She wanted to help but I told her to sit and I would serve her. She looked at me and said she would like that. I didn’t mean it in a sexual way but her words sent a thrill thru me. As I placed her dish in front of her she touched my hand, it was like electricity. My legs went weak as I looked into her eyes. I sat to her side and we talked about everything except what I really wanted to talk about, the items in the little room.

We cleaned up and walked back to the room under the stairs. Susan and I squeezed in to the little room and went one drawer at a time looking and trying on things as I went. This was turning into a real learning experience and I was enjoying it. Susan started putting the toys on me; I would jump up and run to the full mirror in the hallway to look at my self. I found the black leather excited me when I looked at myself. It was about 5 PM when we finally broke for dinner.

I wanted to make something Sara wanted to go out to get some fresh air. I said I wanted to change into a skirt before we left and I ran upstairs and slipped into my denim skirt. She wanted to take her car and I thought that was a good idea since she knew where we where going. I had not paid to much attention to her car but the moment I got in I realized it was very expensive. She took me to a nice restaurant, I was expecting some fast food but how could I turn this down. She ordered a bottle of wine and we talked over lunch, or should I say I talked. I suddenly realized she was looking at me. I stopped and blushed; her gaze made me feel warm or was it the wine, I lowered my eyes too embarrassed to look at her.

She reached across the table and lifted my chin. “What’s wrong dear?”

“I ....... like you, I like you a lot!” I stammered. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes dear”

“What were Sara’s favorite toys that you two played with?”

“I’ll show you when we get back, they're in the second chest of drawers”

I knew the second chest contained things made of metal. I had not looked thru all the drawers and the idea of new surprise’s excited me!

As were leaving the restaurant a lady approached Susan and they hugged and exchanged pleasantries. As we walked to the car she told me that was the owner of the restaurant. I settled into the soft leather seat of her can when she turned and looked at me.

“Do you really want to see what Sara and I liked to play?”

Without hesitation I told her yes I did.

“Are you sure you want to know!”


“Then open the glove compartment”

I opened it wondering what I would find. It took a second for me to see something shiny sticking out from some paper. I moved the piece of paper and there was a jumble of silver items. It only took a moment for me to recognize them! I lifted the first item out, handcuffs. It was the second item that I removed, police leg cuffs that got me more excited. The metal was cool in my hands; they were not as heave as I expected they would be.

“Why are they in your car?”

“You wanted to know what Sara and I played at, didn’t you?”

“Well yes!”

“Do you trust me?”


“I want you to put them on for our trip home!”


“If you do, I promise you will not be hurt and you will know what Sara and I shared”

The idea of being helpless in the hands of this beautiful woman really excited me and the fact it would be outside just added to the thrill. She show how they worked and made sure I realized that there would be no escape from them.

“Ok dear, put the leg cuffs on you ankles!”

I squeezed the cuffs open and the “zippppppp” sent a rush thru my body. Closing them was even better!

“Make them snug, but not tight! I will check your work and any half effort will be punished!”

My pussy got hot and wet at her words! I pressed one snug against my ankle.

“Now reach under the seat and you’ll find a wire with a loop in it, pass the other cuff thru it and lock it on your other ankle.

My fingers found the wire; it was a steel cable with a loop on the end. My hands were trembling as I passed the other cuff thru the loop and closed it around my other ankle. “zippppppp”

My legs only had a small range of motion; I could not stretch them out but were held close to the seat.

“Now the handcuffs dear”

I opened the cuff and then closed it around my right wrist the sound sending a thrill thru me. I started to put my other wrist when Sara told me to stop.

“That’s cheating, dear. Behind you back! You want the same experience as Sara, don’t you?”

I thought about what I was going to do and I reached around and closed the other cuff. A wave of excitement washed over me.

“They better be snug or else!”

I leaned forward and closed both cuffs several more clicks. With my hands cuffed behind me my breasts were thrust out. I felt very vulnerable and naughty.

“Very good, now we don’t want you to fall out, do we?”

Susan reached over and pulled the seat belt over me. The belt pulled me against my cuffed hand further preventing me from moving. She started the car but before we moved she looked at me and had a thoughtful look on her face.

“Oh my, I almost forgot!”

Susan reached into the console between the seats and produced a set of sunglasses. They were the wrap around kind and leaned over to me. She slipped them on me and I suddenly realized they were opaque and I could not see a thing!

“Oh Susan, please, I’m so excited I’m getting wet!”

“Good, at least I haven’t lost my touch”

She pulled out of the parking lot and into traffic. I was shaking with excitement!

“This was one of Sara’s favorite games; I would play with her mind as we drove around. She never knew what I was telling her was true or where she was. Like right now were beside a police car and I think the officer is trying to flirt with you! Buy the way I like your skirt, with your feet like that you skirt has slipped up your legs, I can see your panties. I think the officer likes your panties also; he has a big grin on his face.”

My pussy was exploding; I just hoped I didn’t get the car seat wet.

We drove for what seemed like an hour, turning this way and that, stopping and starting. I had no idea where we were and it added to my excitement greatly. The car finally came to a stop and Susan turned the car off and she got out. Her door closed and all I could do was sit there waiting for her. My door opened and my seatbelt was removed. I could sense she was very close to me, suddenly I felt her hands on my breasts, squeezing and rubbing. My pussy exploded with the erotic image in my mind. I could just imagine people standing around looking at me.

Susan pulled my top up exposing my bra and then pulled my bra down exposing my breasts. Her warm lips started to suck on my nipples one at a time. My head was spinning with pleasure and any worries of being watched soon faded in the waves of pleasure Susan was giving me. Suddenly I felt her hand on my pussy rubbing it thru the thin strip of nylon. Her finger pushed slightly into me just parting my lips. I was going out of my mind.

“There, I think you ready for the next step”

I felt her hand on my one ankles opening the cuff. It was only open for a second when she relocked it around my ankle again. She took me by my arm and pulled me from the car, I was in such a state I did not care any more. I have never been so turned on in my life. She led me over uneven ground that was dirt covered. I was scared but extremely excited. I could imagine people pointing and whispering to one another at my humiliation.

“There are steps in front of you dear”

I climbed the steps one at a time. I could feel cooler air and then doors being opened then closed behind me. My heart was beating so fast.  Was it her house, a friends place or an old abandoned house?

“Are you ready dear?”

Susan removed the sunglasses, it was my place. A wave of relief and disappointment washed over me. Susan moved behind me and unlocked my hands she them removed the leg cuffs, I suddenly felt like something was missing from me. Susan walked to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine from the counter and two glasses, we returned to the little room and settled in for more examining of the newly found treasures.

We started the second chest of drawers and the collection of toys was just amazing to me, it seemed like a magician’s hat, Sara kept pulling things out like there was no end. We got to the bottom two drawers and Susan stopped and looked at me.

“You said you wanted to know you Aunt Sara’s favorite toys. There in these two drawers and I know they were her favorites.”

She opened the drawer and I leaned forward to see what was hiding in there.

“These were made by a German company (SM-FACTORY) for Sara to her measurements and are rather expensive to purchase. I know these were her pride and joy, we had many hours of fun together with these”

Susan removed a collar from the drawer, it was silver and it looked beautiful in its simplicity. Handing it to me it was kind of heavy and it was very well made. Susan reached into the top drawer and removed a set of keys to open the collar. She held it to my neck and closed it, “CLICK”.

My hand went to my neck feeling the metal; it was snug but not tight. I jumped up and ran to the mirror in the hallway to see what it looked like. I stared at myself in the mirror; it looked and felt beautiful on me. I was pulled back to reality by Susan’s voice calling me to come back.

“There is more dear”

Susan pulled two more items out and asked me to give her my hands. Before I knew it she closed two matching cuffs onto my wrists both with a distinctive “CLICK”.

These matched the collar perfectly and I was thrilled. I started to get up to run to the mirror.

“Wait dear, there’s more”

Going into the drawer she pulled out two more cuffs, these were larger and closed them on my ankles.


I jumped up and ran to the mirror. I was mesmerized by what I saw. I could not keep my hands off of the collars and cuffs. The fit was perfect; they were snug but not tight. I repeatedly tried to pull the cuffs off my wrists and ankles just to prove to myself I had no control over them and they had the control, or should I say Susan had control of me. Susan walked up behind me and put her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly. I felt her body mould to mine and my knees got weak. She leaned in and kissed my neck and a wave of heat ran thru me.

“Do you like them; they were your Aunts favorite. She would wear them all the time around the house. Will you be mine?”

The question took me by surprised at first but soon realized what she was asking. I turned and looked into those eyes and said “I would love to be hers”.

“You will be my submissive, not my slave! You will belong to me after work and on weekend, we will vacation together and travel together. You can always tell me if there is a reason you cannot be with me if I call for you.”

“Yes Mistress”

“There is one more thing I have to show you from the room. If you decide to wear it will show your commitment to me and will seal your acceptance to being my girl”

Her words sent thrills thru me; my knees were weak just listening to her request. Susan held my hand and told me to remove all my clothes.

“This is you first test to see if you obey me, and I do mean everything! Do not move from this spot and keep you eyes closed”

With trembling hands I removed all my clothes and placed them on the steps. I felt very exposed standing in my own house naked. Susan walked into the hallway; I stood there wondering what could top the beautiful jewelry. Susan’s voice called to me and told me to put my hands behind my head and to spread my feet. I was also reminded to keep my eyes closed. I followed her instructions to the letter; a thrill ran thru me not knowing what was to come in just a moment.

I heard Susan walk up to me, she was very close to me.

“I don’t want you to move a muscle or open your eyes, if you do, you’ll be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

“I’m going to place something around you waist, it might me a little cold at first but it will warm up”

I felt it wrap around my waist, there was something hanging down accross my ass. The part around my waist became snug. I felt her hand reach between my legs and suddenly I felt something cover my pussy. The object over my pussy cupped me and I could feel my lips being pressed against something.

“Open your eyes dear”

It took me a second to realize what Susan had put on me; it was a shiny metal chastity belt. I was shocked and amazed at the sight before me; I was the captive slave girl with beautiful jewelry locked on me. Susan knelt in front of me, her hands holding the belt closed around me.

“If I close this you will belong to me! Do you want to be mine?”

It only took a second for me to answer her question.



A wave of excitement rushed thru me, I almost had an orgasm at the thought of being Susan’s submissive.

Susan slapped my ass to bring me back to reality.

“Stay still and focus your attention to the image in the mirror. You’ll see that your lips push thru the front shield, see.”

She leaned down and ran her tongue along my protruding lips in the shield, a bolt of pleasure jolted thru me. I wanted to cum so bad I could almost cry. My knees were shaking and weak.

“Look in the mirror; you see your lovely pussy?”

She held another piece of metal; it was curved and had holes in it.

“Say goodbye to it, it now belongs to me and so do you!”

Susan inserted the metal into a slot on the front of the front piece and brought it up the front of the shield. I watched as the new piece closed over my lips and disappeared. She held up what looked like a lock of some sort and clicked it onto the front of the metal shield.

“There you go dear, you're mine now! You all locked up safe and sound”. She opened her blouse and pulled out keys on a chain that hung around her neck.

“You may try to remove belt if you wish. I need to get something so do not move from this spot.”

My hands moved to the belt and tugged and pulled on it, it fit me perfectly and I knew down deep it would not come off without the key. Susan returned and as I looked in the mirror she lifted my hand and connected the cuffs on my hands with a short piece of chain and two padlocks. The chain was about six inches in length. I watched and she did the same to my leg cuffs but the chain was a little longer.

“There, you’re all safe and secured, I'll call you tomorrow.”

Susan replaced the keys around her neck and then held up a ring of keys for me to see. She slipped them into her purse and headed for the door. She stopped and came back to me; she put her arm around my waist and pulled me tight against her. Her kiss was soft and warm, her other hand squeezed my breast and raked her thumb over my nipple. I could feel my pussy get wet and my knees became weak.

She turned and walked to the door. She stopped and looked back at me. “Oh, you know where the emergency keys are, don’t you? Maybe it’s in the back yard, someplace, byeeeeee!”

I stood there and just looked at the door as it closed. I was naked, chained and wore a locked chastity belt. I was in shock but also extremely excited. The phone started ringing and I shuffled to get it, it was Susan on a cell phone.

“I love you dear, look at the tree in the back of the yard.”

The phone went dead, I shuffled thru the house and it quickly became clear how helpless I was. I went to the kitchen window and looked out at the old tree at the far end of the yard. I could barley make out a small box lying on the ground. I would have to be a true emergency for me to venture outside to look into the box.

The day went slow and I hoped Susan would call me again. I just wanted to hear her voice. I had my problems during the rest of day but it just enforced the sense of submissiveness in me and I really enjoyed the feeling. As the day drew to a close I realized I could make a dash for the keys in the back yard. As it got darker I watched to see if it was dark enough to make a try for the key.

Finally it was dark enough to try. I edged out onto the back porch and looked and listened for any sign of activity. I knew there should not be anyone around living in the country, but being helplessly bound as I was, I wanted to make sure. My heart was pounding and I was very excited. The thought of being caught outside like I was sent thrills straight to my pussy. I moved to the edge of the back porch and looked around. The short chain on my ankles forced me to take the steps one at a time so I would not fall.

The yard seemed much bigger and sinister than I remember. As I shuffled across the yard I discovered it was still wet and muddy. I had to get to the box and retrieve the keys so I could escape because Susan didn’t say when or if she would return. I could hear the wind blow thru the trees and it added to the sinister feel of the night. The further I got from the house the yard got wetter as I went. By the time I reached the tree I could feel the mud between my toes.

When I reached the tree I stopped and looked around to make sure I was not being observed, not that I could do anything about it. Reaching down I retrieved the small box at the base of the tree. Opening the lid I could not see in, reaching in there was no key. There was a piece of folded paper. Unfolding it I tried to read it with the ambient light, it was imposable. I turned this way and that trying to get the most light, but there was none.

Suddenly the entire back yard lit up, a light fixture on the back of the house came on. It scared me to death and I stumbled on the uneven muddy ground. I landed on my side, in a rather soggy patch of earth. Most of me was now covered in splattered mud and I was not a happy girl. Getting up I hid behind the tree not knowing what had just happened or who turned the light on. I thought Susan had come back. I shuffled to the house as fast as I could.

Taking the steps one at a time I was leaving big muddy footprint as I went. I managed to get the kitchen door open and got in the house. I was making a terrible mess of the floor but at least I could mop the floor. I dared not venture into the dinning room or the carpeting would be ruined. I felt like crying, I sat at the kitchen table trying to keep it together. The phone rang and I wondered who way calling at this hour.

“Hello dear”

“Oh Susan I’m a mess” I told her what happened and started to cry.

“I'll be right over”

I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly. She’s coming out in the middle of the night to help me.

Some time passed and I just sat there hoping Mistress would come soon.

I heard the door open (I did not realize she had her own key, but it did make sense) and my name being called; she did come to my rescue.

“Oh you poor dear”

Susan went to the sink and started water running. She took a towel and put it in the water. She came to me and knelt in front of me and washed my feet. It felt so nice having her take care of me. When my feet were clean, she cleaned up and put things away. She came to me and grabbed me by the chain between my hands. I was lead upstairs to the bathroom. She turned on the bathtub and the room became nice and warm. Susan removed the cuffs on my hand and ankles then the chastity belt. The tub was steaming and the bathroom was warm. Susan washed every inch of me and then my hair; it reminded me of my mother taking care of me when I was a little girl She dried me with a big fluffy towel and blow dried my hair. I was clean and warm and pink. I felt wonderful.

Susan replaced the cuffs on my hands and ankles with the chains. She put me in bed and connected my collar to the head board of the bed with a chain and padlock. She looked down at me and I felt loved and protected. She turned to leave but stopped. Susan came back and started to remove her clothes. We made love late into the night and I have never been more happy with my life.

Susan gave up her apartment and we now live together happily ever after.