Pride and Prejudice Missed

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2017 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; cuffs; chain; stuck; caught; FF/f; gag; hogtie; blindfold; gag; bandages; denial; cons/reluct; X

I had swapped shifts with Denise so I had Wednesday afternoon off. But that Wednesday was chilly and overcast so I spent the afternoon indoors giving the wardrobe and drawers in my bedroom a long-overdue tidying up. I even sorted out all the ropes and bondage gear that we keep in our toy box. As I was putting it away I thought “Why not? Mandi will not be home for until about 7.30. She was bringing some friends around to watch the last episode of Pride and Prejudice on TV. As that did not start until 8, I had 4 hours - plenty of time for a little self bondage.

I went into the kitchen, opened the freezer and got out the pot containing a length of string tied to a ring frozen in ice. I tied the bunch of padlock keys to the end of the string and put the pot on top of the rail of the vertical blinds in my bedroom. Once I had tied myself up I would not be able to reach the keys until the ice melted and the keys dropped to the floor. I had found this to be a most reliable timer with the ice in that pot taking about 2½ hours to melt.

With my ice timer in place I looped a length of chain tightly round my waist secured it with a padlock leaving about 2 inches dangling at the back. I slipped a small padlock though the last link at the end of the chain and through the D-rings on both of our lockable leather wrist cuffs. Then I sat on the bed and tied my ankles and knees. I reckoned that I made a real neat job of the ropework even thought the final cinches maybe made the ties a little tight. Now was the moment of no return; I put my hands behind my back and buckled the cuffs around my wrists. When I clicked the padlocks closed and my wrists were pinioned behind my back I knew that there was no way that I could reach the knots on the ropes that bound my knees and ankles until the ice melted and the keys dropped. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was just coming up to 3.45; that meant I should get free at about 6.15 – in plenty of time to release myself and tidy up before Mandi appeared. I lay back to enjoy 2½ hours of self-bondage.

The time seemed to drag. I found that if I lay on my side my shoulder soon started to ache, and lying on my back was a definite no-no. So I spent much of the time sitting on the edge of the bed willing the clock to hurry up and the ice to melt. After what seemed an age, 5 o’clock came and went. At long last the hands ticked over to 6 o’clock – not long now. But 6.15 came and went, then 6.30 and then 7.00. There must be more ice than usual in the pot. Also I hadn’t counted on it being chilly so the ice could be taking longer to melt. Then I heard the front door open, Mandi was home early. But there were other voices. Yes, she had brought some friends home. By the sound of all the noise they were making it seemed that they were going to have a Pride and Prejudice party! Then the inevitable happened – Mandi burst into the bedroom.

“What have we here? Trying a little self-bondage are we? Well that will save us the bother of having to tie you up ourselves.” She called out to the others to come and see what she had found. At that moment the ice had melted enough to let the keys drop to the floor. Damn, if only they had dropped a few minutes earlier!

“You won’t be wanting these will you?” she said, picking up the keys. “And as you like being tied up I think we should let you enjoy it for a little while longer. If you behave yourself we’ll probably release you in time for Pride and Prejudice.”

Marisa, one of the girls who worked with Mandi and who was also into bondage, said that it was a pity that I was not gagged. Mandi agreed. It was not long before a couple of pairs of my panties were stuffed in my mouth a sealed with duct tape. Then Mandi wrapped crepe bandage round and round my head. Over the top of that she wound another couple of turns of duct tape.

Marisa had found some cotton wool in the drawer and suggested that plugging my ears would heighten my bondage experience. It didn’t take long for the pair of them to stuff the cotton wool into my ears then wrap yards more of crepe bandage round my head not only to hold the earplugs in place but also to act as a blindfold. Again a couple of turns of duct tape ensured that the blindfold was there to stay. Their final trick was to roll me on my stomach and hogtie me.

“See you later, enjoy yourself.” Marisa called out as they left the room.

I could just about hear the beat of the music plying in the other room. After a while the music went quiet. It did not take a genius to work out that they were all watching the final episode of Pride and Prejudice. I tried to call out for them to release me so that I too could watch the program, but I was too well gagged. I struggled to reach at least some of the knots that held me, but it was hopeless, I was stuck. Time dragged on. Earlier I had complained that my shoulders ached; now every joint in my body seemed to be crying out. The music started up again, Pride and Prejudice must be over – that means in must be 9 o’clock and I have been tied up for nearly 5 hours.

At long last I could just about make out the sound of people saying their goodbyes and leaving. After what seemed another age Mandi came into the bedroom and removed my gag and blindfold.

“You must be busting for a pee.” she said as she removed the hogtie and untied my ankles and knees.

“Where are the keys to release these cuffs?” I asked.

“Not so fast, girl.” was her reply. “First go and have a pee. We recorded Pride and Prejudice and I will let you have the keys after you’ve watched it.” Going for a pee with my wrists locked behind my back was only possible after Mandi removed my skirt and pulled down my panties. There was no way I was going to get them back on, so I would have to stay naked from the waist down.

As it was past midnight and my 2½ hours of self-bondage had now stretched into over 7 hours of torture, there was no way that I was going to sit through an hour long TV program at this time of night.

“That’s your decision - perhaps you’ll feel like watching it in the morning! Goodnight, sleep tight.” With that Mandi went off to bed.

Even with my wrists still cuffed behind my back and the prospect of more aching shoulders, I soon was nodding off.

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