Real Estate Nightmare

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2018 - Zephyr - Used by permission

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Story from the 2018 Halloween Special

Carmen Valentina is an actual person. Ms. Valentina is in the adult industry and has worked with many sites such as Hunter's Lair and Cumbots as well as having her own site. She is very cute, is quite a good actress, and apparently can hold her breath an extraordinary length of time. I have never met her and doubt I ever will. My misfortune.

She is in a pair of videos from a youtube channel called AquaMedia (videos primarily about women in water) called "I Have A Bad Feeling About This 2", the second video has the same name and an alternate ending where things don't end up as well as in the first. In the videos, similar to this story, she is a real estate agent checking out a house to potentially sell. She finds a bunch of junk in the backyard pool, drops off her pumps (she's dressed in a nice white shirt, black short skirt and hose) and she is in the pool and in the process of fishing the junk out of the pool when water hoses from the bottom of the pool grab her and pull her under. The remainder of the video is her struggling (she does a good job, it must be pretty hard to act out being in a fight for your life with a possessed water hose while fully underwater) and in the first finally getting out of the pool and escaping and the other where she doesn't. Anyway it's PG although very sexy. If you wanted to see more of her than in the video, there's lots of her on the internet, she has her own site and there are other obvious places..

Anyway, those videos served as inspiration for the story. No endorsement of any kind by anyone is implied or anything else except for my endorsement that Carmen is a gorgeous woman.


It was an unusual assignment. Thought Carmen, but she went by Carly. She was 24 and worked as a real estate agent in the largest town in the area. Her down-the-back feathered long blond hair, trim curvy figure, pert bust and long legs of course helped her in her sales and she had plenty of business where she lived. She normally checked the government lists for forced sales and had noted this one house in a smaller town about an hour away from her normal haunts. It seemed like easy money, the market was up for houses like that over there, it was a mystery why someone more local hadn't already turned it and made the money but she didn't know anyone else in the industry in that city, so she shrugged. Their loss, her gain.

She contacted the current deed holder whose first name was Charles. He explained he was the son of the former resident who died in a freak accident around four months ago. The house was fine, had a pool in the back yard and woods behind the property but he really didn't recommend she take the assignment. She pressed him for why and he said that several others had tried and nobody currently was willing to try to market, or even go on the property. She balked at that and asked him why. He hesitated for a moment then admitted that his father was into the occult, apparently a lot more than he had realized before his father's passing, and he had been told the house was haunted and had run off the other real estate agents. "Ms. Valentina, I don't want you to become involved with this property, and if you knew what I knew you wouldn't come within ten miles of it. I can give you the numbers of two other realtors who can give you their own reasons why. Don't go near it. It's haunted."

She laughed and told him that she didn't worry about such things: a house was a house. She could hear his shrug through the phone. He agreed the properly needed to be sold to meet the tax lien, and if she really felt that way... He gave her the code to the key box on the front door and wished her luck.

She took off to inspect the property early the next morning. She was smartly yet sexily dressed as she always was in a tight white blouse that curved and hugged her breasts, a short black skirt with black pumps and tan pantyhose that showed off her long legs to best advantage. She didn't know who I'd run into, possibly the son, and as always wanted to make a strong impression.

The ride was nice, the freeway and then the state road quiet, relaxing. It was nice to get out here away from the hustle of the city. Soon she was turning down a road and then a little thereafter found the property. It had a short driveway and front yard, the house with a six-foot brick wall around the back enclosing the back yard and pool area, and woods behind the property line as far as the eye could see, from the map at least a few miles. It was on one edge of a housing block that had been set into the woods, or maybe the woods had been cleared to make room for the houses. There were neighbors on each side, signs of life and people. It seemed like an ideal place for a young family or maybe an older couple who wanted to retire near to the woods.

The gate into the driveway was locked as she had been warned, so she parked on the street and walked in the front yard. The fifty feet or so to the front door was no problem in her 3-inch heels, the path was paved, the yard well-kept and neat, the house exterior clean. It looked good so she fired up her tablet and ordered the police reports and city history on the property, it would take about ten minutes to download so she planned to walk through the property while that happened.

The inside of the house was dark, but about what could be expected for a house that hadn't been lived in for a quarter. There were blank spots on the wall where probably pictures or things had been and removed, that was reasonable; she could pick up stuff cheaply to cover them, no problem. The house did have an eerie feeling about it, cold even though it was a warm late-autumn day outside. She found a door that looked like it led to the basement but it was locked and a quick search did not turn up a key. But it was weird. She had a nagging, background feeling that she wasn't wanted here and that she really, really wasn't wanted in the basement.

She caught herself, and chided herself. 'What are you thinking, Carly? You've been doing this for five years, still a little girl afraid of what? Ghosts?'

The longer she stayed in the house, the creepier it got. The master bedroom was clean, neat, a little dusty, yet had the same sort of creepy feeling the basement door had given her. All in all she was happy to slip out the side door and exit the house to check out the back yard and the pool.

The pool, unlike the rest of the house, was a mess. There was all sorts of trash in it, packing stuff, styrofoam, and what looked like water hoses down there. Good grief, what had happened here? She spotted the pool sweep, floating near the shallow edge. If she could get it she could fish the junk out of the pool here and now. She sighed as she left her phone and tablet on a chaise lounge at the side of the pool, then slipping off her pumps she carefully stepped on to the first step on the shallow end.

Yeah, her hose was going to get wet, but her skirt was short and with luck she could keep it dry, and even if she couldn't she could just hang out in the back yard and read the reports while things dried. The fences were cinder block and high, and she didn't hear a sound from the neighbors on either side which was a positive. The water was warm but not too warm, felt good around her legs and she flirted with the thought of just skinny-dipping. It'd make getting all the crap out of the pool that much easier.

It took a while, but she got everything fished out. The hoses, there were five of them, if you could believe it, five, in the bottom of the swimming pool. All the trash had been thrown away or put by the dumpster and her skirt, only a little wet at the hem, was already pretty well dried.

She settled into the chaise lounge, wiggling her toes through the hose, enjoying the gentle warm breeze running through the air. She thought about taking the hose off, nobody to impress here today, but decided to wait, probably for the drive home. She looked through the reports, the city and county paperwork was routine. Except for the lien for back taxes there was nothing there. But the police reports stopped her cold.

There was nothing prior to the death of the father, but afterward... there were a string of six reports, three were DOAs here on the grounds, over the last four months two women had been found drowned in the swimming pool with their belongings either in the house or at pool side and no signs of a struggle found on the properly or on their bodies. The third had fallen down the basement steps and had died before she was considered missing and then discovered. And three men who were last seen or known to be coming to the property were missing up until today. All were realtors who were trying to sell the property. In the reports was noted two other female realtors, who had been to the property and would give absolutely no contributions to the investigations. The reports noted that the women appeared scared silly and would not even speak of the property nor go near it, even with police escort.

She shivered, remembering the son's warning for her to not sell the property. She looked over to the pool where two dead women had been found in the last four months. Ugh! She had been in that pool! She suddenly wanted to be anywhere but here. She could read the rest of the reports at a Starbucks somewhere.

She slipped her heels back on and started for the side gate when it happened. Out of nowhere, one of the hoses wrapped itself around her chest and pulled her backward, sending her sprawling to the deck on her back and her bag to the ground with a thud. Part of her was dazed, could not believe what was happening, inanimate objects like hoses didn’t do this! She started to struggle, to try to roll over and to stand and found it was too late. Other hoses had wrapped and knotted themselves around her ankles and then stretched her feet far apart, making it impossible to stand or even roll off her back.

She felt herself being pulled by the elastic in the hoses, toward the pool, the deadly water, her hands reaching for the wall, the house, anything but finding nothing to grab on to. Her feet were only a foot or two short of being in the water. As she struggled two other hoses came for her wrists and despite her efforts soon were knotted around them and then they pulled her wrists far apart, leaving her on her back in a spread-eagle. Just as she took a deep breath for a tremendous scream, the last hose looped itself into her mouth, gagging her, and the scream was muted enough to most likely be useless. But what really scared her was another part of the hose in her mouth knotted itself around her neck and closed tightly. Very tightly. She couldn't at all scream, she could barely breathe.

And she struggled. She now knew what happened to the two women found at the bottom of the swimming pool. All these hoses had to do was to drag her under the water and Carly would be number three. She pulled hard against the hoses holding her ankles and wrists. After a second, they stretched much harder, and she could no longer move at all. She gave up the thought of screaming and was surprised that the hose around her neck loosened enough for her to breathe. What the hell was happening? Who was controlling these hoses?

She heard a noise, footsteps. She looked up and saw a younger man, maybe a few years older than her, and he looked really sad. He may have been a neighbor who heard all the crashing. She felt a sense of relief that ebbed fast as he took no action to get her free of the hoses. What the hell was he thinking? Couldn't he see?

He spoke and it stopped her in her tracks. "You must be Carly Valentina, yes?" The voice sounded like the son of the previous resident.

The hose loosened out of her mouth. It wouldn't take a second for it to gag her again and other parts of that hose was still wrapped around her throat loosely: The threat was clear. She looked up at him. "You must be Charles. Could you help me get loose of these things?" She shook her wrists for emphasis.


"No??? Why not?"

"I want to save your life."

She stopped at that. OK, maybe she fell asleep on the chaise lounge and someone had spiked her latte. Waking up from this to find a normal back yard would be real good. But nothing happened. "I don't understand."

"I tried to warn you off, Carly. I tried to tell you not to come here. This house is haunted and it does not want to be sold. It has killed several of the people who have come here to sell it. But I have found, if we play our cards right, you won't get added to the list."

"Don't be stupid. Untie these hoses, let me go, I'll buy you lunch."

He just smiled sadly. "The first woman I found trapped here, I tried to do that. A shovel clocked me so hard out of nowhere that I blacked out and when I came to she was at the bottom of the swimming pool, dead."

She felt the hoses on her ankles tighten, like it was thinking of dragging her toward the water. "OK, don't do that." The pressure on her ankles ebbed away.

"So what in the hell is this?" She asked.

He sat down on the chaise lounge beside her. "I think I need to give you the full story. My father was deep, deep into the occult. The basement is full of strange things, the ones I recognize creep the hell out of me, the others... anyways."

"Seven women and three men have tried to sell this property. Except for two of the women they have all either died or gone missing. The men just disappear and we've never found traces of them. The women..."

"Wait." Carly interrupted. "I read the police reports. Only three women died here."

Charles shook his head sadly. "No, for different reasons the police don’t associate the other two with here. Both are still considered missing persons. One I don't know about,” he stopped to draw a breath “the other I wish I didn't. But two women have been found dead at the bottom of the pool and one was found dead with a broken neck in the basement."

"Oh. What happened to them?"

"I get a phone call. From here, from the house. The first time it happened I came over here and found the first woman, Angie, pretty much like you are. She was screaming as loud as one can with a garden hose gagging their mouth. I tried to get the hoses off her. We had gotten one wrist loose when I was knocked out with a shovel. When I came back to she was naked and dead at the bottom of the pool."


"Yes. All three women were naked when their bodies were found. With no sign of a struggle and the clothes they had been wearing nowhere to be found."

"Go on."

"The second woman, Julie, I didn't try to free. While she was stretched out tight like you are a pair of garden shears came out of the shed and on their own sliced the front of her shirt open. It stopped like that, and I felt a compulsion, instructions, to touch and squeeze her breasts. I told her that and started to move toward her, but she fought. In the middle of the fighting all the sudden she was dragged into the deep end of the pool. I tried to get her out but the hoses grabbed me, choked me out. When I woke up I was lying on the deck and Julie was naked and dead at the bottom of the pool just like Angie."

Carly couldn't help herself; she just waited for Charles to continue.

“The next person to try to sell the place was Steven Anderson. The official story is that he's a missing person, but the truth is there were signs of a tremendous struggle and a person being dragged out the back gate and about a quarter mile into the woods. They searched for a week and a half. The trail just ended abruptly and they never found a single sign of him or the next male to try to sell the house once the dragging trail ended also a quarter mile into the forest. The third man is a genuine mystery. No clues, no signs, no struggle, no nothing. Just gone with his car left sitting on the street outside the gate.

Carly was speechless.

"Deanna was the next to try to sell the house, even though like you I tried to warn her off. I got the call, found her here in the back yard, blouse already cut open, same compulsion on me. She was scared shitless and was willing to do anything I asked. I squeezed her breasts for a little while, then the shears came back and cut her blouse and bra off. I was then told to suck on her nipples and bite them hard. Not bite them off, but enough to make it hurt. I did it. Then the rest of her clothes were cut off. We were to have sex and she must have an orgasm and then she'd be let go. She was willing but she couldn't and didn't." Carly laughed inside. No, most women don't when they're being raped.

"She was starting to be dragged off toward the pool but I threw myself on top of her and started screaming at the house to let her go, that she'd tried and been willing and wasn't that enough not to kill her? All the sudden the hoses just became normal water hoses again. We pulled them off her. I walked her, naked, shaking and crying to the street and her car, but after she retrieved some extra clothes from her car and was about to get in she started screaming at me that she was going to go to the police and have me arrested for rape. She drove away and has never been seen since, her or her car. Just gone."

"One more man, Terry Bremer, came to the house. He's the one ho trace was ever found of. After him was Stacey. When I got here the hoses had her like you and her shirt was cut open. I made it clear to her what was going to happen and that she had to have an orgasm, and she said she'd try. I came before she did the first time and the hoses just stretched her out hard while I watched her struggle in pain. When I was able to perform again we tried again and she came. I walked her naked out to her car, she got in, said she'd never be back and never tell anyone about this. She left and as of a few days ago she's fine. Never seen or heard from her since, but I've checked and she's still with us."

Carly didn't like it but at least someone had made it out.

"Margot, that one still gives me nightmares. She was a beautiful woman, long black hair, about thirty. I got the call, came quickly, we did the breast thing and the shears had cut off the rest of her clothes. But when it came to the sex part she refused. Flat out refused no matter how much I begged, said I couldn't, she'd have me jailed if her boyfriend didn't kill me. And all the sudden I was frozen solid. I could breathe but couldn't move or make a sound. And the hoses started stretching poor Margot, screaming in pain through the hose in her mouth as her joints started to dislocate, harder and harder until..," He stopped and put his head in his hands. "I hope I never see that happen to a human being again. Ever. I passed out. When I came back to all the blood was gone without a trace just like Margot and the back gate was open. Her car was found in its normal spot where she lived but no trace of her has ever been found. But I know what happened to her." His voice sank to a whisper with a shudder. "I saw it."

He took a few deep breaths and was back. "The next person was Toni. I got the call and found her stretched out like everyone else, blouse and bra cut open. I explained the situation to her and we went through the motions. She said she'd heard all the stories about the house and thought it was stupid but she believed now and she'd try real hard to have an orgasm. She did and I walked her out to her car too and as of a few days ago she's fine too. She's the second woman who got away alive.

"The last person to try to sell the house was Gloria. Tall, buxum woman, mid thirties. Everything that happened with Stacey and Toni happened with her. She came the first time we tried and the house let her go. I saw her safely although naked to her car and it seemed like she had gotten away, but she apparently came back. They found her three days later, dead at the bottom of the cellar steps, apparently she forced the door to the cellar which my father always kept locked from me and then fell down the steps and broke her neck. She was also found naked and her clothes were gone but from the looks of things her losing her clothes happened after she fell and before she died. If I can get you out of here, you must never come back."

Carly pulled at the hoses stretching her wrists out painfully. "Oh, that's a given, believe me. If I can walk away from here, even naked, I'll never come back. Let's just get this over with."

"Good." Carly was unsurprised to see the shears come back to life. The buttons of her blouse was cut off and her shirt was laid open. She looked up at Charles and nodded. He bent down and gave her breasts a thorough working over. She would probably have a few sore spots and bruises but she wasn't holding her breath at the bottom of the pool so it was manageable. Charles stopped and stood back up.

The shears came back to life. They cut the sleeves of her blouse off her arms and the ruined pieced of clothing was pulled off her and was gone along with her bra.

She looked up at Charles again but didn't nod. She felt the hoses spreading her ankles getting tighter. The only thing that kept her from being pulled into the water was the hoses wrapped around her wrists holding her still. If they let go, she felt sure she'd fly into the pool and never surface. She closed her eyes and nodded.

Charles was rough; Carly supposed he knew he had to be. He was doing what he had to do to keep her from ending up at the bottom of the pool. Under other circumstances this would have been great. She didn't mind being tied up for sex and liked it rough. Despite herself, with her eyes closed and just concentrating on the feelings, she found herself even getting a little turned on and wet.

"Ouch!" she cried out and struggled the little she could. He was biting hard! But there was nothing she could do about it, so she just suffered in as much silence as she could.

And then he was done. He stood up and the shears went back to work. Her skirt was sliced off her, the sides of her pantyhose cut waist to ankles and then around her legs. They were pulled off and the hoses slipped upward far enough and fast enough to pull the remains from her feet before she could really react. The hoses slipped back to their former places and re-tightened and now she was naked on the cold concrete deck in the sunlight and warm air, left only with her earrings and the necklace she had been wearing, stretched out in a helpless X, waiting for the man standing over her to finish enjoying the view and to do the obvious with her vulnerable form.

"Well, like what you see?" She asked a little coyly. He smiled briefly at that then pulled off his clothes. For a man his age he had a fine physique, defined but not over-muscled and an interesting-looking member that seemed a little longer than average. She smiled at him. "Come and get it, stud."

It had actually been a while since she had sex with anyone, she was between boyfriends. If this enchanted house was going to drag her to the bottom of the pool and drown her, which there was no guarantee it was not at any time even if she co-operated fully, she might as well get once more over the edge before it all ended. He didn't seem like a bad person, just sad and scared and trying really hard in the screwiest of ways to help her as best he understood.

He knelt between her legs and she could feel him prepare to enter her. She closed her eyes, felt the wind blowing across her skin, the musk of his sweat. if she didn't have a choice and she didn't this wasn't so bad. She gave a gasp as he thrust inside her. It had been way too long since she had felt that feeling, it felt good. She just cursed the hoses holding her wrists; she'd like nothing better than to hold his face in her hands as he worked, but...

To her surprise she felt the hoses on her wrists slip off. There was a brief tug of reminder from the hose around her neck and the hoses spreading her ankles showed no signs of movement but her hands were free. So she opened her eyes, smiled at a concerned Charles who was gazing intently at her as he moved delightfully in and out. She took his face in her hands as she had wanted.

To her astonishment it turned into genuine love-making. The hoses around her ankles and neck never loosened but they never got in the way. She even rolled him over on his back at one point and rode on top of him for a while. Carpe diem! She thought. Why the hell not?

It had been building steadily all along, and now she felt it was here. She bit her lip and nodded to him. Seeing her, he launched into a fierce hard attack, pounding her hard until that energy exploded like a shower of light fluffy air bubbles, floating gently to the ground. Well, if she died now, at least that was taken care of. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"I'm fine now. Do what you want. I'm on the pill. I won't get pregnant." He smiled and resumed stroking her, it was a nice warm afterglow of where she had just been, and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun and the wind and the smells and the feelings.

He tensed up, she felt him push deep inside her and hold position for a long minute. Then with a groan he rolled off her and lay on the concrete beside her.

The hoses on her ankles and around her neck went absolutely limp. Scared, she tentatively pulled the hose around her neck. It came loose in her hands and fell off her neck, now just an everyday, common garden hose. She shook her legs and the hoses around her ankles slipped off. She was free!

It seemed like the house was keeping it's end of the bargain. She still felt animosity toward the purpose she originally had of selling the house but felt absolutely none toward her.

Charles helped her up. She stood up, a little sore, but able to move and more than willing. None of her clothes were anywhere to be seen, the shears just lay on the deck a few feet away. She shrugged. It'd be bad to walk naked out to the street but she had two changes of clothes in the car and more than anything else she just wanted to be away from here. Miles from here. Shame about the heels, they were kind of expensive, but she could always buy another pair.

She gathered up her tablet and purse and walked with Charles out to her car. The world seemed normal as they approached the front fence. She felt embarrassed being completely naked but was far less worried about her nudity than she was by the proximity to the house. Curiously and gratefully, there was not a soul in sight as she climbed into her car, no one driving by, just alone. Charles said he'd lock up the house and wished her well. He advised her to drive at least a few miles away before she thought of stopping. That would be no problem, she assured him.

Her car windows were darkened and it wasn't a heavily populated area. She drove for ten minutes still naked then pulled off down a side road that looked very deserted. She then felt safe enough to stop and get out of the car.

In her trunk, she thought as she walked back to it, was two sets of clothes, a set of workout clothes in her gym bag and a backup set of business clothes, a pants suit. It was a shame about the pumps, she thought as she worked the trunk release. Everything else she had been wearing was department store average, but those heels had cost 80.00. She'd miss them.

But to her surpise, when the lid opened the pumps were on top of her pants suit. It was in fact her heels, the right one had a scratch on the inside that was present in these. She froze for a second but decided inaction could lead to problems, it wasn't *that* private a road. She pulled her workout gear out of the bag, got dressed, and was back in the driver's seat, speeding away from the house that wanted to kill her. Nope, never going back. Nope, never going to talk about it. Charles had been kind in his own sad way, she sort of wished she could let him know that she had made it away clean but decided even against even that. Nope, nothing at all. A black hole in her life, welcome to be there.

But there was a problem. When she got into her purse later she discovered the key to the house there. She initially panicked, wondered what she would do, if this meant anything. For sure there was nothing on heaven or earth that could make her go back to the house. In the end she settled for calling Charles. She could meet him somewhere very public and very far away from the house and give him the key and be completely done with it.

He didn't answer the phone so she left a message. "Hi, Charles, this is Carly Valentina." She felt kind of strange talking this way to someone who had seen her naked and took her to an orgasm. "I walked through your father's house and I find I've accidentally taken the key. I'd like to meet you somewhere here in town and give it back to you."

He returned her call a few minutes later. "Thank you for your call, Carly." He answered. I'll bet, she thought. "What did you think of the house?"

He seemed so casual for someone what had sex with her and everything else that had happened. That he knew that she knew about the house's evil. She fought back the impulse to snap back: 'The house is fine. What did you think of sex with me?" but bit her tongue. Maybe there was something about the house he was trying to protect her from still, an unwritten rule not to talk about it. One woman had disappeared, actually, after she had left the property. She decided to play along. What had happened at the house, as far as the phone conversation was concerned, never happened. She agreed to meet him at a coffee shop the next day at 9 AM and that was that.

She was there, sipping her grande, when he walked up. She saw him and in shock spilled her coffee all over the table. Same chin, almost the same face, but this one was younger. She apologized as she stammered and handed him the key and then without a word nearly ran out the door leaving him bewildered. The man in the back yard of the house wasn't him.

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