Pretenders 2

by AmyAmy

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© Copyright 2017 - AmyAmy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; chast; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; femdom; bond; armbinder; hood; tease; denial; M/f; bar; hookup; toilet; force; Mdom; handcuffs; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 2

Sunday evening, Cassie was shattered. Gabe been out of bondage all day, and he hadn’t let up on her. It had been one mad passionate pounding assault after another. She was a doll that had been picked up and shaken, her joints aching. Her ribs were murder. Her hips felt like they were coming apart. She couldn’t let him see how exhausted she was. If he saw through her acting he might feel guilty. It would ruin everything for him, and that wouldn’t be right or fair.

Still, she wanted out of this damnable outfit. How sweet it would be to relax in long hot bath full of bubbles, but he’d rambled on about how much he liked her dressed-up this way, and so she was still wearing the rubber cat-suit, the ache-inducing corset, and the boots… How she wanted to take off the boots... He seemed oblivious to the smell of stale sweat and day-old, caked-on, sex and dried cum.

He hadn’t been dominant exactly, but he’d been insistent, and tireless. There’d been no chance to rest or clean herself. If he wasn’t fucking her, he wanted his cock in her mouth. He wouldn’t let go of her. She’d spent half the time trapped beneath him, crushed breathless by his weight. The constraint of the corset was nothing compared to that. All of her chest was sore, not just the lower part that was reshaped by the cruel garment. She couldn’t complain, it was nice to be so close to him.

She didn’t regret any of it. It was just what she’d wanted, wasn’t it? If anything, she’d have been happy to be more at his mercy. But the strain of maintaining the performance was getting to her. It would have been easy if she could play the sub, been ordered or restrained, forced to take whatever he wanted to give. That would have been easy.

She couldn’t let him feel like he was really on top. She had to make it seem like she was the one pushing things. Otherwise… Otherwise, he’d realize she wasn’t as much fun as he thought. He’d get bored of her, it would probably all fall apart, and she’d be left alone again, trying to find substance in empty hook-ups with strangers off the internet.

It was almost over, soon she could rest. He was loafing on the sofa, completely naked, and she was free to shower and change her clothes. He was probably sore too, but he seemed happy.

She went into the bedroom and returned with two boxes, both plain brown cardboard. She struggled with the weight of the big one.

She put the boxes down by the sofa. He didn’t show any interest so she grabbed the small box and dropped it onto his chest. “Here. Put this on. I’m pretty sure it’s your size.”

He sat up and tore the box open. A bunch of clear plastic parts fell out. Most obvious were a stubby curved tube with a penis shaped end, three open rings, followed by what looked like a small, hollow, silicon-rubber penis with a hole in the tip. He picked up the tube and examined it, turning it around and around.

She took a firm grip of his cock. “This is my property, and I need to be able to secure it. Don’t you agree?”

He was hardening already. Her attention moved to his reddening face.

He gave a grin. “I guess. But what is this thing? Some kind of craft puzzle?”

“It’s only a temporary measure. I did my research on the internet. There are a lot of designs for these things, but this one seemed the least bad. Later, we can do better. I’m thinking made-to-measure is best. I’m right, aren’t I?”

He inspected each of the plastic rings in turn. There was a gap in each one, with small holes, like it bolted to something. “I see what you’re getting at, but I don’t know how this thing works.”

“Let’s see. There’s a diagram to show you.” She picked the instructions off the floor and smoothed them out, held them in front of his face. “See, different sized rings. Find the one that fits tight round the base of your cock and balls.”

He sat up and looked at her. “Maybe you should fit it for me Cass.”

“Alright, but if I put it on you, it stays on.” She looked at his crotch again, aware she was smirking. “There’s no way it will fit while you’re like that. I’ll get some ice.”

With his erection subdued by an icy wet chill, she set about imprisoning his much reduced penis. She’d never seen him so tiny, just a little stub. It was hard not to laugh. One of the rings was a close fit. It didn’t seem to cause him any pain when she tightened up the lock-screw in the side.

She tested it with her pinky. “Does it hurt?”

“No. The rubber bit stops the scraping. The tube is really short though. Shouldn’t it be bigger? There’s no way my stiffy will fit.”

“That’s the point. You can’t have one. You better think pure thoughts.” She grabbed hold of the thing and tried to pull it loose.

He grabbed her wrist. “Hey. Careful. That hurts.”

“Good. Even if you could get out of it, you wouldn’t be able to get it back on again. That’ll do. I’ll know if you use what’s mine without my permission.”

“Maybe this’ll be easier than the ribbon. Less willpower needed.” He leaned forward and gestured towards the larger box. “So what’s this one about?”

“I’d like you to do something for me. For you. It’s a 3D printer. Your job is to design a chastity device that clips together without a lock, that’s impossible to remove unless you break it.”

“Impossible? Are you sure?”

“Don’t panic. I didn’t say it had to be strong. When I want to play with my toy, we break the chastity open, and replace it afterwards with another print. No locks. No keys.” She clapped her hands together in glee. “Smart huh?”

He lifted the corner of the box, testing its weight. “A 3D printer? How much did you spend on this? Is it any good?” He furrowed his brows, staring at the box. “You didn’t get it cheap did you? I hear even the decent ones are pretty flaky.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. I can read internet reviews as well as you can. I’m pretty sure it’ll do the job. And it wasn’t cheap. If it keeps my things safe it’s worth it.”

“Oh, but you can rely on that. You didn’t have to go to so much trouble.”

“Don’t you like it?”

He hesitated, then nodded. “No. It is a smart idea. Just a lot to take in. You’ve got pretty serious about this.”

“Aren’t you? Serious… About us?”

“Us, sure. Sure. But this game.” He wrapped his hand around the chastity device. “I don’t know. It’s been pretty freaking fantastic so far, but difficult too. I don’t know if I can sustain it. You know?”

“Sustain? What, non-stop sex? Don’t worry, we won’t be having sex for a while. Or if we do, it’ll just be you pleasing me. How about that? Easy huh?”

His cock must have started to harden, because he winced. There was no sign of a hardening, rising penis, just the stubby, downward curving tube of clear plastic with the bright pink rubber sleeve inside it.

“Urgh. That feels bad.” He gritted his teeth. “Maybe I spoke too soon about this being easier.”

She forced a big smile. “Get used to it, or stow those dirty thoughts. I don’t want you to call me until you’ve finished the design and got prototypes that print right.”


Cassie expected him to call mid-week, but he didn’t. Maybe he’d decided to finish with her. Maybe she’d wrecked everything and pushed him away. By Friday, she was agonizing about calling him. The only thing that stopped her was the fear of confirming that she’d lost him.

He called on Saturday.

“Gabe, why didn’t you call? What have you been up to?”

“Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t want to get worked up. Just thinking about you gives me a stiffy, or the start of one. This thing is brutal Cass. Brutal.”

“Any progress on the replacement?”

“Well, yeah. I had a lot of trouble with that printer. Designing was hard. Printing was harder. I think I’ve finally got something that works.”

“OK. I’ll come over to your place.”

She ended the call and gave a long sigh. The tension was melting out of her body. It was all fine. He’d gone along with it. He wanted it after all. He wanted her. After she’d finished her little dance of triumph she grabbed her shoes and car keys.

A bit later, Cassie let him out of the clear plastic chastity.

Gabe exhaled a huge sigh. “Oh. That’s the ticket. Lousy thing is sweaty. Itches like I don’t know what.”


“I did some research of my own, online. I saw these stainless steel cages. Better ventilation. So I wanted the design to be more like that, and not need the rubber sleeve.”

“So I see.”

“Can I take a shower now? You can watch if you want. Just to make sure.”

She laughed. “I definitely want to watch.”

She joined him in the shower, hot water running down, skin slippery with soap. He was inside her before she knew it. He came in an instant, so she made him finish her with his tongue. All the tension drained out of her body. It would have been perfect if she could have gone to sleep next to him after that, just cuddling. In a reversal, he was in no mood for sleep. Once they were dry he was ready to go again.

Later, he showed her how he’d smoothed down the print, how it snapped together, with no way to get it apart except smashing it, and all the different sized ones he’d made as test fittings, ready for this moment.

“I made this part, so if I try and tip the ring forward, it digs in or bends and snap off. So you can tell if I’ve tried to get it off. See.”

She tried all ways to get his penis out of the perforated tube. It really was impossible without either stretching his ball sack beyond its realistic limit, crushing a ball, or snapping the fragile flange that lay flush against his taint.

“It’s not thick or strong, but like you said, it doesn’t need to be. You can crack it with pliers, or even by hand if you’re careful.” He demonstrated how, with some nervousness. He was obviously wary of hurting himself. “No way it’s going back together once it’s off.”

She nodded. “I’m going to take your files, and the printer. I’ll put some sort of signature on the design, so you can’t make copies. For now, you can wear the shop-bought one.”

“For how long?”

“You know you shouldn’t ask that. But it won’t be long. I hope I can learn the software quickly.”

His face dropped. “Of course.”

“You can call me, but don’t mention this. This topic is off limits, right? I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”


Gabe called her every night. There was no sex talk, instead he went on about what had been happening to him at work, and she unloaded her own problems, but nothing about their relationship. It was what she’d wanted, but there was something hollow about it. She’d enjoyed the crazy sexual rush that his phone sex fantasies had started. Of course it made sense there was no sex talk. He didn’t want to get turned on. Wearing that thing, beginning an erection was probably awful. She could only guess what it might be like.

It had been a week and Cassie still didn’t have a design, at least not one she could trust. She’d had a hard time figuring how to use the software, and an even harder time figuring out how to put a signature into his work without it being something that could be easily copied, or too hard to verify. There was nothing to stop him buying the exact same model of printer and exact same plastic. The machine wasn’t helpful either. At first she couldn’t print anything right. She wasted hours reading up on how to get good results from it. No wonder it had taken him so long.

She met him at the cinema at the weekend. They watched a movie – her choice of course – and then to a restaurant, where she could hardly eat anything because of her nerves. Finally, she took him back to her place.

At home, she took off his shirt and pants. Removed the device. Lovingly, she washed him, and then took him in her mouth. It was just like the old days, on her knees in front of him, focused on his pleasure. No. Not just like the old days, this time she was fully clothed and he was naked, not the other way around.

He spurted into her mouth almost immediately. She didn’t swallow, another difference. She stood up and kissed him fiercely, passing back the gift, not letting go until he took a mouthful and swallowed.

“How do you like the taste?”

He made a face. “Not so much, and the texture… It’s like a raw egg white.”

“I love it. That it comes out of you makes it delicious. But I’ve been selfish, keeping it all to myself. I want to make things up to you.”

“Oh.” He shook his head. “No need. Really.”

She laughed and turned her back on him, went into the kitchen.

She returned with a bowl of cold, soapy water and washed him off. By the time she was done, he’d shrunken down enough to get the device back onto him. “I’m still working on the printed one. You were right. I can’t learn it as quickly as you.”

His face dropped when he realized what she was doing. “I thought we were going to do more. Don’t you want it in you?”

She wanted it alright. She wanted it with all her heart, but a sacrifice was required. If this was what she had to do to keep him, so be it. “You bet I do, but this is all about your needs, not mine.”

“No way. You have to cum too.  And what are we going to do for the rest of the night?”

“Well, if you’re certain, you could always use your tongue. I haven’t locked that up. Yet.”

She sat down on the sofa and hitched up her skirt. She’d taken her panties off earlier. She rubbed her fingers into her sex. “I’ve got used to it so smooth, I’m getting to like it. I think I’ll keep it waxed.”

It had been his idea, his fantasy, for her to lose her pubic hair entirely. It was an expense, and doing it hurt, but it felt right enduring that for him.

He knelt down in front of her and pushed his face between her legs. She twined her fingers into his hair and pulled him in closer. “Take your time,” she said. “Take your time.”

She cursed at forgetting to put a towel down on the sofa, her bum had already stuck to it, and her juices were bound to make a terrible mess. Maybe she could get him to lick it clean afterwards?

That night she wore her soft cotton pajamas and they snuggled.

In the morning she put on the rubber suit and the corset, blew him once. He came in seconds and once again she made him swallow the cum.

Afterwards, she washed him and put the device back on him.


On Monday, Cassie had to go to the post office. Some things had arrived that she’d ordered online. Midweek, she finalized an elaborate design for the signature, worked in contrasting plastic. It was only visible on the inside of the tube. The device had to be broken up to see it, and under normal use that wasn’t even the part that would be broken. To be doubly sure she’d never let him have an intact unfitted device to handle. It meant she’d have to do all the finishing, which was tedious work.

If they weren’t nice and smooth on the inside, the devices wouldn’t be wearable. But she’d only have to do one a week, or maybe not even that many. If that was what it took, she’d put up with it. He would be putting up with far worse, even though he loved it.

It took until the end of the week to get a print fit to wear. Gabe had kept on calling, but there was no phone sex. Looking back on the previous weekend, it had been nice, but compared to the ones before it had been dull. Where was the intensity? Was he missing it too? Getting bored? He kept on calling, but it was hard to tell with men. They could say one thing and mean another.

On Friday night, she called Gabe. “Something’s come up at work. I can’t see you this weekend. If you get over here now, we can check on my property. Otherwise I won’t be able to look at it until next weekend.”

He was knocking on her door in double-quick time. She’d barely had time to get into the rubber suit, corset and heels. His eagerness was reassuring, in a way, but his haste was reckless. He must have been speeding to get over so fast.

“Strip off,” she said.

He didn’t question her, instead started ripping off his clothes as fast as he could. All the time his attention was on her. Soon he was naked apart from the device. The bright pink of the rubber lining looked incongruous against his lightly tanned skin.

She put her head on one side. “Didn’t I tell you to get your chest waxed?”

“Sorry, I thought that was just an idle thought, not a demand.”

“Magic words please.”

“Sorry mistress.”

“That’s better. But you’ve disappointed me. Twice. I need you to keep my property safe, and there’s no way you could have driven here safely in such a short time. If you get pulled over you’ll be in trouble with me as well as the police. I think you deserve to be disappointed too. Turn away from me and arms behind your back.”

He turned. She fetched the toy box from the bedroom and pulled the black leather arm-binder out. It wasn’t an expensive single-sleeve type, this was just a leather strap with a collar at one end, and a pair of lockable leather cuffs at the other. There was also a strap attached midway for the elbows, but that was all there was to it.

After buckling the collar, she fastened his hands in place, then slipped in the locks. She cinched the elbow strap tight, pulling his forearms together. He was pretty-much helpless already, but it wasn’t enough.

She tugged the new black rubber hood over his head and settled the only opening on the front into place. The face was featureless apart from a lone o-shaped hole for his mouth, lined with a short plastic tube that stuck in between his teeth, keeping his mouth wide open and his teeth out of play.

She buckled the hood closed at the back, one strap after another. He’d was in total darkness, and unable to breathe through his nose. Now, he really was as dependent as a baby. She’d tried the hood on of course. It was frightening, even he would be nervous.

Without explanation, she removed his chastity, and washed him off with icy cold water and coal-tar soap. Then she put on her new device. It closed with a succession of sharp snaps. She hadn’t changed the measurements of his design, so it should fit perfectly. She tested it roughly, pulling on his balls. He made a small grunt of discomfort. Yes. It was properly closed and it wasn’t coming off.

“Now you might think you can’t get in any more trouble than you are now,” she pulled on the chastity again. “But you’re wrong. You can go longer without. But then you might get used to abstinence, and that would be no use at all. So, if you really have to be punished, you’ll spend the week with a plug up your ass.” She used the American word ass instead of bum or bottom, because the threat sounded so much crueler that way, like someone in a movie.

She slapped him once on the bum. “So if you don’t want to spend a week walking funny. You better remember to keep me happy.”

She guided him over to the sofa and helped him down to his knees. She climbed onto the seat in front of him, nicely padded with a thick towel, grabbed the handles on the side of the hood and pulled him into her.

“Do a good job if you want to breathe. Ok?”

It was just after midnight by the time she’d cum twice. She released him and sent him home with instructions not to call her until Monday night at the earliest.


As soon as Gabe was out of the door, Cassie logged onto the hook-up site she hadn’t visited for months. It was the same place she’d originally met him. Returning to the site was a reminder that he’d started out as just another casual sex partner. There’d been no expectation to ever see him again after that first time.

Yet something had clicked. They’d been so good together that they’d met again and again. It had turned into more. But was he really serious? Or was the only thing holding him to her the sex? For him, it might be no big deal, but for her, the clock was ticking, ticking, ticking. If he wasn’t the one, maybe it was time to cut her losses.

That wasn’t why she’d logged on to the site. She browsed her options. There were always far more men than women. That didn’t mean it was easy to find the right man. With so many to choose from, so many deceptive profiles and lies, it was a minefield. But she’d got pretty expert at it. As long as her skills hadn’t rusted, she’d be fine.

She flipped though the results. No. No. Nope. Hmm. She clicked her tongue. Promising. Thirty-six years old, light-brown hair, handsome stubble. Older than her ideal, but if his picture was genuine he was a catch. His profile text said it all. It wasn’t exactly the sort of stuff some jerk would just put up to get contacts. Not exactly.

“No time wasters. No first-timers. Ladies, I will take charge and fuck your brains out. If you can’t handle it big, if you can’t handle it hard, if you’re not ready to push the boundaries and stretch your limits, if you’re not ready to give up control, don’t bother. I don’t care about your feelings, and I don’t need you to care about mine. All that counts is how often you orgasm. If you can take a man who knows what he wants, you’re in luck. I’m looking for women that knows how to behave.”

Yes, this guy was would be perfect. Sure, there were some jerks said the same kind of things, but they tended to puff themselves up more. From the feedback, he seemed like the real thing. She typed her message.

“I’m ready to do anything you want. You can use me like the dirty slut I am.”

Please let him check his emails before lunchtime tomorrow. Please let him check.


The mystery man’s reply was waiting for her when she looked at her phone on Saturday morning. There was a link to a café-bar in the theatre district.

“Be there at eight. Dress for easy access. Your finish time of Sunday night doesn’t work. If you can’t manage up to 6am Monday, don’t bother showing up. You’ve seen my picture and I’ll be wearing a gray suit. I’ll have an akubra that I won’t be wearing.”

Cassie’s thoughts were moving too fast as she locked the phone. It was a rush just to think that she was going to put herself in the hands of one of those guys. She was going to cheat on Gabe. Poor Gabe, her steady boyfriend… A steady boyfriend she was treating like a submissive toy.

She wouldn’t blame him if he dumped her. Was he really enjoying it? Perhaps he was enjoying it a bit too much. Had he been some kind of sissy all along? In any case, she hadn’t promised not to go with other men, and Gabe was hardly able to satisfy her cravings right now.

She needed someone to take charge of her for a change. Being on top was mentally exhausting. Maybe it wasn’t her way and never would be. She’d always preferred to be the sub. She needed to remind herself of what it felt like.

Eight o-clock couldn’t come soon enough.


As soon as she walked in, Cassie spotted the guy, sitting on a bar-stool, talking to another woman, leaning in close. The café-bar was one of those places where theatre patrons go after the show is over. Afraid of being late, she was half-an-hour early and the place was quiet.

The woman next to him was petite but big-breasted, dressed like a secretary from one of those porn movies where the photocopier needs a lot of hard fixing. She had a sheer white blouse, one button too many undone, tight charcoal pencil skirt a size too small, and a pair of shoes that looked like they’d belonged on a catwalk, not an office. Her dark hair was long, well cut, with soft curls. Her skin was clear apart from a fetching arrangement of freckles. Objectively speaking, she was the definition of young and beautiful. Probably in her early twenties. Even putting the best spin on it, Cassie was six or seven years her senior.

Cassie hung back in the shadows by the door, watching them, taking her time to hang up her coat. The woman was sitting close enough to press her leg against his. She stared into his eyes while he spoke. She didn’t say anything, but nodded occasionally. After a couple of minutes she got up, wrapped herself in a long, dark coat and picked up her bag. As she made to leave, he grabbed her, dragged her in close, and kissed her on the mouth. It was passionate, like something from a movie. Watching them was enough to turn her on.

Cassie circled around so the woman wouldn’t bump into her as she left, and sat herself down beside him.

He looked at her with amazing eyes, golden, like a lion. The picture hadn’t done them justice at all.

“Were you watching us?” His voice was deep and alluring, exactly as she’d hoped it would be.

She suspected she was blushing but ignored it. “Yes. I wondered if you were planning a threesome.”

He smiled, all rugged stubble and perfect teeth. “Don’t rule it out.”

Up close, she could see how expensive his suit was. She feigned nonchalance. “Sure. Whatever you want.” He was almost too perfect. If only he was younger. He had at least ten years on her. There was a big gap between him and the sexetary.

He called over the barman and ordered a top-shelf scotch on the rocks and a gin martini.

“So, you’ll do anything I want?” he said. He brushed her cheek with his fingertips. “I do mean it literally you know?”

She felt her face heating up but she didn’t look away. “Well. Nothing genuinely dangerous, but otherwise, yeah.”

“And you like it kinky?” His fingers moved from her cheek, brushing her ear.

Her face got even hotter. “Yes. Yes I do.”

He flashed that smile again and her brain stopped working. “What sort of things do you like the most?” he said.

The barman placed the freshly made martini on the bar and the guy pushed it towards her.

She hesitated, waiting for the barman to move further away and looked down at her drink. Clearly, she didn’t get a choice in what she got. They way he’d ignored the possibility that she might have something to say on the matter was exactly what she’d been hoping for. They’d just sat down together and she’d already lost all choice.

She was ready to answer him but her tongue wouldn’t move. “I’m here for you to use. What I prefer doesn’t matter at all.” She couldn’t manage more than a whisper.

“That’s not enough. I asked what makes you wet. I expect an answer. This is the only chance you’ll get to talk about it, so spit it out.”

“I want you to restrain me so I’m helpless, so I can’t resist no matter how I try. I want you to fuck me in every hole. I want you to tease me and ignore me like a toy. Dress me how you like. Discard me when you’re done. I don’t care if it’s frightening or if it hurts.” After she’d said it, her breath came in heaves, like she’d been running. Her head span.

She sipped the martini. It tasted like pure gin. Her fingertips were white on the glass, she downed it hurriedly, one gulp after another.

“Good girl.” He gestured to the barman, ordered her another martini. They waited while he prepared it. The silence hung like a promise. She had to concentrate to stop herself from fidgeting. He took a couple of disinterested sips from his scotch. His suit cuff moved, revealing a gold Rolex, glittering in a way that a fake could never match.

“Those all things you’ve done before?” he said, after the barman retreated.

She nodded, hesitating mid nod. “Yes. Many times.”

“Good girl,” he said, again. “And this is just something you do sometimes, and then you go back to your normal life? You’re not looking for an owner?”

“That’s about right. I like the struggle as control slips away, but once it’s all gone, I get numb to it. Where’s the thrill if I’ve nothing to lose?” She took a large sip of the fresh martini, and feigned disinterest. Not something she was good at but this was a perfect time to practice.

“Fine. Drink up.” He sank his own drink quickly and slipped off his stool. Standing, he was tall. She wished she’d worn massive heels like the younger woman.

She swallowed the remaining martini in one. The gin caught in her throat and made her cough. It reminded her of Gabe for some reason.

He put his hand on her elbow and steered her towards the back corridor, marked with signs for “Gents” and “Ladies”, decorated with the usual images, the woman a triangular spreading skirt with legs tight together.

He crashed through the doors, moving fast, and dragged her into the men’s toilet. It was empty. He guided her into a cubicle and followed, locking the door behind him. It was the enclosed kind, solid brick, walls finished in gleaming brown and white marble. It smelled not of urine or disinfectant, but of some expensive macho herbal after-shave.

He span her to face the wall and pressed in behind her, trapping her there. She could see her face reflected in the luxuriously cold stone.

His hands grabbed her bottom, massaging her buttocks, holding her in place, and rucked the one-piece sweater dress up around her waist. Her only underwear was a pair of hold-up stockings. His hands were warm and rough on the bared skin of her bottom, just the way she’d hoped.

His lips touched the back of her ear. A hot rush of breath roared and then he was kissing her, moving down her neck. She sighed and pressed back into it. He worked back up to her ear, nipping with his teeth, tongue teasing the edge of it.

One hand moved around to feel her belly, the broad span of his fingers seemed to stretch from below her breasts to just above her mons. He pulled her hard against him and she felt the lump of his cock, straining inside his pants, pressed into her back. There was no ribbon around this one, no chastity locking it away.

It was big and hard, and it wasn’t for her.

She was for it.

The hand on her belly moved up, finding a breast. He kneaded her flesh, then pushed her breast up and out of the bra cup. His fingers were hard and calloused. How did a man like him, obviously wealthy, come to have such rough fingers? He pinched her nipple, then pulled and twisted it.

Her insides turned soft and gooey.

He pressed harder against her, using his weight, and she had to turn her face to the side to stop her nose being crushed into the wall.

He slid his other hand from her bottom, up between her legs, brushing against her slit. She was still smooth down there, waxed, ready. A finger pressed inside her and then came the humiliating sensation of her warm juice trickling down the inside of her leg.

He slipped inside her in an instant. She gasped at the stretching. If she hadn’t been so wet, it would have hurt to take so much cock. Just like with Gabe. No, this was different somehow, like how it used to be back when they started. Before they grew close, before he started to treat her gently, back when he had something to prove. This man, he pushed up into her with selfish abandon, his bristly pubes scratching against the smooth nudity of her mound. No, not abandon. That was the wrong way to look at it, it was more a sort of self-satisfaction.

He backed out then slammed into her, almost lifting her off the ground. If she’d been facing him she would have wrapped her legs around his waist and hung on for the ride. But he had her pinned facing the wall and she couldn’t even see his face. He slammed into her again. If he wasn’t so tight against her, she would have lost her footing. Her knees had lost all strength and would give way at the first opportunity.

He grabbed a breast in each hand, pulling her against him. Her feet slipped and her weight transferred to her boobs. It hurt, but she liked it. His hands kneaded her soft flesh again, his fingers working on her nipples.

A moan escaped her lips, such a dirty moan, not like with Gabe. She had always sneered at the porno-actresses, always making those sounds, and now they were coming out of her so easily. How much lower could she go?

He pumped into her relentlessly. The tension was starting to build up in her belly. The tingling promise spread out into her limbs. He tensed suddenly. A few more pumps followed and then he pulled out. A sticky trail of something spattered against her leg. It was probably his cum, staining her stockings. She teetered on the edge of an orgasm and then it was gone, leaving only desire and frustration.

He gave her boobs a playful squeeze. “That was great.” His words were close and hot in her ear.

She clenched her teeth, trying to will the orgasm into existence. She needed to reach down and finish herself off now, but it was hardly a realistic option.

As if he’d read her mind, he pulled her arm behind her back. Cold metal pressed against the wrist then closed with a click. She tried to get free but she was too weak. Without even acknowledging the attempt, he pulled the other arm back too and closed the cuff around the remaining wrist.

He stepped away. She turned to face him. Her cheeks were burning. She was aching to cum, but she couldn’t. It was exactly the feeling she’d been looking for, exactly like how it used to be, the sweet frustration and the helplessness. It wasn’t a feeling she could create for herself. It was never the same when she chose to deny herself release, or when she knew Gabe was just following her script.

It wasn’t enough to lock herself up, even at the mercy of timers or keys in ice. Those games were fun, but the thrill of being in somebody else’s power, with no idea what they might do next, was like nothing else. Was this how Gabe felt? She would never know for sure. She had to remember this feeling when she did something mean to him, denied him release, put him in bondage, made use of him. She had to remember how good it could feel.

The guy was standing there with his pants around his ankles. “You better clean this up before we go. I don’t want any more of your slime on my shorts.”

Another shiver or excitement rippled through her. Should she kneel on the cold stone of the toilet floor? That was unnecessary. She crouched down. It was plain why he’d cuffed her wrists. She would have to use her mouth very differently without the benefit of her hands.

Opening wide, she guided him in with her tongue, and then sucked the tip into her mouth. Cum was still oozing out and it mixed with the taste of her own juices. There was no way she could simply lick him clean. She couldn’t hold the penis still while she kissed and licked at the shaft. She would have to take him deep into her mouth and suck it all off. He was soft, but he was far from small, still semi-erect. She would have to swallow him.

She moved forward until his cock touched the back of her throat and then swallowed. Now came the awful suffocating sensation. The feeling of something stuck in her throat that terrified her. It wasn’t sexy. It took all her concentration to keep it together. She’d seen the look of disgust and worry on men’s faces when she’d panicked doing this. It made them feel awkward, and they couldn’t help but blame her for that. It was not something they easily forgave. She wouldn’t make that mistake this time.

The choking sensation, the increasing speed of her heartbeat, and the fear that he might not let her pull away fought against her determination to hold on calmly for a few more seconds, and then a few more. She stared up at him, trying to gauge his expression.

He pulled free of his own accord and she gasped for air.

“Not bad, but room for improvement. You clearly need to spend a lot more time with a cock down your throat. It suits you.”

“Sorry,” she said.

“Get up.”

He pulled up his pants. He didn’t have a belt to fasten. He’d probably decided it would slow him down getting ready to fuck. She must look a mess. With her hands cuffed behind her, all she could do was tug her dress down enough to cover her sex.

He pulled her dress down further and steered her by the arm. “Come on.”

Back in the bar, he stood close behind her, blocking anyone from seeing the cuffs. While he paid the tab she looked around. A young couple occupied a corner booth. Apart from them and the barman, the place was still empty.

He slipped his card back into his wallet. It was black. Was that the new cool? Platinum cards were everywhere now, so there had to be something for the actual rich to show off with. He gestured to the door. “That your coat?”


He frog marched her over to the door took the coat off the rack, draped it over her shoulders, did up a button. If somebody looking at her wasn’t paying much attention maybe they might mistake it for a gentlemanly attitude. No chance. The control was obvious. She couldn’t help imagining all the things he might do… The possibilities were making her excited again.

He strode out of the bar, and she followed, scurrying to catch up before the door slammed in her face. Out in the street the light was fading and street lights coming on, but the city still hadn’t made the transition to night mode. It was still quiet, deserted like the bar had been. Trade wouldn’t start to buzz for a while yet.

He walked quickly, making her scurry to keep up. Her heels weren’t made for walking, and definitely not for walking in a hurry. Perhaps it was a good idea she hadn’t gone for platforms after all. It was a welcome relief when he stopped to cross the road.

“I’ve booked a room through ‘til Monday morning.” He tipped his head towards the famous five-star hotel just across the road.

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