Quiet Now

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2008 - Margaret B - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; oral; reluct; X

All I said was, “No, I won’t do that.”

Well, I did it!

And a whole lot more.  In a way, it taught me that the life style I chose two years ago was serious.  I am a slave and slaves have no rights.  I most certainly do not have the right to say no to my owner.  My owner is god.  That is that.  I was forced to violate my preferences.  Slaves have no preferences, sexual or other wise.  Being beaten severely for three consecutive days and the quiet time, which will last 92 more days was proof enough.

As I look back, it was all my fault.  I should have obeyed and that would have been the end of it.  All she said was, “a friend of my is coming over.  You are going to give him a blow job.”   A simple enough request.  Put the man’s cock in your mouth, lick a little, suck a little, he will do most of the work himself.  A shot of cum down the throat.  Wash it out with some white wine and forget about it. He’s healthy, his penis is clean, no one will know. 

Why did I get so fucking upset? 

Well, I did and I have been reprimanded.

I could have just performed my duty and it would have been over, but I had to smart off and look what it got me.  I ended up sucking the thing anyway, twice.  That was my fault too.  They said I didn’t put forth a proper effort.  So, the next morning, I was given a last chance to show what I could do.  Fail again and I would eat shit for a week.  Those were her words and that was the law for me, literally. I improved after crying all night. It was better than eating shit!

Still, to show me my place, which made shit eating look good, I was beaten from head to toe and drank only my own piss for three days.  Going without food helped me take off a few pounds.  Then I was informed about the dental appointment.  I spent two hours each way on the bus and waited in her office for three hours. 

That’s another thing; it is her time, not mine! How she chooses to use it or waste it is her right.  I have no rights!

The braces hurt continuously keeping me awake most of the first and part of the second night. I sleep from exhaustion every other night. Next week I will take the bus again to have them tightened.  You may wonder why a dentist would do such a terrible thing to an unwilling victim.  Mistress has her ways and they are more powerful than money. After all, that is why I am here.  I will wear them for 100 days to teach me not to speak out of turn.

They will be tightened once or twice each month. They are expected to hurt!

Being handed the bus pass and told to go is the worst part.  The dentist will work on the braces until my screams annoy her more conventional patients.  There will be a rest of an hour or so and she will work some more.  All this time, I will be naked, strapped down, and molested, by her and the staff. My privates are not private. They enjoy watching the expressions of humiliation, pain, and pleasure on my face as they experiment with their own perversion.

I can neither talk nor eat with the braces because there are eight wire straps, four on each side, holding my teeth against a heavy plastic tube.  I take nutrition and fluid through the tube.  When they cut the wires free in another three months, I will give three big studs the best blow job they ever had or my mouth gets wired shut for another hundred days. 

All because I mouthed off to my owner!

It seems I have become bi-sexual.  Slaves have no preference. 

All my adult life, I have had sex exclusively with females and if I had kept my mouth shut and sucked one cock, I would still be 100% lesbian.


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