Pure Pulp: Hannah and the 'O' Button

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2016 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; lingerie; stockings; gloves; bond; rope; gag; dildo; hogtie; toys; insert; vibe; tease; climax; cons; X

“Are you sure about this?” Susan asked for the fifth time. She sat on her couch in the living room, finalizing preparations with Hannah. “You’ve never gone this long before. And you’ve never used something like this before.”

She picked up the 6” monster. Sure, it flexed a little, but it also had some real thickness to it. A solid 1.5” all around.

“Definitely sure,” Hannah was busy tying her hair back. She braided a long, thin piece of white rope into it over and over. Pulling on it sharply, she found the rope wouldn’t dislodge from her blonde locks. She seemed satisfied. “Besides, you’re here if I get into any real trouble. Just promise me you’ll be like you always are.”

“How’s that?

“Uncompromising.” Hannah gave her a wink.

“Fine, but you’ve really outdone yourself this time. Just remember that you asked me to do all this,” Susan was always such a sage. Maybe that’s why Hannah trusted her so much.

Hannah loved latex lingerie almost as much as she loved bondage. The way it hugged her skin, the way it looked, the way it smelled. She’d wear it every day if she could, but these weekly sessions were all Susan had time for. And she needed Susan.

Letting the excess feet of cord dangle from her hair, Hannah slid her slender body into a kind of latex halter chemise. The antithesis of modesty, the shiny black material had holes cut out for Hannah’s pert breasts and while four garter straps draped over the front and sides of her hips, her pussy and ass were left completely uncovered. Hannah then put on matching latex stockings and opera gloves, and finished by strapping her feet into 4.5” inch pumps.

Susan, wearing the same button down blouse and pencil skirt she’d worn to work today, waited with an unfurled length of white rope in her hand.

“Are you ready?” she asked in a sultry voice. She might be a bit of a mother hen, but she always knew how to keep the mood.

“Yes,” Hannah said with a determined sigh, and walked over to her.

Susan began by tying Hannah’s wrists together snugly, palm to palm. She was always so careful with the rope, coiling it gently then using a cinch to make the tie inescapably tight. Susan did the same thing with Hannah’s lithe elbows. Doubling a long piece of rope, Susan drew them together behind her back until they touched, and cinched the rope evenly. From there she fed the rope around Hannah’s chest, just below her breasts, and then twice up around her shoulders, behind her neck, and then finally down the center of Hannah back to her elbows again. Her arms were rendered useless.

Taking another length, Susan looped the beginnings of a crotch rope around Hannah’s waist, but let the ends dangle in front of her belly button.

“Alright, sit down,” Susan invited, and Hannah walked over to the glass coffee table and carefully sat. The glass felt cold on her bottom, and it only got colder when Susan guided Hannah to lay on her stomach in the center of the table. Latex does not insulate.

“Spread,” Susan said bluntly. Her levity always faded as more ropes were applied. Not that Hannah minded as she spread her outstretched legs on the table. Susan adjusted the strands of the crotch rope so they were in the center of the table.

“One, or both tonight?” Susan asked, sitting next to Hannah.

“Both,” Hannah said without question. She wanted a night to remember. “Can you please set the range between one and ten?”

“If you like,” Susan said, making a mental note. “And will I be using the ‘O’ button this evening?”

Hannah looked over her shoulder at Susan and grinned. “I’d like you to keep it close, yes, but I wouldn’t dream to tell you whether you’ll use it.”

“Fair enough,” Susan smiled back, and began preparing the toys in question. First she picked up a massive silicone plug, nearly 2” wide and a generous 7” long, with a wide cup-shaped base. She laid a second, smaller partner next to it, which was about 5” long but no thinner.

Susan picked up a bottle of lubricant and coated both toys liberally. Susan slid the larger slowly into Hannah’s pussy while its counterpart soon entered her ass. Each solicited a carnal moan from their host’s lips and their bases protruded from her cavities. Without pause, Susan then picked up two wand massagers and set them next to Hannah on the table.

Susan inserted the bulbous head of the first massager into the cupped base at Hannah’s pussy. Taking the loose strands of the crotch rope, Susan tied a loop around the neck of the massager head and pulled snugly. She took the second massager and repeated the process for Hannah’s anal plug, then fed the crotch rope under the loop at her waist and pulled sharply on the rope. Both massagers pressed insistently against Hannah’s orifices, ensuring that every last fraction of her toys’ many inches buried themselves between her thighs. Susan flipped the switches on both to high, but they weren’t yet plugged in.

“I think you’re going to regret this before the night is over,” Susan warned as she tied it off.

Hannah moaned. “I don’t.”

Susan next guided Hannah’s legs together on the table and directed her to keep her ankles bent in the air. Once Hannah complied, Susan began coiling rope around her legs many times, tying her thighs together while also nestling the wand massagers securely between them. From there Susan tightly bound Hannah’s knees and ankles together, cinching them as lovingly and expertly as the rest, and then prepared another rope. Doubling it, Susan fed the bight around Hannah’s wrist tie and pulled the free ends through it. She then pulled them through the cinched tie at Hannah’s knees, did the same with her ankles, and brought it back through the elbow tie. Pulling stringently, Susan contorted Hannah’s supple body into a tight hogtie before knotting the rope several times. Hannah’s hands were pulled intractably toward her knees, and her ankles bent low from the tension, inverting the spikes of her pumps.

“How’s that feel?” Susan asked.

“Like I’m not going anywhere,” Hannah saidcheerfully.

“Trust me, you’re not,” Susan quipped, and turned her attention to a black silicone dildo with a wide base. It had a realistic look, with a penile head and several twisting veins. It was firm but also a little flexible. It quivered lightly in her hand. The 6” monster.

“You still sure you want to be gagged with this? A little much, isn’t it?” she asked skeptically.

“That’s the point. I want to really feel it,” Hannah said with a hint of hunger.

“What if you don’t like it?”

“Well, you’ll take it out eventually, right?”

“When your timer’s up. Not a second before,” Susan assured her. Hannah always specified a length of time she wanted to be bound.

“Well, at least I won’t be complaining,” Hannah smiled.

“I doubt it,” Susan picked up a gag that Hannah specially modified for the occasion. It was a leather panel gag whose ball had been replaced by a large ring, 1 ¾” inches wide and made of rubber-coated steel. Hannah opened her mouth readily as Susan knelt before her and worked the ring between her teeth and buckled it tightly behind her head. She held up the monster.


Hannah nodded.

“Tilt your head back…farther…alright here it comes.”

Susan had to slide the head of the dildo in and out of Hannah’s mouth a few times to coat it in saliva, then began firmly pressing the phallus inward. Hannah’s eyes widened as the monster snaked its way into her throat. She bucked and groaned.

“Relax your throat,” Susan said without stopping. “Another couple inches. That’s it.”Using her other hand she pushed Hannah’s head farther back to straighten her throat, and drove the dildo irresistibly in until its wide base touched the ring gag. Susan immediately checked to see that Hannah was breathing through her nose.

Susan picked up the gag’s panel and fitted it over Hannah’s mouth, covering the ring and dildo. Fastening its six buckles stretched the strip of leather tightly against Hannah’s lips and kept the monster from retracting even a little out of her throat. Susan realized that she had let go of Hannah’s head a few moments ago, but it had barely bent forward. Her massive gag wouldn’t let her. Still, that didn’t stop Susan from grabbing the rope tied into Hannah’s hair and leading it back to her ankles. Hannah grunted as Susan pulled her head straight back and tied the rope securely around both spikes of her pumps.

“There,” Susan stood proudly over Hannah’s contorted form, “Now let me just hook up those wands and I’ll start the clock!”

Hannah watched helplessly as Susan plugged the cords of both wands into a specially made control box, then plugged that into an outlet beside a plushy armchair. The wands remained silent, and Susan sat herself comfortably into the chair. Susan took out her phone, opened a custom app connected to the box via Bluetooth, and entered the right settings.

“Alright, Hannah, you asked to be bound for 5 hours. It starts now.” Susan flipped the switch and her app buzzed to signal the start of the program. A countdown appeared at the top of her screen.

Hannah jumped as the wands and plugs penetrating her began to buzz unpredictably. Every 15 seconds the control box, now programmed with Susan’s selections, generated a random number between Hannah’s chosen range of 1 and 10, including fractions to the nearest hundredth. Each wand, independently governed, turned on for that number of seconds and then shut off. Susan could only imagine how it felt to be at their mercy for such haphazard bursts. Suffice to say Hannah was moaning wildly within minutes, questioning whether it was wise to request the wands be set on their highest setting.

Susan watched her for a time, then looked back at her phone. The display showed the timer, but most of the screen was taken up by a large red button. After only about 15 minutes had passed, Susan couldn’t wait any longer. She pressed the button.

Hannah immediately tensedup and began struggling. Susan had pressed the ‘O’ button which, regardless of the other settings, activated both vibrators for a five full minutes. Susan watched with intrigue as Hannah writhed, her cries of ecstasy stifled heavily by the monster. Hannah gazed over at Susan, fully aware of what she had just done, until her wide eyes rolled back into her head with the arrival of her first orgasm. The fat plugs inside her relayed every last quiver of the wands. It would never be a question of whether the ‘O’ button brought her to orgasm, but rather when and how many times. And one touch from Susan, any time she liked, was all it took.

The dominating gag must really turn Hannah on, for Susan counted three distinct orgasms before the wands resumed their former routine. Hannah immediately gave Susan a very desperate look.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Susan chided, “You get released your time’s up. You know that.”

Susan pulled out a book and turned on a lamp beside her chair. Opening to the first chapter, she looked up to see Hannah’s same quiet appeal to her sympathies.

“Have it your way,” Susan said haughtily, and got out of her chair. Hannah saw her pick up a leather blindfold and immediately cried out, struggling fervently in her bonds. Susan knelt before her.

“Enjoy your evening, Hannah,” Susan said with an acid finality as the blindfold slipped over her captive’s eyes. Hannah kept struggling, subdued pleas barely escaping her extensive gag. So when Susan finished with that, she decided it was best to tighten Hannah’s hogtie rope rather punitively and adjust her hair tie to match.

Susan then sat back into her chair, crossed her legs comfortably, and opened her book. She absentmindedly traced her finger around the outer edge of her phone, where the big red button shined brightly on display.


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