Puller Bares

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2009 - Margaret B - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; bond; naked; pool; swinging; sex; cons; X

This is a New Years day ritual that you won’t see on TV.  It is like the polar bear ritual where people gather near dawn and swim out around a buoy in cold ocean water.  The Petersons shut down the heat on their pool the day after Christmas so the water will be very cold on New Years day.  It’s Southern California so the cold is not too unbearable.  There are a dozen couples now that do this traditional dip in the cold water each year.  Ours is a little different than others as we are bound hand and foot naked.

Being bound the naked diver must rely on not only people to put them in, but pull them out.  The water is very cold and so is the surrounding air at dawn in winter.  The plunge takes your breath away bringing a high pitched scream, which is muffled by a gag to allow the neighbors to sleep.  Your spouse must swim from the shallow end taking you back to safety with your head above water as you thrash about.  Everyone is naked, divers, lifeguards, and spectators.  Only the divers are bound, but everyone is expected to take a turn with the females going first.  We use to have a safety rope, but we ruled that out a few years ago.  The oldest diver is sixty-four and the youngest is twenty.

Originally, we would get up early go to the pool and strip off.  Now, most of us spend New Years Eve there naked as Jay birds enjoying watching, caressing, and consensual sex.  We are a sex club and swinging is the reason we get together.  You are required to have a spouse, although a few members would like to allow single women and unwed long term couples in the group.  I personally like the tradition of having only married couples.  Participation in the New Years Day event is optional except that everyone at the house between four AM and six AM is expected to dive.

Divers are helplessly secured at ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists.  The bindings are easily removed by unbound people.  A hood is placed over the head and a simple gag is placed in the mouth.  The gag not only allows the neighbors to sleep, but brings an anxious feeling concerning the water.  Two members guide the naked, bound, and often trembling, more from cold than fear, diver to the edge of the deep end of the pool.  The diver is picked up by the two guides and thrown into the deep cold water.

The ladies go first with their husband at the shallow end jumping in to save them.  If there appears to be the slightest bit of trouble two, sometimes three of the others will jump in and lend a hand.  One of the older ladies has the practice of pulling her husband to the shallow end by his balls.  I give my sweet wife a couple of playful dunks as I pull her to safety.  After everyone has been pushed into the New Year, we have hot coffee, tea, or cocoa.  Some of the couples have sex, but my wife and I prefer to have our New Years day sex before the push.

One of the ladies lost her husband to illness just before Christmas and it was agreed she could participate this year.  The wife of the man who pulled her out suggested the three of them have sex together and she agreed. We are all friends and have sex in the open to provide for voyeurism.

I e-mailed this to the other members to prevent bad feelings in case someone objected.  Discretion is the most important part of swinging!  Bobbie sent all of us a great reply and I asked her if I could share it with you.  I have made a few small changes and additions to clarify things, but it is really all hers.

I’m Bobbie, Frank’s wife.  I have a phobia regarding any kind of bondage, captivity, or helplessness.  Frank and I have been going to this New Years party since the first of January 2004.  Everyone respected my fears and was kind enough to let me pass with just watching, naked, of course.  Frank was pulled out by Debbie who removed the gag gave him a customary burping (to remove water from the wind pipe) and sat on his face.  She seemed to enjoy his mouth even more than I do.  You must remember we are swingers and seeing our lover enjoy sex is as much fun for us as having sex with them.

The following year it was agreed that I would go in, but only with my hands tied behind my back.  Frank bought some fur lined cuffs for my wrists and tied the D rings together behind my back a minute before it was my turn to go in. The knot in the cord could be untied by me should I panic and need to be released.  I screamed as I hit the freezing water and went down in a panic without any breath in my lungs.  Frank was holding me swimming toward the shallow end just as I reached the surface and caught my breath. 

Everybody cheered and watched as Frank and I had the best oral sex ever.  I was still terrified, not of the water since I am a good swimmer, but of the bondage.  However, I found it very exciting and even asked Frank to cuff my hands and tie me up with that simple knot during sex a number of times that year.  I am very proud that I have never felt the need to untie myself.

In 2007, the next year, I voluntarily wore the cuffs and cord all New Year’s eve night.  It was wild being available to everyone’s hands, mouth, and penis. Some were polite enough to ask before molesting me, but at least one guy and two girls just grinned and played with me as they wished.  Wow! I was so turned on every minute!

For New Year’s 2008, I was blindfolded all night and made the announcement that I was everyone’s slave and could do whatever they liked with me. They did it, too!  I had to rely on others to give me water or wine, and food. Oh! It was really humiliating to ask someone to “take me to the toilet!”  The guy that flushed the “undesirable material” down and wiped my asshole clean never said one word and I am not sure who he was.  I had to fight the temptation to pull the cord and remove the blindfold, but I did it!

As I am less bound than any of the others, I receive the New Year plunge in a different way than the others that are bound ankles, knees, hands, and elbows.  They get picked up by two other members to be swung back and forth and thrown into the icy water.  I am led forward under my own power and jump with a gentle push from my guides.  With my legs unbound, they spread almost to a split or so it seems and as I hit bottom I can feel the soft rubbing against the inside of each ankle.  My pussy lights up from the frigid water and I have a very short, but very powerful orgasm. 

Thanks for the note Bobbie.  I think some of the other gals and maybe guys will want to try it that way!


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