The Robot Master and the Late Night Guest

by Spandex Ninja

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Storycodes: Solo-F; burglar; spandex; catsuit; hood; machines; caught; tape; wrap; cocoon; M/f; torment; bond; rope; grope; discovery; strip; naked; outdoors; hum; chloroform; mast; cons/nc; X

The clock read 1:00 on her watch… she had waited enough. She approached the fence keeping an eye on her surroundings. She glances up and saw the camera… nimbly climbing the fence she perched and examined it. She had been sneaking into houses for a few years now. She learned to spot security devices real quick. She deactivated the camera and noted the model… the type was typical meant there was at least three others around. Most girls had gone to college at her age and we're either piss drunk or working on a degree. Not her. She didn't want to do school again. She's been great at hide and seek and sneaking in and out of the house growing up. She figured she was a natural to be a burglar.

She landed in the yard and discarded her coat revealing her 'uniform'. From neck to her toes she was clad in skin tight ink black Lycra spandex. It ran to her fingers and feet. She wore soft pleather flats and gloves. A belt with tools and bags for loot as well as a spandex hood and eye mask to guard the young woman's identity. The only part not black on her other than her eyes were her lips painted a deep maroon shade of lipstick called prowler. She originally wore volleyball shorts, a black sweater and baggy clothes but in recent months she felt a more professional look was needed. Not to mention she felt incredibly sexy wearing it while sneaking.

She peered into a window looking for any alarms. Satisfied she opened the window and slid into a den. The large house belonged to some high tech engineer. It was simple get in… grab some gems watches other small valuables and head out from the den. She felt the surge and rush of committing her crime as she gingerly stepped around the den examining for anything of value. She palms a golden cigar cutter and stashes it in a pouch on her belt. She opens a door and steps into a long hall way. She pauses listening for any signs of people. She looks at the door and leaves her shoes behind. This way she can identify the room she came in. The floor was cool under her spandexed soles. She made no sounds as she stepped lightly. The blue of the moon slithering into a window casting a gleam on her spandex suit making every curve on her body stand out.

She rounded a corner and was faced with a stair case. No doubt the owners would be upstairs. She moved to an adjacent hall finding a bathroom, sauna, a greenhouse house before coming to a stop. She crouched down on her toes hearing something stiring ahead of her. She coiled ready to strike and run. The noise moving closer to the doorway… she readies a fist before relaxing. A robot vacuum whirls in front of her before stopping at her toes. She wiggles her unshoed feet before stepping around the Roomba. She gently nudges it with her foot trying to get it to move. The last thing she needs is it to start beeping some sort of alert. After a third kick the machine beeped and resumed it's task.

She entered the room it had just left and found an office. She grins under her hood knowing she can possibly find a safe here. The desk was glass and large housing a desk top computer with some photos and a lamp. Along the wall was several storage shelves containing mini robots, books, some awards and other various things. She sat in the large leather chair. The seat cradling her lithe frame as she scanned the room. At the end of the desk locked away with a keypad was a tiny safe. She grinned and pondered the combination… she had a tool that could possibly crack it but it was not always 100 percent. She looked in drawers for any clue to the combination.

She pulled out random post it notes looking for any signs of a code, just email addresses passwords to websites. More random junk... she could see photos on the desk. Her detective skills kicked in... she grabbed what looked like a wedding photo. At the bottom was the date of the wedding she punched in the four numbers and a click came from the safe. She grinned rubbing her legs together as her excitement grew. She pocketed a few watches… a diamond necklace, and a golden letter openner.

The girl grinned and closed the safe content with the haul. She looked at the couple smiling in the wedding photo… a shrug in response and she made her way out of the office. The hall was still dark as the burglars soft shoeless steps reached the stairway. She pondered about her loot wondering what other things she can steal from the upper floors. Her stomach already fluttering the same excitement she felt on all her jobs. That sense that she might be caught and captured.  Not only was it an adrenaline rush it was also, to her wonder, arousing. She began to ascend the steps but as she reached the top she came to a pause… .the Roomba was there.

What?.. she thought.. 'how did that get up here?' She stepped close and crouched down a slinky figure in black Lycra. She kept her eye on it it looked like it was off… she began to get nervous… someone brought it up here… As she was thinking the robot whirled before a latch opened with a spool another mechanical whirl noise and the spool began wrapping around her right foot. She nearly screamed as the stretchy fabric wrapped around her calf. She ran down the hall on her toes to minimize the sound. She could hear the robot stop and the wrapping tensed and brought her to her knees. She looked around and remembered the letter opener.. she grabbed it from her pack and slashed at the wrap. Freed she bounded and ran to the end of the hall finding a room to hide in… appeared to be a pool room complete with table and cues. She glances out a window and could see it was a steep drop below. She presses her head against the door listening for the machine or anyone who might have heard her… unfortunately for her she didn't check under the pool table as another robot rolled toward her before launching it's wrap… it caught her right arm and pinned it to her back… she got up to struggle but the wrap then quickly encircled her arms and torso.

She let out a gasp and leaned against the door trying to escape her hands fumbling against the door knob. The other robot was waiting and launches more wraps at her legs ensnaring her spandex clad feet. She fell to her knees panicking as the robots began to cocoon her… wrapping tighter and tighter before long her head was being encircled. She tried to remain calm as she could knowing they had to stop at some point and she would make her escape. The machines finished she was wrapped from her head all the way to her ankles in some type of opaque gauze. Her feet exposed to the air. She could see blue light through the very limited view of the fabric as the robots began to scan her.

After a few minutes foot steps approached… "Well… interesting. Looks like my machines actually had some use… no shoes how considerate of you I just vacuumed." the male voice said stroking the burglar's spandex feet. "Well let's see who you are… I've been watching you for the past 15 minutes my little cat girl." with that he scooped up the wiggling burglar and carried her down the hall and down the stairs. She wormed and writhes but the wraps held her tight. She relaxed… he seems intent on talking to you… he'll let you go and you can attack.. she thought as he made his was to his office. He placed her in a chair propping her feet up as he rubbed them again. Great a foot guy she sighed as she heard him rumaging about.

"Let's get you better situated" he began undoing her head wraps… before long her eyes and head were free. She breathed calmly staring at her captor… it was the man from the photo. "Nice hood… and an eyemask too… secret identities Hmmm. Where are my gems?" he said pointing at the safe. She remained still trying to get loose… ”Now now don’t be shy I mean you just barged in and made yourself at home. I see you found my security system though.” He grabs the wraps and rips a few inches off allowing her arms to move a bit more. That’s when he made it clear he was carrying a weapon in the pocket of his robe. A small gun no doubt… ”I’m going to undo the wraps… and tie you up. Make any moves… your dead” the burglar nodded as he ripped the wraps all the way off.

Quickly he seized her wrists and bound them tight behind the small of her back. He then repeated the same along her knees and eventually her ankles. She tugged and squirmed but was firmly bound. “Now then… what’s this?” his hand lingered on her belt. He fumbled with it and pulled it away from the curvy waist of the slinky Snoop. He was able to dump the contents in the desk… including all her stolen loot. “Well that’s hard enough evidence… anything to say?” she remained still her maroon lips tight together. “Not even an apology. Not even if I do this” his hand reached out and cupped a breast while the other snakes down to her spandex crotch. His hands squeeze and pinch her breasts causing her to gasp. His hand moved down her spandex legs to her toes where he rubbed her tender soles again. “I think a search is in order.”

He lifted her up and began to frisk/grope the intruder. She grunted and bit her tongue as he squeezed her plump breasts once again. His hands cupped her butt before he forced her to bend over the desk. Her black Lycra clad body bound and vulnerable he brought a hand back and spanked the burglar. She let out a yelp before another smack reached her butt. He continued his vicious spanks with each smack the pain was less and less. He chuckled and took a hand in between her legs “no” she whispered. “my house… my rules Catwoman. “ his fingers teased her nether lips rubbing and probing. She bit her lip trying not to let any gasps or winces come out. “Are you going to tell me your name… or am I going to have to use another gadget?”

“I’m… not telling you shit!” she barks frustrated with how her plan had failed. She had never been caught in her few years of doing crime. Now she was being felt up by this rich nerd.

“She speaks… what’s the matter pretty kitty don’t like being taken advantage of? Just like myself and the others in this town. I was wondering if you’d ever come looking around my house so I made these security drones. I honestly didn’t think it’d work” his fingers continue to stimulate her while she moans under her breath. “Enjoying yourself are we? “ he whispered into her ear before tugging off the hood leaving the eye mask.

A long braid of chocolate brown hair tumblers down her chest. She huff’s as he walks away. Her face red in embarrassment as he takes the desk lamp and shines it on her like the old detective films. The light making her shiny spandex glow as he types at the computer. He turns the camera mounted on top around to face her.

“What are you doing?” she asks struggling but the nylon ropes hold her tight.

“Looking for your confession I mean you are our neighborhood cat burglar. I have the evidence right here… you took my watch.. wife’s brooch, these rings, and yes my letter opener too. Anything to say wannabe Catwoman?”

She simply growls and thrashes trying to squeeze her hands loose. He types some more before standing and walking behind her. “How bout a name or do you like being called Catwoman?”

“Let me go… please… I won’t come back”

“I’d like to believe you but you can forgive me for not trusting you” he says running his fingers up and down her arms feeling the smooth and soft spandex stretched over her toned arm. “last chance… your name” She pulls and bucks away her writhing and undulating showcasing her body wrapped in the oil black skin tight suit. “Very well then” he grabs her eye mask and yanks it free tossing it aside. “NOOOO!! “ She cries out and tries hiding her face but he holds her jaw and forces her to gaze into the camera. “See my company’s latest project is facial recognition… let’s see if it works hehehe”

Her youthful face tries to hide… she’s already seen his robots in action she has no doubt they can probably recognize her. She struggles and grunts in her ropes… her blue eyes wide in panic as the camera peers into her… a notification signal rings from the computer. “Lets see… ” he returns to the desk and frowns… his brow furrows as he types. Relief swells in her as it seems it didn’t work.

“Ashleigh O’Shea… ..twenty two years old… Hmmm you seemed older to me. I also thought you’d be name Kara for some reason” he grins and spins the computer around showing her face smiling for her old school ID. Ashleigh's heart began to race she had been discovered. What was he going to do? She had to run and get away but couldn’t. He rose from his seat and walked to her. Cupping her chin he lifts her head up to look down into her eyes. “well then Catwoman… Ashleigh? Anything to say… ” .

”.Ssss..sorry” it’s all she could think of.

He turns off the camera… ”I’m not going to kill you… though I am within my rights to… .what to do… I guess I could call the police… turn your ass over but a pretty thing like you wouldn’t get much jail time. Sure you’d have to deal with some eager cell mates but still..” Ashleigh remained still as his hands played with her silky hair and rubbed her breasts. “Hmmm no pleading from you? I have to say you’re a quiet one but then again you need to be when your snooping around in a skin tight suit and stealing,” he says pinching some of the shiny black spandex near her stomach and lifting it up to give her front wedgie.

She grunts and whines, “I can always go and never comeback..” she pleads.

“hmmm true you could. How bout this I’ll walk you home so I’ll know where you live just so I can keep eyes on you… I’ll hang onto the video of your evening here… .” He removed a USB stick and placed it in the safe. And after a few months I’ll destroy it. Deal?”

“yes yes that’s fine please untie me!” Ashleigh agrees. She had a condo she was watching for a friend that’s out of town. It made for a convenient safe house and now she can use it to throw the robot master off her trail.

“Not that easy… your little cat costume belongs to me”. He unties her legs and stands her up forcing her against a wall. She sucks in her breath as she feels the weapon pressed into the small of her back. “I’m going to untie you and you will take off that suit. I’m going to march you back home naked.” Ashleigh stammered as her hands were freed but remained at her side. He pokes her in the but with his gun… ”I don’t have all night Ms. O'Shea” she fumbles for the zipper and slips it down she quickly removes her arms and pulls it down showing her black silky bra. She wobbles on one leg as she removed the bottom portion of the suit showing off sheer black nylons. “the tights and bra too”

“But… but that’s” she argued

“I said nude now strip or I’ll rip em off”. She takes the bra off sheepishly showing her modest b-cup breasts. Her nipples stiffing more and more. She wore the hosiery to stay warm for the evening she didn’t expect them to be the last holdings of her dignity. Now nude her hands and elbows were tied behind her back. He pulls her hair tie freeing her hair. “Lead the way” he says opening the door.

She was awashed in fear and embarrassment. Her bare feet padding gently on the cool side walk. Each corner they came to she tensed thinking someone will see her. At any moment he could end her or disappear leaving her alone and vulnerable. The crisp air teased her smooth skin causing goose pimples to rise. She continued leading her captor ducking behind a bush when she heard a car.

“Nono… I want them to see the famous burglar” he grabs her and hoisted her back on her feet a shove sends her back marching down the sidewalk. The cold pavement chilled her feet she moaned helplessly as she was dreading each block… ”I’m not going to kill you… .but I may lose my patience if we don’t get to your home soon” he threatened. She glances around a lot intersection… .”across the street there “ she said using her leg to point.

“Good let’s go pick up your feet” he demanded. She high stepped the remaining way to the front door. The condo was modest and not far from where she was robbing something he noted. “here… your like five minutes away… hehehe this will be easy where’s the key?”

“Under the azalea” . He pushes her toward the door and retrieves the key. He unlocks and pushes her in closing the door. He walks around taking stock before focusing on Ashleigh. She looks away not wanting to make eye contact… a hand softly glides against her exposed womanhood. She shudders and lets loose a gasp. “Hmmm are you wet?” he asks. She closes her eyes not wanting to admit the whole walk back her senses were going wild. She’d felt the same way running through houses outwitting and scheming her targets.

She opens her eyes and gazes at him… ”you you’re going to shoot me right?”

“What with this” he holds up the weapon. A rectangular piece of plastic… a calculator. Ashleigh’s jaw opened the whole time she could’ve fought back… ”I’ll be seeing you… cat girl” he then produced a rag with a spray bottle. She’d seen enough movies to guess what the liquid was. She couldn’t move fast enough. The rag latches onto her mouth and nose. MMMFFFFFFF The young burglar cries as the chloroform begins to take her down. She wiggles helplessly as she drops to her knees. He removed the rag and unties her arms and elbows freeing her. She groans and slumps to the ground. He looks down upon her and says “ if I catch you in my house again Ashleigh I’ll fuck the shit out of you”.

She blinks trying to fight the drugs effects. The man pauses seeing her there helpless on the floor. Her creamy skin kissed by moonlight, her round ass jiggling as she tries to get up, her pink soles dirtied by her march of shame. He couldn’t hold back, he fishes out his cock. It’s rigid and a good size. He’d been erect since he had tied her up and watched her struggle in her shiny spandex suit. He began pumping his member… moaning and sighing. Within a minute his cum came shooting out splashing on to the floor a wayward stream splashes onto her right hip while another lands on her bare sole of her foot. He finishes cumming and pulls his pants up, “See you later Ashleigh”, he tosses her the key slams the door shut. Ashleigh groans and lays down drifting off asleep.

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