Revenge 3: A Day in the Park

by LorasPa6

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Storycodes: F/m; M+/mf; femdom; chast; kidnap; bond; hood; captives; collar; rescue; cons/nc; X

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Part 3: A Day in the Park

The silence is deafening. I am alone in our big home at the moment. Well I am the only conscious person anyhow, as my infant Daughter Juli is asleep in my owner's office. My name is michael; I am a male belonging to Miss Justine Solomon, my childhood sweetheart and love of my life. We live in a beautiful estate with our beloved Daughter Juliet or simply Juli, and my property-sister liz. Ours is a unique family relationship and history. I prefer to try to forget the events that lead us to this arrangement.

Miss Justine has decided to go on a long weekend to an all-Female resort to celebrate a recent successful business project. Since no males were allowed I could not go, but liz being a property female was allowed to go as an attendant, but she is not allowed to partake in the recreational facilities.

They left this morning in a taxi. So it has just been little Juli and I in the house. Miss Justine insisted liz have the house spotless before they left so I would have very little to worry about. So I played with Juli most of the morning, and challenged my 'Notepad-male' to chess for an hour. Soon Milady's Mother, Miss Allison will be here to spend the rest of the weekend with us. This way I am not unsupervised for longer then the eighteen hours a day that I am allowed by law.

I stop in the office and check that my darling Juli is still sleeping soundly in her crib when I hear the front door open.

"michael, I am here!" echoes down the front hall.

I rush out the door and signal her to be quiet. "Juli is sleeping Mother Alli." She insists I call her that in the privacy of family, even though the term 'Miss' is the socially accepted term, and expected way for a male to address a Female, she says that is for young Females, not old Motherly Females.

"Come over here child, give me a big hug."

"Of course Mother."

We embrace and she kisses me deeply. "I have been waiting for this weekend child; both to spend time with you and my Granddaughter."

Miss Allison (Mother Alli) simply adores me. She has known me since I was a child and always said what a good young male I was becoming and how my Mother did such a good job teaching me proper loving respect for Females. She was so happy when my Mother called to say that she had chosen Miss Justine as my owner over all the other applicants, she threw an Ownership Party for us, something that is usually done only by the wealthy and famous Females.

I of course also adore Mother Alli. She is very much like how my Mother was, believing in a firm, yet loving, control of the male members of the species. Maybe this shared philosophy was why she and my Mother were such close friends. Miss Allison had strong genes; Miss Justine herself is almost the spitting image of her Mother at that age, as is her younger Daughter, Miss Amanda. Of course Mother Alli's red hair is now streaked with grey/white strands and she is a bit heavier now. But she carries these new curves in all the right places. I will be a lucky male if my Owner follows in her Mother's lead when she ages.

Mother Alli is also one of only four Females that Miss Justine has authorized to open my genital device and have the right to demand sex from me whenever they choose. Mother Alli says soon she will be able to ride me 'bareback' as she is close to the age where she will be physically unable to breed (she has been too old to legally breed for more than a few years), I do not know for sure what this means but I have a good idea. Sometimes the Females, especially the older ones who were raised in the transition years of the United Earth Government, have such obscure terminology and use words we males are taught we should never speak because they are vulgarities from a male.

One thing that is a problem with Mother Alli is she despises liz for her transgressions of the past. Despite Miss Justine's allowing her into our family, Mother Alli does not trust her and is outright mean to liz.

liz, to her credit, has maintained neutral attitude to Miss Allison when in person, but has come to me in private crying about the abuse to expel the anger and stress from her mind. I have mentioned to Milady that one day Mother Alli will push too much and liz will say or do something she will regret. In response Miss Justine has asked me to always try to keep liz very busy when her Mother is with us, in hopes that if she is busy elsewhere, Mother Alli would have less chance and reason to upset liz.

Mother Alli breaks off the hug, and playfully runs a hand across the area where my penis is contained under the genital device. "You be a good male and take my bag upstairs to my room, I will go look in on my Granddaughter."

"Yes Ma'am, of course."

The main house had six bedrooms, the Mistress Suite where Miss Justine and I sleep, one is set up for Mother Alli, the smallest room was converted into a room for liz, and the remaining bedrooms are for guests. I recommended we convert one of the guest rooms into a nursery for Juli, but Milady insisted we have enough room in the expansive Mistress Suite, for the baby's needs at this time.

I placed the bag on top of the dresser, and turned down the queen size bed. liz had placed fresh flowers from the back flower garden in the vases this morning, which gave the room a pleasant scent. I have the feeling I will be sleeping in this bed tonight.

When I returned to the first floor, Mother Alli was holding Juli in her arms and making funny faces and noises. I put on my best serious face and planted my hands on my hips to look authorative. "Miss Allison! Did you go and wake up my Daughter?" I only partially managed to keep the smile from my face.

"My aren't you the 'mother bear' child?" She gave a sly smile. "Not intentionally, I woke up my Granddaughter when I kissed her, because she was such a sleeping beauty." She rubbed noses with Juli. "Yes you are a beauty! michael have you ate yet?"

"No Ma'am I was waiting for you, in case you had not on your way here."

"Then go pack a cooler with some sandwiches, chips, bottled water, and some baby bottles. We are going to the park for a little picnic. I'll get Juliet ready and stock the diaper bag."

"Yes Mother Alli, that is a great idea!" With Miss Justine so focused on work lately, it had been several weeks since I have left the estate with my Daughter to relax.

When we arrived at the park we located a shady spot to protect Juli from too much direct sunlight (my lovely Daughter had inherited her Mother and Grandmother's red hair and the natural pale complexion associated with it). I laid out a blanket and set out the food. When we were done we let Juli crawl about the blanket. She laughed and played. Miss Allison had dozed off while Juli and I played tug with one of her toy rings when we were approached be a Policefemale and her rather large male enforcer.

"You male, present yourself for identification." I of course instantly stood and exposed the identification collar I was required to wear around my neck whenever I leave home. She scanned it and compared me to the display of her notepad, then looked at Miss Allison with a little concern in her face. "Is this your Owner michael?"

"No officer, she is my Owner's Mother; Miss Allison Solomon."

"Is there a problem officer?" I had thought Miss Allison was more asleep so she surprised me.

"Just doing a spot-check Ma'am, if you will show me your ID so I can verify you are who the male claims. And the child, whose is she?"

Miss Allison passed her identification card to the officer. "Both the child and the male are my eldest Daughter's. Justine Solomon is her name. I brought them here for a little fresh air while she is out of town for the weekend."

"Alright, everything is in order. We had reports of freemales approaching Females and children in the parks the last few weeks. Some of them have reportedly had Females with them. So we have been checking, especially with Females and males with an apparent age difference"

"Oh dear I had not heard of that." Miss Allison exclaimed.

"It is not public yet as none of these incidents have been confirmed. Have a good day Miss Solomon."

"Thank you, a good day to you also officer."

I watched them leave, thinking to myself how well the enforcer must be trained to be controlled by such a slight (in comparison) Female. I felt a pull on my pants. "michael be a dear and massage my neck and shoulders, they are terribly stiff."

"Of course Mother." I moved behind her and began to rub her shoulders.

All of a sudden I heard a strange male voice behind me "Don't make a move, either of you!" I felt something jabbed into my back.

"What do you want? If you want food you can have all that we have left, we don't have any electronics or cash." I said when the shock wore off.

"All we want is you two, grab the brat too."

"No you keep your hands off my Granddaughter." Miss Allison grabbed up Juli.

"Don't listen well do you bitch? Fine you carry your precious grandbaby; it's what a woman is for anyway. Bag 'em both, and cuff him"

I was restrained and had my vision cut off by a canvas hood, and from the sounds of it the same was happening to Miss Allison. By the feel of the terrain and the branches hitting my arms I knew we were led into the woods, before being loaded into a motor vehicle.

I could hear Miss Allison comforting Juli. I wished I could see my precious little girl right now. The van stops and I am pulled from my seat and dragged through a door. My wrists were swiftly uncuffed and reattached behind a post. I hear Juli cry and Miss Allison screaming about giving her back. "What are you doing? Leave them alone!"

My hood was removed. When my eyes adjusted to the light I could see Miss Allison against a post opposite me. There were four males about the room, two of them carrying guns that I had never seen before. One was putting Juli in a simple crib, and the last was a few inches in front of my face, staring at me. All except the one in front of me were dirty and rather unkempt. The one looking at me looked like an average male you would see on the streets, Identicollar and all.

He smiled as I checked him out. He unsnapped the collar and tossed it on a table. "Just costuming, we're all free men, working to free other men and swell our ranks by any means possible. You have two choices male, die, or join us." He fingered my collar, "We will relieve you of this, but the fancy underwear, well that is another thing. Does the old bitch have the ability to remove it?"

"No, Miss Allison cannot remove it." I lied.

"Anyone you know that can?"

"Just my owner." These beasts kidnapped us in broad daylight, I was not about to tell them about Miss Amanda, Lucy, or Adrianne and risk them being dragged into this.

"Shame we could have used some fresh sperm in the breeding pool."

He turned to Miss Allison and pulled down her pants. "Can you still bear children bitch?"

"What if I can't?"

"Then you are useless." He snapped at her.

"Let Miss Allison and my Daughter go, and I'll join you." Miss Allison looked at me in surprise.

"No, the brat is going to be used to breed as soon as she is able, and if the old bitch can't breed she's dead." He looked back at me. "Care to join her or us?"

"Please, let my Daughter go." I was staring to cry.

"Ahh! Look at the 'male' slave cry for his baby." The word male was said with an insulting tone. "No, like these 'holier than thou' cows, we don't give up our breed stock. The girl stays with us and will be used over and over as a baby machine."

The next I remember I was kicking the well-dressed freemale's body where he lay on the ground. My hands were still cuffed behind me. "That is enough michael, he is not getting up." I turn and come face to throat with the male enforcer we saw in the park.

"ben! What were you thinking? I said to wait for backup."

"I'm sorry Ma'am but I had to make a snap decision, these two would have shot michael in the back. He took out half of them himself."

I ran to the crib Juli was in. She smiled at seeing my face; I leaned in and kissed her. The Policefemale unlocked Miss Allison's and then my own cuffs. As soon as my hands were free I took Juliet in my arms and held her tightly

"What happened ben? I only turned away for a minute!"

"That one was talking, and michael pulled the column from the floor and charged him. Knocked him and the guy behind him against the wall hard. I saw the other two aim their guns at him and I charged in and caught them both from behind."

"benjamin, do you expect me to believe this slight of a male did this?" Pointing to the broken post.

Miss Allison spoke up for the first time. "Mother bear."

"What?" The Policefemale gave Miss Allison a confused look.

Miss Allison smiled at me. "michael went off like a mother bear defending her cubs. That 'man' was gloating that they would use my Granddaughter for breeding. He pissed michael off enough that he went into a rage to protect his Daughter! He truly did do this himself, I saw it."

More Police and enforcers arrived. One distinguished Female started barking orders. "Secure the perimeter and building!" She walked into the room we were in. "Good job Officer Heinline. Get them out of here and get their statements."

ben guided us to the door with the Officer behind us. "It was all the males this time Captain. It will be in the reports."

We told our story to ben's recorder as Officer Heinline took some long-hand notes and asked questions. When the official recording was complete Miss Allison looked at the Policefemale. "How did you find us? It can't be a coincident that the same officer that confronted us in the park found us here so fast, likely miles from the park."

She laughed. "We had walked maybe a quarter mile when ben remembered why the name Justine Solomon sounded so familiar. Because of all the changes to the male Courts after michael's trial of course. So we doubled back. Not every day we come across a male celebrity you know. And we found your picnic abandoned. I called in to have his genital device's GPS activated and followed it here. When we found you, I turned to watch our back while calling for backup, and all hell broke out."

An enforcer came running over. "Ma'am they found six more Females in the building, and they have been abused and raped repeatedly. The Captain ordered all enforcers out and all available Females in, because each of the victims seem to be suffering Shanghai Syndrome or Androphobia to one degree or another."

"Alright you return to your post, ben you stay here. Wait, Miss Solomon are you going to be okay with being alone with michael and enforcer ben?"

"Yes dear, I trust michael explicitly, and I have faith your enforcer is a well-trained and professional male."

With a nod Officer Heinline went back in the building.

I tugged at Mother Alli's shirt. "Ma'am what's Andro's Phobia?"

ben smiled at him, "It is Androphobia, fear of the male. Sometimes Females who survive a traumatic event at the hands of a male suffer from it. Others can become dependent on the male and the torture after a long time, that's Shanghai Syndrome."

"I know that one; I had to learn about it for my appearance in male Court." I hugged Juli a little tighter knowing I almost never had her because of that time.

ben placed his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye. "michael you did something foolish you could have gotten yourself killed, if we had not been here you would be dead. Why?"

"I am not a good male; I acted like a man, on instinct." I hung my head in shame.

"You fought against the odds in protection of your family's Females, you were willing to die rather than let them come to harm. That is the instinct of a parent, not the behavior of a man. I am proud to call you a male!" He smiled at me. "We enforcers are some of the most highly trained and educated males on Earth. If you were a bit more muscular, I believe you would have been a perfect enforcer. Your protective instincts are spot on, even if your tactical skills are lacking."

By the end of that day, besides the four that had grabbed Miss Allison, Juli and I, ten more freemales were captured, with four more Females that were suffering from extreme Shanghai Syndrome and were being used to blend in as Owner/male couples in public.

When we were finally released, Officer Heinline and ben took us to pick up our belongings in the park. The area had been roped off as a crime scene shortly after our disappearance was reported. When they dropped us off at home is was a little after 8PM, Juli was cranky with the dramatic change in routine.

I got Juli changed, fed, and settled into her proper crib. I stood there looking down at my baby girl when Mother Alli walked in and took my hand. "michael come..."

I put my finger up to her mouth. "No Mother Alli, I need to stay here tonight. I know you have been looking forward to having me in bed. But tonight I need to focus on being with Juli."

"Yes indeed, definitely a mother bear." She flashed a smile I love because it is the same one as Milady's. "Okay michael, I respect that. Pull over that couch and we will sit here and watch her sleep."

Soon Mother Alli was asleep with her head on my shoulder.

"michaaaeeel, michaaeeel sweetie." I thought I was dreaming. "michael do not move just look at me." I open my eyes to the whisper and see my lovely Owner standing over the back of the couch, Looking down on myself and Mother Alli. "Rough day my love?"

"Miss Justine? What are you doing here?"

"I got a call that you and Mom were involved in some sort of trouble, so we made our way home. I understand you decided to be a hero."

"No Milady, I did not decide that. I did not think, I acted in anger. I am not deserv... oww" A sudden sharp pain in my side made me stop mid-sentence. Mother Alli had elbowed me.

"No michael, stop it! No self-reparations. Yes it was instinct, but a good instinct, one of love for your child. I doubt being shot would even have stopped you."

"Sorry Mom, didn't mean to wake you."

"Nonsense Justine. I am asleep in your room on your male. Nothing to be sorry about. Although maybe you should punish him for refusing to come to bed with me."

My eyes must have reflected the shock I felt that Mother Alli suggested this. She laughed at my reaction, and winked at me.

Miss Justine laughed with a knowing smile at her Mother "I think it is obvious where his thoughts were Mother. I don't think punishment is justified."

Mother Alli sat up and kissed me. "Well I expect no excuses for you to spend some time with me in bed tomorrow."

Miss Justine laughed again. "Today, it is two in the morning, and I promise he will." Miss Justine kissed Mother Alli's cheek. "Now you go to bed, I want to take your place."

The door closed behind Mother Alli and Miss Justine indeed took her place. I felt a kiss on my opposite cheek and turned to see liz standing there still in her Identicollar and travelling clothes. "I am glad you and Juliet are unhurt michael. It must have been scary, but your heart did what it needed for Juliet's sake." liz pulled the chair from Miss Justine's vanity closer and joined our little vigil.

"Milady, I am sorry I messed up your weekend. You worked hard and earned this vacation."

"No michael, it would have messed up my vacation if something serious happened to any of you. As it is I'm just thankful my family is intact and unhurt. There will be other spa retreat weekends."


A few weeks later Officer Heinline and ben were to be awarded Meritorious Service Awards for our rescue. Miss Allison and I were asked to help present the award. The ten Females rescued that day were also in attendance on the raised platform with us (I later learned it was part of their social rehabilitation). I felt very awkward in a dress suit, I only wore them usually for parties that Miss Justine attended for work or holidays.

I was effectively ambushed on the stage when my own name was announced for an award; 'male Bravery in the Defense of Females'. Miss Allison got up and told the audience of my actions with pride and finally presented me with the award. I managed to mutter a polite thank you, but between my shyness and shock, I was unable to develop more comprehensive thoughts then that. I think if Miss Justine had not been down in the front row, and Miss Allison had not had her arm around my shoulder, I may have ran from stage. When I returned to my seat ben patted my shoulder and shook my hand in congratulations. With a smile he said; "You did good kid, so much for 'a day in the park' meaning easy."


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