The Prisoner

by Studbound

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Storycodes: FF/m; bondage; cons; X

The Prisoner
by Studbound
The Prisoner By Studbound

Once when I was twenty-one I was attending the university and still living with my parents who decided to move. The new house was in an established neighborhood, and as it happened, two young women lived next door, also with their parents. Mary was nineteen and her sister, Judy, was seventeen. About two months after we moved in, during the summer, my parents were off on vacation, and so were the parents of the girls next door. They invited me over to spend the evening watching television.

In time the girls got bored with television and started acting up and wrestling around. Pretty soon we were all in a big pile on the floor and between the two of them they managed to get me pinned pretty well. They were both strong, well-built and even though I was bigger, if they worked together, they were able to pin me. 

That’s when the younger one said "Let’s tie him up!" 

"Yeah! Great idea!" the older one said. 

Now this is where it gets weird: in order to tie me up, one of them had to go and find some rope. That meant there would only be one of them holding me down and I wouldn’t have any trouble getting away. Sure enough, the younger one ran off for rope, leaving her younger sister sitting on my chest with her knees on my arms. Like I said, she was a strong young woman, but it would have been easy for to flip her off of me. But for some weird reason I still can’t figure out I didn’t do it. I just lay there and pretended to struggle a little. 

In just a few seconds Mary was back with a whole handful of clothesline and the two of them flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed my arms and made me cross my wrists behind my back. Again I struggled a little bit but not enough to keep them from doing what they wanted with me. They tied my hands real tight and then flipped me over on my back and this time it was the younger one who sat on my chest. They they had me open my mouth, and they put some cloth in it and then wrapped my lower face with a few layers of duct tape. 

Now we’re in charge!" she said and pinched each cheek like people sometimes do to little kids. 

"Coochy, coochy,coo!" she teased. "What do you think we should do to him?" she asked Judy, her older sister. 

Judy said, "We could keep him tied up for a long time – our parents aren’t due home until Monday. We can leave him here when we go to bed." Mary seemed to think for a few seconds and then said "Nah, I got a better idea. Let’s torture him!"

Now here I have to try to explain something. I had gotten the strangest feeling when we were wrestling and they had pinned me down. It was a feeling of great contentment and happiness I guess I would have to say. Just a feeling of rightness, I suppose you could call it. Now, I’ve tied up a few girls in my life, and I’ve enjoyed it. But this was the first time that any female had tied me up. And when Judy was holding me down while Mary went for the ropes I felt that I wanted to find out what it was like being bound by women. Once I was tied and truly helpless the feeling became even stronger. It was a sort of tingle in my chest and belly. Hard to describe it, but it felt really good to me: deeply pleasing and almost hypnotic and when Mary said what she did while she was sitting on me that thrill went through me like an electric shock. I know this sounds strange, but it was so exciting to be completely helpless like I was and not be able to keep them from doing whatever they wanted to me. It was scarey, too, but I guess that was a part of the thrill I felt.

Mary unbuttoned my shirt and Judy brought a tray of ice cubes from the kitchen and they worked me over with the ice from my neck down to my belly button. Then Mary (she seemed to be the one with all the ideas) said "Let’s take his pants off!" Remember that they hadn’t tied my legs yet and if I had wanted to I probably could have kept them from depantsing me, but instead of struggling I even lifted my butt up to help them to ease my jeans off! They continued with their ice play up and down my bare legs and on the bottoms of my feet, too. After a while Mary got up on me again and sat astride my hips and began to give me a sort of massage on my chest and belly where I was all wet from the ice. And then’s when it happened.

I guess after a couple of minutes Mary felt it under her butt and said to Judy, "Hey! He’s got a hard on!" 

Judy said "No kidding!" 

I was very embarrassed because in my family stuff like that was never discussed. But these girls didn’t seem to have any problem with it at all! Mary scrambled off me and they inspected my erection, still in the confines of my underpants, and then Mary said "I know! We could play with him and see if we can make him squirt!" 

Judy said "Do you think we should?" 

"Sure," Mary said "it’ll be great! Let’s fold out the hide-a-bed and put him on it!"

They had a big old couch in the family room,where we were, that folded out to make a double bed and they unfolded it and got me up onto it and made me lie on my back on my tied hands. Once again I barely struggled as Judy sat on me while Mary slipped my undershorts down my legs and off. I remember I felt a rush of pride when Mary said "Oooo, it’s a nice one, big and really hard!" just as my erection bounced free. 

Mary spread my legs wide apart and tied each ankle to the corners of the heavy metal frame of the bed. Then they made me sit up and untied my hands. They pushed me back on my back and stretched my arms out to the corners of the bed at the top and tied my wrists to the frame. I was now completely naked and securely spread-eagled to the bed. The knots were real and they had stretched me out so that I could feel the tension in my legs and arms and chest and belly. I could raise my head and look down across my belly and see my boner pointing up at me. 

"Who’s gonna do it?" Judy asked. 

"We both will," Mary said and added "Go get some stuff." 

Judy ran out of the room. Mary got up on the bed next to me and ran a finger over the tight muscles of my abdomen.

"This is gonna be fun!" she said, and put her hand on my hard cock, made a little fist around it and squeezed gently. Oh, god, but her hand felt good on me: the first hand other my own that had ever touched my hard prick.

Judy came back with what looked like a tube of toothpaste and said "It was where they always keep it." 

Mary took the tube and squeezed out some of the stuff onto her hand and I saw that it wasn’t toothpaste at all but some sort of clear stuff. She reached over and began to put the stuff on my cock. When I felt her warm slippery fingers close around me and start their slow, tight up-and-down movement I arched up off the bed and said something like "Unnnnh!" and heard them laugh. Of course, the gag kept me from saying anything more.

They were both now squatting on either side of me and seemed very excited by what they were doing to me. 
"How far do you think he’ll shoot?" Judy asked.

"Further than the last one, I bet!" said Mary. 

Judy said "Well, he’s a lot older, too. Remember Arch was only fifteen and Harold was fourteen when we tied him up." 

I wanted to ask how many boys the girls had tied up and masterbated, but I was limited by the gag and the fact that Mary was taking long, tight strokes on my lubed shaft with both hands now, and the pleasure was shooting through me like nothing I’d ever felt before in my life. 

But then she suddenly stopped stroking me and said "We don’t want to go too fast. It would ruin the torture."

They took turns on me then. A few long strokes and then a long pause. Then another couple of strokes and another pause. At first I had thought that they were just going to jerk me off, but that wasn’t the plan. The idea was to torture me by keeping me hard and giving me just enough strokes to get me almost there, but always stopping before I could finish. Mary, despite being the younger of the two, seemed to be the director, just as she had been all along. Judy, though, seemed to have the better hands. Mary was good, too, but Judy always got me closer much quicker whenever it was her turn and I felt like I was going to pass out from the feel of her hands on my cock.

I don’t know how long they tortured me like that. It seemed like a very, very long time, but probably was not more than an hour. In the end they had an argument. By this time I was begging and pleading through the gag for them to let me come and Judy said that I had had enough. But Mary wanted to go on some more. Judy said it was too cruel and Mary finally gave in.

Judy did it for me. She gave me long two-handed strokes while Mary lightly tickled my balls with her finger tips. When I came my spunk shot up in a great arch and some of it landed on my chin. No question but that it was the greatest orgasm I had ever had up to that time.

Before they had let me shoot they had made me swear that I wouldn’t do anything to them in revenge for what they had done and that I would never tell anyone what we had done. I was so stiff and sore when they finally untied me that I could hardly move and I just lay there for a long time while they resumed watching TV. I got up and went to the bathroom, cleaned myself off, and then lay down again. I was exhausted. The girls told me that I was welcome to spend the night there on the hide-a-bed if I wished, and I decided to do just that. 

Later that night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, I gradually woke up to find my arms being gently pulled up and tied to the bed frame again. I pretended to be asleep and let it happen. When my wrists were tied, whoever it was went down and did the same to my legs. Then I felt someone settling over me and sitting on my belly. I could tell she was naked by the touch of her warm, smooth skin against mine. A dark shape leaned over close to my face and shoved a gag into my mouth securing it with multiple wraps of duct tape. Finally I could tell that it was Mary. She bent even lower and whispered into my ear. "You got off easy before. But Judy’s asleep in the other room and you’re all mine now!"

Oh, how that sweet tingle shot through me when I heard her say that! I remember I looked at the digital clock next to the bed just as she blindfolded me and got started. It said 2:17. I looked again much later in the morning after she was through and was untying me. It said 7:56.

It’s funny, but whenever I think of that night with Mary I start to sweat. I married her, and ever since whenever she ties me up, which she does frequently, I wonder what she might do – fear would be a better word. And with good reason. She has never disappointed me!