Real Bondage For Anne Part 3

by OkmrocksU

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Storycodes: MF/f; F/f; captive; bond; rope; gag; susp; oral; toys; reluct/cons; X

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Authors note; Though the characters in this story are real people, this story is pure fiction and never really took place.  I wrote this story especially for my friend Anne Woolsey, who is also an excellent fetish writer in her own right!  You can find some of her stories right here on Gromets Plaza.  I would also like to give a special thanks to KobeLee for allowing me to use her as a character in this story. You can find Kobe at her home page,  There, you will find links to her other modeling sites too, including her profile and lots of nice pics!

Part 3

To Anne, With Love!


Chapter 7, Interaction

Though I wanted Anne to experience the effect of complete helplessness by being left alone tied up, her alone time was now over.  One time I questioned her if she would like being tied up in a chair stuck on a dildo and she told me that didn’t appeal to her and she preferred more active interaction between her and a partner.  So now we are going to interact with her the rest of the evening.

When Kobe and I got back into the bedroom, we immediately started untying her.  We removed and untied everything except her wrists.  That was our symbol to indicate we were still in control of her.  We sat her up on the edge of the bed and held her for a few seconds.  She was a bit wobbly from being tied so tight and the effect of her orgasms.  I asked if she was alright and she nodded to the affirmative.

Soon as we felt that she had regained enough composure, we stood her up and moved her to the end of the bed facing out.  Kobe and I each grabbed an ankle, pulling her legs apart and securing them to the lower posts of the bed.  Anne, with a concerned tone asked, “What are you going to do to me now?”

I replied, “Don’t worry dear.  From this point on, it will all be good!”

After tying her ankle I stood up facing her reaching around her grasping her by the arms and pinning them as Kobe untied her wrists.  I got a little excited holding Anne the way I was as we looked in each other’s eyes.  I thought to myself, ‘I wish I could make love to her bound and helpless body’ but I wasn’t her type, (a man) and I wouldn’t force myself on her even though I could in her helpless state.  I’m not wired that way and I care too much for her to do that to her without her desire or permission, which I may be asking for later.  That thought was broken when Anne asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

I neglected to answer as Kobe had finished untying her wrists.  She took one arm and I took the other and we tied them to the upper corners of the bed frame posing her in a standing spread eagle, like I had Kobe in earlier.  That would give us all kinds of access but first we needed to remove her panties and bra.  There were a pair of scissors on Anne’s dresser and I picked them up and moved toward her snapping them open and closed.  By now Anne had fully regained her senses and spoke up, “What are you going to do with those?”

I replied, “You have too many cloths on!  It’s time they come off!”

Anne struggled and yelled, “No, wait!  Don’t cut them off!  Please!”

Still slowly moving toward her and snapping the scissors, I said, “I’m afraid you have no choice in the matter, my dear!”

She blurted again, “No, wait, wait, wait!  I mean, just pull them off me.  Please, don’t cut them.  They’re expensive!  I promise I won’t put up a fight if you pull them off, just please don’t cut them up!”

Kobe and I looked at each other and nodded in the affirmative and then I said, “Oh, I see the ‘Lady’ likes to keep her pussy wrapped in luxury!”

Anne, now blushing, wimply said again, “Please?”

I replied, “Ok!” and put the scissors back on the dresser.  Then I moved back to Anne and bent down to untie one of her ankles.  I looked up at Kobe, nodding toward Anne’s crotch and said, “Here, you do the honors!”  I figured Anne would prefer her to do it instead of me.  Kobe faced Anne reaching around and unhooking her bra and pulling it over her head to hang off her shoulders behind her neck and exposing her perky, nipple hard breasts.  Kobe then sensually caressed them before sliding her hands down to Anne’s panties.  Kobe toyed with them pulling on the elastic, sliding her hand in them rubbing Anne’s sex.  Then grabbing each side, she seesawed them over her hips and down her legs.  Anne picked up her free leg to step out of one side of the panties, which was when I grabbed it and pulled it back out to the side and retied it.

Anne spoke up again, “Who the hell are you and why are you doing this to me?”

I replied, “I’ll give you a hint.  I recently wrote you telling you that I wanted to fulfill your fantasies by tying you up.  Does that ring any bells?”

Anne thought for a moment and said, “Actually there were three guys that I have been chatting with, that told me something like that.  There was Tom, who said he would like to do that but he kept harassing me so I quit chatting with him.  Then there’s Rock, but he lives way out in the Midwest somewhere so I don’t think it would be him.  And the other guy, who I only know as Windjammer, lives in Chicago.”  Anne then glanced up at me and started to say, “Those are the on—ly…ones” and she stopped when she saw me with a big smile on my face.  She then said, “Alright dammit!  Which one are you?”

I boasted, “Well my dear, you know me over the Internet as Rock!”

“Rock!!!”  She blurted, “I can’t believe it’s you!  You live so far away that I never would have thought you’d do this to me!”  Then she got a little perturbed and said,  “And besides that, I seem to recall recently telling you that I really didn’t want you to tie me up!  You couldn’t take a hint?”

I replied, “Oh come on Anne!  The way you write about your fantasies, you think I’m going to believe that?  Besides, are you telling me that you are not ‘really’ enjoying this?  Humm???”

Anne started to open her mouth to say something but instead she just blushed and didn’t reply.  I believed she wanted to stand her ground to save face, but her strong desire to live her fantasies overrode her pride, so she just looked at me.  I said, “Thought so!”  She turned even redder and then looked away and over at Kobe as if to say ‘Please save me!’

Kobe didn’t provide any help to Anne either, as she brought me a two-inch red rubber ball gag.  I held the ball up to Anne’s lips and waited.  She pulled back shaking her head no and then stopped and looked at me for several seconds as I stood there holding the gag by her mouth.  Finally she submitted and opened her mouth and I pushed the ball in and buckled the strap behind her neck. 

I then said, “Now my dear, though you have little to no choice about what’s going to happen to you tonight, I don’t want you to suffer any pain or do something to you that you can’t stand and would ruin the evening for you.  So I’m going to give you a safety word to use in case you are in pain like a rope pinching you or something of the sort!  So, if something’s wrong, I want you to say, ‘Ut-oh, ut-oh, ut-oh’ or mmph the noise three times like that and we will stop what we are doing and fix the problem.  Understand?”  Anne looking sharply at me, nodded in the affirmative.  I continued, “As I said before this will not get you out of anything we are going to do to you, because I’ve read your stories and know what ‘your’ fantasies are!  Now, struggle a lot and enjoy the ride!”

I got up on the bed from the side and scooted my legs between hers and sat on the edge behind her as Kobe approached her from the front.  We both went to work on her, me from behind reaching around caressing her body and Kobe kneeling down between her legs going to town on her sex.  Working in unison, I gently caressed her breasts and with a light tickling touch, tweaked her nipples by barely rubbing my fingertips across the tips and also using a slight twisting motion against them but not actually twisting them.  Kobe alternated from gently rubbing her butt and tonguing her clit to fondling and finger fucking her.

It took a couple of minutes but we soon had her cuming hard.  She repeatedly moaned and twisted in her bondage until she could take no more.  She then gag talked, “Stop, stop, stop” and we backed away and let her hang there for a few minutes.

Chapter 8, Submission

When we felt Anne could stand on her own, Kobe and I completely untied her.  Then we removed the remnants of her bra and panties and stood her with her back against one of the bedposts.  Kobe stood in front of her practically pressing her body against Anne’s as she held her arms behind her back for me to tie.  I think both of them were enjoying this as Kobe kind of rubbed against her like a cat and Anne let out a pleasurable moan. 

She offered no resistance as I tied her wrists and elbows to the post.  Then Kobe removed her ball gag as I picked up Anne’s panties and wadded them up.  I held them up to her mouth and said, “I know you’d probably prefer to have Kobe’s panties in your mouth instead of your own, but the strings on hers might get in your throat and choke you so I’m afraid you’re going to have to taste yours!”

Anne only offered a few seconds of resistance before allowing me to stuff her mouth full with the panties.  I then doubled a short piece of rope and looped it across her mouth and tightly tied it behind her head.  The look of the rope pressing into her cheeks was very sexy and there now was no way she could push the panties back out.  I finished this off by tying her head back against the post with the loose ends of the gag rope.

While I was gagging Anne, Kobe had tied a rope from the canopy that hung down behind Anne.  It had several loops tied in it that would be used to suspend her from, once we had her body harnessed.  Looping a long piece of rope around the post at neck level I brought the two ends over her shoulders on each side of her neck and then starting above her breasts, proceeded to tie a knot every four or five inches in the double strand until I got to her crotch.  There I tied several knots together to go through and stimulate her sex.  After passing it between her legs, which made Anne squeal, I wrapped it around the post and through one of the lower loops in the canopy rope to keep it from sliding down and snuggly tied it off.

After feeding half of another long piece of rope through the upper loop of the canopy rope, which was just above neck level, Kobe took one side and I took the other and we weaved it into the knotted rope between each set of knots in front and then back around to another loop until we had her netted tightly to the post.  The double rope in front now had a neat diamond pattern going down her torso.  We then frog tied one of Anne’s legs and tied the cinch to the lower loop where the crotch rope was tied.  We repeated the process with the other leg and as we did, Anne slid down the post an inch or so, tightening all the ropes that supported her. 

When we finished we stepped back and admired our captive as she grunted and groaned with the ropes squeezing her flesh.  Though the ropework design was mine, the idea for this standing post hogtie was all Anne’s idea, which came from one of her stories.  Now it’s her torment for real and other than slightly moving her knees forward and back, she could hardly move at all.  Anne’s eyes glanced back and forth to Kobe and I with a ‘begging to be let out of this tie’ look, but I just said, “I’m sorry dear, but you’re not getting out of this one till you’ve had an orgasm!”  Anne let out a loud mmph, which fell on deaf ears as we turned away to prepare for her torment, or should I say pleasure!

I got out the Hitachi magic wand that I found in one of Anne’s dresser drawers, plugged it in to a wall socket close to Anne and handed it to Kobe as I sat behind Anne on the bed.  Switching on the vibe, Kobe knelt down in front of her and pressed it against Anne’s swollen clit, which was bulging out around the crotch rope.  I went to work on Anne’s breasts like I did before, with a gentle tickling touch.  I believe the strain of the tie may have been hampering our efforts a little, as it seemed to take forever to get Anne off.  It was only actually about four or five minutes but it seemed longer doing the same thing to her for that long. 

When we finally did push her over, it must have been a mind blower because after some very hard struggling and angry groaning, she practically went into spasms as she moaned loudly between the short heaving motions of her torso.

Kobe switched the vibe off and backed away as I said to her, “Lets get her out of this one quickly!”  Though I didn’t believe Anne was in any real trouble, I felt that the strain was a little much for her and wanted to give her relief as soon as possible.  We untied her in reverse order of the way we tied her, including removing her gag and then laid her on the bed to recover.  She said nothing for a while as Kobe and I sat on each side of her on the bed and caressed her in a non-sexual way.  I think she was trying to process all the intense sensations she had just felt and I wanted her to take her time as this whole process was all for her benefit.

Anne lay there with her eyes closed until her breathing finally returned to normal.  She started to quietly moan in response to our tender caressing until she finally said, “Wow!  God that was good!”  We said nothing continuing to caress her as she lay there quietly for a while longer before saying, “So, what have you two got in store for me now?”

Without a word, Kobe and I looked at each other and nodded and got up, moving to the foot of the bed.  She and I each grabbed one of Anne’s ankles and spread her legs apart, tying her ankles to the corners.  Anne, now in submissive form allowed Kobe to easily grab her forearms and hold them up while I tied her wrists together, this time crossing them and winding the rope in an ‘X’ pattern securing them tight.  Then taking another piece of rope I pulled her wrists up toward the headboard and started tying them to it.  As I was taking up the slack Anne started wiggling up toward the headboard to help us tighten up the slack, pulling her legs taught. 

Being a little surprised, I thought to myself, ‘She’s zoning out and really getting into this now.  I thought she’d still want to struggle a bit to get away but now she desires this.  Wow, that’s cool!’  Kobe and I sat back down on each side of her and started caressing her, now more sexually.  Anne asked, “Aren’t you going to gag me?”

I replied, “Not this time dear!  We have something else in mind!”

Anne, in a slightly disappointed and quieter tone said, “Oh!”  Then she laid there quietly as we continued to stimulate her.  

Chapter 9, More Sexually Serious

Knowing Anne probably wouldn’t be very responsive to my sexual advances I let Kobe take the lead now.  After we had Anne moaning like a purring kitten, Kobe got up and moved over her, reaching under one of Anne’s arms trying to grab her hair.  Anne raised her head up slightly allowing Kobe to grab and gently but firmly hold a hand full of it.  Then Kobe slowly bent down, touching lips with hers and started kissing her.  They shared a deep passionate kiss before Kobe released her and swung one leg over her, straddling Anne and facing her.  She then scooted up to where her sex was just over Anne’s face and carefully lowered herself down until her clit was touching Anne’s nose. 

Anne was very focused on Kobe’s sex moving toward her, as if it were her own desire.  Kobe had no more started lightly rubbing her clit against Anne’s nose when Anne slightly raised her head and extended her tongue giving Kobe a tickling lick.  Kobe, surprised by Anne’s attack, raised up letting out a giggling yelp.  Then after propping a small pillow behind Anne’s head, settled herself back down a little more on Anne’s face.  She was careful not to smother Anne, but was meeting her tongue with equal force.

Now that they were busy, I settled myself between Anne’s legs and started nuzzling her muff, first with the tip of my nose and after things warmed up with my tongue.  That got Anne really moaning which probably felt a little like a vibrator to Kobe as Anne was stimulating her.  Now she was moaning too and I got a little tickled over the noise and chuckled to myself a little.  I then tried to moan while licking too, which shortly sent Anne into orbit followed by Kobe.  Kobe was able to lift off of Anne when it got too intense, but with Anne tied down she couldn’t stop the onslaught and I kept on stimulating her until she yelled, “Stop!  Stop!  oooOOOO God, Stop!”

While she was coming down from her high I got off the bed, picked up her panties, rolled them back up into a ball and stuffed them in her mouth as Kobe took off her stockings.  I used one of her stockings to finish gagging Anne with.  The other one I wrapped around her eyes to blindfold her.  I said to Kobe, “She’s all yours now!  I’m going downstairs to set up the next position.  Have fun!”  With that, I picked up my bag, turned and left the room and headed downstairs.  I overheard Kobe say to Anne, “You’re all mine now, honey!”  To which Anne replied with a pleasurable moan.

The positions that I had planned to put Anne in downstairs were fantasies of my own.  She never wrote about them, at least not in the stories of hers that I had read.  I knew she had numerous stories posted on other sites that I hadn’t visited so if she wrote about what I was going to do, I wasn’t aware of it.  Knowing her though, I believed she would like them just the same, at least I hoped she would!

Now downstairs, I pulled out more rope from my bag to set up the three ties that I planned.  I wanted everything ready so when we brought her down we could quickly secure her and get right down to playing.  First I tied several ropes to the coffee table to fasten her down to it.  Next, I pulled the chairs away from the dining table and tied several ropes to it also. 

While I was doing all of this, I heard several peculiar noises coming from upstairs followed by some loud moaning.  ‘Must be some of those ideas that Kobe said she had up her sleeve’ I thought.  ‘I’m going to have to email Anne next week to find out what Kobe did to her and how she liked it.’

After finishing up by tying some ropes to the legs of the couch, I checked over everything to make sure it was ready and then headed upstairs to get the ladies.  When I walked into the room, I was almost shocked to see Kobe laying on top of Anne in a 69 position, going to town on her sex.  Notice I said ‘almost!  Not much really shocks me anymore!  I loudly said, “What’s going on here?”  Startled, Kobe jerked her head up and looked at me with a big wet smile on her face.  I continued, “Ok girls!  I hate to break up all of your fun but it’s time to take this downstairs.”  Both girls moaned disappointedly to my remark.

Kobe rolled off of Anne and got up off the bed to help me untie her.  Releasing her from the bed, we left her hands tied in front and the gag and blindfold on.  We stood her up and I told her we were going to lead her downstairs and not to worry that we wouldn’t let her fall.  Anne let out a concerned whiny moan as to say she didn’t like the idea of navigating the stairs blindfolded, or so I thought.  Carefully, we lead her out of the room and to the stairs.

Chapter 10, Fun Downstairs

Anne shuffled her feet in half-steps like she was afraid to stumble or walk into something.  When we got to the steps we let her feel the edge of the top step and then had her step down one step at a time landing on each one with both feet before proceeding to the next.  Finally downstairs we lead her over to the coffee table and told her to sit down.  The cold surface of the tabletop caused her to loudly yelp when her butt made contact.  With my mind focused on what we were doing I wasn’t expecting Anne to yell at this moment, so it startled me.  Kobe saw me jump and giggled at me.  I jokingly said, “OOOooooo, I’ll deal with you later!”

She replied, “Yeah, right!  In your dreams!”

I was a little more prepared for the noise as Anne squealed again after we laid her down on the table face up.  We quickly went to work fastening her down to the table.  With her hands still tied together, we tied them above her head with her elbows bent over the table edge and secured them down between the table legs.  Next we tied two pieces of rope, one around and high on each thigh and let them drape of the sides of the table.  With her legs hanging off each side we cross-tied the thigh ropes to her ankles under the table, pulling them as close together as possible.  I would have liked to of tied her ankles together under the table but her feet could only just touch so I tied a loop around both ankles and wrapped it with a cinch.

Anne lay there quietly as we finished securing her to the table by tying a rope tightly around the table and her tummy and another above and below her breasts, cinching her chest bondage together between her breasts and on each side, squeezing them together a bit.  We then also tied a rope from the thigh rope above the table, over the edge and under to her wrists and then back up to the other thigh, thus helping keep her spread.  Tying one last rope from the waist rope on her side, we stretched it over her thigh and over the end of the table to the table leg on one side, then across over to the other leg, back over her other thigh and to the waist rope on the other side.  This prevented her from scooting up and getting any slack in her arms.

Now done, Kobe and I stepped back to admire our prize.  With Anne being tied with her extremities under the table, blindfolded, gagged and totally naked, she was reduced to a tight bundle of female flesh.  Her bodily expression was nothing more than female sex presented for consumption.  Sensing the halt of activity, she started to struggle a little but she couldn’t move an inch. 

I looked at Kobe and said, “Ok, have at it while I get the other stuff ready!”  I didn’t need to say that but I wanted Anne to know who would be stimulating her.  Kobe went right to work on her, kissing, caressing and fondling her.  I watched for a short bit until she started going down on her. 

I ran back upstairs to get the vibrator and by the time I got back down, Kobe was tongue deep in her.  I quickly went over and plugged the vibe in over by the couch.  Then I sat down and watched a little longer.  For the most part, Anne just lay there taking in all the sensations.  She only occasionally struggled either because Kobe hit a nerve or possibly to feel the helplessness and to augment the sensations she was already feeling.

Kobe made pretty short work of her and had her cuming in no time!  This time though, we didn’t give her a break or time to come down off of that high as Kobe immediately picked up the vibe and slapped it right to her sex.  Anne, already heavily panting, let out a loud squeal as the vibe was buried in her clit.  Kobe knew exactly where to apply the vibe for maximum effect, which sent Anne into sensory overload.  She hit her second orgasm in just a matter of seconds with her chest heaving short breaths and moaning loudly when she exhaled in her gag.

Kobe still didn’t let up with the vibe and added gentle breast stimulation with one hand as she manipulated the vibe with her other.  Anne struggled intently and she raised her head as to look down her torso to find a way out of this, but being blindfolded made it a useless attempt.  In less that a minute she hit her third orgasm which drove her totally nuts.  I wasn’t sure why she didn’t use her safety noise to stop the onslaught but I believed she somewhat lost her mind from the intensity.  She finally screamed a gagged and muffled, “Stop!  Stop!  Stop!  Stop!”

Finally, Kobe pulled the vibe away and shut it off.  She then sat there gently caressing Anne as she was coming down off of her high.  I sat there thinking about how Kobe worked Anne into a frenzy and thought, ‘Damn, this girl is down right sinister when she gets wound up!’




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