Punishment in Ballet Class

by Philly Bondage Guy

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My name is Katie. I’m a freshman in collage and although I’ve never taken a dance class I’ve always been interested in being a cute ballerina. I’m 5’7 and weigh 140. I have perky C breast and long blond hair. Since I got a full scholarship to collage I can’t fail any classes. That’s not too big a problem, since I can normally get guys to do my homework. Some guys consider me a tease since I’m a good Christian girl who has never had sex or a boyfriend. I’ve never even had any one see or touch my breast.

After my first few classes of the day, it was time for my first ballet class. It was an afternoon class and I was wearing white footed tights, a cute pink leotard and pink leather split sole ballet slippers. The leo held my breast tightly but you could still see my perky breast pushing against the fabric. The tight fabric on my nipples was making them hard as I walked. Class started and after a few minutes of class I had already made several mistakes. I could see the teacher was fuming. I tried my best, but that wasn’t good enough. She said I needed to lose some weight and I need to be way more flexible. She also said my breasts are too big to be a ballerina. Lastly she yelled at me for having my hair in a ponytail and not in a proper bun. I almost cried at her mean comments about me, but it was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

The teacher said if I don’t let her turn me into a ballerina I will get an F in the class. “It’s time you learn your lesson if you want to be a ballerina” she said. I pleaded with her not to fail me and asked what was happening. She ignored my question and snapped her fingers twice. She then pointed at me. Before I knew it 4 girls dressed the same as I (except wearing point shoes, not ballet slippers) came from the back of the room. All were flat chested, extremely thin and had their hair in a tight bun without any stray hairs.

Immediately 1 grabbed each of my arms. I work out in the gym, but I was no match for them. The third started to cut my leo off. I tried as hard as I could to get my arms, free, but both were very strong. I tried to kick them, but then was slammed face first down to the floor. The 3rd girl straddled my ankles and pulled off my slippers while the other 2 held my arms straight out to my side tightly. The girl on my ankles started to rub her tights covered pussy on the back of my tights covered ankles. It felt like she was trying to rub her clit on me. I turned my head to the side and could see the teacher watching. I started to cry out of embarrassment since the whole class saw my breast and I was being pinned down helplessly by 4 other girls. The class seemed to restart, but some of the girls were still watching.

I felt something being shoved under me by the 4th girl. It was a rubbery material I had never seen before. It was wrapped around my back and then tightened. It almost seemed like a corset I’ve seen in history books. It was tightened super tight on my back by the 4th girl. It sucked my stomach in and pushed my already perky breast up. I could barely breathe and they still made it tighter. I thought I would pass out and tried one last time to move. They still made it even tighter. I had to take quick shallow breaths. I screamed as loud as I could, telling them to take it off. Instead a pink scarf was wrapped around my mouth. Now all I could say was mhhpp. “you will be seen, not heard“ The 4th girl said. She then said “stop complaining, this latex corset will prevent you from eating so much and you will lose weight.” With that I heard a series of clicks. The laces seemed to be all gone, but I couldn’t see too well.

I tried to calm down, but then the 3rd girl on my ankles started to tickle my feet. I’m extremely ticklish and started bucking around under them. The tights made my feet way more ticklish. Her crotch was on the back of my ankles pinning them down. This was to distract me as the other girls painfully pulled my arms behind me. My hands were forced together palm to palm and I could see in the mirror they were wrapping them together with what looked like pink vet wrap. This wasn’t so bad, but then they took ribbons and started wrapping them up my arms. They were much stronger than I expected. As the 3 girls pulled them tight, my arms got closer and closer. They kept pulling until my elbows touched. I was in so much pain, but they pulled the ribbons around my upper arms tighter. My arms were bonded into one, so tight and painful. I screamed out through my gag, tears streaming down my face.

The class stopped as I interrupted it. The teacher then said “you will be punished for interrupting my class. I tried to plead with her, but all that came out was mhhhppp. The girl straddling my ankles pulled my tights off. I should have been glad to finally get my ankles out of her crotch, but I somehow missed her warmth on them. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, but I kind of liked her crotch on my ankles. I was snapped back to reality realizing I was now naked aside from the corset and my arm ribbons. I cried out in embarrassment since everyone could see my small tight ass. I was just glad with my legs closed they didn’t have a good view of my pussy. The other 2 grabbed my bare ankles and I didn’t dare spread my knees. Although completely humiliated, something felt good about being completely helpless, controlled by other dancers. I was being forced to submit to them and do whatever they wanted. It was relaxing to have no control in my life and no decisions to make.

I then was dragged by my ankles to the front of the room. My nipples rubbed on the cold floor making them even harder. I started to think more about how helpless I was and started to enjoy the sensation on my nipples. I faded from reality while the girls used ribbons to tie my ankles to the lower ballet bar. They then ran ribbons from my toes to the top bar. I was lying on my stomach with my knees bent and my bare soles exposed on the ballet bar. One of the girls started rubbing my feet with some sort of gel. It felt nice and cool and I really kind of enjoyed the foot massage. I am ticklish, but the cold gel seemed to mitigate that.

I never thought I was bi, but the feeling of a cute girl rubbing my feet started to turn me on. Maybe it was the helplessness, maybe it was my nipples being rubbed by the floor, but I was starting to enjoy parts of this. As my pussy moistened I clenched my legs even tighter trying to prevent them from seeing. I didn’t understand why I was feeling this way, but parts of it were really turning me on. My bare feet started to warm up. It felt nice until they got really hot. They felt like they were on fire. I realized now she rubbed icy hot on them. I started wiggling them for any kind of relief and noticed a few girls watching my sexy tiny feet.

The class was now over and the girls were told they could torture my feet in any way they wanted as long as it didn’t make them bleed before they left. As I heard this my pussy got even wetter. The idea of over 20 girls torturing my naked feet just sounded too sexy. I know it would hurt, but I was helpless to prevent those girls from doing anything to me. The first few girls tickled them senseless. The burning sensation made the tickling worse and it hurt like hell. I couldn’t help but be turned on by it though. I started breathing harder with odd feeling in my body. One girl started licking them. She obviously had some sort of foot fetish. It actually was quite nice as it seemed to relive the burning although it tickled to. I of course had been tickled before in my life, but never while I was this helpless. I had never submitted to any one before in my life. This experience was so new to me. I would never normally let someone lick my feet, but I was helpless to do anything about it. I started imagining them rubbing the rest of my body and started to breathe harder. I was barely able to catch my breath with the corset.

I was brought back to reality when I felt a sharp pain across my soles. One girl took the plastic rod from the window blinds and started hitting my feet hard. She kept hitting harder and faster. It hurt so much. I struggled a bit against my bonds, but then accidently spread my knees. I quickly closed them out of embarrassment and tried not to move for the rest of the torture. More girls grabbed the rods and I felt multiple nonstop hits. They hit every inch of my foot from my toes to my heat hundreds of times. The side and under my toes hurt the most. I found myself loosing focus on the pain and thinking about how my pussy felt. I loved the helplessness of it.

Finally after about an hour it was over. Only the 4 original girls and the teacher were left. One of the girls untied my feet and my soles hurt a ton. I glanced back over my shoulder and could see both soles were completely red. I struggled a little, but 2 girls quickly grabbed my ankles. I liked how it felt with their strong hands securing my ankles. No matter what I could not escape. The teacher told me that if I don’t submit to her and the girls the punishment will be worse.

My head was held by one girl and I was forced to look right at the floor. Some sort of metal collar was then snapped around my neck. One of the girls said, “This neck brace will help you with your posture.” I tried to turn my head but couldn’t. The cold metal completely surrounded my entire neck. A pink rope was attached to it and was pulled up. I was forced to my feet by my neck being pulled up. I screamed in pain as I tried to stand on my red soles. I realized how much my breast were being pushed out with my arms behind my back and tried to cover them, but my arms were helpless. I’ve never been exposed like this, but it kind of felt sexy. One girl twisted something on my collar and it forced my head up higher. They removed the scarf from my mouth. I tried to yell, but with another few turns, my chin was forced closed. I couldn’t open my jaw at all. It stretched my neck as long as possible. Another part was turned and it started getting tighter. I was already out of breath from the corset and this was making it worse.

They undid my pony tail and I could see in the mirror they were making it into a bun. They pulled it way tighter then they needed hurting my scalp. They jerked it around to make it hurt more. Before I knew it, they had my hair in the perfect bun. I was being stripped of my personality and being made into a perfect submissive ballerina.

I started drifting away in my own thoughts. Breathing is something I took for granted. Not only was I unable to make choices, but they had the power to prevent me from doing a basic human need with the neck brace. I was completely at their mercy. They then brought out plastic wrap and started wrapping it over my face. 3 wraps in my nose and mouth were covered tightly. I knew how bad it was but I couldn’t help getting so wet. The control they took from me was amazing. My head held perfectly still, my arms behind my back, I couldn’t even struggle. Finally as I was about to pass out I felt fingers near my nose. All in a sudden I could breathe again. They had just poked a small hole in the plastic. They continued wrapping down over my neck and shoulders. “A ballerina must not have large breast” said one of the girls. She wrapped the plastic tight over my breast. With the corset and my arms behind my back, they were quite large. She wrapped extremely tightly making me almost flat. My shoulders hurt more as the wrap pushed my arms even tighter into my back. It was wrapped down my stomach over the corset. “The plastic will make you sweat and lose weight.” said the teacher.

The teacher said she would be right back. The girls cut holes for my nipples through the plastic. I have never had them touched by anyone. They loosened the neck brace and asked me if I wanted them to rub my nipples. My immediate thought was NO, but somehow my mouth whispered yes. I tried to correct myself and say no, but the brace was tightened back up and my jaw was useless. I tried to shake my head no, but that didn’t work earthier. Two girls started to suck my nipples. It was the best feeling I ever have had. I was so helpless to stop them and my nipples were so sensitive. I moaned in pain as they started to nibble on them. My pussy was dripping wet. I then felt my left foot being lifted putting all my weight on my bare right foot. In the mirror I saw her strapping a point shoe on my foot. It was extremely tight. I was careful to keep my knees closed but almost wishing I didn’t. She put my foot down and picked up the other. She then strapped a weird apparatus on my lower leg. It forced my toes to point and strapped them so I could not move my foot. It was hard to focus with them still sucking my nipples, but I was now standing flat on my left foot, unable to stand on right do to my toes.

A ring in the toe of the apparatus was tied to a rope. The rope was hoisted up and the two girls stopped sucking me. I cried as they stopped since it felt so good. The rope on my leg kept going up. I was holding legs together at my knee, but eventually couldn’t anymore. I struggled, but my last bit of dignity was taken as my toes were pulled into the air. They kept pulling until I was forced into a full split vertically. I thought they would rip me apart. It was extremely pain full, but I blushed as I thought about my now fully exposed pussy. They were in control and I could not resist at all. I thought they were done, but they then pulled me up another few inches. I was now hanging from my toes in the air. The pain got worse. I realized I needed to point my other foot to support myself. They kept pulling until I was forced on point. They adjusted the rope on my neck brace so my chest was perpendicular to my split. My upper body was hanging directly to the side while my legs did a vertical split. I was so exposed, in so much pain, and so helpless.

The girls started on my nipples again which was harder since they were now on above the other. I felt feeling I had never felt before. I was in so much pain, but I didn’t care. I felt something on my pussy and realized another girl was licking my clit. I felt fingers slide in me and realized I was being molested. I may have said yes to the nipples, but was never asked about my pussy. I tried to resist, but couldn’t move. I tried to fight the feelings that were surging over me, but I was just breathing faster and harder. I then started to shake, and just as the teacher walked back in I had my first orgasm. It scared me since I had never felt that before, but it was so powerful. I felt so violated, taken advantage of and molested, but I wanted it again.

The teacher scolded the 4 girls for playing with my pussy and nipples. She said they were not given permission by her to do that. She made them each grab the ballet bar and stand on point with their asses exposed. She then used what looked like a riding crop on each of them. They stood perfectly still as they counted the hits and took their punishment. One girl fell off being on point. She got back up immediately, but it was too late. The other 3 girls were given permission to crop her and they did until she was crying. I watched as they pulled down her tights and pulled up her leotard pulling it into the crack of her ass. She was crying and screaming by the end of it, but she never fell off point again and never moved. She then was told to fix her outfit and rejoin the group.

The next class was starting and I spent the whole class totally exposed to them. After class everyone left aside from the teacher. She invited anyone who was walking by in to see me. She told them I was an art exhibit from the ballet studio and they could touch however they wanted. Hundreds of people groped my nipples, rubbed my pussy and fingered me. I loved it when they rubbed legs. I felt so violated, but 5 or 10 orgasms later I knew I loved it.

The teacher then closed the studio. She asked if I was ready to submit to her 100%. Then laughed since I couldn’t answer. She loosened the neck just a little and I said yes. I got a slap on the side of my face and she said “yes what”. I said “yes ma’am.” She said “that’s mistress to you”. I said “yes mistress”. She then said “are you willing to do whatever I ask no matter how much pain it brings? Are you willing to fully submit to me?” I said “yes mistress”. She then undid the plastic wrap. I was still pretty immobile, but my arms had slightly more flexibility. I could also breathe easier. She then stood on point and forced my head into her pussy. I summited and started to lick her clit the best I could. She convulsed quite a bit and finally exploded.

After I was done, I felt her push something in my pussy. It looked like a long vibrator. This was the biggest thing ever in there and groaned loudly. The handle went over my clit. I just wanted her to slide it in and out so bad. Next I felt cold metal. It was a plate that went all around my pussy. A bar went tight up my ass splitting it in two. There was a small circle over my ass hole. I was told it was a chastity belt and all disrespectful dancers had to wear one. I was told to arrive 30 min early to class to have it removed and so I could shower. The vibrator came to life. I wanted to orgasm again so badly. I was told it would measure my pulse to keep me on the edge constantly but never let me orgasm. I was told aroused dancers dance the sexiest. I was released from all my bondage aside from the corset and the chastity belt. I fell to the ground as my feet were now free. I stretched my arms then put them in front of me. I felt the vibrations and was getting extremely close. Just as I was about to cum it shut off. I was so frustrated.

I was given a pink leotard to wear with no tights or pants. Little did I know it said “ballet slave” on the back. It was extremely tight over my breast and much tighter than the one I came in with. I was told I am to wear nothing else while on campus. I must go to other classes wearing only a leotard. Luckily dance took up most of my time and there were only two other classes. If she found me wearing anything else, the corset and chastity keys would be melted. The teacher left me all alone. There were no shoes out so I had to walk back to my dorm barefoot. I was quite embarrassed, and in a lot of pain but even more turned on. I hoped people saw the red bottoms of my feet.

I got back to my dorm and laid on the bed. I did a little studying for my other classes but it was hard to focus being constantly on edge. I finally fell asleep right after it stopped. My roommate who had a ballet morning class walked in. I’m not sure if I woke from the vibrator or her, but she was also wearing only a leotard. Her feet weren’t quite as red as mine, but her ass has clearly gotten spanked. Both of us fell asleep around 9pm without much talking.

At 10 our door slammed open. It was the 4 girls who tied me up earlier. One said “Time to tie you up for bed ladies. Mistress’s orders. We want to make sure you stretch all night”

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