by Margaret B

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; bdsm; torment; hum; oral; piercing; sex; cons; XX

Pornography, thanks to the openness of people like you, allows for variations in presentation.  You may find this story easier to read when you take into account that the words of the character Yolanda are always shown in double quote marks while my comments are without quote marks.  I hope you find it an amusing little presentation.  Do write! 


“Margaret, something, well, different has happened.”

Most of you probably don’t frequent dungeons.  By that, I mean the so called public ones where you purchase a membership and pay a fee for use.  Some memberships can cost as much as ten thousand dollars and some need to be purchased from resigning members. Why would someone resign?  Death is a common reason.  Moving out of the area is another.  No one really ever changes their attitude for this kind of thing.  However, do to the economic turn down, some have found it necessary to adjust their priorities.  Some Tops have even become bottoms.

However this is not the case with Mistress Yolanda, who I trained myself at a high cost.  Her cost was in dollars and cents, while my devoted masochists paid in blood, sweat, and tears.  Mistress Yolanda has been practicing at a local rather inexpensive public dungeon.  It might be difficult, but you can probably find such an establishment near by, if you look hard enough.  I think the current membership is five hundred dollars and one hundred more dollars a year.  Service fees are twenty dollars an hour weekdays and fifty on week ends.  This includes blood tests for STD’s.  You should consider that when looking for a dungeon.  I realize blood tests are sometimes too little too late, but it does keep the riff raff out.

“It was essentially an accident, but I am afraid that I kind of enjoyed it!”

Now, let me provide you an idea of how Yolanda operates.  She drops by about 6 PM on Wednesday or Thursday receiving about fifty percent off for what is playfully referred to as frequent flogger minutes.  Many of the bottoms as well as TOPs drop in to see what is happening.  That is they match up with a partner after arriving.  When doing this Yolanda or myself and others, hell we all do it, will bargain with the bottom for reimbursing our service fee.  It makes us feel a little less like whores.  Masters probably don’t have this stereotype!  Of course, collecting the service fee from two or three bottoms during the night provides a small profit.  No, I don’t declare it on my taxes!

To make a long story short, she will partner up with a bottom, usually male, but not always, and command the poor victim to their knees, fasten a collar about the neck, and calling out the expected humiliating “heel”  lead them to a private room for humiliation, sexual exploitation, and , my favorite, torture.  Sorry, I am suppose to use the term torment.  Apparently, it suggests less violence.  We all want less violence, don’t we? 

“I hope you won’t think less of me, but before I knew what was happening or could protest, he strapped me to the wall, gagged me, stripped me naked, and raped me.  He was so handsome, assertive, and he just took charge.  Hell!  I enjoyed it!  I am so sorry Mistress.  I feel I have let you down.  I have never had a male molest me after he climaxed before.  Women will you know! But, when men have had their release, they just forget you are there for a moment or even all night.”

I have to acknowledge I like bottoming as well as Topping.  If I could find the right sadist, well, that is the way life is!  She went on to say how after fingering her to three maybe four wild orgasms, he warmed her bottom, thighs, and back in a way she had only dreamed about.  I liked what she said about sticking two fingers up her pussy and licking her clit till she exploded.  What is that booze that says two fingers is all it takes?  Try licking and see what happens!

“I hung there totally vulnerable for about five minutes, while he caught his breath and gulped some water.  He began to rub my burning ass and legs bringing ripples to my muscles from my toes to my shoulders.  All I could do was moan and enjoy!  He slowly but firmly shoved the dildo up my ass then crawled underneath and sucked the juices from my wet pussy.  I felt so horribly humiliated, degraded, and abused.  The whole thing was glorious!”

Many of us explore the other side with whatever person and method available. 
I write about being the Top, but I long to be the bottom. 

“Then the most horrid thing happened!  Some bitch bottom crawled in and asked Master Robert, what he wanted.  He was enjoying me till you came through the door!  They were all so sorry.  I told them I wanted to watch him abuse the bitch.  I even gave some rather sexual suggestions!  He enjoyed the suggestions, but she found them some what distasteful.  While I enjoyed watching the disgusting things Master Robert did to her once lovely body, she seemed rather upset, poor thing. I really wanted him to do those things to me.”

Yolanda and I arranged to meet at the dungeon with her paying both fees.  Her inquiring as to what I might do to led to my suggestion of removing the large nails hand and foot and take it from there.  Then she said the dumbest thing I ever in my life heard.  In a nut shell or perhaps that would that be scrotum, she said she needed to know.  What does that mean “need to know?”  She needed to know if she were a TOP or a bottom.  She needed to know if she had wasted her time, talent, and money when what would be more thrilling was just to be taken, raped, and humiliated.  It is all a lot of poppy cock, if you ask me.  If your TOP uses and abuses you and you both enjoy, well, fine. If you use and abuse some bottom and you both enjoy it, that’s fine too. 
You don’t need to take sides!

“Please, Mistress Margaret B, I need to know.  I have reserved the black room for the weekend and will pay your regular fee and expenses.  Master Robert suggested piercing my outer pussy lips as well as my clitoris.  You may invite anyone, male or female, to enjoy my body.  Being gang raped has always fascinated me.  I have ordered two branding irons one with a small “b” and the other with a large “T” for your use with the final decision.  I recall catheterizing some poor bitch and watching her body struggle for hours with pain building up in her unrelieved bladder.  Perhaps, you would be kind enough to do that to me around eight on Friday evening.  Every few hours as I accomplish various sexual goals, you can release some internal pressure.  I do not anticipate leaving the black room the way I entered.  I only expect to know who and what I am!”

Who and what I am?  Why not just be who and what you are?  Getting the instrument to pierce half a dozen or is it seven holes in her private parts is no problem.  I have a list of rather vulgar types, some of which I refuse to have coffee with, that I can invite.  I will give Master Robert the key to all the locks holding her pussy lips tight together.  The real decision is up to her. Will she call Master Robert the following week and ask for sex, humiliation, and pain?  Or, will she buy a simple wire cutter and remove the unwanted rings herself? 


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