Ripe for the Picking

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2021 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; corset; dungeon; cuffs; hobble; straps; sex; public; toys; cons; XX

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Chapter 4

She awoke alone, her collar no longer chained to the bed. She was surprised that Master was giving her so much freedom but pussylips got out of bed and went to use the toilet. Attached to the mirror was a note from her Master and she began to read it while she washed her hands. She plucked the note off the mirror and headed for the shower as instructed by the note which read:

Dearest pussylips,

I am very pleased with your progress thus far. Today you will take many new steps into your life as my slave. Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Get a shower, make sure you are thoroughly cleansed and your hair washed.
  2. Dry and style your hair, put on the makeup like we did yesterday.
  3. Put on the red leather cuffs I have laid out for you, make sure they are tight.
  4. Put on the short leather high heeled boots. Lace them tightly to give your ankles the support they need.
  5. When you are finished you may eat the granola bars and yogurt I have set out for you.
  6. When finished eating, wait in the chair for me, I will be down shortly.

I expect my beautiful slave to be ready for me by ten am.


Master Brett

It was already just after nine am so pussylips hurried into the shower and washed as quickly as she could while still being thorough. She washed her hair and then quickly dried herself. She was out by nine twenty-five so she took her time and did her hair and makeup. The cuffs were easy, but the high-heeled boots were more difficult, she had trouble lacing them tightly enough, but eventually managed. It was now almost ten am and she ate her breakfast quickly, wiping her mouth and reapplying the lipstick. She stood up and tried to walk in the six inch heels but since she was not used to them, she staggered about unsteadily and sat back down in the chair, precisely at ten am. Master walked in just after she sat down and pussylips smiled up at him when he entered.

“Good morning slave.”

“Good morning Master.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Not at first Master, I was too excited and aroused, but I eventually settled down and fell asleep. After that I slept very well.”

“Good, I slept like a log. I woke up to find that my dreams had come true and I was holding my beautiful slave in my arms. Now let’s get you up and teach you how to walk in these heels, I know you haven’t had any experience with heels this high and I want my slave to walk in them most of the time,” Brett said as he attached a leash to her collar and tugged, indicating she should stand. As she stood, pussylips stumbled a bit but kept her balance. Master led her to an overhead chain there in the bathroom and locked her wrists to it, high above her head. He left and returned with the red leather corset buttoning it around her waist before tightening the laces.

“Oh (gasp) Master, does it – have to be – so tight?” pussylips asked, barely able to speak because he had laced the corset to crushing tightness, drawing her normally twenty four inch waist to a mere nineteen inches. He let it out about an inch. “Thank you Master, I couldn’t breathe just standing here, let alone try to walk in these super high heels.”

“I see you can breathe now,” he said, releasing her wrists from above and picking up the leash left hanging between her luscious tits. She was surprised by how much this aroused her, the hard steel chain hanging between her soft breasts was a beautiful contrast, it made her look so sexy. She was just a helpless female, at the whim of her hard Master. Brett tugged a second time on her leash and smacked her on the ass to bring her out of her reverie.

“Sorry Master.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“I could see myself in the mirror, Master, I thought how sexy I looked with the hard chain of the leash dangling between my soft breasts.”

“I keep forgetting that you are still discovering how beautiful you truly are,” Brett chuckled and smiled down at her, even in the heels she was still several inches shorter than him. “Come on, you need to learn to walk in the heels,” he said as he tugged again at the leash and started out of the bathroom and headed toward the dungeon. She kept up as best she could, but pussylips was struggling mightily, she never liked heels and had only ever worn three inch heels a few times. She always felt so unsteady and helpless on them. This was even worse, the heels were twice as high and her Master forced her to walk at a pace she was having extreme difficulty maintaining.

They entered the dungeon and he unclipped the leash from her collar, then motioned for her to walk down the open space along the wall where whips, gags, paddles, cuffs, clamps and other bondage equipment were hanging. She did her best but pussylips was a total novice at heels this high other than yesterday when he had strapped the boots on and she had mostly stood, or hung in the straps while wearing them. She walked to the other end and back, some thirty feet in each direction, but she was a tottering, stumbling mess.

“Stop,” her Master ordered. ‘Oh no, he’s disappointed in me, will he whip me? I really don’t know how to walk in these things,’ pussylips thought, but Brett came over and added an eighteen inch hobble chain to her ankle cuffs.

“Master, how is this going to help,” she asked as she lifted one foot and the chain rattled.

“You have never walked in these before, you walk like a man, with long, purposeful strides. This will prevent you from doing that, it will help, trust me. Now walk.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips responded, she did trust him, he had shown her not only how beautiful she could be, but also her true slave nature. The chain kept snubbing her up short and she had to take shorter, measured steps. After several times up and down the dungeon she could walk without the chain going taut and tripping her. She remembered the length of stride and soon was doing fairly well. Brett removed the hobble and sent her off again, and pussylips noticed that she was walking quite well in the very high heels. After several more trips up and down her confidence was soaring, she was learning. Sure, her feet, legs and back ached, but she was learning, and her Master seemed pleased, he was smiling more and more. Suddenly she realized that the shorter stride and the height of the heels, forced her to push her buttocks out a bit and her breasts bounced and swayed provocatively. No wonder her Master was smiling, she was putting on a show for him.

As she stopped and turned to continue, her Master grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her, locking the cuffs together behind her back. He added a leather strap around her elbows and pulled them together until they touched, forcing her shoulders back and her breasts to thrust up in a wantonly sexual manner. He patted her bottom indicating she should continue and pussylips walked down the dungeon away from him. Her tits now bounced even more salaciously and she couldn’t wait to turn around and return towards Master, showing off her hot body to him. As she turned and began her return walk, she could see the lust in her Master’s eyes and she strutted straight to him instead of continuing in the path she had been following. He smiled down at her and grabbed her proffered tits, first caressing, then mauling and finally pinching and twisting at her nipples.

Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration and her crotch was soaked in her juices, she was becoming the sexy slave her Master wanted and it opened the floodgates. She stood smiling and moaning as her Master had his way with her ample breasts. She wanted his cock in her so badly, pussylips had never wanted anything more in her life. She rubbed her thighs together as he manipulated her tits and played her overheated body.

“Good girl,” Brett smiled down at her as he pinched at her nipples, drawing first a gasp and then a wanton moan of pleasure from his slave.

“Thank you Master, please fuck me.”

“It comes so easily now, doesn’t it, slave?”

“Yes Master, you have been completely right about me, please Master, I need you inside me.”

“Such a needy slave, I knew it, you are so perfect,” Brett grinned and turned her away from him. He kicked her legs apart and using her arms like a lever, he bent her over and plunged his raging hard-on into pussylips dripping hole.

“Oooohhhh Yeeeessss, Master, Yeeessssss, fuck me, Master, fuck me hard!” pussylips begged as she squeezed his huge cock. In just a few thrusts she came, screaming out her passion, as her orgasm exploded upon her. She didn’t even realize she had trusted her Master so much because without him she would have fallen to the floor, but he held her arms as he continued to ram his erection into her now squelching tunnel and his orgasm triggered her second as she came again like a runaway freight train. She felt as though she were now just a receptacle, a hole for her Master’s pleasure, a thing to be used, yet it brought her immense pleasure to be such for him. Her legs nearly gave out as her second orgasm peaked and Brett held her up until he found the strength to move them to a padded leather table where pussylips could collapse onto its surface. She lay there moaning, shuddering and twitching as her orgasm subsided.

“It feels like you orgasm harder with each time,” Brett noted as he pulled his slimy cock out of her now dripping hole. She attempted to turn around and almost fell onto her knees before he caught her. Brett lowered pussylips gently to the floor where she happily licked and sucked him clean. Just cleaning up after sex made her hot because it reminded pussylips of her earlier orgasm and how amazing it felt.

“Yes Master, I do cum harder each time. You really have started a fire inside me which may never be quenched. Unngghh!” pussylips moaned as her cunt clenched and she nearly begged him to fill her again.

“Good girl.”

“Thank you Master. I also love it every time you call me your ‘good girl,’ it makes me feel euphoric, but also aroused. I love pleasing you Master, even if it means I may not receive pleasure myself, even though I always do.”

“The physical training will come in time, but the mental training was so easy, like I didn’t really have to condition your mind at all. You just mentally adjusted, literally overnight. I don’t even know why.”

“It was the stress of being kidnapped and the way it felt when you fucked me Master, I had such incredible orgasms, way more than I ever thought possible. Plus, that story I read, remember how I told you it imprinted on my mind? The girl in the story was kidnapped, just like me, but she fought it for a month or more until her Master broke her. I knew that was going to happen with me anyway, so why not embrace the slave inside me and enjoy it. I knew the real me, the slave I kept repressed was going to come bursting onto the scene in less than a week, so why not let her out once I knew I could never hold her back. I’ve never been happier in my life, Master. I want to stay with you forever!”

“Truly amazing, I’m in awe of you my pretty pussylips! I obviously want you to stay forever or I wouldn’t have kidnapped you in the first place.”

“Thank you Master for wanting me so much that you kidnapped me. I can’t tell you how much I love it that you desired me enough to just take me. It makes me feel so – so incredibly desirable and sexy. Thank you for unlocking that side of me, Master.”

“You are incredibly desirable and sexy my sweet slave. As I said, I was extremely attracted to you because of your submissive nature, and then you were wrapped in this beautiful package, it was all I could do to control myself. Frankly, I’m surprised I did. If I could have seen you as you are now, I never would have.”

“So you would have kidnapped me back in college, Master?”

“Yes, but it would have made life a lot more difficult. I didn’t have much money or a house, I wouldn’t have been able to set up anything, it would have been rough. I’m glad I had the foresight and fortitude to wait, because now, everything is perfect.”

“I agree, Master. I’m glad you waited, I might have fought harder back then, I might have resisted, I hadn’t read that story yet.”

“Oh, I see, so the story began the change inside you first, eh?”

“Yes Master, it frightened me how much I wanted to be that girl in the story, how much I wanted a Master to kidnap and use me as his slave. It made me cum so hard, or I thought so at the time. Every time I remembered the story it excited something deep within me that I was terrified and aroused by at the same time.”

“So the story prepared you for me?”

“Yes Master, deep down I wanted this, I wanted to be a helpless slave girl, one who was desirable and used in every hole, just a plaything for her Master. It never failed to get me off.”

“But you said you came harder than ever when I fucked you that first time.”

“Yes Master, I used a dildo vibrator, but I would become afraid of the slave inside. I would cum, but it was tempered by my fear of my true self, Master.”

“So why did you cum so hard when I fucked you?”

“Because I had no choice, Master, I was your slave already, you forced me to be. What you didn’t know was that you broke me, I was yours forever after you just used me for your pleasure. You forced me to see myself as you saw me, and then you just took me, it was exactly what I needed.”

“So what you’re saying is that if I had dated you, this side of you would have remained repressed and hidden, you never would have let her out, even if I kept prodding and pushing?”

“Yes Master, I needed to be kidnapped and forced. I didn’t realize how much until just now, but it couldn’t have happened any other way. Oh god, please fuck me again, Master, I’m so hot for you!”

“Why are you so hot for your Master, slave?”

“Oh Master, you are so big and strong and handsome! You desire me the way I wish to be desired, as your beautiful helpless slave, nothing more, you told me so at the very beginning. You said you didn’t want a wife or girlfriend, you wanted a slave. Well, you’ve got one Master, and a very randy one at that.”

“You sure are, I can smell you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Master, does my scent offend you?”

“No, not at all, it is the most beautiful perfume in the world; it tells me that my slave is ready for my use.”

“Thank you Master, please use your slave again.”

“I intend to, my pretty slave, but I need to recharge. Let’s get you cleaned up and practice some more in these heels, you were just beginning to find your strut, it was sexy as hell, and when you walked straight up to me I lost control there for a minute. I just had to have my slave, I had to use you, my dick couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I love you huge cock, Master, it’s so tight, it barely fits, but it rubs me in all the right places.”

“Come on, slave, up you go,” Brett said, attaching the leash and pulling pussylips to her feet. He tugged indicating she should walk towards him and she tried to strut towards him like she had earlier, but found she had lost the rhythm of walking in the heels. Brett grinned and pulled her up against his broad chest, his body hair tickling pussylips’ nipples. He unclipped the leash and grabbed her shoulders, turning her around, facing away from him. “This is why you need more practice. I want it to become second nature for you to walk in heels like these and to strut like a whore. Make me want you like I did before, slave,” her Master ordered.

“Yes Master,” pussylips moaned sensually as she started back down the side of the dungeon. She could do this, she had done it before, she just had to practice and find that rhythm so that it was automatic. By the time she was returning from the other end of the dungeon, pussylips’ hips were swaying, her tits were bouncing and she found that even she was aroused by how sexily she was slinking up the basement toward her Master. Her feet were killing her, but if this is what Master wanted and it made him take her the way he had just a few minutes ago, then the pain in her feet and legs was a small price to pay for the explosion of ecstasy accompanied by fireworks unlike any she had ever seen. She was all hips, tits and slits as she strutted toward her leering Master. He hadn’t even put his pants back on and pussylips could see the effect she was having on him, his erection now full-blown. She started toward him again, she had someplace in mind for him to stow that huge penis.

“No, slave, keep walking,” her Master ordered and though disappointed, pussylips veered back to the assigned path and continued her practice. Brett couldn’t help but notice the sway of her hips as she sashayed down the wall away from him. Once he was ready again, he was going to fuck that ass, hard! He loved the female form, all of it and his slave was to him the perfect model of a woman. Sure, he loved her perfectly formed tits, but her ass was heavenly, and then her slit, that pussy was the most beautiful one he had ever seen, the lips all tight and neat, it always looked like it was begging to be fucked. And she had such a beautiful innocent face that was now turning into a lusty slave, one who couldn’t hide her emotions, and he loved that about her. She continued her jaunt up and down the dungeon and he could tell she was tiring. She never walked in heels this high before. They made her legs and ass look delicious.

“Stop, slave,” her Master ordered and pussylips stopped, standing next to him, her breasts heaving from her heavy breathing, her legs shaking from the strain and her feet going numb. Brett walked over to her and offered her some water from a bottle. She drank greedily, not realizing how much she was sweating and gushing, losing fluids at a rapid rate. To him she looked like the hottest woman he had ever seen, the sheen of perspiration adding an almost oiled appearance to his slave, she was hot in three ways; to look at, her body temperature and her cunt, it was on fire. Brett almost chuckled but smiled approvingly down at her instead as he saw her thighs slick with her juices. This was turning her on.

“A bit excited, I see.”

“Oh god, yes Master, I’m dripping down my thighs.”


“I love being sexy for you Master, and I can see that I am, based on your erection.”

“Holy hell, pussylips, you are the sexiest woman on this planet! Strut your sexy ass over to that padded table and bend over it, I’m going fuck that hot ass,” Brett ordered.

“Yes Master,” pussylips moaned and did exactly as her Master had ordered, summoning all of her remaining resolve and giving him the best strut she could muster as she turned and walked to the table, bending over onto it, thankful for the relief. Her Master was upon her in seconds and he plunged deeply into her sopping pussy, thrusting twice for lubrication before slamming into her anus. She cried out but relaxed as best she could to allow her Master access to her tightest hole. It took a few thrusts but he finally buried himself fully in her asshole. She had finally relaxed and was beginning to enjoy his thick cock in her rear passage. Brett began to thrust in earnest and pussylips moaned and began to push back onto his massive tool. It hurt, but it also felt incredible and pussylips was soon moaning in ecstasy as she neared an orgasm. Because he had already cum only half an hour ago, Brett took much longer than he expected and by the time he shot his load into her, pussylips was on her second orgasm. She was surprised by how hard she came the second time, the first seeming average and ordinary at best, while the second made her cry out with joy as her body shuddered and convulsed in bliss.

Brett collapsed on top of her and they lay there panting and enjoying the afterglow of having an orgasm, more than one for the pounded pussylips, but she felt incredible. The only problem was that she was having difficulty breathing. The corset was difficult enough to breathe in, but the weight of her Master pressing down was causing her to wheeze and draw in quite small breaths, she was still panting when he lifted off of her. She lay there gasping in as much air as the corset would allow. Finally after a few minutes she recovered enough and lifted herself off of the table to find she was alone in the dungeon. As she was thinking of walking to find her Master, he appeared in the doorway, wearing his sweatpants and t-shirt again.

“I’m sorry, Master, I couldn’t catch my breath.”

“I know, slave you were breathing to survive.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Let’s get you out of that corset and get some lunch,” Brett said and walked behind her, loosening the laces and pussylips breathed deeply for the first time in hours. Once the corset was removed he laid it to the side and clipped a leash to her collar, leading pussylips into the room with the table and chairs where they normally ate. He sat her in a chair and strapped her waist to it before rushing out through the thick locked door. He returned fifteen minutes later with bottles of water and sub sandwiches. He set one down in front of pussylips and it smelled delicious, she could detect the vinegar and knew he must have also paid attention to what she normally ate when she ordered out. He sat down and started eating.

“Um, Master, may I be allowed to eat, please?”

“Oh sure,” Brett chuckled as he unbuckled the elbow strap and then unlocked the wrist cuffs from each other and sat back down. She could now use her arms to eat, though pussylips had to stretch and move them around to get the full circulation back after being tightly restrained for several hours. She opened the sandwich and took a bite, it was the Italian sub with heavy vinegar, just as she liked it. She ate ravenously, the mornings events had built up her appetite and her Master smiled at her warmly. She finished her bottle of water before she was done with her sandwich and without a word, Brett grabbed another bottle of water and placed it in front of her.

“Thank you Master, sorry if I’m not talking much, I’m just so hungry and this sandwich is delicious, and also my favorite.”

“I know, I told you I’d been watching you.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said and blushed, it aroused her that he knew so much about her. She finished her sandwich and sat back, giving a contented moan and sigh.

“Everything alright, slave?”

“Yes Master, more than alright, everything is wonderful. It’s like you’ve unlocked me somehow, colors seem brighter, food tastes better, even water tastes so good. My body is on fire, but not in a bad way, I feel things more intensely, my already sensitive areas like my nipples and my clit are hypersensitive, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, I’m so happy I’m almost overjoyed, I could cry tears of joy right now. And the orgasms you give me are storms like I never thought I could experience, like powerful thunderstorms with tornados, they just sweep me away into another world, not – not like Oz, but like heaven, indescribable bliss!”

“You are amazing, my beautiful pussylips, my perfect little slave. I am in awe of you, how readily and easily you took to this. I knew this part of you was in there, but I never thought it would come out so quickly or that you would embrace it so deeply.”

“Thank you for opening this world to me, Master. I would love to be able to prove to you that I am exactly what I say that I am, your devoted slave forever, but I understand that will take time.”

“Yes, you are mentally there, but you need a lot of training first. You want to obey and be the submissive slave that you are, and while that is the most important part, you still need to know how to think and react like a trained slave. When I think you are ready, I will test you by taking you out to my favorite restaurant here in town, the food is exquisite.”

“Take me out in public, Master? What if someone recognizes me? What if I tried to call attention to myself or tried to run?”

“You won’t, you wouldn’t, even if I took you out tonight, you are already a slave in your mind, but you are not well enough trained to do that just yet.”

“Yes Master, then please train me to be the perfect slave for you.”

“Oh, I will my pretty slave, I will. You may not like some of it, or maybe much of it, but it must be done to condition you to respond correctly automatically, without hesitation or thought, just do as you’re told or conditioned.”

“Yes Master, make me into your vision of the slave you desire, I will be whatever you wish me to be.”

“Yes you will. One month, and if I like your progress, which based on your current rate I’d say would be more than enough, I will take you out to dinner to celebrate your slavery to me.”

“Thank you Master, I won’t let you down.”

“I’m sure you won’t, slave, but be warned. You will be dressed to the nines in an extremely revealing gown, you will wear a chastity belt with dildos stuffed in both your holes. You’ll wear nipple clamps and some discreet cuffs that will look like jewelry. You will not be free, nor will you be able to let anyone know who you were. You will be my slave, pussylips and you will love it.”

“Yes Master, I look forward to becoming the slave who lives to please you.”

“We will see,” Brett smiled and got out of his chair, standing behind pussylips and stroking her lovely hair. It felt wonderful to her. Then he slid his hands down onto her shoulders, then further down, to her breasts. He massaged gently at first, but soon was roughly pinching and pulling at her nipples, forcing a moan of arousal from her throat.

“Oh Master, you’re doing it to me again!”

“Doing what slave?”

“You’re exciting your slave, Master.”

“Very good, that is the response I was expecting. You’re such a good girl for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master, I want to be your good girl.”

“You already are, but you can be so much more.”

“Yes Master, please teach me,” pussylips begged and Brett knew that she was totally his and that he would teach her to become the slave he wanted. Her continued training began immediately as he clipped a leash onto her collar and led her back to the dungeon.

Over the next month her Master trained pussylips to learn to deal with pain, bondage, obstacles or whatever, and yet still accomplish her goals that he had set forth. Brett trained pussylips intensely, he wanted her to be so intent on serving him that it became second nature, almost as automatic as breathing. Though the training was extreme, pussylips passed with flying colors, she completely immersed herself as her Master’s slave and learned her lessons well. She could walk the length of the dungeon hundreds of times with her feet in ballet boots, her arms in a reverse prayer, a corset squeezing her waist to eighteen inches, a two and a half inch ball gag crammed in her mouth, two eight inch dildos stuffed in her holes (matching her Master’s size) and clover clamps on her nipples with weights attached. She could do it with the utmost grace and poise as if she were just out for an evening stroll.

“You’re ready, my perfect slave,” Brett announced only a week before Christmas as he removed her ball gag.

“What am I ready for, Master?”

“For our dinner date, remember?”

“Yes Master,” pussylips smiled, how could she forget, it had been their goal for the past month and though she didn’t know it, she was ready after just a week, but Brett had promised her one month and had continued far beyond what he knew was actually needed. She was completely his and they both knew it. If required, pussylips would step in front of a bullet and die for him, so deep was her devotion to her Master.

“Tomorrow night, we will go out to dinner and find out if your training has been successful,” Brett smiled at her, knowing full well that she was ready.

“I won’t let you down Master.”

“You had better not, your punishment will be worse than anything you could imagine.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips quivered in fear. She couldn’t imagine anything worse than when he locked her in the tiny trunk and left her there for hours. She was slightly claustrophobic, but that was a lesson in panic that she never wished to repeat. Yet she had endured it for him because it was what he had ordered, and she loved him, more than life itself. Oh the orgasms he gave her after she was released, they were the most incredible of her life to date! But then again, he kept forcing her to new heights, beyond anything that she ever dreamed or fantasized about.

The following evening pussylips was dressed in her beautiful crimson gown, cut below her navel between her breasts, showing off her flawless skin, the strips of opaque silk barely covering her nipples and then turning into spaghetti straps that disappeared behind the collar on her neck. Her back was completely open to the top of her plump buttocks, the silk hugged her hips so tightly that the very discreet chastity device could almost be seen, the skirt hanging below her knees on one side and coming up to mid-thigh on the other. She wore matching seven inch heels, black garter and stockings, but no underwear. Her nipples were prominent through the silk as their nearly constant pucker due to her arousal was evident. Her makeup was perfect and just before they exited the basement he sprayed a solution into her throat. It was some sort of vocal cord numbing agent, she could not utter a sound, only whisper.

“We are going out of the basement and up to the garage. Be a good slave and you will be rewarded,” Brett admonished and used the retinal scanner to open the large heavy door. She stared in awe at the door as they passed through into the real world, this basement had been her prison for over a month, but it didn’t feel that way, it felt like the path to true freedom. The way to reveal her true heart and soul to her, she was now pussylips, proud slave of her Master, Brett. She happily followed as he led her on her leash up to the garage. He opened the door to the beautiful Mercedes-Benz and helped her into the car. He rushed around and climbed into the driver’s seat, firing up the powerful engine and pushing the button to open the garage door. They drove out onto a country road, with no houses within sight of the house they had just left.

“I know you can’t talk, and you probably want to, but tonight you will be seen and not heard. You will be my beautiful slave and show me what you have learned,” Brett said and pussylips smile beamed at him. She didn’t care whether she could talk or not, they were going out on a date, she was thrilled to be by his side, no matter what the circumstances.

“I didn’t bring the antidote spray, so you will be unable to speak for the entire evening. If you were to escape my clutches, your voice will begin to return in about twelve hours and should be back to normal within twenty four hours,” Brett advised and pussylips shook her head and waited until he looked at her and then mouthed the words, ‘No Master,’ to indicate she would not try to escape.

“I know, you say that now, but if an opportunity presented itself, you might decide otherwise,” Brett chuckled as he drove toward the large town near Brett’s home.

“Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t have sprayed that stuff in your throat, it might have helped if you could talk and relieve some of your nervous energy,” he said and she nodded but looked straight ahead out the windshield. They would be around other people for the first time since he kidnapped her. How would she react? Would her training keep her in line? Would her love for him override everything else? She knew that she truly loved her Master and their new life together, she didn’t want to lose that. If she reacted badly or drew attention to herself, he would most certainly be sent to prison and pussylips would be set free. No, she didn’t want that anymore. She was freer as a slave than when she was a repressed free woman. It allowed her to experience her true sexual nature without guilt because it was commanded of her by her Master.

“What are you thinking?” Brett suddenly asked but pussylips just shrugged her shoulders, she couldn’t speak above a whisper and it would surely be lost with the quiet hum of the engine and the sound of the road.

“You may speak, slave,” Brett said and grinned at pussylips.

“H – How Master?” pussylips asked and then looked at him in surprise and shock. She could speak, how was that possible? He had numbed her vocal chords.

“I sprayed a throat numbing spray for sore throats into your mouth. I knew it would feel like you couldn’t talk for a little bit. I’m impressed, my pretty pussylips, you have done well already.”

“Thank you Master.”

“So what were you thinking?”

“I was wondering how I will react, Master. I have been your prisoner and slave for over a month now. I wondered if my desire to be free would rear its ugly head and ruin the wonderful relationship we have. I sure hope not, I love you Master and want to stay with you always. If I were to draw attention to the fact that you kidnapped me you would spend years in prison and I would be set free to return to my boring existence. I don’t want that, Master, I want – no I need you. I need to be your slave and be kept in line. My month long training has revealed to me even more of my inner self and its darkest desires.”

“I thought I might have pushed you too far during this last month. I was afraid I might drive you away with my somewhat sadist approach to your training. You have passed with flying colors, but I fear that you were just playing your part and waiting for this opportunity.”

“Not at all Master, I am not playing a part, I am living something beyond even my wildest dreams. Though I am a slave, I feel like the most desired, sexiest woman on the planet with you Master. I didn’t even know how much I wanted to be treated like your plaything, your sex toy, your masturbation aid, your whipping girl, or even your tortured slut. Everything you do to me, the pain, the pleasure, the control, all of it combines into the perfect recipe for making me the horniest slut on the planet. I can’t get enough, Master. When you’ve tied me up and left me with dildos stuffed in me, or maybe just in painful helpless bondage, I long for you, desire you even more, and thrill at those two little words when you are pleased with me.”

“Good girl.”

“Yes Master, those two little words mean so much, they almost make me cum. Sometimes I wish you would give me permission to cum whenever I hear those words, because I believe I could.”

“You are so perfect, my pretty, pretty pussylips.”

“Thank you Master. Do you wish for me to stop talking and remain in silence again?”

“No, I love to hear you profess your love to me and find that even when I think I’ve crossed the line into cruelly sadistic behavior, you still love it and want more. God, how did I ever get so lucky?”

“I agree, Master, I feel the same way, I don’t know how I ever got so lucky. I mean, you are so strong and handsome, yet kind and gentle of spirit, but sadistic enough to keep me as your slave and keep me in line. You are the perfect combination of man and Master for me. If I had decided to call attention to my kidnapping and was released from you, I would be lost. I’m sure I could never find another Master who treats me as perfectly to my needs as you do.”

“We’re here,” Brett said as he turned off the street into a very fancy looking restaurant.

“Ooo, Master, it looks expensive.”

“It is, my perfect slave. We have a private table in the back where no one will see me treating you like the slave you are, but we have to go through the restaurant and I will be leading you on your leash, is this understood?”

“Yes Master, thank you for telling your slave so that she might be somewhat prepared. If you had just done it I might have cum while you were marching me through in front of all those people,” pussylips moaned. Brett pulled up to the valet and got out. He came around and attached the leash to pussylips’ collar, pulling her out of the car and into the restaurant. They went straight to the maître d who escorted them through the establishment. She could hear the whispers and feel the stares of the people as she followed along behind her Master on her leash. Her stilettos clicked on the floor as pussylips gave them her best strut and she heard gasps and comments spoken under their breath. Some were quite derogatory, such as slut, whore, tramp, etc. but others were quite complimentary, like lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, etc. She focused on the positive and they soon arrived at their private table.

“You may sit, slave,” Brett gestured for pussylips to sit on the side opposite him in the small booth. She moaned when she sat, the dildos being forced deeper into her cavities.

“We are celebrating, sir, would you please bring us a bottle of your best wine, the price does not matter,” Brett said to the maître d.

“Very good sir, I will have your waiter bring it to your table immediately. Also, my compliments to the young lady, she is lovely,” the man said.

“She is no lady, she is my slave,” Brett said and the maître d looked shocked.

“Is this true, milady?”

“Yes Sir, it is true, I am my Master’s slave, my collar says that I am slave pussylips and I belong to my Master, Brett Simmons. I begged him to lock it on me and I never wish to be free again, I love him,” pussylips responded.

“That is a rather vulgar name.”

“But it’s true Sir, would you like to see?”

“No – no that will not be necessary,” the maître d said and strode quickly from the table.

“Good girl,” Brett beamed down at her and then slid into the booth across from her.

“Thank you Master,” pussylips moaned and smiled at her Master. He was proud of her, she could tell by his smile. Suddenly the dildos inside her came to life and pussylips couldn’t suppress the moan of arousal that escaped her throat. “Mmm, Master, maybe it would have been better if you had sprayed something into my throat that didn’t allow me to make any noise,” she groaned and shuddered.

“That only exists in fantasy, I read it in a story. As far as I know, it doesn’t exist in the real world.”

“Please Master, may I cum?”


“Oh please Master, don’t make me disobey you, I can’t hold it.”

“You will hold on until the waiter brings the wine,” Brett commanded with a smirk and pussylips thought she was going to explode, but the waiter finally arrived at the table and Brett shut off the dildos as a small moan of relief sprung from her throat. The waiter stared at pussylips and almost spilled, but recovered and poured the wine, leaving the bottle on the table.

“Are you alright, Miss, you look a bit flushed?” the waiter asked.

“Yes, I’m fine Sir, thank you,” pussylips replied, her breasts heaving and Brett nearly laughed. The waiter could not take his eyes off of her. Finally he turned away from the vision of beauty before him and turned to Brett.

“Would you like to start with an appetizer, Sir?”

“Yes, we will have the shrimp cocktail and the house special.”

“Very good choices, Sir,” the waiter said and quickly walked away to get their appetizers.

“Master, how did you know I like shrimp, and what is the house special?”

“I told you, I’ve been watching you for a while, slave, and oysters are the house special. You don’t have to eat any if you don’t want them, but I enjoy them. I got the shrimp for you, since I know you like that.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave.”

“Please Master, no! I – I don’t, unggghhh!” pussylips begged as Brett turned on the dildos again. Mercifully he turned them off.

“Did you cum?”

“Almost, Master, but I held off somehow. Please let me cum, Master, please.”

“But we’re in public, slave, can’t you hold back your slutty urges?”

“I don’t care, Master, I’m so close, unnggghh, oh god.”

“Cum for me, slave,” Brett ordered as he turned on the dildos again and pinched her left nipple forcing pussylips to explode in ecstasy, moaning softly and trying to hold back the amount of noise she was making. Normally she was quite vociferous and just cried, screamed and moaned with abandon, but in public was different. She shook and shuddered, her pussy and anus convulsing around the phalluses filling her orifices. She was still spasming when the waiter came back with their appetizers.

“Sir, is she alright? Should I call for the doctor?” the waiter asked.

“She’ll be fine, she’s having an orgasm,” Brett grinned as the waiter’s eyes flew open wide in shock.

“An orgasm, Sir?”

“Yes, she’s my slave and I have two eight inch dildos stuffed in her holes. They are remote controlled and I turned them on and forced her to orgasm.”

“Oh my god, Sir, I don’t think this is appropriate behavior for such a fine establishment!”

“I cleared it with management before we came, and I’m paying a rather exorbitant price for this private booth, plus I’m ordering very expensive food and wine. Be discreet and your tip will be more than you might think.”

“Oh yes Sir, sorry Sir! And what would we like for dinner this evening?”

“I’ll have the filet mignon, rare, smothered in mushrooms, with baked potato and fresh green beans, and my slave will have the chicken francese over rice and peas.”

“Excellent choices, Sir, would you like anything else to drink besides the wine?”

“Yes, I’ll have a double shot of your best whiskey and my slave will have a Cosmopolitan with white cranberry juice and the Cointreau, not triple sec.”

“Very good, Sir, coming right up.”

“Ooohhhh Master, that was so intense, I held back the noise and it seemed to focus the orgasm stronger within me,” pussylips panted.

“It seemed to last a long time.”

“Yes Master, but it wasn’t the same as when I just let go and explode like back home where I don’t care how loud I am.”

“So it’s better at home?”

“Yes Master, but also different, it was incredible trying to hold back and not cry out while the waiter was watching. It was a new and exciting experience, Master.”

“Your drinks, Sir,” the waiter said as he set them down. “Would you like me to order you dinners now, or wait a few minutes for you to eat your appetizers?”

“Wait ten minutes and then put them in,” Brett responded.

“Very good Sir,” the waiter said and walked away.

“Mmm, Master, this Cosmo is the best I’ve ever had, it’s delicious.”

“Yes, you have to tell them to use white cranberry and Cointreau, not triple sec. They only use Grey Goose here, but in other places you might have to tell them to use that and not some cheap crap like Smirnoff’s.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips said and ate some of her shrimp while Brett ate his oysters and drank his whiskey. They had finished their drinks and most of the appetizers when the waiter came with their dinners. Brett had teased pussylips with the vibrating dildos twice, but only gave her short bursts, just to remind her that he was in control.

“Mmm, this smells heavenly,” pussylips said as the waiter set down her dinner in front of her. “Master, may I have some Dr. Pepper with my meal?”


“I’m sorry Ma’am, we don’t have Dr. Pepper, perhaps you would like Coke, Sprite or Root Beer,” the waiter said.

“I am not a ma’am, I am a slave, and I’ll have Root Beer please.”

“Very well,” the waiter said and headed off to get her drink as pussylips cut into her chicken and took a bite.

“Mmm, it’s delicious, tastes as good as it smells, Master.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Brett said as he took a bite of his steak, obviously enjoying it. “Would you like to try a bite of this?”

“I don’t think so Master, the meat is not cooked enough. It’s still oozing blood out of it.”

“So you don’t eat rare meat?”

“No – um well, I’ve never tried it, I always got it medium well.”

“Try a bite, slave,” Brett said, cutting off a small bite and holding his fork out toward pussylips. She leaned forward and took the meat into her mouth, then chewed it slowly.

“Oh my, that is delicious, Master, I had no idea what I was missing.”

“Yes, many women, like you, see the redness and blood and think it is gross, but it preserves the flavor, seals all of the juices inside. When you cook it to medium or more you’ve lost nearly all of the natural flavor and juiciness.”

“Oh Master, I am learning all kinds of new things from you. May I have more?”

“No, but I can order one for you if you’d like. We can always save and reheat your chicken.”

“Yes please Master, but could I have mine without the mushrooms, those I know I don’t like.”

“Certainly,” Brett said and motioned to the waiter.

“How can I help you Sir, more drinks, or perhaps dessert?”

“No, I’d like to order another filet mignon, rare, baked potato and green beans, but leave off the mushrooms, please.”

“Anything else, Sir?”

“Yes, I’ll have another double shot of whiskey and another Cosmo for my slave, just like before.”

“Very good, Sir, right away,” the waiter said as he quickly went to order the new dinner and the drinks.

“Thank you Master, you are too kind to your slave.”

“I can spoil you if I like, I’m in charge, not you.”

“Yes Master, and I love you for taking charge of me. I know now that I would be lost without you. Before you took me I was just floating along in my boring existence. I was successful, well paid, living a comfortable life, but I had few friends and I barely left my apartment other than to go to work and shop for necessities. I kept wondering what the point of my being alive was. No one else seemed to care other than my boss, even my ‘friends’ didn’t really care, I was just someone to take along to make them look better.”

“I knew you were so much more, my pretty pussylips.”

“Yes, thank you Master, you’ve given me a purpose in life. It seems stupid when I try to think about it rationally, but pleasing you pleases me and makes me feel more fulfilled than anything else I’ve ever done in my entire life. I feel like I’ve accomplished more in the last month than I have in my whole life.”

“True, you’ve learned your lessons well and quickly,” Brett said just as the waiter returned with the new drinks and the steak dinner.

“Will there be anything else, Sir?” the waiter asked.

“Not right now, give us a few minutes then come back and we will order dessert,” Brett said and hit the remote as the waiter walked away, causing the dildos inside pussylips to vibrate and she let out a moan of arousal. Not that she had forgotten about them, how could she with two huge phalluses filling up both of her lower orifices. She had grown somewhat accustomed to them, learning how to sit as still as possible so they did not shift or tease her any further than was necessary. Brett left them vibrating for nearly a minute before he turned them off and pussylips moaned and sighed in relief. She had not cum, but was teetering on the edge, the seat beneath her already soaked in her juices from her earlier orgasm and her continued stimulation. She looked at her Master with a pleading look on her face, she didn’t want to be forced to cum again in public. Brett relented and pussylips cut into her steak and took a bite savoring the deliciousness.

“Mmm, this is so wonderful, Master, thank you,” pussylips moaned as she chewed the melt in your mouth meat.

“Yes, it is quite delightful, but not nearly as delicious as you, my gorgeous slave. You are so radiant tonight, more beautiful than I’ve ever seen you look before. Perhaps it is because of all your training.”

“Partly Master, but I am also flush with desire, and you once said that ‘a horny needy slave is the most beautiful slave in the world.’”

“I guess I did, and now you are proving that it is true.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Um, I couldn’t help overhearing, Sir,” said the waiter as he walked up to the table.

“Yes, did you have something to say?” Brett asked.

“Your slave is quite correct, Sir, she is most exquisite and obviously aroused by you and your control over her.”

“Thank you young man, could you get us some dessert, a bowl of your finest mint chocolate chip ice cream, please.”

“Absolutely, right away, Sir,” the waiter said as he hurried away.

“Ice cream, Master, you know how much I love ice cream.”

“Yes, we are celebrating, the waiter is correct, you are an exquisite slave, you couldn’t be more beautiful to me if you tried.”

“Thank you Master – unnggghhhh,” pussylips moaned as Brett turned on the dildos again.

“You may cum when our ice cream arrives,” Brett said and left the dildos humming on high as poor pussylips moaned and struggled to retain her composure and prevent herself from cumming. Just as she thought she was going to fail the waiter arrived with the ice cream and she exploded in ecstasy, moaning, squirming, shuddering and all while the waiter stared at her in disbelief, his mouth agape.

“Incredible,” the waiter muttered to himself and shook his head as he walked away. Brett chuckled and then turned off the dildos, allowing pussylips to return to her senses and calm down.

“Oh god, Master, he watched me cum, that was so hot, it made me cum even harder.”

“I noticed, you’re such a good girl.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome slave, now let’s eat our ice cream before it melts,” Brett advised and took a bite of the delicious confection. Just like the second night, he fed pussylips little bites and alternated between the two of them until it was finished.

“Mmm, Master, just like that night when you fed me because I was all bound up way back at the beginning. Tonight I am not bound by straps and cuffs, I am bound by my love and my duty as your slave.”

“Very good, my lovely slave.”

“Master, may I use the ladies room?”

“Trying to escape from your Master?”

“Oh no, I just really need to pee and clean up after all that cumming, Master.”

“Very well, it’s over there in that corner,” Brett said, pointing her in the direction of the restrooms. She slid out of the booth and strutted across the restaurant to the ladies room, drawing a great deal of attention. By the time she entered the ladies room she had nearly cum again, the dildos wiggling around inside her as she walked. She used the toilet and wiped up her juices as best she could, washed her hands and exited the ladies room. Standing outside nearby, the waiter approached her quickly.

“Miss, do you need help?” he asked.

“No Sir, I am fine.”

“But – but that man said you are his slave. Slavery was abolished over one hundred and fifty years ago.”

“True, but voluntary sexual slavery is a personal choice, and I chose that with my Master.”

“What is he holding over your head that would make you do that?”

“Nothing, I love my Master and want to be his slave, he makes me have orgasms I could never have imagined.”

“Does he whip you?”

“Yes, if I am disobedient.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Of course it hurts, that’s the point of punishment. But when he’s done, I’m forgiven and the orgasms are out of this world.”

“I don’t understand how anyone could subject themselves to such treatment willingly.”

“Please allow me to return to my Master, Sir,” pussylips requested as the waiter was blocking her way.

“This isn’t right, I can’t let you go back to him.”

“That’s not your decision, young man,” Brett said and the waiter whirled around to face him.

“Sir, I cannot allow this travesty to go on. This beautiful woman has been coerced by you and I intend to rescue her.”

“Did you ask her what she wanted to do?”

“Yes Sir, but she has obviously been brainwashed by you and is unable to make the proper decision.”

“I see, so you don’t believe that she would stay with me willingly.”

“No Sir, I don’t.”

“I suppose there’s nothing we can do to convince you.”

“Please Master, I love you, he tried to keep me here against my will, I want to go back home with you,” pussylips pleaded.

“It’s alright, slave, you will, this young man is confused, he doesn’t understand our special relationship and thinks you are being coerced,” Brett assured her.

“Thank you Master, I love you,” pussylips asserted again and threw herself into the arms of her Master. Brett grabbed her and they hugged before he kissed her with such ferocity and pussylips returned in kind. The waiter watched dumbfounded.

“How can you love a man who whips you?” the waiter asked.

“You wouldn’t understand, it’s what I need, I can’t live without him anymore!” pussylips answered emphatically.

“She is my slave, but I love her and she loves me! We have a very special and unusual relationship, but it works for both of us,” Brett explained.

“I still can’t comprehend this, but if you’re both telling me the same thing, that this is mutual, then I shouldn’t interfere in someone else’s happiness,” the waiter said dejectedly, he had thought that he could rescue the beautiful pussylips from her slavery to Brett and she would be so grateful that she might come to love him instead.

“A very wise decision, young man, now if you’ll get us our check, we’ll be on our way,” Brett said as he led pussylips back to their table. “I’m proud of you, my precious slave, you performed beautifully.”

“Thank you Master. I love you and everything you’ve done to me, I am incomplete without you, Master.”

“Your training has come full circle, you are a complete slave now. I think it’s time I had you branded.”

“Branded? Oh god Master, I nearly came just thinking about it.”

“Good girl.”

“Unngghh! Please Master, I’m so close, oh please!”

“Since you were such a good girl earlier,” Brett acquiesced and turned on the dildos. “Cum for me pretty pussylips,” Brett ordered and she came again just as the waiter walked up with their check.

“Oh – is – is she cumming again?” the waiter asked.

“Yes, isn’t she beautiful.”

“Y – Yes Sir, I – I’m sorry for earlier, it’s just that she’s so lovely and you said she was your slave. I thought if – if – ”

“I know what you thought,” Brett said, cutting him off.

“Y – You do?”

“Yes, you thought you could steal her away from me.”

“Y – Yes Sir, I did. I’m sorry.”

“Very well, I will forgive you, but if you ever wait on us again, you will not make this attempt again, is that clear?”

“Oh yes Sir, I have certainly learned my lesson, I will not attempt to interfere again.”

“Very good, here is my credit card,” Brett said, handing the waiter the card.

“Aaaaahhhhh, oooooohhhhh, unnnngggghhh! Thank you Master, I am finding it more and more difficult to keep my hands to myself, I love you Master. If you would allow it, I would jump your boner right here in front of everyone.”

“I bet you would,” Brett chuckled as the waiter came back with the check, his mouth again dropping open in shock at what he overheard. Brett quickly signed the credit card slip, adding a generous tip before standing to leave. He reattached the leash to pussylips collar and led her from the restaurant. His slave had passed with flying colors. The ride home was quiet as pussylips fell asleep, exhausted after such an exciting dinner. She woke when Brett pulled into the garage and he came around a led pussylips by her leash back down into the basement, she was extremely docile.

“Are you tired, slave?”

“No Master, I’m just thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“About what happened at the restaurant, Master. I could have told him I had been kidnapped and wanted to go home, but I am home, this is my place in life. I realized I don’t want to go back to that life and plain boring Dori, I want to be who I am, my Master’s exciting, sexy slave, pussylips.”

“You are definitely that, my beautiful slave.”

“Thank you Master. Please fuck me, I need you inside me, filling me up with your huge cock and making me cum.”

“Didn’t you get enough at the restaurant?”

“Though I came more than once at the restaurant, I desire your huge penis inside me, it is the most incredible feeling, all hard and warm, then getting hot when you are about to cum. Then you shoot your hot semen inside me and it makes me cum so hard, better than any fake one.”

“You mentioned before that you almost came when I talked about branding you. Why?”

“It’s permanent, Master, I would never be able to remove a brand. I know my collar is nearly permanent, but given enough time and the right tools they could most likely get it off of me. A brand is burned into my skin, it could never be removed, it would leave a precise scar that would forever proclaim me as a slave.”

“It will be very painful.”

“I know Master, and I want it, I embrace the pain because of what it would mean – forever,” pussylips said, adding the last word in a hoarse whisper.

“My pretty pussylips, you are treasure that just keeps getting better with time. I will design a brand and have a professional burn it into your lovely ass cheek.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Now let’s get you out of that dress and chastity belt, they’re preventing me from fucking my slave,” Brett said and pussylips squealed with delight. She quickly slipped out of the dress and hung in back on its hanger. She reached to remove the stockings but was stopped by her Master, her heels were locked on and he didn’t want her to remove the stockings. He unlocked the belt and slid the dildos out of her sopping holes. Brett grabbed her leash and led her to her now favorite device in the dungeon. It was the spanking bench, but her Master had dubbed it the fucking bench because they both loved to use it in this fashion. Sometimes he would whip her, take care of her sore backside, and then fuck her to tremendous orgasms. Often he groped her hanging tits or used them as handles while he fucked her helpless body in this fashion. As he strapped her down, pussylips moaned and squirmed in anticipation.

Brett stripped out of his clothes quickly and thrust his throbbing dick into pussylips’ lubricious opening as she moaned with excitement. By his third thrust she had already cum and cried out her expression of passion as the waves overwhelmed her. Though he was thoroughly excited, Brett did not cum quickly and pussylips achieved another orgasm before he finally shot his load deep inside her spasming pussy, forcing a third climax from her overly excited tunnel, the pent up desire spilling out. She was completely inundated by the incredible spasms of her orgasms and she nearly passed out as her body no longer seemed her own. Brett slid out before she stopped shuddering and went to clean himself. He returned and cleaned her up as well.

“You just keep climaxing more and harder, I think you might get to a point where you pass out from too many, or crazy orgasms,” Brett said when pussylips returned to her senses.

“Yes Master, it just keeps getting better and better.”

“You are such a good girl, you continue to amaze me nearly every day.”

“Unngghh, thank you Master.”

“Did you just cum again?”

“I believe it was an aftershock, but it could have been a very small orgasm, Master.”

“If I commanded you to cum, could you do it?”

“I am close Master, maybe someday soon.”

“Cum for me now, my good girl, my pretty pussylips, cum for your Master,” Brett ordered.

“Oooooohhhhh, yyyeeesss, oooohhhh, thank you Master.”

“You deserve it, you were wonderful tonight, everything I had hoped for and more.”

“Did you put the waiter up to trying to rescue me, Master?”

“No, that was a surprise, but you aced the test anyway, without any preparation,” Brett said as he unstrapped pussylips from the bench, pulled her wrists behind her and locked them together in the leather cuffs. He added the elbow strap and she moaned with arousal. She loved being bound by her Master, it continuously proved to her that she was a very desirable woman, one that her Master wanted so much that he bound his slave to keep her by his side. It thrilled her to the core and pussylips felt more loved and wanted than she could ever remember. “I’m happy that you love to be bound, because the female form is so beautiful when bound properly, it accentuates her beauty.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” Brett said as he attached the leash and led her to the queen sized bed. He sat her on the side of the bed and unlocked the heels, removing them. “I see you had no trouble with these heels after I made you wear the ballet boots.”

“No Master, these were easy after those horrible boots, but I would have gladly worn them for you if that is what you desired.”

“I know, I’m so proud of you, slave. There is still much to explore, but I don’t think I need to train you anymore, you’ve learned so well and so quickly, I’m impressed,” Brett said and kissed her.

“Thank you Master, I am but a slave, I live to serve.”

“So perfect,” Brett said as he laid her down on the bead and attached the chain to her collar, then covered her over before coming around to climb in behind her, spooning her.

“Mmm, Master, this is perfect, your bound slave in your arms, what could be better?”

“A quiet slave.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips agreed and snuggled into his warm embrace quickly falling asleep, it had been a wonderful evening.

Two months later pussylips started her own website, with pictures of her in tight inescapable bondage, these included pictures of her lovely brand. Her Master had decided that the brand would just say slave in small script curved upwards at each end almost as if embracing the collar above. Also her tattoo on her other hip of a red rose, with the word slave incorporated into the flower and stem. No pictures included her face, unless she was hooded or blindfolded and she described in great detail her slavery and how much she loved her Master.

The opening of the website had a link to her story, which included her kidnap and subsequent submission to her Master. She explained how she could not reveal her former identity or that of her Master because he would be arrested for kidnapping, and she did not want that, she loved that he had just taken her and made her his slave. She didn’t want her Master to be taken away, she wanted to be with him forever.

Almost a month after starting her website, pussylips received an email from a young woman named Chloe who had seen the website after doing some research about submissives and slavery. Chloe seemed nearly ecstatic at the proposition that real life sexual slavery existed and asked many questions, including asking for proof that what pussylips was telling her was real.

Though pussylips would not reveal the details of her abduction and disappearance, she assured the young woman that she truly was a kidnapped and kept slave who was extremely happy to be one. She explained that all of the pictures on the website were of her and that real sexual slavery existed. She could offer no advice for the young woman on how to become a slave, because pussylips herself had never explored that avenue, nor likely would have. Her slavery was thrust upon her, much to her own delight and happiness. She now lived a life that fulfilled her in ways she could never have imagined.

After the contact with Chloe, pussylips wondered what it must be like to know yourself to be a slave and to seek out a Master. She herself had never known what she was until her Master abducted her. It still amazed her that she and her Master were so compatible and mutually attracted to one another. Of course it stood to reason that he was quite taken with her, since he chose her to kidnap, but for her to find him so strong, virile and handsome had been a surprise. Then again, they had dated years ago, and she had thought he was quite the handsome man back then. Or perhaps it was because of what he had done to her, forced her to reckon with her repressed emotions and drew them to the surface, like a moth to the flame, she had been drawn to him, even before she accepted her fate.

“I love you Master,” pussylips spoke aloud, softly and clearly, not knowing that her Master had entered the room behind her.

“I love you too, my pretty pussylips,” Brett said and she turned towards him, tears streaming down her joyous face. She had to resist the urge to run to him and throw herself into his strong arms. “Why are you crying, my slave? Are you upset?” her Master asked.

“No Master, I am overcome with joy, these are happy tears. I never would have known the happiness that I feel if you hadn’t taken me, Master. I am so happy that I can’t stop crying. Please, may I hug you Master?”

“Yes, of course,” Brett agreed as she launched herself into his arms and hugged him more tightly than she ever had before.

“Thank you Master, for forcing me to confront my inner self and finding happiness that I never knew existed.”

“You’re welcome, slave. I must say, you were ripe for the picking.”

“Yes Master, I was, I just didn’t know it.”

“And the fruit has been even sweeter than I ever could have imagined.”

“Thank you Master, you always know exactly the right thing to say to make me melt into a puddle of slave flesh for you.”

“I think it has more to do with how you are wired inside that sexy mind of yours than what I have to say, I just know what you need and how to provide it because I am wired to compliment a slave like you.”

“Oh Master, you most certainly are. How did I ever get so lucky?”

“It wasn’t luck, I selected you, remember?”

“Yes, of course, Master. Please fuck your slave, Master, use her in whatever way you desire, she is wet and ready for you,” pussylips moaned and Brett chuckled. He easily lifted her off the floor and carried her to the bed, where so many times she had been taken in all sorts of positions and forms of bondage. When she wasn’t bound physically, her heart and soul were bound to her Master and even if given the choice she would never leave him.

“Master, make love to me, like a lover, please,” pussylips requested and Brett laid her on the bed gently, touching and caressing her body like a lover. He entered her gently and thrust his huge penis in effortlessly against her slick channel. They rocked back and forth together until she came, though Brett had not. She sighed and slid out from under him, his still erect cock covered in her juices. Now she knelt on her hands and knees, her ass facing her Master.

“Thank you Master, that was nice, but not what I need. Please fuck your slave!” she said as she wiggled her sexy ass enticingly at him. Brett happily obliged and plunged into her fully in one strong thrust as pussylips, moaned in ecstasy. “Oh yes, Master, like that, use your slave! Make her cum so hard she can’t see straight!” she begged and Brett slammed into her until she cried out with bliss, her body shuddering and shaking in climax, squeezing him to orgasm and pussylips only cried out louder when his semen hit her cervix, extending her own ecstasy. They collapsed together, Brett to one side, spooning her rather than flattening her.

“I love you Master, please never ask me to leave you, I would be devastated,” pussylips begged.

“Never, I went to all that trouble to kidnap you, you will never escape,” Brett joked in his most villainous voice.

“Good Master,” pussylips joked back with him and Brett couldn’t help but laugh as his softening cock slid from her still drenched hole. She lifted herself off the bed and cleaned him with her mouth like she had done so many times before, now savoring the taste of their combined juices. It was like a fine wine, or an aged scotch, a developed taste, but one she now enjoyed because of all that was meant in this act of her subservience to her Master.

“So when you were crying before, you were – happy?” Brett asked.

“Yes Master, overjoyed!”

“What brought that on?”

“I was answering an email from a young woman who wants to become a slave. I told her I couldn’t give her any advice on how to find a Master because my Master found me and just took me. I didn’t even know I wanted to be a slave. It made me so happy, because I never would have broken out of my boring shell. But you did that for me, Master, you forced it out of me and I’m so grateful, I can’t even begin to thank you.”

“So you’re really happy?”

“Yes Master, beyond happy, I’m full of joy, my cup is overflowing, as is my vagina usually,” pussylips joked again and they laughed together.

“I had no idea you had a sense of humor.”

“Nor did I, Master, you’ve completely unlocked me, allowed me to be who I was truly meant to be.”

“I’m beyond thrilled at how you turned out. I thought you might come to accept and even begin to understand your true nature after a few months. But after only a little over a month to be such a perfect slave, it still just amazes me how quickly you immersed yourself in becoming the best you could be for me. I’m also very grateful.”

“You’re welcome, Master, how could I not strive to please the man who desired me so much that he just came and took me.”

“Good girl.”


“You may cum if you can, slave.”

“Ooooohhhhh, Aaaaaaahhhh, Mmmmmmm, thank you Master,” pussylips moaned as their combined cum gushed out of her spasming pussy. Brett got up and grabbed a towel and wet cloth, cleaning her up for bed. He locked her collar to the chain and climbed into bed, snuggling up with his slave. “I love this, Master, I miss it when you lock me in my cell. I know that sometimes I need to be reminded of my status here, but I sure do love being in your arms.”

“You fit them perfectly, my pretty pussylips.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave, now go to sleep.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said and fell asleep very quickly, happy to be her Master’s slave and wondering what tomorrow’s training would bring.



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