Puppy Love

by Phoebe

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© Copyright 2007 - Phoebe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bdsm; chast; transform; scifi; cons; X

Part One

Eddie sets the Cosmopolitans down at their little table and nervously scratched his full beard as he surveys the scene with his new girlfriend Gloria. He takes a deep breath and braces for the reaction he suspects will follow.


“Gloria?” This time he taps his girlfriend gently on the shoulder.

Gloria is busy chatting it up with a suave looking guy seated at the next table.

“Oh, whadda ya want, Eddie?… You know this guy over here is a diamond appraiser!”

“Gloria, we’ve dated for about a month now and I really want you to give me the answer to… you know, the important question I asked you to think about last week.”

“What, the little chain me up games you want me to do with you? Were you serious?”

Eddie closes his eyes and wishes himself far away…

“Gloria could you at least keep your voice…”

“Oh for gods sakes Eddie! I’m not gonna do this freaky bondage stuff to you, ok!”

Picking up one of the drinks and turning with a shark-like smile to her newfound friend Gloria whispers something to him. They share a laugh and without a backwards glance they leave Eddie standing alone and awkward in the swanky nightclub.

All eyes are upon Eddie now as he straightens out his silk tie and with a flourish sweeps into his tailored jacket and begins walking out of the club.

“I could leave the beast unchained and let him tear out all of your throats and leave this place a bloody horror.” 

Shuddering at the very idea and hearing that familiar throaty growl of rage building inside, his thoughts automatically turn to the deep breathing exercises his anger management therapist started him on all those years ago.

Calm now and only wanting to exit quietly, Eddie’s somewhat effete yet urbane and debonair countenance gracefully moves toward the nightclub exit, but not all eyes are disapproving of what they overheard Gloria say. Rising behind the slight framed Eddie a tall woman glides discreetly after him and watches intently, pausing to observe him politely hold open the front door for a partying couple, and as he drives away in a new forest green Jaguar noting the personalized license plate, “Howell”.

Driving along the quiet outskirts of town deep in exasperating thoughts, Eddie looks up at the waxing moon and sighs.

“Tomorrow… tomorrow night it starts.”


The security gates drawn back from the store entrance, Eddie busies himself with all of the morning duties in preparing his antiques and vintage clothing shop open for business. Looking at the boned corsets adorning the haughty manikins housed in the back room, Eddie wonders if the time is right to upgrade the storefront display from the vintage wedding and Victorian styled manikins currently posed there. So deep in thought is he with how to pull this off and not offend the local citizenry that the ringing of the little brass bell over the entry door escapes him.


“Hello is anyone here?”

Eddie quietly peeks out from the back room and is immediately taken in by what he sees. Peering into the front display cases is a tall vision of Gothic desire. Long jet-black hair reaching down to her waist, clear porcelain skin and under a black loose weave mesh shawl she is dressed in a well filled purple, crushed velvet bustier. The bustier highlights and frames nicely a rose tattoo hovering just above her barely hidden left nipple. A black velvet pencil skirt tightly sheathes the rest of her well-rounded figure.

“May I help you, um, Miss?” Eddie is somewhat taken aback at just how tall the woman is standing before him in her matching purple five-inch crushed velvet, peep-toed pumps.

“Hello there, just call me Lilith… I’m into vintage things, as you can see…”

“Well, so am I. Oh sorry I’m Eddie… and I own this place.” He nervously shakes her warm hand and looks up sighing as he figures their height difference must be almost a whole foot.

“You have many cool curiosities in here, Eddie… like these handcuffs.” Giving him a long stare Eddie catches his breath and fumbles for the display case key.

“Would you like to… see them? They’re an old figure-eight style. Impossible to escape from.” He presents them to her and she takes them slowly from his trembling hands and begins to try them on.

“And would you be saying that from perhaps experience, Eddie?”

His face burning from behind his neatly trimmed beard he only manages to blurt out, “I, I may have tried… a time of two… but it’s my job, business I mean…”

She cannot lock the figure-eight cuffs and presents her wrists to him. Breathing hard he then locks her wrists in the cuffs and she tugs and pulls at them in a most seductive manner.

“I appear to be at your mercy.” She has her wrists presented to him again, this time with her fingers folded to appear as if pleading for mercy though her seductive smile tells a different story.

He fumbles with the key and stammers a barely audible apology as she briefly caresses his hand when the cuffs are removed. Lilith now takes the handcuffs and as she holds his right hand, her left hand waves the cuffs above their wrists.

“Eddie can we meet for a drink tonight? How about at the Three Crowns Inn… at Seven?”  She begins to encircle her wrist and his with the cuffs.

“Tonight! Go out tonight?” A look of defeat sweeps over his face and he says in a crestfallen voice, “No, I cannot! Not tonight, Lilith… I’m sorry.”

An equally disappointed and also curious look Lilith gives him and she says perhaps another time… and walks out of his store.

Alone now, Eddie’s growing anger makes itself known in a deep throated growl that grows into a very canine-like baying when he realizes that he didn‘t even remember to get her phone number.


Eddie is now in his modern Victorian styled home having closed up the store early and leaving a notice posted for his two hired sales assistants that he would be indisposed for the next day. His modest house, modest at least for a man of his inherited wealth, sits on a ten-acre hill though most of that forested acreage is situated behind the house.

He begins preparing for the full moon. It isn’t at all like the books and fables tell of. Being a werewolf wasn’t all about ripping throats out and terrorizing whole cities, well actually there was the notorious German relatives on his father’s side…

“See what that got them all, he thought. Shot with nasty silver bullets, that‘s what!”  No, he was sure there was room enough in this world for an enlightened werewolf. And with that thought in mind, he picks up the latest issue of InStyle magazine and heads down to his soundproofed dungeon.

Stripping down to bare-naked he admires his blond furry body. Though slender and wiry in build, he is in great shape and is ever glad that the shackles he designed are still strong enough to contain his full moon fury.

First, the beast denied would at least need food. The thought of perhaps eating dog food or worse a hunk of raw meat was simply appalling to Eddie’s sensibilities. No, this werewolf would be dining on steak tartare.

Before he could give much thought to it and arouse his cock, he begins to slip on his chastity belt. The thing fits snug and hides well his nice and normal sized cock. Before he designed this belt a raging hard-on and the anger to fuck anything was the one strong memory he could always recall as the beast. What made this belt so dominating and controlling was the little cap of silver in the tube that contained his swelling cock. He shuddered as the locks snapped shut; the pain upon contact with the cap was incredible. In his diminished mental capacity while under the full moon’s spell, meant that the animal he became never would learn of the chastity belts’ cause and effect.

Next came the special shackles and manacles followed with a heavy collar. All of these were connected with heavy chain from the collar down to the shackles and the wrists connected at about chest level. The shackles and manacles each have a foot of chain separating them. He is wearing kid leather gloves to assemble all of these restraints. The reason is that the outer surfaces are cleverly silver coated. The chain, free to drape about and touch his body is only left coated in bright chrome, simply for aesthetics. The beast was strong indeed but there were limits to his power.

The last item was a head harness that really didn’t fit his human form but as his body was twisted into its wolf-like form the cleave gag on the muzzle would contain most of his howling. Even in this restraint, pain-causing silver was used. Riveted on all of the outer surfaces and even into the bit itself. This silver bit caused the beast’s howlings to abruptly stop when his lips touched upon the silver.

Snap! And the twenty-foot collar chain was secured. The keys to all the locks are placed in a floor safe, the combination known only to the sane man who would awake in the morning.

Now Eddie plops a pillow on the floor and arranged his chains as comfortably as could be imagined, then casually tosses the gloves away and begins leafing through his fashion magazine, noting with dimming consciousness that leather and bdsm seemed to be all the rage on the runways of Milan…

Outside, as it managed to do for ages, the full moon quietly begins a timeless and graceful arc across the beautiful starlit sky.

Inside the dungeon was another matter. Raging howls erupt from the beast only to be abruptly silenced by the silver bit gag. Whimpering and furious the beast claws endlessly at the chains and cuffs that hold him fast. Touching a silver coating causes a roaring bellow of pain then another as the beast’s lips meet silver again. The chastity belt, with its own contained torture is extremely frustrating and painful as the silver cap does its duty all too well.

Pain and rage with no end. Whenever the beast seems to relax and accept his bonds, the ever present animalistic desire to breed causes his cock to swell against the silver cap and the fury of frustration begins the cycle anew.

The beast backs up to the collar chain limit and pulls backward as if a dog trying to escape the leash of a cruel owner. Bellowing his rage, the beast grabs at the collar, fighting the silver-pain. Then when he cannot take the pain anymore, begins to tug and pull furiously on the shackles roaring at every touch of silver.

There is no mercy for the beast. Beaten by the stout shackles he rests for a moment allowing his cock to swell and slide along the tube that encases it, closer and closer to the waiting silver cap.


More roaring and a deep pain that cannot be diminished until the swelling goes down. The cycle of torture continues hour after hour until even the cursed endurance of the beast is near the limit and finally the beast is still.

The steak tartare presents another challenge. A whole two pounds of it sits in a bowl on the floor. The beast smelled and knew of its presence for some time but the driving urge to escape has dominated every move, now though nearing the moonset, exhausted and beaten yet again, instinct takes over and through the burning pain of the bit gag the beast manages to bear it well enough to gobble up all of the raw steak.


Eddie became agonizingly aware as his sanity drifted back in waves that the beast had collapsed upon one of the silver manacles. However, the silver-pain always seems to sting less after a full moon as his body is completely exhausted from the long nights torment. Straightening out, he surveys a stinking mess. The beast has managed to piss and shit everywhere, and anything in reach is either deeply scratched or shredded, as his InStyle magazine now looks.

Sighing but actually feeling the warm relief of surviving for another month Eddie shuffles over to the claw marked floor safe and fetches the keys, marveling at how a simple dialing of the combination seems as compared to what the beast must have thought if the safe even registered in the ferocity of the beasts mind.

The chastity belt is now carefully removed and finding part of the shredded fashion magazine showing a winter shoot where the models appear to be wearing nothing but heavy coats that look just like fur. Yes! Fur and high heels! Eddie begins to stroke his long tormented cock and almost instantly is fully erect, careful not to orgasm prematurely, he carefully lays down and positions himself upon the shredded remains of a pillow, gently at first thrusting himself into it and also pulling hard upon his chains, he is finally granted the electrifying yet calming orgasm so long denied to the beast.

The dungeon is made right and tidy again, the chains are carefully coiled away in a trunk and the drain in the center where the beast’s neck chain attached is soon a-swirling with hosed down filth. This is good enough for now and a full scrubbing of it will be done later. The remainder of the dungeon that is off limits to the beast is in good and well used shape and contains a number of simple torture devices even a small refrigerator/freezer so important for the making of key-holding ice cubes that are used in his numerous self- bondage scenes.


With the upsetting thought of going through life alone permanently stuck in the back of his mind, he is back in town, 9 AM, opening up shop at Eddie’s Vintage Emporium.
Once again his mind so distracted over which manikin should get to show off an original 40’s high-waisted wool pencil skirt that he almost bumps into Lilith while carrying the selected manikin to the front window.

“Oh Lilith! Pardon me!”

“Sweeping the girls off of their feet, eh Eddie?” She says with a laugh and helps him position the manikin.

“I’m so pleased to see you back in here Lilith!” I want to apologize for the other day… and… would be my great pleasure to ask you out tonight”

“Sure Eddie, who knows we might even have a few things in common” winking at him. She exchanges phone numbers and they agree to meet at a different nightclub, one where Lilith used to work as a bar manager.


The odd couple soon become an item and Eddie falls into a familiar “new girlfriend” routine where he carefully and slowly reveals his bondage fetish. Lilith, keeping quiet, allows him to explain this at his own pace and acts surprised when he tells her of the embarrassing breakup with Gloria…

Soon love is in the air and after a few dinner and dancing dates where Eddie really shows off his graceful style, Lilith and Eddie find themselves standing in front of the plank and steel bound dungeon door.

“I fully understand if you want to leave, Lil”

“Eddie c’mon, shut up and unlock the door will‘ya!”

As the door opens, Lilith is filled with curiosity and allows Eddie to briefly explain most of the bondage items. She passes a brief flicker of a smile on her deep burgundy lips as if a dungeon tour is not new to her. As she walks through the dungeon her high heels make a wonderful clicking on the stone floor that is like music to Eddies ears. Moving close Eddie then gathers her in a hug, and they begin to kiss. Lilith bends down alot to greet his lips and then slowly slides a hand into his pants. Eddie is wasting no time and is busying himself with entertaining and tweaking her pierced nipples… though her pencil skirt is defying removal for now and so he is content to go back to playing with her magnificent breasts.

Lilith begins to stroke him to full erect yet for each stroke there is an electric tingling that borders on painful. The torment is wicked and keeps him right on edge. Still joyously kissing, Lilith deftly unhooks and unbuttons her skirt as Eddie is also peeling his own clothing layers away. Both naked now Eddie is in a frenzy of motion going wild trying to come in her hand and yet still unable to do so. Lilith is rocking along with Eddie’s fingers sliding inside of her… and then she begins to slow her stroking and allow the silver ring she is wearing to rest just a bit longer and longer upon his cock.

“Lil, I have to ask you to stop…”

“What’s the matter Eddie? Too much of a good thing?” and as she places the silver ring directly on his tip she is slightly taken aback by the guttural growl he emits. Pulling her hand away he examines the ring and asks with a note of apprehension, “why?”

“Oh Eddie I had to know... because I really didn't know. And my guess was right! You are a werewolf aren‘t you!” Holding him gently and stroking his lush hair she kisses him deeply.

“And you’re all mine…”

Eddie is stunned and barely reciprocates her kiss.

“We have to talk.” he barely can get the words out, as she again begins to stroke his cock, this time with her unadorned left hand. Holding tightly to his hair she drives her tongue deeply in and out, turned on completely by his deep growling. Her hand keeping a steady rhythm stroking faster and faster until he tenses and comes shudderingly.

A look of wonder passes over Eddie’s face as Lilith whispers in his ear,

“So when’s the next full moon, Eddie?”

The end for now!