The Ride Home

by Lewd Lloyd

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© Copyright 2004 - Lewd Lloyd - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bondage; cons; X

The Ride Home
by Lewd Lloyd
The Ride Home by Lewd Lloyd

"Well, you've got your basic 'greasy spoon' truck stop," said Brian with mock disdain.  "You certainly have unusual taste in restaurants."

Brian never said exactly what he was thinking.  With him it was almost a rule.  He was always sure to leave a little something subject to interpretation.  His apparently quiet nature belied his continuously active and highly inventive mind.

"Oh, quit complaining," consoled Crissy.  "It's not that bad.  Just pretend we're on a long cross-country haul in an eighteen-wheeler."

In Crissy's case, a film director would probably have described her as "cleverly cast against type."  She was cute as a button but impressively intelligent, president of the neighborhood association, and a leader in her field of commercial interior design.  But she had a playful side too, especially where sex was concerned.

"An eighteen-wheeler with a sleeper," she continued, a slight smile becoming visible on her face.

"What are you getting at?" asked Brian, feigning ignorance as usual.

"The whole weekend's been great," she answered.  "We really needed to get away.  It would have been a perfect trip, except..."  She looked around to see whether anyone was within earshot.  "...except we could have had a lot more sex!"

"Geez, honey," winced Brian, checking for eavesdroppers.  "We'll be home within an hour.  Besides," he added thoughtfully, "I have a surprise for you when we get there."

"Oh yeah?  What is it?" Crissy asked excitedly, knowing Brian's unpredictability.

"Well, if I told you..."

"I know.  It wouldn't be a surprise."

They hurriedly paid the bill and started the long walk across the parking lot to their car.

"Why is it so dark?" Brian asked himself aloud.  "I specifically parked under that light.  Now it's black as pitch out here.  The bulb must have burned out while we were inside."

Suddenly an impish grin came over Crissy's face.  "Maybe it's a sign," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Huh?  What do you mean?" asked Brian.

"Maybe we don't have to wait 'til we get home.  We could get naked right here in the car.  Remember back at the skinny-dipping hole?  You used to say I was the quickest changing girl you ever knew... even in a car."

"Are you kidding?" asked Brian as they got into the car, not knowing whether she could really be serious.

"Watch me!" replied Crissy with a big smile, already starting to remove her clothes.

"Well, if you really want to do this, maybe the surprise doesn't have to wait either."  He reached into the back seat and grabbed a plain brown paper bag.  He rummaged around in the bag, and produced a vibrator.  "Try this first," he said, handing it to Crissy.

"Where the heck did you get that?" asked Crissy, now completely naked.  "Is that what you were doing when you disappeared for an hour yesterday?"

"Yep," he confessed.  "Hey, you were taking a nap, so I walked down to that kinky boutique shop we saw earlier.  Go ahead, try it on."

Hesitating only a second, she slipped the vibrator on, carefully fastening the straps around her legs and waist.  She didn't notice that Brian was now getting something else out of the bag.

"Lean forward," he instructed.  As she did, he took hold of her arms, drew them around behind her back, and started to place a leather strap around her wrists.

"Hey, I don't know about this," Crissy said, hesitating.

"Come on, relax.  If we're going to do this, we might as well do it right."  She crossed her wrists, and Brian pulled the strap tight and buckled it securely.  He then pulled another leather strap from the bag.

"What all have you got in there?" Crissy asked.

"What's worth doing is worth doing well.  Let's be complete," he replied, leaning down and fastening the second strap tightly around Crissy's ankles.  "There.  Now we're ready to roll," he said as he started the engine.

"Where are you going!" asked Crissy, visibly startled.

"Home," replied Brian with deliberate nonchalance, and Crissy instantly knew she was in for something a lot more exciting than sex in a dark parking lot.

Then the "Fasten seat belt" indicator began sounding its familiar chime.  "Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot," said Brian.  "A little state-sponsored bondage..."  He reached over and buckled Crissy's seat belt and shoulder strap, pulling both snug across her naked body.

They pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway.  They had about an hour's traveling left to go.  "Haven't you forgotten something?" asked Crissy.  "How am I supposed to turn on the vibrator with my hands tied?"

"Allow me," said Brian with mock gentility, as he reached into the bag once more.  "Welcome to the electronic age."  He operated a small slider on a hand-held device, and the vibrator sprang to life.

"Oh wow, remote controlled?" exclaimed Crissy.  "Wow, this thing's... powerful," she panted, her breathing becoming noticeably heavier.

"Well, it's supposed to be," replied Brian.  "'Triple stimulation' it says on the box.  But you would know better than I would."

"I'm finding out fast," said Crissy, trying to conceal a nervous giggle.

"And actually, that's only about one third power," added Brian.  He moved the slider back to the Off position, and Crissy immediately relaxed.

"One third is plenty," said Crissy, catching her breath.

For the next hour, nothing much needed to be said.  Every so often, Brian would surreptitiously advance the slider control in his hand, seeing how long it would take Crissy to notice.

"Are you turning that on again?" Crissy would ask.  Brian would just smile.

Then, at one point, wanting to experiment a little further, Brian continued to advance the control ever so slowly.  As he did so, Crissy's breathing became faster and faster, her body more and more rigid, until finally she exclaimed, "God, honey, what are you doing?"

He immediately returned the slider to its Off position, and Crissy's body relaxed again.  "That was about two thirds," he reported.

It wasn't until they turned off the highway onto the wide streets of their neighborhood that Crissy realized she hadn't fully thought this through.  The total darkness of the open road was one thing, but the bright streets of their own neighborhood were something else.  How would Brian release her while he was driving?

Then she remembered that the car had tinted glass, and their house had a remote control garage door opener.  They could drive right into their garage without stopping or opening any of the car doors.  Somewhat less nervous, she relaxed again.

"Are you glad we got the anti-theft package with this car?" Brian asked.

"...I guess so," replied Crissy.  "Why?"

"Just asking," said Brian.  "It sure is a sensitive thing, isn't it?  Remember when that little tiny pinecone hit the roof and set it off?  Horn blaring... headlights flashing... all the inside lights on..."

"Yes, I remember," said Crissy, wondering where this strange conversation was coming from.

"I've noticed this car has really bright interior lights, too.  Great for map reading."

"Why is he telling me this?" pondered Crissy to herself.  "Let's just get home," she thought.  "Fun's fun, but being in our own neighborhood like this is making me really really nervous."

Suddenly, when they were almost home, Brian pulled into the brightly lit parking lot of the neighborhood convenience store.  The store was unusually crowded, inside and out.  Many of Crissy and Brian's neighbors could be seen among the crowd.

"Don't go in here!" Crissy yelled.  "Are you crazy!"  She instinctively started to drop down low, but the lap belt and shoulder harness prevented any movement.

Ignoring her protest, Brian backed into a parking space at the far side of the lot, facing the store.  It was the only space not bathed in the brilliant lighting of the parking lot.

"I just need to pick up a few things," said Brian with a devilish smile.  "By the way, this is full power."  He quickly advanced the vibrator control to its limit, got out of the car and closed the door.  Crissy's reflex would have thrown her out of the seat if not for the safety belts.

Brian stopped and watched her from the front of the car.  As soon as she regained temporary control of her body, he raised the car's anti-theft remote control, looked her straight in the eye, and pushed the button.

The four doors simultaneously locked, the horn emitted a single chirp, and then silence.  The only activity in the car was the ominous red flashing light on top of the dash, indicating that the anti-theft system was fully engaged.

Crissy froze in panic, her eyes riveted on that flashing light.  She knew exactly what it meant.  The slightest movement on her part and the horn would blare, the interior lights would come on, and the whole neighborhood would see her in all her glory, stark naked, bound hand and foot, adorned with a large pink vibrator for all to see.  And all the while the vibrator was doing its fiendish work at full power!

As she saw Brian turn away from her and walk toward the store, her panic doubled.  Summoning all her willpower, she fought back the impending orgasm, knowing that once it started she would never be able to stop it.  Then all her neighbors would see her not only naked and bound, but writhing in uncontrollable orgasmic ecstasy for untold minutes on end.

It seemed to Crissy that Brian was intentionally taking his sweet time in the store.  He drifted slowly from aisle to aisle collecting his various items.  Even in the checkout line, he purposely fumbled with his change while making small talk with the clerk.

Crissy's eyes desperately followed Brian's every movement.  He was toying with her mercilessly, but she dared not utter a single syllable of protest, not even under her breath, for fear of setting off the alarm.

Every few seconds Brian would glance up in the direction of the car, revealing an impish grin.  Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing.  He was literally playing to a captive audience, and he was enjoying every minute of it.  And as if that weren't enough, as he stepped out of the store he stopped to strike up a conversation with their next-door neighbor.

Their next-door neighbor!  Now the stakes were higher than ever for Crissy.  Holding her body absolutely motionless by pure force of will, she was weakening fast by the time Brian finally approached the car.

He stopped, paused directly in front of the car, raised the anti-theft remote at arm's length, and looked straight at Crissy.  Her eyes were bulging, and she was biting her lower lip, but she was still in exactly the same position as he had left her.  After what seemed to Crissy an eternity, Brian pressed the remote.  The doors unlocked, the horn chirped, and the menacing red light on the dash went dark.

Crissy's body instantly exploded in orgasm.  It was hard for Brian to make out the details of her face in the darkness, but it was obvious from the discernable rocking of the car that she was having the orgasm of her life.

For once she was glad for the straps and the seat belts that held her, otherwise she may have injured herself in the violent involuntary thrusting of her mind-blowing ecstasy.

She had long lost count of the waves of surging orgasm that racked her body.  They came unceasingly in a steady stream like warm, violent surf crashing on a vulnerable shore.

When the movement of the car finally subsided, Brian opened the door, climbed in, and slid the vibrator's remote control back to the Off position.  Crissy slumped in her seat, at least as much as her restraints would allow.  Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply, her body limp as a dishrag.

With neither saying a word, Brian methodically started the car and once again headed for home.  "So..." he finally uttered through a smug grin.  "Have you had enough sex for one weekend?"

Rousing herself from her blissful state of exhaustion, Crissy slowly opened her eyes, and, smiling, looked straight at Brian.  In a lusty, come-hither voice she managed to respond, "What do you think?"


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