Rookie Cop

by Viktor Grey

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© Copyright 2008 - Viktor Grey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; nylon; bdsm; nc; X

Part I

Being a rookie cop new to the force this year, I was always assigned the worst jobs that nobody else wanted to handle.

This was my day off, but I got called in because everyone else was supposedly busy.

I knew I had to pay my dues and just deal with the mildly amusing abuse.

For this particular assignment I simply had to pick up a female fugitive detained by a bounty hunter and deliver the reward money once her identity was confirmed.

I arrived at the address, which turned out to be a modest ranch style home in the middle of nowhere. The house sat on what appeared to be about 5-6 acres and there was a “for sale” sign in the yard. It looked as if nobody has lived there for quite some time.

In the driveway near the garage I spotted his truck, full size black pickup. I walked up, pounded on the door and was promptly greeted by the stereotypical looking bounty hunter.

“You must be officer Ramsey” His voice was husky, sounded like a heavy smoker

“Yep,” I flashed my badge and ID.

“I have her restrained in the basement.”

“This is where I found her hiding out. The house has been empty for almost a year, the owners were relocated and not able to sell, tough in this market. She used this place as a hideout for several days or weeks now, until I finally tracked her down. Come on down and have a look.” He was defiantly gloating about his work

Usually female fugitives are not what I would consider to be the attractive type, but this case was different.

Once downstairs I got a good lock at the detained fugitive. She was gorgeous and was not even “made up”. Her hair was a reddish brown color and it was messed up a bit. She was not wearing much except for a pair of black pantyhose on her legs that were pretty well shredded, presumably from the struggle with the bounty hunter. She was also wearing a pair of black pantyhose over her upper body and arms. She cut the crotch out and this became the hole for her head to go through. Her tight body was unable to move due to heavy restraints. She could not speak because of the ball gag in her mouth.

“What’s the deal with her outfit and restraints?” I asked

The bounty hunter told me, “Criminals sometimes cover their bodies so they don’t leave fingerprints and limit the amount of DNA evidence. With the technology being used these days, criminals try to leave no hair evidence; in fact she was wearing a cap when I first found her. I guess I could have tried to put more clothes on her, but I did not want to fight her. Besides I like looking at her like this!” He winked in my direction.

Her body was amazing and with the lack of clothes, she had nothing to hide. I felt myself get slightly aroused.

“This is sure an interesting twist to this assignment.” I thought to myself

His voice interrupted my thoughts, “She has a suitcase full of clothes in the upstairs bedroom, you may want to throw that into your car, so she has something to wear besides those torn nylons.”

“All right, I’ll take care of everything.” I responded.

Looking her over more carefully, she was restrained with some equipment the looked like a steel stock. This stock was locked around her neck and it kept her hands locked rigidly at a fixed distance from her body. There were heavy-duty padlocks that held it on. Her feet were locked together with heavy-duty ankle cuffs, with only a very short 3-inch chain.

“Well, looks like she is going to have to give me her finger prints now.” I said smugly.

I approached her and cut away the feet part of the pantyhose that were covering her hands. Then taking my digital scanner, I collected her prints and ran them into my laptop. The entire time she was very polite and did not try to struggle at all. Although the way she was restrained, struggling would not get her anywhere.

I figured she knew she was in a lot of trouble so she just kept quite and polite.

Her fingerprints were confirmed; it was in fact the wanted fugitive. I walked the bounty hunter out to the car and gave him his money and sent him on his way.

On the way out, he tossed me the restraint keys and told me to ship his equipment to his home address. Suggesting I keep her restrained like she was until I got her in lock-up.

“Alright she’s all yours, but be careful she put up quite a fight for a small girl.”

“Thanks, but I think I can handle myself from here.” I responded in a cocky tone

On the way out I could hear his trucks exhust growl and heard gravel spraying as he peeled out.

“Typical” I mumbled heading back inside

I went back downstairs, now alone with the beautiful detained fugitive. I removed the gag, but left all the restraints on. She spoke for the first time since I arrived.

“My name is Lola,” She said

“Yeah, I know who you are. I’m going to go collect your things, then were outta here.” I was anxious to get home and start my day off with a few cocktails.

“My arms are really tired and sore, I have been locked up like this for hours. That bounty hunter was a real asshole. The only reason I fought him is because he tried to feel me up. Then he gagged my mouth, so I could not tell you while you were both here.” She seemed so innocent

“I know police are only supposed to transport prisoners in their own cuffs anyways. Would you be wiling to re-cuff my hands preferable in front, but even behind my back? It would be quite a relief.” She asked sweetly.

Remembering what the bounty hunter said about putting up a fight, I figured she was up to something, so I denied her, although she was correct about being transported only in police issue equipment.

“I know why he had you gagged, its because you talk too much. If you keep running your mouth I’ll put that thing right back in” Letting her know who was in charge.

However, before we leave I could use her discomfort to my advantage.

“If you want me to switch you into more comfortable restraints, what are you going to do for me?” I asked in a cocky tone.

“Whatever it will take.” she replied in a very sexy tone.

Surprised with her response, I began thinking that if I took advantage of her, even if she reported me, who would believe her. She was a felon and I could convince everyone that she was lying; besides I have a perfect, clean record anyways.

“Alright, I’ll take the stock and put you in cuffs behind your back if you let me have some fun with you.” I was trying to make a deal with her.

“Alright, anyways I think you’re cute. Come here and touch my body.” She did not seem to have any objection.

I began rubbing her smooth body and perfect breasts. I was really getting horny. The sight of this girl in bondage and her pantyhose-only outfit was really doing it for me. She actually began to play along and starting nibbling and licking my ear the best she could.

“Why don’t you unlock just one of my hands and I can play with your balls and really make you make you feel good”

“NO, I said to her, that’s not going to work.”

“Please, she starting begging, what’s the harm? I’ll still have this thing locked around my neck and my other hand. You and I both know there is no escape. I’ll still have one hand padlocked in. I know you want me to touch you.”

She was right I did want her touches, but I did need to get her back to the county lock-up sometime this afternoon.

How can such an attractive girl, this sweet, be in so much trouble? I thought to myself.

“OK, I’ll undo just one hand and soon as were done, you’re going in cuffs, then into the back of my patrol car, and off to jail.”

Once I unlocked her hand, she began rubbing her fingers through my hair and down my body, she grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze and started to stroke my cock. I climbed on top of her and she was stroking me so good, I was almost to the point of orgasm and did not even “go inside” her yet.

She was whispering in my ear about how glad she was that such a sexy cop was taking her in and she was glad to make me feel good. Her soft breath in my ear finally made me cum directly on the nylons that were covering her chest. As soon as I started to shoot my orgasm, she squeezed and twisted my balls incredibly hard. It was the strangest sensation of extreme pleasure and extreme pain at the same time.

Instinctively my hands went straight to my groin area. In one swift motion she grabbed my stun gun out of my belt holster, kicked me off her and zapped me with it. My body dropped to the ground and I started convulsing in pain.

During training for the police academy they required we get hit with a police issue stun gun to see the effects. It feels as if you lose all control and an incredible pain courses throughout your entire body. Once zapped you are rendered helpless for at least a minute or two.

I saw her grabbing the keys and trying to undo the locks to her stock and leg cuffs. As I started to sit up a little bit she hit me again with the stun gun, and that was the last I remembered…

Part II

When I came to, I tried to move but could not. As I cleared my head I tried to assess the situation I was in.

I was sitting on the floor near where I had passed out. I quickly realized she had put the stock she was wearing around my neck and locked one of my hands onto the left side. The right side of the stock was locked around a basement support pole and my right hand was free but no use. Because of this situation I was forced to sit upright on the ground. My butt was numb from sitting on the concrete floor.

I heard her upstairs and knew that I was now in big trouble. How was I going to explain this situation? To top it off, the fugitive is on the loose and the reward money is gone.

As all these thoughts were going through my head, she came down the stairs, only now she was dressed in normal street clothes. She had changed into a nice form fitting tank top, fitted blue jeans and some sexy high-heeled shoes. She looked very sexy and classy.

I did not know what to say when she began speaking to me, now in quite a different tone.

“Looks like the roles are now reversed. You must be a rookie cop.”

She had my badge in her hand. “Officer Ramsey” she read in a smart tone

“Well Officer Ramsey you are in some big trouble now and I’m not just talking about your job. I’m not through with you. In fact I’m just beginning. Normally I would just leave you and hit the road again, however you chose to violate me and that is not acceptable.”

“Please, I thought you were into it….” I started to beg her now, but was quickly interrupted.

“Shut it” She shouted back at me.

“If you ever want to get free, keep your mouth shut and listen to me. I’m going to take your car and get some food and some supplies. When I return I’ll go over your options.”

I just sat there for what seemed like a few hours and finally she arrived. I heard her doing some things up-stairs and then she came down with a big bag in her hand.

“Well, your options are not looking good for you, because there are no options for you. In fact your opinion no longer matters to me. Don’t even think about escape because it is not possible. Just do as I say and you won’t get hurt very bad.”

“Listen, Lola, what do you have planned for m….” I could not even finish my sentence before she soundly slapped my face.

“You are not to speak, I will do the only talking. One more word and you will be severely gagged.” She scolded.

I just sat there dumbfounded about what was going on and could only watch as she pulled lengths of thick chain out of the bag from the store.

She attached one end of the chain around the stock near my neck then ran it up and over a floor joist then back down to the other side of the stock. She started to tighten the slack and the whole stock was pulled upwards. I was forced from the sitting position to squat to prevent from being strangled. She stopped pulling the chain and tightly padlocked the chin to itself around the other side of the stock.

“Kneel, bitch!” She yelled at me.

I complied and when I was kneeling straight up and she was satisfied with my position she adjusted the other end of the chain around the stock keeping me in that position.

With my free hand I explored the chain and lock and these were really heavy duty.

Lola saw my hand checking my bonds and quickly made note.

“That hand needs to go away”

She took my own handcuffs and attached one cuff around the base of my cock, balls and sac fairly snug and then locked my right hand in the other cuff. I decided my only hope was to try to talk her out of this.

“Lets be rational…” *smack*

She landed another hard slap to my face.

I tasted blood in my mouth.

“I told you to be quiet and that was your last chance.”

She grabbed something from the corner; it was a pair of black nylons.

“You recognize these? These are the nylons you shot your load into when you were taking advantage of me. Now they’re going into your mouth.”

She grabbed my hair at the back of my head and shoved them deep into my mouth. She shoved the panty part in first and worked the legs of the pantyhose into my cheeks with her fingers. Then she grabbed some silver duct tape from her bag and started to wind it around my head. The entire bottom of my head was covered in tape. I could now only make moaning sounds.

“How do those nylons taste? You’ll be sucking on those for some time, but I’m not done yet.”

She stood close to me and took off one of shoes and started to rub my cock with her foot, she was wearing more nylons and it felt great. We both knew I was getting excited, even in my current situation, because I became rock hard again.

All of a sudden she clicked the cuff around my balls extra tight. This kept me hard while she grabbed something else from the bag. It was a tube of superglue and a roll of saran wrap.

“This glue sets in 2 minutes, I figure that is about how long you can hold your breath. I’m going to smear this glue all over your cock and hand and you are going to grip your cock and hold it until the glue sets. To ensure you do so, I am going to wrap your head in saran wrap for 2 minutes and if you remove your hand before the glue sets, I won’t remove the saran wrap and you’ll die.”

She spoke in such a level and demanding tone.

She opened the tube of glue and applied a very liberal amount on both my cock and my right hand. Next she grabbed the roll of saran wrap and wrapped my entire head, and then she looked at her watch. I tried to breath but the plastic just clung to my nose and I could not breath through the tape gag.

With my life on the line, I was forced to comply. I tightly held my cock as the superglue dried. After 2 minutes were up I felt like I was starting to black out. She poked a hole in the plastic covering each nostril and I sucked in as much cool fresh air as possible. I tried to remove my hand but it was bonded to my cock.

“Just a few more finishing touches and I’ll be on my way. I want you to hold all the lock keys and you can try to free yourself, although it will be quite useless.”

Without saying a word, she came up behind me and shackled my feet together with the same shackles she had on earlier. I heard the click of the locks.

Through the saran wrap covering my head, I watched Lola place the key to all the locks into cracks in the basement floor. She proceeded to break the keys in half using her foot to break off the keys.

I was starting to go into panic mode.

Lola collected all the key pieces and placed them into my left hand. She forced me to close my fist and duct taped my fist into a ball. Then she grabbed the tube of glue again and filled all the pad lock keyholes and handcuff key holes with the quick drying superglue.

This all just added insult to injury.

“I have one more present for you. My other pair of pantyhose from earlier have been worn for almost 2 days before I got caught, and they smell nice and ripe. I want to leave them with you so you can remember me better.”

Just then she grabbed the pungent pantyhose from the floor and positioned the crotch panel directly over my nose and duct taped all around the rest of my head leaving just my nose and very small eyehole openings.

* * * *

So here I was. Padlocked into a metal stock, forced into a kneeling position by chains and attached to a basement pole. My other hand handcuffed to my balls and super glued to my hard cock. The holes are all glued and all the lock keys are broken and taped into my hand. I could not speak or see much and was forced to breath her scent. How would I ever explain this, let alone get free? I could do nothing but kneel there and suffer.

“Oh, just in case you’re wondering I am wanted because my husband sued me. He claimed I abused him, bound and humiliated him often and severely. He was right. I made that man suffer. But deep down I think he liked it, although he had no choice with me. Anyways the judge saw it differently and I was sentenced to 5 years in jail. I escaped the first time because of a horny officer like you. Looks like we can now make it 2 horny officers now. Don’t worry I’ll call somebody and let them know where you are once I’m long gone.”

“I’m on my way to find my ex-husband and get my revenge! You think you have it bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!” She was getting excited at the thought.

“Enjoy yourself and think of me while I’m gone. If you ever try to take advantage of a female again, I’ll find you; and next time the punishment will be much worse.”