Pushing the Limits

by Dick Chainy

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© Copyright 2003 - Dick Chainy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

Pushing the Limits
by Dick Chainy
"Pushing the Limits" by Dick Chainy

There was a sharp click as she attached the last of my hands to the bedpost. The nylon strap was wrapped around the bedpost and attached to itself by means of an 'O' ring and clip. I was naked and spread-eagled on the bed with a ball gag strapped securely around my head. The velcro cuffs held my wrists and ankles comfortably and the strong wooden bed frame would resist any force that I could exert. Around my waist I wore a belt with a D-ring on each side.

She bent down, lifted a strap attached to the side of the bed frame, attached it to the D-ring on my belt and tightened the strap. I watched her walk around the bed as well as I could in the dark. She was gloriously nude. With each step her toned thighs flexed, and her large breasts bounced; her long dark hair swayed, and her perfect heart-shaped ass clenched. My cock was now at full attention. Once on the other side of the bed, she repeated the process with another strap. Now I could barely move my hips.

She climbed up onto the bed, her full breasts slid across my skin as she crawled over to me on her hands and knees. She sat down and showed me the blindfold in her hands. Without saying a word she slid the strap over my head and adjusted the blindfold until not even a sliver of light was visible.

Now I was completely immobilized and unable to see or speak. I was helpless to stop her from having her way with me, and I loved it. I felt her get off of the bed and pick up something from the side table. Suddenly her hands were around my hard dick. I was surprised that she was moving things along so quickly, but I was glad since I was horny as hell. I felt her strap something just beneath the head of my cock and then let go. Then nothing. I waited. Nothing. Now I was really confused. I had thought that I was about to be pleasured but...

Suddenly my cock throbbed. Then again. Then it vibrated for about three seconds followed by another throb. Now I knew what she had strapped to my cock. It was one of those new computerized vibrating eggs. Thanks to a special microchip, they can both vibrate and pulse at several intensities. This one had ten built-in pattern. She had it set to a mode, which mixed pulses with vibration in a complicated sequence.

The effect on me was tremendous. The egg was pressing on the sensitive underside of my cock. No matter how I squirmed, I couldn't escape the stimulation. The pulses felt like a hand squeezing my dick, bringing me closer to orgasm, while the vibrations were like a teasing stroke - enough to stimulate but not enough to let me cum. A few pulses in a row and I would feel my balls tighten. Then it would switch to vibration mode, and I would begin to relax. The pattern was too complicated for me to anticipate what was coming next, and the whole time that I struggled, I knew that she was standing there watching me. This thought, more than anything else, was driving me toward climax.

Pulse. Pulse. Vibrate. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Vibrate. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. I realized that she must have switched the vibrator to straight pulse mode. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. I could feel the cum begin to leave my balls. I pulled myself tight against my bonds. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. I moaned into the gag as jet after jet of cum shot up my shaft and sprayed onto my belly and thighs. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Each pulse of the vibrator caused my cock to jerk yet again. 

Finally the vibrator stopped, and I relaxed. I felt her unstrap the device, and then she began wiping me off with a warm, damp towel. I was feeling quite content at this point, and I couldn't wait to be untied so I could go to sleep.

She finished wiping me off, and leaned down by my head. "Now that the edge is off," she whispered in my ear, "I can really have some fun."

I began to twist against my cuffs as I grunted at her to let me go. "You promised me your cum tonight," she said in a coy tone, "and you have two balls full. I'm not stopping until I have all of it." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Despite myself, I began to get hard again. I felt her hard nipples brush against me as she crawled onto the bed again. This time she moved between my legs and sat down. She sat facing me, with her legs draped over my thighs, further immobilizing me.

"I love having total control over you," she crooned. Her fingers touched my ankles, causing me to shiver. She lightly ran them up the inside of my legs to my crotch where she stopped. As she stroked me, my legs jerked. "I love having you tied up and helpless," she laughed. This was torture! She could tickle me beyond my endurance, and there was nothing that I would be able to do about it. With the gag in place, I couldn't even complain! I felt my cock begin to rise again.

"I know where all of your ticklish spots are," she bragged. She was right. Her hands stroked up my inner thighs, over my tight balls, and worst of all over my butt cheeks. She was everywhere, driving me crazy with overstimulation. Everywhere, that is, except my cock. She wouldn't touch it at all. Every time that her hands got close to it, I would try to brush up against her, but I was bound too tightly to succeed.

She continued tickling me for what was probably fifteen minutes, but which felt like an hour. The lack of stimulation for my cock combined with the intense sensation everywhere else was driving me insane. If it weren't for the ball gag, I would have been begging her for release.

Then she gave me one long stroke that began at my knees, went along my inner thighs, up my ass cheeks, over my balls and along the length of my cock. At last, my dick was getting some attention! She did it again. And again. Suddenly her fingers were dancing all over my cock as if she was playing a piano. She returned to driving me crazy with those long strokes, and then once again, her fingers were fluttering all over me.

By now I was rock hard. The vibrator had left me a little numb, but that feeling was long gone. I felt her hand grasp my cock firmly in the middle. "I'm going to make you cum, and there is nothing that you can do to stop me," she said firmly. And then, at last, she began to pump my cock slowly.

"I'm going to make you cum, and there is nothing that you can do to stop me." Her tone of voice made it clear that she was serious. She stroked faster and squeezed a little harder. "I'm going to make you cum, and there is nothing that you can do to stop me." Over and over again she said it while her hand pumped my dick faster and gripped me more tightly. Each time that she said it, I grew more excited, but it wasn't enough to make me cum a second time.

Then she started using the fingers of her other hand to fondle my balls. Suddenly I felt myself tense up involuntarily. She felt it too, and she bent forward to take the head of my cock between her full lips. That pushed me over the edge. I came and came into her soft, cool mouth, as she pumped the sperm out of me. She swallowed it up as fast as I expelled it, and when I was done, she cleaned me off with one long suck.

Now my balls truly felt empty. It had been a great experience, but I was ready for sleep. I grunted and motioned for her to release me. "Not yet," she whispered to me. "I have you right where I want you, and tonight I'm going to push your limits."

Now I was nervous. How much more of this could I take? She leaned over me for a moment, her firm belly pressing down on my deflating cock, and I heard her 
take something from the side table. Then she lay down beside me, with her feet near my head. She must have been on her side because she rested one arm on my thigh, with her elbow between my legs.

Cold liquid poured over my dick and balls. It was lube! She began to rub it over my dick and balls and at once I realized how clever she had been. My previous orgasms had been the result of vibration and pumping with a minimum of rubbing. I was as sensitive to this new sensation as if I hadn't cum at all. Amazingly, my cock began to swell yet again.

Once the lube was well distributed, she began to slowly slide her fist up and down my shaft. Each time that her hand went over my sensitive head, I would spasm with pleasure, pulling against my bonds. With the hand that was between my legs, she began to fondle my balls again. This time though, I was too spent to cum at once. During all of this activity, she remained utterly silent, and that left me nervous about her plans.

I was right to be nervous. She formed an 'O' with her fingers and began to slide it up and down my rod. With fewer fingers involved, the pleasure was even more exquisite. Her other hand began to move further down between my legs to my rub my perineum and then my anus. After a while, her well-lubed finger began to push into my anal ring. Tied up as I was, there was nothing that I could do to stop her even if I had wanted to.

She went slowly but steadily, pushing in and then sliding out. Each time she pressed forward, she went in a little farther, and all the while the 'O' was moving up and down. I could feel her second finger joint slide inside me, and then I could feel pressure against my prostate. "There might be some more cum in there," she whispered seductively. "I'm going to milk out every last drop."

She let loose of my cock, and for a minute, all I felt was her finger filling up my ass. She didn't move it, and that was more exciting than if she had. I felt a touch on my dick, and without warning she began to rub her palm roughly over the head. I was overwhelmed, and began bucking my hips to get away. Of course I couldn't. All that my small motion managed to do was drive my ass back and forth along the length of her still finger.

She stopped rubbing my head and slowly stroked my shaft with her whole hand. She was pushing down on my cock so that it pointed toward my feet, a position which made my dick feel completely trapped. "Cum for me," she purred. "Cum for me." Each time that she said it, I would struggle to get even a millimeter farther away from that stimulation, all to no avail. "Cum for me." Moving away from her hand only pushed her finger deeper inside me. "Cum for me." There was no escape.

For a while, she alternated between using her palm on my head, and stroking my shaft. Each time that she would stroke me, she would repeat the sentence "cum for me" in as seductive a voice as I have ever heard. All the while, I was building slowly, ever so slowly, toward a climax.

Then while she was in the middle of stroking me, she began to wiggle her finger in my ass. She gripped my dick tightly and began squeezing the slippery head as fast as she could, while still pointing it toward my feet. 

"Cum for me," she pleaded. This was too much to bear, and I began to climax. I screamed into my gag, and pulled so hard on the straps that I would have torn a lesser bed frame apart. I came and came and came. I thought that this orgasm would never end as she kept stroking me long past the point where I would have asked her to stop. Finally she released my cock and slid her finger out of my ass.

As I lay there exhausted, she walked over to the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet towel. She wiped me clean as I lay still, enjoying the relaxing feeling of completely empty balls. "Happy Birthday sweetheart," said my beautiful wife, and at last she began to unstrap me.