Reality Television Star Continued

by El Hijo Del Sooprbrane

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Author’s Note: You’ve now returned to our tale of terror as the beginning of Amanda’s journey continues. As always, this is a work of cruel fiction written by a pacifist. Nobody should take any lessons from this, but please enjoy the exploration of erotic evil for what it is. A story about a sick person and a sicker society. 

As such, be aware that there are triggers in this story. Most of which you should be mindful of due to the codes, but there is also a commentary on our entertainment industry’s beauty standards. Beware if such content offends you beyond what is expected from a horror tale.

My thanks to the many authors and artists here and in the world of horror who inspired this twisted work. I’m sure you’re not proud, but I thank you nonetheless. Thanks again to the original creator of these characters. As some may know and recognize, these tributes also continue in this section.

 Welcome back to Hollywood. Hope you survive the experience.

Chapter 6: Amanda Night’s Nocturnal Nightmares Part Two: Home Sweet Home

Decades ago, a young teenager named Elise Norwood (later changed by her acting teacher and agent) was a mousy teenager and a burgeoning engineering genius. This wasn’t the typical route for a woman, but Elise continued to develop her genius in her solitary, secret pursuits. She read every book she could get her hands on and was likely more intelligent and skilled than most architects and builders around her small town. She viewed everything in life as a problem she could conquer with hard work and studious contemplation. Despite her gifts, Elise did not yearn to be a scientist for a living. No, her true passion lay in the static-filled old television set she was glued to while working on her projects. As impossible as it seemed to be a scientist for a young woman like herself, it seemed even more impossible to be like the glamorous stars of stage and screen. She enjoyed imagining what their lives were like. They were beloved and catered to, and everyone craved them. It was not the life that she was used to. However, Elise was convinced that everything was a system that could be conquered with the proper process, including acting and power. She began to formulate a plan to become everything she ever desired. And when she became a star, she could finally engage in the dark desires that haunted her dreams…

Decades later, Amanda, the hung-over and helplessly bound reality television star, did not know how long she had been on the forced ‘carousel’ walk. The three miles seemed like a marathon in the impossibly high heels and with her body bound like it had. The kettlebells continued to drag behind her. She attempted her best to keep up the pace, but she was experiencing potent and very long shocks until finally hitting a point where the last five minutes of her walk were done with her screaming intensely as the electric torment was not ceasing at all anymore.

Elise had finished her workout several minutes ago and was not checking Kim’s various hook-ups and tanks, making sure to change things out as Amanda kept up her horrible march like Sisyphus pushing a boulder up the hill. Amanda was used to being the center of attention, but now she was wholly ignored like a piece of machinery or furniture. 

It was true that Elise was not thinking of Amanda presently. Instead, she was focused on the seemingly forgotten woman she was attending to. She tried to imagine Kim’s torment and pain, wondering how her captive’s mind was holding up after being placed in the impossibly strict mummification, unable to use any of her senses anymore. Deaf, blind, mute, and trapped in a box, robbing her of any sense of movement, comfort, or touch. Elise smiled as she thought of Kimberly dancing for her those months ago, enjoying the freedom and sensuality of which Elise would slowly and thoroughly rob her. She could hear the oxygen tanks hum, freshly replaced. This new experiment seemed to be a success as she could now envision Kim’s lungs forced to breathe on the schedule Elise prescribed, knowing even breathing would be a struggle in the impossible corset and layers of tape. In her cruel artist’s mind, Elise imagined Kim as a piece of succulent and beautiful fruit now rotting on the vine, unable to stop a process and force as inevitable, cold, and unyielding as entropy itself. That force was Elise, and now Amanda was the object in the way of that unstoppable force.

But Amanda was not Elise’s focus at the second. Right now, Elise was on the verge of orgasm. A slight breeze might have been able to put her over that edge. She heard Amanda’s heels clicking, the groaning screams, and the little steps. But Amanda was just an object to her. Not as much an object as Kim currently was. But an object, nonetheless. Elise grabbed a vibrator from her tools and looked away from Amanda as she focused on Kim’s situation. The message sent to her current lumbering captive was that she was now “performing” for nobody’s benefit. Kim paid no mind to her, but she was still required to continue her awful circular path. She was then forced to listen to the troubling and revolting sounds of Elise pleasuring herself as Amanda was forced to try and ignore them. Instead, she trudged along her exhausting trek, her leotard-clad body sweating as the bells jingled and the kettlebells dragged.

Elise moaned as she felt her own pleasure explode as she remembered Kim’s ultimate wrapping, remembering how the woman she had come to know and torment over months suddenly realized the day of her fate had finally come. As she felt the climax reach her, she imagined how she could make the experience even more horrible for Amanda when the time finally came.

A heavy-breathing Elise then slowly took her time to put everything away before she resumed her attention to Amanda. Soon, Amanda would long for the humiliating frustration of being ignored.


Cassidy O’Connor walked through the police station as she heard some snickers from some veteran officers. 

“Hey, Officer Carrot-Top, how is Party Princess Patrol?” she heard one comment behind her back.

“Fuck you, Crosetti,” Cassidy replied as she walked over to her open (and messy) desk. She knew other officers weren’t happy to have the go-getting new detective working with them. Despite being a third-generation officer herself, Cassidy was well-known for not tolerating the good old boy’s club of the PD. The officers justified their boorish behavior by thinking the college-educated fitness fanatic thought she was better than them. To their credit, they were right. Cassidy did think she was better than them, and for good reason. She was whip-smart and dedicated and had something else they could barely comprehend. Integrity.

“Big-titted lesbian,” was Crosetti’s less than eloquent response. 

Cassidy knew she was being set up with the Amanda Night case. A simple OWI and fugitive case that had all but vanished from the public eye in just a matter of days. Everybody on the force already thought that Amanda had simply vanished to avoid any consequences, which is not exactly an uncommon experience for the rich. However, Cassidy was going to take this ‘nothing’ assignment and shove it right up their chauvinistic asses. She was the daughter of one of the best detectives in department history. She wasn’t about to let her career start with a failure, only to be embarrassed when Night re-entered the party picture in a few months.

“Hey, Cass…what’s up?” inquired her one friend on the force, Tom Jackson. An older detective who once worked with her father. Jackson strummed through some of the files on Cassidy’s desk.

“What are these? Missing person cases? You moving over there?” 

Cassidy bristled a bit as she grew sick of justifying hard work to others. “Yeah, I’m just covering all my bases.”

“You really think that Amanda Night could be a victim? Seems pretty open-and-shut to me.”

“Yeah, if I had to put a dollar on it, I’m guessing she’s out doing coke with her empty-headed buddies somewhere in South America. But I’m not letting anything slip through my fingers.”

“Well, if there’s a person to be found, I’d trust an O’Connor to find ‘em,” said Tom reassuringly as he put a file back on Cassidy’s desk and walked away. The file was a report from a sister to a missing undocumented immigrant named Marita Lopez. 


After completing the three miles, Elise had unhooked Amanda’s collar from the metal contraption attached to the poles, and the heavy-breathing socialite was now on her sock-clad knees, her lungs burning as she tried to collect herself after the three-mile circular hike. Elise was, in her own mind, expressing kindness by allowing this moment of relaxation. Amanda’s aching feet and ankles told her that kindness was not something Elise was familiar with.

Amanda tried to lie down, the heavy iron cage still surrounding her hooded head. However, Elise was more than happy with Amanda on her knees and prevented any attempts at finding any more relaxation. After all, Amanda would be lying down for quite an extended period very soon.

“Hufffff…hurrnnff…unnnnhhh…” Amanda breathed and moaned as Elise arranged things around her. Amanda briefly looked around the room despite the cage and collar’s weight but knew that she wouldn’t even be able to reach her feet without help, much less traverse the stairs or open the wooden door without using her fingers and hands. Elise seemed to know of Amanda’s mind’s hapless calculations as she arranged things in the basement, including dragging a now empty drawer to the center of the room. Amanda, of course, was familiar with the drawer as the one which Kim was unceremoniously dumped out of the first night of her captivity. 

After Elise had arranged things in her desired way, she turned her attention again to Amanda. After threading a heavy rope through a pulley, Elise attached it to a small “O” ring on the top of Amanda’s head cage and used her own muscles to pull and pull and pull until Amanda was forced to try to get to her feet. It took a couple of aborted tries, but Amanda could not ignore the pulling on her neck as she was eventually brought back up to her feet, standing several inches taller due to the ballet boots.

“There we go, Amanda. Now we can see how much progress we have made. After all, we must ensure you can fit into the various things I have planned for you. I take it you remember our introduction to corsets earlier?”

How can I forget, you fucking bitch…Amanda thought as she remembered her time in the chair and the makeshift corset Elise had forced her into. 

“If I remember correctly, we were slightly disappointed with your inability to experience the corset’s true shaping ability. Too much time spent on your cheaply made, silly shapewear line.”

Elise walked over and soon returned with a leather-looking sheet about a foot and a half wide by two feet. Like before, all along the sinister-looking sheet were buckles that could be padlocked.

“Now you are famous for those fabulous breasts you possess and, even more, that famous plump ass of yours. This will just make those assets even more stunning.”

“Nggghhfff…” Amanda protested. She didn’t think her assets needed to be even more stunning. And she certainly did not want to feel the horrible hug of the corset around her, remembering how hard it was to breathe in the chair. But Elise, unsurprisingly, paid no mind to her babbling nonsense and fit the corset around her leotard-clad upper body, from her hip-bones all the way up to underneath her massive chest.

Elise lined up the corset and started to snap on all the buckles. But like before, this slow compression was only the beginning of the corset’s torment. Like before, the steel-boned corset was accompanied by a little knob that would constrict the circumference of the corset and Amanda’s waist along with it. “If I remember right, we got that waist down to 20.5 inches. Let’s see if your first fitness day gave us more room to play with.”

And with that, Elise started slowly turning the dial, enjoying as Amanda’s body, already very much known for its hourglass shape, became a parody of herself. Inch by inch was stolen from Amanda’s waist as the reality princess felt the pressure on her diaphragm and her ribs. She could almost swear she heard those bones cracking under the strain, but Elise carefully allowed some breathing.

“Hmm…I don’t want to make it impossible for you to breathe. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing this for a little bit. And it won’t be a relaxing stroll like this morning was.”

W-walk in the park? W-what the fuck? AAAuggghh…g-goddamn…h-hurts…hard to breathe…Amanda said as she barely had enough cognition to keep up with Elise’s threats as she was too focused on the increased force shaping her body. Elise only increased that force with every twist of the dial, enjoying the moans coming from her hooded, head-caged captive.

“HHHHHHHhhhhhhhhurrmmmfff…” Was Amanda’s only reply, her diction being stolen by the silicone stuffing her oral cavity and the heavy leather around her mouth. 

“Hmm…still 20.5 inches. That’s disappointing. We will have to proceed with the second phase of our workout after all.”

“Scgggnnd pgghsss?!” Amanda panicked as she hadn’t recovered from her three-mile hike earlier. Elise laughed at the wide-open brown eyes of her captive; those deep pools showed her fear and helplessness as Amanda’s pained breaths came through her exposed nose. 

“No whining, Amanda,” Elise responded as she could hear Amanda respond by impotently stomping her heeled feet. This was a freedom Amanda had experienced for too long. Elise thought about unhooking the ankle chains and attached kettlebells but thought better. Instead, she went behind Amanda and rehooked the bungee cord to the ceiling, ensuring Amanda could not fall. The predator then used all the strength of the simple pulley machine and lifted Amanda until the upset young woman was dangling from the cord and the head cage, her ballet-booted toes barely dangling over the ground. This was a workout for the middle-aged Elise, who was strong for her somewhat advanced age, but she got the ropes and cords attached.

“AaaaaaaaaaugGGGgggggggh!” Amanda could not believe the tiny, frail-looking woman managed to get her in the air, but she did, and suddenly Amanda was hanging from her head and in incredible pain. Her boots dangled as Elise approached. “Now Amanda, you’ll use up all that precious air. Don’t forget you are wearing that corset,” Elise reminded as if Amanda could ever forget. “If you stay still as possible, this will go quicker, and you can get your feet back on solid ground.” Amanda forced herself to dangle as limply as possible as Elise rewarded her by adding several lockable leather belts to Amanda’s long, socked legs. The result was Amanda’s flesh bulging around the belts, digging uncomfortably into her. When done with the belts, Elise added a bit of punctuation to the bondage, linking the heavy metal cuffs around her ankles and boots with a couple of metal links. When finally done with the leg bondage, Elise walked over and got out a small walking treadmill. A little bit above the ground, Amanda’s now bound and booted feet managed to touch it to relieve the pressure on her head. 

“There we go. Is that a little more comfortable, my little worm?” Elise taunted as she set up a little fence-like barrier at the back of the treadmill to ensure that Amanda could not fall off. When that was finished, she ensured the rope and the bungee cord were tight and then started the treadmill slowly but steadily. 

Amanda, of course, tried to walk, but even that freedom was now lost to her. Instead, she discovered the only way she could keep up with the treadmill was to hop and land on her heeled feet. She felt the impact through her ankles and legs, and her breasts, now highlighted by the corset, bounced and caused the nipple clamps to jingle and jangle, causing her even more pain as they tugged on her tortured and exposed nipples.

Amanda was too weak and exhausted to protest or say anything. All she could do was bounce and jump along as the treadmill moved under her, and she prayed she could escape, grunting rhythmically.


“When you finish up, I expect you to be able to take another half-inch on that corset. Now, just be patient while I prepare your bed for tonight. I hope you enjoyed your time on the mattress because it will only get worse from now on. Much, much worse…”

Amanda didn't have the strength to look up as her captor moved her from the exercise machine, the sweat pouring from her. She had not thought her exercise situation could deteriorate from the pole experiment, but Elise had found the way. The monstrous woman had found a way to force Amanda to move, hop, and jump until the poor girl was out of breath and unable to continue. The only relief had been the brief moments when her heels could rest on the small treadmill, but she had found herself pushed even harder.

Elise, in response, was in no hurry herself. She took her time cleaning out and ensuring the container that Kimberly had resided in was ready for its new company. This included scrubbing, scraping, and setting up the primary restraints that Elise would use to introduce Amanda to her new semi-permanent home.


Somewhere in Colombia, Cliff woke up when he heard his alarm activate. Or, more accurately, he felt his alarm activate. Because Cliff himself didn’t actually hear the alarm. No, the alarm was transmitted through special speakers into the ear of another party that occupied his multi-acre property. Of course, the annoying buzzing sound had started long ago, but it took a while, much like it did every morning, for his wake-up call to arrive.

Earlier that morning, if you could still call it morning, on the other side of the property, the alarm’s buzz echoed in the hooded ears of one Lisa Sullivan. It wasn’t a surprise. She had repeated the routine daily for at least the past 1000 days. It had been approximately three years since Cliff had ‘fled’ the United States to South America, taking Lisa with him. Lisa had lived with him and his estranged wife, Hillary, for a few years back in the States. Well, it's nearing a decade now, he supposed. She was still relatively young, but Cliff had other needs and appetites. Ones that required fresher flesh than old Lisa. But still, he had fond memories of kidnapping and breaking down with Hillary. She was around for more sentimental value than anything else.

Dutifully and without fail, Lisa had felt the time-sensitive lock open, and the collar holding her to her bed was released. The elastane cat-suited woman stumbled onto her feet. She was only a little over five feet but was clad in Hillary’s trademark leather stockings with metal soles that kept her foot in an almost impossible en-pointe position. However, after years of practice, the woman could keep her balance. However, walking gracefully was still a feat and had remained so for the past three years despite all of her practice. She wore an intense bondage helmet like she had nearly every day since she was taken from her home by Hillary and Cliff those years ago. Her current set-up was meant to be relatively permanent. It included two knobs on the side of her cheek that could activate a jaw spreader that was always cranked to maximum before she returned home for the night so that she could fulfill her duties. It also allowed her mouth to endure a variety of seemingly impossible gags. Her eyes were hidden mainly beneath some tinted lenses on the hood that made seeing anything possible but an adventure. As she had aged to nearing her thirties, the lenses had to be adjusted in prescription to deal with the damage being done to her eyes. Outside the alarm bell, the earphones implanted in her ears did not allow her to hear much of anything else, not even her Master’s voice. She had long been trained in a language of physical touch and visual signs by the abducting couple in place of speech and even ASL. They didn’t want or need her to communicate with anyone else either. In fact, Hillary and Cliff had used her as sort of a companion animal to their primary slave, Janet. They didn’t even want communication beyond pained and terrifying stares between the two.

As Lisa began her day, the armbinder encompassing her hands became visible. If you could call it an armbinder. It wasn’t a traditional single-sleeved version but an actual metal device that wrenched and placed her arms in separate sleeves that could be tightened around her limbs as needed. These two separate sleeves were then connected and locked up tight. Cliff had even soldered the locks. There was no getting out without a ton of work, and really, Cliff didn’t know if a woman approaching her thirties was worth it. He questioned if her arms could even work at this point and really didn’t care. She didn’t need them anyway. The primary function of the armbinder, in Cliff’s mind, was to remind them exactly why she was selected for capture all those years ago. Her nickname around the residence was Ms. Big Tits, and it was plain to see why. Sentimental value.

 Began the two-and-a-half mile walk to Cliff’s residence over the precarious terrain of the hidden path. Getting up two hours earlier than Cliff’s wake-up time of 5:15 AM was the key to getting there on time. 

Getting there on time was crucial because nightly, her bedtime routine with Cliff, before being sent back to her cottage, replaced her chastity belt and the comically large metal plugs. If she didn’t arrive in time, she received a powerful shock that would hurry one of Pablo Escobar’s famous hippos. She remembered multiple times this year alone that she tripped and fell, unable to get up, and Cliff hadn’t bothered to look for her until the evening, letting her endure the painful shocks that entire time. It was things like that that had long broken Lisa’s spirit.

That broken spirit was primarily why Lisa didn’t take her chances and run as fast as she could off the acreage. But Cliff wasn’t one for taking chances; he handled that with his version of an invisible fence. Chunky bracelets and anklets were around each of his captive’s limbs, though the ones around her arms were invisible. This was in addition to the collar and the chastity belt. These devices allowed Lisa to go from the hidden, squalid cottage to the path to Cliff’s home with no deviation. Deviating at all would be painful. The bracelets were permanent and also on a timer. If she were to stray too far or take too long, the bracelets could deliver a lethal dose of electricity that would stop her heart instantly. There were times when Cliff’s temper ran hot that Lisa thought about trying it out herself to end her suffering, but Cliff simply reminded her that before the merciful end, the pain would be so excruciating that it would make the rest of her life’s suffering seem like a picnic.

The sweating, exhausted Lisa somehow made it to Cliff’s residence and even the upstairs bedroom without tripping. She had even made it before getting too many of the horrifying shocks. As instructed, she lowered her head and used her mouth and tongue. Cliff stirred and started to awaken, but his smartphone showed a message on his super-encrypted app as he enjoyed his regular wake-up call. It was from Hillary, and it said something simple and vague but with a meaning evident to him. 

It said, “Rumors California Active Again.”

Cliff responded with a message of his own: “I Know. Arranged for Brine Suit earlier this year.” It was a little more specific than Hillary’s vague message, but nobody outside those with particularized knowledge would think much of it. Cliff found himself being edged towards orgasm as he gave the deaf Lisa a sign to slow down.

Cliff followed up with a subsequent text: “Must have big plans if going full Janet” and a smiley face.

Hillary’s response was terse. “Careful. Stay there. Heat may be on.” 

Cliff put the phone down just as he completed his morning routine. He shook and shuddered, then reached out and hit a button on Lisa’s collar. The alarm finally stopped, followed by one bell ring. Lisa knew what this meant and got on her knees. Her restriction had just been set for a matter of feet and forbade standing. As a reward, Cliff only got a less-gigantic rubber ball to stuff into her mouth before using the knobs on the helmet to adjust Lisa’s mouth down onto it. 

Cliff pondered briefly about what Hillary’s last text might’ve meant. He was reasonably sure that he was safe in Colombia. Just then, his phone rang…


Amanda was exhausted, her already tormented body robbed of quality inhalation by the corset; she was now unable to even catch her breath after her onerous ordeal on the treadmill. As such, she could not resist much as Elise temporarily reintroduced some of her freedoms. This relief resulted from removing the tension from the head cage and removing the bungee cord. Most importantly, turning off the machine and allowing the huffing and puffing Amanda off the tread and undoing her leg bondage so that Amanda could slowly, with Elise’s help, be lowered again to the submissive kneeling position. To relieve her aching holes, the twin invaders had also been removed from her. Elise also took the time to unscrew the tension on Amanda’s nipple clamps, watching them clatter to the floor as Amanda screamed due to the sudden return of blood flow. 


“Oh, hush. You don’t make it easy to do nice things for you, Ms. Night. Now, I’m going to change your bondage if you allow this. If you don’t allow me to, I’ll just leave you be and dump your ass in a drawer. Now, if I do that, there is a chance that lying on your arms behind you for as long as I intend will permanently damage them. If you think I care about that, think again. I didn’t decide to keep you to become my plaything for your biceps, honey.”

“The other option is you try an ill-advised escape. I’ve already thought of that option, of course. And let me tell you right now, you will not get up those steps unless I unlock your little booties, especially in your current exhausted state. Trust me, it’s been tried before. But if you want to take your chances, I already have a punishment in mind. But I’m not going to tell you. Maybe it will be another hour on the treadmill? Perhaps it will be taking off those well-manicured fingers one by one. I know which, but you don’t. You’ve seen what I’m capable of, little one. You decide the risk you want to take.” Elise smiled as she looked at Amanda with a coldness that immediately reminded the younger of Kim and Marita’s fates.

“So answer me…would you like me to change your bondage?”

Amanda hated being forced to answer such a degrading question but had no choice. She gurgled a largely indistinct response.


“Yssss., what?” Elise mocked.

“Ygggss…plsggs chggngg mgghhh bnddggg…” Amanda said with as much irritation as her frightened state allowed. 

“That’s a girl,” Elise responded. “Now stand, bitch.”

Amanda struggled with minimal help from Elise as she again mimicked a newborn calf, struggling with the heels. When she completed her rise, Amanda remained largely still as Elise walked behind her and slowly unlaced the armbinder/straitjacket holding her captive arms. When that was complete, Elise took the time to make short work of the top of Amanda’s long-sleeved leotard, slicing it away from her captive and letting the remnants fall to the ground. Amanda’s flawless skin was now visible, as well as the entirety of those massive breasts. She would take care of the rest soon but wanted to ensure Amanda’s upper body was suitably restrained as quickly as possible. To that end, she collected another leather and canvas object. This was a more traditional straitjacket that fit Amanda’s upper body, and Elise jerked Amanda’s arms against her own body, forcing the reality star to hug herself tightly. The only differences between this piece of gear and a traditional straitjacket were its violet color and the two holes from which her massive breasts and now bare breasts were visible. Elise laced the straitjacket up tight, pulling the laces as tight as guitar strings so the straitjacket and corset worked together to rob her of her ability to move.

“Now, let’s check on our progress, shall we?” Elise said as she reached over to the knob of the corset. Now that Amanda’s forced exercise routine had ended, there was no need for all that extra air for the time being. So Elise cranked the knob until she felt like Amanda could not take anymore, annoyed that she could only get a few more fractions of inches.

“Ukkkkk…,” was all Amanda could manage as she felt the ‘hug’ of the corset grow more intense. Elise was secretly happy with making the corset torture take as long as possible. It would be no fun if she couldn’t lord it over Amanda’s head for long.

“Are you ready for bed, Amanda? Or do you think we need another exercise or torture session?” Amanda nodded quickly at the suggestion of bed. She imagined the mattress, while not comfortable bound up in chains like the previous night, was much better than Elise’s twisted games. And she wanted to lie down badly after the exercise she endured. 

“Amanda, I’ll be perfectly frank with you. You will spend some time alone soon while I attend to my art. My other art.”

Anytime without you would be fucking heaven, you sick cunt thought Amanda, embodying the concept of be careful what you wish for.

“As such, I can’t attend to your every need. So here is your next simple choice if your feeble mind can comprehend it.” Elise again scuttled about, finding precisely what she needed. A very thick, white, absorbent diaper. “So here it is. I can slip this on that little cunny of yours and ease you into your bondage. Or we can go play with the catheter again. I know you experienced that before, and while you’re famous for providing holes to be stabbed, I know that wasn’t a pleasant experience. So diaper or catheter?”

Amanda couldn’t believe she, with her upbringing and fame, was forced into asking to be placed in a diaper like a toddler. Still, Elise was spot on in her observation that Amanda was keen to avoid another round with any catheters. 

“Ddgggpppprr,” was the response, and Elise nodded like a proud grandparent. She proceeded to pull down Amanda’s tights before cutting them off of her legs. When this was done, she looked over her captive

“Very well, darling. Lift your leg up, please…first the right.”

Amanda was forced to comply as Elise forced her to lift one leg at a time, forcing her to teeter on one heel for a short second until Elise finished forcing Amanda’s legs into the adult diaper, and with her body trapped as it was, she could not do much to avoid her fate. Indeed, Amanda was forced to ‘model’ the thick, white monstrosity. She couldn’t believe her humiliation as the fashion magnate suddenly wore the puffy nappy as Elise cooed at her. The visible parts of Amanda’s body burned red with embarrassment as Elise walked around her and attached a crotch strap that connected to her corset to hold the diaper in place.

“Now, this part is admittedly as low-tech as possible, even compared to what you’ve experienced thus far. But I must admit there is a bit of charm to it because I’ve thought of you and your fame-seeking ilk as fussy, ill-behaved children, and here we have proof. Though I do not love messy work, it will be fun to ‘change’ you while you grow accustomed to your drawer. If I do it right, you’ll never know it’s happening. Unless, of course, I want you to experience the humiliation of a grown adult changing you. Maybe one of these days…

Days? She expects me to stay like this for days?! Amanda heard. 

As if reading her thoughts, Elise responded. “The second benefit is that if you wear this diaper, you know you will be alone for a long time. I’m not in the business of babysitting,” Elise continued, “So, I suggest you avoid messing yourself too often because I guarantee I will not be in a hurry to relieve you of any mess you create. Hopefully, you will quickly get used to a schedule like an excellent housebroken pet.” Elise patted the padded crotch of the diapered woman to further illustrate the debasement. 

With Amanda’s bodily functions accounted for, Elise moved on to more fun pursuits. She grabbed a small metal device and sauntered toward Amanda’s waiting body.

“Now, it’s not like anyone can hear you down here. Not even me in my cozy bed upstairs. But I crave the idea of that filthy little mouth of yours being gagged, so gagged it will be. I will reluctantly remove this one and that hood, but I don’t want to hear from those flapping lips except for a thank you.”

Elise slowly unlaced the Gwendolyn hood, freeing Amanda from its intense pressure, but when finished, she was happy to perceive that with the mouth covering removed, Amanda still couldn’t spit out the mouth-stuffing silicone tongue gag. It was almost as if Amanda’s eyes crossed as she tried to see her own mouth and made humiliating spitting sounds to no avail; her mouth was so stuffed that it was not coming out without help.

Elise reluctantly provided that help. She was tempted to just leave the gag in place and let Amanda struggle with being unable to remove it, and with her hands straitjacketed, she would be unlikely to find that relief. But with hesitancy, Elise completed the task of reaching into Amanda’s mouth and helping her finally eject the dripping, saliva-filled tongue gag.

“Hhhukkkk…” Amanda gagged and retched a little but then, true to form, foolishly ignored the sage advice given earlier. “Please…what do you want? Money? I can get it to you, and you can end this twisted shit,” Amanda tried to bargain, but Elise responded with a stiff and punishing slap to the face that left a red handprint on the now bare cheek.

‘Money? Do you think I need your money? Look around, you condescending bitch. How insulting and how typical. Can’t you see your problem is that you believe money can solve anything and get you out of trouble with no consequences? But there are some things that money cannot buy you. Right now, it's your freedom. Because I don’t need your money. I don’t want your money. I earned my money with actual talent and hard work, not exploiting sex tapes and playing a real-life clown. Do you know what your money means to me, Ms. Amanda Night? Do you know what your FAME means to me, Ms. Amanda Night? It means that I am now in total control of a rich, famous bitch that cannot even use her money and connections to escape the only justice she’ll ever know. Do you know how powerful that makes me? More substantial than your money. More potent than your fame. I’m now the bully of billionaires. Your wealthy relatives can’t even find you, not that they’re trying much anymore. I hear your sister is dating a new football player. Your other sister signed a new modeling contract. They seem really broken up. But even if they pooled all their resources and tried to buy you from me, the answer would be no sale. Because your fate has already been spelled out to you in great detail, you vacant bitch. It’s now time to accept it. Now open your stupid fucking mouth, but again but not to utter more inane nonsense. Open your mouth to be gagged.”

Amanda’s eyes were wide as she shrunk a few inches. Before meeting Elise, she had never spoken so derisively as most people waited until she had turned her back to say anything negative. The young woman was not exactly a quick thinker. However, she did not have much time to respond before she felt the older woman grabbing her brown hair, yanking it, and throwing her to the ground like a character in the melodrama where Elise starred. Then Elise grabbed at her face and pulled her nostrils up with one hand, and then in the other, she fit and positioned another version of a gag in her mouth, which Elise considered more merciful, but Amanda was having a hard time seeing said mercy. Jammed right between her teeth was a strapless ring gag that, at first glance, somewhat resembled those vampire teeth worn at Halloween. However, when Elise started spinning the thumbscrews, the metal device began to open wide, jacking open the jaw and stretching Amanda’s famous mouth and lips into a lewd “O.” An attached smaller piece of metal depressed her tongue. When viewed up close, one might see how the gag was manipulating and enforcing her mouth’s new shape and the outline of the metal prodding her cheek, but when viewed from even an arm's length away, it looked like Amanda was voluntarily holding her mouth open. 

“There we go, Amanda. I’ve reduced you to your natural state. A thoughtless, cum-drunk looking bimbo with her mouth jacked open. And to think, here you are, willing and waiting, and there’s no man around to feed you what you crave. Oh well, we will have to make do.” Elise walked away from the set-up and set something else on the ground next to Amanda that her prisoner could not quite see.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmhhggh” was the humiliated response from the red-faced beauty. As Amanda regained what remained of her depleted strength, she attempted to inch away in the breast-revealing straitjacket, but she could not get up with her feet still in the ankle-breaking ballet boots. It was a pitiful escape attempt that was quickly stopped by a tight grip on her ponytail. Seeing Amanda’s now open face recoiling from pain, a light bulb came to Elise for a torture she would implement later tonight. After grinding Amanda to a halt, Elise took the time to unlace just one of the ballet boots, exposing the demure, socked foot. She then removed the sock. With a quick warning that Amanda was quick to obey this time, Elise repeated the process for the next leg. The freedom was short-lived as Elise grabbed Amanda and roughly rolled her until she was positioned on the leather object. It was a ridiculously long lace-up leg binder that would roughly take up the area from Night’s now free feet to just before her strapped-in diaper. Elise rolled Amanda onto her stomach and sat on the reality star’s legs. It took several minutes to slowly lace up the black leg binder until Amanda’s legs were crushed into the device. Only her now bare, pedicured feet were visible. With substantial effort, Amanda was slowly brought to her feet so that Elise could inspect her now useless body from the ring gag to the straitjacket to the mouth-spreading gag. She looked like a perfect sex doll, but that specific hunger had been satiated for Elise. No, it was time for this disobedient whelp to go to her room. 

“Now you’re fortunate that you’re not as Amazonian as Kim used to be. You’re a lot more petite than you look on television. What are you? 5’3? She had to be bent even on her first night in the drawer. That’s the case for most who are taller than me. You, however, are just a bit more petite than me. That means you may lie in your new bed like this for the night. It is a comfort that I would not adapt to if I were you.”

C-comfort? She thinks this is comfort? This stupid thing is squeezing me to death…Amanda pondered as she let out a pathetic, defiant grunt and petulantly bounced about as much as possible, which was minor. However, It did cause those exposed breasts to bounce and jiggle themselves.


“Yes, I haven’t forgotten about your man-traps, Miss Night. I have wonderful plans for them, but first, we simply must get you situated.” Elise taunted as she got behind the now-standing Amanda and started to push gently. This resulted in Amanda falling face-first onto the ground, or rather chest-first, landing with a thud and knocking the wind out of the humiliated star, who was now flopping feebly on the ground like a fish out of water, drowning in air. After laughing at the failed attempt and with another arduous grab, the older Elise managed to upright Amanda yet again. This time, Amanda figured out she would have to hop towards the open drawer. However, there was significant trial and error before Amanda finally reached the edge. 

“There we go, Night. After all that strain and exercise, we have finally reached the evening’s final destination. First, we must ensure you’re ready to receive my abundant gifts. The ring gag is sufficient for this end but not exactly striking enough. You wait here. Don’t go to bed without me.”

Elise teased as she walked away and rifled through various items before returning. She brought with her a muzzle gag, where the muzzle was a clear plastic piece with three separate holes. 

“Ngggho…I dggnnnt ngddd…” 

 “Amanda, you no longer need to be concerned with what you need. That is now my job.” Elise responded to the muffled plea. Before placing the harness onto Amanda, Elise took the time to do Amanda’s hair strangely, not wanting to have to unstrap the gag once it was in place. After Elise used three hair ties, Amanda looked absurd, her thick brown hair gathered in two pigtails and the remainder collected in a small tail at the center and top of her head. 

Afterward, the frightening harness was placed around her face and strapped tight. The result was the clear plastic smooshing the wide open lips of her captive to make it look like a child placing a mouth on a car window to make a humorous face at passersby. Altogether, it was quite a ridiculous look.

““Ah, that’s amazing. I can see why you are such a style icon. You can really pull off anything. As you may surmise, I fan head harnesses on my captives, particularly if I spare them a hood. You will be spared one tonight, and you should value that grace on my behalf. The first thing you need to learn is that your concept of time has now changed. Tomorrow for me and tomorrow for you is different since I am now your sun and moon. For you, tomorrow means when I choose to let you out of your drawer, and tomorrow is the day I will introduce you to an authentic discipline helmet. So have those sweet dreams racing through your head.”

Then, with little warning, Elise shoved the star again but far less tenderly. As a result, Amanda tumbled into the drawer that she once saw Kim inhabit. 

“Amanda, when you saw Kim, this drawer was upright, but there is a reason why I refer to it as a drawer. And that is because it can also fit snugly horizontally like this. This is how you will spend your first night, packed away like an old pair of batteries.”

Elise reached down and appropriately situated Amanda so that her now accessorized cranium was near the top and her bound legs at the bottom. Straps soon connected the straight jacket at various points, including her shoulders and sides, as Amanda was starting to realize what the intention of all the little loops on the bondage equipment and the sides of the ‘coffin’ was. A similar exacting process was repeated with the leg binder and all the tiny hoops on their side. A small wire lashed her big toes together and was attached to a small ring at the top. After Elise finished, Amanda looked a bit like the helplessly lashed hero of Gulliver’s travels after his initial encounter with Lilliputians. And to think, Elise considered this one of the mildest of her bondage torments.

Elise was not finished with her restraint games. A thickly rubber-coated wire was attached to her throat to discourage any head movement and connected to the side of the coffin as well. This would keep her locked down, but Amanda’s cooperation in keeping her head still was further coerced when Elise tied those three ridiculous hair strands to the metal loops at the head of the cabinet. Now Amanda’s hair was thus used to restrain her as Elise thought she would forgo the head strap for the night as it was largely duplicative. Not usually a concern, but she enjoyed the idea of Amanda pulling her hair as she dealt with the night’s entertainment.

When satisfied, Elise threaded the tubes from the top of the drawer and connected them to the holes in the clear plastic responsible for Amanda’s fish-mouthed expression. They were then locked into place. Elise informed Amanda that the three tubes were water, food, and miscellaneous. After they were hooked up, an oxygen nasal cannula was inserted into her nostrils as Elise laughed about how open Amanda was with all of her holes. Amanda was quickly informed that while she would have enough oxygen to survive, sometimes her new victims would hyperventilate when they discovered the claustrophobia of being totally enclosed. But she also explained a side detriment:

“I know you like to indulge, not only in your filthy alcoholic pursuits. So the nasal cannula is also hooked up not only to an oxygen tank but each nostril is connected to either a mixture of powerful breathable sedatives or a stimulant mixture that will make your cocaine-fueled paranoia seem like child’s play.” Indeed, Amanda was known for her recreational usage, but it was something she felt like she believed, perhaps erroneously, that she had control over. That was no longer the case.

“Count yourself blessed, Amanda, about my abundant generosity,” Elise said to her quivering prey.

Blessed? Blessed? Generosity? I can’t fucking move an inch, you fucking dried-up hag, Amanda thought as her puny attempts at wriggling continued to be smothered by Elise’s evil intentions. Never minding the movement of the captive, Elise persisted.

“As much as I’d like to see all of your whorish holes plugged for the night, I figure that with our mouth open and the diaper, it makes sense to leave you empty.” Elise did, however, stroke the exposed breasts of her captive.

“But I must have some fun after all. “ As Amanda quaked at the foreboding remark, Elise explained how she had spent some time upgrading the drawer and the electronics. This speech was interspersed with Elise decorating Amanda’s breasts with a cool gel and the attachment of numerous electrodes, all about the fleshy mounds, manipulating them to stick the connections to her like magnets on a fridge. After ensuring they were connected, she took the additional time to secure them all with small strips of clear tape. When done with the round semi-globes, Elise thought she’d have additional fun and placed more electrodes on the top and soles of Amanda’s now stretched feet.

But this wasn’t even the worst of it. The worst of it was when Amanda felt cold lubricating gel rubbed on her nipples, Elise’s gently rubbing fingers hardening them enough to slip on two tubular devices, one on each now trapped nipple. These two tubes are attached with a vacuum seal, not going anywhere without being removed by Elise despite Amanda’s attempts to do just that.

“Now, Amanda, your delicious bags are both attached to what farmers call milking machines. Farmers are the people outside of the city that grow your food.” Elise explained condescendingly. “While I don’t think we are going to get much milk out when these things squeeze your nipples. Despite you being the proverbial cow that gives it away for free, they're unlikely to find any milk, but I would bet they won’t stop trying. I would activate them and demonstrate how they work now, but to do that, I would have to put the top of the drawer on, and you’re much too free for me to do that.

A milking machine? Is she planning to milk me? Does she think I’m some sort of animal? F-fuck? Too free? She’s gone even more insane. Amanda gurgled some additional protests into her wide-open, smooshed mouth, but it wasn’t anything Elise cared about for the moment.

“Much to my chagrin, I already told you you’re going hoodless tonight, darling. And I want you to believe that I keep promises. And you will be in an enclosure that will leave you in total darkness unless I want to turn on the built-in light. But I also would be bothered knowing I left you the freedom to see. So, I have two very special blindfolds.” Elise revealed what those ‘special’ blindfolds were. Two large electrodes. Amanda’s wide-open brown eyes seemed to welcome the coming darkness due to her lack of battle back, but of course, that was only a symptom of her bondage. Amanda felt the conducting gel, and soon, both of the brown eyes were covered by the blue electrodes, which were then wired to the electrics of the drawer. When this was done, two more were attached to Amanda’s forehead.

“You are probably wondering what all this fuss is about? I am prone to multi-tasking, so while I am conquering you, I am also attempting to learn the piano. However, unlike you, I find the piano difficult and complicated. Practice is necessary. So tonight, I am going to play for several hours before bed. Whenever I miss a note, you will feel the effects through a random shock to one of these electrodes. Simply, you are lit up like a Christmas tree. Luckily, you have nothing to choke on, and you won’t be able to bite down on your tongue. Do you ever wonder what shocks to the eyes feel like? I don’t know either. You will have to let me know. That is, if I miss a note.”

Amanda had never felt so invested in anybody else’s musical performance as she was now. 

Elise would leave her in total isolation tonight other than the painful shocks and milking but wanted to leave her with a sobering thought to ponder.

“Nighty night, naughty Night. Congratulations on your first step to becoming just like Kim.” And with Amanda's corresponding, throaty captive cry that reminded Elise of an animal being slaughtered, Elise felt satisfied. Or so she thought before shrugging and placing electrodes and tape on both of Amanda’s ears. 

Finally satisfied, Elise looked over the trembling captive into her drawer and lowered the first lid. Then, in the silent darkness, Amanda screamed and shook her body at her makeshift cage. She heard a white noise machine being flipped on and pumped through the drawer, the mildest form of deafness that Elise would introduce. The screaming, shaking, and heaving struggles accomplished nothing but forced Amanda to eventually become still from exhaustion. This would continue until Elise started a new round of violent struggles by flipping the switch on the milking machine, starting the first of its random intervals. She breathed heavily as Elise listened, hearing the frantic rustling of a captured animal. The top layer of the drawer was visible now, with Amanda hidden and the various tubes, nozzles, and devices designed to prolong her life attached and visible. She verified everything was functional, though she was not worried about Amanda for now. While she would eventually get bored and want to explore long-term isolation, Amanda was too fun of a toy to shelve for long. 

But at least for now, Amanda was switching to her mostly forced liquid diet (Elise herself didn’t know if that sludge she inhaled earlier would end up being her last substantial meal) during her stay. If Amanda could see her now, she would see a woman calibrating and working on the various devices as if she were a malfunctioning piece of machinery; when Elise sent a bit of the mixture through the tube to Amanda’s mouth, Amanda learned a new level of powerlessness that she didn’t totally comprehend yet, but she would soon. The woman who could order anyone to get her anything at any time would have somebody have total control over the intake of life-giving fuel. The ‘glamorous’ Amanda Night will no longer be attending Michelin-star restaurants with world-famous chefs begging her to patronize their establishments. Instead, it would be Elise now making every decision about what goes into the famous Night’s mouth. Even Elise once didn’t know about the extent that having someone in total control of their food can be a total mindfuck to the person. Already, Elise was thinking of introducing laxatives to the diet at least one of the days of this first week. She could already imagine the vain and infamous reality star striving hard not to defecate, knowing she wouldn’t be changed for an entire day. She could imagine Amanda struggling with that sudden loss of control over even her most basic functions.

 And that was just the start of the games that amount of control over a woman allowed her to play. She fondly remembered the most extreme example of that being the sorority sister and wannabe song girl for a famous Southern California university that she got her hands on after managing to somehow end up with her in her clutches and after doing some dark web research about how this girl had a particularized reputation for enforcing a bullying and hazing culture based on weight. Once established in the container and switched to the liquid diet, Elise had an idea of how to turn that psychologically against her hated captive. She would play with the fit, beautiful, blonde girl’s food, doubling and sometimes tripling the number of calories daily for just a few months. 

 Elise, playing scientist, had watched the effects of her psychologically brutal experiment. She observed the gradual change as the self-obsessed woman slowly lost the body, beauty, and confidence core to her existence. Now, the natural beauty had lost the superiority that she had lorded over others as she started to look more like her bullying victims after falling into her own monster’s clutches. Her size increased as she turned into a chubby version of herself, still very attractive in the face and elsewhere, but the weight gain subjected to her more cruel taunts from Elise about how none of her equipment was designed for elephants, and it unquestionably made her time in the cramped, narrow drawer even more uncomfortable. Elise remembered the hours of forced exercise wearing the humiliating pink pig-nosed hood, pink hoof ballet boots, pink armbinder, and spiral tail butt plug that Elise had made just for her. Worse than any pledging task she had to endure, for sure. What stuck with Elise most was how the woman seemed to be trying to exercise and lose the extra pounds as opposed to merely acquiescing to the torture. She saw the now plus-sized beauty trying to shed the weight and using effort that wasn’t even forced, only to have Elise subsequently thwart those efforts by increasing the food. The blonde kept trying to push that metaphorical boulder up the hill even though she would only ever be seen by two other people before the final wrap job she had been warned was coming. The irony was astounding. Even Elise, having survived in Hollywood, was sympathetic to issues with eating and obsessing over body image. But in this case, with this particular bitch, Elise thought her sickness well worth exploiting. 

As easy as she brought the pounds on, Elise slowly and unknowingly brought her back to normal as she delighted over this amount of control over her bondage plaything. For a while, she cut back the amount of calories so much that the former collegian actually had lost weight since the beginning of her involuntary incarceration. But Elise had kept the ‘mean girl’ away from mirrors during this portion and never allowed her head to look down to see this vast reduction for herself. Instead, Elise fed into the body dysmorphia even more by taunting her and pretending the opposite. When the woman finally was able to see herself, naturally bound and gagged in gear that clung to her now healthy, thinner frame, she could not mentally picture herself as she was. This temporary insanity lasted for weeks and brought Elise much joy as the now thin captive sought to lose weight that wasn’t there to lose. Elise let this go on before she got bored and came up with the cruel final masterpiece. Again, she messed with the feud and exercise level until she thought her captive had reached her ideal weight and finally started complimenting her on her new appearance (though, in actuality, she was thicker and healthier than the past weeks before when Elise was degrading her). Once she achieved this, she started preparing for her next involuntary housemate while readying her current housemate for the end game, like an even more twisted version of Hansel and Gretel. For the last few months of the college girl’s secret studies in Advanced Bondage, Elise kept the woman in an absolute stupor, starting with a forced beer bong binge and ending with enough drugs to keep her out of the loop. During this period of incoherent thought, Elise had given just enough exercise a day to stay healthy, if not fit. Elise had reinitiated the forced feeding with double the extra calories before and added another bag and tube, full of bodybuilder’s weight gainer, to the daily nutrients. It was as if she was drinking milkshakes on an hourly basis. Instead of spending her time in the smaller container, always a tight fit for the tall dancer, Elise had consigned the rapidly swelling blonde to a vacuum bed so that any movement was impossible and kept the calorie surplus at insane levels. It also allowed Elise to see just how that tight vacuum seal highlighted the increased mass of the prisoner.

When the drugged woman was finally allowed to sober up and return to her forced hiding place, it was merely days before Elise had brought her newest captive to the home. As such, when that threatened and promised day came, as promised to all of Elise’s victims, the container opened up, and the sorority sister’s hearing was ‘turned on.’ But this time, when the ‘doors’ were opened, the blonde could, as she often did, derisively describe the last captor to dehumanize them in front of her fresh prey. This particular time involved the captor depicting her as “this fat cow over here..” and calling her “Porky” as if that was her given name. This led to a sense of shock from the captive, who had not heard such language for months. Elise humiliatingly described how Porky was eating her out of the house and home and how she was happy to have fresh blood in this house. This desire was of no comfort to the terrified new victim. Finally, as customary and after this period of forced anticipation, Porky’s bondage helmet was relieved of the blindfold blocking her sight. But until this point, no victim had ever looked to find a mirror pointed directly at them so that they could see what had happened to them. Elise felt it was unnecessary in those cases since she had already shown them once in the form of their predecessors, and she loved knowing their last bit of individuality was replaced with enforced conformity. But Porky was an extraordinary case; thus, she was the first prisoner to see herself immediately after being revealed. 

She remembered Porky’s eyes adjusting to the light and then fluttering open to see her worst nightmare made flesh. Literally. Porky moaned into the pump gag, prying her mouth open as she saw she was not in her original drawer but a drawer humiliatingly built to accommodate a more plus-sized woman. All the bondage equipment had been upgraded in size to fit her new form. Because even though the beautiful woman and face were present (if hidden by a hood at the moment), there was no question she was now much more overweight than ever before. In truth, Elise thought she should still look beautiful in her current form, but that sentiment was not one to be shared because now it was time for the woman to get her just desserts. Porky’s self-obsession triumphed, and she sobbed at what had been done to her body in her forced slumber and bondage, not even paying much attention to the woman who was to be taking her place and even the remnants of her companion captive being dumped out of the sound in the sand in front of the horrified newcomer and Elise detailed her plan, as always, Porky was instead hearing all the snide comments about how Elise would need a forklift and a plunger to fit Porky inside the smaller coffin-like box. After a few more minutes, Porky was attached to a leash and forced to op around while humming her old fight song into the mouth-stuffing gag as Elise took time to point out her new physical flaws, the jiggling of her flesh and the “earthquake” her bouncing body was causing. It was safe to say the weeping, sniveling flight attendant, still in her stewardess outfit, who was currently inescapably cable-tied to a wheelchair, was far more worried about the fact that she had just received a one-way ticket to ending up a living, breathing, desiccated senseless husk than overly concerned about the former college girl’s newly discovered flab and the corresponding blow to her self-esteem. 

Instead, it was all part of Elise’s way to punish this bully and finish her off psychologically. When the wheezing, suddenly corpulent Porky was finally deposited on the hard ground with a comment about how she was sweating gravy all over the floor. That pitiful wheezing intensified as her body was slowly and expertly crushed beneath the hours of multiple applying layers of bandages and tape; what unbelievably seemed to hurt the most was the teasing comments about how Elise had never used this much material on anybody before and how lucky Porky was to finally have her mouth wholly covered, and also how the incredibly tight and suffocating bondage was the slimmest she had looked in a very long time. Elise mentioned she wished she had bought pig-slop or mud instead of sand. And before her prisoner’s hearing was stolen forever, Elise selected some significantly cutting last words for her little Porky, “I will now say goodbye to, perhaps, the world’s first fat mummy. At least mine. My prior victims were always such perfect physical specimens to me. At least before they became one with the wrapping. Just think, this bulbous shape is how you’ll be memorialized for all eternity. It’s not like it’s a surprise to you that you would end up as a living work of art, so I’m even more disappointed in your lack of self-control. I guess you just aren’t Greek material after all…” 

Mimicking phrases this bawling woman had once said to demean others. All in all, it was one of the most obscene displays of hysterical emotions, with tears and snot discharging and dripping down her face in a way that even Elise had never seen before those last layers went over her captive’s face and finished wrapping up the woman she had taunted as an obese little butterball. 

When that dirty deed was done, and the sorority girl was placed in the sand and robbed of all of her senses forever, Elise marveled at what society, including this young woman herself, had done to women’s minds in this country that when faced with a fate possibly worse than death, the fragile and egotistical girl seemed more concerned that she was meeting that fate while fat. It was a level of psychological devastation that she had rarely seen in her travels. Comparable to what she once did to those young lovers who offended her. But not as bad as the final fate of that troublesome punk girl? What was her name again? Ruby? She chalked up that one as her fault for trying too hard to tame a wild child. Eventually, Elise’s wandering mind returned to the sorority sister, now forever remembered by the only one who knows her final resting place, and how, as an added bonus, she kept up the increased feedings on occasion after the wrapping and placement in the total isolation cabinet. As a result and as planned, Porky was the first person ever to gain weight in the third phase of captivity, and when Porky was finally dropped on the ground, having lost her mind quite some time prior, Elise marveled at what a little extra weight did to the already highly tight wrappings as her body bulged inside, testing the very limits of the bondage’s capacity. It was a fantastic sight as the former shallow tormentor was ballooned inside the tape. After the last coating of the iron-hard tape, she looked less human than a cartoon character, and this is how she would spend her time in bondage nirvana. 

Elise marveled at her own cruelty. One could barely blame her for getting lost in nostalgia on occasion. It wasn’t like she could share these little triumphs with anyone else.

 Now, that cruelty was entirely focused on Amanda. Already, Elise was practically wet as she remembered the utter control she now possessed and how she was thinking about how the famous Amanda Night might react to that type of torture. Elise laughed as she imagined prepping Amanda for one of those other freak-show reality shows about the morbidly obese. It was not likely Elise would repeat herself and go to such extremes with such an essential and delicate toy, but instead could see using some of what she learned from Porky to mess with the weight a bit and forcing her famous and rapidly expanding ass on the treadmill for even longer while Amanda had no idea why the corset and exercise were no longer working. It was all part of the vast knowledge the experienced woman-hunter had accumulated to make her guest’s experience as hellish as possible. Ah, the fun she would have with the vain and spoiled reality starlet. Elise made sure the oxygen was working and checked both the sedative and smelling salt nozzles flowing to her oxygen, as well as the IV with the amphetamine. Thinking about whether to put Amanda out or to give her a jump start, Elise decided on the latter and administered a dose of the powerful stimulant. What use was all this hard work if Amanda would just sleep it off? No, she wanted terror and dread doled out in a steady dose. She wanted Amanda awake and wondered when the next milking session would begin or if the shocks would reinitiate. The thought of Amanda as a sweating, writhing captive in her drug-induced feverish anxiety was driving her mad with her own feverish desire.

As much as this delighted her, Elise was incredibly proud of the next part of the specific cruelties she planned for Amanda’s first night. After Amanda had finished her time on the chair and night of butt chugging, Elise had relieved the young woman from her full feeling as she emptied herself from the enema. Before this ordeal, Elise had already cleaned Amanda thoroughly several times with water enemas. So the alcohol that was administered directly into Amanda’s anus and eventually expelled from the same was essentially ‘clean’ and free of the foul parts of enemas that Elise considered a necessary but disgusting evil. Therefore, this collected fluid was different yet similar enough to be used as a tool of utter humiliation. Amanda enjoyed connecting the bottle next to Amanda’s water supply with the bottle of collected alcohol. It would be delivered slowly, a few swallows at a time on a random schedule, but it would be like Amanda’s Chinese Water Torture for the next day. 

The hair of the dog that bit you, thought Elise cruelly as she thought of how she was using Night’s alcohol abuse to further torment her, as she deserved. She was going to enjoy telling Amanda tomorrow about her new business venture…Amanda Night Ass-Wine. Assuredly, there would be some dupes that would be happy to buy it. 

After checking the connections and meticulously confirming that everything was set in the amounts she wanted, Elise closed the top part of the drawer and began the locking process. After several minutes, Amanda was all set to be deposited into the wall, which she soon was.

Elise soon compartmentalized as always and returned to her various other daily tasks, which didn’t require the sadism and malice she had just displayed. Her last thought before doing so was that the next time she met Amanda, in addition to the helmet, she would spend some real time wearing ropes. 

After placing the now secluded Amanda back inside the hidden space and re-attaching the mirror, she climbed the stairs. While Elise was the model of self-control, she decided to take a page out of Amanda’s book and indulge a bit, taking two edibles she inherited from a friend in her book clubs. After all, it was legal in California. She waited until she felt affected and then sat down on the piano before picking up the sheet for the most intricate piece of piano playing in her library: Piano Sonata No. 29 by Beethoven. It would be the first time she had ever attempted it. She typed the piece of music into her computer’s piano program so it was set to audibly check for errors and ‘correct them’ with a light.

Elise smiled as she startled, tickling the ivories, as the light flashed when she almost immediately struck a wrong note. 

Amanda felt the electricity hitting her right ear just as the milking machine started its first cycle. It would be a long series of nights before tomorrow finally came. 


Simon Hausman, long time Hollywood agent and specifically agent to one Elise Konrad, among other soap opera stars, hung up the phone. He had done his best to delay or change the decision, but there was only so much he could do. After all, soap operas weren’t the reliable influx of cash and cheap advertising they used to be. Now, networks were all after cheap money grabs. Empty stuff like game shows, talk shows, and, worst of all, reality television. It was like the Hollywood he knew no longer existed, and today was just another terrible example. 

Simon had just heard the news that, unbeknownst to him, would significantly change the lives of not only Elise Konrad but also the missing Amanda Night.

Simon especially thought hard about how to break the news to Elise, who was always so proud of her work on the show, as campy and ludicrous as it was. He wasn’t worried about Elise’s finances. She had always invested incredibly well and had her hands in many pies. In fact, he was impressed that she had managed to take a modest soap opera salary and turn it into generational wealth. But the show was essential to Elise, and so was acting. Yes, she could sometimes be a bit of a pill, but he genuinely thought the world of Elise, and he did not want to break that sweet, dignified lady’s heart. Especially when she was about to hear that, in the local market at least, the love of her life was being replaced with re-runs of the lowest common denominator reality TV show, Night Time, and Amanda Night’s short-lived spin-off Nights On the Town that was shelved after she fled the country. That might be enough to break her.

He rehearsed the conversation in his mind. How he would say that it wasn’t permanent. The producers were looking into streaming. That a hiatus didn’t necessarily mean canceled. 

As he pondered ways to soften the blow, he did think that at least Elise, while somewhat reclusive, did have a life outside of the show. She had gardening, yoga, rental properties, and her beloved fish. Stuff to keep an older, out-of-demand actress busy. Yes, that’s how he would have to sell it. This was a hidden blessing to give Elise an early and well-deserved retirement with more time to focus on passions, new and old.

Somewhere, Amanda Night was squirreled away in a drawer. If she could hear the agent’s train of thought, her screams would echo in that enforced enclosure even more.


To be continued

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