by Canlock

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; chast; piercing; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

Eight weeks! That's how long she said that I had to wait for an O. Eight weeks! That's 56 days. Or 1344 hours. Or it might have been 56 lost Os if I had one every day. Even the scant few I get with my KH would have amounted to something. But nothing for 56 days!!

And then she said only if I was completely healed from the Prince Albert piercing and if she didn't want to go for a new record.

A new record! She once kept me locked once for 72 days. Sure, she had plenty during that time but for me nothing! I know cause I gave her many of those. I would tell her I needed out to have an O cause I ached. She would laugh and say NO!!! I would beg saying that I really ached, I ached so much that my balls hurt. Even my little prisoner hurt from aching so long. She would laugh all the more.

She would laugh and tell me if I was very good and performed well for her than she would consider it.

That damn PA hurt too. And not in a nice way. But now I have it and it is there to stay or until she wants it gone. For her it is a symbol of her mastery over me and my subjugation to her. As long as I am hers she will decide what I will do, how I will do it and when. Period. Exclamation point!

And its use will prevent any 'accidents'. Not that that was likely anyway. While I am in the Neo there is no escape and with the PA and a bar it only serves to remind me that I have no say, no control. Sure, it is possible in the cb3k but I never tried cause if I did she would know and I would then really suffer. The PA and cable will remove any doubt at all. It will then be 100% secure.

I went back into the cb3k after 2 weeks. She thought I was sufficiently healed for this to happen. Then I was allowed out for a cleaning every day for the next 3 weeks. The PA and the wound was looking good., healing very nicely.

But no funny stuff for me. She watched me like a hawk during this time of freedom. Not that I was going to do anything anyway. For the first 2 weeks it was too sore. And for the next three weeks of releases I had a an ultimate goal of an O by penetration. After all she said that the PA is supposed to be very good for the woman.

At 5 weeks I was back into the Neo. My trusty Neo. No pun intended. I was very comfortable in the belt and really missed it while it was off. Funny how that works. My KH loves the Neo for the way it looks and how secure it is. And because it reminds me that I am hers and that I have no say in anything anymore. I gave that up the day she had me pierced. And she had the contract to prove it.

I know it sounds like I am frustrated and angry. Sure, I am frustrated sexually but that is all. Would I love an O? Desperately! But that is not mine to determine. I am very happy to serve my Mistress. She is the light of my life. She has added colour and complexity to an otherwise pretty boring existence. I would not trade or do anything different. To say that I love her for it would be pretty accurate. To say that I will do anything for her would be accurate too. Under her charge I have done more things and had my envelope pushed harder that I could imagine.

Sure, I have suffered too. She has whipped me very hard from time to time. Sometimes just for her pleasure but mostly to get me to that place in my submission to her that she seeks. They won't stop nor will they lessen as I get closer to that Nirvana that she has in her mind. She calls me her pain slut. And I admit that I do like some but she has gone beyond that in the process of seeking my submission to her. She says that my pain punctuates the process and speeds it to her desired goal. I am happy to suffer for her if that is her wish.

During the weeks of recovery I have worshipped, at great length at her Goddess spot practising and perfecting my adoration for her. She smiles and laughs as she says "Perfect practise makes perfect". And I have spent a lot of time practising. Now this is a task that I love. I could spend hours licking and kissing her as I make love to her with my tongue. To feel her moan and spasm as she Os is a gift that my Princess offers to me, and it one that I humbly accept with relish.

And I have used fingers and the occasional vibe in my quest for her O. She definitely has her favourite ones that we return to time after time. But her favourite O is achieved through my making love to her with my lips and tongue paying homage to her power.

She loves it when we start very slow and gentle caressing her and stroking not even near her Goddess spot. She likes to be teased and heated from afar as we make long and gentle foreplay to the final caresses at her nub. She loves it when I slowly approach her enjoying the external erogenous zones, her nether lips, before spending time at her clit. She really loves it when I suck her nub gently into my mouth then tickle it with my tongue making butterfly flicks. She groans deeply then allowing the pleasure to wash over her. She smiles then, and I know that I have done good service, and that I am her favoured one.

And we are seeking the G-spot O that everyone talks about. Maybe we have achieved it, we are not sure. All I know is that after a lengthy session she lays there limp and exhausted, eyes closed with a beautiful grin. She will lay there for some time renewing her energy and basking in the afterglow of my oral lovemaking.

Did I say limp!. She is the only one limp by the way. My little prisoner is struggling for freedom in his little cage. He is not limp. Not at all. Five minutes freedom is all he asks for then he could be limp too.

Finally. Day 56. The day I have been working hard to achieve for this is the day that I may be released to enjoy a bout of lovemaking with my Princess. God! This was long in coming this day. My heart raced in anticipation. The tube on my Neo felt way too small. But the glory day had arrived.

My Queen unlocked my belt to have a close look to see if it was Ok for us to have penetrative sex as she called it. She washed me and looked closely at the wound. I watched a smile cross her face.

"Today is the day for penetrative sex. This will be a first for me" She said as she smiled. She pointed to the spanking bench. "But first things first! And I am in the mood!"

I knew what was coming so I quickly made my way over then draped myself over the bench. She strapped me down. Satisfied that I was secured she went to the cupboard where she keeps her 'implements of correction' to get the strap that I have come to know so well. I am sure that it is worn thin now.

She went to the bathroom to change. She always returns wearing those stay ups I like so much and those spikes that I love. She is a vision, one that always arouses me to the extreme. My KH is beautiful and a vision as she struts her stuff wearing those heels. That always does it for me. I was free from my cage, sure I was strapped down but I had hope. I was fully aroused in anticipation for the sex that was to follow.

She came back into the room wearing those high heels that I love and the stay up stockings. She was also wearing a strap on and was carrying a tube of lube.

"I told you we were going to have penetrative sex today!"

Recovery - an epilogue

"My Darling!", she said as she stroked my hair calming my jangled nerves. I had never had it in the butt so this was a first for me too. "I know we have never done this but that feeldo looked so inviting. And I know you wanted to have penetrative sex with me so I am doing exactly as you wished. I loved putting this thing in. The vibe function is so cool too. And I love the purple dong sticking out from between my legs. This will be fun for us both!"

She took the lube and put a big dollop on my butt. This felt cool as she worked it into me. I tried to relax as she did knowing that being stiff and rigid would only make it more difficult and only put off the inevitable for a while.

"Relax my Darling and it will go much better for you. I will take my time for you to get used to it."

With that she walked around in front of me and asked me to open my mouth. She inserted the feeldo into my mouth and began to make love to my mouth. She stroked in and out being careful to not go too far. She asked me to start sucking to add resistance to make it more pleasurable for her. I was in no position to resist.

I could feel it vibrate and I could hear her breathing deepen as she let the pleasure of it wash over her. She was clearly enjoying the sensation she received from the feeldo.

It was smooth in my mouth as it slid in and out. I sucked hard trying to add resistance to increase her pleasure. I dare not use my teeth as this may damage what she obviously enjoyed so much. It was not uncomfortable as she did not go deep into my mouth nor did she come close to the back of my throat.

My view was one of humble acceptance. She was making love to my mouth just as I had with her on more than one occasion. As she stroked in and out she groaned and had her first O. I could feel her stiffen as she pushed deeper into my mouth than she had before. She was deep into my throat as she held herself rigid for the moments that it took for the O to wash over her and to recover.

I was hers to do with as she wished. I was her slave in this and all other things. I could object and complain but only at the risk of facing her wrath. She was my Mistress and I was to do exactly as she wished.

"Oh Darling, my pet. That was wonderful! Now I know why you like it so much when I take you into my mouth!"

She walked around behind me. I could once again feel the fear rise in my throat. This was unfamiliar territory to me. She used calming words and again played at my entrance making sure that there was lots of lube and that I was as completely relaxed as I could be.

I felt the tip of what had just been in my mouth at the other end of the alimentary canal. She rested there for a moment allowing me to mentally grasp the situation. Then slowly and purposefully she pushed herself into me. She rested again as I tried to relax into this invasion. Then slowly she started to pump back and forth.

The feeling for me was one of fullness. She was pumping slowly back and forth, in and out. I could hear her breathing speed up and deepen as she neared her next O. Then all at once she drove herself as deeply in to me as she could. Her hands held me tightly as she spasmed once more in the throes of her O. She then slumped over on top of me exhausted for her effort and the pleasure of those moments. As she lay there she once again stroked my hair and whispered sweet nothings into my ear cooing her pleasure to me. She was content and happy. And she was satisfied.

She said that I made her proud as she made love to me this way and in my I acceptance of her domination over me. She went on to say that she loved her slave and that she adored the amount that I would endure to give her pleasure. She said that I was a gift to her and that her owning me was one of the great pleasures of her life.

And I felt needed and wanted. She owned me heart and soul. I was a slave to her wishes and desires

And there was pleasure for me too. My pleasure was in knowing that she loved me and was happy with my performance. That was enough for me. My satisfaction was in her satisfaction.

She undid my wrists then cuffed them behind me. She helped me to my feet then steadied me giving me a loving hug and kiss. She kissed me deeply acknowledging my effort for her and transmitting the love that she held for me.

With that she locked a chain on to my PA then led me to the shower. She lovingly washed me down till the water ran cold. She toweled my dry and held me close.

Naked she led me into the living room and locked the other end of the chain to the coffee table. Even though I was her slave she was not about to have me feel any freedom at all. She wanted to let me know by action that I was hers and that only she would would decide what freedoms I would have.

She looked deeply in to my eyes then said "My pet. I love and adore you. I appreciate your being my slave. You need to know that I enjoyed making love to you so much this way that we will do this often. It may end up being the only sex you have."

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