Revenge Gone Wrong

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2013 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; rope; chair; gag; harness; bdsm; spank; tease; torment; nipple; toys; insert; oral; climax; reluct; XX

Peppa sat on the edge of the sofa nervously chewing on a finger nail, she was worried that she had gone too far and deep down she knew that she had, she also knew that Juliet could make her life a misery; in fact she already had made her life a misery. She was Peppa’s supervisor and she was a bully, she was forever belittling her and blaming her for every little thing that went wrong in the office, and because Juliet did it her co-workers followed suit. And Peppa hated them for it.

Now she was in a position to take revenge but she wondered if the bullying justified what she had done. "Fucking right it does," she said out loud. Her words slurred slightly, she was a little drunk and that gave her the courage she normally didn't possess.

But still she worried, she worried for her job and she worried for her private life, she knew Juliet could ruin her. ‘Christ! I could even end up in court.’ She knew should never have done it but it was too late now. She was past the point of no return and she would have to see it through. But she hadn't planned beyond this point and she really didn't know where to go from here. She drank more wine straight from the bottle and considered her options.

It had seemed such a good idea at the time, they were at the firm's party, Juliet was clearly drunk and it was so easy to take advantage of her: persuade her to share a taxi. Bring her to Peppa’s house, put her in a vulnerable position and get revenge for almost two years of being downtrodden, having to run all the errands, buy the sandwiches, fetch the coffee and do all the shit jobs that nobody else wanted to do. And why did they do it? Because she had frizzy ginger hair that’s why, and because of the way she dressed. So what if she wasn't fashionable and didn't wear feminine clothes? Did that give them the right to treat her so badly? No, she dressed for practicality; she had no desire to look sexy just for the benefit of others.

"Do this ginger, do that carrot top, fetch something dyke" they would say.

“I’m not a lesbian,” she wanted to scream at them. But she held her tongue; they wanted her to react, to give them more reason to pick on her. She was pretty enough, more than a few people had told her and at least half of the men in the office had hit on her but she just didn’t fancy any of them. That didn’t mean she was a lesbian, at least she didn't think she was, but would it matter to them if she was gay? No it wouldn’t. The fact was they were just nasty bitches and Juliet was the ringleader. But now Pepper had the queen bitch at her mercy and she needed only to decide what to do with her.

"Don't keep looking at me," Pepper said.

But still Juliet stared daggers at her, but that was all she was able do as she lay on the floor helplessly tied and gagged.

Stumbling across the room Peppa threw a coat over the bound woman's head, "There, that will stop you," she said and went back to her seat and her worrying and she thought back to how it had come to this.


"Where are we?" Juliet had slurred when the taxi had dropped them outside Peppa’s house. She received no answer and she allowed the girl to guide her through the door. As she collapsed onto the sofa she lay her head down and closed her eyes "get me a drink lesbo," she said and she giggled. She didn't remember anything after that.

Having Juliet unconscious suited Peppa just fine and even in her own drunken state she found it so easy tying the bitch, it was also a lot of fun, she didn't know a great deal about bondage, just what she had seen on the internet in her lonelier moments but she knew she could be inventive, and a search through her small house gave her everything she needed.

Because of the drink she fumbled a bit and giggled a lot but within an hour she had Juliet laying on her front with her legs tied together at the ankles and just above and below her knees. Her wrists and elbows we're anchored together, straining her shoulders and forcing her chest out. Peppa tied a thin cord into the blond hair and pulled Juliet’s head back securing the other end to her ankles, forcing her into a painful backward bowed position. The discomfort began to bring her out of her slumber and in her semiconscious state she groaned in pain.

When she was fully awake and aware of her predicament she began to protest and threaten Peppa with dire consequences. A knotted tea towel forced into her mouth and tied around her head didn't stop her making a noise but it did stop her incessant talking. So Peppa had trapped and secured her enemy, now she wondered what the next stage of Juliet’s comeuppance should be. The first thing that came to mind was to humiliate her by stripping her naked, but would that make her appear even more like a lesbian?

“Who cares?” she said to nobody, waving the bottle in front of her. She drank more wine and wondered what Juliet would look like? How the woman’s body would compare to her own? And she felt a strange excitement at the thought of seeing her naked, but she told herself it was due to the alcohol. But the thought of the humiliation it would cause Juliet swung it.

So with her inhibitions conquered Peppa set about bringing her nemesis down. She rolled her onto her side and leaving Juliet’s face covered she fetched a pair of scissors and began cutting away her clothes, she worked to the accompaniment of muffled protests and her own increasing arousal until Juliet was naked.

Peppa stood up a little unsteadily and studied the naked form; she stared at the full breasts, the flat belly, the slim waist and perfect bottom, she thought of the beautiful face and the long straight blonde, almost white hair beneath the coat and she resented the woman’s beauty. She then thought about her own rather ordinary body and how unfair life was.

"Well fuck you Miss Juliet fucking Simpson, I'm as good as you and you are no better than a slut," she said aloud, then giggled as she realised what she had just implied. She tipped the wine bottle to her mouth only to find it empty "who drank all the wine?" she said as she shook the bottle then giggled some more.

She dropped the empty bottle on the floor and knelt down beside the bound woman and released the cord holding her head, as Juliet straightened her body Peppa rolled her onto her back and pulled the coat away, Juliet looked back at her in fear and Peppa felt a thrill pulse through her as she realised the power she now held.

Caught up in her heightened emotions Peppa grinned and grabbed both of the naked breasts and squeezed, digging her sharp nails into the soft flesh. Juliet screamed and tears squeezed from her eyes, she tried pleading through the gag but all Peppa heard was a mumbled moan. Releasing the breasts she laughed and rubbed them roughly, then she gripped both nipples between thumb and forefinger, she squeezed and pulled forcing Juliet to strain her body up in an effort to lessen the pain. Peppa gripped the nipples and pulled hard stretching them away from Juliet’s chest. With one last twist on the pain wracked buds she let go and Juliet slumped back to the floor with a squeal.

Peppa licked her lips and thought that this was something she could get used to; being on top. On impulse she slapped Juliet’s naked tits once, twice and again, she loved the way the woman's body lifted from the floor in shock with each slap and the way her large breasts bounced from side to side. She placed her palms on Juliet’s breasts to support herself, flattening the soft globes as she swung a leg over her naked prisoner and sat on her thighs. She fondled the boobs, kneading the flesh and tweaking the nipples. She enjoyed the feel of them, their size, and the softness of the breasts with the contrasting hardness of the nipples.

She looked down at the woman's face and saw the pitying look in the eyes and felt her anger rising, "You all think you're so superior don't you? you pick on me just because I'm different from you, because I don't have perfect hair and I don't fuck every man that looks at me, DON'T YOU?" she shouted, she felt the tears in her eyes as she untied the towel from around Juliet’s head, "you all think I’m a lesbian, I'm not but what would it matter to you if I was? You’re all so fucking perfect. I HATE YOU," tears of frustration and self-pity ran down her face.

She saw that Juliet was about to say something, she didn’t want to hear it and she leaned forward to gag her again but instead she fell, her weight landing on Juliet’s body.

Her face was resting on Juliet’s head, they were so very close and without conscious thought Peppa pressed her lips to the other woman's mouth. She kissed her hard, forcing her tongue between the soft lips, it felt so wrong but so good, so natural, and Juliet responded, whether through fear or arousal, Peppa neither knew nor cared, she was content to lay upon the body beneath her, kissing, caressing, kissing, licking and kissing some more. She seemed to be no longer aware of where she was, only that she had a beautiful woman beneath her, a woman who was unable to resist anything she wanted to do.

Juliet arched herself off the floor as Peppa trailed her lips down her neck and over her chest, she had always suspected the girl was gay and despite the situation she was in she smiled in triumph with the conformation of her suspicion, and if the dirty little dyke wanted to get herself off on her tits she was okay with that as well. She gasped and pushed her breasts forward as Peppa’s lips clamped onto her nipple and sucked it inside a hot mouth, she felt she might even enjoy this as long as she wasn't in the presence of some madwoman who wanted to hurt her.

But Peppa did want to hurt her; she wanted to hurt her the way she had been hurt, humiliate her as she had been humiliated and in her befuddled mind she decided that the way she would do it would be to make her cum with a lesbian.

“Okay, yes I'm a lesbian,” she finally admitted to herself, she didn’t know if she had spoken out loud and she didn’t care, everyone would soon know anyway and she started crying again, her tears dropped onto Juliet’s skin as she kissed her breasts and her tummy, and her tongue traced a wet line through her navel to the neatly trimmed hair above Juliet’s cunt. With the tears in her eyes she sighed with relief. At last she was doing what she had always longed to do, all the years of frustration and denial had brought her to this moment, the moment when she would bestow the greatest pleasure she could think of on the person she hated the most.

Her mouth brushed across the glistening lips of Juliet’s pussy, the tip of her tongue parting the fleshy folds, working its way inside, ever moving, delving deeper until Peppa’s mouth was clamped firmly over the damp flesh. She pulled upon Juliet’s knees trying to part her thighs but the bonds prevented it. As if in a frenzy she released the straps and spreading the legs wide buried her face into the exposed crotch licking and sucking wildly.

"That’s right you fucking dyke, lick me, get that filthy lesbian tongue deep in there," Juliet said. With her feet planted on the floor she raised her hips high and her knees as far apart as she could. Her arms were still tied tightly behind her and Peppa could do whatever she wanted. But Juliet knew who was really in charge.

The verbal abuse sent a strange thrill through Peppa and she forced her tongue deeper, sucking hard on the delicate flesh. Juliet’s hips were bucking against her mouth and her juices were flowing, filling Peppa’s mouth and she swallowed without hesitation.

"Oh Christ yeah, just like that, don't stop you dirty lesbian slut, keep that filthy mouth where it belongs," Peppa groaned, each word seemed to reverberate off her pussy, she gripped Juliet’s arse cheeks so she force her mouth harder onto her cunt, then as the words slowly penetrated her brain Peppa suddenly pulled away. Juliet was gasping for breath, her pelvis still thrust up inviting her to continue.

"You're not supposed to enjoy it," Peppa said, her voice shaking, she looked down to see Juliet grinning in triumph "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCKING ENJOY IT," she shouted. And in her frustration she roughly rolled Juliet over onto her front and spanked the woman's arse.

She didn’t hold back, with her anger fuelling her arm the sound of flesh on flesh resounded around the room. She slapped fast and wildly covering Juliet’s arse and thighs from waist to knees. Soon the skin was bright red and Juliet’s insults had turned to threats, and then her threats turned to pleas. "Please stop? Please Peppa? I'm sorry oww please it hurts too much, no more please?" but the words fell on deaf ears.

Stretching her bound arms Juliet tried to protect her sore arse but Peppa grabbed the rope around her wrists and jerked the arms up and back, Juliet screamed anew as her shoulders were wrenched and the spanking continued. After ten minutes of nonstop punishment Juliet lay unmoving, her only sounds now we're pitiful whimpers as each slap landed, but the slaps grew weaker until eventually Peppa’s arm grew too tired to continue and she fell onto her back panting.

Both woman lay still, one moaning in pain the other holding her burning hand to her chest. When Peppa had regained her composure she raised herself onto her elbows, she was truly shocked when she saw how red and swollen Juliet’s arse was.

She nudged Juliet with her foot, "Well, nothing to say? No fucking clever lesbian remarks?" she asked the back of Juliet’s head. When no answer was forthcoming she climbed to her feet and walked to the kitchen, she drank a glass of water then refilled the glass and went back to her prisoner. Pulling Juliet’s head up she held the glass to her mouth allowing her to drink.

"This is not what I'm like, I don't want to hurt anybody but you are all so mean to me, why are you all so mean?" she asked, she sounded sad and when Juliet didn't answer she shrugged her shoulders, "I still have to decide what to do with you but I'm so tired and the wine hasn't helped, so I'm going to have to keep you here until the morning, if you promise to keep quiet I won't gag you," Juliet kept her face turned away and still refused to speak but she nodded her head in agreement and Peppa set about securing her for the night.

She left Juliet’s hands tied but out of pity she released her elbows. From the kitchen she fetched a broom and tied Juliet’s ankles to each end holding her feet wide apart. Juliet was helpless, unable even to turn over. Peppa was still a little bit angry and out of spite she decided to give Juliet something more to think about; she considered the empty wine bottle but decided that was just too much, instead she went to her bedroom and returned with two vibrators, she slowly pushed one into Juliet’s pussy and the other into her arse.

Juliet was so defeated she neither protested nor struggled but lay and accepted the indignities; the only sign that she felt anything was a quiet grunt as her arse was invaded. Peppa was hoping for more of a reaction and in frustration she flicked the switches to start the plastic cocks vibrating. She watched Juliet squirm for a minute then pressed her lips to the woman’s forehead before turning off the light and staggering to her bed.


It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning but Peppa awoke with a thumping headache, she shuffled to the bathroom and peed, and after washing her face in cold water and brushing her teeth she made her way to the kitchen for a glass of water and some pills to combat the pneumatic drill inside her skull.

Yawning, she walked into the lounge and saw the bound woman on the floor and it all came flooding back "Fuck!" she exclaimed, she dropped her glass and ran to Juliet praying that she hadn't died. As she dropped down beside her she heard snoring and sat back on her heels sighing in relief. Nervously she shook Juliet’s shoulder until the eyes opened.

Juliet groaned and tried to move, she lay with her cheek in a pool of drool and with a croaky voice she asked, "Please can I use the toilet?"

Thirty minutes later Juliet sat at the kitchen table, Peppa fed her with toast and tea, her face had been cleaned but she still had her hands tied, "Don't I at least get to shower?" she asked.

"Of course, but you would have to share with me,” Peppa looked away embarrassed, she had made it sound too much like an invitation and a part of her hoped Juliet would say yes, “I can’t untie you yet, I still have to decide what to do with you," she explained.

Juliet looked up sharply, "You're not going to kill me are you?"

"Of course not,” Peppa almost laughed at the thought, “but if I release you what will you do? Will you go to the police?”

"Let me free Peppa, you can't keep me here. You have to untie me before it gets out of hand,"

Hearing the calm voice of reason made her begin chewing her nails again, “I’m going to shower and get dressed, I’ll decide what to do after,” she stood and walked to the bathroom, she tried to hide her surprise and her excitement when Juliet followed.

“You’ll either have to untie me or wash me, personally I don’t mind which,” they stood naked in the shower, the hot water streaming down over them. Because of the lack of room their bodies were in constant contact but Peppa kept her hands well away, she so wanted to touch Juliet but without the alcohol induced courage she was once more the nervous young woman. Knowing she had to do one or the other she began soaping Juliet’s body, her hands were shaking and she tried to keep them clear of the woman’s private parts: she had finally admitted to herself and to Juliet that she was gay but she was scared to give her any more reason to ridicule her.

“What about the rest?” Juliet asked. She smiled as she pushed her hip into Peppa’s belly.

“I…I can’t, I’m sorry, anyway you’re clean enough,” Peppa kept her face turned away and tried to squeeze past Juliet to leave the close confines of the shower cubicle but Juliet pushed herself between the girl and the door. Peppa knew she could overpower the bound woman and force her way out but she wasn’t prepared to risk hurting her.

“Look, please don’t?” she pleaded. In answer Juliet just pressed her ample breasts against Peppa’s smaller ones, a groan escaped her lips, it may have sounded like a sound of exasperation but they both knew it was a sign of Peppa’s arousal. Trying to act as though she found it a chore she again applied soap to the warm wet skin, this time it was just Juliet’s breasts, bottom and pussy.

Soon Peppa found herself on her knees gently and somewhat lovingly washing between the silky thighs, she raised her head to see Juliet’s eyes closed and her mouth open as she savoured the hands caressing her. It took all of Peppa’s willpower not to press her lips to the pussy just inches from her face. Ten minutes later Peppa found herself in the same position, this time she was drying Juliet’s legs with a warm towel, she no longer hesitated to move her hands between the open thighs or to slide the towel gently between her buttocks and she felt her nipples stiffen as she did so.

When she was dry Juliet stepped back leaving Peppa on her knees, she was still wet and hugged the damp towel to her chest. For some reason she had agreed to dry Juliet first and as she shivered she knew inside that the power had shifted and she was no longer the one in control.


"You are much too trusting, it'll get you into serious trouble one day," Juliet said, "now I have some things to do but I shouldn't be more than a few hours so you be good okay?" she smiled brightly and kissing Peppa on the nose she left closing the door behind her.

Once she was alone Peppa pulled at the bindings holding her to the chair but couldn't gain an inch of freedom. She cursed herself, it was true; she was too trusting and so very naive, she had released Juliet on the simple promise that there would be no consequences, but she had fallen so easily for her guile. She thought back over their conversation trying to find where she had allowed herself to get in this mess.


"You don't even know what it's like to be defenceless do you?"

"I feel defenceless every day, when you and all the others pick on me," Peppa argued.

"That's not being defenceless, you just need to stand up for yourself," they were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table, Peppa nursed a cup of strong coffee as a newly freed Juliet massaged her chaffed wrists.

"It’s easy for you, you don't know what it's like, just because I'm different from you, I didn't choose to be gay," Peppa’s voice trailed off, it was the first real mention of what she had said and done while she had Juliet bound and she averted her eyes in embarrassment.

“It’s nothing to do with being gay, that’s a symptom not a reason.”

“But none of you knew I was gay,” she said quietly, she hadn’t even known herself until last night and she still found it hard to admit.

“Jesus Peppa, are you really that dumb? Of course we know, everybody knows, you make it so fucking obvious and because you won’t admit it you make yourself such an easy target. You never fight back; you take it all and just do as you’re told.”

“That’s not true, I do try to fight, it’s just that it’s all of you against me, you all gang up on me,” Peppa’s argument seemed to lose steam and in a voice barely audible she added “it’s just not fair.”

Juliet reached across the table and laid her hand on Peppa’s forearm, “life’s not fair, but you would be the same if it were just one person, let me prove it to you,” she stood and walked around the table, "put your hands behind the chair back," she said.

"What? No, what for?" Peppa was puzzled as to what Juliet intended but she didn't resist as her coffee was taken and her arms were pulled gently back and behind the chair, she even held them there as Juliet went to fetch the white cotton rope from the drawer where Peppa had placed it.

Standing behind Peppa, Juliet gently massaged the girl’s shoulders and down her arms to her hands and pulled them together, she then began wrapping the rope around the wrists as she calmly spoke, "You know you could walk out of the office any time you like or you could just tell the girls to fuck off; so you're not really defenceless are you?. But I'm now going to show you how helplessness feels, when everything you want or do is controlled by someone else, when they can do whatever they want to you and you can't do a thing to prevent it," Peppa sat listening to the hypnotic voice then suddenly she realised she was in fact helpless.

Now that their positions were reversed she thought back to the previous night and what she had done to Juliet and she became worried as to what would happen next, "please Juliet don't do this? I don't want it."

"Those words sound familiar, didn't I say almost the same thing last night?" on hearing the cold voice Peppa became even more worried.

"Don't hurt me please? I never meant it I swear," she pleaded. Then she wasn’t able to say any more as Juliet held her head with one arm locked around her neck and forced some material into her mouth, she quickly secured it in place with the belt Peppa had given her earlier along with the clothes she now wore

Satisfied that Peppa was now secure she searched through the kitchen drawers for things she could use, from the corner of her eye she saw Peppa struggling to free herself "SIT STILL, DON'T FUCKING ANNOY ME," she shouted, pointing a finger at the frightened girl.

Peppa immediately stopped struggling as if she were slapped and with the aid of a variety of rope, belts and tape she was securely tied to the chair, her bound wrists were tied to the lower bar at the back and her feet to the front legs, two wide leather belts anchored her in place, one across her thighs and under the seat and the other around her chest just below her tits.

As Juliet pulled the belts tight she noticed that Peppa was braless beneath her tee shirt and that gave her an idea. In a drawer she found what she needed and watched Peppa’s face as she thumbed the nipples through the cotton shirt, she smiled in malicious satisfaction when they stood out like two small bullets, carefully she placed a clothes peg on each ensuring they were on the very tip. Peppa’s face screwed up in pain and she snorted for air through her nose, shaking her head wildly her body jerked as she tried in vain to shake the pegs free. When she finally gave up her struggles her face was red and wet with tears. She sagged into her bondage now knowing what being helpless truly meant.

Juliet produced the vibrator and unfastened the waistband of Peppa’s trousers, recognising the familiar feel of defeat she just sat accepting it, and when the vibrator was pushed down the front of her panties she merely groaned in resignation but she did tense slightly when it was switched on.

Juliet stood back and admired her work, she could hear the low buzz from the vibrator and knew it would drive Peppa mad she but hoped she had positioned it in such a way that it was unlikely to bring her any relief. She wondered with a smile how long the batteries would last. Gathering up her shoes and bag she made to leave but then on an impulse she took a roll of Clingfilm and spent a further ten minutes wrapping Peppa from neck to ankles, winding turn after turn around her helpless form until just her head was exposed. She did this for no other reason than her own enjoyment.

An hour later and Peppa thought she might go insane; her face ran with sweat and her clothes felt wet through beneath the plastic wrap, her nipples were a constant throbbing agony and her arms were almost completely numb. But despite her predicament or maybe because of it she was screaming inside her mind desperate for an orgasm. The vibrator was still doing its work but held as it was just against her pussy but away from her clitoris it kept her on the very edge of the climax she needed. She tried once again to bring her thighs together hoping to apply a little pressure but to no avail, so she groaned in frustration and tossed her head from side to side, the only part of her body she could move.

She sat in defeat, her head hung down on her chest, when the batteries in the vibrator finally gave out she had nothing to focus on but the pain that Juliet had left her in, and she now felt that she had been left to die a slow death. She tried to take her mind off all the hurt by thinking who might discover her bound and wasted body, she didn't have any really close friends and her family lived many miles away, she knew she could sit there for days, weeks or longer before anybody missed her, and what would they think when they found her tied to a chair. She wasn’t religious but she started to pray, she prayed for Juliet to return, to save her, even to tease her some more, anything but this.


The sound of the door opening brought her back to awareness, had she slept or just been daydreaming? She wasn't sure but she was wide awake now. She didn't know who it was and she didn't care as long as she was freed.

"Hello darling, did you miss me?" Juliet came skipping into the room her hands filled with shopping bags which she piled onto the table, "I've bought you so much stuff; you're going to love it. It cost quite a bit of money but you'll reimburse me won't you?" as she spoke, and to Peppa’s relief she began snipping through the wrap with kitchen scissors. The cool air passing over her body was wonderful but she groaned as the pain in her nipples was renewed when Juliet pulled the Clingfilm away.

"Do you want them removed?" Juliet asked. She spoke as though she was talking to a small child.

Peppa nodded her head frantically; she so desperately did want them removed

"Okay, if you're sure? But you'd better prepare yourself," Juliet told her.

Peppa didn't know what she meant but when the clips we're pulled free and the blood rushed back to her punished nipples she realised what pain really was, her whole body stiffened and despite her gag she screamed out loud.

Juliet grinned and removed the strap from around Peppa’s chest and cut her tee shirt open, parting the material she gazed at the girls breasts, they were much smaller than her own but they were perfectly shaped and so firm and though she had never looked at another woman in a sexual way before Juliet thought they were beautiful, and she knew she just had to touch them. She held Pappas breasts, each one just filling her hand, she felt the hard nipples pressing into her palms, the contact causing Peppa to whimper again.

Reluctantly releasing the breasts Juliet removed all of Peppa’s restraints apart from the rope securing her wrists, when the gag was removed and she started to speak the threat of the clothes pegs kept her quiet. She was pulled unsteadily to her feet and with the aid of the scissors Juliet reduced her outer clothes to a heap of tattered rags. Standing in just her panties Peppa wondered what was to come next as Juliet walked around her, looking at every part of her body.

"Oh my, we are a dirty little girl aren't we?" Juliet said when she saw how wet Peppa’s knickers were, she slid the silky piece of material down and off the long slim legs letting the vibrator clatter to the floor "you really enjoyed yourself didn't you?" she said as she waved the damp knickers before the girl’s eyes. Peppa felt her face burn in embarrassment and willed the ground to open up beneath her.

"See what I bought you," Juliet said and pulled a web of black leather straps from a bag and held it up for Peppa to see, she was soon to discover it was a body harness, but before Juliet fitted it she released Pappas hands "don't do anything silly now,” she warned and as Peppa stood docile she fastened her hands into leather mittens and buckled a two inch wide collar about her neck.

Shiny metal cuffs were locked tight to her arms above her elbows and linked by a short chain behind her back, then the O rings at the ends of the mittens were clipped to her collar at either side of her neck, she was once again helpless and she had just stood and let it all happen without the slightest trace of a fight or even a verbal protest.

Juliet then fitted the harness; one inch wide straps encircled Peppa’s body, her waist, her chest above and below her breasts and over her shoulders, a strap was also attached to her collar, down between her tits under the strap at her waist and through her crotch to be fastened at her back. Juliet pulled all the straps tight so they dug into Peppa’s waist and chest forcing the flesh of her boobs to squeeze out, but the worst was the strap through her crotch, so tight it split her cunt separating her pussy lips and pressing hard against her clit.

"Here, hold this," Juliet said. Peppa was about to say something, anything, when a stubby leather penis was pushed into her mouth, It was attached to a pad with straps that hung down to her chest. "Keep that there. You don't want a visit from Mr Whip do you?" Peppa bit down on the artificial cock, terrified of the consequences should she drop it.

Peppa was eased back down into the chair and Juliet set about cutting the ginger hair. She felt she should protest but was unsure what to do, she knew her hair style wasn't the most fashionable but to just sit there allowing her most hated enemy to hack away felt so wrong. But then what choice did she have, she couldn't physically fight and any verbal protest promised a painful punishment. So she sat with a foul tasting cock in her mouth, watching her long locks fall to the floor and wondering when this torment would end, but at the same time she was puzzled as to why she felt so near to cumming.

When Juliet was satisfied with the hairstyle she buckled the straps of the penis gag behind Peppa’s head, she stroked the now shoulder length hair "don't worry I trained as a hairdresser, but it was some time ago, people shouldn't laugh, not too much anyway." she giggled. Peppa dreaded to think what she looked like, but turning her head she saw her reflection in the window and realized she looked prettier, sexier, or was it the leather straps and lack of clothes.

Unable to find any suitable shoes for Peppa in her closet Juliet transferred her own four inch heels, they were a little bit small for Peppa but she managed to force them on the girl’s feet. Similar cuffs to those on her arms were locked around her ankles; again a short chain linked them together. Then clipping a leash to the collar Juliet led her shuffling into the bathroom.

"We need to get rid of this now," Juliet said tugging painfully at Peppa’s pubic hair, she released the crotch strap and pushed her subordinate onto the toilet pan, when she eased her knees apart Peppa instinctively closed her legs but a swift slap to the inside of her thigh parted them again.

After first trimming the ginger patch with the scissors she slathered soap over Peppa’s crotch, spending a long time massaging it into and around her pussy, she grinned each time she made Peppa fidget when her fingers came into contact with a sensitive spot. Producing a razor Juliet began gently running the blade over the remaining stubble "this is fun isn't it?" she said.

Peppa wouldn't answer even if she could, she couldn't trust herself, she felt so humiliated but each pass with the razor seemed to send an electric thrill through her insides. She wondered what the hell was happening to her.

"Beautiful," Juliet declared when she had finished. She rubbed her palm across the newly naked pussy, Peppa involuntary lifted her hips in response and groaned when Juliet firmly tapped her fingertips against her clit "enough of that, there's so much more we have to do yet and we're going to have so much fun aren't we?" she giggled and pulled a confused Peppa to her feet.

Back in the lounge Juliet sat on the sofa and pulled Peppa down so that she was lying face down over her lap; she stroked the upraised bottom, pushing the thighs apart to run her finger lightly through the smooth pussy lips, smiling at the way Peppas body trembled with every touch.

Without warning she swatted the back of Peppa’s thigh eliciting a muffled squeal, she watched enthralled as a red handprint appeared on the white flesh. Shifting her aim she made an identical imprint on the other thigh, Juliet was overjoyed with the result and carefully slapped her way up both legs and over Peppa’s bottom giving the virgin skin a rosy glow, she completely ignored the garbled protests coming from her victim.

Then with her right hand massaging the burning globes Juliet ran the fingernails of her left hand from Peppa’s neck down her back to her waist, this caused the girl to stiffen and arch her back as she emitted a guttural moan before slumping forward once again. Juliet ran her fingertips over the four long parallel red scratches, loving the power she now held over the girl.

She drew her finger between the swollen pussy lips amazed at how wet they were, she wiped her sticky hand on Peppa’s behind, "you really love this don't you? God you're such a slut."

Peppa felt a small thrill pulse through her on hearing the insult but tensed when she felt hands parting her buttocks, she gasped as something pressed against her bottom and began to slowly ease inside. It wasn't large but she had never had anything in her behind before and she felt the beginnings of panic, then something slid into her pussy and she realized it was Juliet’s thumb in her arse while her fingers fucked her cunt. The digits began sliding in and out and a wet slurping sound was clearly audible, Peppa couldn't prevent her hips moving in response and she felt ashamed, she hated it, she loved it.

Her climax was building, her fists clenched inside their mittens and tugged uselessly against their bindings, she tried to push her crotch back against the busy hand but to her dismay the fingers were removed. She felt empty and hollow and screamed into her gag in her frustration. This hurt worse than being spanked.

Tears of humiliation ran down her cheeks, Juliet had pushed her from her lap and had her stand against a wall, with her ankles chained together and following instructions Peppa had to squat slightly to part her thighs thus exposing her most private parts so that Juliet could insert the vibrators, one in her pussy the other in her arse, she had renewed the batteries and flipped the on switch before refastening the crotch strap tightly holding the plastic intruders in place.

"Now you just stand there like a good little pet, I have things to do," Juliet said as she hooked the leash onto a coat hook, she slipped an elasticated blindfold over Peppa’s head plunging her into darkness and pushed her against the wall until her nose was touching "I want you to stay just like that, if you move from this spot I'll take the whip to you," the threat had Peppa pushing her face firmly against the wall, she didn't know whether Juliet would really whip her but she wasn't going to risk finding out.

The vibrators though were humming away deep inside her and after just a few minutes she was writhing unashamedly trying to combat the ever nearing orgasm; she so wanted to cum but she didn't want to cum in front of Juliet, that would be just too humiliating but she couldn't fight it, and with the assault on both her arse and her pussy her resistance was crumbling by the second. She tried squeezing her legs together but that only made the feeling more intense and then she was almost there. Her face and chest pressed against the wall, her legs were weakening and she slumped, when her hard nipples scraped on the rough wall it happened; she felt the muscles of her pussy and arse contract around the vibrators, she jerked spasmodically and struggled to suck air in through her nose, she slid lower and pressed her nipples harder to the wall wanting the pain, she closed her eyes and literally saw stars as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Five minutes later an exhausted and completely subdued Peppa sagged against the wall, she would have collapsed to the floor but for the short leash so she squatted until her legs grew too tired and she was forced back to her feet. That was when she cried, she cried in self-pity, because of the hurt and the humiliation and because she was so weak. She had set out to gain some sort of revenge but had instead allowed her trusting and submissive nature to overrule her common sense, now she didn't know how or when she might get out of this situation or worse what Juliet might do to her before she did escape. So she waited blind and mute, the vibrators still doing what they did inside her but she was now so tired and her pussy so sensitive it was just uncomfortable.

Juliet pulled Peppa to the centre of the room for more fun and games, she couldn't stifle a giggle as she watched her squirm; she amused herself tormenting her prisoner with a pinch here, a prod there or a squeeze of a defenceless breast. Blindfolded, Peppa never knew when or where the next indignity would come from and she grew more angry and frustrated with her inability to defend herself. Eventually she could take no more, she screamed into the gag and stamped her feet as fast as the hobble would allow.

Laughing at the girl's antics Juliet took pity and removed the blindfold, she pulled the gag from Peppa’s mouth releasing a large amount of drool which spilled onto her small breasts "ow or ese m ory" she tried to speak but her jaws wouldn't work, with saliva running down her chin she worked her mouth up and down wincing with the pain and tried again " no more please I'm sorry, I promise to be good," she managed to say in a slurred voice.

Juliet took hold of the leash and pulled Peppa down to her knees while she sat on the sofa, she jerked the leash to make Peppa look at her “we have another day together to do just what we want, to really enjoy ourselves. If you behave yourself and do everything I tell you we’ll have fun, If not you'll be hurt, it's all the same to me so you decide."

Peppa knew when she was beaten, Juliet could do whatever she wanted and there was nothing she could do to stop her, it was early afternoon Saturday, nobody was expecting to see her until Monday morning, Juliet could keep her a prisoner for another day and a half, her only choice was to go along with whatever she said in the hope she would go easy on her.

Her voice was one of pleading, hope and sadness "I'll behave, I promise I will, please don't hurt me?"

Juliet stroked the side of Pappas face and smiled "of course I won't hurt you, not much anyway, I just want some fun. now, last night you couldn't resist eating my pussy, we both know you're a dyke so I'm going to be extra nice to you; I’m going to let you eat me now and then again and again until I can't take anymore, and then we'll think of something else for you to do," she placed her foot on Peppa’s chest and pushed, with a surprised squeak the girl fell onto her back.

Languidly Juliet unfolded from the sofa and knelt astride Pappas head, with a superior smirk she raised her skirt and using two fingers parted the lips of her pussy.

Looking up into the naked crotch of her tormentor Peppa was transfixed by the glistening folds, she felt her pulse quicken and her breathing become shallow as Juliet slowly lowered herself onto her mouth. She didn't know if she could do this, she had no qualms about it last night, but she was drunk then she reminded herself, this was a different situation entirely, and she was about to plead when something touched her lips and she subconsciously strained her neck upwards to meet the wet flesh. Juliet’s crotch settled on her face and Peppa met her with open mouth and as if on its own accord her tongue plunged deep inside the gaping cunt.

She was not experienced in sexual matters and her only contact with another woman was the previous night so she did what she thought she herself would like. She licked and caressed the delicate flesh with her tongue, using the tip to swirl around and over the woman's clit and when Juliet pushed down she sucked the small bud between her lips flicking it firmly. It all seemed to come naturally and Peppa soon found herself thinking less of what she should do and instead she just enjoyed the pleasure she was giving to the woman dominating her, and the more Juliet enjoyed the more aroused Peppa became.

'Fuck but this girl is good,' Juliet thought, she lifted herself slightly from the tongue which was rapidly bringing her to orgasm; she wanted to draw this out, make it last. She leaned forward to move her pussy over the busy mouth and found her hands resting on Peppa’s hips, she looked at the newly shaved pussy between the spread thighs and on impulse placed her Palm over the glistening lips and then eased one, two fingers inside. Peppa’s hips pushed up against the hand and her tongue delved deeper in Juliet’s pussy.

'The little lesbian slut loves it,' Juliet thought, 'let's see just how far she'll go.'

Using both hands she spread the girls labia wide and plunged her fingers deep, she added a third then a forth finger, pushing hard and fast into the dripping hole, her wet hand sliding over the sensitive clit. Peppa began writhing hard beneath her and pushed her face into the other woman’s crotch, Juliet felt near to orgasm again and she could tell Peppa was also close to her own climax, determined to show her who was in control she withdrew her hand and laid one hard slap square on Peppa’s pussy. The girl yelped into the smothering cunt and bucked so hard Juliet was almost thrown off her perch, one more slap then she turned her attention to the nipples, they stood out long and hard and so inviting to be played with. She gripped each one between thumb and forefinger, squeezing, pulling and twisting.

Peppa yelled as much as the pussy crushing her face would allow, she was so close and then the pain started, her crotch then her nipples were punished, she thought she couldn't bare it but then the pain connected to that spot deep inside and each pinch, each slap was like an electric shock centred on her pussy, she spread her legs as much as the hobble would allow inviting the abuse, wanting it, needing it, cumming with it.

Juliet was amazed, the more she mistreated the slut the more she enjoyed it, she slapped, she pinched and she scratched and Peppa grew more and more animated and sucked and licked on Juliet’s pussy with increased vigour. There was no way now that she could deny herself and applying two hard smacks to each of Peppa’s breasts she leaned back covering the girls face with her arse, she ground her hips down hard as Peppa’s mouth attached itself to her pussy, her tongue delving as deep as it would go determined to bring her boss to orgasm, she seemed to ignore the fact that she could no longer breath.

In such an aroused state Juliet clutched at her own breasts, kneading them through the fabric of her dress, her eyes were closed and her mouth stretched wide in a silent scream as her body jerked in orgasm. The muscles of her pussy clenched spasmodically as if trying to draw Peppa into her, then she stiffened and the tendons of her neck were standing out, she gripped her breasts, her fingers digging into her full boobs as wave after wave of pure pleasure washed through her.

When the feeling became too intense to bare Juliet collapsed to the floor and curled into a ball, her body shaking and her pussy convulsing. She lay still for some minutes beside her bound plaything luxuriating in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm of her life.

Peppa waited silently, she so longed to achieve her own climax but she felt confused; she had been used as nothing more than a sex toy for Juliet’s pleasure and had almost become delirious with the sheer sensations it bought, the humiliation only adding to the experience, so much so that she had actually felt proud that she had caused such a response from her enemy.


Juliet cuddled in close with her head resting on Peppa’s shoulder as she idly played with one of the girl’s nipples "I think I want to tie you up now," she declared.

Peppa hadn't spoken at all and she stayed silent now, she had thought that this whole thing might be all over now but it seemed she was wrong, she wondered what Juliet intended and how she could be tied more than she was. But most of all she wondered why her pussy throbbed in anticipation?


With her feet crossed at the ankles and tied with rope and her knees held wide by a broom handle Peppa felt more exposed than ever, her crotch was spread and defenceless but so far Juliet showed no inclination to take advantage, in fact she had smacked Peppa’s thigh when she dared to push her hips toward the hands tying her.

Pulling her into a sitting position Juliet attempted to tie her breasts; she wound rope around the base of each one but as she tried to pull it tight the rope slipped off, so she fashioned small nooses but again there was not enough flesh for the cord to grip, after three attempts Juliet gave up and with her face close to Pappas chest she admonished the small mounds "why don't you grow up you stupid little things, you spoil all my fun, God I hate you," she actually shook her finger at the offenders, and when she looked at Peppa’s face they both dissolved into fits of laughter.

Peppa sat with her shoulders shaking uncontrollably; Juliet lay on her back rolling from side to side holding her belly.

Eventually Juliet regained her self-control and she looked again at Peppa’s boobs, in a quiet voice she said "no I don't hate them, I love them, they're beautiful," and she gently ran the tips of her fingers over one breast, Peppa bit her lip as she gazed down at her, she was disappointed that her inadequate body had let her down but she was also so pleased with the compliment.


Twenty minutes later Peppa was a neat package on the lounge floor; she had Juliet’s panties filling her mouth with a thin leather belt tight around her head holding them in place. Another belt was connected to this and then to her ankles holding her head forward almost touching her feet. Juliet had satisfied herself with crushing Peppa’s breasts beneath three wide belts pulled to unbelievable tightness around her chest.

Peppa had to take small breaths and was unable to move her body, but she could move her eyes and she could see the wetness seeping from between her thighs and the small puddle beginning to form on the floor.

Juliet placed a vibrator just in front of her toy "You’re welcome to use that if you can shift yourself to it. I'm going to cook us a meal so I'll need to go to the shop for food, I'll leave you to amuse yourself for an hour or two.”

Peppa looked longingly at the vibrator, she would never be able to reach it, and she knew she wouldn’t be having an orgasm until Juliet allowed it. So she decided she would obey and be a good slave in the hope she didn’t have to wait too long.

Juliet slipped her shoes on and picked up her bag “I shouldn’t be too long, after dinner I think I might spank you, that’ll be fun don’t you think? And then we have all night and all day tomorrow to play, I have so many ideas, we're going to have so much fun," she kissed Peppa lovingly on the nose and walked happily from the room.


A week later.

A new look and confident Peppa walked through the office, Stephanie watched her cross to her desk, she sneered at the fashionable hairstyle and the impossibly long legs in their short skirt. ‘The dirty lesbo is trying to get fucked’ she thought.

"Look out, the lesbo is on the pull, make sure to keep a grip on your knickers," she said aloud, she looked around for anyone appreciative of her humour.

"Just get on with your work Steph and keep your opinions to yourself," the voice of authority declared. She turned sharply to see Juliet standing at her office doorway; guiltily she pretended to be interested in a folder on her desk

"You… My office now," Juliet said pointing to Peppa.

‘You’re for it now,’ Stephanie thought and sneered as the girl walked by, then she turned away to hide her embarrassment when Peppa smiled sweetly and blew her a kiss.

Pushing the door closed Juliet crossed to her desk and sat on the edge "are you deliberately trying to upset my staff walking around like a slut?" Juliet asked.

Peppa stood with her hands behind her back and her head bowed looking at the floor "You told me to dress like this," she answered. She had her bottom lip protruding in a show of petulance.

Juliet pushed herself off the desk and marched across the room, she gripped the back of Peppa’s neck and forcefully pushed her face up against the wall, she stood in close and slid her right hand around her body and between the girls thighs while the left mauled the delicious breasts, with her lips close to Peppa’s ear she hissed "don't fucking talk back to me you bitch," she then nibbled Peppa’s earlobe “I wonder, should I spank you now or when we get home?" she whispered.

Peppa had her hands flat to the wall above her head. She pushed her arse back into Juliet’s groin and turned her face slightly; she felt her supervisor’s tongue on her lips and asked breathlessly "can I have both please Miss?"

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