Rachel's Sweet Revenge

by MiG

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© Copyright 2007 - MiG - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; breathplay; toys; reluct/cons; X

<<Standard disclaimer applies - If you don't like this, or aren't old enough to read it, then don't.>>

In the wee hours of the following Saturday's morning, she crept around the house. As stealthily as she could, dressed only in her ankle socks, panties and a camisole, that she slept in, she organized the stuff she'd need. Four of her best bondage scarves hung over her shoulder, and she had another couple tucked into the waistband, if she needed then. She also grabbed a roll of duct tape she'd bought and hidden, and a vibrator that she'd bought off the Internet, that had just come in that day. She tiptoed along the corridor that separated their two rooms, her socked feet making almost no sound as she padded along the polished floorboards.

She sidled up to Jenna's door, and opened it as slowly and quietly as she could. The door swung back on it's well oiled hinges, and she slipped into her house mate's room. She took a couple of seconds to adjust to the light, and when she was able to see her way around, she started her preparations. One scarf was laid at each corner of the bed, the roll of duct tape was placed, ever so softly, on the varnished side table that held a radio and an antique lamp. She laid another two scarves next to Jenna's head, ready to be a blindfold and a gag.

Rachel took a second to make sure everything was in order, that she was ready to do what she was about to try. Jenna lay still, lost in a world of dreams, breathing slowly, deeply and rhythmically. The four scarves were ready to ensnare Jenna's limbs and secure them to her bedposts. Luckily, Jenna only had a double bed, if it was Rachel's king sized one, she'd have a hard time tying all the scarves off by herself. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath, Rachel set to work.

She started with Jenna's left hand. She tied the scarf into a slip knot, and dropped it over Jenna's perfectly manicured hand. Grabbing the long end, Rachel snugged it tightly around Jenna's slender wrist. She knew it would tighten a bit if Jenna struggled, but also knew that the soft scarf wouldn't cause any damage. She looped the long end around the bed post a few times, and tied it off with some half hitches. There was about enough length for Jenna to reach a quarter of the way across the bed, but that was all, as Rachel didn't want to pull it too tight, for fear of waking her lover. Softly, Rachel walked around to the other side of the bed, and dropped another slip knot around Jenna's right wrist. Securing the second scarf to the bedpost, she noticed that Jenna seemed to be waking a little, or at least not in as deep a sleep as she was.

She moved quicker now that Jenna was half secured, hurrying to blindfold and gag the sleeping form. She knotted one scarf over Jenna's eyes, then stuck three strips of duct tape across her mouth. She didn't want to wad the scarf into her mouth unless she had to, so if Jenna didn't push the tape off with her tongue, she'd be able to leave it at that. Rachel then scampered to the foot of the bed, and dropped a loop over each of Jenna's ankles, pulling them snug, then tied one to each corner of the bed. Jenna was definitely awakening by this stage, but still wasn't fully conscious.

With Jenna fully secured now, Rachel was a little bit torn as to how she should bring her bound lover fully into the waking world. Part of her wanted to tickle Jenna's feet mercilessly, while another part wanted her to tease her way up Jenna's thighs. After a tiny amount of indecision, the second part won out, just not quite as subtle. With a deft flick, Rachel pulled the covers off Jenna's bed, revealing her naked body underneath, some muscles unconsciously twitching as the slumbering girl's body slowly rose from the depths of deep, dreaming sleep.

Rachel climbed up onto the bed, and positioned herself at the junction of her bound housemate's long, wonderfully smooth legs. She lowered her head to Jenna's expertly waxed pussy, and gently pulled her lips apart, exposing her sensitive clit. Smiling to herself, Rachel sucked the tiny nubbin into her mouth, and flicked her tongue across it as fast as she could. The reaction gained was exquisite, to say the least. Jenna's body involuntarily tried to contract into a ball, which was, of course, halted by the shiny silken scarves holding her limbs to the bedposts. The beautiful, naked young woman then thrashed back the other way, ending with only her heels, shoulders, and arms on the bed. Rachel, who'd half expected this to happen, sat back on her heels between Jenna's naked thighs, stopping all contact. Jenna's head rose off the pillows, and she made a questioning noise that sounded like a cross between a moan and a grunt.

Rachel held herself back from returning to the soft, sweet wetness that slowly and silently dripped onto the luscious, silky sheets adorning the bed her housemate slept on. Jenna's sightless eyes, trapped behind a web of satin, seemed to be trying to roam the room, trying to find out what was going on. Rachel sat on her heels a while yet, time enough to let Jenna's confusion spiral downward, just long enough to let the fringes of fear start wafting into her mind. While Rachel's own breathing was hardly her normal rate, the difference between that norm and now was nothing when compared to Jenna's gasping. Her body was demanding far more air than could comfortably pass through the small nostrils in the cute nose that helped make Jenna's face her own.

As the frenzied breathing reached it's peak, the air whistling through Jenna's nose like a gale force wind, Rachel made her second move. She moved herself around, positioning herself at Jenna's right side, then leaned down. She did three things simultaneously – taking Jenna's nipple into her mouth, sucking on it for all her worth, sliding her index finger into the hot, wet center of Jenna's current world, probing and rubbing, none too gently, and finally, clamping her thumb and forefinger over the straining nose, blocking the necessary airflow to the starved lungs and racing heart of the helpless woman.

A frenzied moan tried to make it's way out from within the bound female's slender neck, but it was blocked at all points. Rachel held her fingers where they were for just another beat, then released them, at the same time sliding her right hand's index and middle fingers up to Jenna's pulsating clitoris. She started flicking the enlarged nubbin at the same speed that her tongue now lashed across the stiffened nipple held in her mouth. The moan that had started when Rachel blocked Jenna's airflow rose in pitch at least a full octave, and increased in volume twofold. The fingers that previously blocked the precious flow of air into Jenna's lungs now found new work teasing, pinching and flicking the rapidly hardening nipple opposite Rachel's head.

She continued like this for a while, alternating which set of fingers was where, whether her mouth was on one nipple or the other, or indeed on neither, instead licking and nibbling at Jenna's sensitive neck and earlobes, or tracing lines with her tongue over Jenna's soft, flat stomach. No part of the young, athletic student was untouched, save for those that couldn't be reached when lying on one's back. Now and then, as Jenna's fires of passion rose, Rachel would pinch Jenna's nose, heightening the whirlwind of sensations coursing through the straining girl's body.

After a short while of this, which Rachel was sure would feel like a lifetime to Jenna, she pulled out her final surprise. It was about 6 inches long, perhaps an inch in diameter, and was powered by a couple of 9v square batteries, on a lead. She held it between her legs for a while, bringing the temperature up enough that it felt natural. There was no point in spoiling the surprise by having the plastic intruder too cold...

The best way that Rachel could think of achieving her goal of the vibrator taking Jenna completely by surprise was to slowly finger fuck her, first with just one finger, then working her way up to three. Once she had three fingers easily, yet terribly slowly, sliding in and out of Jenna's steaming pussy, she dropped back down to two fingers and the now warm vibrator. After alternating between vigorous and slow finger fucking for a while, Rachel pulled her two fingers out, and, in the same moment, flicked the switch on the vibrator onto the highest setting it had.

The reaction was, to say the least, amazing. The bed creaked under Jenna's crazed spasming as the explosive orgasm ripped through her body. Her back arched so much that only her shoulders and feet were left on the bed, and the silk ties holding her down strained with the effort of restraining her. Time stood still in Jenna's sex-crazed mind, overwhelmed by the sensations, feelings and emotions flooding her.

An age later, once she'd returned from the depths of ecstasy, Jenna realized that Rachel was cuddled up to her, eyes drowsy with imminent sleep. She was still tied to the bed, and gave the deliciously soft, yet definitely immovable silk one last pull. Rachel grinned at her, kissed her on the nose, and slipped into a deep slumber. Jenna, still aglow, did the same.