Prisoner of the Tookies

by The Technician

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Mousey reveals the predicted Mufah Taluh Manu to the Tookees.

The Tookees control massive amounts of power, but they don’t know how it works. They know only that certain special women, captured with their ships in deep space, can be used as triggers to control the power. The spark needed to ignite the power comes during sexual climax. But something goes wrong when the Tookees capture The Marauder. Mousey and her seven fellow captives don’t trigger the power the Tookees need. So they try again, and again, and again.

This is the last part of a three part geek erotica story. If you’re not a geek, you can skim past the techno-nerd stuff and just enjoy the sex. If you’re not interested in the sex, what are you doing reading stories on this site anyway?

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Continues from

Part Three - The Focus Circle

Once Zelco, Punca, and the Mufah were gone, Mousey asked quietly, “Are we alone now?”

Mulasi leaned toward the door, stretching her chain and her oversized body. She looked out the small slit window into the corridor. “No one out there,” she whispered.

Mousey nodded and then said quietly, “Tomorrow sounds bad.”

“Like today wasn’t?!” Barney almost yelled. Everyone shushed her and she repeated, “Well, who except Kalina would have enjoyed it?”

“Actually those stone things weren’t all that great,” Kalina replied, “I mean they really filled me and somehow it almost felt like it was moving within me, but any of my vibrators back in my quarters would have been better. I had to get myself off with my hands just so it didn’t look too suspicious. Then all of you guys passed out, so I faked it and slumped over for a while.” She giggled slightly and finished with, “I’ve faked orgasms before when a guy didn’t perform up to par, but this is the first time I’ve ever faked passing out.”

The laughter from all of the women was heard down the hall at the guard station. Zelco and Punca looked at each other and both shook their heads slowly. Punca shrugged his shoulders and said, “Women...”

Mousey pointed at Kalina and asked softly, “So the donkeys stayed cold for you and you didn’t feel any power pulses like small lightning strikes going between the two prongs? Right?”

“Yeah,” Kalina said with a shrug, “it was just a cold stone statue.”

“And you,” Mousey continued, pointing at Herana, “you think we are inside something really big and round.”

“Well maybe not exactly round,” Herana replied, “but close enough.”

“I know where we are,” Mousey said firmly. She looked around the room and then said almost flatly, “We are on Meridius.” She was met with shocked silence. “The planet wasn’t destroyed. It changed state. When the energy pulse destroyed its sun and the other planets, it was somehow hollowed out and hurled off into space, but stayed in some new stable Meridium state. The Tookees who survived– probably the ones on the surface– had to move inside the shell of the planet to survive. There is an atmosphere trapped inside here and enough energy from the Meridium to sort of act like a sun. They don’t have a spaceship. They have a whole planet wandering through the galaxy that somehow materializes around spaceships. ... And they are using us to dematerialize the planet– or at least a portion of it– so the Marauder will be set adrift in space like the others.”

The others stared silently at her for several minutes. In the silence, the slight squeaking of the door hinges caused Kalina to gasp loudly. “You have deduced the truth,” Mufah Manu said quietly. He gave a short chuffing laugh. “You probably understand what happened better than we do. It’s been so long since it happened that it has all become a religion. The engineers and scientists tried to pass on their knowledge, but...” He raised his hands up in front of himself and then let them drop to his side.

“Do you know what happened to cause the initial explosion?” Mousey asked.

The Mufah laughed a very sad laugh and said, “Ka Al.” After a pause he continued, “It’s a fertility festival brought here by the miners from the old planet. It is a time for a young woman... or a young man... to become an adult. As you might expect, it is a rather erotic, sexual event.” He paused again and then said, “I don’t know exactly what the festival was on the old planet, but here, it involves the virgin women of the proper age publicly fucking their life-mate to be. It is sort of a marriage ceremony and consummation of the marriage all rolled up into one. After the young couples do their public duty, everyone finds a partner and couples wherever they are. It doesn’t matter if it is your life-mate or just someone who needs fucking. Everyone takes part.”

“How did that cause this?” Mousey asked.

Mufah Munah laughed. “The ore must be dug,” he said flatly. “The mines continued to work. But to prevent any Ka Al activity in the mines, the Two Kay Mine Company decreed that on that night, only women would go down in Mine One and only men would work Mine Two. What the bosses didn’t know was that there was a large, natural underground cavity that was surrounded by a crystalline form of Meridium which connected the two mines. Evidently, at the appropriate time, the men and women met in the large, open cavern.”

He smiled and then looked down at the ground. “The women would have been horny as hell,” he said, shaking his head. “Part of the lead up to Ka Al is a forty day period of no sex... of any sort. A woman could arouse herself... and was expected to do so at least once a day, but wasn’t allowed to cum. Technically men weren’t supposed to either, but laws and customs tend to look the other way for men.”

He raised his eyes and looked at the women. “At exactly sunset, two hundred horny men and women started fucking in a cavern of almost pure Meridium. ... At least that’s what my dad told me. Because the women hadn’t been fucked for at least forty days, their bodies were cleansed of the male Meridium ion.” His smile broadened, “That makes for really fantastic sex,” he said, “as you may have noticed. But the Meridium gives off long-wave energy when it shifts state and long-wave energy can activate Meridium and force it into a different state.” He shrugged, “Somehow the fucking set off a chain reaction in the crystals and the entire core of the planet fluxed to an energy state. A lot of that energy escaped through the mine entrances and wiped out the adjacent planets and triggered the sun into nova. The rest coalesced more or less back into the matter state in a super dense layer just under the surface of the planet.

Because of the energy that the Meridium gives off, people are able to live in the core of the planet as if they were on the surface of a normal planet. But the entire planet is unstable. It remains in a quasi-energy state of some sort until it is exposed to Meridium dust. Then it reverts to a balanced matter state... rematerializes... until it receives another dose of long-wave energy in the right place.”

“The column...” Bethu said. It was a statement, but also a question.

“Yes,” Mufah Muna answered, “the column. Back when there were still engineers and scientists among us, right after we moved inside the shell of the planet, they worked out how to control the flux transition of the planet enough to open the thin covers of what used to be the deep pit surface mines. At first they used virgins at Ka Al, but then the planet started gobbling up ships as if those pit mines were giant mouths.”

He smiled as if he were embarrassed and said, “We soon ran out of virgins, but someone figured out that the sweet-smelling women would work in the same way.”

He shrugged and said, “We strip the ships of everything of value to us and then use the sweet-smelling women like you eight to release the ships as we go back into an energy state. ... I don’t know why, but it always has to be eight. And it has always worked before.”

“But it isn’t working with us,” Mousey said.

“No, it isn’t working with you eight,” he replied, “and we don’t know why. We are running out of time. You have absorbed too much male factor Meridium. You no longer create the spark with a sexual orgasm that is needed to generate the pulse that travels down the pillar of power into the Meridium layer... and the neutralizers can only be used once. We will try pain tomorrow, but if that doesn’t work, it would take the Mufah Taluh Manu sitting atop the pillar to save the crew of your ship.”

“Who is the Mufah Taluh Manu?” Mousey asked.

He laughed slightly. “Manu means little,” he said. “And Taluh means great or powerful. My father was Mufah Taluh. I’m just Mufah Manu.” He swallowed hard, obviously holding back great emotion, then he said, “He left on one of the stolen ships we use to take the dust out into the stable world and sell it. He thought he could find... or create... the Taluh Manu.”

“The great-little?” Barney sputtered.

“It’s an idiom,” Mufah Manu replied. “In galaxy standard the word would be ghost. She is supposed to come here and permanently reset the planet so it exists in proper time and space. According to the legends, the Mufah Taluh Manu will lead the Planet of the Two Kays back into the normal galaxy.”

“So our lives depend on a mythological creature that doesn’t exist?” Mousey said slowly.

“I’m afraid so,” he said, “unless all eight of you are pain sluts and can generate the proper climax spark in the pain frames...”

His voice trailed away and he looked down at the ground as he walked back around the door, closing it behind him as he left the room.

“Well, that was encouraging,” Julina said bitterly after he had left.

“I can get off on pain... sometimes,” Kalina said in an almost sing-song voice.

“But what good will that do?” Barney said gruffly. “You don’t spark. You don’t have the right whatever stuff in you to create the... what did he call it... the spark to generate the pulse.”

“What if we charged her up?” Boobs said quietly. Her voice got louder and more firm as she continued. “Kalina, you like sex, right?”

Kalina nodded her head.

“You liked eating out Coleen because of how she tasted, right?”

Kalina nodded again.

“Well, we all taste like that,” Boobs said firmly. “The taste is from whatever it is that creates the spark. So...”

“So you want me to eat all of you and swallow your juice so it is inside me,” Kalina said. She didn’t look too sure of what she was saying. Or maybe she was sure of what she was saying and wasn’t too sure about eating out all seven of the other women, maybe more than once.

“More than that,” Boobs continued. “We are going to get as much love juice flowing as we can and smear it all over your body and especially up into your cunt. Maybe we can make a sniffer out of you... or at least prime you enough so that you will spark.”

Kalina gave a wrinkled smile and said, “It sounds like it is going to be an interesting night.”

It was.


The guards were surprised that the women were still asleep when they came to get them the next morning. The tray with a simple breakfast on it was untouched. Punca’s eyes widened slightly, fearing that perhaps the women were dead, but then Kalina stirred.

“No more,” she mumbled in her sleep. “I can’t do it anymore.”

“Everybody UP!” Zelco roared and the girls jumped to their feet.

“I see you didn’t eat your breakfast,” he growled. “Well, maybe that is best for what you have in store for you today.”

Zelco led them down the now almost familiar corridors into the great domed room. The stone altars were gone. So, too, were the little stone donkeys. In their place was a circular wall with a series of stone doorways, one large one at each point of the star with a much smaller one between every other door. Mufah Manu was standing next to one of the openings. He looked very upset.

“Why didn’t you use the standard pain frames,” he said angrily. “This is the focusing circle for when Mufah Taluh Manu appears. It is only supposed to be used at the end of the pay period ritual. You are profaning its use.”

Zelco turned and said in a sarcastic voice, “The writings say that the Manu will appear out of the pain of her lover. Maybe one of these Bookahs is the Manu’s lover and she will come and couple with the trigger stone.” He glared at the Mufah for a moment and then he laughed.

“You know this won’t work,” Mufah Manu said angrily. “You just want the opportunity to hurt some women. That’s what gives you your greatest sexual satisfaction... hurting women.”

“And I’m good at it,” Zelco said with a smile. Then he ordered gruffly, “Put the women in place!” Several men came forward and pulled the women around the circle so that one was standing in each of the large doorways facing the center of the star.

“Bind them!” Zelco barked and the men began wrapping restraints around the women’s wrists. Mousey noted that all of the men forced the women’s feet together and made them stand on tip toe so they were standing tall before putting their wrists in the restraints. These men, unlike Punca, knew how to bind a woman in a frame.

After everyone’s arms were bound, the men kicked the women’s feet out against the edge of the opening and began binding them in place. The guard had stretched Mousey’s arms tightly while her feet were beneath her body. Once her feet were spread, it felt almost as if her arms were going to be ripped from their sockets.

“Put the receivers in place!” Zelco commanded and a man rolled out a small, two-wheeled cart on which were several long, round, stone objects. They started with Mousey. The man selected the shortest of the stone pillars and then stepped into the center of the circle. He set the long stone phallus on the ground in front of her. The tip of the intricately carved penis was about an inch short of her belly button.

“Looks good,” the man said and moved on to Kalina, who was in the next opening. His assistant moved the cart and handed him another stone pillar-prick. They continued around the circle setting a stone phallus in front of each woman. Only once did the man inside the circle disagree with his assistant’s selection and request a different stone prick. When he finally got to Mulasi, who was on Mousey’s left, he chuckled loudly and called out to someone in the distant darkness, “Bring me one of the disks... no, better make that two of the disks.”

A woman ran into the circle carrying two small disks of stone about six inches across and two inches thick. She gave them to the man who set them on the ground at Mulasi’s feet. “You’re a big one, aren’t you?” he said as he set the longest of his stone phalluses on the two disks. With the additional height of the disks, the tip of the prick was at the proper place.

“Everything is ready,” he called out loudly as he left the circle.

“Insert receivers!” Zelco barked and seven men ran forward and carefully tipped the stone columns and inserted the carved penises into the women’s cunts. Zelco, himself, walked over to Mousey and said, “I always take the smallest one.” He smiled evilly at her and added, “They scream the loudest.”

“I won’t,” Mousey said firmly as Zelco pushed the stone prick into her cunt.

“Oh, you will,” he said, “... eventually.”

He then clapped his hands loudly and eight naked women ran into the circle. Each was wearing a rather strange necklace on which hung a variety of objects. They knelt next to the men who had inserted the phallus pillars. 

“Do you like my Mufah Oblique’?” he asked, lightly petting the naked woman on the head. “They love to serve the stone circle... and those who are in charge of it.”

“Like you?” Mousey said angrily.

“Like me,” he replied. Smiling broadly at her while he reached up and stroked one of her breasts.

“They are jealous today,” he continued, “because it is you who is in the circle. Each pay day period, we set up the focus circle and call for the Mufah Taluh Manu to appear.”

He smiled again. “She never does... but all of the Mufah Obliques orgasm from the pain and humiliation.” He stroked her breast again, “And that is even before the stone receivers are removed and replaced with something a little bigger.” He smiled and patted his crotch.

“I think you will orgasm more than once,” he said slowly. “And then you will beg me to become a Mufah Oblique... my Mufah Oblique.”

“We’ll see about THAT!” Mousey replied. The loud THAT was caused by Zelco attaching a ribbed nipple clamp he had taken from the Oblique’s necklace to Mousey’s left breast. A much softer, “You prick,” accompanied his attaching a similar clamp to her right breast. Zelco laughed when the only comment Mousey made to him as he was attaching a similar clamp to her clit was a short yelping scream.

“I could just stay here and play with these,” he said as he bounced the nipple clamps with one of his fingers. “But the ritual specifies that the pain be administered with a flogger.” He laughed and attached a small bell to the left nipple clamp, and then an even larger one to the right. “Can’t have you playing a single tune,” he said, pinging the bell with his fingernail.

He held up an even larger and heavier bell and said, “This one probably won’t be able to ring very loudly, and even if it did we probably wouldn’t hear it over your screams.”

He motioned for the Oblique to leave now that her necklace was empty. Then he reached down and clipped the heavy bell to the clamp on Mousey’s clit. Mousey bucked her hips trying to shake the bell off, but the clamp was designed so that rather than sliding off, it only got tighter.

“You’ll get plenty of opportunity to fuck that bell, little missy,” he said harshly. “In fact, you will beg me to fuck you in every hole you’ve got before the Mufah calls this ridiculous exercise quits.’

Mousey tried to spit in his face, but he moved too fast... and pulling back with her head caused the bell clamps on her nipples to bite even stronger. So after Zelco moved out of her field of vision, she stood there quietly waiting for whatever would happen. Nothing happened for several minutes except for some movement behind her. Then Zelco called out, “Whips up!” 

Mousey couldn’t see the eight men, each with a multi-strand whip held high above his head, but she could hear Zelco call out “One!” and could hear the swish of the whip as it descended. A jolt of pain tore through her as it slammed across her back.

“Two!” The whip slammed again from the other direction.

“Three!” The whip came down over her right shoulder, wrapping around to the front and slamming into the nipple clamp, moving but not dislodging it.

“Four!” Her left breast felt the sting of the whip.

“Five!” The whip lashed across her ass, wrapping slightly and stinging her hips in the front.

“Six!” Another lash across the ass, this time from the opposite direction so that tips of the leather strands stung the front of her left hip.

“Seven!” The whip struck on the right side of her ribcage just under her armpit and wrapped around to the front.

“Eight!” The whip struck on the left side of her ribcage, just under her armpit and wrapped around to the front.

“Nine!” This time, the whip came up between her legs. Zelco stopped the upward motion just before the handle reached her ass crack, causing the strands to wrap up between her legs, divide around the stone phallus and slam into her cunt. It may or may not have actually rung the bell between her legs. It would have been impossible to hear it anyway above her scream of pain.

“Rest!” Zelco and the other seven men held their arms to their sides, letting the whips dangle on the ground. Mousey was breathing harshly. Several of the other girls were moaning in pain. Kalina was also moaning, but it did not sound like a cry of pain. She was, as Mousey had already suspected, a true nymphomaniac painslut who received sexual pleasure from what others would consider pain.

After a few moments, Zelco again gave the command of “Whips up!” and everything started again. Mousey now knew where each stroke of the whip would strike. She concentrated on accepting the pain... on becoming one with the pain... on turning the pain into pleasure.

The pain did not become pleasure, but the stone phallus between her legs began to warm. It almost felt like the stone prick was growing within her. She could feel energy flowing from the pillar into her body. Something was building within her almost like an orgasm. It wasn’t an orgasm of pleasure. It was an orgasm of pain.

“Seven!” How could that be? What happened to one through six? The leather slammed into her side and front.

“Eight!” The blow did not register as much as the knowledge of what came next.

“Nine!” Mousey could feel the vibrations in her throat, but it was so loud with all eight women yelling out at the same time that she couldn’t hear herself scream.

She hung slack in her bonds, unable to move anything except her hips which she was moving in small circles so that her sex wobbled on the carved stone prick.

“Eight!” Were they back at eight again? How many times had they done this?

“Nine!” She could tell that her scream was different this time. It wasn’t as shrill and it seemed to be more of a moan of passion rather than a cry of pain.

“Nine!” What happened to one through eight! Things were blurred in her mind.

“Nine!” There was a raging fire between her legs.

“Finish!” Zelco seemed to go wild with his whip, striking everywhere on her body, but managing to put every other stroke up between her legs. Mousey was now grunting with each blow until Zelco called out “Last one!” and brought one last stroke up between her legs.

The fire flashed throughout her body and then seemed to pull back into her cunt and go out of her body through the stone prick.

As she stood panting heavily, she looked around the circle at the other girls. All had obviously just experienced intense orgasms. Six of them were standing like Mousey panting heavily. Kalina was hanging almost senseless. Obviously, it had not worked. Kalina may or may not have had a pain orgasm, but she could not create the spark. They were doomed.


Mousey stood slowly regaining her breath and trying to decide if it would be better to die with the rest of the crew or live as a slave of the cruel Zelco. It was very quiet in the great domed room. The only noise was Kalina crying softly and repeating over and over, “I’m sorry, my love. I protected you from this, but we will die together.”

Mousey’s head snapped up and she said softly to herself, “She loves Coleen? She has been acting out of love for Coleen?”

A new spark went through her body as the full contents of Coleen’s service records raced through her mind. She repeated loudly, her voice surprising everyone as she yelled, “Ensign Kalina Kolly loves the Ghost!”

Looking frantically around she then screamed out even louder, “Mufah Manu! Mufah Manu, where are you?! I know why this didn’t work and I know how to make it work. The Mufah Taluh Manu is on that spaceship!”

Zelco snapped the whip across her ass and said, “Shut up, slut!” but Mufah Manu, who was now standing in front of her, said sternly, “Stand down, commander!” Looking directly in Mousey’s eyes, he said, “Tell me.”

“Your... sister... is on the Marauder,” Mousey began. “Her name is Coleen. Everyone calls her ‘Ghost’ because she’s an albino. Her service records list her father as M. Taluh.”

Mufah Manu was now listening intently.

“Ensign Kalina Kolly is not a sniffer– she doesn’t have the sweet smell of a woman who has the spark. She smelled like that because her roommate... her lover... Coleen was in the room and they had been having sex. Out of her love for Coleen, she hid her under the bed and went willingly with the boarding party. She has endured all of this out of her love for the Ghost.”

Mufah Manu looked overwhelmed. He said slowly, “the Manu will appear out of the pain of her lover...” He looked intently back and forth between Kalina and Mousey and said, “Will she be willing to couple with the trigger stone?”

Kalina struggled to raise her head and answered slowly, “To save everyone on the ship, I think so.”

Mufah Manu looked over Mousey’s shoulder and said to Zelco, “Bring this woman Coleen. She should be easy to find by her smell and the fact that she is a ghost.”

Zelco stomped one foot on the ground, which was evidently some sort of salute, and said, “As you command, sir.”

As Zelco hurried off, the Mufah laughed slightly and said, “He is afraid that this woman might actually be the Mufah Taluh Manu. That would make her Queen and would make me her Major Domo.”

He turned slowly around, addressing the men who had been wielding the whips. “Keep the women in place,” he said firmly, “but do not whip them or play with them.”

He remained standing in front of Mousey until Zelco returned with Coleen. She looked a little woozy, but became very awake and aware as she saw eight of her crewmates hanging in naked “X”s. 

“What is going on?” she said nervously.

“Your father was a Mufah, wasn’t he?” Mousey asked quickly.

Coleen remained silent. Looking around. Mousey continued, “He was Mufah Taluh and he taught you everything about being a Mufah.”

“How do you know about that?” Coleen asked quietly.

“I am Mufah Manu,” the Mufah said softly. “I am your brother... step brother. Do you know the story of the Mufah Taluh Manu?”

“Yes,” Coleen said slowly, “I have heard the stories. They are legends, like many from my father’s planet.”

“Short version,” Mousey cut in. “You are on your father’s planet. We sniffers carry something that reacts with something in the Tookees’ cum... and in these weird stone pricks. When it reacts, the planet changes state and releases the ships they have captured. It takes eight sniffers to make it work, but Kalina took your place and everyone is going to die because the ship is trapped. The only way to make it work now is for you to fuck that giant pillar in the center of this circle.”

“While the eight in the focus circle fuck their pillars,” Mufah Manu added quickly. “If you all climax at the same time, the spark should ignite the power in the trigger stone.”

“How do I get up there?” Coleen asked.

“First you get naked,” Mousey said quickly.

“There are rungs on the back side,” Mufah Manu said, pointing up at the pillar, “and once you get up there, there is a grab wire to help stabilize you, but there is nothing to support you except the tip of the pillar itself.”

“I will save you, my love,” Coleen said to Kalina as she entered the circle, shed her clothing, and walked toward the trigger pillar.

As she climbed the pillar, she said loudly. “My father told me all the stories and the secret science behind the stories. But even he could not explain what he called the Ka Al effect except that it released a tremendous amount of energy.”

She looked down at Kalina and said, “My love, if I don’t totally impale myself on this stone needle... or explode... I will claim my rightful position as Queen of the Tookees. Will you rule with me and, hopefully, find a way to return this planet to the normal plane of existence?”

“Yes, my love,” Kalina called back.

Mousey felt a spark between her legs. The stone prick seemed to have responded to Kalina’s answer. Or more likely, it was the Ghost who was now climbing naked up the side of the trigger pillar who provided the energy.

When she got to the top of the ladder, Coleen... Mufah Taluh Manu... Ghost was still at least two meters short of the very top of the pillar. She reached above her head for a trapeze-like bar which hung from a single cable like the tow rope used to pull skiers on the waters of the ancient homeworld. It stretched slightly or possibly unrolled slightly as she pulled on it. Obviously it was not intended to support her weight. It would provide balance, but would not hold her above the blunt point of the trigger pillar when she finally reached the top.

She searched for some way to climb the final portion of the pillar. There were footholds on either side of the pillar. They weren’t much more than ripples on the stone surface and from the floor had appeared to be decorative bumps on the tapered surface, but they were all she had. Ghost carefully moved her right foot over from the last step of the ladder to the lowest foothold. She smiled slightly and breathed a sigh of relief when her bare foot was able to hold in place. Unlike the highly-polished pillar itself, the top surface of the bump was rough. These were intended to be footholds for the rest of her climb.

Pulling down very carefully on the balance cable, she swung her left foot over to the corresponding foothold on the other side of the pillar.

There were seven more footholds to the top of the pillar, each about a half meter apart. She carefully raised her right leg and placed her foot on the next foothold. As she did so, she felt a slight tug on the balance cable. Evidently there was some sort of mechanism that was winding up the cable as she climbed. Keeping one hand on the balance cable and clutching the ever-narrowing pillar with her other hand, she shifted her weight and brought her left foot up to the next foothold.

The exhilaration of making that dangerous transition... and not falling... seemed to be more than just joyous. A sudden twinge in her belly and a flash of warmth between her legs told her than it was having an effect on her sex. She stood relaxing for a moment and thinking about what had just happened. Was it because her actions had flashed her cunt to the crowds now gathered below? Was it because she was so close to fucking herself with this giant stone phallus? Or was it because she was one step closer to saving her beloved Kalina? Maybe it was all three.

Ghost took a deep breath and raised her right foot to the next foothold. As before, the balance cable moved up with her. And as before, as she raised her left foot up to the same level, a flash of warmth seemed to start between her legs and flow out to her entire body.

The next step was slightly easier. It was still the same distance to the previous foothold, but the column was much narrower so it was easier to lift her leg. Again the cable rose with her and again the warmth entered her cunt and flowed throughout her body as she brought her left foot up to the corresponding foothold.

By the time she reached the top foothold, she was panting heavily. Part of her heavy breathing was caused by the exertion of the climb, but most of it was in response to the fire that was now burning in her crotch. The last footholds positioned her so that the tip of the pillar was almost exactly even with her belly button. There was no way she would be able to just lean forward and position herself over the intricately carved penis which sat on the very tip of the pillar. She would have to swing one leg up, hop upward, and impale herself on the stone prick.

She wasn’t sure if she would be physically able to do that, but as she swung her leg, the balance cable once more pulled her upward slightly and she found herself perched obscenely over the phallus like a jockey swinging into the saddle.

The stone penis slid easily into her cunt and the fire within her became an inferno. She pressed wildly with her legs trying to lift herself up and off of the white hot phallus that was now between her legs. She screamed in pain... and in passion... and in despair. How would she ever survive this?

Many meters below her, the eight women also screamed. The heat between their legs was not quite the inferno which Ghost was feeling, but it was still more than anything Zelco and his men had stirred within them. The heat flowed out from the stone pricks buried in their cunts and filled their entire bodies. It was sexual pleasure beyond anything they– or anyone– could endure. All eight, this time including Kalina, tilted their heads back and screamed themselves hoarse. Then, as if a switch were thrown, the Ghost, and all eight women slumped unconscious.

Ghost was vaguely aware that she was now gripping the balance cable with both hands and it was lifting her up off the trigger pillar. Then it felt as if she were falling, but everything seemed to be in slow motion. It wasn’t until her feet touched the stone floor of the great domed room that she realized the balance cable to which she was clinging had unwound and deposited her in the center of the focus circle at the base of the pillar.

She looked around groggily at the women restrained in the doorways. “Release them!” she said firmly. Her voice sounded strange in her ears. It was louder and more forceful than it had ever been before.

Zelco and his guards rushed forward and began unwinding the restraints from the women’s wrists and ankles. Kalina walked slowly over to Ghost and wrapped her arms around her. Mousey and the other six sniffers stood in a small circle nearby.

“What happened?” Mousey asked.

“The Marauder has been released,” Mufah Manu said with a smile. “The distress beacon is activated. They will soon be rescued.”

“You must go to them and explain what has happened,” Ghost said forcefully, pointing to Herana. “The captain will understand. If he were a woman, he would be a sniffer.”

Turning to Zelco she said, “I know you took all the fighters and transports off of the Marauder.” She paused and then said, “You always do.”

Looking back at Herana she said, “But it is time to stop being space pirates and start being a trading partner to the galaxy. Take one of the transports so you can return the other sniffers. Tell them that we will trade for the Meridium dust as we have in the past, but will no longer take it from ships that cross our path. We no longer have to hide where the dust is truly coming from.”

Turning to Mousey, she said, “Organize the sniffers. You will no longer be needed to sniff out Tookees who might be among you. We will no longer be your enemies. If any leaders or scientists want to visit Meridius, they merely need to cross our path in a ship with Meridium aboard. But they must make sure that they have at least eight sniffers aboard so that we can release them when their visit is through.”

“Now that we know what is happening,” Mousey said, “perhaps the scientists can develop a way to shift the state of the planet without having to fuck eight sniffers almost senseless.” She smiled and then added, “But there is a lot to be said for the old ways.”

They stood softly smiling at each for a moment or two. Then Ghost put her right arm across her chest and said loudly, “Live well and fly high, Commander LaBlaunche.”

Mousey responded with a similar salute and the words, “Rule well and fly high, Mufah Taluh Manu, Queen of the Tookees.” 

She then said, “Until we meet again,” and turned to join the others walking behind the blond-haired pilot who would take them back to the Marauder.

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