Queen Val and the Isle of Domina

by The Scribe of Domina (formally ZTVFemdomtales)

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© Copyright 2022 - The Scribe of Domina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; supernatural; transform; mum; clay; encased; naked; strip; cons; reluct; X

In 1960 the first Goddess of Domina is reborn

September 30, 1960

Valeria sighed a sad little sigh as she watched Richard succumb to the sedative in his drink. She was going to be twenty-one in just a few hours. Why was she still doing these stupid little heists? She should be further on in her life by now. Once Richard was good and out, she strolled around the man's apartment. The lawyer deserved to be robbed, she reminded herself. He was old enough to be the father of the girls he was picking up at that bar. Herself included. Relieving him of some minor Earthly trinkets would set him right.

She couldn’t wholly blame him of course. She had been out hunting as well. Her body was the perfect lure. Being young and Hispanic with gentle curves and smooth legs she found she came across as a mixture of exotic and the girl next door. She wasn’t threatening. Which meant her targets let their guard down. The same was true for Richard. She wasn’t really in the mood to do another heist, but something called to her. A sudden, irresistible urge to take what he had.

Her stroll ended abruptly at one of his bookcases. Sitting on a shelf was a small clay pot. It was an ugly little thing. Misshapen, as if done by a novice hand. There was no lid and looked rather chipped. No one in their right mind would want it. She had to have it. She stroked it gently. It was rough, chipped but she swore she felt something move inside it. She grabbed it and shoved it into her purse with the rest of her ill-gotten gains.


She returned to the rat-infested heap she called an apartment around eleven o’clock. She dropped her bag on the couch and grabbed a beer. She plopped down on the couch herself and put her feet up on the coffee table, not even bothering to move the unfinished applications to unseal birth records. She watched the clock slowly tick away till her next birthday. There was a gentle knock on the door. Groaning, she trudged over and opened it.

Normally, the sight on the other side would be a welcome one. Candice lived across the hall though spent most nights in Valeria’s apartment. Usually bound to something. Naked. For the last month Valeria had taken to hanging her upside down from a hook in her ceiling. Those nights were spent with black girl’s plump ass being licked and kissed. It was a taste Valeria found addictive.

“Not tonight.”

She had never turned her down before. God, she really was in a funk.

“But…but…it’s your birthday.”

“Who the fuck cares?” she snapped. “I don’t! I don’t give a flying fuck what day it is! I don’t need to celebrate my goddamn birthday! I don’t need to do anything! I don’t need anyone! I don’t need you! We’re not friends! You’re just the little tart across the hall I like to fuck! I use you! And I can just toss you aside. Like I’m doing right now!”

She slammed the door in a crying Candice’s face and flipped off the lights. She ripped off her clothes and threw herself into bed.

October 1st, 1960 - 3:00am

The clay vase melted. Deep within the bag Valeria shoved it the small artifact bubbled and boiled, dissolving into a small puddle of shiny gray clay. The clay then began to move all on its own. It slid out of the bag like a cobra from a basket. It slid off the couch and across the floor. A predator by nature it made its way to the bed with lightning speed. Valeria lay upon it moaning in pleasure from a rather intense dream about a bound Candice.

The clay leapt from the floor onto her barefoot. The clay covered the foot before bubbling once more. Valeria kicked her foot from the strange, a slightly erotic, feeling. The mass erupted out tripling in size until it mummified the sleeping girl.


Valeria emerged from the large pool of swirling clay. No. She was not Valeria. Not anymore. No, that wasn’t right. She wasn’t Valeria yet. This body, naked in all its glory, was that of another woman. The woman she was created as. Those damned Kaal would not resurface for another millennia still. She had no need of resurrection just yet. This was the glory. The days so long ago and infrequently visited most had been lost to time. The endless cycles of destruction and rebirth had damaged them. What her name at this point was had been long since forgotten.

She strolled across the solid clay floor until she reached her throne. It was formed from the same material. Instead of the chair Valeria was accustomed to, this one was a grand canopy bed. Naked men and women lay upon it. All wearing collars. All connected to the bed via chains. They were hers. She knew it upon seeing them. They were her slaves. Ones she loved very much. She went to jump into the pile of them and begin an orgy when a hand fell upon her shoulder.

As she turned her lips were met by those of another woman. They were gentle, loving. This woman’s hands slid along her body cupping her full ass. In doing so she pressed their naked bodies closer together. The woman who would become Valeria gave into the passions of this other woman whom she somehow knew to be the Rain Goddess returning her kisses and embrace. She let her body collapse into the other goddess’s with full trust and love. They were one. Then came the others. Soon the whole pantheon was involved in the bonding of bodies.


Candice tossed and turned in bed. Sleep would not come. All she got were Valeria’s cruel words. Her front door unlocked. Only three people had a key. Besides herself they were her landlord and…


“Now, now, I think we’re close enough for you to call me Val.”

Despite herself Candice was wet at the sound of her voice. She rolled over, not wanting to see her lover’s face.

“Go away.”

“I am. I’m leaving tonight. I won’t be back. Ever.”

“You don’t mean that. You’re just upset. You’ll be singing another tune tomorrow.”

“Afraid not. I need to leave. I need to get back home.”

Candice sat up. Valeria never talked about her past. She…


This woman had Valeria’s voice but not her body. It did look like her but older. Maybe an extra five to ten years. Her natural beauty had been elevated to its absolute peak. She was taller now, a full 6’5”. Her arms and legs were longer, shapelier, more muscular while still being smooth and feminine. Her hips were equally suited for a bikini bottom as they were to be bare. Her stomach was lean, tight. Powerful abs complimented her womanly curves. Her breasts were full, heavy, and delightfully large. Her hair was now fiery red and crashed in waves over her shoulders. Her stunning, sensual face was framed by it. Her eyes burned with lust and a power that made Candice both afraid and aroused.

“I told you. Call me Val. You are the only one who can. Everyone else will call me Queen Val.”

“What’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you once we’re safely on the road.”


Val pulled a large cardboard box into the room. She grabbed clothes from the closet and tossed them inside. Candice shot out from under the covers.

“What are you doing?”


“Stop that!”

She went to grab the girl but Val flicked wet clay onto her bare chest.

“Gross, what was that?!”

The clay spread over her in an instant cocooning all but her head.

“What is this?!”

“Quiet. We need to leave now.”


“Of course. If I’m going home I need to take you with me.”

“You don’t need me. You made that clear earlier.”

“I’m sorry about that. You deserve so much better and I’m going to give it to you. That’s why I’m taking you to paradise.”

“Paradise? Val, what happened to you?”

She carried the box out of the apartment. Moments later she returned and tossed Candice over her shoulder. As she carried her out to the car Val stroked Candice’s clay covered ass causing her to moan. She placed her in the passenger seat of her car. The clay left her body and became a ring on Val’s finger. Val buckled her in, climbed into the driver’s seat over her and took off. The two naked women drove for hours in silence. Finally it became too much.

“Where are we going?”

“I told you, home.”

“Where is that, exactly?”

Val took a deep breath.

“Candice. I am not human.”

The girl laughed.

“Yeah, right.”

Val pointed up to the stars and twirled her finger as if running a pencil over a sheet of paper. The stars flew across the sky, reshaping themselves to form a stunning portrait of Candice in the nude, lounging as if on her bed.

“What…what are you?”

“I am a goddess.”


The stars swirled and reenacted the story Val told.

“The Titaness are powerful beings in an eternal love making session. In their passion they rolled around in primordial clay transforming into the Earth itself. From that clay came the first goddess. The embodiment of their love for one another. Domina. She controlled the clay and used it to make the Earth as we know it now. She used the clay to create more goddesses to be her brides and children.

“I am one of those children. The goddess of queendom. I bestow the divine right to rule to queens across the ages. Not just queens. I can give any woman a position of power in any relationship or organization. Beyond that I am the Earthly leader of the church of Domina and the island nation we call home.”

“Oh my god. This is insane. I have to be asleep.”

“You know it’s true. You can sense it deep down. It may not be until we step foot on the Isle of Domina for you to accept it.”

“If all this is true, why are you taking me with you? Am I a goddess too?”

“No, you are human.”

“Then why?”

“I’m taking everything I own to Domina with me.”

“Own? You don’t own me.”

“How many nights have you spent as my captive? How often have you given up plans just to be with me?”

“That doesn’t…”

“I have been alone my entire life. Last night I discovered who I truly am. I discovered a deep communal connection that made me whole. I can not live my life without it. I need to bring Domina back. I treated you as a playmate, a toy. I thought it would spare me pain when you left me. Like all do. That was wrong of me. I can not deny myself any longer. You are not a toy to be discarded. You are the woman I love.”

“Love?” Candice asked, blushing.

“The woman I know I can never be without. So I’m taking you home. To an island where being a lesbian isn’t only accepted it’s the norm. An island where we will be married and together for all time.”


“I am not proposing. That is asking. There is no asking. We can see into the souls of humans, us goddesses. We see your truths. We never take those who truly don’t want it. We will never force you. We want lovers not puppets. We’re not Kaal.”


“I have seen you in your purest heart. You want what I offer but fear it’s all a dream that can never be. I will help you get there. First, we need some cash.”

Bella walked along the path back to her dorm. She let out a rather loud yawn. Studying abroad in America was taking it out of the cute blond. Something moved in the bushes nearby. Gulping, she started walking just a little bit faster.


It was coming from the bush.

“Please! Help! I can’t get up!”

“Hold on!”

Bella rushed over. She shoved her way into the bush. No one heard her scream. Nor did they ever see her again.


Val ran her hands over Candice’s maid uniform.

“So sexy.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” Candice replied.

The matching outfits were perfect for their little mission. Val had explained the only way to reach the island was by boat. To charter one they would require funds. The Asher family had plenty of old money. They also had a daughter.


Daisy Asher had a secret bedroom. Sure, she had the elaborate one up in the main manor her parents knew about. That’s not where she spent her nights. When she was a child she discovered her room had a sealed up entrance to the servants’ quarters down below. She came to learn her room had once been a parlor back in the day. She never told her parents. When she got older she turned the room at the end of the stairs into a small secondary bedroom. Down amongst the maids. Where she could watch them. Where they could spend the night in her bed. So scandalous.

Over the last week two of their new maids had caught her eye. A stunning Hispanic woman and a cute black girl. They were never apart if they could help it. They shared little looks and touches. They left the door to their room ajar one night and she could see them in the throws of wanton sex she had only dreamed of with the maids she had seduced. She had to know more about them. She demanded they present themselves to her in her room.

“I’ve been watching you two…” she began.

“Hot isn’t it?” the Hispanic woman asked.

“Very. Now hold on, that is no way to talk to…”

She stroked Daisy’s cheek. She leaned into the touch and moaned before regaining her composure.

“There’s my little sub.”

“I’m no such thing!”

“Sure, you are. You tried to deny it for so long. You used the implicit fear of being fired to bed your maids.”

“See here…”

“… but you never would fire one. You just wanted one to fight you on it. You wanted one to turn the tables on you. Just like I have.”


“I can see your deepest desire. You never told your parents about this room but made sure all the maids did and that your parents did not. Why?”


“So they would revolt and take you captive down here. To keep you down here. To free you from being in control and live the life you really want.”


“As another woman’s pet.”


“That will never happen.”

“It won’t?”

Why did the assured way this woman said the phrase break Daisy’s heart the way it did.

“These maids will never get the chance. Candice.”

The black girl pulled out a pair of clothing scissors. Daisy watched with wide eyes as she cut away her clothes. How did they know about her forbidden fantasy? The Hispanic woman rolled her finger over the petite Daisy’s small breasts. She shuddered as she felt something drip down them. Looking she saw the clay ring the woman had been wearing had melted all over her.


The clay spread over her body in an instant leaving only her head exposed.

Val and Candice laughed as they walked out of the servant’s entrance to Asher Hall. The bound Daisy lay over Val’s shoulder watching her ass as she walked. It had been far too easy to conquer this girl and carry her away.

“Can you help me?”

Both stopped and looked at the stunning woman who had approached them. She was naked and shivering. Her long blond hair covered her face.

“I think I’m lost.”

Her accent was… Swedish, Val wanted to say.

“Where are you trying to get to?” Candice asked.

“I’m looking for the Queen.”

“Queen?” Candice gulped.

“The Queen of Domina.”

Bella looked up at the two with a gorgeous but vicious face bent into a sinister snarl.

“Kaal!” Val shouted.

“What?” Candice asked.

Val didn’t answer. She just shoved her into the back seat and tossed Daisy on top of her.


“Queen Val,” Bella sneered. “Cute name. Afraid the reign won’t be too long.”

“Knew the stars were a bad idea.”

She held out her hand and the clay jumped from Daisy’s body forming into a scepter in Val’s hand.

“Stay back!”

Bella transformed into a massive lamia.

“I think not!”

She lunged for her prey. Val dove out of the way striking her tail along the way. The monstress screamed out in pain.

“Damn you!”

“No, I believe that’s your fate.”

She raised the scepter up high and stars began to circle around forming a halo above them. They constricted until the ring only hovered over Bella. No matter where she moved, the ring followed. Bella lunged. The stars fired a beam of bright light down upon then reducing the snake woman to clay. Val climbed behind the wheel and drove off. In the rear view mirror she saw her attacker reform.


Val locked the door to their hotel room and slid the chest of drawers in front of it. Candice sat on the bed with Daisy who was now re-bound with the clay. She seemed quite happy with it, truth be told.

“Val,” Candice demanded, “who… what was that?”

Val took a deep breath.

“That thing was a Kaal. They are the demons of the Temple of Domina. We don’t acknowledge their very existence if we don’t have to. I guess it’s unavoidable now.

“As the Earth sealed them in, a few of the Titaness saw it happening. They were afraid. Just for a moment. Once it covered them and they saw they were safe the fear subsided and they were happy. But in that moment they clawed at the clay in a desperate bid to escape. Their fear leached into it. It festered and grew. It became the second goddess. Domina’s sister. Kaa.

“At first the two got along. They were inseparable. Domina balanced out Kaa’s more… needy nature. They even worked together to form their own pantheon of goddesses together. Domina wanted to expand their family. Kaa, full of the trauma of the trapped Titaness, needed to be in control. Unquestioned. Domina let the goddesses do as they pleased. This drove Kaa mad. So one day she began smashing their clay souls. The goddesses lost their minds, who they were, and became nothing more than flesh puppets for her to control.

“Domina could not let this stand. She turned the goddesses back into clay, recycling them back into the natural order. Kaa stormed off. It was a millennium later before the two ran into one another again. Kaa had made goddesses of her own. Domina believed they were mindless like the others and recycled them. She was horrified to discover they were not. Kaa had given them minds. They were her brides.

“Kaa swore that for the death of her family she would destroy Domina’s. So she made monsters to hunt them down and slay them or capture them. They are her Kaal. Domina had an advantage in the war that followed. She tapped into the clay and made not goddesses but humans. The more of you who worship her and us the more powerful we become.

“After centuries of defeats the Kaal were able to destroy temples and burn records. They made sure no trace of Domina’s religion remained. In the final battle, all were recycled save for Domina and Kaa. Kaa was sealed away in the very core of the world, amongst the horny Titaness, a place that can not be left once inside. Not by one’s own power. Domina, mortally wounded, merged with the clay and began planning our return.”

“Wow,” was all Candice could think to say.

“Yes, I have your little girl right here,” Val said into the phone.

She fought back a moan as the still bound Daisy worshiped her pussy. The night had been long and tense. So had the day that followed. When it was clear the Kaal had lost their scent the pair returned to the plan.

“Of course, you can have her back. For a price.”


“Quit looking at my ass and walk slave,” Val snapped.

It was hard enough sneaking through this fishing village so late at night without Daisy’s distracted bumbling. She had refused to go back to her family once the ransom was dropped. Her submissive side was far stronger than Val had expected. She didn’t mind. The girl was hot and had a talented tongue. She just wished she paid better attention to her surroundings. The quicker she got her chained to her throne the better.

Being wanted for the kidnapping of Daisy was proving to be a hindrance. Once everything was set up she’d have Daisy explain she had left on her own accord. There was no documentation of their scheme, her family could never disprove her claim. First, they had to get to the Isle. Which meant chartering a ship.

The old fishing boat up ahead looked perfect for her needs. So did the woman on the deck.


Katrina Lee stood out in this town. She was the only Asian captain and the only female one to boot. She made her living through simple fishing. No one ever asked for a ride. Now here were three sexy women at her door in the middle of the night asking for just that. With a suitcase full of money to boot. To make an odd situation strange the white girl wore a collar and was being led around on a leash by the Hispanic woman. It was a real turn on to be honest. She listened to their story as they gathered around her little kitchen table.

“The coordinates you gave me are pretty far out. It will be expensive.”

“Get us there and the whole damn case is yours,” Val replied.

Katrina held out her hand for a shake.

“You have yourself a ship.”

“My people seal deals another way.”

“And how’s that?”

Val walked around the table and pulled her chair back. She climbed into Katrina’s lap and planted a kiss on her surprisingly receptive lips.

The voyage was a steady one. It took its time but Val didn’t mind. She had Candice and Daisy to help her pass the time. Then there were the little looks from Katrina. Her curiosity was getting the better of her. Finally she could no longer hold it back.

“I have to know. Why does that girl wear that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”


“She’s my pet. All pets should be kept on a collar and leash for their own good.”

“Women can’t be pets.”

“I find they make the best. Once trained they are the most devoted and loving pets Domina ever made.”

“That name. You keep using it like I should know what it means.”

Val smiled.

“So you want to know more about our lord and savior Domina.”


The boat came to rest along the shore of the island. Once secured Val and her girls disembarked.

This is paradise?” Candice asked.

The island was small. Deserted. There was no sign anyone had ever lived here. It didn’t even look like it could support a village let alone the kingdom Val spoke of.

“Oh no, this isn’t Domina.”

“Then why are we here?”

“This is the trap.”


Night fell. The stars came out. Val reached up and began to draw with them. This time she left a message in the air above. ‘Come and get me, Bitch’. The lamia burst through the tall grass of the jungle.

“Not a particularly smart move.”

“Depends on what I’m after.”

The ground rumbled.

“What did you do?” Bella demanded.

“Have you ever heard of drowning the worm?”

Columns of clay shot out of the ground forming a ring around the island.


“I think the word you were looking for is NOW!”

A small puddle of clay opened beneath Val’s feet and she dropped through. The instant she did it resealed itself. The clay columns collapsed onto the island creating a massive flood. Bella had no time to react before she was swallowed alive. The clay hardened turning the island into a small mountain.


Valeria emerged from the large pool of clay. The island she now found herself on was the size of a small nation, covered in ruins of a long-ago time. Her time. As she stepped foot onto the island the clay flowed from the pool once more and began restoring the ruins to their former glory. The Isle of Domina was being reborn. The others, whom she had sent ahead, sat there waiting. She went to Katrina first.

“The money is yours as promised. Your boat is gone I’m afraid. It will be another thirty years before the clay it is sealed in will break. Of course if I were at full power it never would. I can use the clay to drop you off on the mainland.”

“You know, I think I want to stick around. See what this place has to offer.”

“By our laws you would have to be my pet during that time.”

She smiled.

“I can live with that.”

“Don’t stay too long. Days and nights may pass for our comfort but no time truly passes here. Years could pass in days and the world you knew would be gone.”

“I’ll risk it. I was hoping you would.”

She grabbed Candice who squeaked in surprise as she was tossed over Val’s shoulder.

“If you need me, my bride and I are starting our honeymoon.”


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