Racheal's Special Vacation

by Mistress Lisa

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© Copyright 2015 - Mistress Lisa - Used by permission

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Here is a story about Mistress Racheal which many have asked about her serving as a slave.

It was a lovely summer day at the end of June and Racheal went to her office after enjoying her hot breakfast. She turned on her computer and checked her emails. She shook with fear as she saw an email from Mark. Mark was her Master and had also trained her as a Dominatrix. As she opened the email she saw the invite for her to spend the next week at his home. She knew this was really a command for her to spend a week as his slave, which she had agreed to spend each year, when he requested it. Racheal smiled as she remembered how much she enjoyed being his slave and making love with his lovely wife Cheryl.

Racheal responded that she would be happy to spend the week as his slave. He replied with a message and directions for her on how she was to prepare herself and what to be wearing. Lucky Racheal had nothing on her schedule, so she started to make plans.

Racheal informed Jasmine and Brianna, that for the next week while she was away, they would be staying with Shelia and they would obey her at all times.

That night they went to Shelia’s BDSM Bar and Tavern for dinner and where Racheal asked Shelia for a favor and to take Jasmine and Brianna for a week and they could work in her store as models or they could be slaves to whoever visited her. Shelia smiled and agreed since she was now looking forward to getting even with Jasmine.

On Friday after Jasmine drove Brianna and her to Shelia’s, Racheal stripped and entered her shower. She opened a jar of hair remover and spread it over her body and waited 5 minutes, as this would assure no body hair would grow for a few weeks as she was required to be hairless. Also Racheal was told she was not allowed to masturbate or have an orgasm.

Racheal spent Saturday getting all of her business affairs done and informing her brothers she was going on a vacation for a week and would not be available for any business discussions and they were in charge.

After a restless night Racheal got out of bed and ate a small breakfast, showered and the put on a white shift dress (no underwear) and sandals. Racheal the locked the house and set the alarms and drove to Master Mark’s home.

As she drove Racheal could feel herself getting wet thinking about spending the week as a slave and of her life before being a Dominatrix and the pleasure she had as a slave and just having to obey and not decide what needed to be done.

Upon arriving at Master Mark’s home, Racheal rang the bell at 12 noon as requested. Cheryl, Mark’s wife and former Mistress and slave to Racheal, answered the door and Racheal smiled and said hello.

Cheryl slapped Racheal across her face telling her that she was to be addressed as Mistress Cheryl as Racheal was now a slave and respect was demanded. Racheal lowered her head and said “Sorry Mistress Cheryl.

Cheryl told Racheal to strip and Racheal removed her dress and sandals and placed her hands behind her back and spread her legs apart as she had been trained to do. Cheryl opened a box on the nearby table and Racheal saw that inside was a metal slave collar with white band and the metal bracelets that were made for her wrists and ankles. Handing Racheal the box Cheryl told her to lock them on. As Racheal locked the collar around her throat Racheal felt her body respond as it did years ago when she was a slave in training to Master Mark and Mistress Cheryl.

Cheryl clipped a leash to Racheal’s collar and told her to get down on her hands and knees and follow her. Racheal blushing, crawled naked behind Cheryl as they went down the hallway which she knew lead to Master Mark’s office. They entered the office and Racheal stopped in front of the desk with her head bowed. Racheal could feel all the old feelings she so enjoyed as a slave return and she knew she was getting wet but could not control her body.

Mark approached her and placed his hand between her spread legs and laughed as he commented to his wife that Racheal was the same slutty slave she always was.

Racheal was informed that for her week’s stay she was to obey everyone as she was the lowest house slave for the week and would serve anyone who desired to use her. Racheal responded by saying, “Yes Master Mark as you wish.”

Mark turned to Cheryl and told her to secure Racheal across the horse. Cheryl pulled Racheal to the padded horse and placed her over the padded seat and cuffed her wrist and legs to the base of the horse so she her legs were spread wide apart.

Mark handed Cheryl a wide leather paddle and told her to give Racheal 20 hard strokes and if she cried out then gag her with the panties in the bowl on his desk, which were soaked in her piss.

Smiling Cheryl proceeded to apply the paddle as hard as she could and after 12 strokes Racheal cried out as she orgasmed. Cheryl pinched Racheal nose and when her mouth opened she shoved the piss soaked panties in her mouth and used duct tape to secure them. Cheryl then applied the remaining 8 strokes and she saw Racheal ass was a dark red color and Mark nodded with approval.

Mark walked behind Racheal and removed his pants freeing his hard 10” cock. Mark rammed his cock deep into Racheal’s dripping cunt and fucked her until they both came. Mark pulled out of Racheal and walked in front of her and removed the piss gag and told Racheal so suck his cock clean. Racheal sucked her Master’s cock and soon he came again and she swallowed all of his sperm.

Mark told Cheryl to give Racheal a tour of the house and meet the staff that she would be used by and after the tour, Racheal was her toy for the rest of the day and when she was done playing with her she was to lock Racheal in a chastity belt with a large vibrator in both her cunt and asshole and secure her for the night. Also make sure she did get sleep as tomorrow she was going to spend the day in the new stables. When Racheal heard the word stables she shock with fear remembering when Shelia had her spend a day as a pony. Cheryl released her from the horse and thought of the night of abusing Racheal and having Racheal pleasure her.

Cheryl led Racheal out of Mark’s office and led her back to the kitchen. As they entered Racheal recognized Erin, who was in charge of the kitchen. Erin smiled and looked at Racheal and asked Cheryl if the white collar was for real. Cheryl told her it was. Smiling Erin pulled up her skirt and grabbed Racheal by the hair and forced her to her knees and told her to suck her cunt. Racheal leaned forward and started to lick her pussy and her tongue flicked on the clit as she responded and soon screaming she came and squirted down Racheal’s throat.

Erin smiling told Cheryl that was a nice afternoon surprise and was Racheal available for Kim her slave. Cheryl responded “that is what the white collar means”. Laughing Erin called for Kim to come into the kitchen for a surprise. Racheal saw a thin female in a latex dress enter the room and bowed down in front of Erin. Kim looked at the naked slave in the kitchen and wondered why she was here.

Erin told Kim since she had done such a good job cleaning the kitchen and back room; she would be rewarded by having Racheal for her use for 10 minutes. Kim smiled and removed her latex dress and Racheal saw she had small breasts, but when her panties were removed Racheal saw a 6” penis and realized Kim was a she male. Kim told Racheal to kneel on the floor bent over so her ass was exposed.

Racheal assumed the position knowing she was going to be fucked and again she felt her body respond and was dripping wet. Racheal felt Kim’s cock against her ass and hoped it was going in her cunt not her ass. Kim slowly slides her cock into Racheal’s dripping cunt and commented what a slut Racheal was as she was deep in her. Slowly Kim fucked Racheal and just before she was to cum, Kim pulled out of Racheal’s cunt and slid her cock into Racheal’ tight asshole and rammed it in deep. Kim fucked Racheal’s ass and finally screamed as she came deep inside Racheal. Kim pulled out and Cheryl told her to clean Kim’s cock with her mouth. A smiling Kim put her cock into Racheal’s open mouth and Racheal licked the cock clean tasting her own shit and the cum on the cock in her mouth. Once clean, Kim pulled out and thanked Erin and Cheryl for the treat.

Next Cheryl lead Racheal outside and pointed to the stables where Racheal was to spend the next two days learning to be a pony and laughed as she told her the studs there were the largest she had ever seen. Racheal was not looking forward to that as once before she spent a day as a pony.

They entered the house and Cheryl pulled her toward her bedroom. Cheryl told Racheal she had a nice surprise from the past for her. Racheal could only imagine that this was not going to be a fun night.

As they entered Cheryl’s room Racheal saw the bondage piece in the middle of the room and was scared as she had it made to teach Cheryl (when she was her slave about anal sex). In front of her was a short table that had a pillory at the head of it, for her hands and head and she knew there were cuffs for her ankles on the legs at the other end of the table.

Cheryl pulled the collared Racheal over to the table and Racheal saw that two holes in the table had been added and she realized they would lineup with her breasts. Cheryl opened the pillory and forced Racheal’s head and hands into the proper holes and closed it securing Racheal. Bending down, Cheryl spread oil on Racheal’s breasts and then pulled them through the holes which were tight and Racheal felt breasts started to swell.

Next a thick 6” wide leather belt was pulled across her back and secured tightly so Racheal could not move. Then Racheal felt her legs pulled apart and cuffed to the bottom of the table’s legs so she was wide open and her stomach was on the edge of the table. Cheryl walked in front of Racheal and showed her a 14” strapon dildo and asked if she recognized it. Racheal knew it was the one she raped Cheryl’s ass with years earlier.

Smiling Cheryl removed her dress and Racheal saw she was wearing a rubber bra and panties. “I hope you enjoy being on the table as much as you did when I was on it. I did add some twists to make it more painful just for you to enjoy”. Cheryl walked to a cabinet and returned with three cloverleaf clamps and three large weights.

As Cheryl moved under the table Racheal, felt a clamp on her swollen right nipple. Cheryl repeated this with Racheal’s left nipple and then she felt the last one tight on her clit. As Racheal feels the pain on her swollen clit and nipples she screams. Cheryl told Racheal, “please scream louder as it makes me wet”.

Showing Racheal the weights, Cheryl attaches on to each of the clamps and tells Racheal be still or you will crush your nubs, not saying that they had stops to prevent damage. Racheal tries to stay still despite the pain as she knows every movement will make the clamps tighter.

Racheal watches in pain as she sees Cheryl pull the fucking machine behind her and knows Cheryl is attaching the large dildo to it. Racheal feels a small tube being shoved into her ass and then a warm liquid entering her ass and is told it is lubricant.

Racheal watches as Cheryl strips and looks at her sexy body and she knows she is getting wet from the pain and looking at Cheryl. Racheal feels the large dildo enter her asshole stretching it and she is now dripping wet. Cheryl starts the fucking machine and the dildo slowly moves into Racheal’s ass and then pulls out and the cycle repeats fucking her asshole. Racheal screams as the huge dildo is completely in her and as it fucks her ass.

A naked Cheryl pulls a high seated chair in front of Racheal and sits down with her pussy in front of Racheal’s mouth. Racheal is told her ass will be fucked until she brings Cheryl to three orgasms and then she will be allowed to sleep. It takes over one hour for Cheryl to have three orgasms as every time she was close she pulled back and watched Racheal being fucked. Racheal’s asshole was extremely sore by the time she finally brought Cheryl to her third orgasm and the machine was shut off. Cheryl released Rachel from the pillory bench and Racheal stretched her body to relieve the cramps from the tight position she was in. Racheal’s asshole was very sore but while she was being fucked she did have several orgasms of her own and was exhausted.

Racheal watched Cheryl go to a drawer and return with a steel chastity belt and she saw the crotch strap had two dildos attached. Racheal was pulled to her feet and told to spread her legs apart as Cheryl locked the waist belt on her and then inserted the dildos as she locked the crotch belt tight. Racheal was lead to ca cage at the foot of Cheryl’s bed and she crawled in and the door was locked. Racheal had to bend her body to fit the cage and only because she was exhausted did she finally fall asleep.

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