Real Bondage For Anne!

by OkmrocksU

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; tape; hotel; sex; cons; X

Authors note; Though the characters in this story are real people, this story is pure fiction and never really took place.  I wrote this story especially for my friend Anne Woolsey, who is also an excellent fetish writer in her own right!  You can find some of her stories right here on Gromets Plaza.  I would also like to give a special thanks to KobeLee for allowing me to use her as a character in this story. You can find Kobe at her home page,  There, you will find links to her other modeling sites too, including her profile and lots of nice pics!

Part 1

To Anne, With Love!

Chapter 1, The Stalking

I first met Anne on the Internet a couple of years ago.  I sent her feedback on how I liked one of her bondage stories and after she replied we started chatting back and forth about our stories and writing.  Anne is an excellent writer and has a very good grasp of bondage concepts, so when she ties victims in her stories, the bondage is believable and easy to follow.  Not so for a lot of other writer’s stories I have read.  After we chatted for a while I was shocked to find out that she had never really been tied up herself.

Oh sure, she had once or twice did some sloppy scarf bondage with a lover and also dabbled with a little light self-bondage but never, ever had she really been tied up tight, at least not real inescapable bondage like she fantasized about.  She did however fantasize about it occasionally and expressed those needs and fantasies through her stories.  Because she had only fantasized, I found it surprising that she wrote so accurately about the subject.

Our chatting was sporadic at best, which made it difficult to learn much about her.  There were times when we wouldn’t chat for a couple of months but then we’d start chatting again and pick up the conversation.  I found out later that she would only get the bondage bug once and awhile and write a few stories then stop for a while when she lost the desire and to follow other interests. 

When we first started chatting I learned that she considered herself to be a lesbian and was really only interested in female companionship, but when it came to bondage she would accept a male’s attention.  A year and a half later, when I offered to help her with her bondage fantasies, she started back-peddling and said she wouldn’t want to be tied up by a man.  She also stated that she felt men were too rough!  I was a little put off by that statement because I felt she was lumping me in with men in general and I thought she knew me better that that.  Besides that, in her writings, she fantasized about some rough treatment and this seemed like a contradiction! 

Early in our chatting I told her not to take me seriously because we’d probably never get together and if I ever got serious in our conversation I’d tell her.  This conversation was not serious when it started out but she made it that way, so I got serious and told her that I seriously wanted to tie her up!  I also told her that it wasn’t about dominating her, or raping her or trying to change her straight, it was a friend helping a friend with fulfilling her fantasies.  After pressing the issue, she backed up even further by saying she would never really want to be tied up by anyone, man or woman.  The thought of ‘really’ being tied up by someone scared her and she didn’t think she could trust anyone that much not to hurt her.  It was just a fantasy to her that she didn’t think about all the time, but she appreciated my offer to fulfill her fantasies.

Though I decided to not pursue or chat about the issue with her any further, I thought she was trying to divert the subject ‘or me’ for that matter.  It may be possible she really felt that way, but I couldn’t fully believe that she would not want to live out a bondage fantasy, even with a female lover, especially with the way she so eloquently writes about the subject.  Besides, we live so far apart, her on the east coast and me in the middle of flyover country, it is a two and a half day drive to get to her, so we’d probably never get together anyway.  Also, though it would only take a day to fly there, the expense and hassles weren’t hardly worth it in today’s world, especially since 9-11 and the possible terrorist threats!

So what to do?  Not knowing why, I had developed a strong desire to have Anne live out one of her fantasies.  I was now a man on a mission and determined to find a way to pull this off.  I also had to find a way to make it be all she ever desired and more.  No tall order!  So over the next month or so, I strategized and came up with a plan on how I could do it.  Armed with only an email address and a general location, I set out on my quest!

The first step was to find out who she really was and exactly where she lived.  I certainly had no skills to locate her on my own so I figured the best way was to hire a Private Investigator, as this would probably be the only way it would be possible.  It would also probably end up being a very expensive task, especially to acquire all the information I will need. 

After contacting some of my family who lives in eastern Pennsylvania, they were able to help me come up with a reputable PI from the Boston area where Anne was from.  I contacted him, telling him I was looking for this person and could he help.  He responded that the info I provided was very slim at best, but he had some friends that might able to help and that he would get back to me.

About two weeks later he called me and said he found her.  With help from one of his computer savvy friends he was able to trace her Internet account to come up with her real name and address.  Just as I suspected, she was using a fake name for her writing just like Nora Roberts also writes under the name J. D. Robb!  To protect her I decided to use only her author’s name of Anne in this story.  Besides, that is how I knew her and it’s what I’d call her when I talked to her.  That way she would also have an idea of where the person who kidnapped her, had found her.

Now putting the PI to work, I had him set up surveillance to find out all about her.  I needed to know all her habits, where she went frequently and when, also when she stayed home and did she repeat those habits with any consistency.  I also had him bug her phones and Internet and monitor them for further information.  My goal was to be able to positively catch her at home alone on a weekend when she would not be disturbed by any of her friends or family.  That would be no easy task either!

After about a month of surveillance, the PI gave me a report on her comings and goings.  She mostly seemed to be a creature of habit doing the same things every week.  Work, then home during the week.  Friday evenings after work she’d go out with friends for drinks then home.  On weekends she’d usually be home but friends would frequently call and she’d occasionally go shopping with them.  With this information it was obvious that it was going to be hard to pin down a time where I could take advantage of her.

To save money on investigation fees, I had the PI set me up with monitoring equipment so I could keep tabs on her while looking for an opportunity.  This way I wouldn’t have to keep paying for his services, which were adding up and getting quite high.  During this time I could also plan out what I was going to do to her and how to set everything up.


Chapter 2, Need An Accomplice

Being sure that Anne would be turned off by a male’s affections, I need a female accomplice to help me with my task.  Even before hiring the PI, I had been searching for someone online who would be willing to accompany me on my quest.  I had figured the best place to look was on Fetlife, where all us fetishists hang out.  I had contacted numerous ladies around the Boston area but with no luck.  What made it even harder was the fact that I wanted to find someone who I thought Anne would at least find somewhat attractive and would be close to her age group in the early 30’s.  I was also looking for someone who was Bisexual and preferably a Switch!

Most of the contacts I made were either not interested, didn’t feel comfortable with it, or never even replied to my request.  With no luck I expanded my search to the entire state of Massachusetts and expanded the age range and qualifications.  I was still not happy with most of the profiles I came up with until I came across a fetish model’s profile.  Her name was KobeLee and I liked her profile.  At 30, she was the right age, very attractive and she lived near Boston.  Don’t know how I missed her earlier but I must have overlooked her when I was going through the hundreds of profiles.  The only problem with her was that she was a Sub and not a switch so I wasn’t sure whether she would work out, or with her being a high-class model if she’d even be interested.

After sending her a message she replied that it sounded exciting and she was interested and wanted to know more!  I sent her the details of we would be doing, but she wrote back that she wasn’t sure she wanted to get involved in such a project, because in a way we would actually be kidnapping and raping someone and we could get into big trouble and sent to jail if it all went wrong.  To aid in convincing a potential accomplice, I had already come up with a plan to address her concerns, which would only get me into trouble and also protect her. 

So I wrote Kobe back and told her that I would be introducing her to Anne by leading her into the room as a bound and gagged slave so it would appear to Anne that it was against her will also.  I would then free her and command her to take advantage of Anne to keep it believable.  Then if things went well and if she wanted to, she could tell Anne the truth.  If not, I would take the heat and tell them she was my slave and I forced her to do it so she would not get into trouble.

Satisfied that she would be protected, Kobe wrote me back and agreed to be my accomplice.  She said that she had just got done with a traveling modeling tour and was tired and wanted to stay around home for the next month or so and just do some light local stuff.  She also stated that this sounded like fun and other than a photo shoot, she had never Dom’d anyone before like in a relationship but she would like to try, especially since it will be in a loving and non-brutal way!

Scheduling would be another problem though, trying to get three people together on short notice and one of them not knowing she was being scheduled.  I told Kobe it would probably be a weekend job and we would have to meet a couple of days before then to practice what we were going to do and to be able to pull it off without a hitch.  She agreed to keep her weekends free until she went back out on the road again.  ‘Oh boy, another obstacle, limited time,’ I thought!

Now I could only hope that before Kobe went back out on the road, an opportunity would arise so we could put our plans into action.  While monitoring Anne and waiting for an opportunity I set everything else up.  I found a van to rent and had a couple of magnetic local phone company signs make up, learned and practiced lock picking to be able to get into Anne’s house and finally organized all the gear I was going to use on her.

Almost three weeks had passed and still Anne was busy doing things with friends.  To complicate matters Kobe emailed me that she was now scheduling photographers for her next modeling tour, which started in three weeks.  I thought, ‘Well crap!  Now it looks like this whole thing is going to fall through and I’d have to wait a couple of months for Kobe to come back or find another accomplice.’  I had already spent a lot of time and money getting to this point and wasn’t pleased that I’d have to do more work to make this happen.  While thinking about just giving up altogether, my fortune soon turned around.


Chapter 3, The Setup

Anne’s co-workers were also her friends, which is why she usually went with them after work for drinks and such.  Phone chatter indicated that her friends were going to be sent out of town on an assignment and Anne was staying here.  Now that things were looking up, I monitored her phones intently to find out what she may be doing the following weekend when they were away.  Her friends, teasing her over the phone said she should go out to a gay bar to find a new girlfriend but she just replied to them that she was just going home and spend a nice quiet weekend there.  I was so excited on the inside when I said to myself, “Gotcha!”

So the first thing I did was to make plane reservations (Yeah, I know what I said about flying but time was of the essence) and then contacted Kobe to tell her it was on for this next weekend.  I also told her that I would be flying in on Wednesday along with what time I would arrive and would call her when I get there.  She replied that she can’t wait and that we should meet for dinner and discus our plans.  I agreed as we had a lot of work to do just to get this set up!

Several days before leaving I shipped all of my equipment and supplies to Kobe’s home and it all should arrive just before I get there.  Besides, I didn’t want to get held up at the airport with all the ropes, chains, handcuffs, dildos and vibes.  I would be awfully embarrassed having my luggage searched and then having to come up with an explanation for all that stuff?  

It was now Wednesday evening and I had just got off the plane and collected my luggage.  I got on my cell and called Kobe to tell her I was here, what hotel I was staying at and to bring my supplies.  She told me she would be there in about an hour depending on traffic and I said, “I’ll see you then!”  After checking in, I gave her another call letting her know which room I was in.

A half hour later Kobe arrived knocking at my door.  Opening the door I found that Kobe was just as stunning as the pictures in her profile and thought Anne should be pleased with her too.  She was wearing a short, dark red knit type skirt, a white halter-top and black high heals.  I said to her, “Wow, you’re as beautiful as your pictures!  Here, let me get that!” grabbing my box of supplies.

She replied, “Thank you!  It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person!”

I smiled and said, “No, the pleasures all mine!”  Wasting no time I continued with, “ I’m hungry!  Let’s get a bite to eat and discus our plans!  Then we can come back here and practice a little.”

She said, “Great, I’m hungry too, let’s go!” and we headed out the door. 

I hadn’t thought about it until we were seated in the restaurant, but there was not enough privacy for us to talk about what we were going to do.  All I could tell her was about the vanilla side of Anne and about her writing but had to be careful what I said around prying ears and during the times the waiter came to the table.  So we decided to have a quick meal and then go back to my room where we had the privacy.

Back in my room I mapped out the plan to Kobe in detail, how I was going to set it up, how I was going to capture Anne and what I’d do to her and how I was going to introduce her to Anne and what she’d be doing to her.  Now that she knew a little bit about Anne, I also told her she could use her own creative ideas for things to do to Anne.  She said that from her modeling assignments that she actually had a few ideas up her sleeve.  I was very curious as to exactly what ‘ideas’ she had in mind, but we had no time to go into them, as we needed to work on our plan, besides a little something unplanned and different would spice things up a little and make it more fun.

Next thing to do was practice the take down.  Though I’ve tied many willing ladies, grabbing and tying someone who’s unwilling would definitely be a chore especially while trying not to cause any harm.  I didn’t want to use chloroform either, as I want Anne to be conscious during the entire time for full effect.  I also didn’t want to use a weapon to get her compliance.  If something went wrong someone could get seriously hurt or even killed.  That would be the total opposite of what I wanted to happen here!

Now for practice, Kobe would be my mark and so I had her strip to her undies, because I planned on waiting for Anne to partially strip before grabbing her.  I then instructed her to fight me off to the best of her ability.  That would help train me to anticipate any moves Anne might make and help guide me to the best way to subdue her. 

I could tell I was not prepared the first time I grabbed Kobe from behind and she was able to spin out of it and bringing up her knee pretend to kick me in the groin.  She giggled at me getting a big kick out of it, or was it me getting the kick!  I grabbed her again and was able to hold on to her this time but had trouble getting her arms behind her so I could bind them.  We practiced that several times without success and decided to take a different approach.  Though I could physically force her arms behind her, doing it this way was way too rough and I could wrench her elbow or do something else to hurt her.

So, this time when I grabbed her I also tripped her and brought her to the floor but before I could pin her face down she managed to squirm around face up and tried pounding me lightly with her fists.  After several strikes I managed to grab both wrists and pin her down while she still squirmed to break free.  All this physical contact was really turning both of us on and while staring at each other’s eyes for a few seconds we almost kissed.  Before going too far I let her up and we went at it again.

This time I was able to pin her face down with her arms pinned behind her back.  Moving up straddling her body and arms, keeping them pinned, I was able to quickly duct tape gag her.  Then sliding back down a little I tied her elbows together followed by her wrists.  She was kicking me in the back with her heels so I spun around and cross-ankle tied her ankles together so she couldn’t close her legs and then brought them up to her wrists and fastened her in a tight hogtie.  Winded, I scooted off of her and sitting beside her I slapped her hard on the ass several times and told her “That was for kicking me in the back, you little cunt!”

Seeing the fear in her eyes I thought Kobe might be worried that this might escalate into a torture scene, especially since she didn’t know me that well, so I rolled her over on her side, caressed her face and kissed her on the forehead and told her, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything to hurt you!  Besides, you know the safety word we discussed for Anne, applies here also, so you know what to do to stop this!”  Kobe nodded her head and then lay there quietly while struggling lightly in her bonds.

Now, horny as hell from all the contact, Kobe tied up and the way she was struggling, I decided to take advantage of her.  I knew by the circumstances that I probably wouldn’t be getting any sex from Anne and even though this trip was about her, if I could take pleasure in Kobe, that would make the trip more than worth it.  Besides that, if she wasn’t willing, I figured she would grunt the safety word and then I would stop, but if she kept silent she was in for a good orgasm.

Still lying on her side I moved over and started groping her, caressing her breasts through her bra and sliding my hand down under her panties to feel her already hot wet sex.  Instead of using the safety word, she started moaning with pleasure and tried humping my hand as best as she could.  I knew then that she was ready, willing and able for me to continue my assault on her helpless body!

To demonstrate what we would do to Anne, I unfastened her bra and pulled it up behind her head and shoulders.  Then taking a pair of scissors I cut off her panties, which made her squeal because now she would have to go home a little bare under her skirt.  Sitting there admiring her nude form I let my hands do the roaming again, caressing her breasts and with my fingertips tweaking her nipples sending tiny stings of pleasure through her as she was moaning.  Afterwards I slid my hand from her breasts gently down across her stomach and followed her contour around and into her sex again, feeling her wetness.  She blushed when I said, “I see somebody is in need of a good fucking!”

Though embarrassed, she responded, moaning in the affirmative thrusting her sex toward me inviting me with begging moans.  Trying to fuck her in a hogtie would be a little difficult and uncomfortable for both of us so I decided to spread tie her legs on the bed.  As with many hotel beds I’ve found, there are no legs underneath to tie to, so I removed the covers and placed a loop of rope under the mattress sticking out on each side.  I undid Kobe’s hogtie, untied her ankles and lifted her up on the bed leaving her hands tied.  Then positioning her in the middle of the bed I pulled each ankle to each side and tied them spreading her wide for a nice violation.

Kobe knew as with Anne, once we had her tied we would have total control over her so the only real fight would be during the capture.  So she went quickly into her submissive state and allowing me to tie her legs without a fight.  She really enjoyed being sexually dominated and she laid back ready for the pleasure she desired and was about to receive.

Already sexually charged from all the wrestling we had done, I was hard and ready and wasted no time getting my clothes off and slipping on a condom.  Then I crawled up on the bed with my body low, like a cat approaching its prey.  With my body gently sliding against hers, I moved up into position resting my weight between her legs.  She was so horny she immediately responded by thrusting her mound against me expecting me to enter her.  I decided not to give her that pleasure yet and instead kissed, sucked and fondled her, teasing her to get her even hotter.

This delay was driving her crazy with desire so when I finally did decide to penetrate her, it only took a few thrusts to push her over the edge.  She shook, twisted and then moaned so loudly I had to clamp my hand over her mouth to muffle the sound so we wouldn’t draw attention and disturb the other people in the hotel.  I wasn’t that close to cuming yet, so I kept pounding, sending extra waves of pleasure through Kobe!  Overloaded, she struggled hard to get away or stop the onslaught but that just stimulated her more causing even more waves of pleasure rushing through her. 

As she told me later, by the time I came, her whole head tingled and felt like it was on fire.  Though I may not have enjoyed it as much as she did, I was reeling with excitement over taking advantage of such a beautiful and helpless woman and felt good about the fact she would be leaving here ‘well fucked!’  This wasn’t the end of it though!

After we rested I proceeded to tie Kobe up in the various positions we were going to tie Anne in for practice, at least that is what I told Kobe (he,he,he,he!), and of course I had to take advantage of her in each one.  More fun for her and me!  Finally done for the evening and getting late, Kobe got dressed and we went over the plan one more time before she went home.  We both still had some prep to do before tomorrow evening and I wanted everything to go off without a hitch!



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