Revenge 1: Trial of Love

by LorasPa6

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© Copyright 2013 - LorasPa6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; femdom; court; trial; cuffs; chast; electro; detention; torment; deception; oral; climax; cons/nc; XX

Part 1: Trial of Love

* Background of this universe

In an alternate timeline, a feminist was elected as the President of the United States in 1920, bringing change that slowly crept over the world. By the 40s women were the ruling class in most of the world; only those areas of the Middle East and Africa where women had little to no rights to begin with, were men still in control. These were also the only areas where male violence of any form still occurred on a regular basis. In the year 1953 the United Earth Government was founded and the global election was held for the World Presidency and Senate with only the male controlled regions not being a part of the government. In 1958 the Female dominated Senate passed the Male Decitizenship and Ownership Bill.

All males became the property of their wives or registered girlfriend. Single males became wards of the state, until they were assigned to a single woman. Normally women were allowed only one male. Women were only allowed to breed while she was between the ages of 18 and 36, and only with her own male. Women were allowed sex with any other consenting woman and a male who’s Owner consented to his use, but protection from breeding and disease had to be used in these encounters. Lesbians had a choice of owning a male for breeding, or owning a female stripped of citizenship for pleasure. Eventually allotments were made for Lesbians who owned females and Females who had infertile males to get a license to 'borrow' males for breeding. The Lesbians though had the option of the male inseminating her female property rather than herself.

It was decided male children would be the property of their Mother who, had rights to make arrangements for the boy’s ownership to a Female in the first half of the breeding age range. Ownership was transferred between the male's 18th and 19th birthday. Any male who did not have a signed Ownership Agreement on their 19th birthday were taken into custody by the local Male Control Board and issued to a Female who did not own a male from the waiting list.

The judicial system was overhauled also. The Female Court was very similar to the old US Justice system, lawyers, judge and jury of their peers. The male Court system was strictly a bench trial arrangement with no jury of peers. When the judgment was passed the sentencing was decided upon by an anonymous in-court Review Board assigned by the local Male Control Board's Judicial Oversight department. These women attend the trial and would have access to all testimony and evidence.

Males were property but were to still be treated humanely, any Females found to have abused their males (over and above what was required for discipline) or other female's property were also sent to male Court. If found in contempt of the Humane Laws of Male Control, the Female could be sent to prison or be stripped of her citizenship, assigned as property of a Lesbian or as a breeder for older Females who failed to conceive during the breeding age.

Of course there were male resistance groups, who avoided capture and caused trouble, and also occasional escaped males but in the years that came, their quantities had dwindled to a low number.

Now in 2014 most of the males accept this life, as they had grown up with the Female dominated governments, and those that were born into this culture just accepted it as it was taught to them with their basic elementary reading and arithmetic.

This brings us to our tale of a Female whose beloved male was confiscated and charged with Owner Rape. One of the most viscous crimes a male can commit. A crime both the Female and her property vehemently deny.

*The Judgment

"We have nothing to worry about Justine, with your testimony that you ordered this action from your male, Judge Alphons has no choice but to dismiss the charges. michael will be going home with you today."

The beautiful redhead looked at me, "I hope so Adrianne, but her attitude towards myself and michael disturbs me. I would still like to know how they got that recording and who made the allegation. The Prosecution's claim that I am a victim and suffer from Shanghai Syndrome really upsets me too."

"Yes me too, but Prosecutor Herring is just trying to discredit your testimony. I think the Judge could see through that. All the testimony by your fellows should be enough to convince her it is not true. Judge Alfons may be a male hater, which in my opinion means she should not preside over male Court, but she has to see the adoration for you in michael. Christ he literally radiated love when you were on the stand." A beep from my Notepad interrupted the conversation. I read the message that appeared on the screen. "Good she has her judgment already, that's good for us, let's go in there and get your boy back."

Justine sat behind the clear wall where she could see and hear everything. While I and her michael stood at the defense table on the other side of the wall, michael's limbs were restrained as they had been whenever he was in court over the last week.

The brawny bailiff said at the top of her voice "michael Delanoe Solomon, Property of Justine Solomon, prepare for judgment."

I put a reassuring hand on michael's shoulder "He is prepared."

Judge Melissa Alfons entered the room and took her seat. The smile on the old hag's face sent a chill through my spine. I could see the same happen to michael next to me as he dared to look up, I had lost my confident air at that moment.

"michael Delanoe Solomon, Property of Justine Solomon, by the power invested in me by the Male Control Board of the city of New York, I find you Guilty of the crime of Owner Rape and pass you to the Review Board for sentencing."

The room was silent for a moment. The Females who knew Justine and michael and had been in attendance were in shock. michael fell to his knees weeping. On the other side of the wall the noise of anger and disbelief erupted from her friends, family, and coworkers, Justine had started beating on the two inch thick clear plastic between us in anger.

"Silence in my court!!"

The crowd quieted enough for me to announce plans to appeal the decision.

"That is your Female Client's right counselor, but for now his fate is in the board's hands and I recommend they issue immediate re-education and reassignment. Review Board will now deliberate." I knew Justine's heart must have stopped with the judge's recommendation.

At that pronouncement the panel of five hooded women who had been sitting silently in review of the proceedings walked through a door next to their seats.

I already had told Justine early on this could take minutes or days for them to come to a majority, if it went to the Review Board, an event I had been confidant wouldn't occur.

*The Sentencing

The light went green over the door within ten minutes. One by one the Review Board returned to their seats from the door. The last stayed standing at her seat. Her voice was amplified through the room. "It is the decision of this board that the property michael be returned to his Owner, Justine Solomon, within three days, he is under house arrest and his male genital device will remain in place and locked by the MCB until the Owner's appeal is decided." Judge Alfons showed intense anger at the council which grew with their next announcement. "Also this board is using its discretion to order an Oversight Committee Review of this Proceeding and Judge Alphons's fitness for the bench."

"You can't do that!" screamed the Judge.

The Forewoman of the Board stared daggers at the judge through the opaque hood that hid her identity. "Section 17.5a of the Judicial Code for male Punishment says a Review Board who unanimously agrees the ruling of the judge is wrong can make a declaration for a review of the proceeding. Furthermore Section 65.5b states that if a majority of the review board feels as if the Judge is allowing her personal feelings outweigh the testimony the Board MUST call for a fitness review by the MCB. We are not only in our rights, but it is our obligation to do as such in the interest of humane treatment of males." The remaining four women nod their head in agreement. "We feel, with the testimony offered by prosecution and defense witnesses, your verdict is unjustified. There is no proof of Shanghai Syndrome as offered by prosecution, and you did not order the supposed Owner-victim for a MCB psychological review to confirm or deny this, as is required by law. Also your suggestive punishment is both unprofessional and oversteps your authority as a male Court judge."

"You are a bunch of bleeding heart liberalettes. You are dismissed! I will have each of your hoods!"

The board filed out of the room and the judge ordered the prisoner returned to holding and the room cleared. The bailiff picked michael off the floor as if he was a doll. He was in such shock he offered no resistance.

*The Aftermath

Outside the court Justine was being consoled by her Mother and best friends. Crying she said "How am I going to get pregnant if michael is locked in one of those things? Mom I love him, and he loves me, you know it!"

I approached her. "Don't worry Justine, I have already been approached by a rep of the city MCB and got a message from a state rep also. Evidently the Review Board contacted them while in deliberations and they are fast tracking the Oversight Committee review of this case. But now it is even more personal to me. Someone obviously has sights on you and/or michael for some reason, and the Judge is in their pocket. I suspected that about the investigation force to have even let it get to court, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, until now."

Allison, Justine's Mother, spoke up "Who would do that to her, she does not have any powerful enemies or rivals."

"I wish I knew, but I promise..." I took Justine’s hand in my own to give her strength, "...we will find out together. In the meantime I will also file for a Breeding Exception to arrange supervised conjugal sessions. We will need to file an affidavit that you only wish to breed with michael. If approved quickly, that will give you a chance to become pregnant by him while the other processes are ongoing."


The evening news ran the story of the trial verdict, and the Review Board's statements. After all Owner Rape is a very rare and serious crime in today's culture, there was less than 50 in the whole UEG last year. The commentaries all lambasted Judge Alphons's decision and decried that such heartfelt testimony by the supposed victim and her friends and family did not support the Judge's decision in the least.

Meanwhile, with these running on the various screens in my office, I, Adrianne Harking, and my small staff were calling in every favor we had with the City Police, New York State Records Database, and the Male Control Board to get as much information on the tip to the Investigation Force, Judge Alphons and even Prosecutor Char Herring, to see if we could connect the dots of what I was seeing as a conspiracy against my client Justine or Justine's property, michael.

Two days later we caught a break, the number that called in the anonymous tip cross-referenced to a phone belonging to one of the residents in a neighboring apartment to Justine's. Furthermore this number called in tips about males from several neighboring apartments having committed crimes, but the others were minor and considered unfounded.

I was on my way to oversee the installation of the home arrest system and Justine's training in its use. I was just a half block from the building when my Notepad announced a new message. It was from my genealogy researcher, she discovered a link between the Owner of the phone making the tips and Judge Alphons. Alphons was the great-aunt of the Owner of the apartment the tips came from. Further research found that this Female's male had died this past December as he returned from running to get supplies for last year's Winter Holiday Party (formerly known as Christmas in the male dominated society), he was struck by an automobile as he crossed the street.

Now I have something to work with at least, the chances of this being a coincidence is extremely tiny.

*The Preparations

When Adrianne arrived at my apartment the installers were already at work.

"Now Justine, there are some rules you and michael will be required to follow in compliance with the MCB's House Arrest procedures. First michael will only be able to leave the Apartment with you or a MCB certified officer. He must be restrained in the arm cuffs and hobble shackles whenever he is alone or leaving the apartment. Attempting to leave the apartment without them will result in an incapacitating shock to his groin from genital device, which is now retrofitted with the house arrest receiver. The genital device for the time being cannot be removed by your thumbprint as usual, or by any other Female previously authorized by you for that matter. The MCB has locked out the genital device's control from anyone except medical and prison personnel. This is for 'your safety' until I can straighten out this mess."

"But you know michael didn't rape me."

"Yes, I know, but these are the standard procedure in all male house arrests. Tomorrow when we pick michael up, you will be issued a control bracelet that you can use to activate the emergency punishment features of his genital device if you feel threatened by him. Any civilian Female in custody of the prisoner male must be given this bracelet for their protection from the prisoner."

"Now I will be his jailer. This just is not fair, he has done nothing wrong."

"Would you prefer he be jailed by your loving hands, or by the Female guards and their male enforcers at Rikers Island?"

"Me, but this is still wrong. I've known michael since we were children. By the time we were teenagers, we both knew I would do anything to be his Owner, and he wanted it so badly. Do you know his Mother practically gave him to me, even though there were Females offering far more than I could afford for him. It just feels I am betraying her trust and his faith in me."

"I know dear, it can be so hard when you truly love the male and think of them as more than property. I am sure he understands as would his Mother if she were still alive. Now I need to continue." Adrianne took a deep breath to get her thoughts back on track. "The genital device's GPS will be active at all times, not just on command. He is not allowed to associate with other males, and no males are allowed to be in your home with him here, unless they are professional service providers working as assistants to their Female. The sensors are linked to your building's alarm system, in case of fire the sensors will shut down and open the door and window access to the fire escape for him."

One of the installation techs came over at this point. "Ma'am, Attorney Harking. The security sensors are all installed on the door and windows and operational, if you both will sign this form we will be on our way."

"Yes of course" Adrianne took the Female's Notepad and signed in her indicated spot, and instructed me to do so also.

As the door closed behind the installation techs and their male assistants, Adrianne motioned me to the couch, "We need to talk, I found out who caused this and have a link from them back to Judge Alphons, but it is a weak link at best."

"Who did this to me? I will make her pay!"

Adrianne pulled out her Notepad. Pulling up a photo on the pad, she shows it to me. "Do you recognize this Female?"

"That's poor Liz Hodlar next door; her male ryan was killed by a car the week before Winter Holiday. Wait she did this!" My rage welled up.

Adrianne barely beat me to the door. "Don't! If you end up in jail for assault, who will be here for michael?"

I started to cry and struggle in the lawyer's arms, "But she is the cause of this, I need to rip her arms off or something."

"I know, but I am advising on the 'or something'. I have the start of a plan. If we want to absolutely ensure that michael's conviction is overturned we will need her to admit her involvement, her ties to Judge Alphons, and their collusion. It would also be good to know her motive and ultimate goal. You and michael were not her only complaint. According to records she filed tips against most of the males on this floor."

With the cold fire of revenge in my heart I just had one question: "What do you need me to do?"

*The Release

I stepped out of the elevator into our building's private underground parking area to see Adrianne standing next to a compact van with blackened windows.

"I figured this will give us a little privacy from the news hounds."

I gave Adrianne a hug. "Thank you, for everything."

She returned the hug, "This is not over yet, and I will fight for you as long as it takes." She pulled back from me and looked me in the eyes. "I know I said this once already; let's go get your boy."

The driver guided our van through the crowd and down to the regional court building, where another gaggle of reporters were waiting and bypassed as we went to the correct gate.

When we got to the prisoner transfer facility I was given a packet of papers to sign before they could release him into my custody.

Finally I am going to have michael back! I passed the paperwork back to the clerk and received his clothes to dress him in and my damned control bracelet.

Two guards were escorting michael out in his restraints, I immediately noticed he was limping and badly bruised on his torso and legs. When michael saw me he broke loose of the surprised guards' hands and ran as fast as his hobble allowed, dropping to his knees and buried his face in my stomach leaning into me for all he was worth.

"What the hell happened to him?" Adrianne hollered. "He did not look like this two days ago!"

"This is the way we found him this morning Attorney Harking." The startled Female explained. "We had a hard time locating him. He was not in the cell indicated in our paperwork, you know, in the Pending Transfer area. When we asked the guards where he was, they informed us that they had received orders for him to be transferred to maximum security the night before. We went there to retrieve him to find out he was in the infirmary. Evidently there was an incident that his two cell mates' genital devices were tampered with and they got out of them. And violent males, without their chastity devices, well..."

"Are you saying they raped him?" I asked in shock. michael still had not pulled away from my shirt, which was now moist with his tears. "michael why didn't you fight them off?"

He looked up at me a mixture of sadness and fear, "Ma'am, I did not want to give the MCB a reason to keep me from you. I was afraid if I defended myself they would not let me come home to you Milady, and they were both very big males. Even if I was not cuffed I doubt I could have defended myself long."

I stooped to his height and pulled his restrained body into a one way hug. "Oh my poor little boy. When we get home I will take care of you."

Adrianne looked back from us to the Female guard. "Call Rickers, I want a copy of all the paperwork about last night's transfer, along with the incident and medical reports hard copied to my office and emailed to my Notepad immediately. If the reports are not done yet, have them done because they will be getting a call from the MCB about this before the morning is out." She turned to Justine. "Let's get him dressed and get out of here. This place has made me sick!"

The guards dressed michael and the two of us Females and my male headed back to the parking garage just in time to see the compact van that we arrived in leave, flashes from the cameras evident in its shiny finish.

"Wasn't that our van?"

"Yes it was." Adrianne smiled and turned to another aisle, "But we will be taking this one to your home in about ten minutes, while they lead them to the far side of town. Hopefully the reporters at the apartment building will hear we went the other direction and try to give chase."

Indeed when we got to the garage gate of the apartment building only a handful of reporters remained. On the drive over michael was informed of his part of the plan to clear his name.

*Finally Home

Miss Justine with me in tow exited the elevator to a small "welcome back" celebration of confetti and noise makers like those used on New Year’s, from our neighbors on the floor, both Female and male alike. My owner graciously thanked them all for their support and reminded them that our fight was not over yet. She looked around the small crowd for someone, but I could tell she had not seen Liz Hodlar. She opened our apartment door and escorted me in, locking the door behind us.

I looked around the room with tears in my eyes. "I am home." I whispered to myself. "Milady our home needs to be cleaned, please release me so I can get started."

She kissed me on the cheek "michael, you are such a good boy. I have something I need you to do first." She pressed the release on my wrist restraints and hobbles and placed them on the door-side table.

"Anything you want Miss Justine, just ask and I will do it."

"Strip" I gave her a confused look, but as years of training and natural instinct had taught me, I complied instantly. "Come to bed and hold me." She took my hand and led me to the bedroom.


As we lay in bed I found myself relishing being in his arms, I had missed his loving embrace in the last two months. I also missed his sexual skills. Because of the lockout on the genital device I could not enjoy those skills to their fullest yet. I thought to myself, 'Soon I will have him orally please me again. Then I will be relieved of some of my frustrations and only after that will I put Adrianne's plan into motion.'

Later that afternoon I finally conceded to allow michael to start cleaning the apartment. I wanted him holding me again but he could not stand seeing his Owner's home in such a state. So I watched him work, he was trying to ignore his own pain and focus on his work, but only partially succeeding. "How could anyone think such a gentle creature was capable of rape?" I said to myself.

He immediately stopped in his tracks and turned to me. "What Milady?"

Still got his excellent hearing, "Nothing dear, just thinking out loud. Bring me the phone, and take a break. Lay here with your head in my lap."

He complied and settled in as instructed. After a wince of pain as he hit one of his sore spots, a look of serenity crossed michael's face as he stared up into the underside of my breasts. I knew by his expression that he wished I was not wearing the tank-top so he could suckle on them.


I let my mind drift back to seven years ago, a day that is burned into my mind as the day I came to know the one great truth of my life.

It was a beautiful spring day. Miss Justine, myself, and our schoolmates from the neighborhood were on our way home. Miss Justine took my hand and led me to the little park on the block. This was not an unusual occurrence since Miss Justine was my usual male-sitter until my Mother and father got off of work. We sat under a tree and were doing our homework assignments. I had been struggling with some algebra problem. Miss Justine slid over and looked at my paper (we males were not allowed to use the new electronic Notepad technology yet) "Oh I remember this from middle school, do you want my help?"

"Please Miss Justine, but just help me understand the technique, Momma would be mad if I let a young Lady do my work for me."

"Of course michael, I would not want you to get punished. I like you too much for that." She coached me through the problem and with her help I got the answer. As a reward she kissed my cheek. She supervised the next few problems and rewarded each correct answer with another kiss.

When all our assignments had been done we still had some time before my Mother got home. She sat against the tree and motioned me to come closer. She put her arm around me and pulled me into her shoulder, where I got comfortable with my head just resting against her soft chest mound, what was the polite term... breast, that was it. I could feel that odd feeling between my legs as usual when I would be near her. The first few times this feeling came, I told my Mother that I thought I may be outgrowing this genital device already because it kept getting tight. She would pull out her key and check to confirm everything was fine. With a laugh she said that it was just my male instincts making the device tight. (I still did not understand that, but guessed I would when I had anatomy in my senior year).

Miss Justine tenderly stroked my head. And we then said the sentences that changed us both forever:

"Miss Justine, I think... I think I love you, when we are old enough I want to be your property."

"I want that too michael, I promise you I will have you and love you forever."

A firm hand pressed to my cheek brought me back to the present. "What are you thinking about michael? It obviously is a very pleasant thought."

With a big smile I said; "More a memory Milady, of April 12th, 2007."

She returned my smile.


It was a happy memory for both of us; I was on cloud nine when I returned home that night, after making sure michael was home safe. The male I had lusted over for years had professed his love for me. I was determined to spend as much time as possible with Miss Delanoe and michael. I knew Miss Delanoe, like my own Mother, was one of the old school Females. She truly loved her male and her son. Not like many of the extremists who got upset and only took care of a male offspring because the law required it, michael's Mother nurtured him and taught him the proper ways to treat a Female, with affection and reverence.

If I could show Miss Delanoe that I cherished michael as much as she herself did, I was sure my dowry offering for him would be well considered no matter how small it was in comparison to the richer Females who, if they were lucky, met him occasionally at school or at the now popular social teen dances. Of course then there would also be the many overseas dowry offers that came from Females who have never met the male, and with political funding were attempting to buy him just to diversify their regions genetic material.

Fortunately for us both, my read of Juliet Delanoe was spot on. On the day after I took ownership of michael, Miss Delanoe showed me the other dowry bids, one of which was from the Mayor's own Daughter, a sum that was three times what I had been able to offer, which itself was still lower than a few of the others. "I know you two are in love, as unconventional as that is in this day and age, that is more important to me than the money."

I owed it to Juliet to ensure michael was still well cared for and loved. I needed to stop procrastinating. I warned michael to be silent and dialed the phone.


"Hi Liz, its Justine from next door. Can I ask you a BIG favor?"

"Sure go ahead?"

"Are you working tomorrow? I need to go to the lawyer's office for a few hours and I would prefer not to have to drag michael across town trying to avoid the media with him in leg hobbles only able to take small steps, and he has too much work to do to spend the day restrained at home."

"Yes I'm off, but why me?"

"Well you do not have a male, and since michael is not allowed to be with any other males while under house arrest. It leaves me with you, or a paid male-sitter service. And I figured michael at least knows you, and could trust you. Some of the things that have occurred since his arrest have made him fear and distrust strange Females."

"Can I think about it a little, I promise I will give you an answer early enough for you to make other arrangements if need be."

"Okay Liz, thanks. And if it gives you a better piece of mind, I will need to give you the bracelet that has the punishment controls for his genital device. So you have some recourse if he gets a little mannish with you."

"Talk to you soon Justine."

"Thanks again for even considering it Liz. Bye!"

I looked down and saw that the adoration in michael's eyes was now replaced by fear. "I am not so sure of this Milady. What if I cannot do this? I may make things worse. And I will be alone and vulnerable in the hands of the Female who got me sent to prison."

"Do you trust Miss Adrianne, do you trust me?"

michael shuffled so his head was closer to my stomach. "Yes ma'am, I trust you both very much."

"And we both trust that you can do your part, boy. We believe in you, you are a very smart male, believe in yourself."

"Yes Milady." He punctuated his response by kissing my abs, which had become exposed by his head movements.

The phone announced the incoming call. I gave it enough rings to make it appear as if I was not anxiously waiting for the call.


"Justine, its Liz. I'll do it, you just need to come over and teach me how to use that bracelet device."

"Oh good! Thank you sooo much Liz. Will 8:30 be good for me to come over?

"Perfect I'll have some hot tea ready, I'll see you then. Bye Justine."

"See you in the morning Liz."

I set the phone on the table and stroked the side of michael's head. He still looked very tense. I would need to relieve some of this tension before morning. Since the best form of tension release for him is off limits at the time, I decided I would give him a nice long massage. "michael go draw a bath for us, use the bath oils. I will be along in a few minutes."

He sat up and kissed me on the cheek. "Yes Milady right away."

I picked up the phone and dialed a new number. "Adrianne, we are on for tomorrow morning."

*The Trap is Set

michael woke me at 6AM in a more subdued manner than usual. Normally he would crawl on top of me and make passionate love to me. This is what got him in trouble in the first place. The Investigators had got a recording of our morning wakeup ritual. Their claim was that since I was not awake when the intercourse started, it was rape. The fact that I instructed him this was how I wanted to be woke every morning and it had been part of our daily lives for two years did not matter to them. Since his arrest I had not enjoyed the mornings. Today his tongue did the job his penis would normally do, and while it was not my traditionally preferred method, it was a close second.

After I had recovered, I propped myself up on my side and looked at michael, kneeling on the bed between my feet. He was licking my cum from his lips. "You want more of that, don't you?"

He hung his head as if he was ashamed of admitting it "Always Milady, I know the male is not supposed to enjoy sex. But the thrill of making you happy in this way makes me hunger for more."

"Soon I will have you out of this genital device, and I want your male juices in me very much. Would you like that?"

"You know I do Miss Justine, I want desperately to provide you Daughters!"

"Or sons?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Or sons Milady. I am sorry; I know you just want children, that you care not if it will be a female or male. But part of me hopes our children will be Females. I want to be a male proud to say his child is going to be a leader of society."

I ran my hands over his crotch, over the damned genital device. A necessary evil these devices. The more mannish males they help to keep in line, it protects the more submissive males from being used by any Female who can get their claws into the males. And used as a control device for the violent males. Back in our childhood they were just called male chastity devices, and were opened by traditional keys held by the Owner or Mother of the male. Simple garments that where made of varying materials in many designs. Today's varieties are all the same standard design, nearly indestructible plastic bikini briefs with a biometric lock. They had built in GPS locators that could be activated by the MCB or the Owner at any time; supplementary hardware could be added for punishment devices, or for Female sexual gratification (i.e. an attachable penis). The biometric lock was keyed to the specific Owner, and other Females she authorized. Professional Females (Police and Medical Doctor's mostly) had override functions that activated when they were on duty. michael's belt device would normally open for my Mother, as well as my sister, and best friend. But right now, no one could access it.

This sad thought reminded me of the ultimate mission for the day. "Get dressed michael, we have some work to do."

I knocked on the door to the next apartment. It was answered by the owner of the apartment Elizabeth 'Liz' Hodlar. She was a Nurse Practitioner, while a little on the bulkier side, she still possessed a nice womanly figure. Sadly she was on the tail end of the breeding age, and had yet to conceive when her male ryan had died. Childless, and an only child, her bloodline would likely die out if she did not conceive in the next three years. This pushed her up the waiting list to receive an unclaimed or 'widowed' male. But from what she was told she could still be a year or more until she got a male.

"Come in Justine. The water is almost ready for tea."

"Thank you Liz, for the tea and the assistance today."

Liz pulled cups from the cabinet and prepared the tea. "No problem Justine. I'm sorry I made you wait for an answer, but I had to make sure this was an allowable procedure for house arrest. I didn't want to find out I wasn't allowed to do this and jeopardize my chances of getting another male myself."

"Oh! That's fine. I just thought maybe you were unsure if you would be safe around michael."

"ryan thought he was a good enough male. I trusted his opinion, even if he was just a male."

"Yes they did seem to appreciate each other's company. Not many males have learned chess anymore. michael misses their matches. He says the 'pad is just not an intuitive enough player, too predictable."

"I wonder which of them came up with that line, ryan used the same line." She laughed, but then looked sadly at her teacup.

"I'm sorry Liz, is this bringing up bad feelings?"

"Yes but it is okay, I have to put it in the past. 'Remember the past fondly and look to the future.' was what my Mother said when my father died. Of course she didn't seem anywhere near as attached to him as I was to ryan."

I looked at my watch. "Well I better show you this before I have to leave." I handed Liz the bracelet. "Put it on your wrist, the yellow button activates a mild shock in his genital device, a warning level. The red is the big kicker. It is strong enough to drop him. But don't press them now."

Liz pulled her fingers back "It's active?"

"Yes. 24/7. If you have to leave the apartment before I get back you will have to put his restraints on him. He's not to leave without me so don't take him anywhere."

"Okay, got it."

"Well I better get going he's waiting next door to start cleaning. As soon as you release his restraints he will get to work."

At that Liz takes the cups to the sink and we walk back to my apartment. I opened the door and let Liz in. "You be good for Miss Elizabeth, understand boy?"

"Yes Milady, I will be on my best behavior." I blew him a kiss and closed the door behind me.


"Aww! That's cute you have 'pet names' for each other. Will you call me 'Milady' when I own you?"

"I do not understand Miss Elizabeth, Miss Justine will not sell me."

"No, but after you attack me and beat me, you will be offered to me after your mandatory re-education process."

"I would not do that Ma'am. Will you please release me so I can begin my chores; I have two months of cleaning to catch up on."

"Will you beat me if I release you?"

"No Ma'am, I just want to clean my Owner's home."

"Then I can't release you yet." Suddenly Miss Elizabeth threw herself into the doorjamb to the kitchen, raising a bruise on her exposed shoulder. She followed that by tearing at the collar on the opposite side of her shirt.

"Miss Elizabeth what are you doing? Are you alright?"

"NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT YOU BASTARD!" She screamed. "You and the other males on this floor took my ryan from me!"

"What are you talking about Ma'am? He was hit by a car!"

"None of you could go to the store so he had to, and now he's dead!"

"None of us could go because none of our Owners were home to allow us to leave; you were the only Female home that day."

Miss Elizabeth climbed up on a chair and leapt backwards into the dinner table, collapsing it. She pulls herself up and stares at me. "So I lose my male, and your Owner keeps hers! How is that fair?" She presses the red punishment button and I am hit with excruciating pain in my crotch. I fall off the couch to the floor in agony.

When I regained my senses I looked at her, "Why me, ryan and I were friends?"

"Oh you are such a man, it is all about you! Well I hope it breaks your little mannish ego to find out you are only my most recent attempt to get one of you lazy males from this floor. You just happened to be the one who actually managed to get as far as being convicted in court. My Aunt Missy was going to make sure when you were reassigned my name would be at the top of the list! But that damned Review Board, those Bitches!" She pressed the button again, causing me to spasm uncontrollably.

"Aunt Missy? How could your Aunt help you?"

"You know her as Judge Alphons." Miss Elizabeth ripped her own pants down and yanked her panties to her knees. "And according to her if a male under house arrest attacks a Female he is automatically sent for re-education, and his victim has the option to claim him as her own property afterwards. Oh that and his previous Owner gets put on trial for allowing the attack!

She hits her face on the doorjamb once again raising a bruise. "A little known fact about these issued punishment devices, if they are pressed three times in an hour the police respond to the address." She drags my restrained body to the door area and presses the button for a long time. She quickly removes my restraints, opens the door part way, and begins moving across the room arranging herself against the collapsed table.

"Now the Owner rapist has another victim, me!"

"But I did not touch you." I moaned.

"According to the story I am going to tell; you did. Who do you think they will believe; a battered victim, or an already convicted male?"

I waited a few minutes until I heard the heavy boots of the police coming down the hall before got on my hands and knees. I gave her a weak smile and said; "The recording... they will believe the recording."

At that two officers came through the door. The first scooped me up by the arm in her tight grip.

Miss Elizabeth opened her eyes and made a feeble attempt to stand "He... he attacked me! I tried to fight him... off officer. Even used the bracelet, but... but he kept coming back! When he tried to run away, he colla... collapsed at the door."

The Policefemale offered her a hand up, and then in one quick motion a pair of restraints snapped on her wrist, brought behind her back, and attached to her other wrist. "Elizabeth Hodlar, you are under arrest for filing false reports, excessive punishment or torture of a male, attempted ownership interference, and conspiracy to commit ownership interference."

"What are you talking about? I AM THE VICTIM!" Miss Elizabeth turned in shock as she heard her own voice repeating her conversation with me.

"They watched this, live as it was occurring." Said a smiling Miss Adrianne from the door, she held up her Notepad with the video playing on it for Miss Elizabeth to see.

Miss Justine rushed in crying and took me from the Policefemale and held me tight, as she guided me to the couch she finally was able to speak "I'm so sorry you had to go through this boy, I will make it up to you I promise."

She sat with down and pulled me down so my head was on her knees. I smiled up at her, "No Milady, I did this for us. I am getting the only reward I care about right now; your love."

The police started to escort the irate Liz Hodlar out of the apartment. "This is entrapment, I was illegally recorded!"

Adrianne smiled at her. "This is not your home, you have no expectation of privacy, Miss Solomon agreed to the surveillance equipment, and they did have a warrant to tap your phone lines, and I'm pretty sure that call to 'Aunt Missy' is going to be real interesting to both your Prosecutor and the MCB Oversight Committee."

With the room now clear Adrianne knelt next to the couch and kissed me on the forehead. "You did wonderful michael; you gave her enough ignorance that she could not help herself from gloating to you. I told you that you could do it."

"Indeed, you were perfect boy."

I could feel myself blushing at my owner's pride in me. "Thank you, Milady. Miss Adrianne, I do not know how to thank you for all you have done for Milady and I."

"Miss Justine and I have come to terms with some options of special compensation."

*Epilogue ~ Two months later

"So today with the guilty plea agreement of former Judge Melissa Alphons, the saga of Justine Solomon and michael has come to a close."

"michael, turn up the television! I want to hear this."

michael silently complies as the Anchorfemale continued. "We now go to our legal correspondent Eleanor Malkovits"

"Thank you Lisa. Six weeks ago the highly publicized conviction of the property of Justine Solomon known as michael was overturned by the MCB, because of new evidence. This same evidence was used later that month to convict Elizabeth Hodlar of multiple crimes including Attempted Ownership Interference, and Abuse of a male."

"Has the sentence been passed in this case yet Eleanor?"

"Yes, after considerable debate at multiple levels of the MCB and Female Court system, Liz Hodlar was stripped of her Citizenship, and will be given over as property to her victim, or in this case, her victim's Owner. She is currently in a Re-education Facility, and due to be discharged to her new Owner within the next week."

"And what of today's agreement for Judge Alphons?"

"Well as most our viewers will remember, Judge Alphons issued the controversial conviction of michael that ended her career. Just after the MCB stripped her of her robes she was charged as a conspirator in the Ownership Interference case of her Great-niece Liz Hodlar, and for arranging in the assault and rape of michael while he was in prison. Rather than risk decitizenship, Melissa Alphons plead guilty. As part of the plea, Alphons will be under house arrest at her Granddaughter's residence. All her physical and financial property, including her Staten Island estate and her home in the Hamptons; will be transferred to her victim, in trust to his Owner."

"Eleanor, does this seem harsh to you?"

"Yes, a little, but the unofficial explanation from the MCB is that they want to send a message to judges worldwide, that abuse of power for their own goals will not be tolerated."

"Thank you Eleanor. In other news; United Earth backed Female rebels in the Muslim Federation have dealt a major blow to their male government today..."

"That's enough news; it is time for bed boy." I said as I turned off the television.

"Miss Justine is what they said true?"

"Yes, pretty much boy." I grabbed his chin and kissed him. "But michael, some things for you to understand; liz has been taught that she is lower than you in my household, you are first and foremost the love of my life. When she arrives she is supposed to follow your instructions as if they were my own. I do not want you abusing this or using her sexually. If she ever does get violent or petulant with you, come to me right away. When we move to the Judge's Estate, our new home, I will be working from home most of the time. Especially after the baby is born. Now go prepare our bath."

"Yes Ma'am." He walked off to the bathroom, I waited for him to respond further. I laughed to myself when I heard something fall to the floor in the bathroom, followed by his heavy footsteps rushing back through our bedroom. michael came to a stop at the door, staring at me a big dumb smile on his face. All deportment forgotten in his surprise "Did you say BABY??"

The last four months may have been the most troubling time of my life, but I could not feel any better about its outcome. Love, Life, and Revenge!


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