Rita's Superbowl

by Fred Bolton

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© Copyright 2002 - Fred Bolton - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons/reluct; X

Rita’s Superbowl
By J. Bond 

This is not what I had in mind but it turned out to be quite a long game for me and I was center of attention the whole time. It all started awhile back when I moved in with my boyfriend Roy, he was some what of a sports nut and every weekend he would sit in front of the TV and watch some kind of game and drink beer and all but ignore me. Now I’m not bad to look at with my brown hair, 5foot 4-inch frame and my 38-25-36 shapes, but when a game came on I might as well been invisible to him. We had many fights about this and he would tell me he was sorry and that he would pay more attention to me in the future. 

We had been together for two years and other than that we got along great and if a game wasn't on he would do anything I wanted him to. It finally came to a big blowout last weekend, Roy told me he had invited four guys over from work for the big super bowl something, well I had been in one of my moods all morning and I wanted him to be with me all day and it just flew all over me that he had made plans without asking me what I might want to do. I told him that I didn't want anybody over; to call his friends and tell them they can't come here. He just looked at me and said, “You don't understand Rita, this is the biggest game of the year and I’ve already ask them to come and watch it on the big screen TV, I can't tell them no at this point, we already have beer and food coming and the game starts in two hours what the hell do you want?”  I yelled at him, “I want you to give me your complete attention for the rest of the day, like you said you would the last time.” He snapped back, “So you want to be the center of attention today of all days do you?  How would you like to be the center of attention for all 5 of us today while the game is on?” I said, “If that's the only way I can spend some time with you today, then I’ll do it.” “Are you sure you know what your saying Rita?” “Yes, damn it!” I came back. “Well then I think I can do that much for you I guess!” he said with a grin on his face. 

He left the room and in a short while he came back with a bunch of rope from the garage. “What do you think your doing with that, I ask?” “Well just turn around and you will see.” I turned around and he grabbed my wrist and just like that he had them bound behind me, I tried to get loose and he grabbed me and carried me into the living room and set me down on the sofa. He got a rug and a pillow and put them on the coffee table and turned to me just as I let out a scream, “We can't have that Rita, and it would not be nice to our guests to yell.” So he stuffed something in my mouth and put a scarf around my head to hold it in place. What was he going to do with me? What did he mean guests ? He wouldn't dare have those guys here with me like this! 

Roy then started to remove all my clothes except my bra and panties and then picked me up and laid me down on the coffee table and tied each leg to the table, leaving me tied and spread out, and then he did the same to my arms. I tried to yell out but it came out more like an mmmmmmmmmmm. Now I’m almost naked and spread out on this table and I can't even yell or get free, he has them tied tight and there is very little movement I can do. Roy stands up and looks down on me and smiles and says, “Well I think the boys are going to like watching the game over here today, at least they will have something to play with during the game!” And with that he took both hands around my breast and gave them a squeeze, I jerked as he played with them and I knew I was in big trouble just the way he looked at me. He said, “You better rest up because it may be a long game today and we really get excited sometimes and do crazy things and when they see you, well rest up, they will be here soon.” 

I didn't think I liked the sound of that, what would he let them do to me? I guess I asked to be the center of attention, but this is not what I had in mind at all. 

Part Two 

I could hear him in the kitchen doing something just when the doorbell rang; my heart skipped a beat as my mind raced. What can I do? How can I hide myself? There’s no way out, I’m here for all to see and whatever else they decide to do to me. Roy answered the door and it was all the guys from work, I heard them talking and then they all came into the TV room where I was. I tried to hide myself but it was no use, they all were looking me over like they had never seen a girl before. Roy spoke up and told them that I wanted to be the center of attention today and that they could do anything they wanted to do to me except screw me, that was his to do later, but if the game wasn't good that maybe he might change his mind about that too. 

They all laughed, and took their places on the couch in front of me. I just closed my eyes and breathed deeply with them all around me. The game started and the guys didn't do anything right away, I think they were a little afraid to make the first move, then Roy reached over and played with my nipples till they stood out hard and told his buddy to see if I was getting wet yet, he didn't waste time with that, and soon he was fingering me right though my panties, which was starting to have an effect on me that I couldn't control .I began to buck into his hand and he slide two more fingers into my now hot hole. I tried to slow down but he was giving it to me good . That's when I felt another pair of hands on my legs, rubbing them up and down and stretching them even farther apart, they another pair of hands playing on the sides of my breast. It was wild, I was being ravished by total strangers while my boyfriend lead the way. I was almost ready to explode into a million pieces when Roy told them to wait for a while and not let me cum too soon and that it was going to be along game. They could come back anytime they wanted. Maybe we will let her climax at half time to give us a show. 

They went back to watching the game and cheering their team on and cussing at them when something went wrong. I was hot as hell and had no way to relieve myself, it seemed like forever that no one had touched me, but as a commercial came on, all five of them had the same idea at once, they each had a different part of my body and began to run their hands all over me again. This was driving me crazy with desire and I wanted to be fucked in the worst way, but not by all five of them, just Roy! I was swishing into them, begging to be touched and to have some relief. They stopped again, and I tried to scream out, I needed to go over the edge, please don't stop now. I think one of them realized my state and began to play with my breast again, I don't know much about football but when someone dropped the ball that guy tighten up his grip on my breast so hard I thought he was going to pull them off of me, my eyes opened wide and he realized what he had done and let go. 

Well to make a long story short, this went on all though the game and I did manage to cum many times and I guess that the game came out the way they wanted. They each played with me one more time and each took his turn fingering me till I came and Roy seem to love watching them do me. They all said goodnight to Roy and that was the best superbowl party they had ever been to and thanks for the show. Roy let them out and then came back to me, I could tell by the bulge in his pants that I was going to finally get fucked. He climbed right up on the coffee table and removed my panties and slide his rod right into my waiting hole, he went deep and hard, somehow this day must have really turned him on, he fucked me fast and hard till we both came together and collapsed. 

He untied me after that, and removed the gag from my mouth, he looked at me to see some sign of what I was thinking, I stretched some from being there so long but said nothing at first, Roy told me he was sorry that he had done that but that it had been something he had wanted to do for a long time to share with his buddies his sexy girlfriend and that they loved it. I could have been mad all right if I hadn't had so many orgasms I would have but I looked him right in the eyes and ask him when will the next game be????