Reality Television Star Continued

by El Hijo Del Sooprbrane

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[Author's Note: Thanks to all those who commented and encouraged me to continue this story and explore more aspects of this BDSM horror hybrid. I can't speak to how often I will be able to update this story, but as you will hopefully see, it will take on some new dimensions as I hopefully develop Elise into more of a horror figure. Also included are some references to some other stories by the esteemed original author. Of course, should without saying that this is a horror story with some fantastical elements and just like Freddy Krueger or Jason, nobody should emulate them ever- Thanks and enjoy- HDS]

Chapter 4: Daytime Viewing Habits

To say the next few days were a blur for Amanda would be a bit of an understatement. Through a diabolical mixture of drug cocktails, Amanda wasn't sure how much time had passed since Elise next visited her with a spritely kiss on the forehead, followed by a bee-like sting from a needle entering her arm. Thus started the ordeal of forced sleeping- broken up by dream-like memories of being cleaned and groomed- and mixed with nightmarish remembrances of the two women who, like herself, ended up unfortunate enough to become entangled with Elise.

When she finally awoke, the former reality television star found herself on the floor of the basement prison. As she fought grogginess and confusion, she also involuntarily fought the bonds holding her tight. There was no mistaking their realness. As Amanda shifted to find some level of comfort on the hard floor, her body involuntarily tested its new constraints as she became again aware of her surroundings and familiar with the restraints holding her in place.

The first thing she noticed were her hands and wrists. Try as she might, she could not bring her hands to her aching head. The reason why? The cable ties that were surrounding her wrists zipped tightly together. Not just one, of course, but three separate cable ties to add some unnecessary security. Each of those ties connected to a larger zip tie surrounding her hips like a belt. But as she witnessed over the past few days, Elise was nothing if not a fan of overkill. This was demonstrated by the fact that each of her fingers had been individually zip-tied and connected to the finger on the other hand, holding her hands together palm to palm, as if praying. More lengthy and thicker zip ties adorned her long legs, at her ankles, above and below her knees, and around her thighs. They each dug into her skin as Elise took no chances with their tautness.

Amanda's inability to touch her aching head, her body still fighting off the spinning hold of dizziness, was made worse by the fact that she felt some very thick cloth stuffing her mouth and painfully spreading her jaws. What appeared to be yet another cable tie was zipped tight around and into her mouth, cutting into her stretched cheeks a little. Then, to make matters worse, tape was tightly wrapped around her lower face and head, covering the tie and stuffing completely.

She noticed something was inhibiting her vision, not just due to the spinning from her vertigo-like ascent back into consciousness. No, her eyes were peering through what appeared to be a stocking or pair of pantyhose, feeling the tightness around her face. Elise apparently wanted to make it a little challenging to see, but not impossible.

Amanda had been dressed in a slinky black cocktail dress, black thigh-high stockings with garters, 'fuck-me’ high heels that were attached to her feet with their own zip-ties, and her face was delicately made-up under the hood. Elise had taken the time to ensure the young reality starlet looked her best and was clean inside and out.

"Uunnngghh nnggffff" was all the noise that Amanda could make in her degrading position. She squirmed and moved on the floor, writhing all around, looking for some sharp corner, edge or anything that she could use to wear down the cable ties, but of course, Elise had well thought of that and left anything far out of her reach. Complicating matters even further, was the studded dog collar around her neck that had been chained to a U-bolt in the floor, making sure she couldn't squirm too far away from her forced resting spot. Cruelly, Elise had put a large pet bed just out of the reach of her straining body, as if to taunt her as she instead must rest on the unforgiving hard and cold floor.

After an interminable and indeterminate amount of time on the ground and finally gaining what was left of her senses, Amanda heard the heavy oak door opening and the high heels clicking as Elise made her way down the stairs. She protested lightly into her gag. The only thing worse than being alone in the basement alone would be to be trapped in the basement with Elise. Hoping against hope, she looked to the stairs through the stocking material, praying that somebody had come to her rescue, but her heart sank as she instead heard Elise's voice humming a little tune.

The middle-aged, slender soap opera actress did make her way down the stairs. In her hands, instead of any instruments of torture, was a benign bagel and glass of orange juice. Unlike Amanda, she had spent the earliest of her waking hours in her garden, enjoying some freedom and flexibility by doing some yoga. Then starting her light breakfast just outside the koi pond, which recently had gained another occupant in the helpless Marita. It always made her feel powerful to do her stretching and flexibility work as she imagined all her prior conquests’ constricted forms.

Elise was indeed humming a little tune as she had now dressed for the day, giving the impression of a woman just undergoing a typical morning routine when, in reality, it was anything but ordinary. And the proof of that abnormality was lying on the ground right where she had left it in the form of the hopelessly bound and gagged Amanda Night, the hedonistic star of the sister-centric reality show Night Time. The slutty reality television star was decorating her sparse basement at the moment, dressed in an appropriately sensual outfit. It had been a while before she had someone as fresh, young, and helpless as Amanda and nobody as famous. It sent a shiver down her spine as she knew the danger she was courting with this latest kidnap. But seeing the starlet was enough to prove it was worth it.

Elise looked over the gorgeous sight of the frantically moving figure before her. While the stocking hood pulled tightly around her head hid her magnificent face and most of her long brown hair, her face was the least of her concerns. Instead, Elise was transfixed by the long fishnet-stocking adorned legs, the thick bottom in the thong panties, the cocktail dress that led almost nothing to the imagination, and, most notably to Elise, the large breasts. Unlike many figures haunting reality television, Amanda's were definitely real and appropriately spectacular. Elise had confirmed this several times during the cleaning, feeding, and dressing periods over the past couple of days. Elise knew Amanda didn't know how long she had been there now as, over the past few days, Elise had various duties that required her to be out of the home on occasion. Usually, this would involve her storing her playthings away in their designated drawers for however long she needed. But Elise had a fresh victim and she wanted to savor Amanda's reactions as the process of her increasing helplessness continued, so she ensured that Amanda was pumped full of narcotics and unable to sober up. Elise would get the joy of introducing Amanda to her drawer later. Elise was sure that being doped up wasn't a new experience for the little slut. But now, Elise was feeling a little sadistic. While she was again too busy to devote her full attention to Amanda, she had a fitting activity in mind for her little trophy.

Amanda became increasingly uncomfortable as she heard the woman surrounding her and looking at her, her hooded head trying to find her tormentor. Elise was correct in that Amanda had no idea how long she had been trapped in Elise's home, or that she had been fed, cleaned out with enemas, or any of the other things that seemed like brief nightmares in her forced slumber. But what she did know was that Elise's presence did not signify good things.

"Good morning, my pet. Did you enjoy your last comfortable night of freedom?" Elise cooed as she reached down and started to stroke the stocking hood. Amanda responded with a grunt and weak attempt at a 'headbutt' if one wants to call it that, but the sharp tug on the collar around her throat made that attempt extremely pitiable.

Freedom? What the hell is this crazy bitch talking about? Amanda futilely thought. She surely didn't feel free at the moment.

Elise chuckled a little at Amanda's little furtive and aborted attempt at rebellion.

"Oooh, such a little wild cat still. I should've known that after seeing your depraved antics that it would take a little while for you to realize that your days as the spoiled brat are now over. Maybe after today's activity, you'll gain a little more respect for your betters, girly."

Elise punctuated her verbal attack with an actual one, a quick kick to Amanda's ribs that signified that she was not playing around anymore. After that, Elise finished her bagel and juice and went over to her supplies. With a cartoonish grunt, Elise pulled into the 'center' of the room a large and heavy chair. Indeed, the object weighed more than Amanda's spritely form though it was on wheels to make it maneuverable. She took great care to position the furniture to face one of the walls and attached the locks to the wheels to make it largely immobile. Then she casually walked over, grabbed a remote and soon a panel of the wall slid open and the very large-screened television they watched earlier again became visible.

"I thought, after such a busy few days, you may want to relax a tad, and watch a little television. Does that sound nice, Ms. Night?"

"Hhhnnmggghfff??" Amanda tried to respond. She was confused by the idea but knew there had to be some sort of horrible catch. How right she would be.

"I mean, it isn't partying with your sister or slut friends and family, but it can be relaxing just to be a couch potato for a bit. Or maybe I should say chair potato?" Elise smiled and she tapped on the ominous solid metal and wood chair. Whatever it was, it did NOT look comfortable.

"Television is a luxury I don't usually allow my playthings to enjoy. Instead, sometimes I like to come down here and stream some shows while my toys spend that time being tortured and being blind, deaf and dumb to their surroundings. But I have a bonafide celebrity in my midst, so I thought you deserve a little special treatment."

A second kick, this time to Amanda's bountiful backside, cemented that this special treatment would not be something enjoyable.

"On your knees, bitch…" Elise said with a threatening tone. Almost as if she was mad that Amanda hadn't read her mind and assumed that position already. Amanda soon discovered that this somewhat simple task was impossible without her legs and especially her arms and hands. She squirmed and writhed, trying her hardest to maneuver her body into the requested position as Elise taunted and kicked her lightly despite her frustrated attempts. Finally, after a few minutes, Amanda managed to get on her knees, the taut chain pulling against her throat, her face red and panting through her nose through the stocking hood, the cable ties around her body seemingly even tighter and cutting more into her skin.

"Hhmmmgfffh…hunffff," Amanda groaned in discomfort and humiliation as Elise patted her head condescendingly.

"Good girl, Ms. Night. Something I don't think you've heard much of in your young life." Elise taunted. She pulled out a pair of scissors as Amanda prayed for some relief from her unrelenting bondage. But before Elise provided any relief, she put the scissors down across from the hooded head of Amanda.

"Amanda, I need to run upstairs and get a few things. I've been doing this for quite some time, and believe me when I tell you, I know just how much give that chain has. You cannot get to those scissors. And even if you could, what would you do with them trussed up like this? Without even your fingers or toes? But if you want to try, you go right ahead. Let me just tell you that if you do, the next day of your life will be filled with unimaginable pain and suffering. Oh, it's going to be filled with pain and suffering regardless. But if you DARE try to escape, it will be so much worse. Do you understand me?"

"Hhhmmgghhhhff…" Amanda replied.

"Now Amanda, I know you're familiar with talking with things in your mouth, so that kind of noncommittal non-answer isn't what I am seeking. Again, do- you-understand?" Elise annunciated her words with cool menace.

"Yggffff" Amanda meekly replied, her cheeks burning with humiliation under the stocking hood. As she did, she couldn't help but peer over at the drawer where she knew her predecessor in pain, Kim, was currently undergoing her never-ending bondage and torment. She would never question Elise's sadistic nature after what she witnessed firsthand.

Elise couldn't help but notice that little glimpse. "Oh, don't worry about dear Kimmy. Believe me, she isn't worried about you right now. Except maybe cursing your name for taking her place. Because as you will find out, there are even worse things than being my main attraction. Not much worse, but worse nonetheless. Can you imagine what's going through what's left of her admittedly empty head right now? I'm sure it gives a whole new meaning to the word 'claustrophobia'. And to think, it will get even worse for her at some point. Maybe she will be begging for sweet relief at that time? Maybe you will, too?"

Elise knew exactly what she was doing. She was planting in Amanda's head the dilemma she knew was now rushing through the reality star's mind. In her immediate future was bondage, pain and torment, but her long-term future will likely include fate perhaps worse than death if she doesn't find a way out of here. Just outside of her reach was a pair of scissors that, in the longest of long shots, could free her from her bondage. But if she goes for them and fails, she will suffer. She is sure of that. But if she doesn't go for them, and doesn't try, will that lock her into the same fate of Kimberly and ultimately Marita? It was a demonic choice, and one Elise was glad she wouldn't have to make for herself. Instead, she carefreely ascended the stairs to give Amanda time to think on it.

When the heavy oak door closed behind her, which Elise made sure she locked, despite whatever Amanda chose to do, she flipped on a machine that pumped white noise to the dungeon below. Let Amanda imagine what is happening upstairs. In reality, the majority of her 'supplies' so to speak were downstairs, hidden in various compartments. But this would allow her to drink a hot cup of tea. Something she was partaking in when she suddenly heard a loud and sudden knock. She was momentarily startled, wondering for a second if Amanda had managed to get loose somehow, but then relief hit upon realizing it came from her front door. She used the doorbell camera and saw a young woman at the door. Curious and considering her options, Elise decided to have faith in herself and her precautions and went to the door. No reason to act suspiciously.

Interlude 2

"Good morning, Ms Konrad?" greeted Elise as she opened the door, and the young woman presented her hand to the famous soap actress.

"That is me, my dear. But I must warn you, I frown upon fans coming onto my property. If you wish for an autograph, you can always reach out to my ag-"

Rudely, the woman interrupted:

"No, no. Not that I'm NOT a fan, of course, but I happen to be here on business", the woman said as she dug around in her pocket seemingly for some sort of identification.

As she clumsily did so, Elise looked over the young lady and sipped on her tea. The woman was short, only about 5 feet, and was approximately in her early 20's. She appeared of mixed heritage, possibly half-Asian and half-white. Her black hair was cut short, almost like a pixie cut, but currently tied back in a very short ponytail, giving her face a bit of a boyish-look, but a look at her body would disabuse anybody of that notion. She wore casual clothes, jeans, and a sweater, but even that thick sweater could not hide the fact that this stranger had breasts, while not quite matching those of Amanda's, were nothing to sneeze at. Elise made an impatient noise as she held her tea up to play the disinterested part of a bothered citizen and bystander. But in her brain, Elise was reminding herself of her rules…only two victims at a time… only two.

"Here we go," the woman finally said, giving Elise a business card while the impertinent young woman said her name and occupation at almost the same time Elise read it, making the process almost silly. "Parker Pham, celebrity reporter for the…"

"Dear me, Ms…Pham," Elise said as she looked over the card. "Press interviews should definitely go through my agent. I'm not inclined to just drop everything, I do have a personal life, you know?"

Parker looked a bit stunned at the rebuke but suddenly regained her plucky composure.

"Oh no, I'm sorry. I should've told you why I'm here. As great as your career is, I am actually here to talk to you about Amanda Night."

Elise sipped her tea. "Amanda Night? Really? I don't know if I have much more to add about the spoiled child who wrecked my lawn and proceeded to flee her consequences. Not unusual behavior from her from what little I hear. Not that I venture into those same circles in my advanced years."

"Oh yes, I understand. I was just wondering if you had anything more to add…"

Elise again sipped and responded. "I would really like to just put this episode behind me. Just yesterday, I had a young police officer…I believe O'Reilly or something…contact me on set about this. Believe it or not, other than the frustration of dealing with all this, I don't care about her or wherever she fled. It's unfortunate, but I'm guessing that may be best for society if she doesn't want to be found. Do not quote me on that last part, please."

"Oh yes, I'll be discreet. I would just appreciate it if she were to have some crisis of conscience or if she happens to wonder about her car.

"Or the white stuff they found inside?" Elise joked.

Parker couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, or that. Can you please just let me know if you hear or remember anything? My number and email is on that card. I truly think there's a big story here somewhere…"

"Bigger than you will ever know," Elise thought to herself. "Of course, but I can't lie. I'm not liable to give this more than another minute's thought." Elise then turned on her actress charm, adopting a matronly tone. "But I have to ask, celebrity reporter?"

Parker replied sheepishly, "Yes, but I'm kind of hoping this is my ticket to bigger and better things. Maybe not; the trail seems pretty cold. I heard there was some talk that she may be in Europe. But hey, maybe I will get a free trip?" Parker replied.

"Well, that is an attitude I certainly support. I will tell you what, Ms. Pham, I will be sure to keep your card handy. Good luck with your go-getting and your hard work. I remember those days of struggling somewhat fondly. Somewhat."

With that, the pair wished each other the best, and Parker walked away. Elise fondled the card a bit as she stared at the bottom of the moxie-filled reporter who was walking away. "Two victims…" she repeated to herself in her mind like a mantra to tamp down her craving. Maybe someday she and the reporter could become more intimately acquainted, but Elise's date card was filled for now.

End of interlude 2

Amanda couldn't help but hold her breath as she heard the white noise turned off and then the oak door opening and the click-clacking of the high heels signaling the descent of Elise into the basement once again. It had been a long time since she had been left in her precarious kneeling position, faced with the devilish choice of risking torture for a mere chance at escape. As Elise came down the stairs and Amanda came into her view, the result of that choice greeted her.

Elise almost clapped her hands in delight as she saw Amanda still in the same position she had left her nearly an hour ago. The young starlet was so afraid of her that she didn't even risk a chance to get free.

Amanda grunted what certainly wasn't a pleasant greeting as Elise came, first picking up the scissors and then stepping behind Amanda's head, holding them to Amanda's throat in a menacing way.

"Come now, Ms. Night. Are your self-preservation instincts really so weak? You saw what happened to Marita, right? And Kim? And you just signed yourself up for that fate so meekly? Pathetic. I certainly would've fought if I were unlucky enough to be in your position. But I guess that's the point. I never would."

Elise tut-tutted her poor victim as she saw Amanda start to struggle a bit in response. Quickly reacting, Elise reached down and grabbed Amanda in a chokehold, one arm around her throat, the other around the top of her stocking-covered head.

"Oh no, it's too late now. And you want to know the worst part? You had a possible rescuer just now upstairs. If only you tried for those scissors…did you really believe me that you couldn't reach them? I guess we will never know now."

Amanda started to struggle wildly as she heard that news, as if her frantic movements could move her back in time, but Elise held tight and started to squeeze, constricting herself around Amanda's bound body like she were a python, slowly cutting off that air until she felt Amanda's struggles begin to slow and finally die down. Once she felt those last little kicks and flutters dissipate, Elise let go of Amanda and started to undo the collar around her captive's throat. As the collar and chain cluttered to the ground, Elise tested Amanda's unconsciousness with a swift kick and finding no response from the woman, the captor proceeded to pull Amanda towards the scary and threatening chair.

Before depositing Amanda in it, she looked things over. The chair was a combination of metal and wood. The seat itself was wood and was large and oversized with many holes for various straps and contraptions, allowing access to certain body parts and allowing for further restraint The arms and legs were a mix of wood and reinforced metal to make sure that they could not be broken. Attached to the back of the chair was a well-designed armbinder that connected to the chair itself. On the front of the 'seat' of the chair were also attached pieces of metal and leather around the waist height and around the head. Similarly attached to the arms of the chair were miniature leather and binders for each independent limb. Similar custom binders were on the legs, along with some cuffs and straps. Satisfied that she had what she needed to get Amanda set up for the day, she proceeded to pick Amanda up with some effort, as her daily yoga routine was not going to waste, and dropped Amanda into the chair. Not wanting to take any chances, Elise stabbed Amanda's butt with another dose of drugs to keep her hazy during this next part. It took a while, but after several minutes, Elise had managed to cut all of those cable ties loose as her slumbering captive drooled. Finally, she undid the hose hood, unwrapped the tape, cut free the last cable tie around Amanda's mouth, and pulled out the shop towel she had stuffed into her captive's mouth to stifle any inane chatter.

Elise then proceeded to slip a shock "e-collar" around the neck of Amanda, locking it tightly around Amanda's neck. Then she tried to wake up her captive with a few strong slaps mixed with some smelling salts. Amanda eventually started to stir and to discover that her limbs had been freed, she instinctively tried to sit up from the chair. Elise simply pressed a button on the collar's remote, and a shock hit Amanda's body, making her almost instantly go limp and fall back into the chair. As Amanda tried to process what had happened, Elise cut it off with an explanation.

"Amanda, there is an easy way and hard way to do this. You've discovered the hard way, and as a word of warning, that was a rather timid setting. Just settle down."

Amanda's voice was soft, her throat and mouth still hurting from the various gags she's endured.

"You s-sick cunt. You really think you're going to get away…NNNNNNNNNNNGgghhhhHH!”

Amanda again felt a shock hitting her throat as she kicked those fishnetted legs to no avail. She forced herself to remain still, and in response, Elise finally laid off the remote.

"Now, now, that wasn't very nice. I will undoubtedly remember that comment later. And I'll be sure to remind you of it as well."

"Now get your ass back into that chair," Elise snarled at Amanda, and the reality star had no choice but to comply immediately, scooching herself into the heavy chair. Amanda noticed the weight of the furniture almost immediately, realizing that her most serious struggles were unlikely to move it while the wheels were locked. As Amanda sat back in the chair, Elise started with her most basic restraint devices…essentially an automobile safety belt, but one that cruelly locked into place. As Elise tugged it tight, Amanda felt humiliated, like a child in a high chair or car seat.

"You had better buckle up, baby. This is just the start."

Once that was done, Amanda felt Elise starting to wrap the pieces of leather that were on the front of the chair, just outside of her body around her. With horror, Amanda realized that the leather pieces, measuring about a foot and a half wide by two and a half feet long, with its various straps of metal and leather resembled a corset.

“N-no…w-what are you…”

"I don't recall asking you for your opinion, Ms. Night? Do I need to hit the button again?"

"You can't treat me like…UNNNNNNNNnggGHH!"

Elise wasted no time in correcting the offending behavior, coldly responding with another push of the button.

"And if I can't convince you to not act the fool." Elise then reached over and used an attached pair of handcuffs to restrain Amanda's upper limbs to the chair. It was placeholder bondage, for sure, but it would do for now.

"Just like a spoiled socialite. You never think the rules or consequences should apply to you. Well, they do now. In ways you likely never imagined. Now sit back!"

Elise's voice raised in a way that Amanda had never heard before and she forced herself to be quiet and to endure as Elise started to attach the corset-like device.

"As you can see, this is much more than that silly shapewear you and your family hawk during your commercial breaks. No, this is the real deal, Amanda. This ‘corset’, unlike ones you probably are accustomed to dealing with, is mostly leather, but boned with steel springs."

Elise worked on the straps and buckles, getting it around Amanda's waist before detaching the safety belt, and once it was mainly secured. It wasn't necessary at this point as the corset had essentially welded Amanda to the chair itself. But Elise wasn't done yet.

"Ah, now you're buckled up nice and snug. Now Amanda, I don't know how you manage to maintain your hourglass figure already…it almost looks artificial if I didn't already intimately know better. But even with near perfection, there is always room for improvement. And that is where this comes in," Elise said as she held up a dial-type knob. "This corset goes all the way down to 14 inches. I imagine that would even be a problem for you. It certainly would be for me. But let's see how far we can go. I'm not sure what we got Kim's down to before, well you know, but I know you saw the corset adorning her tortured form. And trust me, this is a training bra compared to that monstrosity. But you’ll find out eventually."

Elise started to twist down on the dial, happy to hear the little moans escaping from Amanda as she tried not to verbally respond. She could see sweat dripping down Amanda's face as the strain continued to get worse.

"Now I imagine it is already getting hard to breathe. But you are going to have a relatively easy day of sitting, my dear. Nothing too strenuous yet. So we might as well make breathing an adventure…"

Amanda moaned as the metal frame of the corset was tightened more and more.

"No, no…please it's too tight…unnnhhh…" as her new accessory began to take on an almost cartoonish hourglass look to it, along, of course to his crushed waist. Her breathing was extremely labored, getting shorter and shorter as the space her lungs had to inflate was reduced in half, at most.

"Oh no, Amanda. I was content to stop here but with that little outburst…I think I'll try for one more inch." Elise laughed as she tried, but failed to get one more inch. She'd have to settle for the half.

"Hmm…a little disappointing, Amanda. You couldn’t even give me one more solitary inch. Only 20.5 inches. I was hoping that a real star like yourself would be able to set a new record."

Amanda moaned in pain and as she was preoccupied with her pitiful struggles to breathe air into her lungs, this allowed Elise to continue her bondage largely unimpeded, first by locking the corset. Then going and retrieving a pair of extraordinarily tall-heeled and dangerous ballet boots. Elise removed the current 'fuck me' heels (having already severed the cable ties earlier) and proceeded to lace up the much more ‘fuck me’ ballet boots which of course, forced Amanda’s toes into an almost impossible and parodic en pointe position. Once both of Amanda’s feet were sufficiently constrained in the heavily laced boots, Elise proceeded to slip each of her captive's now forcefully pointed feet into the leg binders attached to the chair leg, forcing her legs open wide and lewdly. Elise continued by lacing up the attached leather and steel enforced leg binder to first fuse Amanda's right leg to the chair and then following with her left. Each leg could fit in the leather with the lace-up bondage sleeve stopping just short of the boots, and once the lacing was pulled tight, there was no removing her leg from the chair. Finally, Elise attached the ballet boots to the chair with an attached strap. Amanda could feel the pain in her hips between the corset and the painfully tight leg bondage, spreading her legs and her feet held in the tough position. But she would get no relief from Elise. Anything but, actually.

"Are you starting to settle in, Amanda?" Elise asked with a wink and Amanda struggled to breathe.

"Go s-straight…unhgggh to hell, you old crone," Amanda uttered as Elise gently pushed down on her captive’s right arm, as if to instruct gently, but then proceeded to press the collar remote’s button again.


"I'm going to remember that comment, too, darling." Now let us get these arms taken care of. No flailing, or you'll regret it."

Amanda stifled her attempts to escape, and instead, she allowed Elise to uncuff her right arm and proceeded to use a binder, similar to the ones now holding her legs tight, to lace her right wrist and lower arm to the corresponding arm of the chair. Once completed, Amanda was horrified to find that with some wire and holes in the chair’s arm, Elise would then spread her fingers and loop every single finger to the chair with the wire, making it impossible to lift a proverbial, or actual, finger to help her situation. After a bit of futile testing, Elise threatened Amanda with the remote again, and the process continued on her left side. Soon, Elise had become one with the chair at the hips, waist, feet, hands, arms and legs.

"How is that? Probably a little too tight for how long you'll be sitting there, but I'll be damned if I care." Elise chuckled and then she reached out and grasped Amanda's neck, almost as if by anger, her manicured nails threatening to pierce her captive's beautiful, tanned skin.

"You make me sick, you know that. I worked so hard for my little bit of fame and material success, and worthless slugs like you, who contribute nothing to society but indecency, and you thrive. You've been handed everything I've struggled for." Elise hissed, almost as if the character she had been playing had finally dropped, before she reached over and started to wrap yet another piece of metal and leather and laces around Amanda’s throat. Soon, Amanda even lost the ability to move her head and neck from the chair as the slightly strangling collar, laced up at the front and the impossibly tight corset did quite a number on her ability to breathe.

Elise didn't stop there, though. She wrapped a tight strap around Amanda's forehead to further discourage any head movement whatsoever. With a quick snap and a buckled lock behind the chair, Elise stepped back. Satisfied she now had a captive audience, and with the same remote that revealed the television set, a button was pressed resulting in another cabinet opening up. As a result, Elise had forced Amanda to look at various sex toys, dildos, and other instruments ranging in size.

"N-no way…"

"Oh, this is the fun part, Amanda. You've already tasted what I can do to people with the various toys we played with before. But that was small-time compared to the collection I've accumulated over the years. You should see what's buried inside Kimberly there, not to mention the others' forever companions. But if you don't want any entertainment, you can always just get up and walk out."

Elise snickered as she watched Amanda's pitiful attempts to do just that extinguished by the unyielding bondage.

The first thing we have to take care of is this annoying little mouth cunt of yours. I told you before that I prefer my women silent and looking like pigs with apples in their mouths who are waiting for the roast. Well, that hasn't changed. I've given your mouth a rest, but that time is now over…”

Elise took her time looking over a variety of penis-shaped gags with various straps.

"Normally, I would've just used three inches. But what did you call me? A cunt? And a crone? That deserves at least two more inches. Here we go…a five and a half incher"

Elise pulled out an intimidating and large ball/penis gag. One end looks like a plump, oversized ball gag while the rest is a highly threatening penis of around the length that Elise described. Amanda looks at it and struggles, trying to shake her head.

"No, there's no way… y-you're craz…"

"Ah ah, I don't think you're going to survive six inches, hon so choose any words carefully or better yet, just open wide." The command was mostly rhetorical as Elise grabbed Amanda's nose, holding it tightly shut until the mouth opened to breathe and then the penis was jammed into what seemed like the back of her throat…tripped her gag reflex, causing her to retch. But Elise put the onus on Amanda to avoid choking as she strapped the horrible gag in through the matching holes in the back of the tall seat, forcing her head back even further as it was pulled as far into her mouth as it can go.


Amanda started drooling almost immediately, thick strands of mucus dripping from her mouth after the forced throat scraping as her brown eyes teared up and winced, showing her struggles to try and not gag.

"Finally, an appropriate use for that filthy mouth. Please don't tease me, Ms. Night. I'm sure you've had bigger pricks than that in that hole of yours."


"Yes, that really looks great. It looks like a normal huge ball gag from here and truly gives you that roast piggy look I cherish so much. But inside your mouth and your throat, you’re suffering more than anyone can tell." Almost as a formality, Elise reached into the cabinet and took out an eight inch, ribbed and cold metal dildo. After a healthy lubrication of lube and moving Elise's panties out of the way, she made sure to press the dildo inside of Amanda as the now-gagged young captive could barely protest into the mouth-filling gag.


“That's about eight inches, Ms. Night. As you can tell, it is ribbed and designed to not be taken out by anything but a hand. Let me just strap this in place here and get everything all hooked up."

Hooked up? What does she mean hooked up? God, it’s so huge, Amanda turned this over in her mind as Elise became an electrician for a period of time, as Amanda felt the intruder inside of her being connected to various cords on the chair, which were in turn attached to batteries or plugged in at the socket. Right now, Amanda couldn't tell which as her head continued to be held securely forward, forced to look at the now blank television.

"HHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnhhhh…" Amanda bit down on the gag in pain, but Elise continued to busy herself with the wires and accessories.

Once Elise was done with the electrics, she held a small audio-recognition device, similar to an Alexa or Siri device.

"Should we test this out, honey?" Elise said and then whispered the word "Bianca" in a barely hushed tone. And in response, Amanda felt a powerful and persistent but almost pleasurable sensation from the device inside of her pussy.

"hnnnnnnhhhhhhh…" Amanda responded, not wanting this unwanted intention from the invasive plug.

"Test one is complete. Now for test number two…" Amanda"’. At the sound of her own name, Amanda's body jerked violently as a sharp electric shock hit the vaginal intruder. Elise again whispered Amanda’s name and she felt the shock again in her pussy. And with a third utterance, her other nipple."

"NNNNNNNNnggghHH! UUUUUUUuuuuuunnnGGGGghhH! UUUUUUURrrmMMMFF!" Amanda screamed into her gag as she felt a pain unlike any she'd ever felt before, even stronger and more intense than the previous shocks she had suffered.

"Perfect, it appears everything is working so far. So far, we've got the easy part done. Let's move on to the hard part. But…I wonder if that would be too much…oh hell, I haven't played with anyone with real breasts for far too long. I might as well try. Fortune favors the bold!”

Amanda looked confused as she watched as Elise went and grabbed at the scissors once again. After a few snips at her shoulder and then a few more, Amanda's barely protective cocktail dress fell to the ground and left her adorned in only the corset, bondage sleeves, fishnets, boots, and thong panties (now featuring the outline of the intruder inside of her).

"You looked so great, tarted up like that, but I wanted to show you something that I had made specially for me by an old friend named Hillary. It's specifically meant to torture big-titted bimbos like yourself. Oh well, I guess showing is better than telling."

With that, Elise slowly walked out of Amanda's limited view, but returned with a frightening new device. It was made of leather and metal and shaped like a metal number eight with several thin metal arcs attached to it.

"I guess it doesn't make much sense just by itself like this, but let's put it on, and you can feel exactly what it does to you." Elise pondered as she opened the device, meaning that both sides of the circles that made up the "8" of the device each opened up like cuffs, with teeth in grooves to allow for extreme tightening. Elise then grabbed and Amanda’s right nipple and forced her as forward as the bondage would allow, just enough to allow her to insert it inside one of the open ends of that circle before closing it around her the very base of Amanda's right breast. The soap star delighted as she ratcheted the circle more and more, forcing Amanda's breast to jut out unnaturally, stretching her breast more and more until Amanda contemplated her very breast would be severed or explode from the pressure. Of course, Elise stopped well short of that as she finished with the right breast, but quickly took the other end of the device and performed the same exact torture on her left breast, taking great care to make everything look ‘symmetrical’. Thin straps were then attached to the sides of the corset and then connected around the chair back which essentially made the device into a perverse and unyielding bra. Soon Amanda's perfect and large breasts were emphasized in the tight cuffs, distorting them as she tried to deal with the unorthodox pain.

"HHhunnnggghhhfff…" Amanda responded in pain, huffing as much as the corset and gag would allow, but the worst part was yet to come. Each of the circles had 8 thin arcs of metal and wire and Elise started to connect one end to the other, causing metal to push into the fleshy breast. When she was done with the painstaking process, Elise had essentially created a web or cage of wire that criss-crossed each breast in intersecting metal, indenting the flesh, and causing it to bulge from underneath the wire. The strange distortion made the breasts look even more massive than before.

"I know it may not feel that way, but you can withstand this level of tightness for a while without permanent damage. At least I hope. I'm not a doctor. And I don't want to forget these!"

With a bit of a snicker, Elise reached and grabbed two tight vise-like nipple clamps that she attached to each nipple one at a time.

“NNNNNNNNnnnnnngghhFF! HhhhhunnFFfFfff!”

"Oh, do shut up, Amanda. After all this effort to share my magnificent toys with you, what do I get? Whining?" Elise teased as she continued tinkering, now attaching the electricity to the immaculate breast cage and the nipple clamps.

"Time for test number two. "Bianca," she whispered, and she felt a responsive and pleasurable tingling in her breasts, but once Elise said the name "Amanda", she felt that feeling turn to intense and horrible pain with a shock that now traveled the breast’s metal cups and wire as well as the dildo."

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmUUUUUUUUUUrrrMMMFff…gghdd…ohhggddd…ffggkkk…” Amanda tried to articulate as the pain literally surged through her body. Not quite satisfied with that response, Elise proceeded to attach electricity to the finger wires as well. In Elise’s mind, there was barely a thought of “too much of a good thing.”

As Amanda tried to catch her breath from ravaging her body this way, Elise pulled out a menacing rubber plug with two hoses attached. One hose was visibly connected to an inflatable squeeze pump, much like what Elise used to finish Kim’s gag the night of her entombing. Elise forced Amanda to watch as her tormentor demonstrated its function, and with a few squeezes, the plug ballooned up in the front. Amanda correctly guessed where exactly this second intruder was going, and her muffled protests didn’t help any and after another liberal application of lube to the device and her puckered bottom hole, soon the inflatable device went inside her anus. And with a few squeezes, it was staying there for the time being.

"HhhunnnFFffffffff…" Amanda responded as Elise proceeded to grab the other hose. At first, Amanda thought it might be connected somehow to the current and the metal devices already torturing her, but this was a long rubber hose with another specific and punishing purpose. But that would have to wait.

Elise put the audio recognition device on a little shelf by the television and loaded a playlist of previously saved streaming shows. Specifically, two different shows. The first was Elise's pride and joy, the long-running soap opera "Search for Love", where she played the aristocratic and sometimes devilish Bianca St. Love. The other show, to be interjected with the soap episodes, was Amanda's claim to fame, the reality television series "Night Time" which she shared with her famous sister, cousin, mother, and various hangers-on.

"There we go, we're all set for your viewing pleasure, Ms. Night. So let me explain how this interactive programming works. I've hooked my electronic assistant up there to monitor for the speaking of certain names. Particularly two names. The first of those would be "Bianca." With the utterance of that name, Amanda could feel the pleasurable sensations of the dildo and even the soft electric vibrations on her nipples and breast cage.

“NNNNnnnnnnnnnhhhhh…” Amanda responded as she felt her nipples and breasts ‘played with’ and the feeling of the electric dildo vibrating inside of her.

"The other…you guessed it, Amanda." And with that, those pleasurable sensations became a hellish pain of sharp electric shocks, randomly shocking one breast or one nipple or her crammed pussy.

“Uunnnhh…uuunnhhhh…AAAAAAAAAAAARrRGGGGfFFfffff!” Amanda managed to cry, choking on her gag as she tried to let out her frustrated scream.

"I have a particularly long day of shooting the next couple of days, but luckily both of our shows have been running for years at this point. So I think I will just stay on set and you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The world of true acting and art and that of trashy television of the worst kind. You will be rewarded and conditioned to seeing me on screen, but you will be punished for seeing your own foolish antics and behavior. Seems a fitting punishment, don't you think?"

Amanda stared daggers at her tormentor, but didn't dare react beyond that.

"But that's not the fun part. Because I hear you and your kind particularly enjoy your inane chatter. In fact, isn't it true that there's a drinking game anytime you say or your vacuous sisters say the words "Brand", "Like", "Literally" or "Crazy." Such prattle. But I hear the kids like to drink a shot whenever you utter those words. So I thought it'd be fun for you to partake in that little game? Isn't that nice of me, Amanda?

"Hhhhhnnnnnhhh…" Amanda responded in her oversized chair as she failed to understand.

"My first thought was to find a way to force-feed you booze through that cock stuffing your mouth. But it's already dangerous enough. I'd so hate to come home to find you dead having choked on your own vomit. What a mess to clean up. So the best way to avoid that unintended consequence is to just get the liquor straight inside of you. Hence this little hose here."

With that Elise playfully twirled the rubber hose. She then dropped it and came out with a huge enema bag and stand. The bag was filled with a dark liquid that appeared to be red wine. Amanda then watched as Elise hooked up something electronic to the bag as well, appearing to be something to tighten or pinch the hose. Elise enjoyed watching Amanda's confused reaction as she proceeded to hook the rubber hose to the enema bag/ improvised decanter of wine and then smiled as she said with a sadistic smile.

“Doesn’t this look…like literally crazy…” With the speaking of the forbidden words, the clamp loosened just enough to let out a shot of wine that traveled down the enema bag and into the squirming reality star, who soon felt the uncomfortable feeling of wine hitting her anally.


"Oh and don't worry darling, I've tried to space out the episodes and made sure that while you're going very much to feel the effects of your own language and behavior, you won't suffer alcohol poisoning. I mean, hopefully…again I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on television. "

Amanda didn't even get that old joke as Elise proceeded to show her the electrical dial. "As you can see, darling, the current for your painful shocks is currently set at a level of 20 out of 100. I was originally going to set it at 50, but since you were so good earlier by staying on your knees, I think I'll set it at 45 instead. That's just a little more than two times worse than the current now frying your cunt and tits. Not that you're any good at math, but I don't think you'll like it."

With that, Elise pressed the button on the streaming and let the first saved episode of "Search for Love” start to play. She waited until the first mention of "Bianca" and saw her young captive thrashing about in forced pleasure for a few seconds before dying down. Satisfied by her efforts, she proceeded to text her private driver to take her to the set for the next few days. However, she couldn't resist one last mind game as she ascended the steps and away from Amanda's view.

"Oh, and Amanda, Elise said with cruel relish as she heard the muffled screaming below in response to the now increased shock. "If you want the streaming to stop, all you have to do is say clearly "Please stop streaming," Have a great couple days, AMANDA!"

“UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuunnnggghhh…pllgghss sthpppggg…pllggssh sttgpppp”

Elise didn't even bother with the bad news, with every failed attempt, the current would increase by one degree. She couldn't help but laugh as she heard the first couple of “please stop” attempts over the loudspeaker sound of the soap opera filling the basement. The show didn't even stop playing as the machine cooly responded, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that."

The heavy oak door again clicked shut, and within the next ten minutes, Elise was on her way to set. She doubted she would need to stay the whole two days but let Amanda think that in her soon-to-be drunken stupor.

Epilogue 1:

Missy Night, famed mom-ager and reality television star in her own right, had been through a hell of a year. First, she went through a high-profile divorce. Second, her nineteen year old rebellious daughter Amanda Night had been sentenced to six months in jail, and third, Amanda had now fled the country after embezzling several hundred thousand dollars from the company bank account. A fact that she was trying to keep quiet from the reporter and cops who kept hanging around. As a private company, it wasn't something that she could be held responsible for, but she knew that this meant Amanda was likely gone for a long time and enjoying her 'retirement' from public life.

But her actions had certainly created a cloud over the brand that she had worked so hard to build, one that included her other daughter, Lexis, and her supermodel client and niece, Sammi Night. Certainly, the Nights could survive without the extra income, but fame was always her desire and one could never have enough money.

The attractive but older woman, who resembled an older version of her famous daughters, but with her face and body kept young by the best plastic surgeons in Hollywood, was fretting at her home office when she got a text from the private investigator on her payroll, the ex-child star and Hollywood private eye, Kamille Devine. Devine wasn't just an investigator, but due to her connections and her cute looks, she was able to get all of the Hollywood gossip and managed to find and kill unflattering stories about the Night brood, while also making sure they were up on whatever they needed to in order to keep their current status in Hollywood. However, so far Devine had come up completely empty. In fact, all she was providing at the moment were useless updates on the various other people investigating Night's whereabouts, including that the case had been assigned to a young and probably inexperienced female detective, and word that a young reporter was asking around at all of Night's former haunts. While Missy was paying Devine, she hardly trusted her.

The best thing for her and her company was to find out what exactly happened to Amanda Night and either exploit it or overcome the bad press, but all that meant nothing until her daughter was found. Even if she had to do it herself.

Epilogue 2:

Elise finally returned home after a longer shoot than she anticipated. A young director had made things run embarrassingly long, which had earned him a tongue-lashing from the veteran actress. The cast and crew thought it was just a professional reacting to the frustration of working with the unprofessional. Little did they know the reason why Elise was ready to return home.

Almost as soon as she returned home, Elise opened the oak door and descended the steps. Amanda didn't react at first, and a fear hit Elise that maybe she had tested her toy too much. However, the truth instead was shown to Elise upon reaching the bottom of the steps. Amanda wasn't responding because she was in a world of her own. The large wine enema was largely gone. Amanda was clearly drunk and in a stupor, but still trying to mumble and slur the magic words "pllgggssh sttggpp…". Elise knew that she must have hit level 100 quite some time ago. Other than that, her position was essentially unchanged. Elise figured one more night couldn't hurt Amanda too much more. However, she soon approached the drunk and disorderly captive and proceeded to undo the wrist binding and the finger wires. At first, Amanda meekly pulled and fought, but drunk as she was, it was no fair fight. It was certainly not an act of mercy by Elise as Amanda soon found her wrists and elbows pulled behind the chair. With her body even now more thrust out against the straps and bondage chair because her arms were now brought behind her back. After caressing the orbs of Amanda a little bit more through the cage now that they were even better presented for ‘inspection’ and satisfied that Amanda’s position was even more uncomfortable, Elise set up a bucket, removed the plugs, and allowed Amanda to excrete. She hated messy work, but she was damned if she would permit Amanda to pass away already.

Following the release, any clean-up, and Amanda’s distended stomach finding some relief, Elise asked sweetly: “Dear, are you finally ready for the party to be over?”


“Now that isn’t the Ms. Night that I know. The Ms. Night I know would never let the party be over, especially because of some old dinosaur crone like me. In fact, what do they say on the tag-line for your show, For the Nights, the Night is just beginning.

”As Amanda was almost too drunk to realize what was happening to her, she felt the attachments being reattached. Including the enema bag yet again. This time filled with cheap beer.

“What do they say? Liquor before beer, we’re in the clear, correct?” Elise walked over and grabbed a dildo of at least ten inches with a matching hip harness, as well as a vibrator for herself. She whispered “Good night for a bad Night, enjoy your party. And tomorrow morning, I’ll show you what happens to girls who party too much.” With that last bit of punctuation, Elise obtained a roll of black ‘vet wrap’, and wrapped it around Amanda’s upper head and the chair back, blindfolding Amanda before she left. Amanda certainly wasn’t understanding the shows anymore, so no more need to watch. Instead, Elise just put the vibrators and shocks on random, and played music instead. Miley Cyrus’s opus “We Won’t Stop” would now repeatedly fill the speakers as she left Amanda to party alone.

Elise went to bed while watching a creepy night vision version of the events of Amanda’s torture, hearing the drunken, gagged shrieks through a baby monitor until she had finished pleasuring herself withthe vibrator. Then she shut off the feed to the basement and enjoyed her content sleep.

Epilogue 3:

The following morning, after several hours, the grunts and groans coming from behind the oak door finally ceased. The oak door then opened and out walked Elise, who forgot she was still wearing the comically large strap-on. She quickly removed it and chucked it down the stairs before locking the door. Elise had forsaken her workout for another type of exercise. It had been one heck of a morning, but tonight was the night Elise decided that Amanda, after a day of being tied to a much too comfortable mattress, would finally enter her threatened and true sleeping quarters, and Elise needed all the rest she could get to make that transition. Surely, Amanda would not be happy.


Next time on Reality Television Star: Our tale of terror continues with Amanda Night’s Nocturnal Nighmare. Will Amanda remember her latest one night stand? What plans does our crazed captor have for Amanda and her demotion to drawer dwelling? Can Elise continue on her evil ways uninhibited? Or willl any of our seemingly dogged pursuers find Amanda? Find out next time!

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