Recipe for a Lazy Domme

by Anne Tuen

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© Copyright 2023 - Anne Tuen - Used by permission

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There may be a lot of stories out there about Dommes doing this, that and the other to their subs – all written by subs of course – but I live in the real world. I have a real job and I simply do not have the time to drop everything and fulfil my subs every fantasy whenever he has one - mainly because there are not enough hours in the day.

So, if you have got to this point and expect to read a fantasy fuelled imaginative story about how an impossibly perfect Domme fulfilled a perpetually demanding sub and their impossible fantasies, you are in the wrong place.

If you are looking for information on how to do what we have done, then read on.

To set the scene, I am a Domme and I have a sub with whom I spend about 50% of my time. We do have separate homes but this is more of a historical legacy type of thing than anything else – something that will change in due course… when the economy is more stable. Luckily, we both live in the same small village in rural England so we can pop between each other's houses as needed.

My sub, whom I will refer to as the ‘maggot’, loves bondage and mummification… and e-stims… oh, and breath control… and occasionally some age play… and a lot of cross dressing. Actually, thinking about it, the list of things he’s not into is way shorter than the things he is but here, we are concentrating on the bondage and mummification.

A lot of the fantasies he talks (incessantly) about is of the ‘being caught and punished – careful what you wish for’ type of fantasy. You know the ones… a sub is doing some private cross-dressing in bra and panties, while handcuffing his hands behind his back with the key in a block of ice when he is discovered by his girlfriend who instead of the normal reaction of a) anger as the guy has been wearing her clothes without asking, b) shocked because the guy never brought up anything non-vanilla before and usually, as there are more vanilla people than not, c) confused because she knows little about the alternative lifestyle and doesn't know what to think, but instead, embraces this startling new side of her boyfriend… no, goes further than embraces, in fact, turns into mega-Domme! Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, right!

The only ones I have any time for, is when the girlfriend doesn't know what to think and leaves the helpless chap while she goes off to ponder things for a while, but not before putting the key out of reach because she does understand the set up.

At least the maggot’s fantasies have the heroine being played by a certain Domme who is annoyed that their toy is playing without proper permission. Now that is believable.

And now, let's return to the real world.

We cannot live the fantasy 24/7. We have real lives and sometimes when I come round, I want company. I want to talk with my partner. I do not want, after a hard day at work, to be expected to play the Domme role, at the drop of the hat.

Hence, being ‘discovered’ has to be planned. We have a system using the calendar feature of a certain well known mail provider. If the maggot wants to play ‘being discovered’, he will put a calendar appointment in our shared calendar. If I want to play Domme, I will pop over and ‘discover’ him. If I don’t, I will go back to my house. The appointment is for an hour and he knows, if I haven’t discovered him in that hour, I am not up for playing the game tonight.

So that is the background to the ‘Recipe for a Lazy Domme’.


How to fulfil a fantasy without doing much

Luckily, the maggot is very creative in working out how to get his fantasy operational without demanding much of me; such a thoughtful little worm.

The maggot would set a calendar appointment in the diary – he uses the phrase “Secret Sack Time”. Secret? Pah!

I would let myself in the house and go upstairs. First left is the box room, or the bondage room. The light is on so I enter, knowing exactly what I will find.

I see the maggot almost in the sack. He can only get so far into the sack and get his arms into the internal sleeves while lying on the bed.

He has prepared himself in line with his fantasy. I notice that he has attached the eStim ‘somewhere’ and set up the eStim control box to a level which is stimulating but not too painful. Hmmmm, I will need to tweak that up a little.

He has a leather hood on – no eye holes – and a gag already snapped on. Apparently, he is unable to communicate in any way and hence, helpless to resist whatever I want to do. Subs have such imaginative imaginations.

I also see that he is wearing ‘oops’ pants – not nappies but those incontinence pants which are advertised for one’s ‘oops’ moments. They are cheaper than nappies and protect the leather sack from any organic discharge. He has also added plastic pants on top of that because he’s like that – a pervert.

They are apparently capable of soaking up a bladder full but he has not tested that - yet.

I sidle up to him and stroke the plastic front. He squirms like the pervert he is.

“What do we have here?” I say, announcing he has been caught.

In his dream, I have totally surprised him, but in reality, he heard me coming in the front door. We continue with the play acting.

I tug at the shoulders of the sleep sack to make sure he is comfortably inside the sack and that the collar has not folded over. I then move down to where the zip head is, which he has pulled up as far as he can - near the top of his thighs - while still allowing him to slip his arms into the internal sleeves. He has also started on the tightening laces too.

A vibrator is wedged between his legs and held in place by a couple of leather straps. I assume he has placed it in the right place and if he hasn’t, well, that’s his loss. I pull the zip up, over the vibrator and the plastic pants and continue up his chest to his neck. At this point, his option of getting out has passed and he is trapped inside the sack.

Running my finger around the collar, checking all is good, I snap the collar closed. The zip head has a leather tag which snaps into the collar, securing the zip fully closed. I finish with the collar and look down at him helpless in strong leather. He really is stuck.

Next, I lace up the D rings from ankles to waist with ropes, making the sack really tight. He squirms like crazy. After that, its lacing from the shoulder down to the waist. He cannot even wiggle much now, he’s a very tight bug in an unforgiving rug.

I reach for the double dog clip attached to a D ring screwed to the frame above his head and connect it to the D ring on the top of the hood. Now he can hardly move an inch. He is not going anywhere... ever.

There are a couple of wide belts attached to the bed and I pull them tight across his chest and his calves. These are more to do with appearance, which is ridiculous as he cannot see them and I – to be frank – don’t care.

I try to think of something appropriate. ‘You wanted this so you have only yourself to blame…’ is good but I have used that a couple of times already. Maybe ‘Suffer for me, you maggot!’. That’s a bit rough so I settle for, “enjoy… goodbye.”

He wriggles and squeaks because I am leaving and the routine has not been activated. Remember he is immobile and gagged and hence, unable to do anything about it.

Oh dear.

What a pity.

Never mind.

“You only have yourself to blame for that,” I say and I firmly close the door, leaving him helpless and without the stimulation he is craving for.

Of course, I quietly open the door and leave it ajar.

Downstairs, I get my laptop out and boot it up, listening to the maggot squirm on the bed upstairs. The mattress is covered with a thick plastic mattress storage bag so I can hear every move he makes.

I make a cup of tea and settle in to do some work.

Eventually, I relent and say “Alexa, the maggot is in the sack”. The routine acknowledges it has understood the command by helpfully telling me it will start a sixty minute tease program in a few minutes so I am now free to leave the room but remember to close the door behind me.

With the hood and the rustling of the maggot on the plastic covered mattress, he would not have heard this so the first thing he would know that the routine is running is when he gets zapped by the eStim.

Bugger, I forgot to turn it up a bit. Oh well.

Once the routine is activated, I can basically relax as the routine works its way through the sequence of teases. The vibrator will come on for various durations, not long enough to get him off, but enough to get an erection.

This is followed by a pause then the eStim kicks in for a short while, hopefully giving his erection a good zapping. After that there is a rest and recovery pause, hopefully allowing his erection to dissipate. I like to think of this as sit ups for his dick.

Each sequence lasts five minutes and all the durations are different so helpfully, each shock or vibration comes as a surprise. Obviously, it’s not a complete surprise but there is nothing long enough to get him off, so after an hour, he is as frustrated as hell, or that is the theory.

And after the routine has completed, one manager tells the other manager to start over, all over again. As these things are not as good as one would have hoped, the maggot has done some creative programming in the incredibly simplistic command language to get it almost reliable at restarting. If it is a bad day and restart fails, oh well. The maggot is in for another type of frustration.

One of the managers we use has a camera so I can drop in and see everything is good. The maggot has worked out the routine that lasts an hour, so as long as the routine restarts, I get to sit down and do my work in peace, with the occasional bit of voyeurism. Saves all that stomping up the stairs, interrupting his dream of being left all alone to suffer indefinitely.

The hour-long routine is about as long a programme as the command language can cope with, before it is uneditable.

The hourly announcement as to whether the routine restarted or not, is a good marker on my own progress and ‘dropping in’ on the manager in the bondage room, allows me to monitor the action – or lack thereof.

Over the Christmas period, I had several reports to prepare so the maggot will be stuck helplessly on the repeating session for 5 hours at a time. He is visibly eager to ‘support me while I work’, especially since I have told him that if my work goes badly, I will not be letting him out and if he has to be in the sack overnight, well, that’s what happens when you get caught by your Domme!


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