A Remembrance of the Past

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2009 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; bdsm; rope; gag; tease; toys; cons; X

“Hun get up Sam is on the phone.”  Ashley said as she gently shook Draen trying to wake him up. 

Draen reluctantly opened his eyes and took his phone from Ashley.  “Hello Sam what’s up?”  Draen asked letting out a long yawn. 

“I am sorry to wake you up Draen.”  Sam said. 

“Don’t worry about it.  You know me I sleep as long as I can.”  Draen said as he threw the blanket off himself and sat up.  “So Sam why the call so early?” 

“Well you remember what I asked you a while back well I was wondering if we could do that today?”  Sam asked her voice shakings slightly. 

“Well let me think?  Hmmm give me a second.”  Draen pushed the mute button on his phone. 

Looking over at Ashley who was quietly sitting on the edge of the bed and said, “Hun you remember when I told you about what Sam had asked me?  Well she wants to do it today and I want to know if you still ok with it?  Its up to you Hun.” 

Ashley thought for a moment and then responded, “Babe I told you then that I am ok with it.  I trust you and I know who you're going home with.  I also know she is still important to you so yes I am ok with it. Besides I got some things I got to do today anyways.” 

Draen smiled pushing to mute button again so that Sam could hear him again he said, “Yes Sam we can do it today and I think that I got something that you will really enjoy.  How long till you get here?” 

“Well truth to tell you I'm already here.  It’s just taken me a while to call I was worried that you'd say no.  So... can I come up?”  Sam asked hesitantly.

“Yes you can just give me a minute to get dressed" Draen said as he was pulling on his jeans. 

“Ahh do you have too?  Just joking.  See you in a second.”  Sam said then hung up.

Sliding her phone into her into her pocket she walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. 

“Well that was fast.”  Ashley said as she stood to answer the door. 

“She has been here for a bit.”  Draen said as he fastened his jeans. 

Walking out of the room Ashley went to the door and opened it for Sam.  “Hey Sam Draen will be out in a second.  Come on in.” 

Sam walked in.  “Hey Ashley thanks for this.”  Sam said as Ashley let her in.

“Don’t worry about it Sam.  Draen told me about you two so I know how important you are to each other.  Anyways I going to head out so that you two can do your thing without a audience so have fun ok?”  Ashley said as she pulled on her jacket. 

“Thank you Ashley.  I am sure that Draen will make sure I enjoy this because I don’t think he is going to give me a choice in the matter.”  Sam said with a smile. 

Ashley nodded and smiled at Sam. 

The bed room door opened and Draen walked out closing it behind him.  Walking over to Ashley Draen gave her a quick kiss and said “Have fun Hun I will see you when you get back.” 

“I will try babe.  Just don’t drive Sam too crazy why I am gone.”  Ashley said as she opened the front door and left. 

“Well then I guess we should get started Sam.”  Draen said as he turned to Sam. 

Walking over to the bedroom door he opened it and held it open for her.  Sam hesitated for only a brief moment before she walked past him in to their old room, his bedroom.  She heard him follow her in a close the door behind them, but did not react because there sitting in the middle of the bed waiting for her was her old collar.  It was black soft leather about 3 inches wide with a large O-ring in front, a roller buckle clasp, and an open lock hanging from it hasp.  She just stood their staring at it like it was a long lost friend that she never thought she would see again.  That is when he closed the distance between them wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him. 

Leaning down he whispered in her ear so that his breath would cares her neck, "This is what you wanted isn't it?  If it is you know what to do.  You know I will not force you to do anything that you don't want to do, but if you do choose to wear my collar again then I will choose when it comes off not you." 

His voice echoed though her like a ghost from the past.  She knew that tone in his voice the one that showed his true nature that he once shared with her a tone she feared she would never hear again.  The times they spent together raced though her mind.  Memories of days they spent with her bound in his rope the way he would use her body pushing her to sexual heights that she didn't know she could achieve.  Leaning down he kissed the back off her neck just like he use too and stepped back releasing her from his embrace. 

"It's now time to chose."  He said. 

This time she didn't hesitate she walked over to the bed she picked up the collar.  A shiver of old almost ghostly pleasure ran down her spine as the familiar ceras of leather as it hugged her throat.  As she fastened the buckle she turned to look at him. 

"Your slave is ready for you my master."  She said with a smile of wild pleasure as she closed the lock on the collar. 

"I knew my lovely little slave wouldn't disappoint me."  He said as he pushed himself off the wall and walked over to her. 

"Now my pet make yourself presentable to your master."  His voice soft, but carrying his command. 

She wanted to shout with joy as his command reached her ears.  She kicked off her shoes, pulled off her t-shirt, and slowly unbuttoned and pushed her jeans down her smooth legs also removing her socks as she stepped out of her jeans.  Now only wearing her collar, bra, and thong she turned her back to her master knowing that was he liked the view her from behind as she slowly pushed her thong over her hips and let it fall from her fingers and land softly at her feet. Reaching up between her breasts she slowly undid her bras clasp.  Then turning to face him once more she opened her bra and let it slide off her shoulders and fall joining the rest of her discarded clothing at her feet. 

He walked over to his closet opening it he removed a blue and black gym bag and set it on the bed.  Pulling his own shirt off he reached out to her placing his hand on her shoulder and gently pulled letting her know that he wanted her to turn around.  Again coming up behind her he embraced her, but this time he trapped both nipples between his fingers and gently rolled them back and forth.  This action sent waves of pleasure shooting though her then double as he leaned in a nibble on her ear and whispered, "Remember my lovely when you wear my collar your body belongs to me and me alone." 

Letting her go from his embrace her breath coming in quick short gasps. 

"Place your hands on your head my pet."  Draen commanded and she quickly obeyed his order. 

Opening his bag he searched through it for a moment and pulled a coiled rope free of the bag.  As he uncoiled the rope he looked up at his still precious pet because she had not moved, but still stood with her back to him and her hand placed neatly on her head as he had told her to.  Halving his rope Draen came up behind her and wrapped the rope under her breast.  Running the free end though the loop he pulled the rope tight around her chest he then wrapped the twice more around her under breast pushing up slightly. 

After the last wrap he stopped at the center of her back he pushed a small bit a rope under the wrap making a small loop.  Running the free end of the rope though the small loop he pulled it tight.  He then ran it a short way up her spine and holding it in place with one hand he wrapped the rope around her, but this time he wrapped it on top of her breast pushing down on them causing them to be squeezed between the wraps of rope.  Running back around to her back he ran the rope under the piece he was holding then reversed direction pulling the rope tight.  Two more wraps he again went under the three wraps on top of the piece that ran between wraps then back under the wraps over her shoulder under the two wraps in front between her breast the again reversing direction ran the rope back over the wraps and over her other shoulder. 

Taking the last bit of rope he tied it off to the other rope that ran over her shoulder knotting it so that it rested just under the buckle on her collar.  Making sure that all the knots were secure Draen searched though his bag again and pulled out another coil of rope.  Placing it over his shoulder he walked up behind Sam and taking her hands he guided them behind her back crossing her wrist in the center of the two wraps of her breast harness.

Sam felt his hands encircle her wrist and let him guide them behind her.  When he let go she held her wrist where he had placed them and waited wondering what plan was running though his head.  Taking the rope off his shoulder and uncoiled it.  Finding the center Draen began to bind her wrist to her breast harness.  Making sure that everything was secure he walked around in front of her. 

"How does it feel to be held in my ropes again my pet."  He said once he was standing in front of her. 

"It feels wonderful Master."  She answered. 

"That’s good, but we're not done yet if you like this you love what is next."  Draen said with a wicked grin. 

Sam saw his grin as he once again walked behind her and knew that it meant that was in for a wild time.  Draen returned to his bag and pulled out two small coils of rope and once large one.  Taking the large coil he uncoiled it finding its center he halved the rope.  Taking the center loop he placed it at the base of her spine and wrapped the rest around her waist then reversed its direction once he passed the free ends though the loop pulling the rope tight around her waist.  Taking the free rope he ran it back around her side to just under her belly button.  Making a small loop he pushed it up between the waist rope and her skin and then ran the rest though the loop and pulled it tight.  Taking the tails he pulled them down between her legs.  Pinching the rope with his fingers just above her slit he began to braid the rope from that area.  Once the braid was about six inches in length he stopped and let the rope hang from her waist rope. 

Going back into his bag he opened a side pocket and pulled out a small clear box with two small brass colored ball inside.  Opening the box he took the balls out of their box he returned the box to his bag and moved to stand in front of her again.  Sam was confused when he suddenly stopped and went behind her as well as to the length of rope he was using was much longer than he would normally use when tying a crouch rope on her.  Keeping the balls hidden in his left hand he used his right hand to lift her chin and so that their eyes meet. 

Sam looked up into his eyes as his hand urged her to raise her face to him.  She was shocked at what she saw there.  As she looked into his eyes she saw everything that she once did.  The way he looked at her made her think the only thing he could see was her and all she could at that moment was him.  She felt her body build with both need and desire, but it wasn't just a need for sexual release or to be bound, but for him.  At that moment as that thought race though her mind he leaned forward and kissed her.  Sam's mind went into overload as his lips pressed into hers.  It was still there in his kiss nothing had changed, she still felt his love for her.  Draen released her chain as he kissed her and wrapped it around her pulling her closer to him. 

Breaking the kiss Draen still holding her close he carefully inserted the Ben Wa Balls into her very wet sex and then quickly pulled the rope between her legs pulling the braided part of the rope deep into her sex.  Caught off guard she let out a long moan of pure pleasure as the first then second ball was pushed deep inside her.  Another moan escaped her lips as first the two tails of rope then the braid slid across her clit as it pushed her nearly to an orgasm.  Going behind her again Draen ran the rope under the backside of the waist rope up her spine under the breast harness then across the palm of her hand. 

"Hold this for me my pet for a bit."  He said as her hand closed around the rope. 

Picking up one of the remaining coils of rope he undid it and went around to her right side.  Finding its half he bent down and wrapped the rope around her thigh just above her knee and the wrapped the rope around it a couple of time make and quick knot on his final pass on the outside of her leg.  Repeating the process with her other leg Draen removed his bag from the bed and said, "Kneel in the center of the bed with you leg spread and your ankles crossed." 

Sam with a little bit of help did as she was told.  Once she was in place Draen took the free ends of the rope from her thighs and tied them to the edge of the bed forcing her to keep her leg spread.  Now taking the free end of her crotch rope from her he ran it down and quickly used it to bind her ankles in place.  Returning to his bag Draen quick searched though it and remove a ball gag and a blind fold.  Turning to face Sam he held the items so that she could see them and spoke softly.  "This is your last chance Sam if you don't stop it now you will have to ride this train to its final stop." 

Sam looked at him and gave him one of her brightest smiles and responded, "I trust you master and I wouldn't want to end this for anything." 

Smiling Draen walked over and sat on the bed in front of her.  Putting the blind fold on the bed he leaned in and gave her one more quick kiss before holding the gag in front of her lips.  Sam opened her mouth in welcome of her old friend as Draen pushed the black ball behind her teeth and then buckling it tightly behind her hand.  Picking up the blindfold Draen gave a quick kiss to each of her eyelids and slid it over her eyes trapping her in darkness.  Sam's world shrank as the blindfold robbed her of sight leavening her blind to what was coming next. 

Draen reached into his bag for the last time and pulled free a small coil of rope.  Doing his best not to make a sound and let Sam have a hint of what was coming.  Standing in front of her Draen reached out with his left hand for a moment caress Sams right nipple and causing the room to be filled with muffled moans.  Pulling his hand back Draen bent down and placed the rope on the bed as he reached for something under the bed.  Finding what he was looking for Draen pulled the powerful vibrator from its box and stood up.  Pushing down on the bed under Sam's sex Draen pushed the vibrator between her and the bed.  Picking up the vibrators plug he quick plugged it into the wall but didn't turn it on just yet. 

Sam jumped when she felt Draens fingers suddenly caress her now very sensitive nipple and at the same time both cursed and worshiped Draen for the way he set up her bondage.  Any movement at all would cause a pleasurable reaction from the ben wa balls, the crouch rope to tighten, and the breast harness to squeeze her breast.  This was one of the things she loved about Draen because whenever he would bind her and leave her some wiggle room something would always happen to her because of her movement. 

Picking up the rope from the bed Draen raised his hand and brought the rope down across her breast like a whip, but was careful to swing just hard enough to cause a slight sting.  This caused Sam to jump and let out a muffled squeal followed by and moan of pure pleasure.  Draen continued his attack with the rope whipping her breast, thighs, and pussy.  After each stroke he would watch Sam dance and listen to her muffled song.  Draen keep it up until her skin were he was striking was a soft shade of pink and covered in a light sheen of sweat.  Sitting down on the bed behind her Draen reached around her and switch the vibrator on to its highest setting and at the same time began to pinch, pull, and roll one of her nipples as well as nibble on her ear. 

Sam's mind was a blur.  The first strike had caught her so off guard that it scared her, making her jump and her bondage rub her in all the right places and then the next came again making her jump and again and again each one catching off guard.  Right when Sam thought she was going to lose her mind the blows stopped and then she felt him come around behind her and wrap his arms around her.  Then without warning strong vibrations came to life right under her sex, his hand began toying with her now over sensitive nipple, and his teeth nibble at her ear sending her quickly over the edge to a powerful orgasm. 

As Sam's orgasm raced though her Draen didn't slow in is attack on her body, but keep going pushing her to greater heights.  After a few minutes Draen stopped his assault and switched off the vibrator allowing her to come back down to earth.  Undoing the buckle Draen remove the ball allowing her to take in much needed gasps of air.  Giving her a few minutes to cool down Draen removed her blindfold and was greeted by a lovely sight.  Her eyes were shining with the happiness the dazzling blue eyes locked solely on him. 

“Thank you Draen I needed this more than I could ever express.”  Sam said. 

“Your welcome Sam and believe it or not I miss this too.  Now lets get you untied.”  Draen said as he moved behind her and began undoing the knots.

A few minutes later Sam was free from her bondage and pulling on her clothes when the sound of the front door opening and closing was heard.  The bedroom door opened to show Ashley standing with a few bags in her hands. 

“Well it looks like you two had fun.”  Ashley said with a smile. 

Draen and Sam looked at each other for a quick second and returned Ashleys smile. 

“Well I guess I should be going then.”  Sam said as she pulled on her shoes. 

“No, Sam stay for a while.  I don’t know if you two know it or not but I have been gone for four hours.  So how about I make dinner and you two tell all that happened sound good?”  Ashley quickly remarked. 

“Sounds good, thanks Ashley.”  Sam respond giving Ashley a hug and following her into the kitchen telling her what they had done.